Saturday, April 21

Punished in front of Chloe

As I wrote in my last couple of posts (A New Project! and Framing david), earlier today my friend Chloe came over to install Website monitoring software, ostensibly so that I could control david's pornography habit and have him become a more attentive husband in the sack.Well she came over earlier today and it was an intense experience. Not kinky in any overt way, but deeply embarrassing for david. I got a very nervous and serious reaction from Chloe, which I was not expecting, but I am 100% sure she believed it was all "for real". I'm quite sure she will never develop into a playmate for david and I, regrettably, but this experience, as I said, was very intense.

When Chloe rang the doorbell right on time, david was at home and I had him answer the door. He had not seen Chloe for years, and they awkwardly said hello to one another. I am sure it was all made much more awkward given her mission.

I came a few seconds later to rescue the situation. I greeted Chloe, thanked her for coming, and told david that Chloe was going to help me with some computer matters. He asked if there was anything wrong with the computer, and I said not to worry about it, we’ll take care of it. I also told him he should wait downstairs for us to finish up and then we would call him up.

I was already acting a bit dominant for Chloe's benefit, ordering david around, telling him what to do and where to be. Given what Chloe and I were there to do, I thought it appropriate. Certainly Chloe made no comment.

I took Chloe up to the study where the computer is. It's a Windows computer and we have it set up with a separate user account for david and for I. Chloe had me login as myself. She then went to a web site selling a software product called "Net Nanny" (Ha Ha!).

Don't you love their little logo?
What is that she is holding anyways????
A little whip you think? An enema hose? 

She had me use my credit card to buy it, and she downloaded and installed it for me. As she set it up, I had to type a password that is used to access the reports. Chloe asked if I wanted to just monitor him, or if I wanted to stop him from going to sites the software considers to be inappropriate sites?

It was so funny talking about david as if he was a misbehaving child! Chloe was completely deadpan and "professional" about the whole thing. It was all I could do to keep a straight face, but I succeeded. I told her that he had told me he was going to stop, and I wanted to put him to the test, so just monitoring was what I wanted. How humiliating for him, and he wasn't even in the room yet. I felt empowered!

Chloe surfed to a few sites, then she showed me how to bring up the software and get reports on web activity. First you have to access the software using the special password I setup (so david can't snoop on me!).

In the report you can look for specific people and specific categories, such as "pornography". When you click on an entry in the report, it brings up the browser right to that site so that you can see what your naughty little boy is looking at, and punish accordingly.

I asked Chloe if there was any way around the software and if I was safe from him snooping on me?

She warned me that nothing is perfectly safe that way, but that there are some additional precautions that one can take. She went to the "Users" in Windows and pointed out that david is an "Administrator" and therefore it was a fairly straightforward thing for him to be able to get into my account and/or mess with the Net Nanny. Can’t have that!

She also pointed out that david's account had no password set, and that was very insecure. It meant anybody can get into the computer and snoop on me! Let that be a warning to all of you. And I thought that at least I was safe because I have a password on my account. Guess not. Stupid Windows. And I was so proud of myself that I knew my way around computers and was just "playing dumb" for Chloe's sake. Not so much!

She said she could set a password on his account right then and there and that if I wanted she could change his account to a less powerful account where it would be harder for him to snoop on me. She said the downside was that if he wanted to install anything on the computer he would have to call me to type in my password. That sounded just fine! I like control wherever I can get it.

So I insisted she change him to the more subby kind of user, which she did. Then she suggested we add a password to his account. I agreed, and she asked me what the password should be. What an opportunity. Heaven sent! I thought a bit and then told her to set it to "masturbator". She guffawed (the first crack in her professional demeanour so far) and asked me how to spell that. Perfect!

I asked Chloe if it was ok if we called david up and she explained to him the changes she made to the computer. She looked a little dubious, so I just hurried up and called him up from downstairs with a big shout. I'm not sure she was expecting this.

When he came into the study I explained that Chloe had made some changes to the computer to make it more secure, and that she had added a program that gives me a report of all the web sites that he visits. david blushed and looked awkward and said "you don't need that, honey".

