Tuesday, February 9

Wife Spanked and Neighbour Told

I got spanked for real for something careless I did that involved our neighbour up at the cottage. So humiliating! Worse still, my husband made me write an apology email to him and include in it the manner in which I was punished (blush, blush, blush)!

Got some good pics online that fit my situation well
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Same neighbour as described in Wife Embarrassed in Front of Neighbour, old retired Larry from next door at the cottage. Very embarrassing!

We were weekending at the winter cottage. There was a TON of snow. We went up Friday afternoon, got a good cross-country ski in on Saturday (7.5 km circle, just over 1 hour, 80m of ascent and descent, average heart rate 150 bpm, >1000 KCal burnt!). On Sunday we just hung around the cottage and we left Sunday afternoon to drive home in the light.

We were all packed up, snow brushed off the car, ready to drive off, and David asks me, "did you remember to go?"

Oh fuck! I HATE it when he asks me that. But he hates it even more when we get down around halfway of the 2.5 hour drive and I make him stop so I can desperately go pee.

He stops, but it's a definite spanking offense, which sometimes encourages me, but not this time. And I did forget...

"i forgot..." I told him in a little voice.

"Go now," he told me, like a Daddy. "And hurry!"

I went back to the cottage, opened the locked door, ran down the flight of stairs to the bathroom, and actually had a pretty good pee. What was I thinking? I knew I was keeping him waiting, and it was pretty stupid of me, and I might wind up getting spanked for it anyways, so I finished up, ran back up the stairs, opened the front door, checked that the lock was on, and then slammed it shut as I ran towards the car and got back into it.

"Did you lock the door?" he asked me.

"Yes," I said, a bit exasperated. I had checked the lock.

Well, that door is a bit stiff, and it sounds like it closes, and it looks like it closes, but sometimes it does not go all the way onto the latch. I knew that, but didn't think of it at the time. It sounded like it was totally closed!

Before leaving David always sets the thermostats back to an "Away" mode which keeps it at around 13C (55F).

The door must have blown open sometime after we left (David thinks it was at night based on the thermostat web app), and stayed open all night long and into the next morning, and was not discovered until noon the next day by Larry when he was outside snow blowing. He went inside and looked around to make sure everything was ok, and then shut the door. He sent David a note directly,

Hi Dave,

Just out clearing your driveway. The door was wide open, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong/missing/critters inside. Your furnace got quite a workout.


David wrote him back with a cc to me.

Crap! Sorry Larry, thanks for noticing that, we owe you one. Guess "we" must have not have closed the door fully. I'll "discuss it" with Julie. ๐Ÿ˜’

As soon as I got the 'cc' mid-afternoon, with the "wry face" or whatever that emoji is, and the "we" and the "discuss it" in quotes, I immediately figured out what must have happened, as had David. Oh Boy... I knew my butt was in for it! And even worse, Larry must have known as well and was probably laughing his head off.

I immediately e-mailed back, just to David (he was just in the other room, but I thought email was safer!)

Sorry sweetie! My mistake I guess ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

He wrote,

As I told Larry, we'll "discuss it" after dinner and then you can write him a nice, heartfelt, apology.

I knew for a fact the "discussion" would be a disciplining session over his knee, hand to butt (if I was lucky). My bottom tingled with the anticipation, and my pussy tingled a bit as well.  But what did he mean by my writing Larry an apology note? Would he make me embarrass myself even more by telling Larry how I had been disciplined??? Did I want that...?

As the afternoon wore on, every little meeting or email break I had, the anticipation of what was coming reared up. I felt my heart beating faster, my bottom tingling, and my pussy dampening. Damn I'm such a subby when in the mood for it, and nothing excites me more than a real spanking for real reasons, which I was sure I would be getting. Plus the fact that Larry knew and the unknown embarrassment of what kind of note I would be writing to Larry afterwards. He already knew I was a spanked wife, and winked at it. I drafted a few candidate emails in my head, one more embarrassing than the next. Such an embarrassment slut I am. It's why I understand David's need for it so well.

After work finished for both of us we met in the kitchen. First I saw him I said "sorry...". He was very calm and said we'd talk about it after dinner. We decided to order some Pizza Pizza keto pizzas in.

Only 4g of net carbs per entire pizza crust. Ingredients are water, organic coconut flour, egg whites, liquid whole eggs, organic pumpkin seed flour, psyllium husk, flax meal, extra virgin olive oil, coconut milk, ground chia, salt, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, cream of tartar, baking soda, Italian herbs, chicory root, yeast. All good stuff! Expensive, but good! I know many of you already hate me for my unpopular views, but I do like pineapple, bacon, anchovies, and sun-dried tomatoes. So shoot me.

