Monday, July 17

Outed to Mistress Violet!

It's true! First time ever. Outed!!!! Though person doing the "outing" is very responsible and will be discrete, I am positive.  This is how it happened and what the fallout will be.

I received the following email the other day to my strictjulie account:
Dear Julie,
A while back (about two weeks now) I was turned onto your blog by a regular client of mine. He's been a fan of yours for quite some time, but I had never before come across the blog myself.
I admit that I was sucked in by the kinky adventures as well as the writing style, and found myself glued to the pages as I scrolled along. After reading I did locate a couple of entries that seemed uncannily similar to experiences that I myself have had, with a married couple named ████ and ████. I have read and re-read these entries and I am absolutely assured with the fullest of my being that these scenes are scenes that I myself helped craft and execute. The photos of yourself also speak to the encounters with the couple that I recall.
I find myself surprised, delighted, irritated, amused, taken aback - a mix of emotions that will work themselves out over time into something more clear. In order to sort through some of my feelings about appearing on the blog without any kind of recognition, I am requesting another meeting. I have an idea of what I would like to do - this time to "Julie" as well as ████ - but welcome your input as well.
~ Mistress Violet ~
Sensual Sessions with a Dominant Woman, Toronto 

Notes on pleasing this Mistress:
*refrain from back-and-forth type emails 
*do not request a phone number; all communications are via email 
*read my website, including information on rates

Mistress Violet is a Toronto-based Pro Domme that david and I have played with twice in the past. Here are some photos from her web site.

Isn't she gorge?!? She's the best david and I have ever played with. So intelligent, such a great actress for our scenes, so incredibly kinky, enjoys a wide variety of activities, and genuinely enjoys her job! She works out of her own clean, discrete, very well-equipped studio, suitable for dungeon-type scenes, medical fetish play, domestic scenes, and whatever else your kinky mind desires! If you're looking for a fun time, reach out to her and tell her Julie sent you. You will definitely not be disappointed.

For our scenes we went by our real names which is how she knows us (hence my blocking out of our names above). We did that, of course, so as not to make the connection with my Julie persona. But yes, she had absolutely found us out. Guilty as charged. And she had clearly read all my innermost thoughts about our scenes together from my blog (where I admitted to having a bit of a girl-crush on her - blush blush blush!).

The scenes she referred to are as follows.
  • The first one was Anal training in front of wife and friend, published March, 2015. I was frisky and went looking for a Pro Domme to roleplay a young woman assisting me in david's anal training regime (so he could take my big dildo). It was a favourite scene and became the basis of Chapter 9 of my book.
  • We played with her a second time as well, a year later, as described in Playtime Happened. In this one david played her daddy, and I played david's young second wife. In the scene, I encouraged his daughter to "come out" to him that she was a Pro Domme. Much kinkyness ensued. Before the scene, I fibbed, telling her it was my birthday, and got some birthday spanks from both david and she. At the end of the scene, ice having been broken, she and I got it on a bit as well while david jerked off beneath us.
Despite a slight change of venue for the first, these scenes went down pretty much exactly as I described (to the very best of my recollection). They were both incredibly wild. In fact, I was hankering for another encounter with her when the email came through.

And of course, she is likely reading every word I write here, which serves to keep me very honest! I wrote back to her as follows:
Hi Violet,
Yes, you are right of course, I am she and those were the scenes we did together. I am sooo sooo sorry that I blogged about them without your permission. I guess I did not think I would get caught! Every bad girls' excuse? I think I need a good spanking! ;-)
I feel very "naked", you having read all my innermost thoughts and fantasies. NOBODY else has done that who knows me in real life! I think you have me at a disadvantage!
If you wouldn't mind please not connecting my real name and other email to "Julie", I am trying to stay anonymous for obvious reasons I am sure you well understand. As well, crazy as it seems, David does not know about my blog (to the best of my knowledge). If it was naughty hiding it from you, imagine how much more so from David!
That having been said, would love to book another three-way session with you. I am scared and eager all at once when you say you have an idea of what you want to do to "Julie" as well as David!!! Same rate as last time is ok?
I will tell my husband that I contacted you to line up another session. He will like that! I'll let him know that we discussed you Domming the both of us... he will like that even more!
If you absolutely have to (she says hopefully) you can tell David that a little turnabout is good for a Domme's soul. I will understand it to be my penance for taking such liberties as publishing our scene without your consent!
This is all very true. While david and I have played with many different women, none of them (not my sister, not Tracy, not his trainers, not even david himself!) know about my blog. And, of course, I have tens of thousands of blog readers, none of whom have ever met me in real life (or at least, connected me to Julie!). This lovely lady is the first person who has and will see me in person, and also has read my blog, and knows that me is she, and she is me! Oh my.

