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Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 8)

[Continued from Part 7]

"Ladies," I addressed my guests, "shall we go onto the patio for a glass of wine?"

They all seemed agreeable. We passed by the kitchen on the way out where we got out the wine glasses and a bottle of cold rosé wine from the fridge.

"Why are we doing the work, why don't we have him serve?" asked Sue.

The implication was clearly to have him serve us, nude, or at least en femme, on the outside patio.

It was the perfect day for it. It was nice and hot out. The patio, while outdoors and in the city, is relatively private. It's small with an oval umbrella table and six chairs and then space to spare besides. It sits between our house and our garage. There is a tall (6') wooden fence separating us from our neighbours (who are rarely out and can't really see in without trying hard to do so). On the street side we have the same type of fence with a gate that closes. The street is setback so you can hear passersby but they cannot see in unless they crossed our front lawn and peered over the fence.

Sue had once before played our little games on the patio, so she knew it was a thing. On that occasion I had made david go outside and clean up the patio – after a spanking for being less than eager when I told him to do so – in little feminine booty shorts and halter top. Sue walked in through the patio fence door, calling out and disguising her voice a bit before she entered. She "caught" david prancing about and gave him another spanking across her knee, booty shorts down, right on the patio (we had pre-arranged her visit at a set time and all of that without david's knowledge). This is all described in Caught Outside by my Sister.

So I thought that it was a marvelous suggestion and was only peeved that I had not thought of it! Mind, I did not know in advance that the weather would be so perfect for it.

I yelled over to david that he could come out of the corner and serve us wine and cheese on the patio.

"May I clean up and dress?" he asked. Ha! I suspect he knew the answer before even asking the question.

"No," I said, "we want it now, not in five minutes." As he talked about "cleaning up" I got another delightful image in my perverted mind. This was based on another time where we were both out on the patio and he had teased me by spraying me a bit with the hose. I had made him strip right out there, hosed him down thoroughly, tied him to a nice big tree, and switched him (his penis tip got abraded from squirming against the tree, and I felt a bit guilty about that). That one you can read about in Husband Hosed and Switched. Isn't it marvelous that I keep "my kinky diary" online like this? So after Sue suggested the patio service, and him that he wanted to "clean up" (he was a bit sweaty and "lubey" still), I privately thought an uncomfortable and humiliating hosing down in front of the ladies would add to the fun.

I needed to set it up: "take off your bra, though, I want you naked. Wash your hands before working with the food."

With that we four ladies walked out to the patio and took our seats.

"A naked man-slave!" said Beverly excitedly. "I can get into that. Good idea Sue!" she said and high-fived her.

We started talking about other things, just for a break from the intensity and to re-normalize I guess! Not to last. Before very long out came david with a tray holding our chilled bottle of rosé and four wine glasses, plus four small plates and a platter with bite-sized cheese pieces, strawberries, and crackers. Very nice. He was naked and blushing, and his penis was jiggling about semi-soft.

He unpacked the tray and put a plate and glass in front of each of us. Then he poured the wine. As he was pouring Sue's, his back was facing Beverly, she gave him a light little "slap" to his backside. We all laughed, and david turned to face her with a little hurt look on his face. Ha ha!

"You said you wanted to clean up now?" I asked david.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"Hand me the garden hose. Stand over there," I said, "I'll clean you up."

david looked a little incredulous, wondering if I was joking. I was not joking. He had been hosed naked before, and knew it was not pleasant!

"Hand. Me. The. Garden. Hose." I repeated slowly and forcefully for him.

He went to uncoil the garden hose. It's one of those steel jobs with a gun-like nozzle at the end and we keep pressure in it in the summer so I can easily grab it to water the patio flower pots when I come home from work. (our old X-hose totally failed at the start of the season, springing a leak along every inch of it! Piece o' crap - we went steel this time). He went to get the garden hose. He had to squeeze around the side of the table nearest the fence where both Beverly and Joy sat. He got the hose, uncoiled it, brought it back around the table and handed me the nozzle end. I remained seated and gave it a squirt into empty space as a test. I tightened the spray pattern setting from "gentle on the flowers" to the much more harsh and concentrated "husband hosing" setting.

"Stand over there," I directed him, indicating the empty space away from the table. He went to stand there, looking very naked and a bit frightened.

I shot the tight spray right at him from my seat and he jumped and yelped as the cold water hit him. I played the stream up and down his front as he danced in place. I directed the stream at his penis and testicles and he immediately crouched down and covered them up.

"Hands on top of you head, stand straight," I said, pausing the flow. He did. I restarted the flow and directed it at his genitals. He looked pained as the concentrated stream hit his cock and balls. I could make his private parts dance and jiggle around really well with the hose!

"Turn sideways," I told him. He turned in place with his hands still on the top of his head. I sprayed up and down his side and into his underarm.

