Wednesday, November 23

david paddled in front of Tracy

So my friend Tracy came over and got to witness my husband getting paddled by me. Plus, he got cuckolded big time by the both of us!

This time Tracy came by our place. I had david go open the door for her. They had met casually a few years back, but did not really know each other at all.

"Hi!" she said when he opened the door for her. She had a big smile on her face. david said his hellos. I went over and greeted her with a big hug. We pushed up against one another. It was sexy. This is the girl who saw me at my most vulnerable and whom I am going to sleep with!

We went to sit down in the living room. david poured some drinks for us, and we had some veggies out for munchies.

I started off the conversation in the spanking direction, thanking her for coming by and watching david get paddled. She said that she had been looking forward to it. david asked if it was true that she had no experience at all with this sort of thing.

"Outside of watching a few videos and paddling your wife, none," she responded.

As the conversation proceeded, she explained that before they had kids, her and John were into the swinging scene. They saw a lot S&M stuff and leather fetish outfits but never actively took part themselves. They thought the whips and leather was a bit over the top. We started asking some questions about this "swinger" stuff. She said they went to various swingers clubs and also did some weekend retreats. There's music and dancing and drinking to lower the inhibitions, but little drug use, as everybody is keen to be "present". Downstairs it's more mingling.

Upstairs is where your clothes come off and there's all sorts of rooms with beds where the action happens!

Some rooms might be decorated more in an S&M style and other rooms may be decorated more like a sultan's tent and have four beautiful big beds in the room. She said everybody is very welcoming to a new couple, especially if the lady is hot. The women were definitely the ones in charge, as the guys would put it into anything, but nobody plays if the ladies are not comfortable. Often she said they would just go to the club to meet a couple, and then if they seemed a match they might go out on a date together, or be invited back to each others' houses to play.

But as experienced as they were in all that, "this sort of thing", was new to her and her husband. We defined it for her as BDSM or DD as opposed to S&M. She said she had really gotten a kick out of paddling my butt, really enjoyed dominating me. She contrasted it with the S&M scene in the clubs, which they never got into other than as passive observers, but that they are both much more interested in this DD stuff since my paddling, because they both thought that putting me across her knee for a real butt-burning spanking was just sizzling hot!

We were sitting next to one another on the couch, with david across on a chair, and as she said this she snuggled up and put her arm possessively around my hips. She asked david if he minded that she had paddled my butt? He said not at all, if that is what I wanted. "Is that what you wanted?" she asked me. I said "yes" and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips! A nice long lingering kiss...

Now, this was not entirely spontaneous on her part. We had conspired to give david a good "cuckolding" experience. She and I had talked at length on the phone of the sorts of things she could say or do to intensify that experience for him. She even starting taking notes at one point in the conversation! I did say she should act possessive of me in front of him, but no details. So the kiss was a welcome improvisation on her part.

She turned to david again, and asked if he knew that we had planned to do it again, spank me that is, but with her husband watching this time? david responded that he knew that. "How does that make you feel?" she asked, "knowing that your pretty wife is going to be stripped all bare, and spanked across my knee while my husband enjoys the show? And that your wife and I are going to make love after? How does that make you feel?"

"Ummm... I don't know..." he said inarticulately.

"He does what I tell him to," I said confidently. Then I thought with the momentum as it was, I should get the show started. "What do you think? Should I paddle him now?" I asked Tracy.

"Sure!" she said. "But remember, it has to be just like yours."

"Oh that's right," I said. I had not told david about this part yet. "david, sweetie, you're going to be getting exactly the same treatment from me that Tracy gave to me. You remember how red my ass was when I got home? Yours is going to be even worse, because I know exactly what you can take and I won't be holding back at all. I want to impress Tracy, after all."

"Absolutely. Don't hold back on my account," she said.

"But I don't take it as hard as he does!" I quickly added, in case she got any ideas that what she had done last time was insufficient!

"You'll take it as hard as I give it," she said, leaning in for another kiss on my mouth, this time with her tongue probing me! Shameless... Dommy... SEXY! Quick study! A natural. She wasn't giving an inch. She had claimed my ass!

"How did we start?" I asked Tracy, breathless after her kiss, knowing the answer.

"You had to strip right there in the living room," she said to me. "I remember you being very bashful. I had to encourage you out of your bra and panties with a few smacks to your legs." Then to him, "you should have seen your wife blush."

"Oh right, I remember that now. How blushy! So you hear that, honey? Go on upstairs and change into one of your pretty pairs of panties, and nothing but, and then get your tushy back down here for your paddling."

"Oh no!" said Tracy. "Panties???" I had not mentioned any cross-dressing to her before.

"I usually put him into a pair of panties for his spankings. Reminds him of who wears the pants in the family. Isn't that so, david?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

I told david to go upstairs to select his panties and to undress. After he left to get them on, I told her he had many pairs, but I was pretty sure he would pick the pink polka dotty pair...

