Tuesday, July 26

Really Punished this Time!

Sorry about the "tease and denial" of my last post! Ha Ha! This time I will really tell you about my husband's punishment for the make-believe text from his trainer:
hi! thx for letting david give me my b'day paddy whacks! was fun. just btw, and no biggie, let him know grope between legs was not cool. mags
We decided we would roleplay this as if it actually happened like that. He was curious what he would get. 'Kinda a big mistake on his part...

So let's talk about that grope between her legs. I was fine with the birthday spanking. He had even asked if he was allowed to pull her pants down, and I told him "whatever he could get away with." What I, OF COURSE, meant was he could ask her and she could agree. Or, if he thought he was on very solid ground, could use his judgement and go ahead and do it, but she better not complain about it afterwards, because that would have been extremely poor judgement on his part.

NOTHING we talked about contemplated sexual touching of her by him in any way whatsoever. I would actually consider that to be, even in this context, a sexual assault. A rape basically. She had consented to a spanking, and it was reasonable that a "spanking" might include baring the bottom. But a deliberate groping of a vagina IS NOT in any way whatsoever ever assumed to be part of "birthday paddy whacks".

I felt he needed to learn a hard lesson.

I read him the text and told him he was in very deep shit with me.

I told him to put on a pair of panties and nothing but. He was then to bring down to the living room the large wooden bathbrush, the twin-tailed strap, and the Delrin cane. He was to arrange his spanking chair in front of the fireplace. I then wanted his nose in the corner until I was prepared to deal with him.

Why the panties you may ask? Is that not more fun and sexual than disciplinary? Not at all. For punishment he needs to be unclothed. But when he is buck naked he has a certain male pride when it's only me that I cannot abide in this situation. The panties make him blush regardless, knocks him down a peg or two, and puts him in an appropriately submissive frame of mind to receive punishment.

I let him stand in the corner to stew for a half hour or so before I walked into the living room. He knew from the selection of implements he was in for it in a major way. And I would not be quick about it. His punishment would last all evening.

When I judged he had stewed long enough, I came back into the living room to start the first phase of his punishment: the over-the-knee bathbrushing.

I started by scolding him viciously while he was still in the corner.

I then pulled him out by his ear and brought him over to his spanking chair. I grabbed the bathbrush in my hand. I made him lower his panties to his knees and drape himself across my lap. He then got 100 blistering strokes of the bathbrush. Cheek to cheek. All hard. No warmup. By the time I was finished he was begging me and apologizing for all he was worth. His ass turned a deep red and even purpled and whitened at the center of his spank spots: the sign of a good bathbrushing.

Blubbering, I set him on his feet and made him go back to his corner with his panties restored. I left him there for another half hour or so. I wanted his butt to recover sensation after the bathbrushing, which can tend to leave it numb. I wanted him to feel every last stroke today.

The next phase of his punishment was to be his strapping.

I came back into the room and asked him if he had anything to say for himself. He said how very, very sorry he was, and that he would never ever do such a thing again. I assured him he would not.

I made him go over to the couch and bend over the back of it. I lowered his panties to his ankles. He then received a full measure of 50 with the strap. Again, all were hard, and I swung my weight into each and every painful stroke, taking my sweet time between them. "This is what rapists get," I told him.

I strapped him from mid ass down to a few inches below the tops of his thighs. We would be going up to the lake soon after, and I did not want his punishment to be so obvious as there was family there. I judged about where his loose fitting bathing suit would go and kept the strokes above that point. My sister Sue would be shown his marks in private, of course.

He received extra strokes for swearing and for straightening up, bringing the total to around 60 or so. I showed him no mercy whatsoever, as befitted a sexual assaulter.

He was then put back into his corner, panties again restored, sore and stiff, to await his caning.

For his last implement, the little raper would be receiving the Delrin cane across his backside.

I let him stew in his corner for another half hour, allowing those buns to regain their feeling and be newly sensitized for their caning.

I held the cane in my hand and made him turn to face me.

"36," I told him.

His knees shook and he practically wet his panties.

"Please, no. Please!" he begged.

"36," I said again. "For groping your trainer like that without permission, either hers or mine, this is exactly what you get. Now you know."

I told him to remove his panties and to stuff them into his mouth. As he did so I could see his penis was all shriveled up and scared. Good.

