Saturday, November 5

Julie Paddled!

Well, I did it, and OMG was it ever freakin' painful!!! But fun! My butt is busted!

The weapon of ass destruction!

If you are new to this and want the background, it really starts at Julie in for a Severe Paddling! (part 1). Long and short of it is that I somehow managed to talk myself into seeking a "for real" paddling from a gal pal of mine, Tracy. This happened Thursday evening at 6pm, and this is how it went down.

All day before (at work) I was incredibly nervous. The butterflies in my tummy were nuts. I would do a little bit of work and forget about it for a time, but as soon as I came up for air I would remember what was slated to happen in the evening, and the butterflies went crazy again. I kept saying to myself, "oh my goodness, I'm actually getting a real spanking tonight".

I left work around 5:15pm and drove over to Tracy's place. The entire way I was thinking about my imminent paddling. I arrived with a few minutes to spare and just hung out in the car. Then right on the dot of 6pm I walked up and rang Tracy's doorbell. My heart was beating practically outside of my chest!

She opened the door, and we both were a little nervous and embarrassed. We hugged, and she had me come in. She told me she had sent her husband and kids out to dinner and a movie. The kids had asked why Mommy was not coming, and John, her husband, who knew what was planned, said, "Mommy has an old friend visiting tonight." Ha!

She was all smiles, but then she suddenly got all serious (more like "mock serious") and said "you owe me $18 for the service and $20 for gas money!" She sounded a little pissed off, and I quickly gave her $40. She said, "you have no idea the trouble this package caused me!"

She went on to say how the service normally asks her if she wants packages staged in the US and then shipped in a batch to save on shipping. They did not ask this time and she assumed it would therefore come straight through. So when it wasn't arriving she had to phone and phone and didn't get through. Then she got a notice that it had arrived, and she thought that meant in Mississauga (effectively a distant suburb of Toronto), so she drove out to the depot to get it (a fair drive) and it wasn't there. It was still waiting in the US. So she was pissed off but cleared that up in person, and told them to ship it ASAP. But then there was the question of whether tax was owing and ensuring there was no contraband in the package, so she had to admit it was a small wooden paddle she was waiting for, and it was a gift. She says that was highly embarrassing for her. They apologized for the mixup and told her they would ship it to her, but only by Friday. She told them no, she needed it for Thursday, and explained it was for a "photo shoot" and she needed that exact paddle, no other would do. So they agreed to put a rush on it and hold it for her, so she had to drive out again on Wednesday to get the paddle. And everybody there now knew what it was and no doubt assumed Tracy was some kind of spanking porn producer! Ha!

So I was getting a bit nervous because Tracy did not seem in a mood to play around. She was joking how I was REALLY going to get it!

She fixed  us both non-alcoholic drinks: cranberry juice with bubbled-up soda water and a squirt of lime on the rocks. We didn't say much to each other at all during this. Just some very small (and awkward) talk. She showed me into the living room. There was a big oversized footrest pushed back against the two-seater couch. Sort of like this.

But it was pushed up right against the couch so we had to sit on the edge of the footrest. She had some big comfy blankets folded up on there as well. I realized that she had per-arranged this as my spanking spot!

We sat, but then she jumped up and grabbed the paddle and sat down with it. She said how beautiful the paddle was and showed it to me. Oops, she was supposed to open it in my presence, but I had neglected to mention that to her. Of course she was going to open it. Why not? The thought also passed through my head that she had no doubt shown it to her husband, John, as well, so he has seen the instrument of my correction!

It is gorgeous, that paddle. It's much lighter than I thought it would be, which I thought was a good thing. It's maple on the inside and exotic hardwood laminated on the outsides, so it's light, but hard, which it turns out is very important!

She asked me to explain again about this paddle, and I told her the whole story. I explained how I usually spank my husband david, and her ears really perked up at that. She asked me all sorts of questions about that. Like when I started, how I got into it, when do I do it, and so on. I answered some but didn't want to get into the whole thing then and there, but said that if she was interested, she could come by some time and watch me spank him, and she said "I would love that!" Wow! david will be happy. Tracy is a dish!

Well then we got to talking about my paddling. She asked me why I wanted to be paddled? I explained to her that I wanted to understand more about this stuff from the other end, that I wanted to experience all the anticipation and sensations. I told her that I didn't want it to be david doing that, as it would screw with our dynamic, nor did I want it to be any man at all, as I did not want to be unfaithful to david, and was a bit intimidated by male energy that way. She TOTALLY got it.

I asked her if she had any experience at all with spanking? She said absolutely none at all outside of reading "30 Shades" but was very intrigued.

I told her that the man who made the paddle had also sent a letter along that he thought might be helpful. I handed her the letter in an envelope, telling her I had read it and consented to everything in it, which is incredibly embarrassing for me to do, by the way, which I told her.

She welcomed the letter, and started reading it. She actually read it aloud to me. I'll reproduce the letter here in blue, and intersperse what she said in red, and then provide my commentary in regular black.
From: Sir
To: Tracy
Re.: The paddling of Julie

First of all, let me say thank you, Tracy, for agreeing to extract my payment from Julie's little butt.

Oh.. "little butt" Stand up. Let's see. Yup it is little!
I thought that was a little flirty of her?

I do not know your experience level in administering a spanking.
None whatsoever!
That's interesting...
In case you are new to it, below are some suggestions. Of course, please feel free to do whatever and only as much as you are comfortable with. Julie has of course read this letter, and her handing it to you is her consent.
This is really good! It makes it all easier.
So you agree. Anything in here goes?


1) Tell her to remove her clothing. ALL OF IT.

Oh my! This will be fun.
There she is again! Flirting!!!
Wait there's more...

If she is shy about it or slow about it, a sharp hand smack to her upper thighs will motivate her. Go ahead and get her to do that now before reading on.
Ok. You heard it. Strip girl!
Go on.
So I start undressing. I have a dark floral patterned knee length dress on. I pull it off. I'm down to my bra and panties. Then I hesitate and look pleadingly at her. I admit it. I was bratting. I wanted to see what she would do...
Come over here.
I walked over to her SMACK! Ouch! She smacked the front of my right thigh. SMACK SMACK Ouch Ouch! She smacked the front of my left thigh and the back of my right thigh. SMACK SMACK. Ouch! two more to the backs of my thighs.
"Ok Ok Ok!" I said. She didn't say anything. She just smiled seeing the smacks having the desired effect! She didn't need to say anything...
I unhooked my bra and pulled it off. She was staring at me with a smirk on her face.
Keep going
I actually blushed. I could feel the blush in my cheeks! I peeled off my panties and put them aside. I covered my pussy and my tits with my hands.
What are doing? Let's see you. Come on. Hands down.
Oh Jeez! I dropped my hands and exposed my front side to her completely. I had waxed previously and so my pussy was completely clean. I felt very conscious of my little pudenda sticking out at her!
Do a turn for me (she spun her index finger in the air as she said this)
I slowly turned, showing her my bare backside, and then turned back.
Very nice!
Flirting again? Yummy!
Suggest you keep her facing you, displaying her considerable charms, while you read the rest of this letter.
Considerable charms indeed!

