Tuesday, August 24

Edging my Husband

One of my favourite things is "torturing" hubby by edging him and ruining his orgasm. I'm not sure why I get such giddy delight out of doing it, but there it is.


My passion for this has been re-kindled based on my newfound interest in the bdsmlr platform that has been replacing tumblr for more kinky/sexual content. I created my own blog there at strictjuliespanks.bdsmlr.com which mainly reposts images and gifs that turn my crank (mostly with an added comment from me). It's not a place that is terribly interactive, but if you're on there, and we follow one another, things will pop up in our mutual feeds so that we each can get an insight into the kinky mind of the other. I also see whenever you like or reblog one of my things to know you approve!

I did post a bit of original content there, mind...

I want all of you to see what I'm dealing with here.

Which brings us back to the point of this blog post: my husband's penis.

Despite being dominant with me in real life, and dominant with me in play, he is also genuinely very switchy and gets terribly turned on by being dominated by me in play.

When I was on bdsmlr, things popped up in my feed that made me want to edge david and ruin his orgasm. Here are some of the images that inspired me along with my commentary.

Awww! She's letting him fuck her fingers as if it was a vagina, or a bum hole. I love that she's checking her phone during it!

I bet if david allowed this to happen to him, he would cum like gangbusters in my hand.

For the boy with the foot fetish

What a naughty boy! Cumming like that during his spanking. I often have my husband in this predicament.

Right into his mouth and down the hatch.

Oh no! Not in his undies! This happened to my premie husband back in high-school when kissing a girl. Don't you love the expression of delight on her face?

This is what a handjob is all about, isn't it? Look at the fun she is having with him. There's nothing sexual about this. It's like playing with a puppy's tail.

It's about the tease.

I call them "tears of desire"

Patience is key. He's lucky she kept her hand on him so I guess it's not completely ruined, right?

I love that he cums from the crop.

I think she promised he could fuck her however he wanted if he could only hold out. But too bad, so sad!

I wish I could lip read. But that's a ruined orgasm and what looks to be a bit of payback to me.

Totally ruined, but he's still a lucky boy to get to cum at all, right?

Love her! I think she's trained him to cum on command.

Love the smirk, the staring at his cock, the quick glance up to his eyes.

So true to life! You boys do actually amuse us when you cum like this. It's not even sexual really, just funny! That cock should only cum inside a girl, right? So when you can't even control it in our presence, when you cum in the air from us just being there, in our normal street clothes, I mean, how pathetic (and funny) is that? We know we dress a bit sexy, sweetie, but really, OMG!?!

"Please! Please! Don't ruin it! Please rub it!"

There'll be a bit of cleanup afterwards.

She'll let go and he'll keep rubbing. I wonder it it will make it feel less ruined for him?

Again, the look on her face. Priceless!

She looks so shy. And there he goes, embarrassing himself like that. Boys are truly pathetic!

A wittle clitty wub?

Don't you just ADORE those gifs? You can see how a girl with a part-time subby hubby like I have can get a bit worked up and eager to try out a few ideas.

What I did was that I brought him up to the bedroom, I stripped him, and put him face down on the bed. Putting a knee on his lower back to restrain him, I tied his wrists together behind his back. Then I tied his ankles together, and then put a tight belt around his upper thighs. Before rolling him back over onto his back on the bed, I stuffed a vibrating prostate massager up his butt and turned it on.

I then got naked as well, and started toying with his penis with my hands, my tongue, and my mouth. Before long I had him twitching and moaning. I stuck a ball gag into his mouth and tightened it down HARD.

I went back to his cock and continued my ministrations, being super light with him. At a certain point I was barely touching him. From where I was, I could look at his cock and straight into his pleading eyes. A few more little finger touches and then hands completely off as I literally laughed as he moaned into his ball gag and came all over himself.

I removed his ball gag and fed him his own cum. Then I made him go down on me until I had a very satisfying orgasm, not ruined at all, mashing him into my cunt.


Tuesday, August 17

Wife Trained to the Cock

In my last post I wrote about my first "wife training" of our week long cottage vacation. David was true to his word and gave me a spanking of some sort every single day. My bum was sore practically the whole week! And I was of course trained sexually, which was a focus for me (that and just obeying).

David came once a day, every day, inside of one of my holes or another. Good stamina! Congrats to my man for that. My orgasm was not as much a focus.