When david came back down again, sure enough! He had on my guess of panties. He likes those the most. If left to his own devices, he always picks the pair he considers to be the most humiliating. "Good call, you!" Tracy told me. david did not know what we were talking about.

I made him stand there with his hands at his sides in the middle of the living room while Tracy and I inspected. He had become erect, a fact which the little panties only seemed to accentuate. From behind they were pulled up into his crack exposing a lot of lower cheek. I touched and tugged on the material while Tracy watched. I grabbed his crotch, cupped his junk, and squeezed a bit which made him moan. My submissive little panty slut. Tracy laughed.

"John will positively die crying of laughter when I tell him about this," said Tracy.

"Whaaaat?" said david.

Lest Tracy get the wrong idea I jumped in quickly and said "I've already warned him that you share everything with John. He agreed to it."

"Don't worry, your shameful little secret's safe with us," said Tracy with a wink. "And you don't tell anybody about us!"

"Besides," I continued to david, "I've always had a fantasy of having a man put you across his knee while I watched. Maybe we can get John to do that to david?" I asked Tracy while fondling david's balls through his pink panty.

I was teasing david at this point. Involving other men in our play was a hard limit for him. But teasing him about it was fair game! Of course, never say never is my motto.

"I don't know," said Tracy, playing along. "John is pretty much a man's man. Maybe he can be enticed to if he gets to fuck both of us after..." she ventured. That's what she is angling for. I know it. She seems very loyal to her husband and committed to making sure he gets to play as well. I was getting the sense that his cock in my pussy was the price of admission.

How do I feel about being pressured like this? I enjoyed it. End of the day I'm not going to do anything I don't want to, and all the teasing is fun. I also know that I have a few cards to play myself where it comes to her husband and her!

"Would david get to play?" I asked her.

"Oh I don't think so. I don't think John would let a spanked little panty boy in bed with us. Maybe he'd let him watch him fuck us as his spanked buns cool, though?"

This was one of the things Tracy and I had discussed in advance. It was not going to happen, but part of the cuckolding was pretending it would!

"How is John? In the fucking department, I mean?" I asked. "Does he last?"

"Oh yeah, he can fuck forever. And he sure knows how to use it!" she answered, proud of her man's sexual prowess.

"That would be so great for a change," I told her, wistfully. "david... well.... he doesn't last very long. He barely makes it to my pussy before he shoots his load."

"That must be terrible for you," she says.

"I do miss it. Real cock, I mean. But david is really super talented with his tongue. Sort of makes up for it..." I said.

"Well that's not so bad then," says Tracy. "It's hard to get John to go down on me. Men! He just loves to make me cum over and over and over again with his big hard cock."

"Not an option for david," I said, "so he certainly goes down, usually after a good ass whipping to put him into a properly submissive frame of mind."

"John makes me go down on him, gagging me with his big dick before he fucks me. If you want a fucking from him, he'll make you do that also," she added.

"Maybe I can make david suck him instead of me?" I asked, hopefully.

"Oh no! John has his little rules. If he agrees to fuck you, you'll have to get down on your knees in front of him and prove to him you really want it."

"Sounds like it's worth it," I concluded. Then, and since, I have been fantasizing about Tracy "forcing me" to have sex with her husband while she directed the action.

But poor david! Having to stand there and take all these insults to his manhood! Ha Ha! Tracy and I had not worked out all that dialogue in advance. We knew the general direction: praising John's manhood at the expense of david's; but we were riffing off each other. Who would have thought how filthy it would get!!!

I did not know at the time if david appreciated this level of cuckolding talk, and he was being hard to read. As it turns out, he felt uncomfortable with the bits involving John, but not as uncomfortable as I would have thought, but turned on by the bits involving Tracy spanking and fucking me.

Turning the attention back to david, Tracy said to me,  "I didn't think you got to keep your panties during your spanking, little missy. Is he going to be allowed to?"

"Oh no," I said, "those are coming down. A nice bare butt paddling." I went and sat on the sofa. I told david to take his panties off. He started to. "No wait!" I told him. "Come here." He approached me. "Wasn't I a little reluctant, Tracy?" I asked.

"You were, and you know how that turned out," she said.

"Yes, I got smacked on my thighs," I said and then gave david a good SMACK to the front of his right thigh. And then several more to both the fronts and the backs of his thighs, as I had gotten. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" david complained as I gave him his smacking.

"Oh my," said Tracy, "he squeaks and wiggles as bad as you did."

"Now get back to the middle of the room and get those off!" I ordered, and he went back to the middle and pulled his panties down his legs and off while Tracy and I feasted our eyes. "Hands at your sides!" I told him.?
"It wasn't as obvious with you," she said, referring to both his erection and my moist pussy when I was the one who was made to strip naked in front of her.

I walked over to him and started fondling his erection while Tracy observed.

"You see, Tracy," I said, "he likes being treated this way. Paraded around in panties. Stripped. Ready to be severely paddled." I ran my soft hands gently up and down his hard dick, fondling his testicles, squeezing the tip. david can never resist this treatment, and very predictably his knees started shaking and he started moaning.