She wrote back,
Dearest Julie,

Of course, your identity is safe with me - I respect and fully understand the need for anonymity. I am completely taken aback that David does not know about your blog. So much of your real (and imagined?) sex life is so very public, I can only imagine the shame and humiliation, not to mention the titillation he would feel if he were to find out. 

You mentioned a couple of times that you "deserve a spanking" and doing penance for writing about our sessions. I don't think I'm reading too much into things when I say that it will be my delight to co-top David when you come to visit next, but then I also intend to fully turn the tables on you... 

The rate is the same. Let me know when you would like to book an appointment.
~ Mistress Violet ~
Oh gosh. Oh golly. be-still-my-fluttering-heart!!!! But what's with the "and imagined?" part? You just can't win in this game. Here is a lady that actually took part in what are two of the craziest ever scenes (and you can even go ask her now), and even she is a doubting Tomasina! Oh well.  Here is how I replied:
Hi Violet,
I wouldn't mind that... the table-turning I mean... (blush!)
I'll check with David on dates and get back ASAP!
May I please blog? And is it ok to include a link to you and photos?
And her response,
You have my permission to blog about our interaction, and to link to and use pictures of your choosing from my website.
~ Mistress Violet ~
So I was able to link to her and include photos! Please don't bug her with emails unless you wish to book a session. You can "tweet" her I suppose, and leaving a comment here is something I am sure she will see as well.

Here she is again to jog your memory (so pretty!).

Our emails went on and we arranged a date for week after this. I am not 100% sure what I am getting myself into! Certainly we will co-top david together. Get his bottom nice and rosy red between the two of us. It is more the turning of the tables that I am nervous about. I am pretty sure I will get a spanking while david watches. She has my husband there and can play Ken-and-Barbie dolls with us, certainly. Bend me over and have him use his cock on me! And... I know she has a big red strap-on dildo herself. She would certainly use that on david, right? Surely not on me!?! She couldn't! She wouldn't! Not while my husband watches!!! I've never had to be fucked like that... not by a woman... not with a strap-on...

As a courtesy, I will let Mistress Violet know I've posted this. I am sure she will be reading comments, so if any of you have any suggestions for her, now is your chance...

Excited and nervous!!!!

Friday, July 14

e-Subbie Punished!

As related in my last blog post, e-Subbie's First Assignment, I gave a new eSubbie my standard first assignment. As it turned out, however, he had not been completely forthcoming with me regarding his previous experience, and as a result it made me seem unoriginal.

I solicited some ideas for punishment, and from those synthesized my response. Previously t had written an abject letter of apology to me after he had read my blog post. I told him I was teasing him. He wrote me another email where he seemed relieved by that, and referred to us as "BFF's now". He referred to me as "Julie" and asked if it was correct o lower case his name. Here was my response:
Yes t, of course you are lower-cased when corresponding with me. Address me as Ms. Julie from now on as well, please.
Since we are BFF's, go fetch your largest dildo (or go out to a sex shop and buy a realistic looking challenging-sized one). Put it up your bottom. With it in, sit in front of your computer and type the following line for me:
"I must never again withhold information from Ms. Julie."
Type it 50 times. Each time use a different arrangement of the words. Be sure to wiggle your bottom on that dildo as you do it.

Ms. Julie 
Well that got him jumping and resulted in a much more respectful tone in his following emails.
Ms. Julie - okay, thank you for clarifying conventions.

If I may, I do have two questions about this assignment.

