Tuesday, May 1

Training Time!

True to my word, I put david through his paces today.

I called out to him: "david! Time for your first premie training!"

"Awwww!" he said.

Ignoring him, I told him to undress and come down to the living room. He asked why the living room? couldn't we just do it in the bedroom? I told him the bedroom is a place for fun sex, not for training. We needed a different room and the living room would do fine. He's always worried that somebody might see him when he's in the living room because of the large picture windows. Nobody is near us, so it's unlikely, though certainly not impossible. I was not concerned, anyways.

"But I might make a mess down there..." he complained. I told him there will be no "messes". But just to be sure I would put a towel down on the floor for him to stand on.

I got a dark blue towel and put it down in the middle of the living room. Eventually he will blow a load, I am sure of it, ideally when Sue is there to see it, and I want his spunk to stand out against the dark blue background for the added shame factor.

I set up my folding chair and placed it right beside the towel. I also had my hairbrush, some lube, and my iPhone with a timer app on it. I also had an extra item that I kept hidden, but thought I would use later to humiliate him further.

david came down bare as a baby and looking quite sheepish. I had him stand on one end of the towel and I told him not to move from that spot.

I then instructed him as follows. "Ok baby, the whole idea is for you to rub yourself and last longer and longer each time. Today I want you to last one minute, three times in a row. If you need to stop, you ask my permission, ok? If I give you permission, then you can stop, but you'll get a good hairbrushing to your rear-end afterwards. If you need me to clamp your cock, you need to ask me that also, ok? Next time we'll go longer."

I then dribbled lube over his penis and hand and told him to grab it in one hand, and his balls in the other. I have seen him masturbate before and I know he favours tugging on his balls as he rubs his penis. "Make it hard first" I told him. He started rubbing himself gently.

When he was hard, I started the one-minute countdown timer and said "Go! Faster and harder, baby. It's useless if you don't get close each time." He sped up. Boy can his hand ever move fast when he wants it to. It was like greased lightning!

The timer went off with a big "BONG!" He made it!

"Good boy! I'm so proud of you! Is my little premie turning into a big strong man? Why can't you last that long when you're in my pussy? Can you do that again for Mommy?" I asked him.

He blushed and nodded.

I started the timer again and said "Go!" This time, as he was rubbing, I gave him a little spank on his cute wiggly backside.

"Oh no don't!" he said, but kept rubbing.

I continued spanking him very lightly all over his bottom despite his girlish protests. About 30 seconds in it came: "I need to stop."

"Keep rubbing."  I told him.

"No, please! I really need to stop. Please!"

"Stop! Hands at your sides!" I said.

he immediately put his hands at his sides and wiggled up a storm, squeezing his legs together and hunching over.

"Do you need my hand?" I asked him.

"No. I don't think so." he said as he relaxed a bit.

"Ok, you were about 20 seconds shy that time. That's 20 spanks. Are you ready for number three?" I asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered.

I put some more lube on his hand, and started him going again. This time I walked in front of him and told him "Look at me!" As his eyes came up to mine I started slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse. I had a lacy bra on. I grabbed my tit and shoved it out towards him. I then peeled my bra back and let him see my left nipple. I moved it towards him and squeezed it just in front of his face.

"Oh! Oh!" he said. How gratifying my boy still gets turned on by something as simple as my bare breast, even after all that porn he looks at on the Internet.

"I think I might need to stop." he suggested.

"Not yet!" I told him, "that's just 30 seconds. Keep going. Imagine you're banging my cunt hard like a real man and ..."

"No! Please! I NEED to stop!"

I love the begging most of all.

"Stop. Hands at your sides!"

I could see a drop of pre-cum oozing from his tip.

I didn't want him to cum this first time!

"Do you need my hand?" I asked urgently.

"YES!" he said between clenched teeth.

I grabbed his cock hard around its base. He spasmed in my hand and yelled out. He seemed in a bit of pain. But nothing more came out the tip.

"Will something come out if I let go?" I asked.

"I think so..." he said.

"Put your hand in front to catch it."

I let the pressure off, and a bit of a mix of clear and milky cum oozed out from the tip into his waiting hand.

"Not impressive." I told him.

"Sorry..." he said.

