Wednesday, October 5

E-Book Poll Results

Thank you for doing that quick poll on my e-book! I'll share the results here, and provide some added commentary. If you have not got the book yet, you can find a link to the right. It's not too late to comment, just add it on the comments section here.

You should also note that I added a "Pageviews" gadget to the sidebar. I am starting the countdown to FIVE MILLION pageviews. Yay! I have some interesting demographics data on all you kinksters out there from Google Analytics that I will share when I hit the big 5!

Let's get to the poll results:

1 is "everything" and 5 is "nothing".

For the book, in actuality, just over half is true, around 54%. So my readers have a keen sense of things! Those 6 of you who answered "it's all true!" is a bit of wilful suspension of disbelief, I suppose, which I admire! Those of you way down on the "nothing" end need to get out more ;-). Note that I count role play scenes that were described as such and that we actually carried out as "true". Below, I take you through chapter by chapter and indicate what's true and what's not. To come up with the 54% I took into account the length of the chapter as well (mad spreadsheet skills!)

For calibration purposes I asked the same question regarding my blog. While it would not be fair to say everything not credited as fantasy on my blog is 100% true, so "1" is probably not completely appropriate, I would definitely say that the blog falls into the "2" category leaning towards the "1". Definitely way more true than not, and way more true than the book. In the blog I am sometimes guilty of giving the "Holywood" version of some episodes, where I might change things up a bit to improve the dramatic presentation, or fill in unjustified details (e.g., exactly what david said - when I can't really recall). However, the episodes themselves are all pretty accurate. You guys do seem to pick up on that, and the results were indeed a lot of 2's leaning towards 1, which is pretty fair.

Getting onto your favourite chapters, Here are the raw results:

I assigned a score for each chapter in points, with a 1st getting 3 points, a 2nd 2 points, and a 3rd 1 point. I'll give some commentary on each chapter below, in order of its point score, leaving the best for last.

While chapter 10 (Next door neighbour) got the most comments, chapter 7 (Panty shopping) appears to have been the favourite, followed closely by chapter 18 (My sister and her subby), and then the cluster of chapters 9,10,15,17 all coming in around the same (Anal training in front of sister, Next door neighbour, Mommy roleplay, and Ex-girlfriend roleplay).

13 POINTS - Chapter 3: A Kinkster is Born
This one surprised me, coming in last place. In this chapter I retell david's childhood experiences, and one of his most compelling fantasies that has stayed with him. While his fantasy is obviously a fantasy, it is 100% accurately described to the best of my knowledge. I really liked his fantasy, which is why I included it.

17 POINTS - Chapter 4: Learning to Spank
A fairly short and calm chapter, more educational and instructional. 100% true. It was designed to be a low point on the roller coaster ride, so not surprised at the low ranking.

18 POINTS - Chapter 8: Anal Play
Ranking as expected. Factual, instructional, meant to be a relaxing part of the roller coaster ride. 100% accurate.

20 POINTS - Chapter 1: A Typical Scene in the Delmar Household
Ranking as expected. It was meant to be a teaser, easing the readers into the book. While the precise scene I described was not based on any particular true-to-life incident, for sure everything described happened at one time or another, so I would say 90% true.

20 POINTS - Chapter 5: Dealing with the Porn
This one also surprised me for its low ranking. This one is maybe 25% true. I did have a friend over and we did embarrass david for his porn viewing. I described it in Punished in front of Chloe. But it was all set up in advance with david, and he only wound up being sentenced to writing lines in front of her, and she was pretty freaked out. This chapter is how it should have gone, dammit!

21 POINTS - Chapter 11: In-Home Personal Training
This one is 100% accurate. It gathers together all of david's personal trainer experiences. This has been very well documented on my blog, in greater detail than here, so maybe it was repetitious?

21 POINTS - Chapter 14: Massage Parlour Spanking
Ranking about where I expected. This one is an amalgam of two incidents at massage parlours, both of which were very much true, Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking and A Massage Parlour Shaming for Xmas. In the blog I describe them as close to 100% accurately as I could. In the book I exaggerated some of the stuff at the end with the girls taking turns paddling him bare butt, but not much, so maybe 90% accurate.

