Tuesday, July 24

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 6)

[Continued from Part 5]

"It's settled then," I said. And then to david, "pull up your panties to your knees and hold them there. Get up those stairs to our bedroom. You better not let that toy slip out! Time for your marital duties, young lady."

I was pleased and excited that all my guests had accepted my invitation to join david and I in our bedroom to witness my husband being put through "her" paces.

david held up the now folded paper towel he had just used to clean off his disgracefully leaky cock and looked at me questioningly. I indicated he should just put it down on the coffee table. He did so slowly and carefully. I took this opportunity to turn off the vibrations of his butt toy, suspecting this may have had something to do with his leakage. It seemed to be now under better control.

He then bent down gingerly to pull up his panties, which were at his ankles, to around his knees as instructed. He used one hand to hold his panties in place, and the other went behind his butt to shove the toy in deeper and hold it there. I allowed this, as it no doubt would have come shooting out once he started ascending the stairs, and then there would have been a mess on my carpet which might have never come out.

I told him to go first, so we all had the delightful view of his hunched-over progress up the stairs, bare beaten buns wiggling, while shoving his own (pretty big) toy up his ass. Ha ha!

We all piled into the bedroom (which was a bit of a tight fit with all five of us there), and the ladies took their places. I had david kneel. I opened the bedside drawer (lots of toys there!) and took out my strap-on harness and a pair of medium-sized dildos. I mercifully left Adam in the drawer. I tossed one of the dildos on the bed, and inserted the other one into the strap-on harness. I handed the harness to david. I quickly took off my shorts, leaving me in panties and blouse, and had david put my strap-on dildo on me.

"Oh," observed Beverly, "you make him put it on you. That's good. It's submissive somehow, especially knowing what's coming..." I agreed with Beverly on the sentiment.

I could see during this procedure that he kept reaching behind. I surmised that his plug might be falling out, which is a good sign that means his ass has been appropriately stretched. I asked if the plug was falling out and he confirmed it. I remembered that I had a roll of duct tape in the bedroom drawer, so I made him stand and then bend over with his elbows on the bed. I got the duct tape and some scissors.

"This should keep it in for the time being," I said as I unrolled some tape. Sue offered to help and held the tape as I cut off a piece about 6" long. I pushed the tape against the plug and then spread his cheeks and taped it horizontally following the contours into his ass crease and just around to the inner curve of his ass. Then we got another one, maybe twice as long, and I added another horizontal strip covering the first across his ass cheeks but this time pulling the cheeks together. Then I pulled up his panties up for even greater security. He could keep them on for this next part.

"That should hold it in," said Joyce. Joyce tossed out these little comments like that from time to time, which was nice.

With my strap-on around my hips I went to the side of the bed, sat there, spread my legs, and invited david to get down between them and to give me head. "Do a good job, now honey," I said. "Show our guests how enthousiastic you can be."

Well david got busy like a real trooper. He immediately dove full bore right down the shaft!

I had to admonish him to slow down, to kiss the tip and to lick the shaft first. He started doing it right and began teasing my dick like a pro.

Don't think the ladies were silent during this! He received all manner of encouragement and praise. It was probably the most we heard from the ladies the whole time. They loved watching him do this. I guess what Feminist worth her salt doesn't like watching a straight cisgendered male having to give deep head to his head-of-household wife's strap-on? I mean really?

Before long he progressed to bobbing his mouth up and down my dick, pursing his lips properly into a big round "O". He got a few "work it, baby!" type comments.

The thing about dick-sucking a strap-on is that us women do have good sensations as the base pushes into our pelvises right near our clits. And you get many different kinds of sensations depending on which way things are moving and how much pressure is applied. So some, at least, of the pleasure in my face and the grinding of my hips was physical.

When I tired of being passive, I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him deep around me, making him gag. This resulted in another flurry of comments and advice on how he should relax his throat and so on.

I sensed that Beverly was anxious to get in on the action, so I suggested she could hold his head and push it deep onto my dick. She sat on the bed next to me and put her hand there and was really quite strict with Daniella's deep throating, making his head bob deep down on my dick, and making her do it over and over again despite all the gagging!