"I won't give you the strap this time," I told him, "because it wasn't a real ejaculation. But that was very close. If I hadn't been fast enough you would have cum all over my living room and then you would have been bent over the back of that sofa bare-assed and balls out and had your legs and ass strapped black and blue. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am." he repeated, still holding his pre-jizz in his hand.

"We'll call that 20 seconds shy again, but I'm tripling it because of your leaky cock. Any complaints?"

"No Ma'am," he said.

"Put that in your mouth and hold it in there. I'll make you spit it out into the sink after your spanking, and if I don't see cum in your spit, you'll get another spanking."

I went to the kitchen to get a washcloth. I came back and cleaned the lube and whatever else off his hands, penis, balls, and between his legs.  He stood there not saying a word, holding his mouthful.

Then I sat on the chair and pulled him across my lap for his hairbrush spanking. There was no warm-up at all. I gave him his 80 spanks hard but taking my time, reddening his ass quite thoroughly. Some of the spanks would have made him yell, but with his mouth holding tightly onto his mess it only came out as a muffled scream. I have learned how to spank hard with that hairbrush, and in sensitive places.

As I spanked I scolded him for being a bad boy. A bad premie. Not a real man at all. Not able to use his cock properly to please a woman. That's why you're being spanked like a little boy, I told him, across my knee like a child. A real man wouldn't let his wife spank him like this. A real man would throw his woman across his knee and spank the shit out of her. But you're not a real man, are you? You're more like the woman in this relationship, aren't you?

"mmmph..." he said, unable to speak with his mouth closed.

"Oh swallow that down!" I said impatiently.

He gulped and swallowed and then said "no..."

I thought that was ironic, given he had just swallowed a mouthful of jizz.

"Oh YES you are the woman!" I said. "And you better admit it if you want this spanking to EVER end. Now who is the woman in this relationship?"

"you are," he said defiantly. What a brat! Brat wants her little bottom paddled I guess.

I started spanking very hard and very fast, including really hard ones to the backs of his thighs.

"I am! I am! I am!" he said.

I paused my spanking.  "You are what?" I asked.

"I am the woman in our relationship!" he finally blurted out.

"Say it in a nice womanly high-pitched voice." I demanded, rubbing the hard wood around on his beaten-up bum-cheeks.

"I am the woman in our relationship." he repeated an octave higher. Ha Ha!

"Stand up." I told him, stopping his punishment. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of lacy pink panties. "Put these on, woman." I ordered him.

He grabbed the panties and pulled them up his legs. I've made him wear panties before, but this time he looked like he was going to cry.

I took him by the ear and led him to the corner, pushing his nose deeply into it. "Ten minutes in your panties, hands at our sides. No rubbing. No touching yourself. Think about why you're being punished tonight, and why you're standing there in panties. Think about how you're going to do better next time."

I was very stern with him. I am good at that when I want to be.

After his time was up I went to get him and give him a big hug. I acted very happy, and very grateful that he had agreed to is training. I told him that I hoped I was not too hard on him with the humiliation talk and that he did not take it in a mean way. It was just part of the training program the women on the discussion forum advocated.

"Maybe we could skip that part next time?" he suggested.

"Did I hurt your feelings, baby?" I asked.

"A little, yeah." He answered.

"It's just part of the training. Don't take it so seriously! I think it's an important part. Next time you'll know I'm not serious about it. I'm just trying to help you is all. Ok?"

"I guess so." he said.

"And I thought training you was super hot!" I added. "It made me horny. Now take me upstairs and ravish me with your tounge, baby! I know you're a real man when it comes to that!"

And you know what? He was.


  1. My wife and I have been having me wear two condoms so as to minimise the direct stimulation. She likes me to thrust with her on top. But I have to be gentle or she does not cum.

    1. Of course you must be gentle. But with two condoms it's a wonder you feel anything at all.

  2. This is so hot I made cummies all over my panties reading it. I wish I had a mistress like you to punish me for my misbehavior!

    1. Another bad boy stroking himself to my account of david's punishments. For shame! ;-)

  3. Very exciting, Ms. Julie. Thank you for sharing!

  4. An excellent post. Love the idea of him having to hold his mess in his mouth. Keep up the good work.

    1. Why thank you! I was pondering on how to extend the shame of swallowing his own cum when I hit upon the idea of spanking him with it in his mouth. It serves a similar purpose to a gag as it turns out. Plus the extra humiliation. I can tease him about it as I spank.