22 POINTS - Chapter 2: How it all Started
Higher ranking than expected. This one describes how david and I got our start doing this stuff. It's all 100% accurate, and given in much more detail than I have ever covered in the blog. It's also a bit instructional for newbies. I guess my readers enjoyed our journey.

24 POINTS - Chapter 12: Good Boy Spankings
Raking higher than I expected. A very short one designed as a slow down and coast chapter. I guess all you boys out there enjoy the notion of going across a lady's knee for a mild spanking, humping her oiled lap until you cum. Who'd 'a thought? It did also describe a few handjobs in front of and by other women I allowed him to have. All 100% accurate.

26 POINTS - Chapter 13: Beach Vacation
A bit lower than expected ranking. I thought this would be everybody's fantasy! It is 0% true - all make believe here. What's not to like about getting spanked, fucked, and hand-jobbed in front of three strange young women in bikinis, and have one of them even sit on your face??? Was it too much? Willing suspension of disbelief shattered? Ha Ha!

30 POINTS - Chapter 6: Public Play
A bit higher ranked than expected. Designed as a bit of a slow down chapter. Just sets the stage for our public play episodes, covering off a whole bunch of little anecdotes. 100% accurate. I guess these are very titilating!

30 POINTS - Chapter 16: Wife's Boss Roleplay
Ranking as expected. A little downhill schuss on the roller coaster. So this one was described as being a roleplay scene, and david and I did actually carry this one out. I held it back from my blog so I could have more original material for the book. I'm counting it as mostly true, because I did describe it as a roleplay scene in the book, which it was. But it is somewhat made up, as I took liberties with what we actually did during the roleplay. So I would say 75% true on that basis.

35 POINTS - Chapter 9: Anal Training in front of Sister
Now we're clearly getting into the realm of the favourite chapters at 35 points and up. No surprise on this one. david forced to stretch his bumhole in front of his own sister!!!! I love kinky brother/sister play. This one was portrayed as "real" in the book. In fact, it was very much inspired by an amazing threeway roleplay with a pro that I described on my blog in Anal training in front of wife and friend. The actual scene went very much as described in the book, and went ever further than the book into a very challenging spit roasting for poor david from two highly enthusiastic ladies with great big strap-ons egging each other on! Interestingly, david did not know at the time that she was a pro. He thought she was somebody I tutored from grad school. Ha ha! He has since learned the truth as we have played with her again. But it was not his sister, the events did not happen "for real real", and I took some liberties with changing things up from the roleplay for the book, so I would give this a 50% accuracy rating, mainly based on the deception that it was real and involved his actual sister, which it did not.

35 POINTS - Chapter 15: Mommy Roleplay
I was honestly not sure where this one would rank, given the themes. This is a roleplay that Sue and I carried out (playing sisters) with a pro domme and david. Did not describe it on the blog in order to have more original material for the book. I should definitely post a blog article about some of the background leading up to this and what it was like to play it with my sister, which I did not get into in the book. Of course it's pure unadulterated fantasy, but mostly played out for real, so I would give it a 75% accuracy factor. I did "fill out" some of the things in the roleplay we did not get to as I would have liked, for example the mouth soaping never happened, and the stuff at the end involving Mandy was not played out - but the stuff at the very end with david and me continuing the kinky brother/sister roleplay was dead on!

35 POINTS - Chapter 17: Ex-Girlfriend Roleplay
Surprisingly highly rated. This one was another roleplay with a pro sub specifically orchestrated as exclusive material for the book. Research can be so much fun! As a roleplay it was 100% accurate.

36 POINTS - Chapter  10: Next Door Neighbour
Third runner up overall, but many reader's favourite chapter, and the most commented on. Pure unadulterated fantasy. I had the most fun writing this one, and especially writing in the super-fit and gorgeous young niece character Brianan. The other niece, Lucy, was loosely based on a prissy little niece of mine whom I described in Husband punished for staring at my niece's ass!