"Face away from me," I said and he turned to present his back to us. I sprayed his back, buttocks, and legs.

"Other side," I said, he turned sideways on again, and I sprayed up and down his other side and again into his underarm.

"Face me," I said. He turned back and I gave his front side another going over. I ended with a rather cruel (I thought) spraying directly at his face. He closed his eyes and sputtered, but stood there and just took it from me.

I stopped the stream and asked, "what do you think, ladies, is he clean?"

"I think you need to get into his butt more," suggested Sue. I handed her the hose and said, "I agree. Here, you do it." I needed to involve Sue somehow!

She smiled and took the hose from me, standing up as she did so. She said to david, "stand over there and turn around." She made him move closer to the wooden fence and face it. "Now spread your legs." david shuffled his two legs apart. "Wider," she said, and david complied. "Now bend over and grab your ankles." david followed her instructions like a good little houseboy should. She had arranged him so that we all had a view up his butt and his dangling ball sac between his legs. Just maybe a hint of bottom hole between his cheeks and a hint of cocktip beneath his tight balls.

Sue went to within about five feet of david, pointed the hose right at his butt crack, and opened her up. david cried out a bit and did a little dancy-dance, but keeping bent over and his legs spread and his hands on his ankles so he just sort of wiggled spasmodically, and as he did so his cock and balls flailed around frantically between his legs. Naturally Sue aimed the hose directly at the back of his balls which shot them forward dramatically and made david yell out anew at the water assault, and dance even harder.

Sue stopped the hose. "I don't think I'm really getting in there. Spread your cheeks," she said.

Poor boy stayed bent over, legs spread, and reached behind himself. At first he tried to spread himself by reaching between his legs with his hands, which was a silly idea, as you can't spread yourself like that! Realizing his own mistake he reached towards the outside and spread his cheeks widely, thoroughly exposing his bottom hole with his dangly balls beneath.

Sue again unleashed the spray, right up his loosened little butthole. He again wiggled frantically side to side, tilting his upper body this way and that, and raising it then lowering it again, while his feet danced up and down in place and his knees shook violently. Right up his butt with a big jet of water!

"Hold those cheeks wide," she said, as she directed the concentrated spray right at his butthole and took one step, then another closer, while lowering at her knees, leaning back to escape the back-scatter and extending her arm to the max. She did this until the hose nozzle was only a couple of feet away from his bumhole. Oh my gosh, but if that wasn't a garden hose enema!

"There we go!" she said, shutting down the hose, placing it down on the ground, and then going back to her chair.

david was still bent over and spreading and mewling a little bit in pain and embarrassment. I was wondering if the water would dribble out of his asshole a bit brown, as for an enema. Alas, it either did not fully penetrate due to a strong pucker reflex, or he held it in. I told him to stand up and face the fence, his hands on his head. "It's a nice warm day, you can drip dry," I told him. "Let's see your little sore testicles and penis, stick them out behind you," I commanded. He tucked them back between his legs so that they were on full view to us. "Stand straight! Don't make me get the hose again with your balls out like that!" david straightened as best he could, which creates great tension in his testicles because of his "humbling". It's a favourite position of ours that I often use during timeout.

So we finished up our chatting with my soaking wet boy shivering "balls out" in the shade against the fence. But he dried off and warmed relatively quickly. With david standing there the talk went back to a bit of a more teasing tone about "what a well behaved husband!" and how they could really see the point of my "obedience training". That was from Joyce, accompanied by a broad wink. She was onto our little games!

The ladies needed to go, and Sue had driven them, so they all three started saying their goodbyes. Joyce made a point of going up to david, craning her head forward at an angle so that david could turn his head slightly to be eye-to-eye, and then she said, "Goodbye david. Thank you for the demonstration." He answered, "Goodbye Ma'am."

Then Joyce went over, she got up right next to him, her breasts touching his shoulder, and planted a little kiss on his cheek. At the same time, very obvious to all of us, she gave his bare butt cheek a squeeze and then trailed her hand lightly down the backs of his balls and cock. "Be a good boy," she said in a husky whisper, patting the exposed underside of his cocktip.

"Yes Ma'am," he said breathlessly as he was being sexually abused like this.

"Goodbye david," said Sue at a distance from him, "what a spectacle you are."

"Goodbye Sue," he said, nose still against the fence, hands on his head.

"Wait for me there," I said as I escorted the ladies back into the house and then out to the front door.

"That was really a lot of fun," said Joyce, and Beverly chimed in that she agreed as well. "You two are definitely the kinkiest people I know," added Joyce.

I thanked them for coming by and being witnesses, and said that it was a dream come true for david and I to be able to conduct such a scene in front of them. And I thanked Sue for having arranged it all, and for giving david such a thorough hosing down!

"Maybe next you'll take him across your knee," I suggested mischievously. I thought this was nice of me. It sort of implied to her friends that she may not have done that already, while still being fully in-line in case she had already told them she had.

