Sunday, November 6

Second Topix Posts - Spanked Limp!

On the first day of posting on the Spanked Husbands thread, a lady named Mistress Margaret was back and forth with me a lot, as you can see from my previous post. I really thank her for that, as it really encouraged me.

She believes that spanking a man when he is limp and used up is much more effective. While I like keeping it fun with David, I realized quickly that I wanted to spank him on my terms, not on his, and that Mistress Margaret's suggestion was perfect for those situations where he was trying to control the agenda, as our next few posts demonstrate!

juliesp - Oct 18

Mistress Margaret wrote:
What I sometimes do to deal with that is have him jerk off while I watch. Then he is limp, and I spank him some more, and boy does he feel it then........
Thanks you for that advice. I used it on Saturday to great effect!

As you'll recall, the first spanking I gave my husband (on his request) was on the more or less play pretext of dirty dishes not in the dishwasher. This week he deliberately left the dishes out. When I confronted him, he said "what are you going to do about it?" He was obviously manipulating me into spanking him again, and I got annoyed at that, and continue to be annoyed, for real, at him not putting the dishes in the dishwater.

So I laid down the law for him. I told him that if he wanted me to keep spanking him, it would be when I wanted to, and I didn't care to be manipulated into it, and especially not at the expense of me having to do more chores as a result. I also told him that I'm only willing to play if I'm in charge, and he does what I tell him to, otherwise I won't play with him like that anymore. That seemed to be pretty compelling for him.

I told him for his stunt this week he was getting a "real" punishment. He didn't seem to believe me, because I took him to the basement and stripped him, and he was as hard as a rock. His tip was purple and enflamed, and his penis was straining up towards the ceiling and quivering: I've never seen him so hard.

So that's when I thought of your advice, Mistress Margaret. If I spanked him in this state, it wounldn't matter how hard I did it, he'd still get off on it. So just like that, spur of the moment, as bold as anything, I told him to jerk off right there, standing in the middle of the room! I couldn't believe I was actually telling him to do that. It was so thrilling for me. He looked very embarassed, because this is not something he's ever done before (I mean, in front of a woman) as far as I know. I have never seen him do it before, anyways, and I'm his wife. He blushed red in the face, but got the job done alright!
I sent him to wash his hands, and when he came back he was all soft and spent, so I took him across my knee and spanked the living daylights out of his backside with my hairbrush. Based on my last experience, I decided I wasn't going to worry about "hurting him", so I went for twice as long and twice as hard, and boy was he screaming his little lungs out before I was done, but he stayed put!

He did not look happy about that spanking at all. I then made him empty the dishwater, and load it with all the dirty dishes he left on the counter - completely bare naked!

He told me afterwards that that spanking was not at all fun or sexy for him but just pure pain. I told him he could expect another just like it if he ever tries to manipulate me into spanking him again by deliberately not minding me. I told him not to worry, I would find plenty of faults with him without him needing to manipulate the situation, which is true enough.

Thanks again, Mistress Margaret, your advice was first rate!

Mistress Margaret - Oct 19


You are so welcome. I am glad that it worked for you. It sounds like the session that you had with your husband was very productive and beneficial for you. It must have been very satisfying for you to be able to give him the spanking he deserved, and not have to deal with his erection. You must have enjoyed the sight of him emptying and reloading the dishwasher, naked, sore, and limp.
I'll be interested to hear if any "follow up" sessions are necessary.
Glad the technique worked for you.

juliesp - Oct 22

He was so cute!
His ass was bright red. Comically so, like a clown's nose as he worked away at the dishwasher. I was standing there holding my hairbrush the whole time, making sure he did a good job. Did he ever hop to it on every little suggestion I made!
Very empowering! I am really getting into this.


  1. Julie, I think that is the thing many wives and girlfriends miss about spanking. It can be quiet empowering to the woman. While it is good for a partner to spank their submissive as part of their power exchange it is also equally important that the woman should feel empowered and in control enough to be able to deliver a very firm spanking. That helps ensure that her man does take her serious when given direction or an order.

  2. I LOVE the empowerement! It's nice to have at least one sphere of life where it's your way or a beating!

    1. I wish it was me,,,that got a beating

  3. When is it my turn