Wednesday, July 25

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 7)

[Continued from Part 6]

"david," I said, "turn over and show the ladies your penis now." He did so. Then to the ladies, "for some reason his penis always becomes limp during hard anal." I used my finger to flip it around a bit and flick at it. "Poor little thing," I said. "Should we let it cum?" I asked the ladies, petting his flaccid penis gently with my hand.

Joyce was first to answer, "I don't know if it deserves it," she said, picking up on my usage of referring to it as "it".

Beverly disagreed, "awww, after all he's been through that would be too cruel."

Sue also chimed in, "I agree."

I thought I would tease Sue a bit. "Would you care to do the honours?" I asked her.

"Ewwww! No! Brother-in-law!" she said, making a disgusted face. Ha ha! She was channeling a scene from "True Blood" that we had laughed about together. Where Vampire Bill (aged 170 years) first revealed to his girlfriend Sookie that he had been forced to make Jessica (aged 17 years) into a vampire. Sookie asked Bill if he and Jessica had slept together. Bill quickly said "Sookie! Of course not!", and Jessica chimed in with the more convincing, "Ewwww! No! Old!". I know, such Vampire Nerds!

Vampire Bill and Jessica

Fine, I would proceed doing the preliminaries myself, with still no decision yet on if he would eventually be allowed to cum or not.

My toying with it and batting it around like a kitten with a string had already started it down the road to hardening. When it was semi-erect, I dribbled some lube on it and used my hand to rub up and down the shaft and around the tip. Very soon david was moaning. All three women watched in rapt attention.

I started explaining to the ladies, "after a session like this, it's important that it's reinforced through orgasm control. First make sure he knows who's in control with a bit of teasing. Get him right to the edge. I'll let you make the call, Joyce, if we allow him a release, based on what he's about to say."

"Ok," she says.

Turning to david, "so you better be careful choosing your words, young man."

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Are you going to obey me better now?" I ask him, as I continue rubbing his dick.

"Yes Ma'am!" he says urgently. He is already close to the brink. I can feel his excitement in my hand. I slow to keep him at the edge.

"Have you been reminded of who wears the pants in this family, david?" I ask him.

"Yes Ma'am!" ever more desperately.

"Who wears the pants, david?"

"You do Ma'am. You wear the pants in the family!"

"And who wears the panties?"

"I do Ma'am, I wear the panties!"

"I want you to wear them while you're grounded, even to work. For the whole long month. To remind you who wears the pants in the family. Who you have to obey and who does the obeying. Only nice frilly panties, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

Our guests continue watching all this in rapt attention. Once again, it's intensely intimate between david and I, despite their presence.

I go on, "are you going to be Mommy's good boy now?"

"Oh yes. yes Ma'am"

"Yes 'Mommy'. Say it."

"Yes... Mommy..."

"Would you like to cum now?"

"Yes Mommy! Yes Please! May I cum Mommy, please?"

I hoped the "Mommy" talk did not freak anybody out. They seemed nonplussed. Beverly even said, "so cute."

"Cum in front of all these ladies? Have me humiliate you like that all over your tummy?" I asked.

"Yes Mommy! Please!"

"Don't beg me," I said, "beg Joyce. She's the one who gets to decide."

"Please Ms. Joyce," said david shamelessly to her.

"Auntie Joyce," I corrected, "and be clear what you're asking for."

"Please Auntie Joyce! Please! May I please cum? Please?" he begged, looking her straight in they eye as I lightly stroked his quivering erection. How humiliating!

Joyce stroked her chin with her fingers in a parody of somebody trying to make up their mind.

"Come on, Joyce, let him cum," lobbied Beverly on david's behalf. "He's been so very well behaved."

Honestly, I was not sure which way it would go, but was prepared to accept whatever Joyce's decision would be.

"Ok, fine," she said, "I think I'd like to see that. Go ahead."

I'm sure they now expected me to finish him off with a few more strokes, but instead I surprised them (and him!) by releasing his penis and then slapping it hard. It takes a dozen slaps with a few glancing his balls and a few finger-flicks to his tip before his cock only even half-limpens again. "Not by my hand you won't, you naughty lying boy!" I say, a little touch of the old anger back in my voice.

He groans aloud as he nurses his abused penis, thinking "that's it".

"Since Auntie Joyce has allowed it, you may, but you embarrass yourself with your own hand if you want it so much," I said, "and be quick about it."

david looks relieved (and humiliated all at the same time!) and reaches for his penis and begins rubbing on it, going faster and faster as we all watch him degrade himself to the level of a naughty little monkey like this.

"This time you ask me for permission before you cum. I still have veto power."

"Yes Ma'am!" he grunts out, hoping for the best.

He's dried up the lube, but brings his palm to his face and licks it and continues rubbing himself with his own spit.