Pizza came and we ate. I was a little jumpy and distracted during dinner, as you can imagine. After we cleared and put the dishes in the dishwasher he was all like, "Ok, young lady, time to have that discussion..."

"yes sir..." I replied meekly. There was no arguing this one. I had been careless, and then double careless when he asked me if I had locked the door. And that was on top of me having to run back into the cottage to pee because I had forgotten to despite it being a thing I needed to remember to do.

He picked up the armless chair with one hand plunked it down in front of the fireplace and facing away from it. He sat in it and beckoned me over. Ooooh Nooooo.

I was in so much trouble. He carefully went over everything I had done wrong, from the peeing problem, to the rushing, to the carelessness, to the not taking seriously his question if I had locked the door. He asked me if I thought I deserved to be spanked for it?

"yes sir"

He told me to take my clothes off. He made me put my hands on my head and pulled down my panties while I was standing there facing him.

I was looking for photos to illustrate my experience,
and these ones from northernspanking.com came up on my search.
They were kinda perfect...
I visited the site and checked them out. Lots of good stuff there.
This guy and my husband think alike!

David stripped me to completely bare, and then bent me over his knee. He told me that as he considered what I had done to have been mostly an honest mistake, he would not be using the paddle or the belt this time, but would give me a proper hand spanking and make me stand in the corner for 30 minutes afterwards. He asked if that was fair and I agreed that it was (even though I legitimately despise corner time, I figured I had earned a real punishment beyond a pussy-dampening spanking, and I think he figured so as well). Besides, I wasn't in much of a negotiating position with my head and feet dangling and my bare bum the highest point on me.

He started in, and from the first smack to the last, each one was hard. David has a big, strong, hard hand, and a tireless arm and is more than capable of giving me a serious spanking across his knee. I struggled and reached my hand back involuntarily to stop the spanks, but David just grabbed my wrist and pinned it to my side. Sort of like this but without the leglock.

I know my pussy was as prominent if not more so than the model's above, as when he went low left cheek I could feel the tips of his fingers whipping into my sensitive parts. And unlike this girl, my thighs were spanked almost as much as my bottom was.

Before long I was kicking and pleading and saying how sorry I was!

But he was unrelenting in punishing my big bare bottom. David has this rhythm he gets into of left cheek, right cheek, middle; left cheek, right cheek, middle. With the "middle" spanks they're all low and it feels like he's spanking right up into my pussy and bottom hole!

He paused and lay his hard hand down on my hot bottom.

"Why are you being spanked like this, Julie?"

"Because... because..." I blubbered out, my voice mixing with tears and snot, "because I was careless closing the cottage door!" I wailed.

"What else?"

"Because... because I didn't go pee before we left like I'm supposed to!"

"Exactly. And we've talked about this how many times now? Maybe we need a diaper for you after all."

"No SIR! It won't be needed, Sir! I promise!"

"We'll see about that. And is there anything else you're being spanked for?"

I had to think a bit. "Ummm... for not taking you seriously when you asked me if the door was locked?"

"That's right. Good girl. You seemed to have learned something today. Now stand up. Your spanking is over."

I stood up gratefully and rubbed my sore behind.

See how perfect this photo set is!

David reached his finger into my pussy, and pulled it up through my slit, performing a "wet check".

"Oh Julie," he said, sounding mock disappointed in me, "just look at how wet your pussy is." I knew, but he still held his finger up for me to see it glistening. "Is this even getting through to you?"

"yes sir," I said meekly.

"Well let's see if a half-hour in the corner will cool those jets, young lady."

With that he stood, grabbed me by my ear, and escorted me over to the corner of the living room to stand there in my all-together with my spanked red bum on display.

Dallas and model Melissa from dallasspankshard.com
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I think my bum was about that shade of red!

"You stand there and think about being more careful in the future," he said as he left me there to stew in my own juices, so to speak. I felt very exposed in the living room. What if Sue or my parents were to spontaneously drop by? Would I run from the corner? No. Only if David tells me I may. Would he? For them, I sincerely doubt it. What a giggle they would get seeing my red bum in the corner like that! David would recount the whole embarrassing story. I'm sure I would not be let off a single second of my allotted timeout. And afterwards I would have to desperately cover up my tits and pussy and run to my bedroom to get dressed as I am laughed at. Those thoughts went through my head standing there, as well as the email I would have to write to Larry...

He left me with my hands crossed in front of me, like in the pic above. I confess to diddling my very soppy wet pussy a bit to pass the time. I knew it would likely earn me the belt if he found out, but so hard to resist! It was his fault for not putting my hands somewhere safe.