  5. david, did a nice job and the sight of him in those pink panties while standing in the corner. Ms. Julie really a folding chair. Time to send david on a shopping trip. A nice firm wooden chair with a nice seat to hold your sexy bottom. No rocking when you make contact with a naughty bottom. Plus think the chair can sit in the living room not matching a thing. Just think someone may ask why you have that chair in the living room. That would shame david on the spot. A glass might helpful in catching his cum in. I have rainbow wrapped shot glass. Luck david.

    1. I'm afraid such a chair would not match my decor, suffie. That's why I have found the folding chair useful, but thank you for the suggestion!

  6. Miss Julie You are wonderful!!! i too am the woman in my marriage and i cry like a little Girl when spanked by my Wife. i also wear lace panties 24/7 and must keep my dick clean shaven to enhance my sissy status! You and Your blog are wonderful. Your imagination is terrific!!!

    1. I think we should de-sex the term 'woman' and just use it to refer to the submissive person in a marriage. As in "The male was the woman in the relationship and was treated accordingly." Never liked the word myself, anyways, happy to give it up in this manner.

  7. Wow! That was a wonderful post...and all the more so because it is real, the product of Your creation and imagination. my Wife also runs our relationship so i appreciate how thoroughly You have taken over Yours. i look forward to the "next thrill packed episode"...

    1. Real in a sense, I hasten to add. I am not that offended by his little issue as all that. I just enjoy mind-fucking him like this, as this is an issue he is genuinely ashamed of. So even if he knows I am mind fucking him, it still gets to him!

  8. New twists and turns every week in the Ms. Julie household! Great edging, teasing, and humiliation... and wonderfully written. Maybe he'd enjoy some premie training porn (with visits captured on Netnanny)?


    1. Excellent idea. I have noticed he has been spending a fair amount of time browsing femsub tumblr sites. He swears that he identifies with the females. Might be fun to have him admit that in front of Sue...

  9. I love the simplicity of it – if he selfishly focuses on his own pleasure, he is (ultimately) punished, whereas if he focuses on your wants he is rewarded. Any good relationship in a microcosm.

    1. Very true. He must control himself despite the sexual stimulation hitting him for all sides. A good "simulation" of him fucking me, because I am a little handful in the sack!

  10. Wow, I go away from your blog for a couple of days and look what I miss! Next time you play or spank him in the living room, it might be fun to remind him that he can be seen by people through the window. He won't be able to tell if anyone's there while he's over your lap or in the corner so such warnings as "Is that the postwoman?" or "What's my Mom doing here?" would work well.

    1. Great suggestion! Since he already fears that, use it!

  11. Just when I figured this was about the most erotic thing I read, you put him in panties, after a long otk brushing and milking. Amazing, he is so lucky.

    1. Panties are really the correct ending for this type of training, no doubt.

  12. Wow, Julie, thank you for this post. Your husband is very lucky. And sorry for my english as well...

    When I was reading your post, I thought of something (or fantasize maybe) and wanted to share it with you. I thought about the idea of you husband going through this same training but in a "legs over head" position with his penis pointing straight at his face.

    It would just add to his humiliation to have a self-facial in front of you, so easy for you to taunt him about it too.

    And, of course, this position also offers you easy access to his buttcheeks and his "butthole".

    Anyway, you are just so creative with all this!!!


    1. Excellent idea, fred!
      For his training he is masturbating himself, and I'm not sure how practical that position is for masturbation. But I am now dying to hand-job him in that position. I would make sure his eyes are wide open staring at his little pee-hole anticipating a jizzing onto his face as he climaxes.

  13. Strict Julie,
    You are truly awesome!

  14. sissy jamieanne28 May 2012 at 06:09

    You've truly showed him his place in the hierarchy with this training! Guided masturbation under your watchful eye, edging, a mouth full of his own cum, being forced to hold it while being spanked and then swallowing! Pantied and put in the corner! If he doesn't know who's who in the relationship after that, he never will! You have my utmost respect Ma'am...you are an artist at training the submissive male! Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences!

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

    1. An artist! I like that. Thank you!

  15. Amazing how you can transform such a "matter" ( premie ) into something so exciting and enjoyable :)

    1. Well it really doesn't bother me. He can hold on long enough to give me a nice taste of cock, but I far prefer oral from him, anyway, and he has no stamina problems there!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It was "play training", but super intense nonetheless!