2) Open the package containing the paddle. Show it to Julie.

Already taken care of.
Let her know she will be feeling it later on her backside. Allow her to handle it.
She handed me the paddle and told me to hold onto it.

3) After the letter reading, have her face the wall for 10 minutes, by the clock, to contemplate her fate. Take a pic of her in the corner as a "Before".
Oh no! A timeout! I put my daughter in timeout when she's been naughty. I actually have a naughty spot for her. Just over there, in the kitchen. Should we use that? Just like my nine year old?
Oh my gosh. Later on in the letter Sir added the phrase "like a sassy 10 year old". He missed it by only one year! I said, "except she's not naked! I hope!"
No, she gets to keep her clothes on. Unlike you, little missy! And, also unlike you, I don't spank my kids. Although sometimes I sure feel like I want to! Tell you what, I'll take it out on your bottom then I won't want to anymore, ok?
Yes Ma'am.
I like that! "Yes Ma'am!" I like that. Let's see what else it says.

4) Prepare the room for her spanking. I suggest a good straight back chair. I'm sure she will hate being spanked bare over the knee like a sassy 10 yr. old.

Close! More like a nine year old! Ha! Let's see. A straight backed chair. I though we could do it right here...
"That'll be fine." I knew she had it set up for that!
You think?

5) Call her to you and put her across your knee. If you are feeling merciful, you may give her a hand spanking to warm up her butt.

Hmmm. Will that help?
"Yes Ma'am. It will warm up my butt so that I can take more paddling."
I like the sound of that. Ok. I'll do that. I am feeling "merciful".

6) Once you have her full attention, then start in with the paddle. I expect the end result to be a very, very red butt. A good sign of a job well done is tears. I suggest 24 sound strokes.

Tears. Yes. But I'm not stopping at 24. I'll stop when I want to. I don't care what he says.
"No... Keep reading,"

7) HOWEVER the 24 strokes is MY due. You may feel free to add up to double if you feel necessary to take your "pound of flesh" as well.
That's more like it!
Feel free to choose a different position for her remaining strokes if you choose.
I might just.

8) After you are sufficiently satisfied that the paddle has been paid for IN FULL, and that you too have been compensated for your time, please then take one or more "After" pictures with her butt and the paddle in frame.
I'll do a whole photo shoot of that pretty little butt.
There she goes again. She thinks my butt is pretty! Yay! "Can you use my phone for that, please?" I asked.
Of course. I suppose you wouldn't want me showing those photos to John, now would you?
No Ma'am (actually... the thought kind of excited me, but my common sense won out! What's with this humiliating stuff all tied into the experience. What makes sexual humiliation so exciting???)

Julie seems to crave the experience, and has agreed that if the pictures do not show a sufficiently well-blistered bottom that I will be requiring her to do it again. So you WILL NOT be doing her a favor by going light. I expect her to know and feel this for several days.

Ok. You read this before, right. And that's what you want?
GULP... "yes..."
Ok. You're 'gonna get what you asked for, young lady.

If you confine the intense paddling to her lower butt cheeks, the plump undersides of her ass, there will be no chance of injuring her. The photo below shows the safe area (and the desired results).

Ok. I see, just down here, right? Is that the right spot?
As she said this she patted my bum cheeks right on the right spot!
"Yes. Yes, just there."
And that's the amount of damage I'm aiming for?
"Yes Ma'am"
You're sure about this?
"Yes Ma'am" She shook her head.
Ok.. if that's what you want...
If you spank where indicated, you may feel confident in paddling hard but safely. For further safety's sake, Julie must have a "safeword", which is "Red". If she uses her safeword you must stop and check-in with her.
I knew that from "30 Shades". But I thought you'd have a word like "Rutabaga" or something.
"Just plain Red works," I said, "like a stoplight".

Thank you so very much for your assistance, Tracy. As you can well imagine, I am very much looking forward to receiving those photos from Julie to pin up above my woodworking bench.

I'll bet he'll be doing more than "wood working" looking at those!

And, if it's not too much trouble, I would be delighted to hear from you by means of a short email via Julie and let me know your impressions and how our sassy little girl behaved during her spanking.
Ok. We'll see. Maybe.

Wow! That was hard to get through. And I was standing there bare butt naked the whole time, blushing up a storm.

"Ok, so turn around. Face the wall. Ten minutes timeout for you," she said.

Oh My Gosh. I didn't think she would actually make me do that!!! I thought she would just laugh that part off. Especially after what she had just said about her kids and their "naughty spot!"

"Let me get a picture. Where's your phone?" she asked. I pointed to it. "Unlock it for me." I put in the code and showed her what it was. Not very high security, I know!

"Ok... here's the before picture..."

"Very pretty... can't wait to spank those chubby little cheeks!"

Hey! Not so chubby! Ok... maybe I need to hit the gym a bit harder... I've been so busy lately!

And then... she just left me there! She just freaking left me there!

"10 minutes," she said. "I'm timing!" She sounded very pleased with herself as she said that. I thought surely she'd get tired of this game and come back for me before that? Nope! I did the full freaking ten minutes with my nose against the wall. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR INCLUDING THAT PART, DADDY!!!

I got a little bored standing there. And I started thinking about what had gone on up to then, and what was yet to come. And standing there in abject humiliation... so... My hands were down and crossed in front of me... so... I rubbed my pussy. Just a bit... I guess that's why an experienced Dom makes a girl put her hands on her head in timeout. So I pushed my nose more into the wall, and i stuck my butt out, and i rubbed my clit, and i sort of gyrated my butt a bit (yes.. on purpose... I'm a brat, aren't I???)

"Are you... Are you... playing with yourself?" she asked in mock outrage.

"yes ma'am.." i said in a meek voice.

"You do not play with yourself while in timeout, missy! Get those hands to your sides, where I can see them!"

"Ohhhhh..." I said, sounding disappointed.

"You're finding this sexual, are you?" she asked.

Just the way she asked that, it was like a rhetorical question. I mean, Duh!

"We'll see how sexy it is when I start using that paddle on your butt!"


"Six more minutes..."
"Three more minutes..."
"One more minute..."

"Ok. Times up. Get over here."

Phew! So that's what a timeout is like? And that was only ten minutes! Felt like a very long time to be cooling my jets. But towards the end I sort of sunk into it and the time went faster. There is NO preserving any sense of dignity when you are bare assed naked in the living room (I mean, totally bare: ass, tits, pussy, tummy, back, legs, ...) nose in the corner, waiting for your spanking!