I answered him that "Oh, I think I do. Knowing I'm watching might help cure you of some bad habits, wouldn’t you say?"

Chloe sat there at the computer saying nothing, not moving at all, and not making eye contact. Probably wishing she was anywhere but there. I think she was more embarrassed than david was! I actually enjoyed that. I am sooo bad!

"Chloe," I said, "why don’t you explain to david the changes you've made to the computer."

She went into "professional mode" and explained about the less powerful type of user david now was and what that meant, and that she had set a password on his account (for security reasons) and that he should ask me for it later (Ha Ha!). She also said that she put a program on the computer to monitor website usage, and that I could show him how it worked (why should I do that???).

I asked Chloe, "What was the name of that program we bought again?"

"Net Nanny" she said, totally deadpan again.

"Of yes," I said, "Net Nanny. Very appropriate, don’t you think, david?"

It was all great so far. Very mortifying for poor david. But I was not nearly done with him yet!

"You were up quite late last night, weren't you, david?" I asked him. "You certainly weren't in bed with me, anyways. What were you up to exactly?"

"Just reading, sweetie." He said.

"Yes, but reading what? Or was it looking at pictures or videos?" I asked him. Then I turned to Chloe. "Chloe," I said, "can Net Nanny tell me if he was on the computer last night, and what he may have been doing if he was?"

"No," she said, still looking very uncomfortable, "It only records things starting from now."

"Too bad. Is there no way to tell what he was up to last night?" I asked, hoping she would bring up browser history. "No way at all?" I wheedled her.

I think Chloe's geekiness got the best of her, and she finally blurted out "well, if he didn’t clear his browser history…"

"Browser history," I said, "that's very interesting. Will that show me what he may have been up to last night."

She said it might, and gave some additional computery caveats.

"Can you show me his Browser History?" I asked.

She said she first needed to login as him.

I told david to go the keyboard and login.

"He doesn’t know his password." Chloe reminded me.

"I'll tell him what it is." I said.

Chloe and david changed places, and david used the mouse to point at his name on the start screen, clicked, and was then faced with the password box.

"We really don't need to do this, honey," david said. "I think I do remember going on the computer a bit last night."

"So your story is changing, now is it?" I said. "I think we definitely need to see what you were up to last night. Log in. Now!"

"Please…" said david.

"Now! Not another word from you. And if Chloe and I see what I think we're going to see. And after you promised you wouldn't, and even LIED to me just now about using the computer at all, well you will be in BIG TROUBLE, mister! Now login!"

"I need the password…" david said meakly.

Your password is "MASTURBATOR" I said, very distinctly, "M - A - S - T - U - R - B - A - T - O - R".

Chloe just stood there, trying to disappear. david also. Even though we all do it, it is still very embarrassing to be "called out" as a masturbator in polite society. david was definitely being called out for that today, and in front of a woman he barely knows.

If the humiliation of having his computer use curtailed by his wife and monitored using something called Net Nanny was his first punishment, logging in with that password in front of Chloe was definitely a step up. There was now no doubt he was being punished, and being punished in front of Chloe.

Once david was logged in, I asked Chloe to take over again to show us this Browser History, so they changed places again.

"What browser do you use?" she asked.

"That one," said david, pointing at the blue 'e' at the bottom of the screen.

Chloe clicked on it, pushed a few buttons, and brought up the vaunted browser history.

"Here's everything from midnight on, said Chloe.

david actually had no clue what was going to come up, but suspected the worst. As I mentioned on my last post, I had surfed "as him" last night, and seeded his history with these choice little pre-selected and very incriminating and humiliating sites!
"Oh My God!" I said. "Anal Sex? Teen Panties? XXX Teens Pussy? I don’t think there's any need for you to open those, Chloe, I think I have a pretty good idea what they are. Teenagers, david? How old are these teenagers you look at?"

"They're all legal. 19 at least…" said david.

"Oh well. Nineteen years old. I suppose that's just fine then for you to be looking at them naked, performing God knows what sex acts!" I said very sarcastically.

