Friday, May 29

An Epic Spanking for my Husband

I conducted an epic spanking for my husband the other day and thought I would share it here. His ass was very messed up and I had him begging for "mercy, mercy, mercy" by the time I was done with him.

Here's what instigated it. We're getting a bathroom renovation done and we have a "bathroom designer", Francesca, helping us to lay it out and pick the materials. david has always wanted one of those toilets that spray water up your ass and then dry you automatically. Only thing is that it's actually quite expensive. We were having our final meeting with Fracesca and we had to make the final choices. I made him beg me a little for it in front of Francesca. As I acquiesced I said,

"Fine, you can have your little toy, but I will make you pay for it after Francesca leaves."

"yes ma'am" he said to me.

Francesca just sort of smiled a bit and ignored our exchange. I imagine she thought I would make him perform some sexual favours on me. That was indeed part of what happened. She might have been surprised, however, at what came before: an epic ass beating. I wasn't really upset with david. He can be such a little boy at times, and a spendthrift one at that. Perhaps more upset with myself for indulging him? At any rate, it would be his ass paying the piper.

After Francesca left I told david to go have a shower and then to wait for me in our bedroom. When I got there he was very clean and sitting on the side of the bed with a white towel wrapped around his waist. I made him stand and drop his towel. His penis was semi erect.

I kept him standing there naked as I gave him a very strict scolding. I was wearing jeans and a white blouse that showed a fair deal of cleavage. I channelled that lady in the hotel room I blogged about a little time ago and really laid into him. Finger wagging. Very loud. Very stern. As I scolded I could see his penis getting harder and harder. Ha! That's how you know you have a subby on your hands!

I sat on an armless chair and pulled him across my knee for a hand spanking. This pinkened his butt.

I reached for my big paddle and gave him a very intense paddling.

My goal was low spank spots angry red with whites in the middle. Mission accomplished amidst much howling from my man.

Then it was face down on the bed for a good old fashioned application of strap oil to his already brutalized butt cheeks. After a good leathering I picked up my rubber strap and used that. It has great "wrap-around" ability, and I used it to wrap around into his inner cleft. I also made him spread his legs wide, tuck his balls away, and used it to wrap around onto his inner thighs which he did not appreciate at all.

I then picked up my thing that is cross between a riding crop and a dog whip is the best way to describe it. I severely striped his ass with that. He was howling and rolling away. I told him he needed to hold still for twenty and if he did not we would start all over from one. I wound up giving him over one hundred strict ones with that whip to his ass and thighs. I had to back off  a bit on the last twenty or it NEVER would have ended. He was SOOOO frustrated that he couldn't last through twenty at a time. Each time we re-started he kicked his feet and pounded his fists on the bed, literally cried, and begged me "Please Julie, please no more!" But as he was doing that he moved his ass back into position and even raised it for the next restart of his twenty dog whippings. I don't mind his begging and carrying on. It turns me on in fact. I only care that his ass is obedient to me.

I think I am one of a relatively small percentage of women who can really enjoy whipping her man this hard. I have definite sadist tendencies. I don't care if he's at his limit, or even beyond it. He won't be permanently injured, I am good enough that I can guarantee that. He will be suffering, though, and for real, and I can also guarantee that. Those weren't no crocodile tears!

After the whip I decided he needed more from my little hard spiky rubber paddle. I put my knee on his back, made him spread his legs wide with his balls tucked up, and continued on going to town on his ass and thighs, especially his inner thighs. His voice achieved a certain pitch of "frantic" as I pulled on the skin with my one hand, flattening it out, and whacked hard as I could down onto it. I did that at the crease where ass meets thigh, effectively eliminating the crease which exposes virgin skin unused to direct smacks. I also did this to his inner thighs, pulling the skin towards the outside and smacking down on the taughtened inner thigh skin. This had him screaming for mercy, bucking under my knee, and kicking his legs like a little froggy.

I got off him, picked up the heavy leather tawse, and made him count out the final twenty.

I delivered each and every one to more or less the same place: low spank spots on the under-curve of his ass. For each one I whipped as hard as I could maintaining good aim, with a twist at the waist, a full arm movement, a whip of my wrist just before contact, and a full-on follow just like Venus Williams or sister Serena might do.

Even on his messed up ass, each stroke still painted a vivid rectangular mark. His ass was getting a grade-A sizzling! After each stroke he screamed, pumped his ass, called out the number followed by a "Ma'am" and then raised his ass for the next stroke. I had to repeat stroke one because he did not say "One Ma'am", and so he got twenty-one instead.