She did not return the favour!

"Or maybe take you across my knee, little sister, you know how much you enjoy that," she responded with a wink.

Accck! It was my turn to blush as Joyce and Beverly laughed (did they already know? Did Sue tell them that she had once spanked me, her little sister, to orgasm across her knee???), and they left on that note. Wow!

I went back out to the patio and pulled a naked and only slightly damp david into my arms for a big hug.

"Well?" I asked.

"Amazing!" he answered.

"Oh my gosh, wasn't it? Are you ok?"

"More than ok!" he said, indicating he had very much enjoyed the proceedings. "They were great."

"I know. What do you think, is Joyce going to spank Beverly tonight?"

"Definitely!" he said. Ha ha.

"Sue threatened to spank me on her way out!"

"Oh no! How terrible. And probably make me fuck you up the bum after," he stated.

"While she watches this time, I'll bet!" I said.

David squirmed a bit in my arms.

"Sore?" I asked.

"Just my balls a bit," he said, "that hose..."

"Was it worth it?" I asked.

"Oh yes!" he said.

That's my boy!

So that's my account. All eight parts (OMG!), nine if you count the intro post (Fun Development!). I thought I could knock it all off in one post, but there was so much detail and activity I needed to cover. I slammed it all down in a marathon post the day after. Spent most of the day (Sunday) on it. When I realized how long it was, and with some good advice from readers, I divided it into eight logical sections, and then took my time to edit each one and post over the course of almost 2 weeks now. As I edited, more and more detail came to me, and I added it in. In real-time, the whole thing was done and gone in about an hour and a half. It probably takes more time than that to read it all!

I know many couples don't play nearly as publicly as this. Or if they do, they do it in a BDSM club or something. david and I really enjoy introducing newbies, though, being careful not to offend. It's more exciting to both of us to see the genuine reactions of enthousiastic women seeing this for the first time, and somehow adds an extra edge of humiliation for my husband that is not present when somebody who does this a lot watches.

I think there are way, way more women than you think who would enjoy watching a strict wife play with her husband like this (and even participate a little as did Beverly). It's just fun and empowering.

Have any of you ever played with strangers like this? Let me know in the comments!


  1. So much fun..Living vicariously through you and David...

    Thanks Julie

    1. You're very welcome, stevie.
      It was loads of fun for us as well.

  2. Loved this series, and I think it is one of your best. Can't wait until Sue invites them back over for your spanking. She sure knows how to handle her little cocky sister. Thank you for taking the time to respond to everyone's posts and I loved fulfilling your request.

    Back to your question. My wife had a friend visiting who is from England, and she and I don't always get along. We were getting into a argument over something stupid, and my wife told me she had heard enough, and if I didn't stop arguing with our guest I would get a spanking. Well that stopped me in mid-sentence, since my wife hadn't ever talked about spanking me in front of anyone. Her friend jumped in and said she thought that I needed a good slippering. My wife agreed and told me to stand up and come over next to where she was sitting, and asked her friend for her slipper and pulled my pants down and pulled me over her lap and started using the slipper. I didn't think a slipper could hurt compared to our paddle or strap, but it started to get really sting. My wife finished me up and offered to let her friend have a go, but she turned it down. I was made to stand in the nude with my red bottom exposed while they talked about how my wife keeps me in-line with spanking and chastity. Her friend rubbed it in every chance she got including smacking my bottom several times over the rest of her visit, and telling me to be a good boy. She is coming for another visit in three weeks, and she told me a couple of days ago, she is bring something to help me be a good boy during her visit.


    1. Lucky you! You will have to tell us all about her next visit.

    2. Really humulating when your wife borrows a friend's slipper to spank you with?
      By the way, what kind of slipper was it?

    3. British slippers have a distinctive sting, was it a heavy rubber soled M&S or open toe carpet slipper or other type?

    4. So you got spanked later by the guest? Tell us more about that.

  3. Well done Strict Julie, this was a great read. I hoped you would hose down david, one of my kinks. Now he is probably happy not to run around outside in just a bra. Think of the tan lines. From what Sue said, I have a feeling she was honest with the ladies, and they knew that david was not the only receiver of spankings in the house. Will he be keeping his girl name? I may have missed if you had said so. Thanks for sharing, and the posting every other day was a great way for this long post. Pie pie 4 now Pieclown

    1. I can now confirm that Sue had shared with Joyce and Bev that I get my little bare bum beaten on occasion as well (though she did not yet admit to doing it herself). Makes the whole scene a bit of a humiliation for me, in retrospect!