She was sitting in the center of the big Ottoman and had the paddle in her hand. She put the paddle back behind her to her left. I draped myself across her knee, blushing like a schoolgirl! She started using her hand to slap my butt. Pretty light smacks all over. My lower legs were supported by the Ottoman. My breasts were just hanging off the edge of it. My head was near the ground and my hands were in front of me, holding me up. I stuck my butt up in the air across her lap as she spanked me...

"Someone's liking this!" she said as she slapped away. Was she referring to herself or me? I certainly was!

The smacks got a little harder, but nothing major. She warmed up my butt really nicely, as if she'd been doing this for years.

She spanked a bit harder and spontaneously went into a daughter role play: "Are you going to clean up your room when you're told to, young lady?"

"yes mommy," I said ("Mommy" - blush)

"All your dirty laundry in the hamper? Every time from now on?"

"yes mommy"

She stopped my spanking.

"Ok, young lady... It's that time. What time is it?" she asked.

"paddle time?" I answered.

"That's right!" She picked up the paddle and she started rubbing it over my ass. Down low just where the letter said. The paddle was surprisingly cool. And the surface, I could already tell, felt hard.

I felt the paddle leaving my butt. And then nothing... nothing... then WHACK!

FUCK!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!

That paddle hurt SO freaking much!!!
And that was just, FUCKING, number 1!!!!

"That stung did it?" she asked with a giggle. Hells yes it "stung". That's the most giant understatement of my life!!! WHACK!!!!


She didn't even scale it back! Number 2 was every bit as hard as number 1! No way I would  last through 24 of these!!

"Get back here," she said. I didn't know I was doing it, but my hands were pulling me away from her and from that GOD DAMNED PADDLE.

"Oh no no no please no!" I said as she pulled me back into place across her knee and put her free arm around me tightly.

"Is that a Red?" she asked?

"no..." I said with a quivery voice.



I was breathing hard and fast. My heart was racing. I  could literally feel the adrenaline, the endorphins, pumping through my body.

I really, really apologize for my language above. But that's what went on inside my screaming mind, and some of that came out so Tracy could hear. And, it's the only language I can use that actually conveys what I was feeling, for real, during those first 24 paddle strokes. It was like a fire on my ass. I didn't know what was happening to my ass, but it sure felt like it was being blistered by that paddle. A bare-assed paddle blistering. A very, fucking, efficacious punishment.

I don't know how I did it, but I took all 24 of those ridiculously painful paddle strokes. Tracy kept them all exactly where Sir had said. Down on the lower butt cheeks. The left cheeks ones, the near cheek ones, were the worst. Although she learnt how to do the far cheek as well. And some she did right up the middle. I thought it would be nice to be paddled right up the middle, so close to my pussy. Believe me, I WAS NOT thinking about my pussy, and I mean AT ALL, during that paddling!

Sex, and sexiness, was the furthest thing from my mind. My whole world had collapsed to getting through my paddle strokes. When the paddle was in the air, the total fear of the next stroke. When it smacked down, the red hot fiery burn. Then the pain. Oh my gosh, the pain.

I got through them all and just lay there across her lap. It was so good that it was over! She had me stand up, which I did shakily, and then put me back down onto the Ottoman where her lap had been a moment ago. She placed the paddle carefully across my lower back, and snapped a picture

Ok, I know what you're thinking. It's barely red. I don't know why!  There is no way that degree of marking is anywhere near representative of the amount of pain that little FUCKING GOD DAMNED PADDLE delivered. And I am honestly not bullshitting here. That was the most painful thing I had ever experienced in my life. I thought I was going to have a heart attack with the amount of adrenaline pumping through me. Well... keep reading. It, and my butt, gets worse!

"So that was his 24, now it's my turn!" She said this gleefully. She rearranged us so that I was back across her knee again and then WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! OMG it started again! She gave me another 24, every bit as hard as the first 24! These were somehow more tolerable. Maybe I was used to it. Maybe the endorphins had kicked in more. Maybe my butt was getting numb? Don't get me wrong. Still hurt like a motherfucker.

"Nope... Not marked up enough yet..." She was going after the photo as her reference! ANOTHER 24!!! WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK... After that set she had me pose for another picture.

I did not know at the time. But I can see now. Getting closer!

"Let's change positions!" She said cheerfully. Oh no!!!! It should have been over! More than over. It was already three sets of 24!!! How about that you may give her up to double in the letter???? I didn't say anything. I was in her hands. I would submit to her until she decided my paddling was over.

She told me to lie on my back on the Ottoman. Oh no! Oh yes! She grabbed my ankles in her left hand, lifted them up and back, and started paddling me with her right! Everything, and I do mean everything, was exposed to her! I wiggled like crazy, and moved my butt around to avoid the smacks, and even put my hand down there so she had to make me move it. What a bare pussy show I must have put on for her, clear as day under the bright light of the living room, as I writhed around under her paddle. My pussy gaping and moaning. My asshole winking at her! And the paddle strokes. OMG. The paddle strokes!!!! She gave me the full measure of 24 in the horribly humiliating diaper position. I blush now thinking how she must have told John about it!

She made me pose for a picture. She insisted the paddle be where she placed it. Sorry guys... At least one of us here has a little class (and it ain't me, obviously!)

That's the Ottoman I'm lying on. It has a soft blanket covering it. and you can see Sir's letter and the envelope in the background on the black leather sofa.

She then stood me up, and made me face the Ottoman and bend over so my elbows were down and and my forearms were flat on the Ottoman, and gave me a final 24 paddle strokes in this way bent over position.

In total, I got 5 sets of 24. So 120 paddle strokes!!! She had me stand and face the wall with the paddle in my hands for the "After" photo. Before and after.

Let this be a warning to naughty girls everywhere!

I sent the photos to Sir already, and he was satisfied with them. He knew that his paddle would not cause the sort of deep bruising I saw in some of the photos on the web, because he favours a lighter paddle. But the pain in the skin nerve endings from that hard, hard wood is absolutely out of this world!

I can tell you for 100% certain, that if I grew up in a household where my Daddy had a paddle like that, I would be one very well behaved girl around Daddy!!!! A spanking with that paddle on the bare is something to be avoided at all costs.

After the photos were all taken, I put down the paddle and Tracy and I hugged. She stroked me nicely. Sensuously. Comforting me. I kissed her on the cheek and she kissed me on the cheek back. I pulled back my head and looked at her straight on, and I kissed her on her closed lips.

"Mmmm" she said as I did that, and then she gave me a smack on the bottom and said, "You, young lady, need to get dressed now!"

But the way she said it? And the way she responded to the quick kiss on her lips? And how she was running her hands down my flanks and across my butt? It's like, she was being the mature one in the situation. Putting a stop to something she would very much want to continue. I don't know if that means never, or just not right now. Time will tell, I guess. She certainly did not shut the door!

I got dressed and she asked me how it was, and I told her that it hurt like hell but that it was an amazing experience. She laughed at how hard she had to pin me down over her lap as my hands were clawing the floor, scampering to get my butt away for that paddle. She asked me if she had done a good job. I assured here she had!

