Sunday, November 6

How it all started

Hi! I'm Julie and I spank my husband!

I'm a married woman, in my early thirties, no kids. Because of the nature of this blog, I won't say where we live, and I am reserving the right to change names to protect the guilty!

It all started for me in October of 2011. My husband David asked if I would give him a spanking, which I did, and found that I actually enjoyed doing it (which was a bit of a surprise for me!).

Being a little confused with what I was feeling, I thought I would go onto the Internet and get some information and ask some advice. I found a lot of material out there! I created a "kinky" e-mail account for myself and posted on a forum called "Topix" in the "Spanked Husbands" thread. I got a lot of great suggestions and advice from people on that forum.

It's been a month since then, and I am really getting into posting on that forum, but am thinking that I would like to write more about my experiences, and that a blog would be a better place.

So here I am! Blogging!

I'll start off the first few blog posts by copying some of my posts from the Topix forum, along with some of the wonderful suggestions made by people there (am presuming that's ok? Please let me know if you made the original post and want me to remove it).


  1. One small step for your husband, A leap of fun for you.

  2. Lucky David. I started out being totally into being a spanker and did indeed spank several of my girlfriends, I assumed that K when I met her would be next. I got that badly wrong and within a few months I found myself over her knee and its stayed that way. We practise full time DD and its done me a world of good. A few years ago I started a blog which chronicled our journey into DD and my frequent misadventures on the wrong end of K's Hairbrush. I've sent you an invite to our blog as its members only for the time being, or you can reach us at recidavist at gmail. keep up the blogging, its great fun and we've learnt a lot, and shared a lot, from our blog and the people we meet through it.