"I should go now." Chloe said, standing up from the computer.

"Wait just a minute, Chloe, I'll see you out." I needed Chloe to stay just another minute. It helped that I was between her and the door so there was no easy exit for her!

Then turning back to david, "You lied to me! You were in here jerking off instead of coming to bed with me. Again! And after you promised you wouldn't."

"I'm sorry, honey," said david, "it won’t happen again, I promise."

"Damned right it won’t happen again!" I said. "Sit down. Take a pad of paper and a pen. Now write down what I say."

david sat and got the pad and pen that were sitting on the desk already (wasn't that convenient!)

"I really should go now," repeated Chloe.

"Please," I said turning to her, "I really need somebody to talk to just now. I won’t be another minute taking care of HIM."

Yikes. I couldn’t hold her here much longer. I needed to do this quickly.

Turning back to david, "Write this down." I dictated: "I am a liar and a cheater who looks at Internet pornography and rubs my penis until it spurts. If I am caught doing it again, my marriage will be over."

I had to repeat certain phrases a couple of times before he got it all down correctly.

"Please honey!" begged david.

"I am dead serious. If you lie to me about this again, it's over." I told him. "Now write that out 500 times so that the message will sink in, and don’t you dare stop until you've finished every last line. And then you better crawl to me on your hands and knees and beg my forgiveness, and then I'll decide whether or not we still have a marriage."

"Come on Chloe," I said, "I need a drink."

We left david, in shock and in the study, carefully writing out his punishment lines.

So that was my planned punishment: Line Writing. I thought it would be safest with Chloe there. Sorry if I disappointed any readers by not baring him and spanking him, or making him jerk off in front of Chloe, but I didn't think those things would be practical, alas. As it was, I barely got her to stay for the line writing punishment!
In case you are wondering, yes I was inspired by my pervy little pen pal daniel who gets off on writing lines - I got off on giving him lines to write - you can read all about it in my Lines from daniel post.
How humiliating is it to be sentenced to lines by your wife in front of another woman? And how humiliating that his lines include the words "who looks at Internet pornography and rubs my penis until it spurts", which by the way he actually does do in real life, the naughty little masturbator. And 500 of that whopper is a punishment! He would be at it for hours if I weren't to stop him.

And just so you guys know, I am not serious about any of that. I love david and would never leave him over his masturbation. I don't actually care if he surfs porn. I WRITE porn after all on this blog! I was acting so furious, and really got so much into my part, that I scared him and Chloe both. In point of fact, I really did need that drink to calm down.

But even though it's not a bare butt spanking, it's still pretty humiliating, don't you think? Can you think of anything much more humiliating for a grown man than that? Part of his humiliation was that he was being forced to do it under penalty of being kicked out of the house. A "real man" would likely say "fuck you!" to his bossy woman and storm out. My little man meekly sat down to write lines. Ha Ha!

Chloe and I descended the stairs and I immediately apologized to her for having to witness that. I explained that when I saw that porn I just lost it, because we had discussed it several times in the past already and he consistently lied to me on the issue, and this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Then I managed to conjure up some real tears (a skill I acquired as a teenager!), and said "and we haven’t made love for a month!"

Chloe looked very awkward at all that.

I dried my tears and asked her if she thought I got carried away? She said that yeah, I was a bit over the top.

I thought for a bit and said, "I guess you're right. But he's still going to write out those lines. I mean, I am sick of him acting like a child, promising one thing and then cheating like that. If he wants to act like a child, then I'll treat him like one. And if his hand is sore afterwards, well, I guess the punishment fits the crime."

Chloe was thinking something else. "Maybe you guys need some help? Like a marriage counsellor maybe?" she volunteered.

Oops! I guess I was a bit too convincing. That was like a bucket of cold water in the face. I thought I better back off and close things down. Thoughts of nudity, and forced masturbation, and spankings instantly left my mind.

"You’re right." I said, feeling the need to salvage the situation. "We should do something like that. Thank you for that. Thank you for caring."

I apologized again for dragging her into my problems, and asked her to please, please not repeat anything she saw today to anybody. She promised she wouldn’t. I thanked her again for coming and asked if she wanted to stay for that drink.