Nonetheless, even with the distraction, cornertime was absolutely interminable. I pretty soon got bored of diddling myself, and had to stand there forever waiting for David to tell me time was up. I had no way of telling time myself where I was, so I had no idea how far along I was and he did not share. Blech! I hate being punished like this.

Finally, David came to me and handed me my robe and told me my time was up.

"Were you playing with yourself while you were in the corner?"

"No Sir!" I said, sounding outraged and hurt at the utterly unfounded accusation.

"I thought I saw some squirming earlier on," he said with a smile.

"My bottom was sore," I lied, pouting and in my best little girl voice.

"Alright then. Go up to your computer now and write a nice little email to Larry. Oh, and sweetheart, you're going to have to tell him how you were punished."

Oh crap. David knows how to turn my crank.

"Nooooo..." I pleaded. "Pleassssse!"

"Go write a draft and call me over to review it before you send it."

"Ohhhh... yes sir."

He did want me to tell Larry that I'd been spanked. My heart was beating a mile a minute thinking about doing that. I went to my computer and started in. I was determined to see how far I could push being a brat. Secretly, I hoped he would not let me at all.

Dear Larry,

Julie here. I wanted to write you a note thanking you for noticing that our front door was totally wide open and for making sure everything was ok and closing it for us. It was purely my fault because i forgot something in the cottage, so i had to hurry back in and then back out again and in the process i must not have fully latched the front door, and i guess it blew open in the wind overnight after we left. David gave me a stern talking to and it won't happen again.



Ok, it wasn't as explicit as David probably was imagining, but I think it pretty much gets the message across, right? I used run-on sentences and the little "i" to make me seem more like a little girl, which was how I felt at the moment. And it was pretty embarrassing to be given a "stern talking to", right? And besides, what does a "stern talking to" mean. I mean, David swatted my butt the last time we saw Larry, and it was pretty clear I am subject to spankings, so a "stern talking to" was suggestive enough, right? Right?

I told David I had the note ready and he came and looked over my shoulder at it.

"I like the little girl writing, seems fitting. But it still needs work," David told me. "For one thing, tell Larry exactly what it was you 'forgot' in the cottage."

"No! Come on!" I begged. "That's so embarrassing! That's just for you and me, ok?"

"Not anymore. Consider the embarrassment of telling Larry part of your punishment. Then maybe it will drive the lesson home and you won't do it again."

"Oh... fine!" I acquiesced, thinking i had gotten away with my "stern talking to" gambit. Ha!

 I worked on the next draft and then called David over again.

Dear Larry,

Julie here. I wanted to write you a note thanking you for noticing that our front door was totally wide open and for making sure everything was ok and closing it for us. It was purely my fault because just as we were in the car and about to leave, David asked me if i had gone pee, and I hadn't, and he hates it when i make him stop for that on the way down, and he was impatient with me for forgetting, so i had to hurry back into the cottage, do my business, and then hurry back out again and in the process i must not have fully latched the front door and I guess it blew open in the wind overnight after we left. David gave me a stern talking to and it won't happen again.



Oh how blushy was writing that!

David read it and said, "better, now just add in the part about how you were punished."

"Oh! No no no. I put in the 'stern talking to' part and Larry will get it from that."

"No. I want you to spell it out for him."

"You can't be serious," I pleaded.

"Oh come on," he said, "you were the one who asked me to make a scene out of smacking your butt when Larry was over. If you wanted that, you can do this."

"No, but it might offend him," I suggested.

"It will definitely not offend Larry, not considering the remarks he made after your butt smack."

David was right. Larry enjoyed the idea of me as a spanked wife and egged us on.

"Oh fine." I edited the last sentence and replaced it by,

David is standing here and tells me i need to tell you that he gave me a spanking for it.



David read it and said, "be more descriptive. Like over-the-knee and on your bare bum."

David is standing here and tells me i need to tell you that he took me across his knee in the living room and spanked me on my bare bum for it.



I added the living room as an extra hoping he would be satisfied. Oh no.

"Add in, 'until I was kicking and screeching like a naughty six-year-old'."

I issued a big sigh and changed it again.

David is standing here and tells me i need to tell you that he took me across his knee in the living room and spanked me on my bare bum until I was, in his words, "kicking and screeching like a naughty six-year-old".



"I like it," said David. "Now add in the corner time."

"yes sir," I said, resigned to my fate. He wasn't letting me get away with 'nuthin!

David is standing here and tells me i need to tell you that he took me across his knee in the living room and spanked me on my bare bum until I was, in his words, "kicking and screeching like a naughty six-year-old". He then put my nose in the corner for 30 whole minutes which seemed like forever.



"Good. Add in that you were bare naked in the corner, and add another 'sorry' at the end."

I edited it some more, and added a plea for privacy, and David approved my final draft.

