Saturday, January 5

Sue's reactions

In my first post, Sister "Milks" Husband, I told you about my husband david's Christmas present from my sister Susan. That first post was more about my reactions to seeing that. The next post covered off david's reactions. In this last post I will round it out by discussing Sue's reaction as per my debrief with her.

The Gift

It started when Sue was thinking about a gift for david. She now has a "tradition" of doing something kinky for Christmas for him, and she wanted to continue it. She confessed to me that she really wanted to give him a spanking. She was spanking her gf a lot back before September, but had not had another regular spanking partner since then. As a result, she was keen to really get a chance to apply herself to a bottom. She said she wanted to impress me. Ha!

I said that a spanking all by itself is kind of boring, but that david does have another dommy fantasy I know about, and would she be interested? I ventured it because the last time we played, we focused a lot on david's cock and Sue herself made it spurt using just the Hitachi, so I thought that bridge was already crossed. Besides, I have been consistently underestimating Sue's willingness to get kinky. I described his fantasy of being given a hand job by a detached woman wearing rubber kitchen gloves. Sue says she thought that was pretty funny, imagining herself jerking him off in the kitchen wearing rubber gloves. Sue was the one who said "let's use dish soap for lube". She said afterwards that it was fun planning it, and she thought it would be fun doing it to him, mainly because she likes to see him blush.

I circled back with her if the experience was all ok, because at other times she has been specific about not getting into any "lovemaking" activities with us. She laughed, and said where a guy's cock is concerned, she does not have any sexual thoughts whatsoever. She hardly considers tugging a guy's cock into the kitchen sink "lovemaking".

The Presentation

Sue made up the card, and she says she camouflaged the real gift by also giving him a scarf and putting the "spanking and milking" coupon inside a vanilla Christmas card. She suspected david would have to pass the card around so made the coupon separate.

She says she had a lot of fun watching him open her card and look at the coupon, and try to keep a normal face. She said she understood that the milking was a big fantasy of his, but she was thinking about his spanking as he was opening the card. She loved that I made him stand up, go over to her, and kiss her on the cheek and thank her for the nice scarf and card. She could see how awkward and embarrassed he was, and she says she could spot his little stiffy as he went over, but I didn't see it.

The Arrival

Sue said she was excited when the day came for his spanking.  She thought she would start off dominant, and that's why she demanded that he present her with the coupon. She knew he might not have it, and had a plan for that case. She was going to first pretend that it was not going to happen, and when he begged she would acquiesce, but only on condition that she would now use the wooden spoon on his ass, and not just her hand. As it turned out, I ruined it by helping david to find the coupon, but Sue used the wooden spoon anyway, not to be denied.

The Preparation

We hadn't discussed in advance the preparation or the spanking part of the scene at all, so that was all Sue. She said that her concept was "all kitchen, all the time" and so she was going to do everything in the kitchen, including making him strip, and then spanking him with the wooden spoon. She said the reason she wanted him to strip in front of us in the bright kitchen was to get him started off in the right frame of mind by humbling him. So that was all deliberate on her part.

The next thing she did was that she went over to the kitchen sink and got the dish soap and the rubber gloves out from under the counter. She made a good show of laying them out and then told him "that's what your getting later on." She said she wanted to pretend that the hand job was gong to be a punishment for him, because that was more interesting to her than being detached. I assured her that it was a great choice for david, as he picked up on and really got turned on by the "punishment" aspect of it as well. Sue says she figured that one out for herself when she saw his knees quivering and his cock straining up towards the ceiling!

The Hand Spanking

She mentioned that I had told her at one point that david can take a longer and harder spanking if his ass gets warmed up first, and she wanted to give him a long hard one with the wooden spoon. So she had decided to start with a hand spanking and work up to the spoon.

Sue said that she wanted to use the wooden spoon on his ass. When she thinks spanking, she immediately thinks "wooden spoon" because that was what we always got threatened with as children. So she says it's the most childish and the most dreaded at the same time in her mind.