"Let me help," I say. I lean over him and spit onto his cock and hand from a couple of feet up. I was hoping the others would spontaneously do the same, but they did not, and I thought it best not to ask!

"What do you say?" I ask, regarding me spitting on his cock.

"Thank you, Ma'am!"

"If I even let you cum, be sure to catch as much as you can in your hand. If you're lucky enough to be allowed, you're going to be swallowing it afterwards, on your knees, in front of all of us."

"Ohhhhh," he groaned.

After a dozen more strokes (I think he was bashful in front of the ladies), "Hurry up, it's been more than a minute already, if you can't finish up in the next few seconds, that will be it."

Bless her heart, but Beverly stepped forward. As I said, she is a voluptuous young lady and she was showing off a lot of creamy cleavage above her blouse. She put her fingers at the top button of her already low buttoned blouse, and asked "may I help?" meaning she was willing to open her top and allow david to see her breasts by way of encouragement! I mean, wow.

It turned out that the offer only was sufficient, and david almost right away starting saying, "oh no, oh no, may I cum, Ma'am? Please may I cum?!?"

Beverly was a little confused at the suddenness and continued the unbuttoning, even though he was by this time well beyond the point of no return. She got the one button undone and was hesitating over pulling the blouse apart to show her breasts

I retained the option to say no, in which case he would have to take his hand away and the most likely outcome would have been a ruined orgasm, followed by a spent disobedient boy sticking his ass up in the air for a hard strapping from an angry wife in front of her guests. But I allowed it.

"You may," I said.

He did a final rub and a HUGE eruption of semen (largest I've seen for quite some time) squirted out mainly into the palm of his other hand, but with a lot of scatter and overflowing and spilling down the shaft.

Is this the ultimate humiliation in front of the ladies?

Seeing this, Beverly redid the button on her blouse, still looking confused and maybe a bit peeved?

I decided to come a bit to the rescue. "Wow," I told her, "just the offer of seeing your breasts put him over the edge! Talk about sexy!"

"Thanks," she said, looking relieved and grateful for the way I recovered an otherwise awkward situation. Then she added, "what a mess he made!" referring to all the cum in his hand and the additional cum that had spurted his chest and was running down his cock shaft. It was quite the load!

I then turned to david. "In your mouth, you know the drill. Scoop up every last bit, but don't you dare swallow."

The four of us watched as david put the goopy sperm into his mouth. As I said, it was quite a load and required multiple trips back to his cock, abdomen, and chest to collect up the majority of it into his mouth. Then I even made him suck his fingers as dry as they would get.

I stood back from the bed and said, "over here," pointing at the floor in front of me, "kneel."

When he was in position I said, "Ladies? Come around here where you get a good view." All three of them joined me and we formed a semi-circle around my husband.

"Open wide," I told david, "show us you haven't swallowed it yet."

He opened wide and we could see the copious quantities of cum on his tongue.

I reached for him and put my right hand around his throat. "Swallow it, I want to feel it go down," I said. He closed his mouth and he gulped it all down in three gulps. I could feel his throat move as he did it. "Open," I said, "show us 'all gone'". He opened his mouth again to show us it was "all gone."

Without any delay that would admit an awkward moment, I picked him up by his ear, and started leading him out of the bedroom and down the stairs. He yelped at the ear tug, scrambling hastily to his feet and following me awkwardly down the stairs. The ladies followed. When we were back in the living room I forced him down onto his knees at the spot he was standing earlier. I bent over and looked down. There were still three prominent drops of pre-cum easily seen on the dark hardwood floor. "Lick it up!" I said, pointing to his mess. "I'll tell you when to stop," I added.

He bent over and licked it all up, dirty floor and everything.

When I was satisfied I bent down to grab him by the ear again. I pulled him up and walked him over to the living room corner. I gently but firmly pushed him into the corner, saying, "tits and nose touching the two walls. If you move you get a strapping. You don't come out until I say so." He had lost his panties upstairs, but he still had his bra on.

"Ladies," I addressed my guests, "shall we go onto the patio for a glass of wine?"

They all seemed agreeable. We passed by the kitchen on the way out where we got out the wine glasses and a bottle of cold rosé wine from the fridge.

"Why are we doing the work, why don't we have him serve?" asked Sue.

What a marvelous idea!

[Continued in (the final) Part 8]


  1. Wonderful post. Although Daniella’s penis went limp during anal from a lack of direct stimulation, she probably had a nice prostrate orgasm as your dildo hit her P-spot. Despite this she still got to spurt in front of the ladies. Lucky girl!

    Fun fact is that some men say that orgasms from prostrate P-spot stimulation feel bigger, more expansive and full bodied than penile ejaculations. That’s how some women describe G-spot orgasms.

    For future feminisation fun maybe next time you fuck her you could remind her how lucky she is to be fucked by a man with a clever cock who knows how to hit her G-spot.