Dear Larry,

Julie here. I wanted to write you a note thanking you for noticing that our front door was totally wide open and for making sure everything was ok and closing it for us. It was purely my fault because just as we were in the car and about to leave, David asked me if i had gone pee, and I hadn't, and he hates it when i make him stop for that on the way down, and he was impatient with me for forgetting, so i had to hurry back into the cottage, do my business, and then hurry back out again and in the process i must not have fully latched the front door and I guess it blew open in the wind overnight after we left. David is standing here and tells me i need to tell you that he took me across his knee in the living room and spanked me on my bare bum until I was, in his words, "kicking and screeching like a naughty six-year-old". He then made me stand bare naked with my nose in the corner for 30 whole minutes which seemed like forever. Please don't tell anybody about this and sorry again for the door and your trouble. It won't happen again.



Very exciting in its own way. We were playing a game with a willing participant, and who knows where it will lead? We are risk takers in this regard. I looked to David with my mouse finger poised on the 'Send' button. "are you sure we should be doing this?" But I knew I wanted to.

"Absolutely. Send it."

I hit 'Send', OMG.

I ran to the bed and buried my head in the pillows. "I'm sooo embarrassed!" I told him.

He came over and lay beside me and stroked my hair and soothed me. "Yeah, but you love it," he said.

I don't know what gets into me. It just excites me when other men know I am a spanked wife. And David played it so well by making me write and re-write the note so many times, each time making it a little worse and worse, each time along the way me thinking I got away with something, but resenting not being "made to" at the same time. He's a creative top.

"Let's see that bum," David said as he lifted my robe off my bottom and looked and touched it. "Still rosy red," he said.

I don't know where it came from. but I said, "will you give me the belt, Sir?"

"Why?" he laughed and asked.

"Because I was naughty in the corner and lied to you afterwards about it..."

"I'm glad you confessed, young lady. The belt it is."

David took my robe right off me, piled some pillows in the middle of the bed, and draped me naked over them. He slithered his belt off from around his waist and snapped it which made me jump.

"You were thinking about sending Larry that note when you were fingering yourself in your corner, weren't you?" As he said it, he gave me another "wet check". Result: positive.

"yes sir," I admitted.

CRACK! He whipped my ass with his belt.

I yelped but then squirmed my ass in pleasure at his beating of me.

"You'd like it if Larry saw you like this. Naked. Bent over. Wet pussy on parade."


"Yes Sir!" I admitted.

"Why you little slut!" (i like it when he calls me that)


I jammed my hand between puss-puss and pillow and started rubbing myself.


"Look at the little slut. Getting off from her spanking." 


He threw the belt down, took off his clothes, grabbed my ass and licked my pussy from behind until I came hard. He then got his dick out and fucked my cunt until he was satisfied and had spunked deeply into me. I lay there and took it, like a good wife should.

"Holy shit!" I said, at the intensity of the entire experience. I went to the bathroom to clean up (which includes allowing his sperm to drip out of me into the toilet as I wipe).

I grabbed my robe on the way back and put it on.

David asked what was on my mind as well. Had Larry responded? I went to check my email. He had!

No problem, Julie. Our little secret. I'm sure you learned your lesson. No critters got inside and no long-term damage done, although I can see why David might have been upset with you over the propane usage, the furnace was sure going full out. Sorry you got a spanking for it. Let Dave know I approve of his methods.


Understated. Encouraging.

But I am still, as I write this, so embarrassed by what went on.

Sum total, I had to tell Larry about my road-trip peeing problem and how David effectively treats me like a little girl. I had to admit to him what an air-headed stupid person I was to let the door open like that in mid-winter. Typical "woman move" in his mind, no doubt.

I had to admit to Larry, my freaking retired next door neighbour, that David hauled me across his knee and spanked my bare bum until I was reduced to the status of a wailing child. Larry would no doubt imagine seeing me like that, across my husband's knee, my rear end rapidly reddening under David's hard palm. My feet kicking, displaying all my charms between my legs. Larry is working class and old school, from up North. He probably believes that's how careless women should be treated.

And I had to admit that I was fully stripped and put into timeout like a child, a visual that Larry will no doubt try to imagine in all its glory.

Next time I see Larry, I will legitimately be blushing red from head to toe. I imagine running to serve him from a platter I hold for him, on my knees. My eyes will be downcast and I will be severely blushing as he smirks at me, knowing exactly how I misbehaved that day, and how my husband punished me that day. A hard spanking. To snot and tears. On my bare bottom. Naked timeout.

I have no doubt the open door will be a topic of conversation that may drift uncomfortably towards my bare-bottom spanking and my timeout. Will David reveal to him my misbehavior during timeout? And how he needed to take his belt off to punish me for it. And then describe the submissiveness with which I lay there as he took me from behind, and recount the pleasures of giving a hard fucking to a well-whipped woman?