One thing that I learned is that Sue has a little wooden spoon fetish! She gave david a set of wooden spoons last Christmas. We used the wooden spoon the very first time we spanked him together. She said she wore out her wooden spoons on Trina's ass. I told her she could come by and wear out wooden spoons on my husband's ass any time she wants! She joked that she might just take me up on that offer.

When she put him across her lap and started in on him with her hand, his erection was poking uncomfortably into her thigh,  but she didn't mind because she was determined to spank him hard enough to make it go away. We joked that it was kind of rude of him to be so excited across her lap.

The Wooden Spoon Spanking

It was time for the main event as far as Sue was concerned: the dreaded Wooden Spoon Spanking.

She had gotten a lot of practice with the wooden spoon spanking Trina, and she was determined that in exchange for her making him ejaculate, he would have to suffer through a really hard one.  And being witness to it, and getting david's reaction afterwards, I can say that it was mission accomplished. She really whipped down hard, with a lot of wrist action, and had him in some distress as a result. It did look very well practised.

She made him spread his legs while across her lap. Her main interest was in spanking his inner thighs. She said she wanted to make sure his cock was limp before the milking, and that this was how she was going to make sure of it.

After his legs were spread, I also noticed that she parted his cheeks and spanked near his bumhole. I asked her if she didn't mind at all seeing his bare bumhole like that. The laughed and said not in he least, but she knows it humiliates him no end, and it's something I do to him, so that's why she did it.

The really hard whacks, though, she saved for his inner thighs. She says she knows he was not going to have any fun at all with those, but that's what turns her on the most. I said she was a twisted sister, and she said that's the teapot calling the kettle black.

david had trouble holding position and I told him to "take it like a man" (I had forgotten I said that). She joked that she was pretty disappointed in me that he was so poorly disciplined. As a result, she thought he needed a little disciplining from his big sister-in-law.  She says she knows she could have disciplined him by threatening to call off the milking, but disciplining him using a whack to his balls was way more fun, and wasn't that the only thing guys' balls were good for anyway? (Ouch!)

She said she wasn't too sure how hard to hit, so she went easy. Good thing too, because david's feedback was that it was very painful. Since he definitely wanted what was coming next, he decided he just had to grit his teeth and bear whatever it was Sue was going to dish out, including the spanks to his asshole and testicles and a whole lot more whacks to his poor abused inner thighs.

The net of all this was that part was not at all sexy for poor david, was very exciting for Sue, and was sexy as hell for me to watch. Sue says she was very satisfied when she finally let him up, that there were little tears of pain in his eyes, and "Mister Big Erection" wasn't all that big any more, now was he?

The Kitchen Milking

When Sue brought him over to the sink, she hadn't counted on the fact that the counter would be higher than his cock. But she said it looked close enough, especially for a "punishment" milking, so she grabbed his balls and made him get up on his tip toes to get his balls up over the counter. She said it was hard not to laugh seeing his balls squished up like that on the marble counter, especially later on as they were jumping and hopping around in a puddle of soapy water.

She had decided in advance to use the hottest water and had tried it out at home first to make sure it was safe. She was sure that hot water on his circumcised cocktip would be an extra level of pain beyond what she experienced trying it out on her forearm, but what the hell.

As she soaped him and rubbed him, she noticed that the base of her fist was slamming into his balls on the counter on each downward stroke, and while he was mewling, he was still into it, so she decided to make that part of the punishment as well and deliberately went a bit harder than she had to onto his testicles (my poor baby!).

I asked her what was with the finger in the butt? She hadn't mentioned doing that to him in advance! She teased me about being jealous and possessive about his butthole, and that if I had asked her to give him a handjob then sure as hell she could stick a finger in his butt! Besides, between the hot water, the nasty lube, having to stand on his tiptoes, and the ball pain, she wasn't sure he was actually going to cum without it, so it was a spontaneous decision.

Her favourite part was the obvious pain he was in, but that at the same time he was still so obviously desperate for the "relief" that he had to put up with it.