We hugged and kissed cheeks again and then I walked, stiffly I might add (!) to the car and drove home.

When I got home, david was there and asked me how was my paddling? I told him he had better watch out because I have a new found appreciation of what turns a subbie's crank! david, of course, wanted to see the damage. I was feeling quite stinky though, and really needed a shower, so I told him he could see afterwards. I showered and then he had a peep. I asked him to take a photo as a souvenir, and so he took one more that evening...

Really now, can any man find this sexy? Really?
A thoroughly spanked woman?

He was impressed, anyways!

We cuddled in bed and I told him all about the experience. I'm sure Tracy did the same thing with her husband, John. She told me she would.

I reminded david (as if he needed it!) that he still had a treat coming tomorrow evening. In fact, that just happened, just before I put the final touches on this post and hit the Submit button. I'll process my feelings a bit more and tell you more about what I learned from my experience, and about my butt fucking, on the next post.


  1. Hi Julie, at last YOU know how it feels, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY !!!!!!, I gave Katie 15 once, hard with her clothes brush, no way could she take any more, she said. Having said that, she's more than happy to thrash my bare bottom with her cane, 5 lots of 12 is not uncommon !! Lovely to message you again John xx

    1. I certainly do. And now having "taken" it, I have no problem whatsoever dishing that out, and more! Those subbies just need to suck it up!

    2. Sensational story

    3. Thanks! Because of your comment I just re-read my own account. Brought back memories!

  2. VERY very nice!
    Great description, and it seems to me there could be more Real Discipline for you at some stage; there's no doubt she's going to be the BOSS when you two are next togther!

    1. Yes... >*blush*< I like the dynamic I have with Tracy, so it will be fun for her to be in charge. Outside of her, though? All Top!

    2. I believe Aunt Tracy may well enjoy having a paddle of her own" Just for lil julie....

  3. Absolutely amazing. The way you word things really makes it feel like we were right there. You should check out the paddle called the attitude adjuster lol it does quite well

  4. First time comment here. I am very impressed by your willingness to go through with your paddling considering you took 120 in the 'end'. I believe you started off with 12 from Daddy in your earlier emails. As a Dom I find that spanking someone the correct way is very important and considering Tracey had never spanked anyone before, she certainly got into the swing of things with a bang. I am sensing some pent up aggression on her part. I enjoyed reading about your journey into the land of bottoms up discipline. You have a great sense of humor, a very attractive curvy bottom and a willingness to show your entire self to the world. In closing I would to say that your first - maybe not the last - submissive experience seems to have been a well learned lesson into the mindset of pain and pleasure. I am sure David will benefit.

    Sincerely, LS

    1. Not only will he benefit, which he will, it will be with a newfound enjoyment on my part, really knowing what they are going through down there as I wield my implements!

  5. Amazing Julie, but did you actually cry in tears

    1. Gee. Yes of course. After the 2nd or 3rd stroke I was crying all the way though. Weird that I did not mention that at all in the recount. After the first 24 Tracy even commented on it, did a big "Awww Baby!" and then kept going.

  6. You have just won the internet Julie!

    A fantastic read and thanks for sharing. Your blog just keeps getting better and better. I worry for davids ass now lol.

  7. Fantastic! Sounds like Tracy was really into it. I may read the whole thing another dozen times ;)

    I thought the original letter from Sir recommended an additional round of corner time when the paddling was over?
    But I've got to commend Tracy on her creativity, the diaper position was a stroke of genius (especially for a supposed non-spanko) I can't think of a more appropriately mortifying punishment for a naughty domme.

    How did you avoid tears during all this Julie? And how close did you ever come to using the safeword?

    1. It did, but I deleted that part because I wanted to get it on with her and I thought spending 15 minutes with both of us cooling down would not be conducive to that.

      I WAS NOT expecting the diaper position. Where in heaven's name did she come up with that??? I'll have to ask her next time i see her.

      I did not avid tears at all. I was crying from the 2nd or 3rd stroke all the way to the end!

    2. Oh... and safeword. Never even considered it.

    3. Dear Julie: Old school bdsm customs were that a Domina needed to be a submissive before a dominant in order to have appropriate empathy for the sub. While I do not entirely agree with this, it is understandable (Mistress Gloria has never been a sub). You deserve credit for subjecting yourself to this experience and would bow before you to honor you (if i could). Your written description characterized the experience very well.

      Regarding crying tears, you have been able to bring david to that point at times. Why do you think you did not produce tears? Personally, a find that tears are no much related to a pain threshold as some type of emotional threshold. Thoughts? william

    4. Actually, I did cry, I just somehow forgot to mention it! They were not heavy emotional tears. I would characterize them more as my eyes watering up from the pain of the swats. Tracy even touched them and commented on them, and said something like "Awww... baby!" and then went on to deliver another 4 sets of 24 every bit as hard as the first! Some of the details during the padlding were a bit blurry but are coming back more clearly now!

  8. Awesome job Julie. Looking at that final picture makes me wish I could kiss that, and make it feel all better for you.

  9. OMG what a wonderful description of how you felt hours before, your feelings when you met, and they way you felt disrobing for her. Everything about your paddling was well described. If I may it would be something akin to when you lost your virginity. You know it's going to happen but how will it feel. Your bottom is no longer virgin she did a fantastic job of spanking you. Do you think it will happen again? I'm sure when you told David he had a big smile. Or maybe you and her spanking David. So many interesting thoughts.
    Thank you so much for sharing, your description was fantastic like I was there watching (and I wish I was)

    1. I certainly think I can use it as an excuse to put another move on Tracy, so I might put up with it for the sake of that. But the fascination with it is now purged from me. I find I am newly fascinated with topping, in fact, with this new perspective in hand.

    2. Fantastic post Julie. It reminded me of feelings I've had many times. Except I doubt I will ever experience using the handle end of the paddle!
      David will pay dearly for ... and love your new found insights.
      Perhaps when Tracy cums to witness (and help?) you paddling David, you will get an opportunity to "put another move" on Tracy without having to risk your own beautiful butt being blistered again.
      Best wishes, Karl

  10. Glad you seem to have enjoyed your paddle.

  11. A riveting and well-written account that bodes well to become a classic of spanking literature.

    I'm curious to learn how your perceptions of time were altered during the encounter and how prerfectly you recall every second.
    Certainly you will become an evenmore alert and exacting spanker of Davd following this scene.

    1. Thank you! I like that... being a "classic"!!!

      It feels like I remember every detail outside the actual spanking itself with incredible clarity. But it only feels like that, as i find myself now recalling bits and pieces that I forgot about earlier. Certainly time felt very slow before and after, as if in a dream.

