Saturday, January 14

Anther Paddle, Another Paddling!

So, Daddy of my paddling fame was so delighted with the illustrated results of my first paddling that in the comments to Julie Paddled! he offered to make me another paddle:
Daddy  5 November 2016 at 09:15
Very well done lil miss julie. I know you're looking forward to being back on Top as STRICT JULIE now . I will let everyone know that i have promised Julie another paddle with no strings attached for following through...
I don't know what I was thinking. It was 2 months ago now, but I wrote him back by email and said
Thanks for the second paddle offer!

Shall we see what heavier is like?
Maybe a big one, like the ones I see for school paddlings or sorority paddlings.
Heavier wood. Still hard. Bigger for distance spanking. Perhaps holes drilled into it for speed???
I will want to try it out on my butt as well, of course. No doubt get Tracy to do the honours as it will come through her again.
It was so easy saying that back then. So... difficult... when the paddle finally arrived... In between then and now, a little back and forth email exchange...
What are you doing today young lady?

Not much today. At home with David enjoying each others' company. You?

Cutting wood here

How manly!

Sassy brat .... lol ... i am going to make Tracy a paddle that scares you so bad you start bawling before the first SMACK on that cute chubby lil bare butt
Then Daddy started sending me photos of the work in progress.

It started out as a pecan board...

Then it got its rough shape...

Then it was refined...

And then it was finished and delivered to Tracy just this past Tuesday...

Daddy and I hadn't been communicating a lot. Taking a bit of a breather after the intensity of the Tracy experiences and then Christmas. Then out of the blue I get:
From: Daddy
Subject: Paddle
Be worried.  Be very worried.
Was not sure what to make of that, and then I suddenly hear from Tracy out of the blue by txt on Friday:
Hello beauty. How are you? Hope you are having a brilliant new year! I've been chatting with Daddy and a new paddle has arrived. I've promised him to give you a paddling and have you send him some pics. Hope you don't mind! hee hee. Are you up for some fun paddle play on Tuesday evening my place?
Yes! Tuesday would be grand!!!
I was excited that Tracy reached out and wanted to play with me. And I was excited that the paddle that Daddy was making finally saw the light of day. And a little scared. This is the point at which I started kicking myself for insisting on such a ridiculous paddle. What was I thinking??? My typie fingers writing cheques that my backside would now have to cash!

Then on Monday an e-mail exchange with Daddy:
Have you heard from Tracy ?  you have really messed up this time young lady . I almost feel sorry for your backside ..... NOT

I've been told to present my backside at her place tomorrow. I'm told to expect to be bared, blistered, and photographed! What have you done???
I haven't done anything... You young lady have dug yourself in deep this time. I knew your sass and failing to do as you're asked was going to be your undoing.
Like being caught "off-guard" and having to face discipline you have no control over... don't you?
Then in the midst of this exchange I get another txt from Tracy:
Oh I have plans for you little missy. We are going to have so much fun!!!! You must bring with you tomorrow a short school girl outfit!!!
I write back a "Yes Ma'am!" to Tracy. I continue the email thread with Daddy after the txt.
Yes Sir... sigh...
I've been told I'm wearing a short schoolgirl skirt.
I am imagining I will be bent over, it will be flipped up, my panties pulled down, and I will undergo a severe paddling from that new monster paddle... Perhaps her husband will be there to witness it?
Oh my...
Possibly. However that just scratches the surface. And you still don't know why.  Ahhh the life of a teenage school girl. This scene could be a repetitive one. Understand young lady.
I am feeling as if Tracy and Daddy are cooking something up together, and I will be the last to know!

It had been a while since my last Tracy experience. Recall that there had been four experiences in fairly short order before Christmas.
  1. Nov 5: Julie Paddled!
    First time she paddled me.
  2. Nov 23: david paddled in front of Tracy
    Then she came over and watched me paddle my husband.
  3. Dec 8: Tracy Asserts Her Rights
    Then she dropped in on me out of the blue and gave me a paddling and a two-hour room grounding. When I misbehaved with my dildo I then got a hand strapping with the dildo still stuck inside of me, and then another paddling!
  4. Dec 14: Julie's Belt Licking!
    Then I went with her out for an embarrassing public shopping trip, and wound up back at her place for a belt whipping WHILE HER HUSBAND WATCHED! That ended with the three of us in bed and me giving her hubby a blowjob and a handjob, and then Tracy and I getting it on.
Then this hiatus until now.

