Monday, May 20


leighanne is one of my faithful blog followers who also emails me from time to time. Here "she" is:

Yes, leighanne is a boi, married to a wife of 31 years who indulges him. Isn't she cute! She writes,
I am very submissive to her. I cross dress at home as her house maid. I am punished as needed and she even branded my right ass cheek several times. The branding was my idea to help me behave better. She actually branded me several times. I had her initials on my right ass cheek then the two interlocking hearts. The brands fade over time so she redid the hearts once and they need to be rebranded once again. After a hard paddling the brands are much more visible. I am very good with my housework. Married 31 years this May. I have six housekeeping dresses with aprons and two special dresses that permit me to wear a very full petticoat. She has let one divorced girlfriend Ann know and see me. It was very humiliating to have her over the first time. But now I am used to her coming over and her teasing. Yes my wife does let Ann see me get paddled.  She makes sure I get a hard paddling with her favorite Spencer Paddle.  She will make me go get it and hand it to her and ask for a paddling. I will pull my panties to my knees and bend over and hold up my dress and petticoats. Then afterwards I will go right to the corner and stand there holding up my dress and petticoats with my panties around my knees. Ann loves it. She laughs and tells me what a sissy wimp I am.
leighanne has so far posted three videos (I give the links below) made by him and his wife. I have grabbed some screen shots so we may discuss.

Here we see leighanne prepared for a strapping.

He is restrained spread-eagle, hands and feet, and, while it's hard to see, leighanne tells me he has been very effectively panty-gagged. But wait! What's wrong with this picture? She can't see his little cock anywhere.

She needs to fix that. It must be in there somewhere...

 There it is!

 In case it's too small for you I blew it up.

But why do we need that little thing out there? Here's the reason!

Get the trusty Hitachi out to tease the little bitch. No, she won't get to cum. But she will get the strap!

Over and over again, the paddle too, until his ass looks like this.

A job well done!

The next video is a two-parter. in this one, little leighanne is fastened down "en femme" as they say...

Stockings, garter belt, heels, and bra. Again fastened spread-eagled face down on the bed. Again with a panty gag firmly in place. This time, leighanne is also suffering the indignity of a butt plug for the duration of the paddling.

Ha Ha! Poor baby! When that paddle lands low across both cheeks (as it will), it will land right across the base of the plug, effectively paddle-fucking poor little leighanne!

And, by the way, leighanne's wife spanks hard and fast! We can all learn a thing or two from her! OMG!

She also makes sure to spank from both sides to leave the markings evened up. A true artist.

That paddle is called the "Spencer Paddle". It is very thick and the holes means it can be swung hard, and boy is it ever swung hard in this video! Poor leighanne is very quickly writhing in agony.

The video is a lot of fun because while the paddling only lasts about 10 seconds, leighanne absorbs nearly 30 very hard paddle strokes! Her little legs spasm and kick quite uncontrollably, and the whimpering and screeching that comes out of his panty-gagged mouth is positively priceless! 

Here is one of her spanking tube videos that leighanne sent me to post. Better make sure the volume is down on your computer before you hit the play button!


The three videos are all reachable by clicking through leighanne's spanking tube page.

leighanne and his wife's 31st anniversary is coming up, and leighanne has asked his wife to tape a special Anniversary Paddling just like this video however a full thirty one seconds long, one for every year married, with that Spencer Paddle. And just as hard and fast as the video. I am looking forward to seeing that! Let's add in some nicely spaced stills over the next couple of days to monitor the evolution of the bruising!

Let's close on leighanne's thoughts on his relationship with his wife:
I trust my wife completely. She knows that when I let her restrain me I am giving her total control to do as she pleases. She also knows I want her to take me to a state of mind where I have accepted my fate and know she has control and she can do as she pleases and I must accept and obey her. The second I am fully restrained I know I will be getting an ass beating that will have me first whimpering, then crying then (as she demands) being totally silent as she really beats my ass and just obediently accept it. She can break me every time. When she finally does stop and release me I jump to my knees and hug her legs and kiss her ass and thank her for being my wife. Then I please her orally and do anything she asks or wants. I love being controlled by her.
Isn't she sweet? Every woman's dream boi.

We should also give a big shout out to leighanne's wife. Married for 31 years, catering to his fantasies, giving him such a strict paddling that all of us women can learn a thing or two from watching. Many wives do not understand these types of hubbies, so she is a rare jewel indeed.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you to Leighanne and his wife likewise.

    2. You're most welcome Julie - Thank you for the blog. I am so happy that their are other real couples out there like my wife and I - I am blessed to have her and so lucky to be her submissive and very obedient husband.

  2. Thank you for sharing and love the trust they have together and well....ouch!

  3. Great pot my little clitty needs to be branded.

  4. A deeply trusting and understanding relationship. It leaves a warm feeling in more ways than one.

  5. Very nice. My husband told me you created this blog. Thank you for showing just how much of a sissy I have married. When we do get a private moment at home I am going to beat his ass for 31 seconds and hopefully will have a nice video to show him whimpering and crying. Love to compare notes with you Julie (privately)

    1. I think you already knew that, and love it!
      Looking forward to that epic ass beating! Yeah! Go!
      I will email you back soonest!

  6. Thanks for this Julie - and thanks also to Leighanne and his wife for sharing it. I found Leighanne's comments on his relationship to be very profound. There's something rather delicious about surrendering to one's Lady and accepting her discipline, no matter what. Like you said Julie, his wife must be a very special person.....

    1. Yes, neither the videos alone nor the comments alone tell the whole story. Together, they are beautiful.

  7. Wow , what an example. To spank from both sides is important to get even marks , something I just realized after many efforts to get get that result in only attempting with aiming from one side. As you said so well , Julie , leighanne's wife is a true artist !

    1. Yes indeed. And my poor little david has suffered as a result!

  8. Lilly - Yes my wife is quite good with her Spencer Paddle. She likes that wooden handled strap too. I have made it much easier for her with the four eye bolts in the corner of our bed and the leather cuffs I wear to help her secure me. She just has to learn to secure me extra tight but I am going to make adjustments so she can easily and quickly secure and give me what knows I want and need. Leighanne