  4. You know the next step, don't you? Joyce and Bev will want to borrow Danielle for a weekend, dressing her as a maid and serving them, both with household chores and with more personal, embarrassing lesbian duties. You might want to prepare her with Adam, because, after your example, they are definitely want to show their dominance over a lowly feminized male. And Sue is also going to want Danielle's services, perhaps monthly or more often, since she already feels comfortable scheduling your housewife's time and needs her to reciprocate for the intimate services she has provided. But that leaves you, femdom Julie. Because you acted so haughty, treating your boi as a wife by making him into your traditional woman, the lesbians will show you how politically incorrect it is to treat anyone as a bimbo (even if Danielle really should be to cure her of masculine thinking). That means that some times, both you and Danielle will eventually will be serving Joyce and Bev together in French maids dresses, doing their chores and submitting to personal service and spankings. Of course, you two will be also at the beck and call of Sue, who will paddle naked asses at will and will expect a naked little sister to provide intimate pleasure or for feminized Danielle to keep her boi pussy readily available. Welcome to the new life you didn't realize Sue was leading you to.

  5. What an amazing end to a great series! You've definitely reawakened a long buried fantasy of mine about being naked on all fours and being hosed down with a jet of water aimed directly at my exposed butthole!
    And I can't help but notice that Joyce+Sue and Beverley+You would make a rather interesting pair of Dominant/Submissive couples...

    1. Is that a common fantasy???? Seems so...

  6. Amazingly kinky!

  7. All I can say is WOW. As humiliating for David that all was, it was certainly erotic and he is fortunate to have a kinky wife like you.

    1. Very erotic - it's his kink after all (and mine!).

  8. An amazing series - thank you so much.

    I’ll suggest to Irene that she hose me down after an intense spanking sometime - that sounds like fun.

    - Rosco

    1. Yes! especially fun to aim the hose directly at the dangly bits and watch them fly!

    2. Irene will more often apply ice to my bottom after an intense spanking - especially on warm nights. Usually I’m tied up. Then she rub the ice over my balls (kind of like a spanking it’s excruciating but delicious), and put a cube inside my rectum til it melts.

    3. Done that once with david - up his bum.
      VERY funny.

  9. I wish we had a direct line to Sue, not that she needs any help with her kinks, but just to give her a nudge. "Little sister"...she should take that and run with it for the next time julie finds herself waiting in the corner for Sue. Completely dressed as a little girl, ruffle ankle socks, Mary Janes, pigtails and a frilly pink dress. What say you Jules ?

    1. I've been waiting for Sue to take me across her knee again! But self-conscious about asking for it...

    2. What do you think about the "little girl attire" and scene julie? We definitely need a cornertime pic of that one. Before and after !

    3. I prefer "slutty teen" look myself!

    4. That could work. Chuck Taylor's, way too short jean shorts, tight tee and a bitchy attitude ?
      Take us some corner shots Miss ;)

    5. Yes! Something deeply appealing about a girl teen with "attitude" spanked (maybe even the belt is needed?) and transformed into a submissive daughter dressed in her Sunday best frock, squirming on the hard pews during Sermon.

    6. But she best not squirm too much! If the Pastor notices, or Daddy notices, the frock will be flipped up and the panties taken down for a "refresher" in the Pastor's offices afterwards.

    7. I like it julie! The bad attitude is strapped away, definitely with the belt. The evidence on full display in the corner afterwards, before you're grounded to your room on the Saturday night.
      The next morning finds you in something much more conservative and humiliating for you? Maybe a pleated jumper, knee socks and your Mary Janes ? All ready for church. I think the pastor will have a cane in his office, and before you are made to count out 12 vicious strokes, he'll comment on the latent strap marks from your belting the night before.

  10. "Or maybe take you across my knee, little sister, you know how much you enjoy that," she responded with a wink.

    Accck! It was my turn to blush as Joyce and Beverly laughed (did they already know?"

    Of course they know!!!! We're talking WOMEN here! In Deborah Tannen's book, "You just don't understand", on the way men and women use language, there was this chapter on women and their friends, i.e., Tannen offered that while women may not have lots and lots of friends - the ones they do have are rock solid. And cherished.

    And what do female "best friends" do? They share secrets. That's their currency. And it works.

    Ever hear a woman say, "The only reason I'm going to tell you this is because YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND, so you have to promise me you won't tell ANYONE!" And out it comes.

    The problem is that women have a couple best friends aside from friend #1, and when she meets with friend #2 who may not know friend #1..."The only reason I'm going to tell you this is because YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND, so you have to promise me you won't tell ANYONE!" And out it comes, and so it goes.

    Unless Sue is a male - Joyce and Beverly know, honey!!!

    1. You got it right, although Sue has not yet admitted to spanking me herself, just that I get off on getting my bum beat as well as david. (BLUSH!).

      And, it's not ALL women. I am definitely not like that! The way to keep a secret is NOT TO TELL ANYONE!!!!

    2. yes!!!!!!!!

    3. Ha! The 1st Fallacy of Logic back when I was in college and sitting in Logic 101:

      "All generalizations are false. Including this one."