      The spanking itself was just an explosion in my brain. I do not have a good recollection of what was done or said or where the strokes landed or how she was holding me or anything like that at all. It was just pure fiery unrelenting hell. During the spanking I remember feeling like it would never end. But immediately afterwards it felt as if no time was spent at all on the spanking part.

      Very strange!

    2. A thing or two to try...
      1)In a couple of weeks, after some contemplation, rewrite about your experience and put in what you forgot. And like your book, use your devilish imagination to enhance it. Then post it as fiction when things are a little slow blog wise. Or see 3)
      2)If you ever get Tracy to join you and David in a scene, try her again, if you ever get the itch. It would be interesting to see what she would do on her own creative ideas.
      3)Write a book 'Tracy In Control' and let your subbie imagination go. It's a way to think submissively without putting your ass on the line. Just take some pre paddled thoughts, some of your catty blog replies, enhance and you will have a booklet.

      P.S. Tracy's e-mail just might fill in some of the
      blanks you have

    3. Hoping she will come through with email...

  12. Part of me thought this was a big tease that was never going to happen. I'm so glad it did! I know that feeling of waiting for the minutes leading up to the appointed time. I know that feeling of my heart beating through my chest as I ring the doorbell. I know that feeling of it seeming to last forever in the moment but being over so quickly looking back. And I know that feeling of being hugged and caressed afterwords, so important to help the transition back down to planet earth from deep suspace. Thank you so much for sharing this most intimate encounter! It truly took a lot of courage to expose the inner workings of your mind like this. Thank you for this gift!

    1. Oh yee of little faith!
      You're very welcome.

    2. You were kinda right, she is a big tease ! Lololololol.... i think i will hide now !

    3. Daddy! Where's that paddle??? Get over here so I can BLISTER that butt!

    4. Yes daughter..... (knees shaking)

  13. Dear Julie,
    I`m very fond of reading your blog. It is always good fun. And I was really keen how your adventure would turn out. Your post and the whole story is absolutely stunning. This is really outstanding. My compliments.
    I absolutely adore your "switching" sides for this time to even know and understand better what david is going through (and abit for your own "fun").
    Kisses, Sabine

  14. Very well done lil miss julie. I know you're looking forward to being back on Top as STRICT JULIE now . I will let everyone know that i have promised Julie another paddle with no strings attached for following through. What I did not tell Julie, but will reveal now is that the package will have a second paddle for Aunt Tracy to keep. I am sure that there will be a need for Tracy to give Julie a stern look at times , a quicj reminder that she has the paddle and is quite capable.

    1. She'll like that, I think (though I did tell her she could borrow mine anytime!)

  15. Hello Miss Julie, thank You for sharing this. As a male spankee I really loved to see the tables turned and the abject humiliation of a Domme being spanked herself is a real turn-on. From my own experience I know that de diaper position is really, really humiliating and painful as well...very good of Tracey to include that.
    I am curious about your ' day-after-experences' as well..
    Thanks again for sharing, you have a very nice blog!

    1. Thank you. I found it sexy as well.
      More posts to come.

  16. Goddess Gretchen5 November 2016 at 11:14

    Hi Julie,

    It is about time you got spanked. I spank my sissy baby about 100-150 times a week. Her ass is always red. she has not used the toilet in over 2 years...she has lost most of her bladder control so it is fun taking her out in panties under her jeans and watching her have an accident in public! I think you should start putting David in diapers...

    Goddess Gretchen

    1. Or, you can copy my example, and try a diaper yourself? ;-)

    2. Goddess Gretchen6 November 2016 at 10:36

      Hi Julie,

      Ok! I agree. I was submissive in college so it could be fun. Can you describe a scene for me?

    3. OK!
      I think a BIG bottle of water. Than all naked standing in the corner. When you really gotta pee you ask for your spanking. No, beg for it. Then you go over the knee for a hot bottom. Then it's a diapering and back in the corner where you can finally "do your business". You have to stand there in that soggy diaper for as long as required. Then, before bed, you get cleaned up like a baby, with wipes and powder, and then a diaper change, and you sleep like that.

    4. There must be a good sound spanking as well !

  17. I do respect that you were willing to go through what we go through. It sounds like it was a legitimately rough ordeal. I've always heard that diaper position is brutal, presumably because it pulls your ass tight and minimizes the padding effect of your ads cheeks. It's worse when you have the kind of ass that does not show visible damage so easily, because the spankers assume they can just keep beating the shit out of you until it does.

    -- James

    1. That might be me! And yes, diaper position was especially humiliating and painful!

  18. Wow!! Thanks for sharing. Now you know so much more about the subbie experience, you will no doubt be a better Top. Can't wait for the anal penetration description. And didn't Daddy say you'd publish Aunt Tracy's account (love that she's getting her own paddle!)? Thank you!!! 💖TL

    1. If she chooses to email. Anal penetration was... completed!

    2. It's just great that you had fun and experienced the subspace so many of us love (that's why you don't remember the actual spanking details - but thy are in there and will slowly emerge). Will you please share a description of the 'aftermath' as your bottom begins to return to normal? Should take at least a couple of days of sitting uncomfortably. 😄TL

    3. The marking had mostly gone away next day. it was more "dusky" if I had to describe it, with a small bruise top right. There was a definite soreness and tingling, but mostly an itch that made it uncomfortable to sit and kept me squirming on my seat!
      By the next day it was all gone :-(

    4. Thank you! Nice, crisp description. Oh how I know that itchyness! And how the 'good pain' fades away all too soon. It's why we subs always want more. But I can't help but feel like Miss Julie, our fav Top, will return to punish all us bad boys who so gleefully teased and taunted during her subbie exploration. A mass punishment posted for all of us to have administered by our own Tops?? TL

  19. Might have been interesting if a defiant and bratty Julie had disobeyed Miss Tracy when ordered to stop masturbating. Maybe she would have had you turn around to face her while performing this indecent act. Poor Julie would be instructed to shame herself by locking eyes with her tormentor. I'm sure she would hear and smell your wet snatch. Maybe even forced to cum twice. How demeaning. Now your spanking would be a real punishment.

  20. Miaa Julie

    Just curious, but where is your wedding ring?


    1. Removed for the photo. Too recognizable. Very observant!

  21. You have an absolutely gorgeous behind!!! David is a very Lucky man indeed!! JayJay

    1. Why, thank you jayjay! A gal always like to be appreciated!

  22. Quite impressive, Ms.Julie. So, when is the sequel?

    1. We shall see. I definitely want a repeat performance with Tracy again doing the honours!

    2. I have already scolded Julie for playing with herself in the corner and suggested that Tracy needs to deal with it. As a Top Julie knows better. :-p

  23. Hi Julie. You said in the lead up to this that you were surprised at all the emotions the anticipation of a real punishment spanking brought up. Now that you've experienced life from both ends of the paddle, any thoughts on the differences in the emotional experience involved in Topping versus bottoming?