Oh shit. These are the sorts of thoughts that torment my head and my pussy!

I'm in the mood for it. All teasing in the comments is welcomed and will be replied to submissively...


  1. This is my first comment on here, but such an excellent blog entry deserves a reply. Your choice of photos really complemented the writing.

    It seems like little girl Julie got the spanking she had coming. Bare bottom spanking and corner time are perfect to remind a naughty girl to behave.

    Having to write that thank you / apology letter to Larry was an extra punishment. Good luck making eye contact next time you see Larry. I think maybe you should be addressing him more formally from now on, maybe Sir or Mr Larry. I wonder what details David will be sharing next...

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    1. Yes Sir - it will be hard meeting Larry's gaze and feeling that blush suffuse my cheeks. I have no doubt a "Sir" may slip out in the process. I have a nagging feeling that my next "swat" from David in front of Larry may well be across his knee, on my bare bum, and repeated if I don't!

  2. I thought David might take some revenge by giving you a slippering so that sitting while writing your note would be really uncomfortable....but not as uncomfortable as when you next see Larry!

    1. His hand is the equivalent of my slipper!
      But agreed on the discomfort of seeing Larry...

  3. Sincerely, during week end I checked your blog, and when I saw no reply from you I thought about you in the cottage, maybe doing something kinky....and It was!!!
    What a shame, knowing your fate, taking It, and having to tel Larry what happened!!! Surely you'll Blush next time you'll see him. Probably, he Will smirk to you, figuring you all nude and spanked. You should imaging him jerking off with that image, and you feel so naughty...because you like It!!!

    1. Strictly speaking, Sir, the kink was day after we got home. I did paint a vivid image of a spanked wife for Larry. I have no doubt he will be re-reading it from time to time.

  4. "You know the strangest thing, Larry? She was as wet as the Nile when I was done with her! It seemed wrong to leave her like that, so I mounted her like a mare. She thoroughly enjoyed that, too. She's such a horny little thing."

    I actually take my wife's panties down before her spankings much the same way David did. She loves it when I scold her while ignoring her eyes and instead looking directly at her womanly grotto. She likes having her pussy blamed for her "misdeeds" and insists that it receive a good hard "punishment" dicking once her ass is red enough. She'll spend the whole time mewling and begging me to hurt the pussy and make her feel it for a while. I've never been one to deny my lady's requests so I happily oblige. A sore bottom warrants a sore cummy pussy, from our point of view.

    1. Yes! This!

      So many people talk about "making sweet love". For me, a fucking is a violent affair intended to display dominance. I WANT a sore puss after my fuckings, just like your lucky wife, Sir.

      If you read the last episode when we had a glass of wine with Larry, David volunteered that spankings make me "wild" in bed. I would not put it beyond him to make that suggestion to Larry as a topic of conversation!

  5. David should offer your services to Larry for a full spring cleaning. He should deliver you in a long, modest skirt and give a firm smack on your butt. Then, as he leaves you there, remind you that if Larry is not satisfied with your work, you are going to get the belt again.

    1. Except his wife is there! What would she make of a little hussy like me crawling around their house and cleaning their sh*t under threat of a bare bum belting, no doubt in front of Larry.

  6. You always respond much better to that element of “real”...rather than some made up or embellished infraction. These tales are much better!

    1. I agree! The realness really turns my clock, and it's not even remotely the same if I'm deliberately naughty to earn a spanking which feels like a cheat. As a functional responsible adult, the times I am truly naughty or careless are few and far between and we need to make the most of them!

  7. David is certainly growing into the role of Man of the House!
    Perhaps Larry has a bratty daughter or niece, and you could swap for the weekend...

    1. Oh my gosh, you totally reminded me. He has two grown sons and a grown daughter, and the daughter lives with them! And I totally forgot because she has some sort of social anxiety sort of thing and we NEVER see her (caught sight of her once, maybe a year ago, and waved, and she sort of scurried away). I wonder if it's "my house, my rules" for her???

    2. I'm sure David will soon spank that out of her ;)

    3. Prescription: Prozac & Spankings.

  8. The idea of successive emails is very exciting.
    Please, do not hesitate to correct the address of the site from which you borrow the photos. Under the first image.
    northernspanking.com (you type northerspanking)

    1. Thank you Sir! Already fixed!

    2. Looking for another spanking?
      The typo in the caption of photo number 5 has not been corrected!

    3. yes... I mean NO, Sir! Fixed it also. I am so sorry! I don't think a spanking is warranted for that, Sir. I was just a little careless is all. A spanking would be a COMPLETE over reaction and I won't stand for it (stomps foot)!