First, I do not have a dildo, so I will need to go to a sex shop and buy one. In checking various types the Adam & Eve stores are likely to stock, here's one that its web site describes as "Ignite 7.5" Realistic Dong" and which is suitable for anal use. To me, this seems to be both realistic and challenging size (Realistically shaped head, shaft, and vein details / 7.5” total length, 6.5” insertable length, 1.5” width). Does this, or something like it, meet your expectations?
Second, to clarify the 50 line assignment.  To me, different arrangements of the words could produce nonsensical results, such as the second one:
1 - I must never again withhold information from Ms. Julie.
2 - Must never again I withhold information Ms. Julie from.
3 - etc.

Am I interpreting your instructions correctly?

Ms. Julie, thank you in advance for helping me understand and meet your expectations. I am learning that guessing or assuming anything is bad form for an e-subbie.

I wrote back,
Yes, something like that will be fine, though I was hoping for realistic looking as well: skin coloured with veins and balls. They usually have pretty young ladies at those shops to assist you. Tell her why you need it, and ask her to help you confirm it is as big as she imagines you can take with a bit of pain and effort. Tell her about my blog. I'd appreciate the exposure.

Yes, exactly with the lines. The arrangements do not have to make sense.
And then his response,
Ms. Julie -  something more like this?

That was more like it! I wrote and told him so. I like it when they are eager to please. A few days later he wrote back,
Ms. Julie - I had a change of plans this morning, and ended up with some free time. Thus, I went by Priscilla McCall's shortly after they opened, went inside, told the young woman working there the reason for my visit (recently began an e-Domme/sub relationship and displeased my Domme on my first assignment - thus, I was given this assignment as my punishment), either showed or read her the key parts of your emails, and asked her for help. She was quite gracious about it - perhaps a little taken aback at first, though she quickly adapted and went into "very helpful" mode.

I showed her the item I'd found on the web site and which I emailed you and asked her a couple times if this was as big as she imagined I could take "with a bit of pain and effort" - both times, she said this was a personal preference. When I told her I was new to anal play, she thought this would be as big as I could take first time.

I told her about your blog, and wrote down both its address (and encouraged her to visit it) and your email on back of a card at checkout, and told her she could help me out by emailing you with a brief note that she had helped "t" obtain the appropriate items (including lube and cleaner). My hand was shaking as I wrote this!
Okay, so prerequisites are done - now, to find the right opportunity to complete my punishment.

I hope nobody you know recognizes your handwriting, t, though it does look very shaky! I found it very amusing to imagine the interaction with that young lady. I always feel that young women at sex shops are "safe" (in that we need not be overly concerned pulling them into our kinks - certainly that has been by experience on the many occasions I did it). I also hope I hear from her. Perhaps this post will encourage her. If you are reading this, leave a comment, please. Without "outing" him, tell us all about it!

Later on he completed his task fully.
Ms. Julie - please find attached my report on my second assignment - purchasing a dildo (and telling the young lady why I was doing so), and typing 50 unique sentences while seated on my newly purchased dildo - which was my punishment for withholding information from you.  I hope both my report and my completion of the assigned punishment meet your expectations.

I have learned my lesson from this punishment, and will NEVER withhold information from you again!

And here is his report (my comments in red).
I had a block of time where I could complete my punishment in private. Thus, I got out the items I'd purchased earlier that day, cleaned the dildo before initial use, put lube on the dildo's head, pulled down my pants and underwear, and began to insert it. The initial penetration was VERY tough and painful, and required a lot of effort on my part. Despite all this, I only got it in about 1.5 inches. Removing it, I spread lube on the rest of the dildo, and tried again - this time I was able to get the full dildo (5.5" long and 1.5" wide) completely inserted. This was VERY painful, pushing past the point I'd gotten previously. The dildo's size took my breath away while I was inserting it, and I was VERY aware of it, even once I had adjusted to it a bit.
That was exactly the effect I was going for, so I was gratified to read that, as I am sure is the lovely young lady who sold you the dildo. You got it just right, girl!

At this point, I pulled my underwear and pants back up, to help keep the dildo in place, and proceeded to sit down and type my 50 sentences, generating different variations of:

"I must never again withhold information from Ms. Julie."