      You are correct in that not ALL women tell their deepest secrets, but plenty do and Dr. Tannen explains why. I'm a male and just amazed at some of the things women talk about. One of my best female friends once commented to me on the small size of the penis of "Bill", the husband to one of her best female friends.

      Me: "How he hell do you know about the size of Bill's penis???? I've been in locker rooms with him and even I don't know that!"

      Bill's wife told her.

      "You women exchange that kind of information?"


      (Tannen's book is a fun read if you are interested. At the time this book was published she was teaching linguistics at Georgetown Univ. in Washington, DC. Not sure if she is still there. Took the social science and made it enjoyably readable; just enough sciencey-stuff mixed in with real life to keep you interested, often thinking to yourself, "Oh, yeah. Been there. Now I get it." Every guy should read a few chapters and try to understand those about-to-be-horrible-oh-my-gawd moments where they should have Just. Shut. Up!)


    4. Thank you, I will pick it up!

  11. Have any of you ever played with strangers like this?

    No. But I do know of one story that is similar.

    A guy gets spanked on occasion by a pro.
    One night, before he's to meet with her, he bumps into a couple of women friends who do not know about his kink, out for a night on the town, and joins them.

    They want to go to another place, asks him to come with them, but he begs off because he is booked to meet with his Pro.

    Then he gets the crazy idea to have them - come with him! And watch! (Did I mention alcohol was involved in this decision...?)

    He does. And doesn't tell the women where they are going.

    They get to Pro's apartment and no time is wasted. She sits, he drops his pants, goes OTK, down come his shorts - and the bare-bottom spanking begins - right in front of his female friends. Who are as fascinated as they are (initially) shocked.

    Because they don't have a lot of time, his OTK spanking is over in about 10-minutes. He gets now quit pink red bottom off the Pro's lap, pulls up his pants and dresses, and with a smile on his face and a woman on each arm, heads out for the rest of their evening.

    What I don't know is what happened after they left the Pro's apartment! There just HAD to be some wild questions and answers!

    (The only reason I suspect this story is true is because I knew who the Pro was. Never met her, but I know exactly who she was and wished I had met her when I had the chance.)


    1. It does sound plausible (especially where drink is involved!)

  12. My mother forced us to remove and hang our dirty panties to a nail at the door of our rooms that were upstairs. People could see them from the living room.
    She spanked us in public, the skirt raised.

    1. Mom was not only severe, she was crazy.
      We are three girls. When we were small, during a game in the garden, my youngest sister lost an eye. My mother always thought it was my fault and that I was responsible for this tragedy.
      Each time she could find a pretext to punish me and my second sister, she did so and always knew how to find the most humiliating punishments possible.
      When she was spanking me without my panties in front of our big family's members, she always made sure that my naked sex was on view. I am a redhead and I found, at that time, that my very white pussy surrounded by red hair, like a big caterpillar, was particularly obscene. It was not enough for her to show my puss but she was opening it with two fingers. She was saying unhealthy words in a clear and intelligible voice for all, like "look at this big hairy pussy and this huge clit (she uncapped it !), is not it disgusting for a girl of her age, just the idea of imagining that soon a horny cock will sink in there and she will enjoy that like a slut .... "
      and she spanked me with her hard ringed hand to punish me of her own sicked ideas...

    2. Am hoping this is fantasy. Else Mom should be in jail for sexual assault!

    3. Assuming the former... Good! You got what you deserved. A little humiliation is good for a girl. I know from first hand experience that when a girl is spanked naked across the knee in public, having to display her sex and her bottom hole adds considerably to the punishment. I was in just such a position when a friend spanked me in this manner while her husband watched. I was told that my pussy and bumhole opened and closed in a humiliating dance as I was severely spanked. Some of the spanks low down even struck my pussy! How much more humiliating must this be for a daughter to be spanked in this way by her mother in front of so many male and female witnesses. The clitoris de-hooded and displayed, and no doubt slapped as well. For some girls, this is the only way they will learn their lessons.

    4. The story is almost entirely true. But it's an old story.
      The accident of the little sister, the knickers hanged in front of the bedrooms, public spankings, all this is true.
      This is the story of the friend I live with. And since she told me a long time ago now, it has always excited me a lot. This excitement holds I believe for a large part that these humiliations have really taken place (although, consciously I obviously disapprove of them)
      The idea of ​​her knickers exhibited for everyone and the promise of a spanking while she had nothing under her skirt and everyone knew it would be enough to make me cum.
      The only addition I made - and when I phantasm by telling me this story, is what makes me finally orgasm - is the spacing of her puss (her eye) by her mother and the denudation (de-hooded, thanks) of her clitoris.
      This is actually another story, mine, where a pretty sadistic girlfriend found it fun to pinch my clit and she pinched it until I pee, shared between the pain and the excitation.