I made him stand in the middle of the living room, bend over, and grab his ankles. I told him that each time he moved out of position I would add a stroke.

I started off fairly mercifully, as I was a bit out of practice with the cane and wanted to make sure I had my technique down before really laying them on. After the first dozen I felt confident again, and started in harder. These made him cry out into his panty-gagged mouth. Several times he involuntary straightened and his hands left his ankles. These earned him extras. He got about 45 total. I would say that about 24 or so where good hard ones that left a welt. I did not spare his upper thighs either, and equally well marked those for him.

When I was done with him I allowed him to remove his panties from his mouth and to kiss my feet and beg for forgiveness.

He was not quite done yet, however. I made him kneel on the hardwood floor with his hands on his head and his panties back in his mouth.

As he knelt there I stripped down to just my panties and bra, and then strapped on my largest dildo, Adam. It is 1-1/2" in girth with 7" of insertable length. I could see the fear in his eyes.

I told him he had violated that girl's pussy, and now his pussy would be violated, or at least what passed for his pussy.

I picked him up off his knees and again bent him over the back of our sofa. I took the panties from his mouth and threw them to the side.

"You understand," I told him,  "that this won't be pleasant for you. What you did was rape," I told him, "and now you're going to be getting a taste of your own medicine."

I lubed his ass and the dildo and I started pushing it in. He screeched like a little virgin on prom night. I shoved the tip in.

"Take it!" I warned him as his feet started kicking.

I started slowly thrusting it in. This was not at all pleasant for him. I drove it all the way home, pulled out to the tip, and thrust it in again, then I pulled out and paused with just the tip in.

"50 thrusts. Count them!" I ordered.

I thrust in.

"One Ma'am!" he yelled out.

I pulled out and thrust in again.

"Two Ma'am!"

I repeated until the count was half way.

"Twenty-Five Ma'am!"

"Will you ever touch a woman's vagina without her permission again?" I asked him.

"No Ma'am! Never Ma'am!" he said.

I thrust in again.

"Twenty-Six, Ma'am!"

and so on and on until he reached his full count of 50 fuckings.

"Fifty Ma'am! Thank You Ma'am! Thank you for Raping my Ass Ma'am!"

I pulled out carefully, making sure to catch any mess in the paper towels I had nearby. I made him go to the bathroom and wipe his ass as I cleaned my dildo.

When he came back to me I declared the scene over.  I told him he had better watch out what he asks me to do for a scene in future, and he agreed.

I sat on the couch and I pulled him naked across my knee. I gave him a mild hand spanking as I fondled and pinched his well-punished bottom cheeks. This had him writhing in some considerable distress. But I get an absolute thrill when our games are such that it allows me to mark him up like this.

We went to the lake the next day and his ass was still very badly marked and very sore. I smiled each time I watched him sit. Some of my family even commented on how he seemed to be quite stiff. He said it was due to exercising. I knew better!

My sister Sue was there. I took him into our bedroom with her and made him drop his pants and show her the damage. She asked if she could touch. Of course she could. She was very impressed. She asked and I told her about our roleplay as he remained bent over and pants down. She reached between his legs and groped his balls saying, "it's not so nice to be groped against your will, is it?"

"no ma'am," said david, not meaning it, moaning like a little slut at my sister's naughty caress (we've played a lot together, in case you're joining my blog late!)

"Oh My!" she said, as she felt up his hard cock. "You better take care of that," she said. "We'll be right outside chatting," she added.

"Do it!" I ordered him, "And you swallow it afterwards," I added pitching my voice lower as the door was open so that only he and Sue could hear.

And with that she and I closed the door and left david in his bedroom to jerk his cock off as we did indeed sit outside and chat within earshot while he masturbated to thoughts of getting his ass severely whipped and fucked by his strict wife. Ha ha!

Saturday, July 23

Punished for Spanking Ass

So, finally got around to punishing david for having spanked his trainer's ass. You can refresh your memory regarding that incident in David Spanks his Trainer!

I had actually approved his giving her a birthday spanking, but he did get away with murder in retrospect. So, as a consequence, we role played me pretending he had misbehaved during the spanking and that I had received the following text message from her:
hi! thx for letting david give me my b'day paddy whacks! was fun. just btw, and no biggie, let him know grope between legs was not cool. mags
How much trouble would he have been in had she really sent me that text?!? You're about to find out! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

No time to write now... Summer awaits, but will write soonest. Suffice to say, he will be very bashful appearing in his Speedo at the lake!