After that final dosing of strict ass punishment he rolled into a foetal ball clutching at his punished cheeks and wailed like a baby. I would have none of this. I grabbed him by the ear and conducted him back to the spanking chair where I again took him across my lap so I could finish him up with my hand while admiring my handiwork. This time he was feeling my hand a lot more! He was very sensitive to a pinch and scratch, and especially sensitive to hand spanks when I again tautened his inner thighs and low crease. Even my hand spanking had him begging for me to stop, which was unusual.

After having my (very considerable) fun with him, I put him on his knees and comforted him.

Then I led him to our bed, put him face up on it, stripped myself, and sat on his face looking down his body. I made him very thoroughly eat out my asshole as I used my Hitachi to get myself off THREE times in a row!!!

While he had shrivelled during his spanking, being made to eat out my asshole brought his cock back from the dead. I decided I would be merciful and allow him a release.

I used restraints on his wrists and on his ankles. I had him face up on the bed. I tied his wrists up above his head to the headboard. I then used a rope to pull back his feet towards the headboard also. This made his cock point directly at his face and displayed his punished ass and thighs for my enjoyment.

I got out some lube and started vigorously jerking his cock.

At the same time, I lightly fingered and spanked his prominently displayed asshole and balls with my other hand. To "encourage" him, I told him that if he didn't cum soon he wouldn't be allowed to cum at all, and instead I would get the dog whip back out and use it on him in his heels over head state, and that if I did that his asshole and balls would not escape my cruel little whip. I knew all I needed to do was to say something like this and as I did so I could in fact feel his excitement grow.

"Right in your face, you little slut!" I taunted him. "Open your mouth. OPEN IT!"

The first spurt hit him right in the eye! Oh dear. I adjusted my aim and got most of the rest into his mouth, with some splattered around his face. I milked the last bits out of him and onto his lips, and then scooped up all the cum with my hand and fed it to him. House rules: if he spurts he eats.

After I let him up, oh my goodness but was he ever sore. He usually makes a dash for the bathroom to wash the taste of cum out of his mouth. This time he kind of hobbled towards the bathroom with his legs spread wide like a little cowboy in chaps after a hard days' riding! I can report that he had genuine issues with sitting down the rest of the evening, and I felt a little smirk come on each time he rubbed at his inner thighs, which were the most sore. By next morning he was still a bit sore and a bit bruised in some of the more tender spots. Too bad he had a massage therapy appointment later that day. His therapist always bares his thighs and cheeks.

She would definitely see the lingering evidence of a well-disciplined husband (nothing she has not seen already). Perhaps the massage will help the bruises heal quicker?

So, long and short of it is that he will be getting his bum-washing toilet, but I truly believe that he paid for it in full.

Man but I love beating his ass raw!

Saturday, May 23

eSubbie Tampaxed and Bikini Bottomed

You will no doubt remember one of my eSubbies, jessica. I first introduced you to jessica in my post A new eSubbie!, and then again in eSubbie Waxed!. In the first he was sent shopping to Victoria's Secret for panties. In the second she was sent for a full Brazillian waxing. I know many of you have asked about jessica, so I'll catch you up with two of the tasks I set for her.

jessica sent me an email saying how he had received a text from a woman he has a crush on:
She sent me a teasing text about my feminine dressing which made my day.
But she also told me she's not coming home for a bit.
Anything I should do while I wait?
 I wanted to respond quickly, so I shot back with one of my standard dares for a "young woman".
Hi jessica,
Yes, there is something you can do while you wait. I believe your period is coming on.
Go to the drugstore and buy a box of tampons, a box of pads, and some lube. Checkout with those three articles only, nothing more. Then I want a tampon in your boy pussy continuously for the next week. You'll have to carry a couple extra with you at all times in case you need to use the restroom and have to change your tampon. Your flow will be particularly heavy for the the first 3 days, so double up with a sanitary pad in your panties as well. Use your lube while inserting your tampon, and while removing it.

And no complaining about how tight your little boy pussy is and how hard it will be to insert a tampon. Young teenaged girls have been saying them same thing ever since tampons were invented and somehow have managed.
Make sure it's all the way in with only the string hanging out. It's designed to be safe that way.
And send me a photo of your pretty little bottom with the string dangling out between your cheeks as proof that you are doing it.
This exercise will get you much more in touch with your feminine side. You'll be able to tell your "girlfriend" all about it the next time you see her.
As you can see, jessica did as she was told.