My pussy was certainly well used. And it was all "rough sex". I had my hair pulled, I was choked, I had my hands pinned, my tits mauled, my ass slapped, my face slapped, my face spat on, I was told I was a slut and a whore, you name it. Poor husband. I'm ashamed to admit that this is what I want during wife training, and he's 'gotta give it to me whether he wants to or not because... wife training!

Stuff like this turns me on when I'm in a super submissive state. And what reliably gets me into this state is a long hard spanking that has me kicking, crying, and begging for him to stop. The Muskoka Paddle was used a lot in my training: I was a well-paddled wife. I came to dread my paddling sessions, though I craved the entire experience of my wife training and accepted that the painful paddlings were a necessary part of it.

One of my favourites was missionary style with him pinning my hands above my head.

In this position he can slap my face, maul my tits, spit in my face, insult me to my face, and choke me.

I'm sorry, but I like it! My sore red bum, having just come off five minutes of fiery over-the-knee paddling makes me melt into his dominance. There's an internal thought that if I complain at all, I'll be back across his knee for an even longer and harder lesson in obeying him. That thought is sexy for me and makes me want to take it.

I also had to take it doggy style. Woof woof!

In this position he can slap my flanks, pull my hair, and really pound my pussy good.

His hips are also pounding against my paddled butt.

My job is to accept his intercourse submissively until he has his orgasm deep inside of me.

Amongst my trainings, one session focussed on my bumhole, and another on my mouth.

David only trained my bottom hole once during our five days. He told me at breakfast that day that I'd be required to enthusiastically accept anal intercourse that afternoon. I told him "yes sir". I'm no anal virgin, but neither have I been well-used that way either. The stretching of my hole to accept his big cock is still painful, but I had asked for five days of wife training and was expecting this, honestly, more than just the once. In one sense I was getting off easy with relatively so much pussy sex.

In the afternoon he told me to lay out on the coffee table in the living room a towel, lube, my butt plug (yes, I had packed it in anticipation), and the Muskoka Paddle. I was then to strip and kneel and wait for him. Oh gosh! Yes sir.

He came in, sat in the middle of the couch, picked up the paddle and told me to go across his knee. By this time I'd already had the paddle twice before. I stood. I looked at him pleadingly, and said "pleassssse", hoping he might shift to just his hand.

"Please paddle your rump until you learn to obey?" He asked.

"yes sir," I said resignedly.

"Well then get your rump across my knee so I can start today's training."

I started hyperventilating a bit and felt my tears coming already. My ass was still sore from yesterday's paddling. No. I did not want another paddling. It wasn't fair! I hesitated.

"Across," he said, "or else I'll get the cottage belt and give you a dozen hard licks before your paddling."

My hesitation would just make it worse. I draped myself across his knee. He started with his hand, but was not light, punishing me for my hesitation I imagined. He then picked up the paddle and rubbed it around my backside. He lifted it and brought it back down onto my cheeks. Ouch! My paddling started and didn't stop!

"Are you going to obey during anal?" He asked me.

"Yes Sir!"

Especially for anal I need to be "made to" obey. He continued my paddling to make sure I would obey.

"Not just obey, young lady. I expect you to show enthousiasm. I want to see your butt wriggling in delight on my cock, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir! Yes, sir!"

Still across his knee, he picked up my butt plug, lubed it and me, and inserted it gently. It was a challenge taking the plug, but I knew it would prepare me for his cock. I strained against, made as if to do a number 2, and then all of a sudden, in a little burst of pain, it went all the way in. Fuck!

When it was in he stood me up, placed the towel on the arm of the sofa, and then made me straddle the arm. He had me sort of the reverse way. Both knees were bent. My left shin was up against the seat back. The top of my right foot was touching the wall. I had to clamp the sofa arm with my thighs. My arms were in front of me, my hands on the ground, my head near the floor.

"Work that ass or it's the belt." He told me that as he slapped my butt and went to make himself a coffee.

I started working my ass, humping the sofa arm, rubbing my pussy against the towel as I straddled the arm. It was so humiliating!

He stood over me watching as he sipped his coffee. "Imagine it's my cock in you instead of your plug. Show me how excited you'd be."

Oh dear. I had to rub and grind and hump shamelessly exaggerating my ass going up, down, round and round. He slapped my ass for encouragement. It was hard work holding myself there and working my ass like that! Why do I crave to be humiliated like that?