    1. For some reason we never get any leakage during the anal. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

    2. Julie, Usually you get pre-cum when milking the prostate and it’s not a lot. If David hadnt cum in a long time you can get more. Some men. can have an anal orgasm but I think it’s rare, but David was close with the vibrator. Don’t let him cum for a week and give him short strokes with your strap-on and you can train him to orgasm. My wife is trying to achieve making me cum in chastity while prostate massage and then she says no reason to remove the cage.


    3. Maybe I'll give it a try.

    4. I don't thing you are dong it wrong. However, pre-cum is prevalent in both secondary erections and during/after anal. I posted on an earlier section of this post that I often have leakage of precum after a spanking (and after/during anal). It's quite natural. And, of course, I am required to lick it up and eat it. For me, it tastes better than cum, but that's just me. TL

  2. Awesome. To give him another nudge in an actual bisexual cocksucking direction, why don’t you role play cumming in his mouth when you face fuck him? Milk him a day or two earlier and store some cum in the fridge. It’ll keep for at least a couple of days. Then when you face fuck him you can fake a male orgasm and using a syringe squirt the cum in his mouth. Next step is cocksucking for real. Yay!

    1. I hear there are dildos that can squirt. Is that true?

    2. Here’s one...

      If you saved up a few loads...quite the sucking experience...especially if you squeezed those full balls to explode in his mouth...

      peter peter

  3. Is it time for a new outfit for David? Maybe he needs a makeover. His bra and panties are nice but how about a little short white dress and heels to go over the top for “Debutant Daniella”? It’s about time she makes her coming out debut and learns to curtsy nicely for your friends. Pretty humiliating. He’ll love it.

    1. I was considering adding skirt and blouse, but thought they would come off too quickly to be worthwhile. Such a little slut.

  4. You are wonderful at embarrassing David. First the ladies watch as you fuck his man pussy, then play with his cock getting him ready and finally make him masturbate and beg to cum before putting his cum in his mouth tasting and swallowing.

    1. David LOVES begging to cum. Doing it in front of my sis and these two strange women was a dream come true for him, hence his "over the top" begging, and my setting up the conditions for it.

  5. So Beverly is really game, but is she one speed like Mags?

    1. This is good, she could join to spank and fuck David every weekend.

    2. She's very welcome, though Joyce may not fully approve.

    3. Discuss it with Joyce while her ass is over your knee and your her brush patting it, on the first sign of disapproval convince her your way.

    4. Not sure if Joyce has a subbie side, please tell us Julie?

    5. Joyce is dom if anything. Beverly had the aspect of a sub. I heard from Sue that Joyce hinted that Bev got a little spanking afterwards...

    6. Exciting, Do you know why Joyce spanked Bev?

  6. Who wears the pants, who wears the panties? You are a master of verbal humiliation this is a common a&a in my house Have u ever worn his underwear over your strap on? Having him fish the dick out of the pee hole is very erotic which I know from first hand experience. A blouse and skirt is a nice touch however consider a nice frilly nightie. More fun to shop for together. U can hold it upto him in the store to check the fit and have him take it upto the sales girl for a price check. Personally I’d love to be forced into a pair of heels but have no clue where to find a size 12 ��

    1. No re mens' underwear, but sounds like fun!

      Have had several of the whole "shopping experience". Closest to the thing you describe is my June 4, 2016 post where we buy him a corset and a negligee and the saleslady is in the change room with us. Fun!

  7. Nothing worse than having to masturbate before my wife, nothing comes close. Right after our marriage she found my stash of F/m magazines, videos, I was speechless trying to explain. I know she enjoyed that, she was smiling. She told me to get to the kitchen and I did, and then to my shock I was told to undress and I tried to get out of it, but no good. The first thing I was to do was to address her as Mommy, for only naughty little boys have such magazines. I was asked if I enjoyed them, I admitted that. Does your boyhood get large she said and I said yes. She told me to pick a magazine and show her, I picked one, picture facing the wall after a spanking and two women looking at me. I felt so little and foolish masturbating but finally I did cum. Now she said, this is what happens to naughty little boys, a spanking. I'm too old for a spanking I said, we will see and when I finish you best address me as Mommy. Over her lap I went and to my surprise I was kicking squirming, pleading. When she stopped and told me to stand and not move I did as told, she left the room and returned with a large hairbrush, sitting down, she said back over my lap and I slowly did. That hairbrush got my attention quickly and I was soon a mess. I was told to face the wall and I did so quickly. Oh she said my best friend is coming over, you dated her before me and sure enough she arrived and was told of what just happened. Wanted to do that to him several times she said, but never could. My wife then showed her the magazines and I stood just wanting this to end.
    Just prior to her leaving I was told to turn around and I did, what happens to naughty little boys in this home, I said they get a spanking. You have been a naughty little boy have you not, Yes I said. Yes What she said sternly, Yes Mommy. The friend really liked that, and as she left you best be a good little boy, or Mommy will spank and smiled with a slight laugh.

