Tuesday, July 24

Husband Taught His Place in front of Sister and her Girlfriend

As I related in my last blog post, A Good Little Cock Sucker!, my sister Sue and her new live-in girlfriend Trina scened with david and I last weekend. I had mind-fucked david previously, so that he was the only one who did not know the scene was happening. He caught on, but was not prepared, and was especially not prepared for Trina living out her fantasy of being "made to" give a guy a blowjob by her dominant girlfriend (I think the fantasy was more than a blow job, but that's all Sue and I allowed the delightful little tramp!).

When we were there decompressing after the scene and getting to know one another better, well, one thing led to another (yes, alcohol was involved) and before we knew it we were planning our next encounter where david was going to a) be given an enema, b) be dressed all girly, c) get cock-sucking lessons, and d) get publicly ass-fucked by yours truly. Poor hubby.

All through the week I was obsessing about the blowjob he got from Trina (and all the week leading up to it also, by the way). I had some rather conflicted feelings about it. I thought the scene was super hot, but my own little insecurities reared their ugly head. david was a prince and was extra attentive to me and never commented on "what a great blowjob" it was or "how cute Trina was", or anything like that. But even that backfired and I was pissed off that he was so obviously avoiding saying those things (she is cute and she did give him a damn fine blowjob, better than mine for sure). He really can’t win, I know.

Well, I figured I'm a Dominant Woman and we Dominant Women have our methods of coping with things like that, so I decided that david would be publicly punished in front of Sue and Trina. His enema would not be pleasant, his cock-sucking lessons would involve a lot of deep-throating and whipping, he would be getting a hard strapping in front of Trina and Sue, and his ass fucking would be "punishment grade". He would be taught to whom he belongs, and taught in front of Sue and Trina.

Not fair I hear you saying? After all, I arranged for his blowjob from Trina in the first place and he had no choice in the matter. So why must he be punished, and in such a humiliating manner? Not really sure, except to say that it feels right and appropriate, and will make me feel better. There should be consequences when a husband gets a blowjob from someone other than his wife, no matter the circumstances. So sue me.

Sue and Trina showed up right on time. Trina had on a naughty nurse's uniform! They were standing right there, at our front door, ringing the door bell, with Trina dressed like that! OMG!!! I hurried them into the house (what will the neighbours think!) Ha Ha! She told me that she had had the outfit for some time and had worn it to fetish parties. It was a really nice one. Not a cheap Halloween thing. All white with red trim. She also had on white stockings, a garter belt, a cute little hat, and impossibly high heels that forced her to walk in little mincing steps. david loved the costume, obviously, and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Grrrrrrr. ;-)

She also had a big bag with her. She had gone shopping for me and bought me everything I needed to give david enemas. Yeah! I offered to pay but Sue waved me off and said it was an early birthday present. When I had first suggested that after david sucks my strap-on that I really need to fuck him afterwards, Sue and Trina has suggested giving him an enema beforehand. I had never done that before, but Trina was an old hand, and had taught Sue how to give her enemas before they used serious toys up the butt (which Trina enjoys - apparently Sue only ever pitches - that's my sis!).

Trina took charge and suggested we get started on his enema right away, as it might take some time to clean him out and let him recover (gulp!). She said the best place would likely be a bathroom, near a sink, shower, and toilet. Our ensuite was perfect, so we all four of us went up to our bedroom and into the attached bathroom. Poor david was no doubt feeling very small through all this discussion, knowing he would be the object of the butt rinse.

Trina asked me to get some pillows from the bed and some washable towels to lay over them. She arranged the pillows on the bathroom floor, and covered them and the floor with several large towels. Oh dear. I hoped this would not get too messy! Just a precaution, Trina assured me, for guys who can’t hold it.

She then told david to undress completely. He blushed then, but did as he was told. So there we were. The field of battle was prepared. All four of us were crammed into the small ensuite bathroom. Sue and I were both in our jeans. Trina was in in her sexy nurse's costume. My blushing husband was completely bare and very erect: bad boy!

While david was undressing, Trina was rinsing out the big red enema bag, flushing water through the hose, and cleaning the little nozzle. She then filled the bag with very warm water, spritzed a generous amount of liquid soap in it, and shook it up. She attached the hose to the bag, clamped off the hose and then hung it from the shower rod with a bent hanger. She was well prepared. She had brought all of this stuff with her and more. She let the clamp go, holding the nozzle in the shower stall, and we watched it sputter a bit and then spurt a smooth flow out a dozen or so small holes on all sides of it. She then clamped it off again. It was obviously going into david's butthole next!

david looked on naked and in horror as this was going on. He has never had an enema in his life, and the first would be administered by three women!

Trina told him to get down on the floor on his elbows and knees, across the pillows and on the towels. She said he could rest his weight on the stacked pillows under the towels when he wanted to, or if it was more comfortable to push back up onto his elbows and knees to give his tummy more space.

Well there he was, butt up and ready to go. Trina asked me "may I?", indicating his butthole, and I told her to go ahead. Trina got out a pair of latex gloves and snapped them onto her hands, making evil nurse faces as she did so. Then she got a washcloth and the liquid soap, and started cleaning his bumhole. Oh my did david squirm as he felt Trina doing that! She rinsed him off with another washcloth and patted him dry. Then she got a large glop of Vaseline and rubbed it all around his anal entrance, poking her finger up a little into his butt as well. She explained that when the stuff came out from deep inside him, it could be pretty nasty and burn his bumhole. This would protect him somewhat. Yikes again! Sue and I made "yuck" faces at one another. david moaned a bit as her finger penetrated him.