"Good enough," he said, "let's see you do it for real. Scoot to the bedroom and kneel on the bed. I'll be there in a moment."

I got off my couch arm and scooted, walking with the plug up my bum, and went to the bedroom and knelt there awaiting my husband.

No way was it going to be pussy sex this time!

David came in, pulled the plug from my bum, lubed me some more, and began inserting his cock into me. The thing with real cock is that while it is objectively bigger, it's also somehow easier to take than a hard plug. David was rock hard, but there's always the squishiness in a real cock not present in a toy, and that makes it a bit easier. I still had to struggle and strain backwards into it, but he was gentle, and allowed me to more or less impale myself on him.

"Your cock is so good, baby," I said, knowing I had to. I pushed back into him driving him deeper and he started gently thrusting as well. At a certain point it got deeper than the plug had, and that opened a new part of me where I had to take it slow again, but then I started fucking him, wriggling my behind subserviently on his cock, allowing it to go deep, deep up inside of me. I put on a real show for him, moaning in delight, wriggling, circling, clenching and releasing, telling him how amazing his cock felt up my butt. I can get soooo submissive with a properly spanked bottom, which mine certainly was!

He started picking up the pace himself, holding my hips, thrusting more vigorously into me. Oh fuck it hurt! "Yeah, yeah, baby, fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! I want you to cum in my ass!" And cum he did, thank goodness!

On another occasion he focussed my wife training around oral. Again we started in the living room, and again he spanked me red (including a paddling) before starting. After my spanking he had me on my knees on the hard wooden floor, kneeling up, with my hands clasped behind me. He stripped and put himself in front of me. I looked up at him, and believing it was expected of me, I took his hard cock into my mouth. He grabbed me by my hair on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth.

I felt like such a total slut!

I did the best I could without hands, and thought I did pretty good. Every now and then he took his cock out of my mouth and slapped me with it. He also just held my head back with his hand in my hair, and slapped me across my cheek. Those slaps were annoying, and I think he saw it in my face and said "hey!", and gave me a harder slap.

I deserved it. I deserved my slap. That harder slap returned me to sub state and I felt sorry I had disappointed him like that 😢. I did the best I could after that, and tried to be Daddy's good girl.

He pushed his cock into my mouth and told me to say how much I loved his cock. I did that, mumbling it out as best I could with a mouthful of cock. He then started moving around the room and I had to follow him, on my knees, keeping my mouth around him.

He stood me up, kissed me, and took me to the bedroom. There we lay in a side-by-side 69 position and he started eating out my pussy as I continued sucking on his cock, using my hands now, all over him. I started feeling him cum and I sucked as hard as I could and was rewarded with a big mouthful of his jizz. I had to swallow it, of course. He said, "good girl" and kept licking me, and fingering my cunt hole and g-spot, and bringing me to the biggest, most amazing, screaming orgasm of my life!

And that was my final wife training session of the week, and my ONLY orgasm of the week. I guess I had been a good girl!

Thursday, August 12

Wife Trained with Cottage Belt (cont'd)

As I mentioned in my last blog post, for the past week my husband and I have been on vacay up North at the family cottage, all alone, just the two of us. I needled him into promising to conduct daily "wife training" sessions for me, a prospect he found "exhausting", but nonetheless agreed to. He's got it rough, doesn't he? 😂. But I didn't just ask for what I wanted politely, which I now know I should have done, but did a little "topping from the bottom" along the way. So David felt I needed to learn a lesson about that and gave me even more than what I had asked for, like a kid being forced to smoke a pack of cigarettes, except with me it was an extended session with the dreaded "cottage belt".

So what is "wife training" you may ask. Somebody did in the comments section of the last post, and I realized it may not be 100% obvious. It's more a term David and I use between ourselves. It's training for me in instantly obeying him, and using spankings as part of my training. I kind of wish now I would have included the "obey" part in our marriage vows (at the time, no way!). I made sure my Julie character in my book Julie's Spankings insisted on it (which threw the wedding guests for a bit of a loop). And obeying, as a wife, definitely includes obeying in the bedroom, which is a focus for me.

Anyways, we arrived and unpacked.

"I'll get the belt," David said. Butterflies!