    1. Massive! As a top, there is nowhere near the same anticipation as when you know you are in for a hard spanking. And now that I've experienced it, it will bring a whole extra level of nervous but sexy anticipation if i knew I was putting myself through that much pain again.

      And as a top, it's all about control. As a bottom, it's all about being forced, whether you like it or not, to relinquish control.

      More thoughts to come as i continue to digest the experience!

    2. Totally understand. Well, I can't say "totally," since I don't top. But, I think your description of what being the bottom is all about is dead on accurate. I get into a lot of debates with the more BDSM-oriented commenters on my blog regarding the importance of express consent, and I get it, but there needs to be that element of "being forced, whether you like it or not . . ." to bring that loss of control home, and the loss of control is what a lot of us who are controlling in other aspect of our life are looking for.

      Anyway, look forward to hearing more thoughts.

    3. Yes. consent is critical, but if it's too explicit it lessens the experience. A fine line, and best to err on the side of extra consent, but once you know your subbie, you can fly!

  24. Darn girl that was one hell of a paddling!!!
    I'm glad you came away feeling good about it and there's no doubt about whether or not you got a good hard paddling. Glad it's over for you and also glad for your new perspective. I have the feeling though david may be sorry for your new found knowledge. Lol

    1. It was!
      And oddly, now that I've "taken it", rather than being sympathetic, it removes any lingering doubts in my mind that david is perfectly capable of taking it himself. And more!

    2. On that note, I wonder what David will think of that paddle. Obviously it hurt like hell, but where will David rank it compared to your various other implements? Imagine if he tells you that the cane or the tawse or even a different paddle is worse - could you imagine that? Would you ever be tempted to try it just to see if you could take it?


    3. Well, I will just have to make sure he ranks that paddle right up there, which I believe I am perfectly capable of doing!

  25. Does you friend Tracy know about your blog? Hmmm? Maybe you should let her in on the secret.

  26. Quite thrilling and all and I loved the description, but my main motivation was too see your lovely bare bottom again. I know, just an ordinary perv, huh, not a kinky one. I know you asked if any man would find the sight of your paddled behind sexy. I'm torn on that, since I have no real desire to cause such damage to such a lovely ass, but the answer is (a qualified) "yes". I think the opportunity for some gentle, extended "after care", making you "ooh" and "ahh" and squirm and squeal a bit is quite sexy indeed. I sympathize with your discomfort but wonder as to your inclination to perhaps repeat the experiment, maybe with a different instrument? In the future, of course...

    And once again, thanks for the lovely pics of your lovely, bare bottom. I'd give both sweet cheeks a lengthy kiss if I could...

    1. I would enjoy repeating it...
      And that aftercare sounds lovely!

    2. Feel free to fantasize about it (the aftercare, I mean). I know I am... ;-)

  27. Ms Julie, I'm so overwhelmed by your recounting of the episode!! Literally I am rock hard, dizzy, and my heart is racing! No offense meant, but I love that you were completely exposed in the diaper position and humiliated!!

    As others have stated, I would LOVE to soothe, caress, kiss, and tongue your gorgeous fiery bottom!!!

    This time I made sure to catch all of my cum so that I could consume it properly by your instructions!

    I can't wait to see the email if she writes it and to hear more of your thoughts on the experience!


    1. SO humiliated, all exposed like that!
      I'm glad you got a good load done. :-)

  28. Thank you Julie! Fantastic discription of your feelings. Those of us that have been there know this was the real deal. I will be enjoying some woodworking myself re-reading it!
    Really hope you enjoyed part 2.
    Thank you again. You are a Good girl!

    1. Julie, wanted to say thanks for sharing in such vivid detail. Re-read it again with my wife last night. That's six happy endings (including hers) from this one! Thank you again!

    2. Wow! That puts a HUGE smile on my face! I'm glad my butt could be of such service for such a worthy cause!

  29. Hi Julie,

    I am a male spankee, my wife does not like doing it but recognises my need and is willing to fulfil my need. We love each other dearly but we are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to spanking. I love it and it's a very erotic experience for me. It is a part of my life that I can share with her and she wouldn't have it any other way. We don't do punishments or roleplay. She spanks me becasue I ask her to and because I love it and need it.

    Having said that, your account of your paddling is one of the hottest things I've read! I'm so glad you got to see what it's like on the receiving end!
    I do hope you have more adventures like this.

    Happy Spankings


    1. Hi yorkie!

      Have you got her to read my "Advice for Wives" post (top right under "Resources"). She really should!

    2. Both of us are quite sick at the moment and our brains can't cope with this just yet!
      I will give it some thought though.

      I write short stories based on my fantasies and our spanking lives which she reads. I sometimes like to portray her as starting to like this gig and put some of her own ideas into practice (in some small ways she already has done). She says she is not that person but I disagree as I feel she doesn't give herself enough credit.
      The stories featuring us are realistic , I feel, in what is achievable for us. They are also one of the ways in which I tell her what I want and what the whole spanking experience means to me other than face to face conversation. She really likes to read what I'm thinking.
      I'm just stoked she does it to be honest, and yes, she does know this.
      Anyway, thanks for responding and your advice. I really do hope she gets some confidence in herself from your article.

      I really enjoy reading your blog by the way. David is, indeed, a fortunate man.


    3. What's key is that she doesn't really need to be "that person, she just needs to act as if she is, because she loves you. And once she gives herself permission, who knows, she might like it!

      And get well soon!

    4. Interesting perspective. I like it. And thank you.


    5. I just read your latest post. It seems you are going to get another paddling and some extra attention. Lucky girl.
      My wife and I are recovering nicely from our flu and, if our recent SMS exchange is anything to go by, I might be seeing some action myself soon. I was at work the other day and sent her a message...

      Me: Miss me?
      Her: Sure do :)
      Me: Love me?
      Her: Yep. Kiss (kiss emoji)
      Me: Spank me?
      Her: Sure...

      I'm waiting very patiently. Ahem...

      Happy Spankings


  30. ¡Absolutamente delicioso! No sé cómo soportaré ahora tenerte sólo como dominante. Tendré que releer esta narración mil veces.
    Es exquisita, como si tuviera más detalles que las otras experiencias, aunque no sea así.
    Desde la distancia del espectador ajeno es excitante; imagino cómo sería, cómo será, protagonizarla. Para ambas.
    Me encantan las fotos, tu cuerpo, tus nalgas coloradas… Creo que se van a amoratar…
    De nuevo espero ansioso la continuación. ¿La segunda? Entendí que viene otra cita ¿no?
    Gracias por compartir.
    Disculpa que te lo envíe en otro idioma.
    Posdata: ¡No están rechonchas! Es idea mía o ¿se ven más rellenitas después de la paliza?

    1. He points out that it seems to be more detailed than other posts, yet not so. Yes - I see what you mean. It was so "slow motion" being on the Bottom as compared to the Top.

      He also points out that he does not think my butt is chubby! Muchas gracias señor!