Next Trina used a little bottle of water-based lube to lube-up the nozzle. She said to use water-based, as it would dissolve in the flow and not bung up the small holes. Then she took the hose and stuck it right into his bum. Up where the sun don’t shine! It was about 15cm long or so, and it all went in, so that only the hose part was visible and a tiny bit of the nozzle.

She told david to clamp down on the nozzle hard, as if he was trying to keep from going. She said the enema was all happening on the other side of those muscles, and his clamping down would keep the water in and not impede its flow at all. She then asked if he was ready? He said he was, and Trina unclamped the hose.

At first it was rather uneventful. A few little moaning sounds from david. Trina teased him saying he was quite a little moaner and was he like that in bed too? All of a sudden he seemed in distress. "Ow ow ow!" Trina clamped the hose and told him to relax, it was just a little cramp, and to kneel up off the pillows. She suggested I go and rub his low tummy for him. I did that and the cramp subsided. She told me that pulling on his balls and cock would help as well. I asked her if that was because it was all connected somehow, and she said she didn’t know, but that it would sure distract him as the enema was going on! Since I was there anyways, I had him spread his legs, and I gave his balls a massage and a tug as Trina started the flow up again. He was hard, so I didn't touch his cock, worried he would react, ahem, explosively.'

He started moaning again as I tugged on his balls and as the enema flowed into him. Sue stood there leaning against the wall, arms crossed across her chest, with an amused look in her eyes at david's antics taking his enema. Apparently experienced Trina made way less fuss about it.

Trina had to stop the flow a couple of more times to let it settle. Pretty soon she declared the bag was empty! david had one whole litre of warm soapy water up his butt! Yeah!

Trina then lay the bad news on david. She said he needed to hold it in for five minutes to let it work its way around in there and have an effect. david said "oh no!" and told us he needed to go to the toilet. Now! Trina scolded him and told him to just keep his butt clenched tight. He did and then started whimpering as another cramp hit him. I massaged his tummy and told him to relax and hold it. The cramp subsided quickly, and I stroked his balls again.

Trina then got a butt plug out of her bag. She cleaned it and then lubed it up. She told him to keep clamping down while she put the butt plug into him. "No!" david moaned, but Trina was having none of it, and very deftly pulled the nozzle out, quickly inserted the tip of the plug in him, and then gently pushed it home. She told him to stand up and hold the plug in. david got gingerly to his feet. She said he should stand there until the five minutes was up. Sue was timing, fortunately.

Poor david was standing facing the toilet. Facing the relief he so desperately craved no doubt! His right hand was inside his ass crack, holding the butt plug in. He was dancing around a little bit, just like a little boy who needs to go to the toilet, and bad!

"Is it time yet?" he asked Sue. "Nope" she said, but didn’t tell him how much was left. Cruel. As david was squirming there, Trina was cleaning the enema kit and preparing a clear water "rinse" for him. She had it all ready to go, clamped and hanging there before even his five minutes was up. He cramped a couple of times more, and I helped him through it. Trina assured me he was fine. He was no longer hard at all by then, poor baby!

Finally, Sue declared that his five minutes was up. "We should probably leave now while he does his business" said Trina. Remember how I said this was going to be punishment? "Nope," I said, "I think that after that blowjob last week he's been a little too big for his britches, if you guys don’t mind, then making him do his business in front of us should knock him down a peg or two."

david moaned and pleaded with us to leave, claiming he "couldn't" in front of us. Judging by the amount of squirming, I was quite sure he could!

Trina said it would get smelly and she would really rather not stay, unless I insisted. That last was her subby side coming through. Sue told her to stay and watch. It was her blowjob that caused the problem, after all. Sue had no problem at all watching him go! And I was curious. And I was more interested in punishing him than in escaping. And having to crap into the toilet in front of three women was too good a punishment to pass up!

"Go ahead, david. Sit down and take that plug out." I told him. david looked worried and trapped, but Sue and I were stern. Trina was holding her nose in anticipation (the little drama queen!). Eventually the "pressure" was too much for him. He squatted over the seat awkwardly with his hand still between his cheeks. He loosed the plug and pulled it out, and simultaneously sat down on the seat.

There was the hugest gush of "disgusting" out his bumhole you can ever imagine. First of all, it was really, really loud! It sounded like a firehose gushing out his bum into the toilet. And it did smell really, really, bad! Trina took little steps over to the toilet, still holding her nose, reached for the flusher at arm's length, and flushed it for him, even though he was still at it. david was sprawled like a drunken man on the toilet. Moaning and crying out as stream after stream gushed out. Trina also went in and reached for the butt plug with her gloved fingers, and holding it at arm's length dropped it into the sink and ran the water. Finally the excitement calmed down, and Trina went and flushed again. david was still sitting there, moaning. Even after the second flush, little gushes of water would still come out every thirty seconds or so.

"Wipe your bum," I told him. He took a bunch of toilet paper, folded it up into a thick square, and wiped himself (!) in front of us. How humiliating for him! I could never do that in front of ANYBODY, much less three fully clothed members of the opposite sex as david was forced to do that day. He repeated twice more. Flushed again, and sat there in a stupor.

"Back you go!" said Trina in a cheery voice, having just cleaned the butt plug.

"Nooooo…" moaned david, but he did as he was told and was bottoms up again over the pillows and towels. Trina soaped and scrubbed his bumhole again, and this time went right up and down his crack to his balls, cleaning off the backs of his balls as well. She then got the Vaseline and re-applied it all over his crack and up into his bumhole. The nozzle went in, the flow was started, and it was basically a repeat of the entire episode. The one difference was that after he had taken the litre enema, then just before Trina pulled out the nozzle he started "leaking" back there. Fortunately, it looked like clear water, but it was leaking out of his bumhole around the nozzle. "No!" Trina said. "Hold it in!" I went over and gave his bum a smack and said "hold it!" He managed to stem the flow, and the nozzle was then removed and replaced by the butt plug without further incident. We timed off another five minutes and then saw basically a repeat of the first humiliating toilet dance, although somewhat less smelly this time around. In fact, he was looking kind of clear, until the last major spurt out his ass which smelled and looked distinctly nasty.