"Oh! He's moaning," commented Tracy.

I kept going until I felt the first little bits of super-slippery pre-cum. Two more strokes would have had him spurting. I immediately stopped and let his excited cock dangle there. I held up my palm for Tracy to see the glistening pre-cum. There was also a little rope of pre-cum coming out the tip.

I grabbed his cock once more and quickly rubbed the pre-cum at the tip and on my palms down the shaft to make it glisten moistly as he yelled out in painful pleasure and desire, and then I quickly released his cock to bounce obscenely in mid air, right on the very verge of ejaculation. Just where I like to keep him.

"Eyes down, sweetie," I told him. Then to Tracy, "if he looks at you he's liable to make a big dribbly mess without my even touching him. And if he does that, he'll be taking that paddling without any sexual excitement at all. That would be very bad."

We both watched david stand there, hands and arms glued to his side, squirming and straining to not completely embarrass himself in front of us, glistening cock twitching in mid air. Ejaculation roulette.

As he struggled with himself, I went to the adjoining kitchen and moistened a kitchen rag with cold water. I brought it back and then roughly cleaned off his cock. The rough treatment plus the cold water helped him to stay under control.

"What's next?" I asked Tracy.

"Umm... naughty spot?" she said.

I directed david towards the wall and made him stand there with his hands on his head.

I then arranged the spanking chair in the middle of the living room and got Daddy's paddle out. david would be tasting its kiss on his cheeks for the first time tonight. I suggested Tracy have a seat on the couch facing us.

"Shall we cut his timeout short?" I asked Tracy.

"Sure. I'm anxious to see that butt paddled!"

And with that I sat on the chair, hiked up my skirt and spread my knees so that his erection would fit between my legs. I called him over and pulled him across my lap. As he lay across me I clamped him in place between my thighs. "Do I start right in with the paddle?" I asked Tracy.

"No. We need to give him what you got. You got spanked by my hand first. And did you ever seem to enjoy that treatment, squirming all around across my lap. You were such a squirmy little girl. Especially when I smacked you close to your special place. I loved it. And John will love seeing it next time..."

Oh dear. Hard to stay in role with david when she says things like that!!!!

I started in smacking david's rump. Nice gentle and sensuous hand spanks all over his ass and legs. I looked up at Tracy and she was rapt with attention. When we made eye contact she smiled at me broadly. I increased the intensity and gave him a very nice spanking, pinkening up his cheeks in preparation for the intense paddling he had coming. Despite all, I love doing this!

"So, what do you think?" I asked her as I kept gently spanking david.

"It's sexy as hell!" she said. "Big strong man across your lap getting a spanking like a little boy."

I bent forward and leaned towards the paddle on the coffee table in front of me. Tracy helped out by handing it to me. I rearranged my legs so that he was hiked high over my left knee, while I clamped down the backs of his two legs with my right over the top.

"I remember the first 24 as being pretty intense," I told Tracy. "This helps keeps him in position."

Then I started right in. I took about 2 seconds between smacks to let each settle in a bit, but to also keep him off balance. I smacked with that paddle as hard as I could, cracking into his ass with a vengeance. He can take it.

What a well-made paddle! I never had any fear that it would break at all. From the first stroke I had him going frantic across my knee. I had to work hard to keep him clamped in place. He was crying out "no! no! no! please! please! no! owww! no! owww! please! please! no!" After the 24 I paused.

"Fucking hell!!!" he complained. I had very much the same reaction. This paddle brings out the swear words!

Tracy giggled.

"Too hard?" I asked her.

"Not at all. I enjoyed seeing him suffer. I could get into this. That was worse than you," she said. "Poor thing. Look at his cheeks already."

They were a healthy shade of red!

"How many more?" I asked her.

"Another four sets," she said.

david groaned.

"Should we let him off early?" I asked. Just testing.

"Hell No! Paddle his ass!"

"Sorry david. Tracy wants you paddled."

I started in on his next set of 24. I eased up a bit on him with those, and also slowed the pace. Then I gave him his third set after rubbing his butt a bit.

"I think we changed position now?" I asked Tracy.

"Yup. On the fourth set. Legs up!"

I stood david up and had him lie on the couch on his back. I then had him lift his legs in the air.  "Do you mind? Holding his legs up?" She did not. She went to his head, reached down his body, and pulled his legs back towards her, doubling him over in the legs up diaper position. I asked her to spread his legs which she did.

Sort of like this. Was it a coincidence that the only photo
I could find that was close had this orientation???

"Look at you," I said. "All exposed." As I said this I played the paddle over his ass, his inner thighs, into his crack, and over his cock and balls. I paused the paddle across his punished cheeks. I knew (from experience!) that with his ass stretched out like this, the paddle would hurt a lot. So I took it a bit easy on him. I made him cry out and squirm, but was not brutal with him. Tracy holding his legs back like that for me to swat his ass was just too good.