Joyce admonished Beverly to "take it easy!" Ha ha!

I told Beverly to hold Daniella's head back and still. She went to stand behind him, straddling his kneeling legs, and put both hands against the back of my husband's head, bracing them against her own body. I kind of hipped-up on the bed with my hands to reach his mouth and started thrusting in over and over again with my raised hips as Beverly held him steady in place. There was a nice "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" sound as I skull-fucked my husband.

I ended it there. david was out of breath, the saliva was drooling out of his mouth, and he had snot coming out of his nose. I got a paper towel and cleaned him up a bit. I told him to blow as I held the towel at his nose. Very motherly! As I did this I asked my audience what they thought of her cock sucking skills? There were generally positive reviews, but Sue (a bit of a "past expert" herself, but that's another story) suggested her deep throating skills needed work, to which there was general agreement. Beverly said how she loved all the slobber coming out of his mouth as he was doing it.

I had david stand, and in full view of the ladies I stripped off his panties revealing another big erection. My little lady seems to have enjoyed her cock-sucking adventure. I thought I would point it out in case any of the ladies missed it. I tickled the underside of his cocktip with my finger as I said, "someone seems to have gotten turned on sucking cock..."

"Ready to be fucked now, baby?" I asked him.

"yes, sir," he said in a high-pitched quiet voice, but honestly looking more anxious than eager. How delightfully submissive!

I next told david to get on his knees and elbows on the bed. I put a bolster under his hips. With one big pull I ripped all the tape off. david yelped and Beverly exclaimed that he had just experienced a waxing, yet another element of being a woman in a patriarchal society (I don't know, lesbian girls like it waxed too, no?). I picked up yet another paper towel and carefully pulled the vibrator out of his ass and into it, wrapping it up quickly and setting it aside.

I then got behind my husband, spread his cheeks with my hands, and with one knee down and one knee up I poised the tip of my dildo at the entrance to his "pussy".

"Come around and see," I told my guests. They came to either side of the bed, and Beverly sat on the side of the bed and leaned in to watch the insertion from behind up close.

"Look how loose she is," I said, as I played the tip around his anal entrance and bumped and withdrew against it. The vibrator had done its job and his asshole was quite distended, a proper hole maybe a quarter inch in diameter as opposed to a pucker. Hearing this Sue also popped around and put her head in there to have a quick look before going back to her spot.

I felt like a stripper on a stage must feel. All eyes on me as I lined it up and then pushed it home. Poor Daniella. Is there anything more embarrassing than for a "man" to be penetrated like a lady by his wife in front of three woman witnesses?

There was the other dildo that I had earlier tossed on the bed. I suggested to Beverly that she get it and hold it in her hand to use on Daniella's mouth as I fucked her pussy. This she did and pretty soon david had it coming in from both ends. True to form, and with the dildo now in her own hand, Beverly was very strict with it, and the gagging was frequent. "Now you know what it's like," she told him at one point, but not unkindly. Methinks Beverly had some mild "issues" she needed to work out!

Each time he gagged he had to violently pull out, but the second the reflex subsided he dove right back onto Beverly's hand held cock, a level of obedience that Beverly commented on: that his enthousiasm for dick had not gone unnoticed.

"Suck it in rhythm with your fucking," suggested Joyce to david. What a great idea! I offered various rhythms and david's mouth tried to copy them all. I lingered at his hole and he lingered at the tip of Beverly's cock. I then drove it slowly all the way to the hilt and he did the same with the dildo, managing to gag himself in the process. Then I did some medium depth strokes in and out at a certain tempo and david matched that. He said afterwards that he really had to concentrate on the sensations of his fucking in order to match it with his mouth, so that was a win. As well, in order to make this work, he had to grab onto Beverly's hand and steady it, so he was sort of holding hands with her as he was put through this, which was fun. He told me after he felt very submissive towards Beverly because of the hand-holding and the fact she was holding the cock, and to Joyce for having suggested this added humiliation in the first place.