    5. Sounds like fun. Never had my clit pinched during a spanking!

    6. A few more things to discover, fortunately...

  13. Is there anything that you have David do that he would rather not and will try to get out of?

    1. Oh yes. Line writing, long corner time, a very hard caning with the Delrin cane, taking Adam up his butt, dancing when dressed en femme, (I could go on) ...

    2. My wife works out at a gym, she will mention that she wished women would cover themselves once done showering, it is not "lady like". I then asked why do I have to stand facing the wall and some of her friends might drop in. As you know she does not hold back and so I cannot figure out her problem at the gym.

    3. Nobody cares about the nudity of a recently spanked naughty man. You should know that.

  14. I've never played like this with "strangers" but have had a few incidents with trusted, open-minded friends. But even those are few and far between.

    It seems you have a lot more luck with this than most. I wonder if it's a matter of odds that when kids are taken out of the picture, increase a bit in a kinky couple's favor? I've had times when even willing people were inhibited by who might be around or come home in the middle of something.

    I also thought it was interesting that Joyce was reluctant to participate but didn't mind Beverly joining in. I wonder if there was any 'after-party discussion' once they were alone? That seems to be my obstacle. We have a couple (actually two LOL) where one spouse is willing and eager and the other is opposed and not willing to just look the other way despite Rosa's involvement and encouragement.

    Anyway, as I've told you before......enjoy it while you're young!LOL

    1. Definitely easier when the woman is the initiator. Definitely easier with no kids!
      Then it's about making little suggestions and knowing how to navigate any potential interest... fun!

  15. Nope i never played with stranger like you did but dream of mine to play with female like that even gut ask for spanking. mostly if i was at fault for something i would ask for spanking or her to punish me can only dream you already know i would play with you like that

    you should of whine and fought back when Sue threat to spank you just see how Beverly and Joyce would said and reacted since we know Sue would of spank you and will soon

    would been shocking iam sure if if you did fought back Sue had no problem ending fight arguement taking you over her knee right then there in front of those ladies

    1. I think Sue does not need an excuse for spanking me!

    2. Nope she doesnt you are bad naughty girl Sue should spank you or give you spanking 7 days a week would you be game let Big Sis Sue give you spanking for 7 days straight on your cute bare little booty butt

  16. My wife and I head up to Upstate New York to her best friend Lisa's cabin in the woods for a long weekend every year. One year I was trapped in a chastity device, and she let it slip that I was locked up while we were drinking wine. Which I was cool with because her friend knows we are kinky. She then explained that she also brought the spiked chastity device and explained how that ones requires me to be chaste of mind also, handed me the key, and told me to switch devices. Fifteen minutes later I came out...ouch ouch ouch because I know that Lisa knows that I have spikes around the head of my cock and of course it is turning me on, which leads to my wife and Lisa teasing me about the situation

    1. Ha ha!
      VERY surprised you were not required to drop your pants and show her. Had I been the friend, I would have insisted on it!

  17. And of course my phone sent that before I was done. I guess David is not the only premature one.

  18. Julie, Did you get any other feedback from the ladies trip back? Wonder who got spanked and who got oral.


    1. From Sue, BROAD hints that Beverly "experienced" spanking...

    2. Why was that, is it related to something she did during their visit? (May be offering to show off her breasts to help David jerk off?

    3. Not as punishment - more she wanted to experience it.

    4. So Beverly was never spanked before?

    5. This explains her enthusiasm for spanking david

  19. Wouaouuu, je lis avec attention toutes tes aventures, qui sont d ailleurs vraiment toutes existante... Mais celles-ci alors wouaouuu. Plusieurs fantasmes y passent et en plus sous le regard d autres femmes... Manque peut être un petit annuligus pour toi et même les autres participantes!!!
    J adore le service nu alors que vous papoter! Quelle humiliations, quel bonheur, quel chanceux!!!

    1. Merci Rom!
      Au sujet t'annuligus, les femmes ne se déshabillent pas!

  20. Wonderful series, Ms Julie!
    Since it’s obvious that Beverly has a hard-on for David, have you thought of facilitating that?
    Perhaps email them, asking for their considered opinions, after a week or two?
    Mentioning that, should B like to continue exploring ( david’s ass.) her feelings towards domination of men, you would be happy to lead her in a deeper exploration of femdom.
    You might mention how looking into his eyes while he services you orally makes you feel powerful, and how intense your orgasms are with his tongue up your bum.
    Build up B’s fantasies.
    Thank you,

    1. Don't want to appear too forward, especially given the relationship sensitivities. On their way out I did mention that the invitation was open...