"No," Chloe said, "You better take care of things here. Maybe talk things out a bit with your husband? I'll speak to you later. I have to go anyway. Another thing I have to do..." And she wasted no time making herself scarce.

Poor dear. Sorry Chloe!

After she left I went up to see david, who was still scribbling out his lines. He looked up at me, put down the pen when he saw I was alone and smiling, and said "holy shit." Literally!

I decided I couldn’t let Chloe's super vanilla reaction dampen the experience for him, so I didn’t mention what the conversation was downstairs about the marriage counsellor and her reaction. Instead, I said, "I want you to tell me how you felt about that, but I want you to tell me over my knee." I took him over to the couch, pulled down his pants and undies, and lay him across my lap. Then I started hand-spanking him gently and quizzing him on his reactions. I needed to think about repairing the damage with Chloe, but I would do that later, right now I wanted him (and me) to have a proper end to this amazing scene.

He said it was incredibly scary and incredibly humiliating, especially because Chloe was so embarrassed by the whole thing as well. He said I am very, very scary when I get like that, and he promised to never, ever cross me. Ha Ha!

I asked him if it turned him on? He admitted that it was incredibly exciting to be humiliated by me like that in front of another woman. What a shame artist he is!

"Go get the baby oil." I told him. He ran off to do that, and came back starkers with a big grin, as I wanted him to be. I made him lie back down on the couch, face up across my lap. I rubbed the baby oil on his cock and balls and continued by squeezing his balls and pumping his cock.

As I hand-jobbed him, I looked him in the eye and reminded him that Chloe now knows what a naughty masturbator he is. I also reminded him that she now knows what a pussy-whipped little bitch he is, and how he is subject to his wife's strict discipline or else being thrown out on his ass. As he started to moan and tense I backed off the speed.

I told him we would be having Chloe over for dinner soon, and we would announce that we solved our little marital problem. When temptation got the best of him, Net Nanny would tell me, and he would have to take his pants down and bend over the back of the sofa for a hard dose of the strap on his bare bottom. Maybe I'll even let her watch you get the strap, or strap you herself if she wants (not likely, I know, but david didn’t know that at the time.) He started getting close again, and again I backed off. He's so easy!

Then I told him that I would tell Chloe that furthermore, whatever sex acts Net Nanny told me he was watching, he would have to receive those same sex acts from me. If he liked watching teens in panties, he would be put in panties. If he likes watching them get face fucked, he would get face fucked. If he liked watching those teen sluts take it up the ass, then he would have to take it hard up the ass as I admired the strap-marks on his well-beaten bum. I would make sure Chloe knew all about that, and see if maybe she's always wanted the chance to do that to a man herself.

My man could take no more, and he positively geysered a stream of cum all up and down his chest as I milked every last drop out of him as he thought about his humiliation in front of Chloe, and what more might still come.


Then I stripped, put him on his back on the couch, and mounted his head, pushing my pussy into his mouth. "Lick!" I ordered him. He had to lick me all limp-dicked and cum covered, with my pussy grinding into his face, which I know he finds extra humiliating and I find extra hot. I came about three times in a row because I can really control the pace while riding on top like that.

A wonderful experience, though I will have to nurture my friendship with Chloe a little bit back into good shape. From her reactions I doubt she will ever be a candidate playmate, but who knows?

As for the Net Nanny, I think I will keep her around as a faithful companion, and make a rule for david that he must always ask my permission on each occasion he wishes to look at porn. If he forgets and Net Nanny and I catch him, or if he looks at something I think he might need to be punished for, then that will be grounds for a strapping, and perhaps even an embarrassing red-bottomed, cum swallowing, masturbation show in front of my sister and I (as Mark and Cleo are intending to do, see their Truth And Consequences series of posts).

Anyways, it was fun, and I don't feel that bad about Chloe. She needs to loosen up big time!


