Friday, January 11

New Blog: The Venus and Cupid

I've just been made aware of a very promising new blog by its author, Daniel, called The Venus and Cupid. I've linked it in my blogroll on the side.

Daniel is "in a healthy & happy monogamous relationship in which spanking plays a central role in our intimate life".

The writing on the blog is truly excellent, and he selects mostly drawn artwork to illustrate. As of the time I am writing this, he only has 3 entries posted so far.

Cupid's Spanking is an introduction to the blog and its author that ties into the Venus and Cupid theme. It's learned and esoteric in ways, but very interesting. Towards the end, Daniel talks about the intent of his blog.
So it's in the spirit of joy that I'd like to welcome the readers of this blog. I hope to trace the contours of my own kink. Through writing & consideration I’d like to give shape to my journey through a life in love with spanking. I’ll be sharing thoughts and anecdotes from my own life as a man who is spanked by the woman he loves.  

I also hope to explore not only F/M spanking & maternal discipline, but all sorts of spanking dynamics & arrangements. The idea is to have fun exploring my love affair with spanking while thinking & examining what I find arousing, fascinating, compelling & lovely.

With that in mind, I'll be thinking through the whole repertoire of domestic discipline, not only spanking but also--mouth soaping, corner time, time-outs, diaper punishments, line writing, & other similar domestic punishments. I'll be following in the footsteps of iconic 90's magazine WHAP!, Sarah Gregory's "Momma Spankings", Aunt Kay's 'Disciplinary Wives Club', Someone's Gonna Get It, Strict Wives, Strict Julie Spanks!, & other like minded venues where wives & aunts & babysitters &  maternal figures of all sorts deliver old fashioned over the knee spankings to deserving adult boys & girls.

Daydream Believer is about Daniel's journey from daydreaming about spankings and a 24x7 FLR to finding his wife and coming to understand that "playing" with his wife is much more realistic and equally as fulfilling as he had daydreamed.
I have dreamed of being spanked by all sorts of women—classmates, girlfriends, teachers, co-workers & friends. I’ve imagined being disciplined by glamorous celebrities as well as by the cashier at the local grocery store. Daily life has been a theater of spankings still unconsummated, scoldings not yet heard, all of them developed in the warm terrain of daydreams.

The Allure of the Brush hones in on that classic, essential spanking implement, the hairbrush.
For me, there is nothing as iconic or enchanted as the hairbrush. It’s the object at the core of my romance with being spanked, elemental as if oxygen or light. 

What is it about the hairbrush? It is simple & feminine, almost bittersweet, in its capacity for organizing both allure & pain. There is something simultaneously nice & mean about it, demure & yet utterly flagrant in being an instrument bound up with spanking. 

It’s an object with texture & meaning & depth because within it so much is distilled — memories & promises, wonderful, dreadful alluring sensations, worry & want & remorse & true love. It’s like an object in a fairy tale. It really is alive. 

I adore the way in which it’s hers, & hers alone. It represents the quality & means of her discretion. In her purse or on her nightstand it is always at the ready. Nothing more elaborate or complex is required. It’s an elegant, perfect device.

I encourage you to head over and to give Daniel your encouragement by leaving a comment on his blog!


  1. Not bad. I went over on your recommendation and left a comment.

  2. This looks like good stuff, thanks for sharing.

    I once thought of a song with lyrics like

    “Reverse cowgirl cunnlingus
    It’s a bond we have between us
    I’m her Cupid she’s my Venus
    Reverse cowgirl cunnlingus”


  3. Dreaming of spankings was fun, not having the nerve to get a spanking. I came up with all sorts of spanking scenes and enjoyed the relief I got. I got caught by a girlfriend in the bathroom, not thinking she was coming over. So this is what you think about, I said nothing, sitting, naked, erection, magazines, I finally said yes. She smiled, told me to stand up and finish what I was doing. It was when I finish she said let me give you the real thing and sure enough she did. It felt good, and it hurt. We're married, still getting the real thing, and not always but will be told to relieve myself of the erection.

  4. what type of blog your favorite with spankings f/m where male getting spanked by female wife or girlfriend etc or f/f where female are getting spanked

    have you bought any spanking video at adult store of f/m spanking or f/f spanking or any kinky toys lately

    1. I enjoy f/m the most fora blog. I have seen a bunch of spanking videos, mainly on spankingtube, but have bought some from the clipstore as well. Good inspiration!

  5. Looks like a promising blog based on your introduction to it, but for some reason I am unable to navigate it properly on my computer. The homepage appears fragmentary, and specific posts are partially cut-off. I guess that could be a technical problem with my browser rather than the blog. (My computer is old). I've always loved that cartoon of Venus spanking Cupid.

    1. You just have to click through to the blog entries. But I know what you mean!

  6. Very promising. For some reason it’s only possible to comment on his site using a google account. Some like me for privacy reasons prefer to make an Anonymous comment with a sign off handle. I’d also be interested in him describing his wife’s journey from vanilla woman to play time dominant. It seems she at first did this solely to meet his needs but does she now “need” to swing the brush? Could she ever go back? Is she a budding Ms Julie? Will he get more than he bargained for? I appreciate his mindset but I’m also interested in hers. Thanks Mr D

    1. Yes! Me too. Fine to sign as "Mr D" at the bottom like that. So long as I know who I'm writing to!

  7. Hey Ms Julie I think you’ve got Daniel in your sights? You soooo want to dom him!

    Julie and Daniel sitting in a tree
    First come wanking
    Then comes spanking
    Next they’re FLR with Julie commanding.

    Cheeky Sub

    1. Thanks, but I have my hands full with my david!