  21. hot x 1000000 !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The biggest gain is Beverly, she is really game and would do almost any thing to enjoy a good play

    1. She definitely enjoyed herself. But I think Joyce did as well, only less visibly.

  23. A short time ago, at the end of a dinner at home, I spoke with one of the guests, divorced, and with whom I had several years before, a story. Rather pretty and sexy.
    We were all a little drunk.
    The conversation focused on the scars that can be found in different parts of the body and that, without hiding them, we do not necessarily exhibit in everyday life.
    At one point I felt my wife approaching me from behind to listen to what we said.
    She has very good relations with this female friend.
    She put her arms around my neck and suggested to my interlocutor to show her the scar that I have on the sternum and to the middle of the belly. This last one quickly nodded and my wife, without asking me, unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it away for the other to look. Both of them exclaimed on the length and the impressive aspect of this scar.
    My wife knows that she can, under certain circumstances, do without my opinion, which she did there with a certain pleasure, it seemed to me.
    She seemed to say to this (always possible) rival: "Look what I can do with my husband. I can undress it and show it to you if I want ... "
    At the same time, both seemed to enjoy sharing this way of using me as if I were an object, a doll for example with which one can play.
    I did not feel humiliated because my wife's gesture was obviously a loving one but at the same time it meant that she had that power over me to do what she wanted in front of who she wanted and it was also a warning .
    (I loved every chapter of your story)

    1. That is sexy!
      You should have felt a little "humiliated" in a good way, being "owned" like that in front of another woman.

  24. When you wish to insure David feels very little prior to and after a spanking, what do you do? Is it when you are very mad at him that you do this type of spanking?

    1. I don't understand what you mean by "feels very little".

    2. Jack, my wife will make me wait, scold me like a naughty little boy, will count to five and best be naked, taken to the front room, kitchen holding my ear, spanking my bottom as she leads me to where the spanking will happen. Worse of all standing facing the wall afterwards and having a friend or my mother-in-law drop in.

    3. Oh Sorry! I see now! I read it as "so that he does not feel very much" which made no sense! Yes! All of those types of things and more. He must be made to feel very much that he is small when being punished.

  25. Reading King Kong theory (V. Despentes), I notice she likes, since she was young, to switch stories like you did a few months ago.
    Here, an example. Which do you prefer ?

    1 - While you relax on the beach and in the water, we are thinking of your future punishments: your behavior will soon make you deserve it.
    For this one, you appear, according to your will, in front of a man. You are in jeans or pants, as you want, you wear of course, under your pants, a pair of panties. For the top, any T-shirt will do the trick (no blouse, no bra).
    David is sitting, discreet, in the room.
    This man makes you stand in front of him, legs wide apart. He asks you to reach out to him, hands open, palms offered.
    He tells you that he is going to take your pants down and punish your palms and fingers with his belt.
    You have to bring your legs closer so that he undoes your pants that he puts down with your panties down to your knees.
    He tells you to put your arms in the air and he put your T-shirt over your bare breasts.
    You have to spread your legs again and extend your arms towards him.
    David tell him « touch her pussy and checks if she is wet »
    He uses two fingers.
    Yes of course, you are !
    David beckons him to start the punishment.
    He administers you 5 shots of belt, on each palm.
    He checks you again.
    5 more shots.
    New touch, deeper.
    Again 5. Deeper he pushes his fingers the more you are soaked.
    He finishes with 5 more severe blows on each of your reddened palms. Your fingers make you suffer and you want to bury them in the ice but David does not give you time and orders you to extract this man's cock from his pants and shake it until he jerks off. You run, knowing a second hand job is waiting for you.

    2 - While you relax on the beach and in the water, we are thinking of david's future punishments: his behavior will soon make him deserve it.
    For this one, you make come to your home a man in front of which he will present himself. Jeans or pants, as he likes and of course under his pants a pair of panties. For the top, any T-shirt will do the trick. You are sitting in the room, quiet.
    The man makes david stand in front of him, legs wide apart. He asks him to reach out, hands open, palms offered.
    You tell david that he is going to be stripped and punished on his palms with a belt.
    You tell him to tighten his legs so that the man undoes his pants. He takes them down, with the panties (and a sneer !), to the knees.
    You tell david to put his arms in the air so that the man puts his T-shirt over her breasts.
    The man makes him spread his legs again and extend his arms towards him.
    You touch david's flaccid sex. He does not seem determined to show a hard on !

    The man administers to him 5 strokes of the belt, on each palm.
    David's dick is a shrimp.
    You tell the man to check david'ass hole. He says it is tight and dry.
    You give him the lube.
    « Lube his anus, please, deep »
    David blushes.
    5 more shots.
    New touch, deeper.
    Again 5. The deeper he goes the more david moans.
    He finishes with 5 more severe blows on each of his reddened palms.
    David's fingers make him suffer. He says he would like to bury them in the ice but you do not give him time.
    You order him to quickly extract the cock of the man and jerk him until he cums (he asked that for payment of his work, you add).
    You tell david to hurry because this session has excited you and you will need his tongue AND fingers.