He had to go next door to a place my Dad keeps the tools, some of which were passed down from my Grandad and even my Great Grandad. I'm not sure if this one goes back to my Grandad or Great Grandad. I like to think it was Great Grandad's and is now being pulled out 3 generations later to train his great granddaughter to be a better wife. Whelp.

It's leather, and supple, and thick. It has never been used on me before, but from the looks of it, it may have been used back in the day to tame an unruly girl or two.

He came back with just the belt.

"Get your clothes off and bend over the arm of the sofa."

We have a brown suede-like sofa with a poofy arm. I took all my clothes off as he watched, and then with a deep sigh bent over the arm of the sofa with my head and chest wresting on the seat. He came up next to me, put his left hand on my low back and started spanking me with his right hand. Unless it's for punishment, he always starts with a warmup (this was training, not punishment). The warmup started mild and got more and more intense until they were quite punishing spanks that had me squirming and crying out.

"So you wanted the cottage belt, did you? Now you're going to get it."

I was not sure I wanted the cottage belt anymore! But I guess that was his point.

He doubled up the belt and let it rest on my bum. He took a couple of little taps, tap, tap, then wait... and CRACK!

"Oh FUCK!" I said.

"Language," he cautioned, chuckling at the effect the cottage belt had on me. And I could tell, that was not even full force or anywhere near it.

He lay the belt back across my cheeks and spoke to me. "Now young lady, when I'm training you, I decide how that will go, not you. You may make polite suggestions and requests, but let's nip this topping from the bottom nonsense in the butt."

The expression is "in the bud", but I think he was trying to be funny? I wasn't going to correct him anyways!

"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir."

"I'm going to give you just twelve more, and we'll see how you hold up. I'll be keeping the belt over here until the end of the week, and return it to your Dad on the weekend."

"Noooo... he'll know why you had it!"

"That's right, and he still wears it from time to time. Won't that put a smile on his face next time he buckles it on."

Oh blush! But he knows me and my Daddy fetishes.

"Ready?" He asked me.

"Yes sir," I said, hunkering down.

I won't describe it in detail, but I can say it was not as bad as I feared. Oh it stung alright, and it sizzled red stripes onto my rear end, for sure. But there was also an element of the warm leather of the belt caressing me as it punished. It was a heavy belt, but David was not using it full force by any means, so I was not bruised, just striped and reddened.

As if to validate what I was thinking, after David had delivered the twelve he said "I was using this belt at about one quarter strength. I can use it a lot harder and will if you either ask me to politely, or try topping from the bottom again this week. Am I understood?"

"Yes Sir!" The thirteen strokes gave me a sense of what a real beating with that belt would be like. And I was cured of wanting to experience that.

"Now, the purpose of your training this week is for you to obey me without question, even if it's embarrassing or makes you uncomfortable, correct?"

Where was this heading?

"Yes sir."

"Well I think I've scorched that bottom enough for now. I think you should go cool it off in the lake. Off you go. No bathing suit. No towel. And I want to see a nice elegant dive off the end of the dock."

"Oh, sweetie, please! What if Larry sees me?!?"

Larry is our somewhat lecherous next door neighbour with his disapproving wife. Larry knows I'm a spanked wife. I once left the cottage door off the latch and it blew open mid winter and Larry noticed it and checked up on everything and fixed it. I got a spanking for that and had to write a note to Larry apologizing and admitting I was spanked. Don't know if he shared with his wife or not. I asked him to keep it private and he agreed, but such assurances often implicitly exclude wives.

"I imagine he'll get a real kick out of it, and give you a wolf whistle. And if his wife complains about the naked tart on the dock, I'll invite them both over to see you get a spanking for it."

Well, it was "wife training" and I had no choice but to obey.

I plucked up my courage and gingerly made my way out. It was mid-afternoon and bright as anything. The only dock that had any sort of view on ours (apart from maybe telescope guys across the bay) is next door (which we knew was empty) and Larry's dock. I furtively went out, stark naked, trying to peer around the bushes before I was fully exposed. David was standing on our deck, fully clothed, looking amused. It looked like the coast was clear and I speed walked to the end of the dock.

Like me, but without the towel!

Did a nice dive into the lake, and then let my heart settle!

The cool lake was lovely on my naked flesh, and skinny dipping always feels so naughty! I swam around a bit, enjoying the experience. Enjoying my husband's eyes on me, and that I had done this thing to obey him.