In the meantime, I have been kind of obsessing a bit over my spankings from Tracy, and especially over her husband John's involvement. My husband knows everything that went down, of course, in all the glorious detail. He was quite excited by John's involvement and he has been teasing me about it. He and I tend to cuddle together at night in bed after light's out, and we talk sexy fantasy talk to one another.

I confided in him all my thoughts.

I am very excited to be Dommed by Tracy. I love that she is so into it, and so fierce with me! I loved that she was willing to play my "Mommy" during my spankings, because I do have this parental fantasy thing in me.

I was initially very leery regarding any possible involvement from her husband which she was clearly keen on. But at the same time it excited me. But I finally agreed he could watch my belt licking (Tracy kind of insisted on it, and I went along).

From the moment I agreed (and even before agreeing in fact) I started fantasizing about what it would be like to be stripped bare naked in front of a strange man. To be taken over his woman's knee and spanked by her, bare naked. To be waving my pussy in the air where he could see. To have him see my bare breasts dangling. To have him see my bottom hole as I kicked and squirmed during my spanking. To have him see my bottom being reddened while I bawled like a misbehaving little girl across Mommy's knee. OMG!!! BLUSH!!!

When Tracy and I were spanking david, we teased him about how much better a lover John was than he. How John's cock was so big and stayed so hard for so long. How he could fuck a lady all night long until she came on his cock. How he had a "ritual" of insisting his women sucked him off, deep throat, before being allowed his cock in their pussies. I fantasized about Tracy "making me" get on my knees and beg him for a pussy fucking with his cock down my throat. I fantasized about bending over and getting his big hard cock deep into my pussy, fucking me so hard.

When I arrived at Tracy for my belt whipping, John made me feel very comfortable with him. He was respectful, and very manly. And he was very, very handsome! So I was therefore predisposed to allowing more to happen with John than I had originally planned on. My husband david was not an issue at all. He knew all about my fantasies, and he encouraged me to act out on whatever I wanted, and he would share in my excitement during the re-telling. Including a fucking from John.

So I allowed John to remove my clothes. I allowed him to touch me in intimate places. Truth be told, you might even say I begged him to. At least my soppy wet pussy begged him. I was the one who asked that he join Tracy and I in the bedroom. He was allowed to watch as my pussy and asshole were both penetrated by two dildos, and then I was spanked across his wife's knee. I was the one who volunteered to blow him (actually i was made to beg him for the privilege as Tracy spanked me!) and then to handjob him to completion as he simultaneously fingered his wife's and my asshole.

After he released onto his chest and tummy, it super turned me on that he so casually made his wife clean him off with her tongue! He actually grabbed her by the hair and "made her" lick him clean in front of me!!!! He did it with an easy confidence. His wife was an eager little slut doing it!

Since then I've imagined being in Tracy's place. Me being the woman he forces to deep throat him. Me being the woman subject to his hard and lengthy fuckings. Me being the one to have to lick and swallow his cum! Oh my...

For years I've been uncomfortable about a man dominating me. But I've definitely turned a corner with John and Tracy. The thought does not fill me with dread. I still feel a bit nervous about it, and would want Tracy there, but not crippling nervous like before. I also actually want to have real sex with him. Or rather, to be fucked by him while his wife directs the action. And my husband is encouraging me to chase my fantasies. But is it adultery? Is it cheating???

So in the back of my mind, in advance of this latest paddling from Tracy, I was very open to going much further than either of them would ever expect me to. I was going to go along for the ride arranged for me by Daddy and Tracy, and play it by ear with a very open mind (and pussy!).

More to come on this latest adventure. There will be mucho pics as well that I will be presenting! What did Daddy and Tracy arrange for me? How much did John get? Was he even there? You'll have to stay tuned to find out! Ha Ha!

In he meantime, I would love to hear your speculations and expectations in the comments section. Why am I dressed as a schoolgirl? Is there a roleplay? What do you think it will be? What will happen to me???

Continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 1).


  1. Wow that looks like quite the formidable paddle. I can see why it may have taken you so long to write this post, if it went down this past Tuesday, it's kind of hard to type when standing up lol.

    It was interesting to see that "Daddy" is still around I thought he had parted ways with you and Tracy as was mentioned in the comments of the part three post.

    Looking forward to hearing all about this latest adventure with you and Tracy and ????

