Thursday, April 13

Bathed, Spanked, and Released in front of Girl Next Door

Decided to have some fun with my boy. I had the girl next door come over to see how I deal with my husband!

Nice thing about Toronto is there are so many professional escorts, with many of them (based on their ads) very open to kinky play, and willing to make a house call (after some safety checks).

I picked a nice young looking girl that I knew david would go for, who must have been in her early twenties. Petite, smaller breasted, and looking younger even than that, I asked her to come by to help me Domme my husband. She should come dressed down with minimal makeup and to play the role of the girl next door being shown the ropes. All I told david was that on a certain day we would be role playing, and that I had a special treat in store for him. Oh, and he should be sure to wear panties that day, and to be thoroughly cleaned out. I made sure he did not forget either on the day.

The lady in question and I communicated by email, phone, and in person to set things up. She was a little hesitant at first, but I was patient about it and told her it would be fun and different, and offered to meet her. So we set up a meeting at a coffee shop. I offered to pay her for her time, which she accepted at a reasonable rate. She was just what I was looking for, a lot like her photos. I explained in more detail the relationship I have with my husband, and in broad terms what I wanted her to do. It was not too much: mainly watching and a bit of touching. A bit of spanking and some ass play for him. It was a very naughty conversation carried out in hushed tones and always looking over our shoulders for a stealthy nosy coffeehouse patron!

I think she thought I was totally weird, but she agreed. I also liked and felt I could trust her. I did not go into great detail, as I wanted her to be genuinely surprised and show it, and so we just talked in general terms about her role and our boundaries. She seemed excited to play after our meeting, and comfortable with me. I think I have a way with sex workers. Certainly I admire and respect them. In a different life... exciting...

It was fun keeping my little secret from david. He knew something was up, but not exactly what. I got excited thinking abut the prospect of him seeing this strange young girl introduced as one of our neighbours.

Setting it up and anticipating it was fun. And then there was the interminable wait for the day to come. But then, finally, at the appointed day and hour, she knocked on our door. And oh my! Game on!

I let her in, greeted her warmly, and slipped her an envelope with her pay. She did not bother counting it, just put it straight into her purse. In fact I had put in a little bit extra beyond what she had asked for.

I brought her in to see david. He knew very little at this point. I introduced her as "Katie", the young lady down the street from us. She was dressed in low rise blue jeans and a logoed sweatshirt, and had on minimal makeup as I had requested. david knew something was up, but did not know exactly what. For all he knew, this was our neighbour Katie and that was the surprise. She certainly did not look at all like an "escort". Regardless, he played along.

I made up a story of how I had met Katie at the coffee place on the corner, and we had got to talking first about my work, and then about some of her boyfriend issues.

During that conversation, I told her about how I keep my husband in line, and she was very intrigued, so I invited her around for a demonstration.

I told her, in front of david, that it takes a bit of effort, but that it's worth it to get a docile and obedient husband. A key element is his daily bathing, which I administer as a mother would to her child.

"Would you like to see that?" I asked her.

"Sure!" she said.

"This will be very embarrassing," begged david.

"Shush david. Katie needs to learn how to control a man," I said."Be polite now."

I took david by his hand and led him up to the bathroom. Katie followed. It has a rainforest style shower head and a spritzing wand thingy. I brought him there, and started undressing him.

Katie stood off to the side and watched intently. When I lowered his pants she said "what have we here!", spying his feminine pink panty. I had not told her about the bathing, or the panties. Surprise!

"I keep him in panties," I told her. "It keeps him docile and reminds him who's in charge. Doesn't it sweetie?"

"Yes Ma'am," he replied. He was just simply darling all naked except for his little panty!  I then went behind him and pulled his panty down to his ankles, allowing Katie to get an eyeful of his front-side.

He immediately moved his hands to cover his crotch. Katie was just standing there with a little smirk / smile on her face. I had some leather cuffs and a nylon rope I previously placed in a drawer in the bathroom. I took the cuffs out and cuffed first one wrist, and then the other. I placed the rope through the eyelets of the cuffs and tied them together in front of him.

I led him into the shower area. I had him raise his hands and I threw the nylon rope up and over the top of the shower enclosure. I tied the far end down onto one of the legs of our tub. This forced him to keep his hands up high above his head for his bathing. He was fully exposed now to Katie's gaze. No more covering up possible!

I started up the shower, getting it to a nice temperature. I had some liquid soap spiked with Eucalyptus and a big round bath sponge.

I soaped and wet the sponge, wet him with the spritzer, and started soaping him up all over. Katie came over and helpfully held the sprayer as I scrubbed him. I spent a fair amount of time on his penis and testicles, of course. His cock was as hard as I've ever seen it!

I had him turn around as I soaped and scrubbed his bottom and crack.

Then I turned him around again so that Katie could see his soapy penis in all its glory.

"See how excited he gets?" I asked Katie.

"Yes!" she said.