  31. Who spanks harder, Tracy or Mags?

    1. Hard to say. No direct basis for comparison. I can't imagine anybody going harder than Tracy, though! I think she turned it up to 11 (not like the other spankers - they only go up to 10).

  32. SeeMiss Julie wasnt so bad on being over a female lap and have butt you lil cute booty butt paddle spanked was it bet you already think boy when can Tracy spank paddle me again lol right

    who know maybe now Tracy be fan of spanking casue of you since you said she would love see you spank david maybe u both could spank each other husband same time

    1. I think that may well be in the cards...

    2. Bet TRacy be game for even Go For it How do you Think Tracy reall felt about spanking you

  33. Very well told. Loved it!

  34. I think we should place bets as to how long david lasts finally getting to have Your pretty little ass lol

  35. Wow! Regardless of who gets paddled, you always make me tent my panties! ~sara

  36. Hi Julie,

    I'm a first time commentor to your blog but have been following it for a while. I realliy enjoyed reading about your paddling by Tracy. It was good to see you finally getting punished by a real top instead of like the previous spankings you've had where you did what you hate, topped from the bottom. I also noticed that the letter to Tracy was missing the following P.S. "PS: Knowing how horny this girl becomes at the thought of spankings, part of her payment is that she is not allowed to "relieve any desires" the next day as she thinks back on her spanking. However, how YOU wish to deal with this horny young lady, or use her for your own pleasure after her spanking, I will leave entirely up to you. She may well blush at this revelation, but she has let me know that she would welcome any such advances from you. How you choose to act on this information, which might be either to take her up on it, to paddle her behind again for her wanton naughtiness, or both, or neither, is entirely up to you, Tracy. Have fun with her. She is your red bottomed submissive toy for the evening." perhaps if they had been given to Tracy you would have had the sexual encounter you were hoping for!

    1. Hi! Thank you for writing your first comment! Please sign something at the bottom so I know it's you from now on.

      The other experiences were not true bottoming. I was still controlling the action, so it was not really topping from the bottom! But yup, this was the REAL DEAL for sure!

      I deleted that part of the letter. Daddy not not included it originally, and i added it, but then I got some good advice by email that suggested it might scare her off, and I saw the wisdom in that. He said, "it's going to happen if it's going to happen" and there was no sense forcing it. I took the advice and am very happy i did. she was not ready to on that first encounter, but I've paved the way, for sure!

    2. My apology I reviewed the term topping from the bottom and realize I didn"t use it correctly. Your description is what I was trying to infer. As for the "P.S." judgement is always best left to the person involved. I was a little disappointed that the paddle arrived on time I was really hoping that there would be a for sure second paddling by Tracey. One last comment and please I mean no disrespect here. Was the diaper position spanking entirely Tracy's idea or was she prompted in some way? It just seems to be an usual position for a first time spanked to put their spanked in. Hattrick

    3. I know!!! No it was entirely unprompted, which is leading ALL OF US to speculate that she either has some experience, or did some Internet (or video) research!

  37. Wow! I am nearly speechless, and quite hard. I do have to tell you, Miss Julie, that as much as I enjoyed the story of your adventure and the pictures(!), if I were in the presence of your naked ass my first urge would be to kiss it.

    1. I find it kinky to have a Domme paddle my ass, and then to have a subbie be in charge of the tender aftercare!

    2. Yes, this would ramp up the kink factor. I would be glad to be your service submissive for aftercare after you, a dominant woman, had submitted to another woman. This chain of connection puts the submissive man in his proper place--submissive even to a woman who has just been submissive.

      It would be even hotter if you and Tracy had sex as part of your scene. I, of course, would not expect any sexual contact with you. Just the opportunity to soothe your ass and pay homage to you. Our intimacy would be at a much lower level than what you had with Tracy, further reinforcing the low status of the submissive male.

    3. Or maybe the Women are free to switch with one another, but the male is always subbie! Ha Ha!

    4. Oh, yes, the women have absolute freedom to do as they wish--switch with each other, have sex or not, let the submissive male watch or not, use him as their chaste aftercare boy, gang up on him and thoroughly paddle his ass, or all of the above. The the women are in charge, that's absolute. Everything flows from there.

      I would be happy to show up for you and Tracy without knowing the details of your plan. My goal would be to help you have a good time, on your terms, as it unfolded in real time.

      Hard now,
      Proud Servant

    5. Careful what you wish for...

  38. That was quite the story and the pictures are great. Very arousing story.

  39. Well done!

    (I mean your butt; it looks 'well done'.) ;-)

    You, however, are definitely........rare.

  40. Brain, hands (writing, spanking, fucking), fingers, legs, ass, back, bra mark, you.
    Some pain, some embarrassment for red butt Julie, but not much humiliation.
    Fantasie: you are sent to a couple's home you never met. You know that you will be punished by the woman and her husband. You have to give her a letter and obey. Corner time full nude. Then, she give you a harsh paddling, you cry from the beginning. Corner time. Her husband fuck you up the butt, splooges on your face and it's a third cornertime with cum on your face. The woman give you a letter for your husband and you have to go back home. You feel nice driving in the night. Your humiliation has been real. All was consensual.
    "What's with this humiliating stuff all tied into the experience. What makes sexual humiliation so exciting??? "
    You have done something forbidden. You know it is bad, but you don't regret having done it. Unfortunately, you have been caught. You have to recognize your fault. Someone you must obey obliges you to recognize it. You can't lie anymore. You have to say : "it is true, i have done something bad". And why ? "Because I'm big headed" He says you must apologize. You apologize : you are humiliated because it means you accept your submission. You have been defeated and you have to admite it.
    Nothing sexual until now
    But !!... your master, the one you must obey, tell you that there will be consequences.
    "You'll think twice next time."
    You submited, you accepted it and after you have been punished in a way that sexualy please your master, you hope she or he will be sweet and loving. You hope she or he will allow you to cum.

    1. Sexy! Love the corner time with cum up my ass and on my face!!!
      Although I beg to differ that my experience was not humiliating. Believe me, it very much was!!!!


  41. Superb Julie, you really are a trooper. The pic of your cute inviting exposed bottom-hole, really shows it should get used more ) perhaps Tracey has plans for it......

  42. I think Mags should try the new paddle either on you or at least on david to compare with Tracy.

    1. Maybe I'll give him a Tracy-replica spanking (or, better yet, have her come over and do it!) and then experience same from Mags after!

  43. As a boy I loved spanking from ladies other than my mom, and I also liked staring at ladies with nice feet. My friend mom was of this type, I used to play on the carpet near her feet, then one day I had a chance to be alone with her home slipper so I tried licking it and loved it. Later she bought new slippers and trashed the old ones, so managed to salvage them and took them home with me and every night I sleep after enjoying licking and kissing it. One day we smoked cigarettes, she caught us and punished her son, then said she would tell my mom. At the same time my mom and dad had to travel because my grandfather was ill and called asking my friends mother if I can sleep over for the night, so my mom friend said she will punish me herself, and I got a hard Slippering like my friend. Ever since I always try to get her to spank me. This lasted till I was 14 when she thought we were too old to get spankings.