I commented on how seeing his hole exposed like this makes me want to fuck him with my strap-on dildo.

"You do that?" asked Tracy.

"I do. Quite regularly."

"You're giving me ideas..." she said.

"What? Fucking John like that?" I asked, never dreaming otherwise.

"Oh no! He'd never go for that. I was thinking of someone else," she said, tilting her head and looking straight at me. GULP!

After that paddling, Tracy released his legs and we made him stand up and then bend over for his final 24 which he took like a trooper.

We left him like that as we both admired his ass. We both fondled it and touched it to feel the heat.

"What do you think?" I asked again.

"Sexy as hell watching you paddle him, all squirmy and exposed," she answered.

"Thinking of taking it up with John?"

"Gawd no! I mean maybe if he asked me to. But I pretty much know he won't. Besides, I like being taken to bed by my big strong man and shown who's boss. I mean, no offence, but I don't think I would want to marry one like this," she said, patting david's severely reddened ass. "Maybe keep one around as a pet, because it does look like fun to have one of your own."

"To each their own," I said. "I like my subby boy best. I like showing him who's boss in bed. Hey, do you mind if he jerks off now?" I asked Tracy.

"No. He should go right ahead."

"Do you want to jerk off in front of Tracy and me?" I asked him.

"no ma'am..." he said sheepishly.

"Oh ho ho. That's a good one. I know you do. You just like being made to, don't you? Well you have your wish. Do it. Or maybe you'll need another trip across my knee for a paddling first? Huh?"

"no ma'am"

"No what? No to the jerking off, or no to the paddling?"

"no to the paddling, ma'am"

"Well get busy then. Show Tracy how fast you can cum tugging on that poor abused cock of yours, like a little monkey."

I made david stand in the center of the room facing us. I sat next to Tracy on the couch. His penis was flaccid. "Show Tracy how you can jerk off, sweetie," I encouraged him.

david blushed and then licked his palm and reached down to start stroking himself.

"Fondle your balls with your other hand," I told him. He did that.

"Keep your eyes up. Look at us." I told him.

He did so. He looked so silly hunched over with his eyes up looking at us, jerking his penis.

"Just like the monkeys in the zoo," I told Tracy.

Tracy reached over to my knee and started fondling me. Then she slid her hand up my thigh under my skirt. All the while david is looking at us and jerking off.

"Did you like your paddling?" asked Tracy of david.

"Yes Ma'am" he answered, getting a little more frantic now.

"Are you going to blow your load right in front of me, while I finger your wife's pussy?" As she said that, she slid her hand further up my thigh, slipped under my panty, and rubbed my hot little pussy and drove a finger up my honey pot!!! All the while she was doing this, she was staring straight at david. How hot is that!

david soon exploded. He doubled over and shot his jiz into his hand. Tracy took her hand away from my pussy. Fuck! He couldn't last another two minutes?

"Lick," she told me, giving me her fingers to suck on. I had to put them in my mouth and clean them off. I could taste myself! All the while, david is standing their open-mouthed holding his load in his hand.

"Go clean that up," I told him. He ran to the kitchen to clean himself up and then came back.

"Did you enjoy that?" asked Tracy of david.

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you!"

"Was it worth having your wife paddled to have me come over and watch?" she asked.

"I just do as she tells me, Ma'am," he said.

"You certainly do!" she said.

We had david get dressed again, and with david present we talked more about our DD relationship and about some of the mischief we've been up to. She was surprised that we had never swung with other couples, given how open we were otherwise. "Would you consider it?" she asked.

"I would," I told her, "but david has this thing about other men even being present."

"Oh, it doesn't work if we can't all play," said Tracy, sounding disappointed.

"We'll think about it," I said, and david nodded also.

Tracy stood up, put her index finger on my nose, and said "but before I even consider that, you and I still have a date, little missy."

"Yes Tracy..."


  1. The New Paddle is in the works today and should be shipped as early as Monday. I told lil julie to get me the address again ( since i dont save that stuff) and if I didnt have it by Monday , well she knew. I had it within the hour this time . I guess a believer has been made . Very well written post above . Hopefully The new paddle will be there faster this time . Ohhhhh btw , Almost forgot . There will be ( 2 ) Paddles in there . ( 1 ) for Aunt Tracy to keep for use on your very naughty bottom as she sees fit !

    1. Isn't that great of Daddy to be so generous? Tracy gets a paddle to keep for her very own. I wonder what this one will be like?

  2., what a delicious read david's paddling and humiliation is!

    You and Tracy perfomed quite an incredible tease on him. Having her join in to hold his legs up must have been ocer the top for david :-P

    It would be great to hear more of what was going on in your head throughout this fun. Especially when Tracy put her hand up your skirt and into your panties. Were you fantasizing about what you'd like to have happen when you and Tracy get together again?

    MmmmmHmmmmmmm!!!!! :-D

    1. I was trying to stay in character as david's Domme, bit I kept flipping back and forth into being Tracy's sub! Like one of those optical illusions where it's either a vase or two faces, each just snapping in and out of focus!