"He's not allowed pornography of any type, or to touch himself at all without my permission. So outside of his weekly ejaculation, this is the only stimulation it gets," I explained.

"Poor boy," she said.

"He does get to cum once a week regularly. It's healthy for him. In fact, today is his ejaculation day. If he's good he gets treats each week: my hand, then my mouth, then even more. But if he's bad, it's back to using his own hand while I supervise. You don't like that, do you Baby?" I asked him.

"No ma'am,"

"No," I continued, "it's embarrassing for you, isn't it, to have to use your own hand like a horny little teenager while your wife watches and laughs? Wouldn't it be embarrassing for you if you had to use your own hand this week and if I invited Katie to stay and watch?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Well, were you a good boy this week?" I asked as I scrubbed.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"I don't think so," I said. "Who was supposed to take the recycling bin out to the curb on Tuesday night?"

"I was, Ma'am," he said with a groan.

"And who actually took the recycling bin out to the curve Wednesday morning?"

"You did, Ma'am?"

"Yes I did. And you know what that means." I added.

"No! Please!" He begged.

"What does it mean, david? Tell Katie what it means when you forget a chore."

"It means... I get punished," he said with a little voice while I rubbed between his legs with the soapy sponge.

"How do you get punished?" I asked, leaving it open for him to say.

"With a sp... sp... spanking, Ma'am."

"That's right. What kind of spanking?"

"A naked spanking. Across your knee. With the wooden hairbrush." He said. He could have picked anything. A strapping, a caning, a hand spanking, a wooden spoon spanking. A pegging. But he loves his wooden hairbrush spankings OTK. He always goes back there. Ahhh. But isn't this what it's all about? It feels like coming home.

"A bare naked hairbrush spanking across my knee like a little boy. And shall we invite Miss Katie to watch that?" I asked.

"No! Please No!" he said. I know him well. In this case, No definitely means Yes!

"Katie, would you like to see that?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" she answered, sealing his "fate".

"And if you have time," I added, "you can stay to watch his ejaculation afterwards as well."

"I'd love to," she said.

"Nooooo," cried david.

"Would you like to try your hand at scrubbing him?" I asked.

"Yes please," she said. We switched places and she got in there. She used her hands, concentrating on his private parts. His penis, his testicles, between his legs, his ass, his crack. By her hand positioning and by david's reaction, I could tell she was even massaging his anus!

"Be careful you don't let him spurt," I said. "He's not allowed a woman's hand this week, only his own. Keep him right at the edge. But be careful, he's a bit of a premature ejaculator."

"I'll be careful," she said, and then to him, "do you like that? Do you like it when the girl next door rubs your cock like this?"

"Oh yes Miss!" said david, and I smiled.

"You like it when I rub your asshole, don't you?"

"Yes Miss."

"I can tell by the moaning," she said.

"Do you want me to stick my finger up your ass?" she whispered to him. A bit beyond the naive girl next door I thought! But oh well.

"Oh yes, please, Miss."

She stopped and got some latex gloves out from her purse and put them on!

"There it goes. Right up your ass."


"Do you like getting finger fucked, like a dirty little whore, by the girl next door in front of your wife?" I asked him.

"Ohhhh. Yes Ma'am. Ohhhh"

"But don't you dare cum," I added.

"Ohhh, but I'm so close," he said.

"Put two fingers in," I suggested.

"Ohhhhhh..." he said as Katie obviously did as I requested.

"Turn him around, let me see him getting finger-fucked in that hole," I said.

She turned him so that his ass was facing me. I reached a hand in and spread his cheek. She liked the idea and spread his other so we both got a clear view of her two fingers pistoning in and out of his asshole. I had gotten more than I bargained for! I had told her how anal erotic he is during our talk, so I guess that is why she went there.

As this was going on, she had stopped fondling his cock, as it was truly twitching and on the very edge.

As an interlude, am I not the best wife ever? To let my man enjoy a young escort's erotic touch? Though I enjoy doing it as well. I don't get why more wives get so freaked out at the thought and don't go there. It's just good dirty fun.

She finished his anal finger fucking and stepped back. As she took off her gloves and washed her hands I rinsed all the soap off him. I then untied his hands, undid his cuffs, and brought him to the center of the bathroom where both Katie and I toweled him dry. He must have been in heaven having two ladies drying him, kneeling on the ground, one per leg. Toweling right up to his excited crotch!

"Are you sorry you're going to be made to jerk off in front of Katie? As I recall, you had worked your way up to a nice blow job from me. Too bad you lost all your oral sex privileges this week," I told him. I was still on my knees, toweling off his upper legs. I looked up at him and said, "I was going to use my mouth. Make my lips nice and wet and slide around your cock. Take it so deep into my mouth, right up to the hilt." I put my mouth around his cock, just the tip. It excited me to do this in front of Katie! "Too bad," I said, as I withdrew and stood up, his knees shaking, his hips bucking, and his cock twitching in frustrated desire.