  44. Woah! I'm not sure I could handle that much pain
    Now you what it feels on the other end, and how to make things worse... you'll be an expert :evil: ; )

    1. I think the essence of the submissive experience is YOU NEED TO handle it. If you don;t think you can, you should ask to be restrained!

    2. I'm a switch, but when I'm subbing I much prefer (in fact, it's really necessary) to be tied up somehow. Not because I can't take the pain, but because I know I'm bigger and stronger than the lady I'm with, and getting tied up is the only way to equal the odds (or, more precisely, tilt them in her favor). I'm all for just being ordered to do something and then obeying **after** I've been spanked into submission, but the initial spanking needs to be with her really, truly physically in charge. Knowing that I could just slip off her knee at any time (if unrestrained) ruins the experience for me.

      Others' mileage may vary, of course. :)

      Anonymous C

    3. I can definitely see that. As a top, I like restraining david for the the exact same reason. Then I am TRULY in charge. And restraining a man is soooo easy. For the promise of sex, they'll tie themselves up!

    4. For the promise of sex, they'll tie themselves up!

      (Stifles self...)


  45. Hi Julie - Like many responders to this post, I'm a first time commenter, long time (from inception) reader. As a life long spanko switch, I've especially enjoyed your journey into other parts of the kink lifestyle beyond femdom role play. Switching has provided me with the most fulfilling way to experience my own and my partners' kinky needs and desires. Don't stop now! You're one of my favorite blogs. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting and for the super kind words! I will definitely keep it up!

  46. Congrats to you again Ms Julie. This had to be more painful for you since being a Domme versus a sub, you don’t get the sexual motivation to submit to it that us subbies get.
    The before and after pics of your rear are very much appreciated by us all. I still can only fantasize running my lips and tongue over those burning cheeks to sooth the pain. :-)


    1. Well... I was pretty sexually motivated!!! I was able to "get into it", especially cause I had a little girl crush on Tracy. But I do prefer Domming, it's true!

  47. Will Tracy get to spank both David and you together?

    1. Never. david will never see me in that position.

  48. Absolutely loved reading this. Definitely made it feel like we all were right there for it. Been checking a few times a day to see if there is anymore updates

    1. I've been letting this post marinate so long as the comments continue pouring in. When they slow down I'll post about receiving my husband's penis into my rear end!

  49. Ms Julie,

    First let me say that I'm glad it was a good experience for you. And I was also glad that the actual spanking experience was just as I said it would be. Painful and humiliating with no thoughts anywhere close to being sexual in nature. At least not during the actual paddling. It was nice to hear that you got a true submissive experience which is what you were wanting and I'm happy for you.
    I'll admit reading this was exciting for me but I know those are just my fantasy thoughts. Because experiencing a paddling like this is not fun in the least.

    Bob S.

    1. I thought it was fun. You can't have the good without the bad. No pain, no gain!

  50. Good for you, in my country we don't have paddles as spanking implements, the popular implements are the slipper, water hose, ruler or stick, belt for allover body beating and cane as well though more often the cane is for bastinado not body. But paddle is unheard of.

    1. well... you have wood... you can fashion a paddle!

  51. SJ, you little tart - at lest this one time:

    Funny that my wife Irene asked me Sunday morning if I wanted to help her spank Susanna (as a fantasy). I had to say no. In some alternate universe, I could get into spanking a few difficult women/girls - but when I am with Irene I am in that sub space that folks talk about.

    (Speaking of which, have folks seen the Duke of Burgundy? It explore a pretty interesting and provocative dom/sub relationship between two women - albeit no real nudity or sex.)

    I did tell Irene that I'd like to see her discipline that bratty Susanna who had overstepped her bounds. Irene gave her permission to spank and tease me only, and perhaps make me parade around in panties - but not to make me do chores and certainly not to provide any oral pleasure to her. So Irene would whip us both, the tie Susanna up and leave her helpless, hot and bothered while she makes me lick her pussy.

    Great stuff, SJ, thanks.


    1. Oh Rosco... if offered, you need to spank!!!

  52. Were you able to drive home after the spanking? What did you feel then?

  53. If there is a next time with Tracey I don't think it would be a stretch for her to put the diaper position to its intended use. As a mother she surely knows her way around a diaper change. It would be such an amazingly humiliating end to your session to be put in such an infantile position. Even more so if you have to bring along David's punishment diapers for your own use!

  54. Nice paddling, but not nearly as ass scorching as the one Hillary got last night!

    1. Poor Hillary. Spanked by Mr. President Elect Trump.

  55. Very sexy! Think there will be more fun with Tracey in the future?

  56. It's been a while since I visited your site and this is one heck of a surprise!

    I had to read all the earlier stories just to catch up. I can truly read the dread - and the anticipation - in your earlier posts; the almost quivering fear/anticipation; what is sometimes called the approach/avoidance loop. In my mind I saw you down on the floor trembling (slightly) as Tracey read part #7. And then you're going over her knee - any and all dignity now COMPLETELY gone.

    120, HARD, with a paddle is a shit-ton! I've had and given more than that with a hairbrush, but with a paddle...? Nope! Tracey really gave it to you, but good. I can only assume this was your never-to-be-forgotten "spanking of a lifetime".

    Anyway, it sounds like you got what you wanted, the experience, the anxiety, the dread, the sexuality of the moment, etc. All good.

    And your tush doesn't look too bad for the wear. As for the lack of deep color, blame it on your DNA. When my GF spanked me I would get really red - and fast; when I spanked her she would only get a pretty pink like you. Is what it is.



    PS: Did the pudenda have any 'moments'?

  57. Good Account lil miss julie ( this maybe the last time I get to use that, maybe)

    I do not think you have chubby cheeks, they are womanly cheeks and thank you for sharing them before, during and after.
    WOW 120 with a paddle. You have buns of steel or it is a testament to the advantage or a warm up spanking.
    Very good that you never called for stop, but the safety word was there, and she used it to check.
    Diaper position, another WOW. I think she may have done some internet search for spanking, and saw it. I hope your adventure was as enjoyable for you as it is for us to read.

    Well done
    pie pie 4 now

    1. Just head back from her by letter. She did do some research!

  58. What an amazing experience for you, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with everyone. I look forward to your afterthoughts, that have been stated in individual replies to people's comments.
    I am glad that I was able to promote this event a little, but you have an amazing following of interested spanksters.
    bottoms up

    1. Hi red,

      And thank you for helping to promote. I actually enjoyed it which I did not know I would (other than that damned paddle cracking down on my bare backside again and again, that is!)

  59. This is no bad thing.