Sunday, July 10

Let him Cum?

We were up north this weekend at the cottage. Place was full with non-kinky relations (including children) so we couldn't play as much as I wanted, but I did give david a good tease before bed.

I offered him a nice massage and he eagerly accepted. He was face down on our bed, nude. I got the oil and rubbed it on his back and shoulders and that had him purring like a kitten.
 I then worked my way down his legs. The fun part starts when I massage the oil into his ass cheeks.
As I rubbed his cheeks I deliberately spread them widely then pushed them together, spread them widely then pushed them together, and so on. I then massaged up and down his ass crack, using my thumbs to massage all around his rosebud. This, of course, got him very excited.

I reached under him and pulled his cock and balls back between his legs and started rubbing those. He moaned sluttishly.

"What do you think, am I going to let you cum?"

"Oh please! Yes please!" He begged. I like when he begs me.

"Should I make you cum like a girl?" I ask. As I say this, I reach my one hand under his abdomen from the side. I still have his cock pulled back between his legs with my other. I start rubbing his abdomen as if I were rubbing a clit while I continue to work his cock tip.

"Are you going to cum like a girl as I rub your clit?"

"Oh yes, Ma'am. Please!" he begged me.

"I don't know, I think I might want you to go to bed hard."

"No no no no, please no"

"No. That's good for today. I think I want to sleep knowing you're beside me, all hard and oily. Goodnight baby. No wiggling in bed."

And I shut out the light and went to sleep.

Wednesday, July 6

David Spanks his Trainer!

Well, I guess I did find a snowball in July. David actually spanked his trainer, Mags!!!

In honour of this "special edition" of Strict Julie Spanks I am gong to capitalize my husband's name.

Mags has recently been on "a break" from her boyfriend. David asked if she'd been dating. She said she hadn't, as they were only on a break. David talked it out, and it seemed as if they were more split up than just having a break. Based on what he heard, David advised Mags that there was almost a 100% certainty that her former boyfriend was out seeing other girls. This had not occurred to Mags, but it made sense to her. So she subsequently started dating some boys, and little gossip that he was, they talked all about her dates during training.

David found out that she liked very polite boys who looked after her. Who held the door. Who made sure the waiter kept her drink full at the restaurant. But she does not like short boys. The boy needs to be taller than her. But he does not need to be overly muscular at all. Tall and thin is good, but with some muscle definition and in good shape. But he needs a job. He needs to be going somewhere. He can't be living within his parent's house.

He asked if she wanted a submissive boy, or a dominant one. She was conflicted. She likes a dominant man. She likes sex like that. She wants to be fucked, and have her hair pulled, and all that. But she also really enjoys being on top as well. David suggested she might want a switchy boy. She wasn't sure those things mixed. David asked if she wanted to be spanked by her man. Mags said that she would, but her old boyfriend didn't really do that to her at all, just a bit, playfully.

So that was all background leading up to this.

A week ago it came out that Mags birthday was coming up: 23 years old. David asked what she was doing for her birthday and she said, "coming here I guess," because her birthday fell on their regular Wednesday training day, and she has no family in Toronto. She would be celebrating with friends only on the weekend. Knowing Mags has a bit of a submissive nature, and was between boyfriends, he teased her that she had nobody to give her paddy whacks on her birthday, but that he would be pleased to help out in that regard. Quite to his surprise, she blushed and giggled and said, "Oh My Gosh! I haven't got Paddy Whacks since I was a little kid!"

"Well next week then," he said, and she did not refuse.

David told me all this after that session. She might be disappointed, but he could still pass it off as a joke and just ignore it next session if I objected. I told him he should definitely go for it! "Like, on her bare bum?" he asked. "Whatever you can get away with," I said.

You guys must think I'm crazy, right? To let my husband do that to a pretty young lady.  I really don't mind. He does have a switchy nature, but it hardly ever gets indulged as I never bottom (oh, maybe a little spanking here and there with me in firm control, but never a true bottom). And he and I are not really engaged in an FLR. We only roleplay that we are, and sometimes convince other people of it, but we really are equals. I know, you wouldn't know it from my blog, but that's actually the way it is. So, yes, my mischievousness does indeed extend to my husband.