I had Beverly remove her dildo from his mouth and then I flattened him down on the bed, pushing on the back of his head with my hand to push his face into the mattress. I told him that I'm going to cum into "her" now. As we moved into place, I slipped out once and had to reinsert, but I got into position with david flat on his tummy over the bolster. I started thrusting pretty violently with my hips as I lay on top of him, bouncing him on the bed.

He took the first minute pretty well, but going into minute two or thereabouts he started in with the "no, no, ow, ow ow, no, please, no, ow ow." As he complained like this he gripped the sheets with powerless little fists and pummeled them into the bed while kicking his feet like an Olympic swimmer, and alternatively putting his head up to see the ladies watching him, and then burying it into the bed in shame. What a ham! Because of this shameful behaviour, I extended his fucking time and gave our guests a real demonstration of a submissive husband receiving hard and sustained anal intercourse from his dominant wife. The ladies, though, were utterly unmoved by his plight, and looked on with amused expressions at his ridiculous carrying on as his rectum received a good jack-hammering. Welcome to being a woman!

Midway through Joyce asked, "doesn't 'no' mean 'no' in her case?" The way she asked it was not serious though, rather it was inviting the response I gave: "Not for this little slut," I said, "my little wife takes whatever the man of the house gives her." Everybody there understood, david included, that we were parodying the worst of male behaviour and attitude, and giving david a real taste of deep Feminist empathy training so that he would never think such a thing about a real wife! Of course, we all knew he had his safeword which tellingly he did not choose to use. He absorbed the full measure of his "lesson" despite his carrying on.

I reached around and fondled his "breasts" through his bra. They feel pretty real! I then simulated a full blown orgasm inside of "her", including convulsions and manly grunting. I then just lay on top of her for a bit, feigning a post-orgasmic stupor. After this "manly performance" I got a round of applause from Sue, Joyce, and Beverly (or maybe it was Daniella who received it?)

I carefully pulled out, wrapping the cock in paper towels as it emerged. "david," I said, restoring his male name, his fucking over, "don't move, but reach behind and hold your cheeks apart. Hold them nice and wide until I can clean you up."

I quickly slipped my strap-on off and put my shorts back on. Poor david had to lie there on his belly, ass slightly raised, holding his cheeks wide apart so that everybody could see his dirty, gaping fuck hole. I could see Beverly licking her lips, wanting a go at that ass with a strap-on of her own, but I thought that in the interests of relationship harmony with Joyce that I ought not to offer.

I had some baby wipes at the ready, and used them to clean the goopy (and a bit shitty) lube from his ass crack and hole. "You don't make an omelette without cracking some eggs", I commented as I did this.

"david," I said when I was done, "turn over and show the ladies your penis now."

david turned over, moving the bolster away, and lay there rigidly, his hands at his sides. His penis was quite limp, as I knew it would be. I thought I would comment on that. "For some reason his penis always becomes limp during hard anal." I used my finger to flip it around a bit and flick at it. "Poor little thing," I said.

"Should we let it cum?" I asked the ladies, petting his flaccid penis gently with my hand.

[Continued in Part 7]


  1. Wow, this is everything I hoped from the next part! Love how enthusiastic the ladies are. Please share more of their comments if you remember them, they're so hot to read!

    1. I've been trying! Some I only have a sense of, and others I remembered clearly. As well, there's so much physical action going on and it takes a while to describe it in the detail I want, that the comments are relatively far apart in the written recounting, but felt more frequent in the event itself.

  2. Wonderful post. I’m interested in your comment that you “felt like a stripper”. I think you said that you’d stripped down to your blouse and panties. Was there a temptation to show your guests a little more flesh? Perhaps remove your blouse? That would’ve been quite natural with all the vigorous exercise and the possibility of further fluids escaping. You would have looked like the photo you posted. The ladies would have enjoyed seeing your breasts sway to the rythym of your thrusting as you gave your wife a flashdance fucking. Pete.

    1. Yes! I did want to free the girls to come out to play, but that felt more like a submissive tendency at the time, and I didn't want to add anything like that.