He had to undergo the whole enema treatment one more time, but this time Trina only put in half the bag, saying she didn’t want to get too deep. When he expelled this one, it was essentially all clear, with nothing particularly nasty. Fascinating! Poor david was a bit rung out, though.

We let him just sit on the toilet as Trina showed me how to clean up all the gear, and stressed the importance of things like cleaning out any "backflush" she called it, and of letting the equipment hang out to dry. She suggested we give david a half an hour to compose himself, so we see three left to go down into the living room, leaving david to shower and rest before round two.

The first thing Sue said when we got down was "that was disgusting!" but she said it with a smile on her face. "I told you so!" said Trina. We all laughed. We discussed how utterly humiliating that was for david. Trina asked me if I was angry about the blowjob at all, seeing as I was kind of hard on david for it just now, meaning my making of him a public spectacle in his heretofore most private of activities. I told her I was not (even though I was a bit, but that's not her fault so I hid it!). I told her how hot it was and how I was really happy to help her see her fantasy come true. I did explain to her, though, my obtuse logic that there needed to be consequences when a husband gets a blowjob from another woman, no matter the circumstances. Trina didn’t get it, but Sue understood straight away! "But you TOLD him to do it," said Trina, "why should he be the one to get punished for that?" Clearly a sub. Does not understand our much more advanced Domme thinking, obviously. He was 'gonna get punished, and Sue understood it completely. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if little Trina the tramp got a little extra extra spanking from Sue when she got her home tonight. Ha Ha!

After a half hour or so I went up to the bedroom to fetch david down. I asked him how he was feeling. He said he felt fine, but exhausted. He was lying naked on the bed on top of a towel to catch any bum juice that might still be flowing out. I did a quick "diaper position" check on his bumhole, and found it dry and clean, so I figured he was good to go.

I laid out for him his outfit. Thigh-high fishnets, garter belt (just like Trina's, but black), black and purple sheer lacy panties, matching bra, short slutty plaid schoolgirl skirt, and white blouse that I told him to tie at his midriff. I told him to get changed and report down to the living room for his cocksucking lessons. I also got out my strap-on dildo, the lube, my riding crop, and my strap, and told him to not forget any of those things when he came down as well. "ten minutes, sweetie, or we start with the strap to the backs of your legs" I told him cheerfully on the way out.

With a couple of minutes to spare, david came down into the living room looking charming in his girly-outfit. Trina jumped up very excited and complimented "her" on how sexy "she" looked. He was carrying everything I asked him to and laid them out one by one onto the coffee table. Sue made "her" do a turn and a curtsy for us, laughed at him, and told him what a cute girl he was.

I went to him and undid a button on his blouse to show off his pretty bra, and also lifted "her" skirt so they could admire the lovely panties and garter. I bought the bra and panties myself last week. The 40A was hard to find! But it fit "her" perfectly. The saleslady said "this isn’t for you, surely?" and I said, "oh no, I'm training my husband." All she said was "oh!" and backed away slowly. Ha Ha! I have no shame gene, apparently. I told them all this story as I showed off his pantied butt, giving it a little smack or two. david blushed of course! Little blusher!

I put the strap-on on over my jeans (no I wasn't "gettin' naked' in front of my sister and her girlfriend!). I then went to the big chair, sat down on it, spread my legs wide like a guy, and said, "Show him how to suck cock properly, Trina."

Trina went to her purse and got out a lipstick, and made david hold still as she applied a crimson red lipstick to him, the colour she was wearing, telling him that a good blow job started with super sexy lips. She made him smack his lips together. The whole procedure was already embarrassing for him, but Trina was taking on her role as "big sister" with a gusto!

She proceeded to give david some basic instruction. She told him that all the guy's cock should feel was lips and tongue. Teeth were a huge turnoff. She made him curl his lips back into an "O" and then go down on my cock. She then told him about generating a lot of saliva, and of spitting on the cock as a turn-on, and made him do that. All the while david was in his slutty schoolgirl outfit wearing bright red lipstick! Next she talked about using his hand and corkscrewing it around the shaft, and at the same time corkscrewing his mouth. Once he started doing that, he was looking much better at it, rather than the mechanical up and down I had been seeing from him up to now. Sue chimed in and said "now you're looking good!"

"Deeper baby!" I told him, thrusting my hips up at him. Trina explained the theory of relaxing his throat muscles and training to overcome the gag reflex. She made him relax and then move his throat down onto the cock. She encouraged him to go deeper and deeper. He started gagging a bit, but Trina said "Just relax. Stay there. And let it relax. Good, now go a bit deeper". Then he really did gag and he came up for air. Trina was full of praise and told him to try again. He tried it again with the same result.

"Sue, get the crop." I said. "Panties down. Hold your skirt up. Get your mouth on my cock. Sue, give him a whipping." david meekly bent over to put his mouth around my cock, reached back behind him to pull down his own panties, and then lifted up his own skirt to present himself for the whipping he knew he deserved. Sue played the crop over his ass, ass crack, and genitals. Sue, Trina and I exchanged eye contact as david subserviently held his skirt up for his groping. We were all thinking the same thing. A true submissive. Sue whipped the crop down four times, two on each cheek. Good hard ones that had him grunting into the dildo. "Try again." I told david.