47 POINTS - Chapter 18: My Sister and her Subby
Second runner up overall. This one is made up, but is very much based on a different scene which was pretty similar with my sister Sue and her girlfriend of the time (whom I got to spank myself - I Spanked Trina!). The events involving david are described in A Good Little Cock Sucker! where Trina is "made to" give my husband a blowjob, and Husband Taught His Place in front of Sister and her Girlfriend where david is made aware that there are consequences for getting blown by a woman not his wife no matter the circumstances. Those blog scenes were honest to goodness true, though I expect many of you not to believe me (I blame this sequence for what 3,4,5's I got when I asked you if you think my blog is true)! I played off of that to create this new fictional scene for the book where david is severely humiliated in front of Sue's subby girlfriend, but then she is stripped and spanked for her own misbehaviour, while david is forced to masturbate in front of us, and finally she is "forced" to then receive david's ejaculate on her tits and face. While not true, there is so much in there that did happen and that could so easily have happened, I'll give it a 70% veracity rating.

49 POINTS - Chapter 7: Panty Shopping
Drum role please! And the winner is! The winner in the voting, just edging out "My Sister and her Subby", but oddly no specific comments about it at all. I had a lot of fun writing this. This one is very much based on real life public play. It is an amalgam of two real life scenes: Fourth Topics Post: Panty Shopping! and Impromptu Shopping Trip. The first scene I never described in much detail in the blog, but really did so in the book. So the first quarter of this chapter (encompassing the 2 scenes above) is 100% true, right until after he is sent to the change room to get into his panties. The three quarters of the chapter after that is entirely fictional. Ahhh, but what a scene that would have been! I'll assess this one therefore at only 25% true.