Noticing the coast was still clear, I swam back to the dock, quickly got out and speed walked back, dripping, to the cottage. David had seen my entire performance and was waiting there on the deck to engulf me in a big fluffy beach towel!

"Did I pass your test?" I asked him, looking up at him.

"With flying colours," he answered, gently flicking the tip of my nose with his finger.

"Good thing Larry wasn't out!" I said.

"Oh, no chance of that. They both went to visit their son this week. Didn't I mention that?"


Wednesday, August 11

Wife Trained with Cottage Belt

David and I are up North enjoying a one week vacation alone together at the cottage. My Mom and Dad, normally next door for the summer, needed to be in the city this week, so we have the run of the place. On the weekend we'll be expecting a full house, with both sisters and my brother converging as well. Hoping I'll be allowed to wear my cheeky bikini, provided the sun is out and I'm not in a spanked state!

On the drive up, knowing we'd be alone for the week, I told David that I thought I could use some "wife training" sessions. He told me I'm exhausting and it wouldn't be 24x7, but that he will find some time every day to train me. Yay!

I started needling him about what that would entail.

"I think there's still room for improvement on those blowjobs," he teased. It's a fun tease we have, and a bit of a running joke. I used to be legit bad at blowjobs. Too dry. Lips not properly pursed continuously. Sore jaw. Accidental teeth. Not deep enough. If he did by some miracle cum in my mouth, I immediately made gagging noises and ran to the bathroom to spit it out loudly and disgustedly. Even my sister, a confirmed lesbian, gave a way better blowjob than me, Mind you, she was known unofficially as the "blowjob queen" in high school. Once, for spite, she gave my husband a blowjob (that I had to watch) that he claims to this day (to tease me, I'm sure) is the best he's ever had. Grrrrr. David and I made it a bit of a focus of our short-lived Domestic Discipline Contract to improve my skills, and I feel I really have. So now it's just a bit of a tease to say otherwise, but with an edge.

"Will there be spankings?" I asked innocently, knowing the answer but guiding the discussion, totally topping from the bottom.

"Once a day, without fail," he assured me.

"But they'll just be good girl spankings, right? Not hard ones."

"Oh, they'll be hard ones," he said, telling me what he knew I was wanting to hear. "Muskoka paddle and belt included," he added.

"No!" I said. "Just good girl spankings, ok?"

"Shush woman. I can see why you need some training. I'll train you how I see fit, and that will include the Muskoka paddle and the belt."

"Yes, Sir," I said resignedly, my tummy doing butterflies. I honestly don't know why I ask for hard spankings like this. I genuinely don't want them and don't enjoy them in the least. Except I seem to need them and crave them...

In case you don't know, the Muskoka paddle is this vicious little thing:

It's thin and light and made of hardwood. It doesn't leave lasting bruises, but the sting in indescribable. Because it is so light, it can be used indiscriminately and with velocity. It always has me kicking and crying out frantically from the outset. It is a much feared weapon of discipline in the Delmar household!

And, of course, receiving the belt can be every bit as bad, especially at the cottage. David has a sort of heavy duty workers' belt he keeps up there that I have so far only had dreams about.

"But not the cottage belt, ok? Just your regular belt, please?" There I go topping from the bottom again. I knew I was doing it. He knew I was doing it. And he knew that I knew I was doing it.

"What did I just tell you?"

"That you'll train me as you see fit, Sir..."

"That's right. And that means if I choose to train you with the cottage belt, you won't be sitting comfortably for quite some time, will you?"

"No Sir"

"In fact, I think it's exactly what you need."


"I've had enough of your topping from the bottom, young lady. If you want the cottage belt, I'll give you the cottage belt. We'll find out if your ass can cash the cheques your mouth is writing."

"I'm sorry," I said, genuinely a bit worried now. "I was just playing."

"First thing we get up there. It'll be a good lesson for you."

That shut me up. For the rest of the car ride, my mind kept going back to the fact that I would be getting the cottage belt as soon as we arrived. Oh dear.

I had asked for a wife training, and I would be getting it.

(Can't write more now... 'gotta run... he who must be obeyed has arisen, and if I don't have his breakfast ready for him, there'll be hell to pay! I'll tell you about my belting and what came after soonest. To be continued...)

Sunday, August 8

Forced Bi!