He tried to deep throat again with Trina's guidance, but was no more successful. This time he stayed down too long and practically threw up when he came up for air. "Hold you skirt up, mouth around my cock. Another six, please Sue." Sue gave him six strict ones across his bare bum. I could feel the vibrations in his body through my strap-on stuffing his mouth as he was being whipped. But he held his skirt up the whole time. "Try again."

He tried again, and did a bit better. Trina got him to bob up and down a few times. It looked like he was getting it but then he gagged again and came up for air, slobbering out his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down onto me. "Whip him!" I told Sue. She picked his skirt up above his waist over his back, and started cropping his backside as I held him hard onto my cock so he really couldn’t breathe. I'm not sure if she was aiming for it, or if a stroke went astray, but david suddenly screamed in agony from the tip of the flogger whipping his ball sac. I let go of his head and he reared up in pain, gasping for breath and slobbering like crazy.

"No! Please! Enough!" he said. He had really had it. I was just getting started.

"You liked getting a blowjob from Trina," I said, standing up, "well now you have to learn to take it like a woman." He was still kneeling. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him onto my cock. Then I face-fucked the crap out of him! He tried to avoid the cock going down his throat, but could not avoid it every time, and I was treated to a sorry show of gagging and slobbering whenever I let him up for air. I was fucking angry with him! "You like blow jobs??? Well now you can have one, bitch!" I guess I had a teensy, weensy bit of repressed emotion over the blowjob I let him have from Trina! Ooops.

When I was done with his mouth, I pulled his blouse off him, ripping all the buttons in the process. david would have some sewing to do tomorrow. I dragged him over to the sofa and bent him over the back of it. I flipped his skirt up over his back, and removed his panties. He was pretty, with his bare ass framed by his black garter belt and thigh highs. It was too perfect. I got my strap out and let him have a dozen scorchers. Ouch! That was 'gonna leave a mark!

"Do you want to fuck her too???" I asked.

"no…" he said.

"Yeah? I'm not sure I believe you," I said as I lubed up my cock and pushed it into his asshole. He yelled as it went in. He was still quite tender from the enema sequence. I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard. After the first few to warm him up, every thrust was balls deep, and I was rewarded with a little grunt after each one.

After a while it was "please, honey, enough, please…"

I paused and took a breath. I looked up at Sue and Trina who were staring wide eyed at me and my man. I smiled a big smile while breathing heavily from the workout I had just had. They looked a little relieved that I appeared to be "back in control". In fact, I was never too far out of control, I just had a point that needed making is all.

"It's enough when I say it's enough." I told him. "After me allowing you to have that blowjob from Trina, you need to be reminded to whom you belong. Got it?"

"yes sweetie" he said.

"Good. Sue? Time five minutes for me. That should be long enough to remind him"

"nooooo…." wailed david.

Oh Yeah! Ride 'em cowboy. He could take it. I re-lubed the dildo heavily and started fucking him again. Starting with long deep strokes, even taking the tip right out and shoving it right back into his stretched out asshole. I increased the pace and had him moaning and begging as I banged him. Hard! Five minutes is actually a long time when you're jack-hammering your man. But I did not let up, and I let him have the hard ass fucking I thought he deserved.  Sue finally called "time!" and I pulled out of him. The dildo was clean as a whistle. He was broken and exhausted.

Looking back on it, I think he had just been subjected to what is likely one of the worst humiliations a woman can do to a man. He had been bent over by his wife; wearing his little stockings, garter belt, and bra; and fucked and violated liked a moaning woman in front of his sister-in-law and a virtual stranger. When he begged for it to stop, it just got harder. I think the pecking order had just been established, with david firmly on the bottom.

I took off the strap-on, leaving him draped. He knew better than to move yet. I picked up the strap.

I told Trina to go in front of him and hold his hands. I told david to look Trina in the eye, and thank her for the blowjob each time he feels the strap. I gave twenty hard ones, and he had to thank Trina, in full sentences of course, after each one. As in SMACK! "Thank you for giving me a blowjob, Trina" SMACK! …

After the twenty, his ass and legs were a mess of bruises. I asked him if he would ever like another blowjob from Trina?

"No thank you, ma'am!" he said quickly.

"Awww…" I taunted, "didn't you like it? Weren't Trina's lips soft and sexy on your cock?"

"No Ma'am!" he said.

"Are you insulting Trina????"

"No Ma'am, it's just that I never want to have any kind of sex with any woman other than you ever again, Ma'am!"

david always knows the right things to say. Such a clever boy.

"I'll bet!" I said skeptically, "I bet in a month from now, after you've forgotten about this punishment, if I offer you another blowjob from Trina you'll take it."

"no ma'am" promised david.

I got him up off the back of the couch and led him over to face the wall. There I removed his skirt, put a quarter up against the wall, and had him hold it up with his nose. I told him to reach behind for his well-whipped ass cheeks, and spread them wide so we could all see his punished little hole. It was still distended and glistening with lube, but clean as all get out. It did look a little raw, though. His thighs were strapped up pretty badly, and he would be feeling those all week. Trina might be an experienced subby, but david could take a hell of a beating!

"I want you to stand there for fifteen minutes, with those cheeks spread, and think about the consequences of having any kind of sex with another woman. Got it?"

"yes ma'am"

"And if your hands move, or if you drop that coin, you're going across my knee for some quality time with my hairbrush, and then we'll start your timeout all over again from the start. Got it?"

"yes ma'am"

"And you really don’t want that, do you?"

"no ma'am"

"I think we understand one another."

With that I left him there, and I went back to Sue and Trina. Trina had a glassy look in her eye and said, "you're one bad-ass wife. I wouldn’t want to mess with you!"

No, dear, you wouldn’t.


  1. Ms. Julie- oh my!!!
    I'd like to say I made it through the whole tale, but my little clitty did not!
    You are amazing.