  3. Shawn,my wife has had me masturbate before her, caught me once, will not let me forget. Being spanked in front of another, well my mother-in-law gave me the first adult spanking, was visiting, my wife had gone to work, I got up late and she met me at the bedroom door, layed the law down about how I was treating her daughter and soon I was naked over her lap and never knew a spanking would hurt as much as an adult as it did when your a child. I was in my pajamas the rest of the day, when my wife came home, I soon found myself over her lap, my bottom bared and pleading. Nothing worse than to be spanked by your wife unless your mother-in-law is the one giving the spanking.

    1. Sounds like a perfect domestic arrangement for any boy who reads my blog!

    2. read it always, it is perfect, I've wanted a woman to spank me and my wife does. I'm thankful that my mother-in-law saw it first. Being over a woman's lap, your bare bottom being spanked, knowing you have been naughty, knowing your Mommy loves you and like a good Mommy gives her naughty little boy a well deserved spanking.

    3. That's what it's all about.

    4. Do you feel like a Mommy when you give a spanking? How did he really feel being naked and spanked in front of others? My wife could care less if others see me spanked and really enjoys when her mother witness a spanking. As for myself, naked, could care less, my bottom is getting all my attention.

    5. The picture of stroking my penis in front of my wife or others is the worse. My wife has me sit on the toilet, naked and play with myself. I must clean myself off, and the spanking that follows is the worse. She reminds me that spankings are best after playtime.

    6. Yes, I do feel a bit like a Mother, taking care of my boy!

    7. I think more wives should act like the Mother and take charge. Men need direction, I'm one of them, have found spankings address my problem. Some of my wife friend have commented how I have changed, my wife tells them a firm hand works wonders.

  4. Keep telling you Julie, your getting in deeper and deeper and loving it...Your reaction to Tracy as she contemplated the strap-on says it all GULP! lol. Well written, and look forward to your next encounter with Tracy and husband John watching you naked,red bottomed and exposed.

    1. I've never been fucked with a strap-on... That is SOOO lezzy!

    2. Something tells me it might just happen on your next visit...

  5. David seems really subdued by all of this. Proceeding on
    with this new situation will be a big last step down into sub space. I think your impromptu dialogue with Tracy must have been an extreme humiliation. I think the more he feels owned the more he will like it. This has all been preordained. Miss Julie, through all of this his love and total submission to you will be even more satisfying.

    1. david is enjoying the situation greatly. He's really encouraging of me getting into sub space with Tracy.

  6. Great scene Miss Julie, Did you set a date for your next spanking? You should bring your strap-on with you since Tracy already made the connection to using it on you. You will finally have a nice long fucking with big cock "Adam"!! How did you and David feel after Tracy left?

    1. I have two smaller sizes than Adam, and if I bring anything it will be one of those two!!!

    2. Better hope Tracy doesn't buy her own strap-on and match her husband's dick size, so you will be broken in for him.

    3. Oh no! What a thing. A wife "breaking in" a strange woman for her husband to fuck! Shame on you for even having such a dirty thought!

    4. I'm sure just like a song that gets in your head all day this dirty thought is now rolling around in yours lol.

    5. Not feeling the shame:) I kind of like the idea of you being used by both of them maybe Tracy's husband in your mouth and Tracy fucking your pussy!! Julie's time for spit roasting.

  7. Good stuff. How was David after Tracy left? Was there discussion? It seemed pretty heavy on the humiliation. Especially when you spoke of David sucking Tracey's husband. I think you're the ultimate domme.

  8. Miss Julie,

    A possible scene suggestion for thought... (if ever there is a chance for the four of you together). See if you can put david in a cock cage for for this occasion (or give him the choice. Since he doesn't like the idea of being in a chastity device, he can choose instead to meet John in feminine underclothes bra/panties and be called by a girl's name). It would be interesting to see if david would rather be introduced to Tracy's husband with a girl's name wearing a bra and panties or instead only have to wear a chastity cage for the scene. Either choice he makes will emphasize his current status amongst the group. As a side note - See if he can think of a sexy girl name that is very different from his real name. If he does think of a good girly name you can use it later to trigger his submissiveness. i had a girlfriend do this to me. i choose lisa and it worked.

    Back to the foursome - The scene could start with you and david on your knees. You in front of John to show david how to suck a "real man's cock," while david is on his knees to suck on Tracy. You can tease david to act just like you. Then Tracy can put on one of your strap-ons and use it on david, while John begins to give you a long gentle fucking till possible orgasm. That would be another great tease, saying John's stamina is getting you to edge on orgasm from fucking. You can see if you can cum being fucked by John while david at the same time gets a pounding in the ass by Tracy. david watching you close to an orgasm with John while david is being fucked in the ass by Tracy could be a very hot scene. You could both get it doggy style, facing each other. By david mirroring you and you constantly watching david, you might be able to avoid the cheating feeling that concerns you.