Here are my typed lines - I began typing at 5:17 pm, and completed at typing 5:44 pm (typing time 27 minutes). Not knowing whether or how thoroughly Ms. Julie might check my work, I decided to check it myself - I'm glad I did, because I found 2 pairs of duplicated sentences. I corrected these, and ended up with 50 unique variations. I ended checking at 6:00 pm (checking time 16 minutes). Thus, I spent a total of 43 minutes seated, doing my typing or checking.

I must never again withhold information from Ms. Julie.
I never again withhold information from Ms. Julie must.
I again withhold information from Ms. Julie must never.
I withhold information from Ms. Julie must never again.
I information from Ms. Julie must never again withhold.
I from Ms. Julie must never again withhold information.
I Ms. Julie must never again withhold information from.
Must never again withhold information from Ms. Julie I.
Must again withhold information from Ms. Julie I never.
Must withhold information from Ms. Julie I never again.
Must information from Ms. Julie I never again withhold.
Must from Ms. Julie I never again withhold information.
Must Ms. Julie I never again withhold information from.
Never again withhold information from Ms. Julie I must.
Never withhold information from Ms. Julie I must again.
Never information from Ms. Julie I must again withhold.
Never from Ms. Julie I must again withhold information.
Never Ms. Julie I must again withhold information from.
Again withhold information from Ms. Julie I must never.
Again information from Ms. Julie I must never withhold.
Again from Ms. Julie I must never withhold information.
Again Ms. Julie I never must withhold information from.
Withhold information from Ms. Julie I must never again.
Withhold from Ms. Julie I must never again information.
Withhold Ms. Julie I must never again information from.
Information from Ms. Julie I must never again withhold.
Information Ms. Julie I must never again withhold from.
From Ms. Julie I must never again withhold information.
Ms. Julie I must never again withhold information from.
Ms. Julie must I never again withhold information from.
Ms. Julie must never I again withhold information from.
Ms. Julie must never again I withhold information from.
Ms. Julie must never again withhold information from I.
Ms. Julie must never again information from I withhold.
Ms. Julie must never again from I withhold information.
Ms. Julie must never withhold information from again I.
Ms. Julie must again never I withhold information from.
Ms. Julie must again I withhold information from never.
Ms. Julie must again withhold information from never I.
Ms. Julie must again information from never I withhold.
Ms. Julie must again from never I withhold information.
Ms. Julie must from never I withhold information again.
Ms. Julie must from I withhold information again never.
Ms. Julie must from withhold information again never I.
Ms. Julie must from information again never I withhold.
Ms. Julie must from again never I withhold information.
Ms. Julie must from I again never withhold information.
Ms. Julie from I withhold information again never must.
Ms. Julie must from I information again never withhold.
Ms. Julie must from I never information withhold again.
I have not checked it all all, pretty please would some of my blog readers proofread to ensure he did not shirk. Thanks!
As instructed, I did wiggle my bottom on the dildo as I typed the sentences or checked my work, making sure to do it at least once on every sentence typed and every minute or so spent checking. I typically bounced up and down every time I typed the word "withhold" - because withholding information was the reason Ms. Julie is punishing me. Every time I did this, my pain increased - I felt the increased pressure within my entire anal area, and the length of the dildo thrusting higher inside of me.
I was only teasing about the wiggling part, assuming wiggling would come naturally owing to the deep, deep penetration, but I am glad that t took me so literally!

After about 40 minutes, the dildo was becoming more painful and harder to tolerate. I sped up as much as I dared, knowing I needed to be thorough while I was self-checking my work.

Once I finished my typing and checking, I got up and removed the dildo. I was AMAZED at how empty my insides felt, now that this large piece was no longer inside me! I cleaned up myself and the dildo, and stowed it, the lube, and the cleaner in a secure place.

I sat back down to do some work, and realized how different my bottom felt due to having kept the large dildo inside me for 43 minutes - the entire area felt stretched and tingly. Upon waking up this morning, there was a residual feeling of "emptiness" and some tingling in my bottom.
Properly fucked! Perfect! This is how my husband feels after a vigorous session of anal intercourse from Adam.

Ms. Julie, I hope I have completed this punishment to your satisfaction. I experienced extreme embarrassment going to buy the dildo and accessories, and a lot of pain and discomfort during the 43 minutes of typing and checking. I also found the typing very tedious, because it was very easy to lose track of what I was doing - in fact, I lost my focus a few times and had to delete several duplicated sentences.