Getting on to some of the comments you left regarding why some of the chapters marked as 1st were your favourites, and also adding in some comments from the comments section of the original poll post. I've added my responses.
  • Learning new stuff about you
    • That is very sweet! There was a fair bit of new stuff in there, and a glimpse into where my and david's fantasies take us.
  • Brianan the young evil and the awful strictness of the neighbour punishment. I love when Julie is merciless and goes deep into her pleasure.
    • Chapter 10, one of my absolute favourite chapters to write for sure. I wish I was Brianan!
  • bringing in a stranger to david
  • Involving others and the intense humiliation
    • Yes! There is always something extra exciting when we introduce a previously unknown woman for real into our play. Just that extra adrenaline rush for me, and my husband tells me there is an extra "over the top" level of humiliation when first-timers see him dealt with.
  • The quality of writing and the outright sexiness of the chapter. To be honest, I really should have marked them all as '1'.
    • Oh, well, ... BLUSH!
  • love the embarrassing stuff...being spanked in front of other women. Also like Mommy/Maternal interactions
    • The embarrassing stuff is for sure what it's all about: david is such a shame slut!
    • For some odd reason, I do also. I can sort of understand, psycho-sexually, why david might have his Mommy fantasy. Why do I??? I love it!
  • The humiliation which puts me directly into subspace.
  • How you teased and enjoyed his humiliation, really rubbed it in.
    • He and I match that way. He loves taking it, and I love dishing it out.
  • How adventurous you were and how enthusiastically you embraced your husband's kink. Revealing your kink has the potential to ruin a relationship. I love the loving way you embraced your husband's needs!
    • I know it happens, but I really don't get why wives go any other way.
  • It is difficult to choose a single chapter or even three in the book for that is the sequence of chapters and their different intensities playing together that make the book great.
    • YES! Nailed it! Thank you so much for saying that. It's true, I tried structuring the book like a roller coaster rather than it being just a random sequence of chapters. I deliberately moved chapters around, altered them, and added some to plan out that roller coaster ride.
  • I love the character of Brianan in chapter 10 : she is so willing, she really likes hard hand spanking, babysitting in a particular way, humiliate her uncle, making boys 69, more deep humiliation, she is so « creative » as Julie says. « such an enthusiastic pupil » and when Julie tell us « Young women always need plenty of praise and encouragement. » love fills our heart.
    • Yes. Touching again on why this was my favourite chapter to write and why Brianan is the girl I wish to be!
  • First, as I have said before, you are the best writer of this stuff - personable, whimsical, open-minded but opinionated etc.
    • Blushy, blushy, blush, blush!
    • I like being open-minded yet opinionated. Thank you!
  • Interesting questions, especially the fact vs. fiction stuff. I used to comment on stories at and was disappointed when they announced they wanted to separate the real stories from the fiction.
    • I agree totally! I enjoy reading things on the net and not concerning myself if they are true or not. Now, sometimes we are asked to stretch our disbelief to the breaking point, and that is too far. I am even nervous when real things happen that I report on my blog, but know that they strain credulity even though they are real!!!
    • It was nice to free myself from the "shackles" of reality for the book. I'm hoping, though, that I brought book readers right to the very limit of their suspension of disbelief, but not quite past.
    • I think I am fairly successful at this because I've had so many "out there" real life experiences with david, so then when I make one up, it is very much based on what could actually happen, if all the stars align.
  • I think my favorite of all your blog posts is one of the first - the relatively tame "impromptu shopping trip". You report that you and David "skedaddled" out after telling the salesgirl you were going to spank him in his panties. But I also really enjoyed the embellished version in the ebook, and have many many such fantasies.
    • That was a fun one. Described at Impromptu Shopping Trip.  And 100% true!
    • The ebook one also mixed in Fourth Topics Post: Panty Shopping!, for the first part, also 100% true, but described in much better detail in the book.
    • The part after him trying on the panties was pure make-believe!
  • I also really enjoyed the ex-girlfriend chapter.
    • That was actually a real role play we did that I held back from the blog for the book.
    • I actually really enjoyed showing off this girl's pussy for david to jerk off to! So twisted...
  • its taking me a while to get through it because you are NAILING my fantasies. It's unbelievable that you can put my own fantasies into words better than I could. I have to put the book down so often that I can only get through a chapter or so a day.
    • I've been "trained" and brought up on david's fantasies, and I think they are quite common to a certain class of men...
  • So far i LOVE the chapter on the neighbor. A teasing BJ followed by OTK then a quick kiss to his cock... I wish there was someway I could describe to you what reading that did to me. I have read and reread that part so many times.
    • Another vote for chapter 10!
    • I do stuff like that to my husband, like, ALL THE TIME!
  • Also, when David was in the hotel room watching that women get fucked... was there some hint of cuckolding there? I have been reading your blog for years and I know its one of your fantasies but one of David's hard limits. Too bad. The post where the losing male is made to watch the winner fuck his wife if my all time fave. Although making him call you mommy in front of the trainer was excellent too...
    • So that is a legit fantasy of david's, what was described in that chapter, as told by him. I had never really thought of it as a cuckold scene, but you're absolutely right on that! I might press that...
    • I think you are referring to My Fantasy, which describes my fantasy for how a near miss encounter with a fellow blogger named Deirdre of Spanking My Husband should have gone down. After I published the book, Deirdre reached out to me and asked how sales were going as she was thinking of doing one of her own. I told her not to quit her day job!
    • I recall that, making him call me Mommy in front of one of our trainers, but don't know what post. Perhaps some of you Julie archivists can help us find it? Abjectly humiliating to be made to do that while across his wife's knee in front of witnesses!!!
Thank you again for getting the book, taking the poll, and commenting. More comments welcome below!


  1. It was the " Sensual Spanking in front of Trainer" post where you had him ' beg mommy to cum'. And Mags teased him with the " Awwwww mommys boy" comment!

    Like I said Ive read your blog for years and go back to my favorites often. So good! And I, for one, would love for you to " press that" with regards to cuckolding! You're the best Julie!