    4. Stomping your foot too is overreacting, missy. Take everything off and call David. We want to provide you an occasion of understanding and regretting your bratty behaviour.

    5. David says it doesn't deserve a spanking and that you mind your own business!

    6. Naughty liar, you faked your id.
      I think you are going to be in serious trouble.

    7. Hey! I'm over here, not over there. "I'm not a cat..."

  9. "Big bare bottom" ahahahahaha!

    1. That's what it felt like, Sir, sticking up and out like that...

    2. You watched too much northernspanking models...

    3. Impossible! Actually, I found the northernspanking photos on the blog just spread over the Internet, and got curious so I went to the site to check it out. There is MASSES of stuff there, and it looks to be really high quality. M/F stuff, well done, domestic, turns me on a lot and makes me want to play.

  10. Well, little girl julie, you certainly got what you deserved. And this opens the door to more such punishments in the future when you misbehave. And, they should happen more often for your lurid thoughts, not just actions. TL

  11. Sounds like you secretly want Larry to spank you, wet check and all. Am I right?

  12. I imagine you have a butt like Andi Switch. Round, plump, a little soft, fleshy, which blushes quickly. A milf big butt that makes a lot of noise when you slap it.

    1. Yo0u may be right... Check it out and let me know:
      Julie Spanked With Audio

    2. Great ass! Congratulations! I like how It move while spanked!
      Next time a bare breast show (and embarrassement) would be very appreciated

    3. Yeah! You've got quite the butt!
      Have you sent the video to Northern? They could hire you as a bottom.
      At the same time, the vid is eighteen months old!...
      Maybe you could shoot a new one ... more "opened"? You see...booty hole etc.
      I'm satisfied (hope Larry will be too)

    4. Unfortunately, while I work hard down in the gym on my glutes (David is a butt man), it still resists getting better with age!

  13. What a fun story to read! I am certain your readers have enjoyed it as much as you have in telling it to us. Seems to me that the fact that the furnace was running full blast, and that critters could have gotten into the house, will be discussed the next time you see Larry. The extra fuel used, will have a higher gas/ electric/ or oil bill, besides the wasting of energy. It is only logical that if Larry mentions these, he will get to see the spanking. (possibly a paddle used with you wearing jeans, or just panties, a prelude to future bare bottom spankings in the summer.
    Bottoms up

    1. I think David would have to do the math based on the propane consumption during that period compared to other similar temperature periods when the door was shut. I should get spanks (in front of Larry) for every extra dollar wasted. Panties down would be ok....

  14. If you wrote a “How to best punish Wives” post, would it be something like this or would you add in anything?

    Also, is there anything in particular David does that makes you feel extra submissive?

    1. No, this would be perfect in itself!

      For sure, this time, my supervised note writing to Larry! In general, being lectured after my stripping and right before my spanking.

  15. Other than your execrable preference for pineapple on pizza, there was nothing about this post that was anything but utterly delightful. You displayed a perfect mix of contrition and brattiness and you deserved every measure of embarrassment you received. I have no doubt Larry will be told of your naughtiness while standing in the corner, and the belting you received as a result, along with how hot it made you for a good fuck. You say you're an "embarrassment slut", would you enjoy that, missy?

    1. I can imagine myself blushing at the conversation, Sir. "Get this, Larry. So I put her little naked ass in the corner and I spot her squirming around there. I thought it was from her hot ass. She's actually diddling herself. Strumming the ol banjo if you know what I mean. I had to take my belt off for that, and then she really was squirming all through her whipping!"

  16. Well done Julie. You took your punishment like a champ! I notice David mentioned a possible diapering in your future if you don't shape up? Do you think it likely?

    1. Yes! He tends not to make idle threats. If I make him stop on the way up North one more time, the next stop will be a very blushy trip to the drugstore.

  17. Well, now. Next week I suppose you should add in addition to always being pantied from the week prior properly having a bra on and the chest covered when no shirt is on. You could even ad skirt/dress the assemble and make sure with quick inspections that the skirt is never more than 3 inches above the knee.


  18. Leaving the door unlatched? Wgat were you thinking? If that was my heating bill it would be a helluva lot more than just my hand spanking your ass, girl.

    1. Yes Sir, understood. What would be your preferred method if I was yours to deal with, Sir?

    2. Your husband is way to lenient with you, girl. If you wasted my money like that I'd bend you over the back of the couch and give you the strap until your ass and legs were black and blue.

    3. Yikes! I'm glad you're not my Daddy, Sir.

  19. Show and tell for Frank. Naked over the couch-arm taking turns whipping your bare butt with their thick belts. His wife and kid should watch.