    So much to love in all your posts, hard to get them all down. Loved Trina in her outfit at your door... david's enema (ha, rings true!)... his humiliation. How you put your strap-on OVER your jeans, LOL! :) His instruction.. well, that's about where my tenting panties erupted :)
    Thank you, as always! Sara

    1. Thank you Sara!
      I thought over my jeans would be un-sexy! Ha Ha!

    2. Well, you jest!! :D
      Hug, or courtsey, Sara

  2. I have to say my nipples got hard reading about David, as an avid crossdresser myself I take enemas using feminine douche. I will use a super plus tampon to help hold the douche inside of me sometimes for an half hour.

    1. A half hour!!!!
      OMG, david was begging for mercy after less than 5 minutes!
      You have set a new high water mark for me!

  3. The question is not if he want to ever have another blow job from Trina, its do you want him too. You are absolutly correct that it is your prorogative to punish him for enjoying what you told him to do.

    Loved you post.

    Perhaps Trina has some contacts to help you find a bi-male sub or dom to continue david's training.


    1. Thank you craigie, I am glad you see it my way. It just felt right!

      I don't think picking up a gay guy will be an issue for me, it's me who has to decide it first!

  4. DO you REALLY believe this happened? Seriously...

    1. Ha Ha!
      You are a guy I suppose?
      A woman would never write this. You guys can't seem to arrange any fun.

    2. One has to start wondering if you are well to spend so much time writing about this..yes I am a male...one who finds your experiences skeptical truth wise.

    3. Well, I published your reply despite some misgivings. You write anonymously, do not share a name I can use to address you, do not supply an email address where I can reach you, suggest I am unwell mentally, and also suggest that I am lying about my experiences. I can assure you it's unpleasant to get a comment like this, so if your goal is to cause me pain, then you have succeeded. You call me unwell for spending time on my blog, yet you yourself must spend a fair amount of time reading my blog and others just like it. So you are in fact biting the hand that feeds you. I'm sorry to say that I will not publish any more of such unpleasant comments in future.

      Why publish and then respond to this one? I find writing to be cathartic. That is why I am writing this now. I have a demanding career, no kids (except my husband ;-), and basically no other hobbies. I write very quickly. Where others may agonize over a page, I dash it off. I also can get by on less sleep than most. So writing this blog has become my only real hobby, and I am feeling I do not spend enough time on it.

      I think I am well, and manage to balance my life well, though my blog readers get a very lopsided view of things. If anything, I spend too much time working. When I started scening with my husband, it gave me a thrill to go on the Internet and share my experiences. I love all the incredible feedback and dialogue, and have made some neat online friends. I have also become my man's dream wife in the process, and he my dream husband.

      I actually get off on publicly humiliating my husband. Fortunately, we are perfectly matched as he gets a huge thrill from it as well. So when I plan the next scene, conduct the scene, and write about it afterwards, I get a thrill from "exposing" it all on the Internet, and having all you blog readers know what I put david through, and comment on it. Having Sue and Trina as play partners is amazingly great, and a lucky turn of events. But if it were not them, I would find others to trust and share these things with, and you would no doubt find that to be equally unbelievable.

      My blog inspires me to "step it up" each time, so I am always reading other blogs for inspiration, and then planning out the next evil thing to do to david. I also find that as a woman married to a subbie man, I can much more easily make things happen than can men with this kink who do not have a cooperative partner. So really, it is only safety, trust, imagination, and inspiration that limit me. If I can think it up, and it's safe, then I can make it happen where a man might have a lot more trouble (or need a lot of cash!)

      So, of course it's your prerogative to believe me or not believe me, especially as I offer up no concrete evidence for any of it as doing so would jeopardize my "secret identity" which I am NOT willing to do under any circumstances - have you heard about the Judge in Canada whose career is basically toast because of leaked photos of her in bondage? I try to be very careful in that regard.

      But I would love for you to read along and comment with a positive attitude. If you have doubts about whether what I write truly happens, then why don’t you just choose consciously to suspend your disbelief? You might find that you have a lot more fun with it and get rid of some of that negative energy. And maybe help me out a little here by suggesting something naughty I can do to david next!

    4. NEGATIVE ENERGY.........what next, do you plan on castrating him? I wonder how differently you and your ahem, "audience" would feel if this were being done to a womnan? As for the judge in Canada, perhaps the legal system misjudged her ability to think in a rational sense from the get go. I find it interesting you felt pain from my comments coming from someone who relishes the thought and opportunity to "dish it out."
      I couldn't care less if you publish this or not and would ask you to reflect on the criticisms and think before posting this content for everyone to read.

    5. Thank you for the polite comment! I appreciate it. I do want to publish your comments, as you raise some great issues and concerns.

      You have to understand, this was just a "scene". True, I did not discuss it with david beforehand, but I know him very well, and he did really get off on it. It's his kink, after all. Afterwards he thanked me for making his fantasies come true. Outside our playtime, we are a very normal couple, and we have a balanced relationship. We always play safely. I know his limits, and I respect them. I would never do anything that he does not get off on, and I would never do anything to cause him harm.

      Yes, I love to "dish it out" and get a sexual charge out of it. No I do not like to "take it" at all. In play, or in real life, or on my blog. I act all tough when I'm in scene (and need to, or else it's no good for either of us), but I am really just a total wimp in real life, and have very easily bruised feelings.

      I hope my readers do not confuse real life and sexy playtime. It's all our fantasies to imagine these played out scenes are "real". They are not. It would be extremely wrong (and highly illegal) to do something like what I did to a man or a woman against their will. I admit that I do not make that clear in my writing at all, and am definitely guilty of that.