  1. Julie, I love your blog and your imaginative mind. The build up was such I waited all day for you post. With all your followers we had wished for more, but glad you both had fun. Perhaps you should see if you can find another Domme thru or a local munch. I look forward to you and David's continued adventures with anticipation. craig

    1. I know, craig. I wished for more as well! Just reading her body language and reactions it looked like a big red "no go", unfortunately. I'll need to pick my partners in crime on more than just their computer skills henceforth, and weigh "likely to be kinky" much, much higher!

  2. well you do sound like a very strict young lady which is cool david lucky to have you in his life and iam sure those spanking you give him help iam begining think Chloe doesnt understand or intrested in stuff like spankings etc. maybe you can get his coworker or his female friends to help or you have other friends too

    by way i wouldnt mind being spanked by you then having to write out lines too and give it to you in certain time limit if i dont i get another spanking by you

    my name mike
    live in northeast ohiio

    1. Hello mike, nice of you to stop by and comment. Thank You!

      I think you're right about Chloe. I got lucky on my first few picks (david's old trainer, my sister, the massage parlour sweetie) but totally bombed out on Chloe. I will definitely need to up my game going forward!

      I would love to help with your fantasy, mike, as those are things I enjoy doing very much, however the only male I play with physically is my husband, as I expect the same loyalty from him (other than women I bring into it myself, of course).

      But if only I could, then you would be turned over my knee and be getting a very, very red bottom, mike. I would use my hairbrush, as I want to make sure to spank you until you cry, beg and plead with me to stop, like a little sissy would.

      Then I would sit you down at a little desk, like the kind they have in elementary schools, right on your bare spanked bottom, set up an egg timer on your desk, and give you a five minute time limit to write out "I am a spanked little sissy" one hundred times.

      After my egg timer goes off, you would put down your pen, and sit there quietly with your hands under the table on your thighs waiting for me. And no touching yourself, mike. I would be extremely angry if I caught you touching yourself, and you don't want to know the pain your penis and balls would be if that happened (and yes, I would spank you THERE, mike).

      When I come back in, I will be wearing a pencil skirt, grey stockings, black heels, a white blouse, and eye glasses. I would inspect your work carefully. If it is sloppy, or if there are mistakes, or if the required number of lines are not done, I would sentence you to a good hard strapping with the number of strokes determined by your work. Given it likely was quite sloppy, had 10 spelling mistakes, and you only got through 72 lines, it would be a real ass blistering, mike.

      You would have to bend over the little school desk, and I would take the strap to your rear end until you are howling and balling like a baby. Your ass would be bright red, and marked up by strap marks.

      On that sore ass you would sit back down at your desk, and do your work over again, until you finally get it right.

      Ha Ha! ;-)

    2. thanks for the reply and ya welcome Ms Julie everything you said in the long post reply turned me on. a good spanking with the hairbrush iam sure would get my attention real fast iuam sure and would hurt for long long time iam sure you would bring the hairbrush down hard and real hard to my naughty bare ass for sure i be crying and begging and pleading with you to stop the spanking i know you wouldnt stop untill you feel i had enough and learn my lesson

      if i was made sit on my naked sore butt from the spanking i be wishing for a pillow or that i didnt do what i did to get turn over your knee i would have no one to blame but myself i mostly believe that is is the male fault they getting spanked by wife. girlfriend or any other female friends cause they misbehaved and did what they shouldnt i mean if they know they going get spanked but still did it then they desver that trip over the knee of a angry strong strict female and pay the price

      iam sure be a real turn on for me to see you wearing pencil skirt and grey stocking black heel and white blouse and look strict with eye glasses on might distract me too lol but i would try hard to get my line writing done in timely manner and wouldnt try to cheat or lie to you i never plan on lying to a female or to you

      iam sure some where long line i may need to have you give me another spanking when i dont get line done or i misbehave some other way like talk back to you then you give me the look i would get up pull my pants down then bend over the school desk as i see you holding the strap and then close my eyes to accept the spankings to where iam bawling like a baby i would try not to cuss or swear and place hands on my butt

      then i would sit back down knowing i learned my lesson and wont happen again i would even tell you iam sorry and learn my lesson