A reader of my blog was surfing some porn and emailed me a link to check out. I think he wanted to get me in trouble! If I don't watch my step here, this could be me...

So, let me preface this blog entry by saying all BDSM play should be 100% consensual, and if in any doubt whatsoever, please err on the conservative side. There is a thing called "consensual non-consent" where we explicitly give our partners latitude, within prescribed boundaries, to perform acts (or have us perform them) that at the time we put up a fight about. That is still "consent" in the larger sense, provided you can safeword out of the situation.

Let me also say that your choice of the sex/gender of what turns you on is never a wrong thing or a bad thing, it is simply who you are. If, for example, gay sex happens to not turn you on, that in no sense implies you are not a supporter of others to live any lifestyle/sexuality that pleases them (among consenting adults).

Finally, if your partner has specified certain hard boundaries, it is never ok to attempt to emotionally blackmail them into crossing those boundaries. Asking is ok, emotional blackmail is not ok

There. I hope I covered my bases and can therefore avoid a spanking from my husband for what I'm about to post!

Something that turns me on, but not my husband, is the thought of forced bi, "making" a straight guy (the straighter the better) have sex with another man as a form of female domination of him. As in "prove how devoted you are to me by doing this thing I know will turn your world upside down" I find the thought of that to be an immense, and super sexy, power rush for me.

Well this reader found a tumblr like site that contains all manner of filth of the femdom variety. It's  https://nairmcted.bdsmlr.com. BDSMLR is micro-blogging site that has taken over from tumblr once they banned porn there. In viewing the stuff there, I guess I created my own presence as well where I can reblog stuff such as the below (see https://strictjuliespanks.bdsmlr.com/). The particular images were a sequence of gif images from a video I guess. I don't know the name of the video. If anybody knows, please let me know and I will credit it here (and go pay for it and watch it!).

It's a very attractive woman (already just her turns me on - if I were a fourth in the scene I would be making out with her!) "forcing" two men to have sex with one another, and enjoying the fuck out of it!

Their arms are bound behind their backs. They are arranged in a side-by-side "69" position. They are clearly being made to suck furiously on one another's cocks. I imagine there is some penalty lined up for the one who cums first, not able to get his buddy off quickly enough. She is whipping one of the couple's ass to encourage him. She has a lovely little smile on her face, clearly enjoying it (this surpasses any acting that may be going on - she is me). You can see the effect the whipping is having on the one being whipped. He is clearly putting more energy into it, sucking harder, sucking faster, literally going balls deep each time. By contrast, the other one is only half-in, not even fulling taking the cock in. If that were me giving head to my husband, I could expect a good spanking for such a lacklustre job. I personally would want them both to keep going until each of them have cum in the others' mouth. The "winner" will have a mouthful of cum and will have to keep sucking on an increasingly limp penis until he himself gets off as well. Then I'd keep them at it for another couple of minutes so they can each experience that sensation. Mmmmmm.

Perhaps this is the loser's punishment...

He gets his ass and asshole whipped as he is forced to lick his partner's asshole. The winner is allowed to just be there, hold his cheeks apart, and enjoy a nice tongue bath from his buddy.

Delicious stuff, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 4

Spanked for Forgetting and Daddy Knows - blush!

Ouchy... Last weekend David gave me a spanking for leaving something at home that I was told to bring up to the cottage. And then I even had to tell my Mom and Dad about my spanking because it affected them also!

It was a few tools my Dad and he needed in order to fix a sink. He promised my Dad he would bring up the necessary tools. He was out doing a chore in the garden while I packed the last bit of the trunk. As we left the city he asked me, "did you put that bag of tools in the trunk?"

I really, really, really, REALLY, thought that I did. Honest! Was not bratting for a spanking. I swear I did. I told him very definitely that I had, but when we got up, they were not there...

There's two adjoining cottages, and David and I were in cottage B (which we are sort of taking over) and my folks were in cottage A.

As we unpacked the car David asked, "where are the tools?"

"They're there," I told him confidently.

"They're not," he said.

"They are," I said. I went to check. I looked everywhere. They were nowhere.

"Julie!" he said.

"I'm sorry! But if they were so important you should have fucking checked yourself!"

What can I say? I was feeling a bit defensive. I was 100% not in spanked wife mode, not even thinking about the possibility. I mean, like his tools are my responsibility now? Thinking differently about it now, but that was my feeling then.