    1. Nice story. I notice the style is similar to other posts you have made, but you don't sign any of them. Please post as an account, or at least sign a consistent name at the bottom of the anon posts so we know it's you and how to address you. Thanks!

    2. My name is Jack, I have found your blog to be the only one who I can relate to. Been married five years, my wife understands me and was the one who decided that spankings was what I needed. I have to address my wife as "Mommy" when I'm naughty. Yes I have masturbated before her several times. She did find my stash of spanking magazines. So I'm lucky to have found such a woman and also sorry I did for she knows how to handle a male such as myself. Calling her Mommy, masturbate, hairbrush spankings, and being seen by others and having been spanked by others is more than I wanted, but I understand she knows what is best for me. Yes we have a very good sex life.

    3. Hi jack! Pleased to meet you!

      I can see you need an outlet for your spanko thoughts, happy to host your exciting comments. You might also consider starting a blog yourself?

      But tell me truthfully now, is it REALLY more than you wanted?

    4. No not really, it is more than I thought it would be, in the matter it is dealt out. My wife has made it clear she makes the rules, she decides, the part I hate is having to call her Mommy, she is my wife. She states that a wife is also a Mommy, and Mommy spanks naughty little boys. When you say Wanted, I did not know I would be seen after a spanking by others, seen being spanked by others, and being spanked not by my Mommy. The only time I felt it was more than I wanted was being caught masturbated outside, thinking she was at the store. Caught with my pants and underpants around my ankles, sitting on the deck looking at my spanking magazines she told me not to buy again. She saw me and when I asked how come she had the hairbrush, she said she saw what I was doing. Never knew she would go as far as she did, but I had to strip, stand naked, holding my penis while she scolded me. Once over her lap the whole neighborhood could hear me and she could care less. Once done told to face the house, not move, not rub. That was really more than I wanted, but understood why it happened, it was my fault and my bare bottom paid the price.

    5. I think you're really just a little shame slut, just like my husband (and me!), and love every moment of it.

    6. I will admit that is true. They have said Love hurts and I can attest to that.

    7. I would like to add this, I have felt strongly that the female is the true dominant not the male. I have admitted what you said is true, but with my wife and her
      "wearing the pants", I have less stress, feel better about myself, a better life. My wife has stated that she feels the same, she wants to be the dominant, so it works for us. I will also admit that I maybe enjoying having others see me spanked, naked, deep down I truly wish my wife would not share with others.

  8. Another great episode with Beverly ,certainly, and Joce, perhaps, taking a rather less academic interest in the proceedings. Sue seems to be remaining the calm spectator, although I have a suspicion that she takes a certain pride in having set up this meeting for Bev and Joyce. I feel this was foreshadowed in the oldsocial / sexuality blog when I first started reading you..Anyway we are now moving to the point where you can declare Q.E.D to a less sceptical gathering of worthy minds to a round of applause and agreement from David.

  9. I love the idea that david is constantly under the threat of a strapping.

    1. Oh yes! Threat made very potent because it has been carried out so many, many times!

  10. Will david's cumshot looking at bev's breasts be worth a correction thereafter?

    1. Good question... had not considered it before. Let me ruminate.

    2. Marinate. But you lost 5 points !

  11. What is the secret importance of the word "quite" in this saga?

    1. As in "quite the load"? It means that it is a very large quantity of semen.

  12. David really is living the subby dream first getting spanked and fucked and now made to cum in front of all these gorgeous ladies. God knows I envy him!
    Have you thought about having him lying on his shoulders on the floor with his legs in the air or against a wall/chair when he's wanking, so that he can shoot the cum directly into his mouth?

    1. Oh yes, that's been done to him before in spades. It's a little awkward, but the results are fun!

  13. are you worry about revenge david want to do to you or type spanking you might be have coming your way to your cute booty butt

    would you been willing to let Beverly and Joyce put to use to each other what they learn by watching. have you even offer to spank them or do to them what did to david

  14. hi Julie amazing experience I love the way you take the reader into the moments .... as a submissive male, with my ex, when she found out I was submissive well it wasn't long before I had swallowed more of my own semen for her amusement then she had ever with the blow jobs she had given especially at the first of our relationship, she made sure I swallow double or triple the amount she ever did ... Though I have to wonder what each of you ladies were thinking seeing david with a mouthful of semen and being ordered to "open wide" to show it to you ladies and then well... to swallow it all in front of you...and even prove it was all swallowed by showing his open empty mouth embarrassing ..even I blushed when I read that... I also wondered if any of the ladies made any comments about knowing a gay friend david could suck in front of you ladies to completion with swallowing, of course ... not for science, just for females having a femdom goodtime.