      i understand and accept fact you only punish your husband but iam still going say offer still out there if you ever change mind and want spank me.for my naughty boys way

      one last note i smoke cigarette even so i shouldnt smoke cause health reason i am sure a spanking and strapping from you would make my seriously consider quitting smoking you sound like very strict female but iam sure your caring friendly type too the one female i hope to find someday

      age 40
      northeast ohio
      city madison

  3. Ms. Julie- Omg, this was so hot! I'm tenting my sexy little panties, lol! Yes, and about to spurt.. :)
    I'm sorry she wasn't quite as interested in everything... but I'm sure you'll be on good terms with her again quickly!
    Poor david, humiliated and writing lines!! Love how you enjoyed yourself with him afterwards.

    May I ask, is NetNanny something that can be hid in the background on computer? How do you find the icon/program on yours? Thank you!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it ss!

      There is a tiny little Net Nanny logo that shows up in the bottom right (near where that date and time and speaker volume is). I click on that to bring it up and then have to type my secret password. It apparently runs all the time, whether I am logged in or not, doing her thing!

  4. Ms. Julie,

    First time commenter here. Aside from the humiliation in front of Chloe and all, I think something much deeper here is the continued demonstrated control over your husband in front of Chloe. i happen to think that's awesome. That control is pervasive and carries over into non-kinky things as well, which in turn, makes it even more exciting.

    Wonderful blog.

    Her sissy pet

    1. Hi sissy pet - lovely name - I will be following your new blog!

      I did enjoy that control aspect of it. It makes me wet thinking about Chloe having witnessed my dominance over david.

      Exxxtreme pussy whipping I like to call it, a new sport.

  5. All one can say is WOW! Another amazingly creative post. You are the J.K. Rowling of this genre. Bill

    1. Thank you bill. I am just like JK, except for all that money of course. However, to be clear, she makes up her stuff, I "engineer" mine into reality, with things not always going according to plan, unfortunately!

  6. Great post. It is written so that I can feel the stress (if that is what one wants to call it) that david is going through. I hope that you might run into Chloe soon and see if any comment is made. The beautiful wife and I had a conversation today about your blog entry and the Net Nanny could very well be installed on my computer soon. and she thought that a well placed belt would also help me mend my ways.

    1. I am glad I have turned you guys onto Net Nanny. When you install the software you select "default settings" for the type of person you are monitoring. the list includes "child", "teenager", a few more, and "adult". I love that it includes "adult"! How dommie/subby is that for a home product!

      I think Internet porn is a kind of unfaithfulness, but one I can tolerate. However, I want to know how often he is doing it and what exactly he is looking at. If the frequency or nature of the material offends me, well yes, he will get a belt whipping, as no doubt will you, dana.

    2. Julie, My luck ran out this morning and I got catch surfing porn again. I got strapped and am not sitting down very comfortably. Beautiful wife wanted me to let you know.

    3. I just saw your blog post. I am headed over now to gloat.

  7. Quite a ride and a hot finish. I'm betting that once Chloe knows the marriage is not 'on the rocks', she will express more interest in the porn/pussy whipped aspect of it. And now that you have the scene maybe there are others you can share the 'surprising net nanny' findings with.

    I loved the finish... handjobs (accompanied by the words of a good mindfuck) are a very hot lever for control. Of course so is being ridden.

    Thanks always for sharing.


    1. Well, in my mind after we went downstairs Chloe would have gotten all interested in how under my thumb david is, and ask me all sorts of questions which would have led to a lot more things. I didn't expect her to send me to a marriage counsellor! Bummer!

      I will be mending fences with her, and my marriage will have a remarkable recovery in her eyes. I won't press it, but if she starts asking personal questions...

  8. Wow! you even had me sweating thru that one.
    What a terrific writer you are. What a terrific woman.
    what a lucky guy is your david.

    1. Thank you soooo much! I still think it's pretty kinky me outing him as a teen pussy masturbator and then punishing him with a scolding and humiliating line writing in front of Chloe.