    Then you and Tracy can have an orgasm together while John and your subby watch.



    P.S. You have the best blog btw, by far. i've been following it for years. You are very smart and creative. Whatever happens i know it will be hot. During all these adventures keep a careful eye on making sure david always knows how much you love him and that his ass will always be owned by you ;-)

    1. Wow! Sounds actually like a bonding experience for david and I, us both feeling cocks pounding our holes at the same time. We can even hold hands!

  9. What a beautiful way to bring cuckold into David's world. I know both you and Tracy enjoyed seeing David naked in front of you both before his spanking and Tracy seems to have found a new love and maybe two new loves. 1 spanking your sexy bottom and strap on play. You know who is going to be wearing the strap on and who is going to have her legs up and spread. Such a beautiful picture. She might even desire to watch you pegging David while she gives the directions on what to do to him. Can you imagine the embarrassment for David as Tracy tells you how to take David.

    1. I think I actually LIKE the idea of being "penetrated" by Tracy!

  10. OMG, you and Tracy took the humiliation over the top!

    "I do miss it. Real cock, I mean."

    I could have quoted extensively, but this is perhaps the sharpest of your barbs. You are both such naturals. With david, and with each other. All signs are "Go".


    1. david gets off on the humiliation. He spurted extra fast that time!

    2. What male would not? I would enjoy it so much and would try and not spurt so fast, would enjoy a woman's hand touching it.

    3. david would have gone wild had Tracy touched his cock! Full on fire hose of jizz I am sure.

  11. What a wonderful fun read to wake up to. Just when I think this can't get any better,well you are over the top again.
    The thought of you both getting pegged together is oh my, so exciting.

  12. Hi Julie, great post, you and Tracy did a good job at cuckolding david and giving him a recreation of the paddling Tracy gave you. The only thing that could have been done differently would have been to have him already dressed in his bra and pantie set. I think it would have been very humiliating to have him strip in front of Tracy wearing his girlie underwear. Her reaction wuld have been priceless.

  13. Would you ever thing of a "spanking chain", Tracy spanking you as you spank david? Maybe even a full circle with david having a vibrator to satisfy Tracy?

    1. No. I would find it hard to be Domme and subby at the exact same time.

    2. I can understand that.

      What about you soanking David, then Tracy spanks you, then you both spank david together, then he has to make you both orgasim. If he's good he gets to cum watching you and Tracy go for round two.

      Or a spanking contest were you and Tracy each take a cheek and see who can make it redder. You both get to keep going till David cums or calls safe word. (I know you and David don't use safe words but Tracy mightn't read you as well as you do each other as she new both to spanking and to you two sexually)

  14. juliesp Ma'am if I may comment again reading about you and Tracy I forgot to really mention poor David. I know he loves the embarrassment but being submissive myself and pantied, I can only imagine how he felt presenting himself in front of Tracy a person he does not really know then to be naked in front of her and knowing she will witness his paddling and to add to it you played enough so she could see his pre cum. Once the spanking started I'm sure David could care less who was watching his attention at that time is on his bottom. Once it's over he's again put on display and has to masturbate in front of Tracy knowing she is going to cuckold him with his Mistress. R would never do that to me but if she did I'd be so deep in sub space and happy. I envy David and I hope you give him the embarrassment of letting Tracy watch you peg David maybe even help by spreading his cheeks for you.

    1. That public pegging is certainly something that can be arranged.

  15. i hope your booty cute booty butt get good spanking from Miss Tracy iam sure you desver another good spanking only longer this time over her lap

    as for david being paddle by both of you iam sure was just as fun for him knowing you soon be paddle yourself by your dom Miss Tracy

  16. wow, that was hot. I would love to be David and paddled and humiliated and cuckolded.

  17. Hello Mistress Julie.

    Wow did you and Tracy lay in to david. I wonder wand was the greater embarrassment the spanking or the way you two cut him down.

    I do think that you missed a few things. One as said earlier, that david was not in bra like you for the swat on the thighs. Also, no pictures of david's beat but even in diaper position. Oh well we can home.

    Yes, she does seem to like the idea of a strap-on, on you.

    As for this statement: ("We'll think about it," I said, and david nodded also.) A door may have been cracked. I wounder what daivd would say after a month of him not getting spanked and you are.

    In closing, thank you for sharing this very wonderful event. I hope this leads to 10 mil page views.

    pie pie 4 now

    ps david does need a girly name, just for times he is the girl. Divine comes to mind, the famous drag queen.