And here is her story:
I wanted to really get into it, so i wore leggings so i could look super girly. like, you know how small i am so i don't have a bulge or anything! I saw one ladies eyes glance down at me for a second. like that "what is that?" sort of look/ or "is that a boy" look. i guess i have a fairly fem body. except of course my legs which have regrown their hair....
But i bought what you said. The cash girl asked me, a bit quizzing like, if i'd found everything okay. 
I said, "I think so."
There was an awkward silence.
I chirped up, "that time of the month, you know?"
She nodded. "your girlfriend must really need these, sending you in. You'd better hurry on back to her before she gets upset with you."
I think madam cash girl thought i was pussy whipped by my gf.
"Oh, i don't have a girlfriend. I wish i did."
This cash girl was about 5 years older than me by the looks of it.
"what? are you on your period then?"
she was clearly just joking, but i blushed.
"Oh my gosh. are you one of those fairy boys?"
I couldn't handle this Ms Julie. I panicked. "I'm just kidding, i have a girlfriend. I just thought you were hot and i thought maybe i'd flirt with you."
she laughed and shook her head "hun, buying tampons and flirting is not a great combo."
I still felt flushed.
"here's your tampons, sir. now run along. your girlfriend must really need those if she sent you running out of the house in her leggings."
I wrote back,
What a wonderful femdommy experience for you. Just goes to show, most women relish the chance to put a boy in his place! Us women especially love it when we find out that a sister has her boy well whipped!
and jessica replied,
Yes Ms. Julie. It really was. I'm surprised though, I thought you'd yell at me for not staying shaved. But it's a hassle to put such efforts in. Does david stay shaved?
And, you know my girl friend, well, she asked me if I wanted to go swimming with her this summer. What should I do? I mean, do you think she expects me to...? Be publicly feminine...?
Yes, I know it's a burden jessica, but shaving and waxing is part of what being a girl is all about. Shame on you for neglecting that! If you were mine, you'd be due for quite a spanking.
And yes, of course you should find a cute little bikini bottom to use as your swimsuit. The tinier the better. I'm thinking yellow. Make sure it's cut so that your lower cheeks are exposed. You can then "kid around" with her that it's like that to make it easier for her to give you a smack on your bottom if she feels you need it.
A few weeks later jessie emailed me back that "she" had bought her bikini bottom. I immediately demanded photos and the full story. Here is her purchase,

and her story,
I went to forever 21 up in the mall. They have so much clothes its intoxicating! But i went looking through their suits. They had a deal, mix and match top and bottoms too. But of all they had, nothing in yellow that was in my size! Can you believe it?
There was a girl, younger than me, who asked if i needed any help. I blushed 3 shades of red and said no. A few minutes later i went over to her. i literally stuttered my heart was beating so fast. i said, "i can't find any yellow swimsuits." "your girlfriend wants yellow?" "i was specifically told" i answered. so she came to help me look. she bent down to scan the racks and i saw her green panty peaking out of her skinny pants. while i was oogleing she turned around. "here's a cute one in yellow. what size was your girlfriend again?" "oh um she's about my size" i blabbed. the young girl grinned. she held them up to me. not touching me, but close to me. she held these yellow bikini bottoms up to my crotch. i was wearing tight womens jeans. "oh, no. These are much too big." My penis stirred in my panties, but i looked down and sighed in relief because it didnt make the slightest bulge, not even in my low rise jeans. "what size are those?" i asked. "a large. you need a small." my penis hardened. but again, no sign of its existence in my pants.
she looked awhile and finally said "nope you're right. no yellows in small. I've got a top in medium though." She handed me a string bikini top. "why don't you just mix and match, that's what everyone's doing nowadays. Do you like floral?" she held up a black bikini bottom in a pink floral print.
I know you told me yellow Ms. Julie, and i tried to get yellow, but they didn't have it, and i loved the one she found. i just had to take it. i hope you like it too. please tell me your honest opinion. i won't wear it if you don't think its good.
she really pressured me into getting the top too. but i just couldn't. i mean i cant wear a top. it would look ridiculous, wouldn't it? i mean, maybe i'm delusional, but i think i actually look good in the bottom. i don't really want to go in public trying to make a blatant scene or offend people or look wrong. i want to look good.
so i told her no and just bought the bottoms. she says "we have a deal though, mix and match, you'll be losing money if you just buy the bottoms." "i know but i... i don't need it...i wouldn't even know what size." "what?" she teased "your girlfriend's not the same size as you up top?" i blushed. i dont know what i did. i froze. "guess we can't measure you then" she laughed. "let me know if you need anything else."
Well I for one can't wait for swimming season now!