In conclusion, please trust me Ms. Julie when I say, I will NEVER EVER again withhold information from you!

Respectfully submitted,
I am most satisfied that a lesson was taught, and a lesson was learned. What do you readers think?

Tuesday, July 11

e-Subbie's first assignment

I every now and then receive requests from my readers e-Domme them a bit. Always happy to do so. Today's little victim we shall call t. t pissed me off a bit by not telling me enough about his background, so he is being punished by me. His punishment is that I am not replying to his email privately, but rather will reply to it publicly here. I am hoping you readers will help me to chide t for his deceitful behaviour.

First, for context, here was his initial e-mail to me:
Julie -  hi! Enjoy your blog, even though I'm just a lurker.  :-)

I thought I'd take the plunge and ask for an assignment from you.  Nothing too bad, please -  I've never done anything like this before.

FYI - I live in XXXX, and late XX's professional male - married, though wife not into kink.
A typical profile for a male reader. I X'd out some of t's personal details. Wife not into kink is an all-to-common story. See my Advice for Wives column for my views on that. He says he's "never done anything this before". Ha!

Taking him at face value, here was my note back to him:
From: Julie <>
To: t
Jul 6 at 9:04 AM
Hi t!

So, you'd like an assignment would you? (Evil grin).
Ok, go to the drugstore and buy a box of tampons. That and nothing else. Cash out with a nice young woman (no automated checkout allowed!) You can look embarrassed, I'm sure that would be sweet. She'll assume you are just pussy whipped (by your wife, or a grown daughter perhaps). Little will she know that the tampons are for your boi pussy. Take them home, use lube, and insert one deep up inside of you with only the little white string dangling out. It's safe (but use lube). Masturbate with that up inside of you, knowing you are SUCH a pussy for allowing a woman to make you do this. Tug on the little string as you tug on your little cock. Think about being made to Tampax yourself as if you were a young woman. Make sure you swallow your cum afterwards, like a good little slut (girls have to do it all the time, consider this a little payback).
Send me a little story about your adventures and your feelings during it. Also a discrete selfie photo of your bum with the little white string dangling out as proof.
Make sure your wife doesn't catch you!

Good luck, t. Trust that it will bring a big smile to my face when I receive your email! I will not publish your photo or recounting (unless you beg me to).

This is a standard "first assignment" many blog readers will recognize. Either that or panty shopping. I get a lot of these requests, and so I reuse and recycle. This one always tickles me though.

After t performed his assignment, he wrote me back a note with an included file of his account. His note went,
Julie - hi! Thanks for the assignment! I've attached my report for your reading pleasure ... :-)

As to my feelings during the assignment, I'd say I'm not an experienced submissive - and certainly not to David's extent.

About publishing my photos and report - I'll leave that up to you. If you choose to do so, my only request is to refer to me as "T" and remove the "XXX" references.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

I'll let t take it from here in his own words from the attached file. I will interject my thoughts in red.

Report on First Assignment from Strict Julie
Two background points, before the actual report.
  • First, I had come across an article on Strict Julie's site which contained an assignment similar to the one she emailed me - that was in response to a guy requesting an initial assignment. Thus, I was not surprised by my assignment.
  • Second, after reading that article, I was intrigued about the concept of tamponing, so I bought  a box of tampons and did this on my own for the first time about 3 months ago. Since then, I've done this several other times. Thus, the acts of purchasing tampons and then tamponing myself was not new.
What? This was absolutely something mister "never done anything like this before" should have mentioned. It makes me feel like a dummy. I would have happily given him another assignment if only he would have filled me in on this background in his initial email.

Because of my background points, what I decided to do was "up the stakes" a bit and go with the LARGEST tampon I could find.

Hmmmph! NOT satisfied.

What's the saying - "Go large, or don't go at all"? Thus, I chose the Tampax Pearl Super Plus tampon, and purchased it at a chain drug store late (about 10:15 pm) one evening on the way home from a long day at work. When I parked at the drug store, I was not sure who would be at the cash register - upon walking in, I noted a pleasant looking woman, likely early 20's, at the register. Knowing this requirement was met, I walked to the feminine products section and searched until I found the Super Plus tampon (I knew this store should have it, because the web site showed good availability). It took a couple minutes to find it - there are SO many brands, shapes, sizes, materials, scents, and applicator options available! - and, while searching, a woman shopper came into the aisle, exited, and came back again a few minutes later.