    1. That would be bad, Sir. My poor bottom, and so humiliating!

  20. I’m surprised he didn’t put you in the diaper after you put him in one

    1. Apparently I can consider myself warned...

  21. You seem to have a lot of fun with your discipline, young lady, and do seem to want to "show off" for others.

    I remember a girl just like you in Uni in the 60s. We were dating and she had an absolute love for being spanked and caned. I had given her "12 of the best" to ensure she was on her very best behaviour for an intimate get together in the rooms of the head of college (a senior student elected by us all). My plan to curb her naughty exuberance backfired (as I knew it would).

    We were three student couples, all the girls from the affiliated girl's college, and the alcohol was flowing. My girl and I got into a ridiculous argument over the superiority of one band over another and she became quite rude and belligerent towards me (deliberately, the minx). I threatened to take her across my knee and she haughtily uttered the fateful words "you wouldn't dare!".

    Well dare I did, as was expected of a College man. I pulled her sprawling across my knee. She did herself no favours with the newly fashionable miniskirt she had on, and it was but a quick flip to expose the seat of her knickers for the group to see as I laid into her arse with my hand.

    "Do it properly man!" said the head of college, and who was I to refuse one so exalted? I dragged her knickers down and held her tightly as she wriggled furiously over my knee. One of the other girls immediately pointed out the stripes on her bare arse from her earlier caning.They all stood, boys and girls, to examine her stripes "up close" as I held her across my lap. Her aristocratic quim was quite well exposed as well! "She likes it, that one" surmised my friend, not incorrectly.

    I gave her a volley of a dozen or so open handed smacks and proceeded to restore her knickers along with what little dignity remained her. She stood and kissed me and settled down onto my lap like a contented kitten. Our mutual friends were all aware of her antics and took it in stride. She displayed not the least embarrassment herself, as befitted her status in society.

    Alas, she and I went our separate ways, but it was a delight while it lasted. I've spanked many a rump rosy over the years, but this episode stands out. You quite remind me of her, Julie (especially as that one gave as good as she got, and was rather cruel wielding a senior cane or riding crop - a real one, mind, not the toy many use nowadays).

    Thank you for rekindling my memories and my passion for spanking a naughty girl.

    Yours Truly,


    1. Oh my goodness, Richard, what a tale (excuse the pun). It sounds like you've had a fascinating life. Please feel free to contact me by email (in the About Me box, top right, replace " at " with the single character "@" and add ".com" at the end). I would love to hear more!

  22. I asked my wife if the neighbors know that you spank me. She smiled and said that is not your concern. I'm willing to bet some know. Jack

  23. Maybe next time the Neighbor can join in help with your spankings or least get watch witness your spankings

    bet you be emarassed next time go back to cottage will rememeber this for sure right Miss Julie seem like few time you gotten Real type spankings few time by husband but never given him real spankings for real issues

    1. David gets spanked for some real issues, but it's always a bit of a game. I'm feeling as if for me it's less of a game and more real.

  24. Diaper Discipline Daddy11 February 2021 at 16:20

    You're lucky he reminded you to use the bathroom - a sensible young lady would attend to such matters discretely of her own accord! A humiliating car ride, squirming in your seat, trying to maintain decorum for as long as possible before the inevitable embarrassment of wetting yourself comes; the heat flooding your face nearly as fast as your wet piss pools around your bottom and thighs - that is the sort of lesson that will remind you to use the bathroom without prompting like a big girl ought to!

    If I were weekending with you I would strap a diaper on you before we left. You would not be permitted to change it yourself, nor would you ask me to change you. You would simply inform me when you had soiled yourself and I would change you at my discretion. Do not worry that it might be embarrassing to admit that you had gone pee-pee or made a poopy in your diapers; I will be checking you myself regularly anyhow. This means when we are in public I might need you to lower your ski pants wherever we find a suitable location to change you, so I can assess whether or not Miss Potty-Pants needs immediate attention.

    When out in public you will need to ensure that you always have wet wipes, baby powder, lotion and petroleum jelly, as well as a fresh clean diaper at all times. This may require you to leave the house with several diapers if we have a busy day scheduled. If for some reason you found yourself without a spare we would immediately have to find a pharmacy wherein we could attain one. We might even buy you a treat, like a pretty pacified you can suck on to distract yourself from the fact that you're a silly girl who can't be trusted to use the potty without being reminded.

    We would not have this rigmarole inside the cottage itself; you would have a dedicated changing area and would wear nothing but your diaper from the waist down. This would allow me to inspect you visually as well as physically whilst you enjoyed the same activities you usually do. You would even be permitted to play with yourself through your diaper, as it seems you enjoy that wanton behaviour!