I asked her if she had deliberately pushed up against him when she was reaching around to wet and soap the other glove. "Yes. He had to cum, didn't he?" Even though Sue is not currently into guys, she still obviously knows how to use her body to turn them on.

The Cumming

Sue said she was relieved when he came, because she was worried she had gone a little overboard with the punishment aspects and wasn't sure he was going to. It was actually a massive ejaculation by his standards, possibly because we had made him hold off since Christmas Eve, and no doubt because his sexy sister-in-law was doing it to him, which had always been a huge fantasy of his. Sue said she enjoyed the quantity of cum she was able to wring out of him.

I commented that she was pretty rough with him afterwards. She had squeezed his tip to get all the cum out, shaken it vigorously, and then smacked the cocktip down against the counter to shake out the last dribs! She said that was totally deliberate. She didn't want to end it all "lovey dovey".

The cleaning out of the sink was also something she had decided to make him do in advance. First, it's just gross to have cum in your kitchen sink. Second, she thought it would be fun to watch him scrub out his own cum as she and I sat and chatted. Third, she said the sink really needed it before that anyway. Grrrrr!


  1. Julie,

    Well done! A nice touch to post all three of your perspectives on the experience. Seems like it was good for everyone. Your sister seems like a live wire and knows how to push your buttons too. All 3 of you have a good thing going.


    1. She is fun, and also knows just how to needle me, for sure.

  2. I'll make this brief.
    Thank you for posting Sue's Reactions.
    FYI, I didn't get past the end of Sue's hand spanking.
    I just hope You're happy!
    'Cause I sure am!

    1. Oh ricky! Naughty boy! You're supposed to read right to the end and then go back for the juicy bits!

  3. Julie,

    Thanks for sharing all this with us. My mind is going nuts thinking of how I would have reacted. Probably with tears and humilation at the least.

  4. Nice to read all three of your reactions. Sue sounds like she's really learned how to get her spank on since her practice with Trina. I for one know you get better with practice. Great post Julie and I enjoyed them all.

    1. Yes, I was impressed. She used to be so tentative with david, now she's a killer!

  5. Lots of fun to read all 3 versions! Getting inside folks' minds adds so much to kink. Hmmm you really think she wasn't turned on at all?? (Or maybe is just too worried to admit it to you?) Great way to end 2012... tough to top in 2013!

    1. She was turned on by being dominant, for sure. She's told me as much. Apparently I'm to imagine it would be as for me rubbing a girls' clit until she came. Possibly amusing, but actually not much of a turn-on in and of itself for me.

  6. Has your sister thought of starting her own blog? I know that you try to capture her thoughts, but it may give her an avenue for more introspection.

    1. She doesn't even know about this blog, so I'm not suggesting it!

  7. Sue Seem Like An Experience Person Now and Know Just What To do With People Misbehaved With Her or Around her

    Seem Like If david Has Be Around Her For a Week Or A Day She Know How To Handle Him If He Get Out of Line David Know He Will End Up being Spanked By her And Put Into His Place Where he Know He Belong Also I Think If You heard he Misbehave Around Her And She Spanked Hi You Will Turn Around And Give Him Same Punishment For Embrassing You

    madison ohio
    age 41

    1. Oh yes. Sue would have my complete blessing to punish david, and I am sure he would submit.

  8. Fantastic. So well done. My own experience involved meeting an anonymous lady on the internet, eventually meeting in person, and being trained by her to enjoy CFNM, punishment and finally sissy training. I found she was a psychologist, and trained with her for about 6 years. Miss Julie, I'm sure that david is so enjoying and learning and progressing. Who knows how far you can take him!
    sissy stevie (aka "Fannie") age 56.

    1. Ha Ha!
      I love that. If you don't have a handy subbie around, just train one up!

  9. Great story. Loved every detail. :)

  10. By my measure david and I are near the same height so I can almost feel his pain at the kitchen sink. My wife has no sisters and at least on the outside her friends seem to be pretty vanilla like so maybe this will be one place we won't be going.

    thanks Miss Julie


    1. There are always other women we girls can dig up if we are motivated!