Wednesday, May 20

That's what a "woman" would say

Had a very interesting experience yesterday. I am travelling on business and staying in a hotel in the USA. As I was walking from my room to the elevator I passed a room where there was the unmistakable sound of a wife absolutely tearing a strip off her husband.

I thought it was very funny, and I stayed outside the door listening for as long as I could. I eventually had to leave when I heard the elevator stopping at my floor. I did not want to get caught eavesdropping (even though that was exactly what I was doing and I would have deserved the embarrassment!)

She was chewing him out at the top of her lungs. She barely let him get a word in edgewise. When he did speak it was a mealy-mouthed "ok honey" which only seemed to infuriate her that much more.

The disagreement seemed to be based on money. I'm not sure if it was the central issue or just an example, but what I caught was a very expensive cell phone bill, how his company should be reimbursing him for it, but that it was refused and he did not have the backbone to challenge it. It was hard to piece it together from all the one-sided yelling, but I'm pretty sure that was the gist of it.

The VERY BEST part of the conversation went like this:

Wife: I can't believe how PATHETIC you are!

Husband: ok, ok

Wife: (mockingly) "ok ok", "ok ok". That's what a WOMAN would say. A MAN would have a plan.: First I'm going to do this, then I'm going to do that. A WOMAN would stand there saying "ok ok".

So this was said at the top of her lungs. She did not care who was listening to her so thoroughly pussy whipping the poor guy. I doubt his balls would still be attached to him after she was done. Regrettably I had to leave after that last exchange. But a number of interesting things spring to mind.

First, how interesting that the biggest insult she could think of hurling at him was that he was acting like a woman. Ummmm... she IS a woman? So am I. I think she and I would both have a plan. So just funny that the word "woman" in this context is evocative of some old prejudice against women. A kind of never was true sex role stereotype of the weak-willed empty-headed woman. That was what she meant, obviously: "You, dear husband, are acting like the worst stereotype of the weak-willed, empty-headed, indecisive woman".

The fact that she called him a "woman" has such strong dominant sexual overtones. Such a short step from calling him a woman to, say, making him dress like one?

"You want to act like a woman? You FUCKING strip and put my panties and nightie on. If you're going to ACT like a woman then by God I'll make you DRESS like one! Where's my makeup? Now go stand in the corner. You want a spanking first? Fine, I'll give you a spanking first. Yes, now stand there just like that. Look at that! Just look at that erection! You enjoy being treated like that! Fine. I'm calling room service and then the maids and you will damn well stand right there looking just like that so EVERYBODY can see how much you enjoy being treated like a WOMAN!"

There is then only one short step to the strap-on dildo, don't you think?

"You want to act like a WOMAN? Fine, I'll treat you like a woman (she says while putting on her strap-on dildo after his spanking). Suck on it you CUNT. Oh you better suck on it! That's all the lube you're getting you LITTLE PUSSY.

Now bend over and spread your cheeks you PATHETIC LOSER! You want to act like a woman? You're going to get FUCKED like a woman. Balls deep up your boy pussy you PATHETIC LITTLE EXCUSE FOR A MAN!!! Get over there. Bend over.

"Now you take it, just like a WOMAN!"

Well, anyways...

I really should have knocked and offered that angry wife my support and assistance.

Monday, May 4

Trainer Whips his Penis and Balls

My poor baby. For his entire last training session he had had to endure all his spankings to his penis and testicles. And, yes, you know me too well, I arranged it.

I wrote his trainer, Mags, a little e-mail. I let her know that david would be travelling on business for a bit, and after that it turned out Mags would be away. So after the next session they would not see each other for three weeks. I feel bad as I know Mags counts on the income, so I told her I would give her vacation pay for performing a "bonus challenge". So I had to come up with one.

I let her know that we had a little flogger that can be used "between his legs" safely, but not without some considerable discomfort for him.

That little flogger can definitely leave marks on his butt and thighs. But it's light enough that there is no harm if it whips his private parts. There is a tremendous amount of sting, however. Especially when the very tips lick at his sensitive bits.