    We would set the thermostat to high so you would remain comfortable; even with the cost of your diapers factored in it would be cheaper than leaving the door to the house open! I'm sure you would have the most relaxing weekend, free to while away the hours without the pressure of remembering to use the by girl toilet!

    1. Mmmmm... that actually sounds... nice.

    2. Diaper Discipline Daddy11 February 2021 at 19:12

      You'd love it!

    3. Just seen a sissy modelling the perfect bag for you to keep your essentials in wherever we ventured out! I know you like to hike so I'm sure you'd prefer this rucksack to the traditional hand-held diaper bag. I always have your best interests at heart!


  25. love your use of the words slut and cunt. You were acting like a slut and needed your ass whipped and cunt fucked like the slut you acted. Bravo David

    1. Some women hate those words, but I love it when they are applied to me by my husband (where I know his intent in using them - to turn me on!)

  26. Diaper Discipline Daddy11 February 2021 at 17:29

    It occurs to me that you got off a little lightly with your corner time - experts recommend one minute for each year of a naughty girl's age! Furthermore, I'd have you hand-write your apology whilst sat bare-bottomed on a wooden chair, starting over each time I felt your output was lacking. Maybe then you'd have written a more thorough account of your misdemeanors and the punitive measures I would have imposed!

  27. Oh, Julie.

    I see two basic problems here.

    First, you seem to be convinced that your neighbor is sexually aroused by the fact that you are a disciplined wife. This may well be true, but have you considered that he may simply approve of your discipline for non-prurient reasons? He obviously appreciates your attractiveness, but there is a large gap between such appreciation and a taking pleasure in the discipline which, you would be the first to admit, you deserved.

    Second, your "apology" conspicuously omits your own self-gratification during your corner time.

    Perhaps you'd like to draft a more comprehensive apology, in which you acknowledge that:

    1) Knowing that he is aware of your spanking arouses you.
    2) Fantasizing that your spanking arouses him arouses you.
    3) During the time you spent in the corner, when you were supposed to be reflecting penitently on your own misbehavior, you in fact pleasured yourself.

    Certainly I acknowledge that since your husband accepted your final draft as adequate, you need not send a revised message to your neighbor. But perhaps you would benefit from providing a more frank and full apology to your blog readers.

    We only want what is best for you.

    My fond regards.

    1. Yes Sir. Let me draft that here...

      Dear Larry,

      I am writing this follow-up note to the earlier one I sent you because I realized I had not been entirely honest with you.

      I have no reason to believe you are in any way sexually aroused hearing about my discipline and not just more simply approve of the manner in which David punishes me for my clearly careless behaviour that affected you as well.

      However, I have to confess that it arouses me sexually to be disciplined in this manner, and it also arouses me, sexually, to know that you know the manner in which my husband disciplines me. I fantasize that you also have some of these feelings about me and my discipline. In fact, as I was standing nude in timeout, facing the corner, with a very well-spanked bottom, I couldn't help but think about the note I was told I needed to send to you, and wound up pleasuring my pussy while I stood there thinking of it.

      I confessed my behaviour in the corner to my husband and he punished me with the belt, after which he had his way with me.

      I remain guilty over involving you in these fantasies, and would consider it appropriate were you also to take your doubled up belt to my backside. Whether you simply believe it an appropriate punishment for a misbehaving girl like me, and/or whether you might derive any sexual pleasure from performing this act, either or both are completely understandable.

      The traditional position for my beltings is bent over the back of the couch, my feet off the ground, fully nude. The number of strokes and their severity would be entirely up to you, although my husband says I require sufficient severity to get me past my sexual arousal to the point where the belting makes an impression on me.

      I fully understand that belting a younger woman not your daughter in this manner may cause you to become sexually aroused. If that is the case, I would be only too willing to service you in whatever capacity I can after my belting: with my hands, mouth, breasts, vagina, or bottom hole, or any combination of those at your discretion.

      I am very sorry to have omitted the above from my earlier note. This has been fully discussed with my husband, and he thinks it best if he leaves the cottage during my punishment and any subsequent activity by you.

      Yours Sincerely,


    2. That was certainly more thorough, although you left out initially lying to your husband.

      And, actually, it seems you didn't really accept your corner time punishment. That was really the one part where I could tell you actually felt like you were being punished. You didn't like it there.

      You still owe that punishment, since you subverted it. I suggest you put up a reply here when you go to the corner and another when you finish, so that we know when you're in the corner.

      I would never let one of my girls off the hook for a punishment they deserved. They need to know they are with a disciplinarian. It gives them that special feeling.

  28. Thank you for this much-more-complete message. I adore your dominant side, and I don't want to second-guess your identification as a pure switch, but it is clear to me that you positively glow as a submissive.