      It is just fantasy play, and no puppies (or hubbies!) were actually hurt in the acting of it out. Yes, david was sore afterwards - and he loved being sore afterwards! He also does workouts, and is sore after those, but hates them. Ha Ha!

    6. I think DC is correct.....we are ALL left speechless....

    7. Not thhe fellow commenting above your misplaced comment, obviously!

    8. What this "courageous" Anonymous fellow tends to forget is that this scene was done between 4 consenting adults and that no one was really harmed in this.

      Geeze some people's frustration can be annoying sometimes..... if you don't like it then move on to something else dude.

      I'm sorry in advance Ms Julie for using harsh words r sounding "dommie" (would be more dummy in my case though) but some when some people pull the wrong strings with me I get fiesty.

    9. Thank you for the support, dan

  5. Question: was david hard at all while sucking or being whipped/fucked?

    Maybe next time add to his "mind-fuck" by applying/changing/removing the condom (depending on how you prepare your condom before fucking him) from your strap-on and THEN have him suck you cock?! Best to do this while out of his line of sight so he is unaware you've taken steps to protect him from anal detritus...

    That brief moment of terror & humiliation at contemplating sucking the cock just removed from his ass should produce a memorable facial reaction on his part! Especially with his recently acquired deep-throating expertise!!

    1. I moved from mouth to ass, which I think is safe. No condoms. Don't think I would go the other way, though.

      He was hard while he sucked, until it got "difficult". Did not see his erection after that.

  6. Lucky little..I mean poor little David. So much for him getting blowjobs from Trina; he will not even look at Her without blushing, LOL!

    Well played, Miss Julie. And I think you are just getting started. *smiles* Cheers!

    Mr. Beth

    1. Yes, he knows who is in charge now. Imagine if I tell him to let Trina blow him again. Poor boy!

  7. Id be curious to know what store you did find a
    40a or 40b like that at.


    1. It was hard to find the A cup. Addition Elle had B cup and higher, but I found the A cup in a local boutique that advertised "the right fit for the larger woman".

  8. Wow, what an experience!
    I've always wanted to experience a BDSM enema from a teasing
    woman, or women; I've had one from a nurse, for medical reasons, and maybe that's why I've always wanted to try a kinky version. But after your well-written and exciting description, I'm
    trepidatious, and yet, at the same time, very desirous to go for it. And, if i were david, i would've let the quarter drop,
    just to get Your spanking to fill my empty, vacant, lonely ache.
    Now, am i being naive?
    Go ahead, Tell me, i can take it!

    1. You would not have let that quarter drop, trust me! Not after that strapping.

      Go for it on the enema! Ask a woman friend to do it for you!

    2. i think You're talking about other stuff You did to
      poor david other than just the strapping.
      But hey, You're the Boss, and well, OK.
      So, You think i should go for the enema.
      Well OK, if You say so.

    3. Of course you should, ricky dicky! If it's a little dose of humiliation you are after, based on what I saw, there are few things better!

  9. I think we may all be a bit speechless! Wild scene. Hope you and david got to decompress after. What a terrifying little corner you had him backed into when he was either insulting you or insulting trina. Don't even try to top this one for a while or someone might get hurt!

    1. david was happy with the scene, even though he got strapped. He knew the other shoe needed to drop after last week. He is a born subby, and this sort of thing drives him wild. It was his dream come true, and I knew it, that's why I did it.

  10. Hey Julie, Love your blog!!
    My bf introduced me to this lifr stlye too and I sure do love it!
    You should sometimes spank his balls I do that when I'm furious with him! He cries like a little bitchwhich he is of course :p
    Later Anaa!

    1. I have whipped his balls! Guys are so cute when they're howling in pain from a good ball whipping! Ha Ha!

    2. Are we not gonna read about any of the gym trainer stuff? I really liked that!
      Come up with something pls!

    3. I wish! Don't get me started. His original trainer left town and saddled us with another one. Absolutely gorgeous, but absolutely vanilla. She just looks confused and bemused anytime I try to get anything going. Hopeless! I'd have to fire her ass, but I feel bad about that, sort of like sexual harrassment if you know what I mean?

  11. Did david cry while being ass-fucked and or strapped? Must be humiliating to be sniffling in front of two other women...

    1. He teared up during the deep-throating, but I think that is more a physical thing than an emotional one. So between that and his slobber, and his smudgy lipstick, and his blubbering and begging, and his sweat (he was sweating!), he might well have been crying also... Have no fear though, with or without the tears, he was well humiliated!

  12. Ms. Julie

    Amazing and sorry but he is one lucky man, to have you and your imagination and willingness to punish him, holy crap, hot as hell. I love the panty and garters bt the way and can only while I know he got the strap I was rooting for a long OTK spanking to end his event.
    You are amazing ma'am.


    1. I couldn't spank because he held his coin up (and his cheeks spread - Ha Ha!) for the full fifteen. It would not have been right. But just for you ron, I will put him over my knee tonight.

    2. That is hot ma'am, thank you and hope he enjoys a nice otk spanking from the love of his life. Amazing

    3. He got asked for one before i could get to yours, ron. I described it in my latest entry. I will have to save yours for another time.

  13. what a great scene. i get dominated by my wife regularly and while she sometimes speaks of having another woman come in it is clearly a fantasy. there was one night when she brought home her girlfriend after they had a few. she had her girlfriend say hey bitch, get up and get me a drink and i about creamed myself. he's a lucky guy david is especially since it even involves your sister who im sure he finds attractive as she probably has many of your traits. i really enjoy your blog. thank you for sharing your intimate life with us.