You're also probably wondering why I didn't want to partake.  For one thing, I'm usually home late Wednesday evenings after training is done. For another, why not let him and Mags have their fun.

So David told me the full story afterwards.

She came in wearing her normal clothes that she wears to work. David immediately wished her a happy birthday at the door. She then went to change, as she normally does, into her exercise attire. She wore what David describes as a black onesie top that showed off her cleavage, and down below, rather than her usual Yoga pants, she wore a pair of grey loose fitting track shorts. She had never worn that outfit before, and David suspected that maybe she was expecting a spanking.

"So, let's go," she said, "grab the 8 lbs, running in place."

"Hold on a minute there," said David, "I think somebody needs their birthday spanking before we get started..."

He says she giggled and blushed but agreed. "Oh My Gosh," she said, "I haven't had this done since I was a kid."

"What will it be," asked David, "the belt, the leather paddle, the little crop?" She looked a bit worried, "or I can just use my hand?"

"Yes," she said, "just use your hand. Here, I'll bend over the ball like this." As she said this she went to the big exercise ball, put her hands on it, and bent over with her legs straight and together, and her back arched, pushing out her butt.

David stood beside her but facing the opposite direction, and pulled up her loose track shorts into the crack of her ass, baring her upper thighs and ass cheeks completely.

"Oh no! I can't believe I'm doing this!" she said nervously but with a laugh in her voice.

David kept pulling her shorts deep into her crack as he counted out 23 smacks and then one to grow on. He spanked lightly to her low butt cheeks, alternating side to side with a few smacks low across the center. David says she wiggled excitingly against his arm and jiggled her bare cheeks suggestively as he spanked her.

"Ow Ow Ow!" she said but in a fun way. David was going very lightly on her. "That really hurts," she said, "I don't know how you take that."

"There we go," he said, finishing up with a big smack low across both her cheeks, "Happy Birthday!"

"Thank You!" she said, apparently looking pleased that she got her birthday spanking from my tall, handsome, polite, and successful husband.

David commented on her shorts. How he had never seen them before and yet how perfect they were for spanking. According to him she blushed and looked bashful and said, "honestly, I never even thought about that when I chose them...". Hmmmm.

They then went ahead and did their usual training, and, as usual, she did not spare the crop despite her submissive display.

At the end, David said, "wait, you still need part two of your birthday spanking, with the implements."

"Ok!" she said, quite eagerly apparently.

David picked up the three implements she had used on him during their session: the belt, the crop, and the leather paddle.

She looked nervous about the implements but bent over again.

This time David got bold and yanked her track shorts down to her ankles. That's when he discovered that her top was actual a onesie, but cutting deep into her ass cheeks like a thong. He tells me that while the material in back was very thin, he did not see any glimpse of pussy. But her cheeks were completely bare and her thong totally disappeared into her ass crack.

First he used the belt. He doubled it up and counted out her first seven. He went very lightly but she yelped nevertheless and said, "Oh My God that hurts! And you're not even doing it hard, are you?"

Then he used the leather paddle, and likewise paddled her cheeks seven times with a similar reaction from her.

Finally he gave her the remaining seven with the crop.  Again, he went very light with the crop but she seemed to feel it. He did say that her "one to grow on" was a little stricter than the rest, though.

"There we go," he said and thoughtfully pulled up her shorts for her, modestly re-covering her freshly pinkened cheeks.

She commented on how much those implements hurt, and then remarked again that it was despite how lightly he went. He asked her to show her the strength of his belt swings against the ball and confirmed that they were nothing at all like hers. She said she goes all out and really swings it with everything she has. She said she doesn't know how he can take it!

Again, she seemed very grateful for her birthday spanking. On the way out, David gave her a very nice birthday gift by way of a giant bonus in an envelope (the equivalent of a month's worth of sessions). She only opened it after she left, and texted him,
Thank you for your very generous birthday gift!!!!!
He responded,
My pleasure, especially the spanking part!
Kids will be kids I suppose...

After I extracted all these detes from him, we made vanilla love, me pretending to be Mags. First I made him lick me, and then I invited him into my pussy for a good hard fuck, just like I'm sure she wanted him to do bent across that exercise ball!