I e-mailed that if she chose to accept the bonus challenge, all his spankings at the next session should be to his cock and balls with that little flogger. She texted me back:
Heyyy. Got your email 
I took the little purple devil as a good sign!

I told david what he could expect from Mags. That she would only be using the light flogger, but that she would be targeting his privates. I gave him the extra vacation pay to pass on to her. I also told him that he may as well stay bare for the session. I even told him to be waiting on his knees, flogger in hand, and bare naked when she knocked on the front door. I told him he should be at the door, kneeling, 5 minutes in advance. When she arrived (which happened to be 5 minutes late) he would stay on his knees, open the door for her, close it (and to be discrete about this), hand her the flogger, and then bend down and kiss the tops of her sneakers.

She apparently took this treatment in her stride, and even seemed to enjoy it according to david. She commented on the flogger when it was handed to her: "I see... you won't be getting your usual spankings today, now will you?"

"No, Miss." Said my husband.

They went down to the gym together, david leading the way, his little bare butt waggling down the stairs in front of her no doubt.

She started off by wanting to experiment with the flogger. She asked if hitting him with this "on there" was ok? He said it was. She had david stand there sideways on to her and tried out an experimental swish. david says he was very erect at this point. It was too light and david did not react. She tried a bit harder, and then a bit harder still until she started getting a reaction. "Like that?" She asked. "It's ok to do it harder, Miss", said david. She gave a good hard one where david says the tips of the flogger connected directly to his circumcised and engorged tip. He doubled over and cried out. "Up!" She said. david stood back up straight and put his hands on his head as a sign of submission. She then repeated that stroke twice more with the same effect. I love that she is not satisfied until he is in pain.

"And here?" she asked as she whipped upwards between his legs onto his scrotal sack lightly. "Yes Miss" said david. She went harder and harder again. david started grunting a little. She went harder until she got him doubled over. david said it was the intense sting of the whipping lash, and not any weight. So it was not like getting kicked in the balls, he says, more like getting stung by a dozen bees all at once, and a weird additional after-pain that he found hard to explain to me.

With experiment time over they got going and started going through the exercises. After each set, david was made to stand there with his hands on his head and endure a dozen or so hard whippings to his cock and balls. The flogger would also whip at the fronts of his thighs from time to time as a side effect, marking them up.

At one point, david bent over the exercise ball and spread his legs with his penis and balls hanging down between them. Mags tried out the flogging from that direction and achieved some excellent results. So she added that position into her arsenal as the session went on. From there she would strike vertically down, and wound up punishing his spread anus as much as the rest.

She also tried him the other way around, with him kneeling with his legs spread and his head grovelling on the ground between her feet. His balls got particularly well-whipped in this position, as just the very tips of the flogger struck his balls with a superbly intense stinging effect. His bum hole also caught it quite a bit in this position, and he was quite sure Mags was deliberately targeting it for a flogging. Who can blame her? Tempting little hole. I myself love flogging it prior to a penetration, so he feels my cock going in more. He also got to grovel in pain between her cute little sneakers as she bent over to whip his fully exposed privates.

david said that at times Mags took to playing with his private parts by lightly tickling and brushing them with the flogger tips several times.  She especially did this as he was bent over. Tickling the flogger tips up his cock and balls and dancing them around on his anus prior to the next strict stroke.

She would do the same when he was standing, ticking his cock. Then she would smile and deliver a fierce strike that had his hands involuntarily flying down to clutch at his punished tip, shaft, and sac. As he did this, Mags would look askance at him, and he immediately returned his hands to the top of his head for the next stroke.

david reported back to me that Mags seemed to very much enjoy striking his private parts, and was not in the least bashful about it.

At no time did Mags handle his penis, as is shown here.

But I would not have minded had she done so. It would have excited him, but I've always enjoyed the notion of keeping him on the edge of a release, but then denying it to him.

I'm of course glad that she seemed to be responsible with her powers. Perhaps together we can "work david up" to a good ball strapping as is depicted here:

By the time I got home any marks were mostly cleared up, but I did see a few marks on the fronts of his thighs from the flogger, and I swear his balls looked a bit red.

I went looking on the web for a photo of a flogged front and found this:

That sore looking red cock and pubis, and his heavily flogged thighs actually turns me on. I am guessing his Mistress was very mad with him to do that. But that's the lot of the male. Better behave! Ha Ha!