Saturday, January 4

Wife Spanked until she Swallows

I understand that there are exactly two kinds of women in the world: spitters and swallowers.

I used to be firmly in the "spitter" camp. When we were first married I would go down on him like any good wife should, and I even let him cum in my mouth.

I always thought that getting a mouthful was incredibly nasty, though, and would immediately jump up off the bed, run to the sink, spit it all out, and rinse with water. My views on the matter have not changed over the years, except that nowadays I am somewhat more likely to spit it out into his mouth and make him swallow it like a bitch.

So, we were having sex the other night. We started out naked in bed kissing and fondling one another.

He was sticking his tongue in my mouth and grabbing my ass and I was quite enjoying it. He was being dommy and it was making me feel a bit subby.

He disconnected and stated, "you're going to suck my cock while I lick your pussy." Game On! We moved to a side-by-side 69 position. I put a pillow under my head and he rested his head on my inner thigh. I took his cock into my mouth.

He started by just kissing the outside of my pussy lips. Mmmm. Felt nice. At the same time, I liked having his big cock to suck on. It "distracted" me from concentrating 100% on him kissing and licking my pussy, which means that orgasm happens a bit more "by surprise", and it's sexy for me to have my husband's hard cock in my mouth.

I could feel him getting more and more excited in my mouth. I disengaged, not wanting him to cum too soon. He said, "get that back in your mouth, woman, you're getting a mouthful."

What!? Him talking to me like that was at the same time sexy and provocative. It got my hackles up. Even if it was sexy, he does not talk to me like that. I smacked his ass with my hand. "You DO NOT talk to me like that!" I said, teasing him and testing him.

He grabbed me around my hips with one hand, and then smacked my naked ass with his other hard hand, emphasizing "In. Your. Mouth. Woman. Or you'll go across my knee."

Ok, ok, already. It wasn't so much the threat of physical violence, but rather the gush in my pussy that convinced me. I stuck his penis back in my mouth like a good girl and continued blowing him.

"And you'll swallow it this time. No spitting," he added.

What? Ewww. I know how he hated me running straight to the bathroom to spit him out, but really. It's soooo disgusting. I started complaining, but his cock was in my mouth and he grabbed the back of my head and started pumping. I can imagine what he was thinking...

He pumped his cock in my mouth. I tasted the slightly bitter pre-cum. Uh Oh. He held my head in place and shot his load into my mouth.

I was pretty sure he was not serious about the swallowing part. I mean, he just got his rocks off, why should he care anymore? I quickly went to get get up and run to the bathroom. He grabbed my arm and kept me there, though.

"Nnnnnn!" I "said", with a disgusting mouthful of hot cum!

"You heard me," he said.

"Nnn, Nnn," I said, shaking my head.

"Yes!" he emphasized.

I took a different tack. I moved into him and went to kiss him.

"Ah no!" he said, and he redirected me across his lap!

"NNNNN!" I said as I went across his knee, his cum in my mouth.

This is actually one of my moves I do on him. I have several times spanked him while he held a mouthful of his own cum. And in front of other women no less! 'Kinda humiliating that he was making me do it...

I guess I could have spit it out onto the bedsheets or the carpet, but that would have been just nasty. Honestly, though, I think I wanted him to make me swallow it. He obliged: "the spanking stops when you agree to swallow," he said, and then he started in spanking me with his hand.

"Nnnnn! Nnnnn!" I mumbled out as he spanked my bottom. His spanking got harder and harder and harder. My poor bum! He paused, "ready to swallow yet?" He asked.

"NNNNNnnnnnn!" I yelled out and shook my head no, looking back at him with daggers. He would have to earn this if he wanted it.

"Ok," he said, and opened the bedside drawer and pulled out... Paddle Daddy's Paddle!!!!

"NNNnnnn. NNNnnnn!" I mouthed as my eyes went wide. This paddle is sort of famous for blistering my backside (see Julie in for a Sever Paddling!, which describes the circumstances leading up to my hard paddling across another woman's knee)

I knew as soon as he reached for that paddle that his cum was going down my throat. But I thought I'd hold out just a bit more...

He pushed my head down and then used the paddle to whack my cheeks.


Oh shit!


Holy mother of fucking... shit!


Holy FUCKING mother of MOTHER-FUCKING SHIT!!!! Ok ok ok ok ok!!!!!

"Mmm Mmm! Mmm Mmm!" I said frantically, looking back at him, pleading with my eyes. Three hard swats was all it took to literally blister my tail.

"On your knees," he said.

Oh, you never saw a girl move so fast. Nothing was worth another stroke of that paddle. No yucky cum. No teasing. No testing my man's resolve. No Nothing.

"Down the hatch, woman, like a good wife should..."

How humiliating. He stood in front of me, his spent cock dangling near my head. I gulped down the sticky goo. It's not so much the taste (bad enough), but the texture...

I opened my mouth to show him "all gone". I was determined to be a really really really good girl now.

"Good girl!" he confirmed. He picked me up by my arm and added "good girls get nice rewards."

He made me kneel up on the bed. He made me put my hands on my head. He fondled me all over. He squeezed my nipples hard. He stuck a finger into my hot wet snatch.

He kept his finger there as he arranged three big pillows on the bed in front of me. He smacked me with his other hand as he told me to bend over the pillows, ass up. He kept his finger in me the whole time as I bent over.

I wound up in literally this position. "Slut!" he said as he smacked my ass. Hey! He was the one who "slutted" me!

He went back to the drawer and got the lube out.

"No, please!" I begged. Lube meant ass play. He dribbled the lube directly onto my asshole. "Shut up, slut," he said (I enjoy being called "slut", your mileage may vary!)

He then stuck his digit into me, knuckle deep!

Oh no! It reminded me of a comment left on my last blog entry by j.stern in which he talked about a wife showing her husband the middle finger at dinner because of some poor behaviour, and commenting (publicly!) that if he didn't shape up, it would be going all the way in once they got home. I was being fingered, exactly like that, by my husband!

"Bad girl," he said as he pumped his finger in and out of me. He also slapped my pussy gently with his other hand. "Will you do as you're told next time?"

"Yes Sir," I said submissively from my bent over posture, enduring his finger pumping in and out of my asshole.

"Would you like to have your orgasm now?" he asked. Hells yes!

"yes sir," I said breathlessly, my pussy was so hot and so wet.

"Show me how much you want it," he said, stilling his finger but keeping it deeply up my ass.

I wasn't sure exactly what he wanted. I tentatively wiggled my ass on his finger.

"That's it," he encouraged.

Oh, I thought to myself, and started wiggling and wriggling my backside all up and down and around his penetrating finger.

"What a total slut," he said. "you'll do anything for your orgasm, won't you?"

"Oh sir, Yes sir!" I said.

He pulled out of my ass, spread my legs extra wide, grabbed a dark red and paddle-blistered cheek in each hand, pushed me further over the pillows, pulled me apart, and licked my pussy so good. As he was licking, his fingers sort of pulled my ass-cheeks hard apart right at my asshole so his two fingers were almost penetrating in and rubbing my anal ring, and I think it was his thumbs pulling my pussy lips painfully wide apart.

"Oh Fuck!"

He licked and lapped at my hyper-engorged clitty.

"Ohhh FUCK!!!!!"

and then, it happened, for me.


I sure learned my lesson, but good! :-)