    1. What a dirty trick on me!!! To be completely honest, it is #1. But my hands are too sore to do a proper handjob. May I PLEASE use my mouth Sir, Please? If I promise I will swallow, may I then??? And afterwards, may I bend over to be pussy-fucked by my husband and ejaculated into while the man watches?

    2. Bratting? Why not!
      We will see with pleasure your beautiful mouth sucks that cock instead of jerking it off.
      Maybe you should have first inquired about its measurements but, well, you'll see ...
      Surely he will cum deep in your throat. Your nostrils crushed on his pubis, your chin pressed into his balls, he will fuck you thoroughly in the mouth, supporting you behind the head, to make you suffocate and as many times as he pleases.
      You will swallow.
      Once he has cum, however, I do not think he still has much interest in seeing you screwed up by your husband.
      He will find a harsh beating much more fun.
      50 strokes of the strap administered by David on your bare buttocks, to real tears, will seem to him more entertaining.
      Finally only, a kind of manly complicity uniting the two men, David will fuck you from behind to relieve himself, the other finding fun to watch you fucked.
      OK subbie ?

    3. And if you still did not buy and have not read the feminist book cited above, you're gonna be gangbanged in addition! ;-)

    4. You say “gangbanged” as if that was a bad thing... ;-)

    5. I didn't know you crave to be gangbanged. Have you ever tried? Not me...
      But you are right, a room full of guys all there just for you, hard for you, all wanting to fuck you and give their cum to you that can't be bad...
      And I discovered you were in for a « pinched clit spanking »
      New adventures !
      Read it, it's a good book.

  26. I don't always take the time to comment...but I read. And I love what you write. :)

    1. Thank you! (The Mistress of the Short Post commenting on my 8-parter - fun!)

  27. On fun with strangers my wife had some friends over for lunch and by the time I came home they had all had quite a few “glasses of rose”. I was cleaning up while they were discussing the importance of a good pedicure. I made a slightly sarcastic comment about how the podiatrist had the best business in town. That comment got me a “Come here. Kneel and open your mouth. I’ll show you the importance of a good pedicure,” and she proceeded to toe and then foot fuck my mouth in front of her friends. Very humiliating. Mr D

  28. Could not be spanked in front of others, I get an erection each time I’m going to be spanked. My wife just smiles and said you wish. When she is done, I’m limp, she smiles and said I best face that wall. Other females seeing me and not able to hide it, no way.

    1. The humiliation of having to bare that erection and then have it spanked to limp and flaccid while another woman watches is the whole point.

    2. My wife, I showed her your comment, she laughed and looked at me, now you know why. What she did not tell you, some women and I'm one would make you masturbate prior to your spanking. That would happen if you really crossed the line.

  29. Spraying his ballsack with the hose was really funny. Also hot.

  30. holy whatchumaycallit! great series! loved it! even if i AM a bit late getting round to this one... things have been crazy hectic here. I'm trying to catch up with everyone's posts!

    I'm glad you and David got so much out of this experience. And so did we :) Thank you for sharing!

  31. I would play with my erection if put in that position. The women would enjoy that, I would do it slow, they would forget about everything and when I would cum, it would a mad dash, to get some and to clean me off. Women are so easy to please.

  32. Reading your blog has been a great relief, so once again I Thank You. I'll find that woman who would understand my desire, but until then your blog is filling that void. I like all males fantasy and with you I see myself over your lap, spanked for showing disrespect to your mother, my mother-in-law, and then once your done, learn that another spanking was coming, your mother. Told there is no in-law in this household and so being my Mother and being naughty she was going to insure I learned my lessons. Afterwards standing with all on display, rubbing, sternly scolded and told that future spankings will come and that you the wife I would call Mommy, and Mother for my mother-in-law. Sorry if this offends you, was not intended to, but no laws are broken, I with your help controlling this desire. Once again Thank-You. Jack

    1. No, I think that’s hot. No reason a mother-daughter spanking duo would not work and be really a bonding experience. If my Mom wanted to watch me spank my husband, or participate, I would be all “hells yes!”

    2. A favorite drawing I found is of a husband kneeling before his wife, having been spanked, his mother-in-law present. A caption above her head "taught her well". I wonder how many mothers teach their daughters that a husbands needs to be spanked when they act foolish. Jack

  33. Hy mistress julie ...we are waiting for davids murga punishment from you ...hope you will do this very soon ...thank you


  34. Fetishes are really powerful, once in the airport waiting area I remember seeing a very nice looking lady and another lady who who was relatively old and not good looking.
    Naturally, I was looking at the pretty one, then it was announced the flight will be delayed 3 hours.
    The older lady took off her shoes and changed into flip flops, I couldn't take my eyes off her feet, she had very nice luscious feet with a pretty nail polish that goes well with her flip flops.
    I totally ignored the pretty lady and her prettier friend who joined later and was totally fascinated by the other lady's feet in flip flops.

  35. I would love to live out any one of your posts, but this one the most.