  2. I wish you would press for a chastity device. That would take things to a totally new level.

    1. That's possible. A week in chastity to start?

  3. Congratulations on nearing the 5,000,000 mark - I am sure no more than 1,000,000 are my visits


    1. Yes, you do seem to skew those stats, rosco ;-)

  4. miss Julie

    i will admit i only read free part chapter of book
    i answer the poll way i felt reading those blog story iam sorry had ocnfess hope not in trouble

  5. Funny you mention kinky brother/sister play. That has always interested me as well. Mainly because that seems to be a situation I find myself in regularly with my own sister. She has always been very Dominant. What's interesting is that I don't think she has any clue about Femdom or BDSM. It's all very natural to her which makes the "play" very real. There has never been anything overtly sexual about it. Just pure domination via some light humiliation and some corporal punishment used to assert her authority. Now that we're older (I'm single and in my 30's, she's married and in her 20's) her Dominant play has resurfaced. She has taken on quite the strict, maternal role. She frequently talks about spanking me and putting me over her knee if I backtalk her or do something she doesn't like.

    1. So, are you going to act the brat and get that spanking? You should! Totally!

    2. Absolutely! But I'm not sure if I have to do much acting. She seems to view me as her bratty "little" brother that needs to be put in his place quite often. I think it'll inevitably happen at least once at some point. It's just more a question of timing.

      She's already put me over her knee a couple of times and given me a few swats in a playful way. She claims she has no problem doing it in public or no matter who is around, but even though she doesn't know Femdom, I think she realizes that we have a special dynamic that other people wouldn't understand.

      A few weeks back I was hanging out at her pool. Because of some things I said to her earlier in the day, she had been telling me that I would be punished later on. I never remind her when this happens. I use her own remembering as a gauge of her interest.

      She in fact remembered as she randomly turned to me as we sat in the pool and told me to get over her knee. I of course put up a faux fight but ultimately relented. My brother in law was there and acted very uncomfortable and looked away. My bating suit was untied and one of my cheeks was showing partially. I felt my sister's hand on the waistband of my bathing suit. But fortunately (or unfortunately), she pulled up instead of down. She proceeded to give me two quick swats. It was over rather quickly. She later noted the she knew I felt nothing through my wet bathing suit.

      I really think this was because her husband was sitting there. I honestly think if he had not been there, my shorts would have been pulled down and I would have been spanked properly. We'll see if the stars align better at some point in the future. I could always be reading her wrong, but I think she enjoys having me as her outlet for her Dominant thoughts.

    3. For sure she's Dommy! Just waiting for the right chance. You be sure to give it to her, now!

    4. If you want to try to push cuckolding, even just as an unrealized fantasy to give David something extra humiliating to think about, my advice would be to describe a hypothetical lover dominating David during a scene. Tell him about a cute, strong guy who hit on you, and how you're tempted to invite him over while David's all en femme. Just to share a drink and a laugh, but warn David that if he pouts, he might get turned over your knee in front of your new friend. Then, with David sporting a hot, red bottom in the corner, panties pulled down to his knees, imagine what you might get up to while you're worked up. Maybe just a little necking at first. When your friend asks to take things further, you're not sure your husband's ready for you to give a blow job to another man, but there is a sissy here... Which would David prefer? Make sure he knows that if your new friend is frustrated, he'll likely take off his belt and take it out on David's backside right in front of you.

      My wife spanks me when I ask, but she's not naturally into being dominant. I try to expand my kink and fantasies to find things she likes, and cuckolding is one fantasy that seems to excite her. If I think about the man watching her spank me, joining in in my scolding and humiliation, and especially spanking me himself, I get off on it too. I think the writer Jillian Keenan is right that subbies are attracted to dominants as much as to the opposite sex.

      Incidentally, I've shared your fantasy about the competition between David and Deidre's husband Evan with my wife and she likes it. We fantasized about me being both the winner and the loser.

      We haven't gone beyond fantasy yet, but maybe someday. I think at this point I could handle something like watching her flirt with another guy at a bar, maybe after sending me away to fetch her drink, then making a comment about my inadequacy in front of him and telling me to sit somewhere else so "Daddy and Mommy could talk." Baby steps!

      - Incorrigible Brat

    5. that sounds like fun! You should!