    1. Sounds like she is not too far from doing something more! It's a combination of several things. She has to know that you actually want and crave that kind of humiliation (does she? You need to be explicit with her about it). She has to trust whatever friend she brings into it completely. Both from the point of view of not blabbing, and emotionally that she will be supported. She also wants and needs her husband to be a man most of the time, and a subbie as a diversion every now and then (IMHO). But if everything lines up, she should go for it! It adds a big extra dimension if you ask me.

  14. I love the 'glassy' look in Trina's eye, I can only imagine what transpired between her and Sue later on. Seems as though you were nervous about playing with such an experienced sub, I'd say you have showed her a thing or two!

    I love reading your blog, thank you so much for posting and please continue. I've decided to play a little denial game with your blog, I'll only be allowed relief on days that you post, so don't wait too long, please and thank you!!

    I have an idea for for david now that you have firmly established his place with all involved. Some weekend, take him over to Sue's for a maid's day while you girls go out shopping or whatever. I'm sure he would love to dress up and scrub toilets and handwash panties while you ladies go and spend his money on a nice lunch and new shoes. I'll bet he has a maid fantasy buried somewhere in that little subby mind of his...

    1. Oh No! Now I'll be holding off on posts just to let you squirm! ;-)

      Your suggestion reminds me of the old joke where the prostitute says she'll do ANYTHING for $20 and the gentleman says, "here's $20, wash my car." But yes, I think Sue and Trina would enjoy some maid service from david. We would get back and have to inspect very carefully (white glove and everything). Any errant dust, or unfolded item would mean on-the-spot punishment from us all. Ha Ha!

    2. OK, OK, I'm squirming!!!!!!

      I usually have some relief every day....I'm guessing your replies don't count as 'posting' but I may have to try to "get off" on a technicality soon...

      I didn't realize how hard this would be be (so to speak), but I'm sticking to it. Edging a lot and thinking of david running the vacuum in high heels...

    3. I did make him sew back on the buttons of the blouse I ripped off him the next day! It was a very nice little domestic scene. I secretly got off watching him sew. Ha Ha!

  15. hi julie
    it seens ytour domination of david is growing ?
    maybe your next step is to put him in to chastity with a cage and firmly show the key around your neck on a chain or maybe a branding?
    what do you think

    1. Well, we are still just scening. I doubt he would want or agree to those things. He loves to self-abuse in front of the computer, and I wouldn't want to take that away from him. So long as he licks on command, and gets hard whenever I want him to, I am ok with it. I still monitor the sites he visits (mainly to know he's not getting close to this blog!). He seems to spend an inordinant amount of time gazing at naked women on tumblr sites. Not too literate, my man!

  16. Any thought on taking him back to the pro domme for an "advanced session"?

    No doubt she'd be impressed with the progress he (and you) have made and she might have some higher order implements/techniques to take him further. Plus it would be really cool to see another woman REALLY thrash his premature ejaculating ass!

    1. I have been thinking about her, and keep thinking "I must get back to see her again."

      Amongst my very limited little circle, I am the most severe spanker (i.e., Sue is a wimp!). It would be great to watch a pro take him right up to his very limits. I could for sure learn from that.

      Perhaps a little P.E. training is in order with her. If he can rub his poor little cock for a whole minute without cumming, he gets to be thrashed to his limits while still sexually excited. If he blows his load, he gets the same thrashing but after having cum. Talk about motivation!

    2. I would venture a guess that she would have some withering verbal humiliation commentary regarding his (lack of) performance/stamina.

    3. Oh yes! She can scold like a champ. He needs a good dressing down from another woman for his inadequacies. Naked, holding his balls in his hands, knowing a severe thrashing is coming up next! Yummm!

  17. Ahhh Julie that was a fantastic scene. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching that in person to see all the facial expressions of everyone involved. The only thing missing for me was David cumming while in the midst of being humiliated and being forced to lick it up in front of everyone. Still one of your best scenes yet.


    1. Thanks! I've been jonesing to fuck him in the ass in front of Sue for quite a while. Once she brought Trina home I'm like I'm not holding back anymore, cause you are for sure as big a slut as me! Very liberating. I used to be so worried about what she would think and agree to, or be offended by. Now it's shi-it sister.

      An ejaculation in front of sister Sue and tramp Trina is for sure in his future. And if he spurts, he eats. What do you think, should I have Sue make Trina milk him into a shot glass? He'd be SO scared of another ass whupping afterwards it would be funny!

    2. My vote would be legs up over his head, cock pointed straight at his pretty painted mouth.

      Be sure to deny him for 3 days minimum before hand. Trina has been getting off a little too easy, imo. Maybe set up a little contest. The two subbies have to put on a little 'toss-off' show for you ladies, the one who orgasms first is on clean up duty.

      OR whichever one can take the most paddles from your hairbrush in silence wins...

      Just some ideas...

    3. Yes Julie having Trina milk him any way would be awesome especially if some verbal humiliation went with the milking and cleanup.

      The other suggestion of having him cum into his own painted mouth is also pretty good. Perhaps Trina milking him while doing so to control the direction while you pound him from above. A spider gag might be an interesting prop to go along with your scene. That way he would get it all as long as Trina's aim was good lol


    4. Some amazing ideas!!!! And they call me sick! ;-)
      I love them all. Lipstick, and a milking from Trina the trampy milkmaid right into his mouth. Done!

  18. Oh Julie what an awesome blog and even more so what an awesome woman you are your recent scenes have been just brilliant, the best I have read without doubt.

    I am sure that Trina should milk him, no doubt!! Also I am sure that you should give david the gift of another blowjob from Trina for your amusement and pleasure ( he knows the consequences ....)just think of the mindfuck david would suffer!! Maybe a "69" with you and Sue using your strap ons on them at the same time?

    Also it would be good to hear of the many small humiliations, maybe your daily routines to keep david in his place. How often does he wear panties now?