A successful search...

With the desired product in hand, and nothing else, I proceeded to the cash register, where the young woman's half-smile momentarily turned into a bit of a smirk before settling at neutral when checking me out.

Ok, so this is what I LOVE about this assignment. That little smirk that says, "you are so pussy whipped!"

Given the lateness of the purchase and a long day, I wasn't feeling embarrassed at check out - though I did feel some uneasiness about the woman who came to the tampon section twice while I was there.

You should have been embarrassed, you little cucked pussy boy! (my reaction upon reading this).

The following morning, I resolved to "do the deed" early, before work, and when no one was around. After stripping completely, I opened the box, took out a tampon, unwrapped it, and stared a moment at its size. Boy, this was ONE BIG TAMPON!! It was visibly much wider than previous ones.

Gulp, this could be tough...

Yup. Right up where the sun don't shine, subby.

Nonetheless, I applied lube to its top, squatted down, and then inserted it into my "boi pussy." It took a few moments to get it in and positioned, because it was so large. Eventually, it was inserted to the correct depth, and I pushed the plunger to launch the "cotton payload" into my nether regions. Even several minutes after removing the plastic applicator, I could still feel the tampon inside me, unlike previous smaller ones where the sensation quickly subsided.

And, as requested, photo evidence!

This is my favourite part! I love that I can make pussy bois do this by remote control. Totally pathetic, I know! Nice butt, little miss cotton tail!

With the self-tamponing done, I moved on to the next step, to masturbate while occasionally tugging on the tampon's string - I did this, and came into my left hand within a few minutes.

I'm sure you did, feeling that big thing up your ass, wishing it was the real thing???

As instructed, I licked all the ejaculate out of my hand and swallowed it.

Yes you did!

With the assignment completed, I quickly cleaned up everything and went to work. Of note - I did decide to leave the tampon in for a little while, even after completing the assignment and going into work. Why? I viewed it as another part of "upping the stakes" for this initial assignment. Taking a break at work, I went into the bathroom and removed the tampon - and boy its size made it HARD to take it out! The Super Plus tampon was inside me 1.5 hours, and was noticeable the entire time. I guess size DOES matter...

How did I feel while doing all this? While Strict Julie suggested I should feel like "you are SUCH a pussy for allowing a woman to make you do this" when masturbating and then swallowing while tamponed, I did not have feelings like those. Rather, I viewed it as an experiment I was conducting on myself, to explore the kinky side of myself. I remained curious as to how I would feel while doing homework assigned by my female "Kink Therapist."

Keep telling yourself that.

  • The Super Plus tampon enlightened me as to the efforts women must take to not let the heaviest part of their periods interfere with their daily lives. I could feel this particular size tampon inside me the entire time, so I imagine women must be constantly aware of hosting one this size.
  • Masturbating while tamponed might be how anal sex feels to a woman during her heaviest flow - not unpleasant, yet not fully satisfying, either.
  • Swallowing was definitely a new experience to me - the warm sticky cum took numerous licks to clean my left palm, and it definitely coated my mouth on the way down my throat. I did not brush my teeth following this, and the slight residual stickiness eventually went away naturally. This certainly gives me a better appreciation of how this feels to a woman - while there's a certain sexiness to giving oral sex, the aftermath seems somewhat demeaning to be expected to swallow something from your partner's body.
All in all, I'd say this was less about feeling like I was a pussy, and more about how it feels to be a woman having to take care of her pussy by "pushing cotton" while also living up to expectations for having anal sex and giving oral sex, even if she'd prefer not to do so because of discomfort due to her period.

Well, that's a lesson well-learned anyways!

Respectfully submitted,


So, what did you think of t's adventure? What do you think of him holding out on me? What shall we make him do next? Comments welcome!

P.S. there is an AMAZING adventure that is lining up. I just need permission from the third-party to blog (I know - unusual that!), and then I can give you the setup. I am exceptionally excited!!!