    1. Yes, I saw david agree we would think about it. Was h just being polite? We'll see!

  18. Ce post est étourdissant. Tellement réel.
    Il stimule vraiment l'imagination.
    Pourquoi se priver d'imaginer ce qui ne va pas se produire, c'est tellement excitant.
    Déjà, aller ouvrir la porte et accueillir une femme inconnue qui vient pour vous voir fessé par votre femme, est-ce que ce n'est pas déjà un cauchemar dont on aimerait bien se réveiller en soupirant "ce n'était pas vrai".
    Donc, ce qui ne va pas produire dans la réalité :
    Quelques mois ont passé. Quand david ouvre la porte c'est John, le plus souvent qui est derrière. Il passe juste se faire tailler une pipe par julie, agrémentée de quelques gifles pour david pendant que julie le suce.
    Rapidement, le goût de julie pour la domination de Tracy s'est accru. Son besoin d'être dominée l'a dévorée.
    Tout son goût et ses capacités de dominatrice ont disparu. Elle n'y trouve plus aucun plaisir ni aucune raison. Elle en est devenue incapable.
    Elle est devenue la chose de Tracy et c'est exactement ce qui la rend heureuse (si ce mot ici a encore un sens!)
    John l'a essayée au début, tout nouveau tout beau, mais rapidement il est revenu à Tracy qu'il adore baiser. Il n'utilise julie que pour les fellations. Elle ne lui sert qu'à ça. Elle a du apprendre à être pénétrée en profondeur dans la gorge, à avaler son foutre et maintenant elle aime avaler son foutre, elle aime son goût, son odeur, sa consistance. C'est celui qui gicle dans le con de Tracy (son amour).
    Lorsqu'elle lui a vidé les couilles, John la rend à Tracy dont la fureur correctrice est impitoyable. Tracy punit julie de donner du plaisir à son John (son amour).
    Quant à david, julie s'en est complétement désinteressée. Elle ne l'aime plus.
    Tracy n'éprouve pas non plus d'intérêt pour david. John peut-être ? Non. Il lui donne juste parfois une fessée excessivement sévère, par pitié et parce que ça l'amuse un peu de voir cette zoupette pleurnicher (david est évidemment d'accord!)
    Le reste du temps, david fait le service ou les travaux ménagers en petite tenue (culotte et soutien-gorge). Il déclenche les rires des visiteurs
    Julie, elle, est devenue l'esclave sexuelle de Tracy. Elle mendie un peu d'amour. Son puppy love du début s'est mué en une passion dévorante qui a tout submergé.
    Mais Tracy ne l'aime pas, elle s'amuse avec elle, elle aime la faire souffrir, la battre sans raison, l'humilier.
    Tracy aime John. Ce qui lui plait c'est que John soit satisfait et qu'il la baise bien.
    Tracy méprise david et ne trouve même aucun intérêt à jouer sexuellement avec lui. Elle n'a pas envie qu'il lui lèche le cul, de le sodomiser, ça ne l'intéresse même pas de l'humilier.
    Par contre, elle jouit d'humilier julie, souvent, fort.
    Elle lui fait de temps en temps nettoyer le cul merdeux de John avec la langue. Julie la remercie de lui permettre de bouffer la merde de son mari. (C'est répugnant !)
    Le responsable de tout cela est daddy: s'il n'avait pas proposé sa paddle magique, rien ne serait arrivé.

  19. This post is stunning. So real.
    It really stimulates the imagination.
    Why deprive yourself of imagining what is not going to happen, it is so exciting.
    Be told to open the door and welcome an unknown woman who comes to see you spanked by your wife, is'nt it already a nightmare of which one would like to wake up sighing "it was not true".
    So what is not going to happen in reality:
    A few months have passed. When david opens the door it is John, most often who is behind. He just came by to get a blowjob by julie, decorated with some slaps for david while julie sucks.
    Quickly, Julie's taste for Tracy's dominance grew. Her need to be dominated devoured her.
    All her taste and domination abilities have disappeared. She finds no pleasure or reason there. She has become incapable of doing so.
    She's become Tracy's thing and that's exactly what makes her happy (if this word here still makes sense!)
    John tried it at first, brand new all handsome, but quickly he came back to Tracy he loves to fuck . It only uses julie for blowjobs. She only serves that purpose. She had to learn to be penetrated deep in the throat, to swallow her cum and now she likes to swallow her cum, she likes her taste, her smell, her consistency. It is the one that squirts in the cunt of Tracy (her love).
    When she emptied her balls, John returns her to Tracy, whose merciless fury is pitiless. Tracy punishes julie to give pleasure to her John (her love).
    As for david, julie is completely disinterested. She no longer loves him.
    Tracy does not feel any interest in david either. John maybe? No. He just sometimes gives him an excessively harsh spanking, out of pity and because it amuses him a little to see that "zoupette"* whine (david obviously agrees!)
    The rest of the time, david does the service or the housework in small outfit (panties and bra). It triggers the laughter of the visitors.
    Julie, she became the sexual slave of Tracy. She begs a little love. His early puppy love has turned into a devouring passion that has submerged everything.
    But Tracy does not like her, she enjoys herself with her, she likes to make her suffer, to beat her without reason, to humiliate her.
    Tracy loves John. What she likes is that John is satisfied and he fucks her well.
    Tracy scorns david and does not even find any interest in sexually playing with him. She does not want him to lick his ass, to sodomize him, it does not even interest her to humiliate him.
    On the other hand, she enjoys humiliating julie, often, strongly.
    She does her from time to time clean John's shitty ass with tongue. Julie thanks her for allowing her to eat her husband's shit. (It's disgusting!)
    The person responsible for all this is daddy: if he had not proposed his magic paddle, nothing would have happened.
    * en français dans le texte