    I know this is "just scening" and you do not need to take away david's self abuse but a cage so he has to ask for release would be so humiliating. "May I have the key please so i can go and look at naked women and self abuse" and I am quite sure a small tattoo/brand of a J to show the world david is yours forever would be willing accepted.

    Just one awesome woman who is a "bad-assed wife" Lovely


    1. Yes! Bad-Ass Wives unite, Emily!

      But OMG, a 69 between the tramp and my david???? The image is so sexy, and Sue and I could both beat the crap out of our little bitches afterwards... so tempting...

  19. you rock Ms Julie keep up the good work and keep on spanking and being hard spanker you rank up there on my top list of strict female spanker and female dom


  20. Sue's reticence (or was it yours?) does seem to be stripped away once she introduced Trina into the "mix". You proved last time that sodimzing david isn't sexual (okay, okay, not 100% sexual), but corporal.

    Sue witnessed how it might be done (with jaw-dropping admiration) while fully clothed, perhaps she'll reconsider and "step up" to david's trembling anus - where all dominant women seemingly need to take at least one turn.

    1. I'm not sure if his anus was "trembling" exactly, but it should have been! More like sluttishly puckered out at us.

      In retrospect, it was more my reticence than Sue's. I even documented her rules at the time we first talked, and outside of her getting involved in sex with david and I, there were not actually that many. She has been looser about it than I all along (she said as much the other day).

  21. Just got home from vacation in California. Couldn't wait to read your latest blog. This was incredibly hot and a great scene. Your the best and I wish my wife would do just a percentage of what you give David. Thanks for sharing because I can at least fantasize about being in David's place. Can't wait for your next adventure
    Bob S.

    1. Just read the comment your next post is about. Can't believe this guy who won't put a name and if he is so offended why is he reading your blog in the first place. Don't spend any time getting your feelings hurt cause he's not worth it. Just cause he doesn't believe it it's his loss. I for one know your a no nonsense disciplinarian when you feel the need to be or when David wants you to be. The castration comment just shows this guy doesn't have a clue what a FLR is all about. So keep up the good work and don't let this guy discourage you in the least. And for what it's worth I think you handled it great and love your comment about no hubbies being harmed.
      Bob S.

    2. Thank you, bob! I appreciate the support!

  22. "...There I removed his skirt, put a quarter up against the wall, and had him hold it up with his nose. I told him to reach behind for his well-whipped ass cheeks, and spread them wide so we could all see his punished little hole..."

    Maybe next time you might incorporate some figging during "corner time". It will most certainly make the task of holding the quarter up more difficult ...and that in itself is worth it, no?

    1. Oh dear! A ginger root up his little bumhole? After all that abuse already? Sounds delightful, especially with a few extra witnesses to watch him squirm!

  23. I think I am NOT excessively trusting when I believe the things you publish in your blog. Even with the addition of Sue and Trina, the huge universe of persons on the net does allow for someone like you and your playmates. Having read every word you've written, I find internal consistency and genuineness in the way you practice and describe your hobby.

    In you I see a delightful, fun personality living her life and inspiring others by her attitude and actions. I see you being true to yourself, to those around you, and to us.

    Your blog is well constructed, fun, and a joy to me and others. Please continue!

    - SubGuyOnHiatus

    P.S. Do you look like the woman in your icon?

    1. Well I find it hard to believe myself, and I'm living it! Ha Ha!

      I do look like my little avatar. She is me in fact, photo-shopped up a tad to protect the guilty!

  24. WHOOOA! What a ride, not sure we will ever get to that level but david and your part would be enough to keep me in line for a long time!

    1. The stars sure aligned for that one. Now Trina and Sue are split up, and I don't see the same sort of thing happening again. It was magic, though. Hmmmmm!

  25. Wow , I knew there would be a price for that experience with Trina and once again you gave him all his money back ;P

    1. Well, he can't just go off thinking he can get a blowjob from any old woman and get off Scot free, can he?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yeah? You want some too, bitch???

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. VS here.

    "I know his limits and respect them."

    The interchange between yourself and your derisive commenter (the 10th comment down) was instructive. It gave me some insight into your relationship I hadn't known. This life and "scenes" help make you David's dream wife and make him your dream husband.

    I was taken aback by the severity of his forced blowjob (the repeated gag reflex) and the serious strapping he got at the end and the threats in corner time. I wondered whether he would have reached his limit and try to escape. However it seems from your lengthy response to the commenter that your husband accepts the humiliation (in a close circle of family members) and the rather vigorous punishments at your hand. It's what he wants... but only from you. He will be your sub but to the world at large he'll be vanilla.

    I'm still taken aback by the strapping but reassured that in his mind you didn't go too far. If he's content then that's all that matters.

    Viktor Strelnikov

    (Typing on a kindle which doesn't seem to have a comma on the keyboard.)

  28. Oh, Julie, this story made me cum so hard, specifically the enemas, toilet humiliation, and strapon . I have fantasies about being forced to use the toilet in front of a group of women while they ridicule me. And I love being pegged—a dildo grinding against my prostate always makes me cum thick loads.

    That being said, I'm a true-blue switch, and your mentioning that you could never wipe yourself "in front of ANYBODY, much less three fully clothed members of the opposite sex as david was forced to do that day" made me think of a female sub I knew who liked for me to be in the bathroom when she went no. 2, because she found it so deliciously humiliating. This was almost always a prelude to some rough anal sex. Unfortunately, she was less enthusiastic about turning the tables on me, although a domme I knew was more than happy to take charge of my bowels. If only I could find a woman who goes both ways!

    I like the way you handled the complainer above. So reasonable, candid, and down-to-earth! It's all about consensual pleasure, no matter how wild things get.