"Time for your spanking," I said, and I lead him into the bedroom. I got out the folding spanking chair and the hairbrush, and brought him down across my knee. Katie perched nearby on the bed to watch the proceedings. I started with my hand and slapped his ass pink. Then I picked up the hairbrush and spanked him harder with it.

"You see," I said, speaking to Katie, "this is how you have to deal with naughty husbands. Each and every time they misbehave. A good old fashioned spanking across their wife's knee with the back of a stout hairbrush!" And then to him, "will you remember to take out the recycling next week?" SPANK SPANK SPANK.

Extra embarrassing for him in front of witnesses. Especially strange young ladies he has never interacted with before, who just might be the neighbor next door!

How childish. First bathed by Mommy with her little helper, and then spanked by her in front of the same helper. What must she be thinking, witnessing a supposedly grown "man" being subjected to such an indignity by his loving wife? Bare naked across her knee? Perhaps had he just endured it in silence, but no. Much childish crying out and kicking up of legs accompanied his spanking. A performance worthy of a six year old girl. Katie watched with a great big smile on her face!

"Would you like to give it a try?" I asked Katie.

"Sure!" she said, seemingly always game.

We switched places and Katie started spanking him with her hand. I noticed that her free hand held him into her by his high upper thigh, brushing his balls. She took the hairbrush when offered, and gave him a token spanking with it as well. Clearly not terribly experienced at it, but definitely not intimidated either.

We switched places again. I put david into a "lock down", passing my right leg over the backs of both of his. Oh oh!

I then gave him much more of a "real" spanking with the hairbrush, scolding him for forgetting his chore. Before too long he was again kicking and squirming, this time with a much greater and more satisfying sense of urgency, apologizing and begging to be let off, promising to be good and that he would never ever do that again. He nonetheless got the full dose of a strict wife's hairbrush spanking, bystanders and begging notwithstanding. I guarantee, girl next door, escort, or pro domme, Katie learned a thing or two about how a woman properly spanks her man!

"There!" I said as I finished him off and through down the hairbrush, but keeping him across my knee.

"Wow! That is one red ass!" said Katie.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"I think it's sexy as hell," she answered.

"Want to watch me strap him?" I asked.

"Duhhh... Yessss!" she responded. Ha Ha!

"Oh No! Please! No!" begged david. He most notably did not say "yellow" or "red"!

I moved david to the bed, making him lie face down across a big stack of pillows. I've learned you need to start with lots of pillows because he crushes them down with his weight, and you still want his ass up high enough that his asshole winks at us and his tender thighs beckon during his strapping.

I opened up the bedside drawer and took out my very fierce thick leather tawse. I showed it to Katie and we admired it together. I told her that I could really light a fire in his ass with this.

I got myself into position.

Then I hauled off and seared his ass right across the center of his twin peaks.

"Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Katie at the severity of my first lash.

"I'm just getting warmed up," I said. "Should I continue?"

"Hell yes!" She said. I appreciated the enthousiasm, as no doubt did my david.

I hauled off with another couple of dozen to his low ass and high thighs, making sure I had plenty of strokes that wrapped around into his ass crack and inner thighs. Katie was silent as I applied the strap to his backside.

"Wow," she said again as I finished.

"Feel it," I said, touching his ass. Katie came over and let her hand roam all over his ass and thighs, and balls. "So hot!" she said. I wasn't sure if she meant the temperature of his punished flesh or the sexyness.

I got out some baby oil and I rubbed it into his ass and thighs and also onto his cock and balls from behind. Then I got some lube, lubed his bottom hole, and then lubed his butt toy. Katie spread his cheeks as I inserted his bum toy deeply up his rectum and turned it on so that it buzzed his prostate.

I then made him turn over and start rubbing his penis.

"What's the matter Baby?" I asked after a minute or so. After the strapping, his dick had completely limpenned. He needed to bring it back to life and then to get off. "Do you need a little visual aid?" I asked him?

"Yes, please!" he begged.

"Maybe if we let him peak at our tits it will go faster," I said.

We both unbuttoned our blouses and started playing with our tits over our bras. Katie pulled the cups down to give him a a good view of her bare nipples. david showed signs of excitement.

"Look at you," I said, "getting excited seeing the girl next door's tits. You should be ashamed of yourself. She's barely legal!"

david groaned while Katie laughed.

"Remember, those are for her boyfriends to play with, not an old man like you. Now you stare at those tits. Stare at what you won't be getting, and shoot your pathetic little load. Now!"

He jerked his cock harder a few times and came like gangbusters!

"In your mouth. Swallow it. Every last drop!" I told him.

He looked terribly embarrassed as he ate his own cum in front of Katie!

After he swallowed we all collapsed on the bed together and laughed. We let david in on the truth regarding "Katie". We talked about how much fun it was, and it truly was. I can highly recommend getting in an extra girl every now and then as a way to keep your man happy!