    Enjoyed the recap nicely written!

    1. Tracy and I thought so also, but it turned out it was just a little break, thank goodness! And Daddy is ALWAYS a man of his word, and he had offered up the paddle. Besides he likes seeing me get my butt paddled! Too much for him to resist ;-)

  2. You naughty little girl you deserve everything John and Tracy give you and more. I'm sure you are sharing the pics with David. Have fun with your soaking wet pussy I know you will.

    1. No no! david does not see pics. Those are only for Daddy and you guys and gals.

  3. Very hot as always! And so sexy to hear 'how you're thinking', in addition to what you do.

    What about the time after this upcoming hot escapade? Is david willing to watch you be taken by John? Has that become part of your fantasies? His fantasies? If so, how do you imagine it?

    1. No, he does not want to watch. Should I make him???

    2. If you'd like him too, I'd tell him that he needs to be thinking about it. I sense you are about to go deep on this. I think it'd be a very hot scene for sure

    3. Maybe have him listen in via cell phone...or Skype audio. Of course he'll need to be restrained so that he doesn't spill his seed in the process. A humbler or cock cage perhaps?

  4. My how naughty Julie needs to be taught some lessons. Taking her back to dressing like the naughty schoolgirl that she acts like! I love and hope that naughty bottom is taught a lesson and then of course all of her desires satisfied if she's a good girl

  5. Personally, I really think Tracy should be spanking both you AND david while you're dressed as matching schoolgirls.

    Hey, afterwards John could fuck you while Tracy fucks david with the strapon. A good time for all.

  6. Oh boy here we go again! I love love your paddle and tell stories. I hope you receive a bright red bottom and large one in your wanton wet pussy. And of course tell us all about it. Lol

    1. I will tell all, plus show all with all the pics Tracy took as well!

  7. we also expect photos of the lines that that Tracy makes you write after your paddling.


    1. No lines! Tracy seemed to have forgotten that!

  8. "Personally, I really think Tracy should be spanking both you AND david while you're dressed as matching schoolgirls.
    Hey, afterwards John could fuck you while Tracy fucks david with the strapon. A good time for all."

    I'm seconding this brilliant suggestion! You and david can hold hands and look into each other's eyes while your bottoms get plowed.
    Who will come first? You or david? I'm betting you will, because you'll be soo excited by getting subby- paddled and subbyfucked. Such a subby-slut you are!
    If you come first david should be given your ass to splooge in after John finishes with your pussy.
    All properly punished schoolgirls need to be thoroughly plowed and splooged on!
    Also, we desperately need pics :)

    1. I agree with your sentiment re naughty grown up schoolgirls!

  9. What an awfull paddle. It must do a hell of pain. I can't imagine your so delicate ass cheeks has been submited to this.
    As to schoolgirl outfit, one can imagine you have to wear it because you have to learn something.
    A condition for something else.
    You told about sucking at school but it is obvious you neither learnt to deepthroat.
    One can imagine it is what you are going to learn in your schoolgirl outfit : how to give a good deepthroat to John
    This so thick paddle will be there to encourage you.
    One try, deep.... One WHACK !, hard.... One second try, deeper... One WHACK ! Harder!
    Until (no more than 24 I hope) you learnt the second lesson : obedience and submission.
    The little schoolgirl shall learn how to give a nice deepthroat without the threat of a sore behind.
    A few more lessons to come...

  10. Can't wait for the rest of the story and the pics. That paddle is fierce!

  11. Big Thick Painful Paddle justwhat your naughty butt needed hope TRacy Mommy Sweet TRacy didnt hurt herself while spanking paddling naughty Julie then had good laugh as you rub your well spanked paddle red bottom come think of it i be doing that as peeking into window

    1. It hurt A LOT, mike. So cruel of you to make fun of my paddled bottom! ;-)

  12. Hi Julie,
    Wow! What a great prelude to so many possibilities! I hope Tracey makes you stand on her table and bend over and touch your toes with no panties and your dress hiked up so your beautiful little pussy and bottom hole are exposed. You will be looking between your legs at Tracey and John as she tears your ass up with that paddle! Would love to see some pics of the same! Your stories and accounts of you and David rock my world and my mistress is now reading them also. She has some of your ideas lined up for me the next time we have no kids around! Keep the stories Cumming!
    Omk4u tumblr

    1. You need to catch up. Pictures rather like what you describe ahead!