  3. you must of had thought of good plan and show to put on for the ladies. ik can just picture watching the video or on tv of this sex act show might replay spanking part until next espiode lol

    do you ever get hint they ladies joyce or bevery ever wonder why a strong fit male would allow themself be abuse and torture spanke by female or think would make a man less of man for allowing female use them and punish them

    1. No, they seemed to accept it at face value, that david was wired this way. I'm not sure their opinion of his "manliness". No doubt not very high, which would make them like him more.

  4. You've been doing this for a long time with david, but are you still not afraid to hurt his rectum by fucking him too hard and too deep. And, in the long run, does not he fear that his asshole will close less well and he become a kind of "easy boy-hubby"?

    1. I have to admit that would be a concern for me. Also, although I can see that being "taken" with a strap-on in front of female witnesses would be wonderfully humiliating, I think I would worry about the yuck factor of the potential messiness. There are humiliations I find erotic. But appearing "disgusting" is a kind of indignity I wouldn't find erotic. In any case, empathizing with David, I found this last segment of the scene really rode the line between good humiliation and fear of bad humiliation. I wonder, Julie, when you are topping, are you conscious of "good humiliation" and "bad humiliation", or do you see all humiliation as useful?

    2. The nature of the humiliation is well-tuned to his kink. He takes pains to prepare for these sessions properly, so the mess is minimal, but having what little there is publicly wiped by me in front of other women is a major turn on for him. To each their own! Bad humiliation for him is me running him down with words like "worm" and "stupid", though I understand some other men get off on this.

      As to him getting too loose, well, a man is like a screen door that way, the more you bang 'em the looser they get! ;-)

  5. Well played goddess. I can only imagine how deep into subspace David went. By the end where he is flat on his stomach with u finishing read of full surrender. I know during the scene it was hard to remember all the ladies comments but they came across as the more sing song humiliating type rather than a tough bull dyke variety which just sends me over. Also the fully clothed female just reinforces who is in charge, though when my wife takes me on my back while topless is an incredible turn on watching the naked breasts sway to and fro. Spit roast and gagging is a must. Lastly with David in that state he would have agreed to anything. Just absolute power u yield. Bravo

    1. Yes, all the comments were quite teasing and good natured. Their interest was definitely prurient, not academic!

      david tells me that when I fuck him missionary style with bare breasts it deepens his submission as it is really brought home that a woman is doing this to him.

  6. By a small change of gender signs,this could read like a scene from Berlin in summer 1945,, with a group of feminist warriors,high on reading"Germany Must be Destroyed", havinglocated a not-so-well-hidden male.
    I think this scene is probably at the core of David/Danielle's full acceptance of your authority and his eagerness to do better for you with every thrust.

    1. 'A Woman in Berlin' originally published 1954 , probably by Marta Hillard(bur refused to acknowledge in her lifetime),provides a frank yet lapidiary account of one woman's experiencesin Berlin in April-June 1945. Perhaps Beverely would know it from feminist studies:"At the end of the war(WWII)there will emerge....the defeat of man as a sex".
      It deals with Russian soldiers rather than Americans, so my reference to "Germany Must Perish", a work calling for the sterilisation of 80% of Germans was not really relevant in this case although many similar episodes undoubtedly occurred in those areas.
      Apart from that digression,I greatly enjoyed your longest and most involved humiliation and manipulation of David so far and envy him enormously for having found such a partner

  7. Wow! Incredible scene with you pegging David with the other women. He must have loved it.
    My Mistress makes be suck the strapon before she fucks my too. Though I also have to lick it clean afterwards. Do you ever do that with David?

    I would love to have one of my Wife’s friends watch her screw my behind. Her friends don’t seem like the type to be into it though there’s always hope.

    I also loved the prior scene when David had to jerk off and beg to cum. You’re incredible Julie! In our relationship I’m not actually allowed to beg. When Mistress asks if I want to cum I say something like “yes Mistress but only if it pleases you to have my cock cum.” She will also often make me agree to do something in order to be allowed to cum.
    I also hope to be humiliated like David in front of Her friends.
    Again I just love your posts!!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!
      I have not ever made david lick it clean afterwards - I’d be concerned of the healthiness of it.
      What do you have to agree to before you are allowed to cum?