      Perhaps in a month I should tell Chloe that we went to see a marriage counsellor, and that she suggested as homework we work something out regarding how to control his behavior and my anger. I could tell her that we decided as a couple on keeping Net Nanny installed, allowing him to look at porn, but giving him a hard spanking as both anger control for me and behavior modification for him. The counsellor thought it was unorthodox, but approved it as long as we both consented.

  9. Very kinky and very hot, wow, you are just amazing.


    1. Thank you! Not so kinky, I think, but quite hot nonetheless!

  10. Maybe you can tell her everything is it - You got David a chasty devise so he can't. Mastibate without your permission. Well mate telling her that might not be such a good idea. But that doesn't meant that getting David one isn't a good idea. He really shouldn't be playing without you. craig

    1. As long as he's not doing it behind my back. He must now ask permission, or else it's the strap!

  11. So Julie,
    Is that the next plan, to get David to jerk off in frint of you and Sue and the eat his cum? Does he like cum or just the b eing told to part of it? Submissive Husband

    1. I am thinking along those lines. david has a "little problem" that I am thinking of exploiting in front of Sue. He hates his own cum, thankfully, and must literally choke it down, which gratifies me no end.

  12. Julie, You like to "engineer" your scenes. You are a master at doing just that. Sooo much imagination. And so much fun. It can be so satisfying when you can manage such capers and have them come out close to what you had planned and hoped for. I read many of your posts over several times. They are just as exciting the third or fourth reading as the first. That takes a lot of skill on your part.

    I have, upon occasion, had the chance to expand on a situation and tell a story lasting over several days, during which time I have led the person on and on until they suddenly realize they have been had. Those stories are way off topic for here, but it does take a lot of forethought to pull off somehing like that. you are doing it in spades. I admire you

    1. I like to call it "performance art".
      It seems like a good compromise between pure role play, where everybody knows their part, and pure unscripted which is unlikely to come out your way. If 2 out of 3 are playing, and 1 knows everything, the other knows something, and the third knows nothing at all, that is my favourite compromise.
      And thank you for the kind compliments!

  13. OMG!!!

    There are so many elements and moving parts to this story I can hardly keep track of it. As you well know, there are more than a few things that parallel our own story.

    So now your vanilla friend thinks that David is a "teenage pussy masturbator"??? LOL! That is deliciously wicked and it would be completely embarrassing to me if I were in his shoes. Whether it is actually true or not doesn't matter. Chloe thinks it is true and that is all that matters. Holy crap!

    As you also know, my Bride (and recently her mother) has a talent for putting me in similar situations so david and I are kindred spirits of sorts.

    I assume you know Chloe well enough, and already have a solid relationship, that damage control should not be a huge issue. In a sense I felt sorry for her being so uncomfortable at the moment - she probably went home and took a long hot shower - but in time you'll explain more and make her feel better in the end.

    In a perfect world (which doesn't exist - but let's pretend for a moment) I can't wait to read about david being spanked by you, Sue, and Chloe and then made to masturbate in front of all of you. After that, I'll win the lottery and Cleo and I will take you and david to an exotic island in the sun for a very sexy freaky vacation. And pigs will fly. LOL.

    On another note, I don't blame sub men from wishing you would spank or Domme them - honestly, I do too. But I have to laugh at how you respond. You'd scare me shitless - but then I have my own Domme-wife who kicks my ass to begin with. A sub man should be careful what he wishes for when he begs you to Domme him!

    1. My better sense says I better shelve Chloe in the kink department, unfortunately. But the experience makes me realize how blessed I am to have Sue willing to play along, and enjoying the process. I am thinking I need to focus there, and have fun with that.

      You are right about the final part. I don't think any man wants to get on the wrong end of my strap. There ain't no safewords there, baby!

  14. One time we were at a restaurant and my wife ordered for both of us and the waitress who looked to be in her late 50's kind of took notice of the role reversal. As my wife paid the bill and the woman was in earshot my wife said to me since you can't control myself I will, and when we get home she will get to the bottom of things and you won't be sitting comfortably afterwards now get into the car. The waitress just smiled at me as I walked past and said to my wife, have an enjoyable evening, to which my wife replied at least one of us will. markiee