  20. Surely the most appropriate treatment for David's premature ejaculation would be for him to be spanked and fucked in the ass by a man who can go longer and harder than he could ever dream of

    1. I completely agree. Perhaps it will shame him into lasting longer.

  21. I'm surprised you didn't make david "clean up" in the usual manner - by ingesting his ejaculate.

    Your hubby's humiliation must be off the chart knowing that Tracy's husband now knows he (1) likes to wear panties, (2) is a premature ejaculator who rarely sexually satisfies his wife via his cock, (3) gets fucked in the ass via his wife's strapon.

    I suggest a simple lunch/dinner date between the four of you - no real 'play' just lots of innuendo, double entendre and outright discussion of david's (and yours...) proclivities discussed above. It might be a good chance to have a discussion on the merits of swinging and whether or not you would offer a 'fair trade' - obviously your hotness is off the charts, but david's trigger-happy performance...

    1. Not so much "likes" to where panties, but is forced into them by his wife for his spankings!

      But it's true. John knows all of this about david by now. And Tracy makes out John to be a REAL man.

      david cums too fast it is true, but his oral performance is A+.

  22. It sounds to me like David needs to be in chastity at this point. I know you've said he doesn't like it but what naughty boy does?

    1. It would be fun to have a foursome with david in chastity!

  23. Shawn, having to stand naked and masturbate before my wife or anyone I would just want to get it over with quickly. I do as Susan saids and so would do as told, her look and tone of voice would be enough to know better than not do as told.

  24. Stunningly amazing and freakin hot

  25. I've been reading this blog for years. Amazing journey. It took a whole new level of excitement when you started sharing real pictures and a couple of videos (with and without audio). I have really enjoyed Sue's involvement at every stage, those have been written really well .. especially when she turned you into what you've been turning David into.

    A little introduction, I grew up in a severely patriarchal household and society of South Asia which is deeply rooted in religion. I moved to the UK like 5 years ago, and i've belonged here more than my 30 years in the subcontinent.

    I don't know when I got interested in spanking, forced nudity and humiliation .. but it's been since forever. I have been watching and reading for decades on this stuff, but it's hard to find a good combination of slow and emphasised nudity and humiliation. MOST of the time it goes over these things way too quickly to hard spanking or fucking. Either that, or the emphasis isn't strong or long enough. I have had my favorites over the years, but they are becoming harder and harder to find.

    I am submissive by nature, which is in direct contradiction to the definition of a Man I have ever known. It's hard for me to ever give into it completely, which makes it my longing for it even more so. Reading about David's hesitation in the beginning is something i REALLY related to. Also, in the Therapy roleplay posts, I love how much nudity is mentioned. Even in this very post (for you), the extra incentive from Tracy for the panties-down bit (always my fav part of spanking) is juicy :P

    I am happily married, but I have been unable to experience any submissiveness with her. One, she isn't as kinky as me .. we have talked briefly about this stuff, but I dont see the full-blown talk-about-it-all-the-time kind of excitement that I have. The other side of the problem is, that I don't feel like I can be submissive to her, given the fact that i KNOW her and she knows me. I don't know how David got into that mind set .. may be it was more driven by you by putting HIM into his place? ... i just dont see myself obeying her, even while being spanked, I know i can pull out .. that I have the final choice ... that final bloody choice :P

    I have secretly been to 3 mistresses over the 5 years I've been here, off which I already feel very guilty about, since it feels like cheating on her (which i guess it is). My little reprieve to myself is that there was nothing sexual (apart from my own erection). These sessions were good, but they're SO expensive and hard to hide, they come few and far between, and never the same person twice. Between finding the limits and safe words .. it never hits that mark. The last time (like 8 months ago), in the introductory meeting, I asked her to completely make me submissive .. like crying bit punishment. She was doing well (kinda) but I called the safe word when it hurt too much .. which i regret doing to this day.

    Bloody hell, I've rambled a lot here. But I find this relationship between the two of you very exiting. To have two people with THIS much chemistry in the context is something I cannot imagine.


    1. Hi Igas,

      Thank you for writing. Your situation is similar to many I have heard. It's hard for two matching kinksters to find one another, and often just a matter of blind luck when they do. We are looking for other attributes in a marriage, and those are the more important ones.

      Have you tried being dominant with her? With David and I, we feel the dom and sub mindsets are very adjacent to one another, and while we have our preferences, we can switch to the other and really enjoy that also.

      For sure you can't progress to a deep level with a new Domme in only a single session. I treat initial sessions as playtime without great expectations. It can deepen over time with repeat visits, even if spaced far apart.

      Please feel free to write me an email at any time. I've enjoyed this exchange.