David said nothing. He grabbed my arm, led me to the sofa, sat, and started to undo the clasp and zipper of my jeans.

"Come on!" I said by way of protest. I thought it was unjust.

He pulled my jeans down to my ankles.

"Don't..." I said.

He yanked me by the arm across his knee.

"I don't deserve this!"

He stripped my panties down to my knees.

"Noooooo..." I wailed and kicked my feet a little.

He pulled me closer into him with his left hand and started spanking my bare bum with his right hand hard.

"No! No! No!" I shouted as he spanked me. I reached my outside hand back to protect my cheeks but he grabbed it with his left hand and pinned it at my side and just kept spanking me.

Ok, so I felt I didn't deserve it. I could have stopped it with my "red" safeword. But the deal is that he decides when I'm spanked, how I'm spanked, how hard I'm spanked, how long I'm spanked. It doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. I do have a temper, you know.

I bent my knees and got my feet in the way of his spanking. He pushed them down and kept going and I pulled them back up again. He hoisted me farther onto his left knee and threw his right leg over the backs of both of my legs, and kept my hand pinned to the side. My inner hand was up near my head and so was no help. I was bent way over his knee now, bottom high. He resumed spanking me and even began putting an extra bite on it. And in this more jackknifed position, my lower bum cheeks (under the curve) and my high thighs became easy targets,

"Ah! Fuck! No! Please!" I yelled as he spanked and spanked and spanked. I must confess, I was getting a little frantic by now.

I still did not think it was entirely my fault, but on the other hand I wasn't thinking much about anything right then other than my sore rear end. I knew what I had to say to make my spanking stop and I said it:

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry I left your tools! It was my fault! I told you I put them in the car and I thought I had but I hadn't... Wahhhhhh!"

He paused my spanking and held me there across his knee.

He said, "So I should have FUCKING checked myself, after you told me you had put them in the trunk? Am I not to trust you at all from now on?"

"No. I'm sorry. It was just a mistake..." I said.

"I'm not spanking you for your mistake. Mind you, what were you thinking saying you put them in the car when you hadn't?  Right now you're getting spanked for not acknowledging your mistake and not asking for your spanking, and for saying I should have FUCKING double-checked what you told me."

Aw fuck. He had a point.

"Sorry, Sir."

"I should wash your mouth out with soap for that language."

"Yes, Sir."

"If you EVER use language like that again towards me, I will."

"Yes Sir. I'm sorry Sir." I don't so much mind the occasional spanky spank, obvi, but soap-in-mouth sounds nasty!

"Do you feel you've been punished enough, Julie?"

Ok, I'm not an idiot.

"No Sir. I'm so sorry I made that mistake. I don't know what I was thinking saying I put the tool bag in the trunk when I hadn't. Would you please now spank me for my mistake, Sir?"

David unhooked his leg from over the backs of mine and released my right hand. He sat back on the couch and brought me up face down over his lap with my legs, chest, and head supported.

"You'll accept your spanking like a good little girl?" David asked.

"yes daddy"

David proceeded to give me a mild spanking.

Oh I could still feel it, but nothing like the intensity from before. After 50 or so spanks like that he helped me to my feet. I was expecting maybe bare bum corner time?

"Pull up your pants and panties, let's go say hi to your Mom and Dad while they're still up."

"Yes Sir," I said a bit relieved my punishment was over. It could have been worse. I did swear at him. The belt would not have been out of the question. I'm not sure I didn't want the belt just then. A scorching, burning, legs flailing lesson, bent over the back of the sofa, to never ever use language like that towards my man. I was also feeling a little squishy towards him, wanting to jump his bones. I felt my own sexual response: my hardening nipples, my dampening pussy. What a fucking punishment slut I am!

Instead he said, "You're going to tell your Mom and Dad that you were spanked and the reason for it."

"Ohhh... nooooo..."

"Shush you. Consider it part of your punishment."

He smiled as he said it. David knows well that I get off on a little public humiliation, and have thoughts about my Dad spanking me, and even begged David to involve my parents a bit in my spankings back when we first started. So while still super, super embarrassing for me, it was also perversely for my benefit that he was "making me". And my folks are in on the whole thing, and are predominantly amused by it.

We walked over there with a bottle of wine in hand. I was nervous! We greeted my Mom and Dad, opened the wine, poured four glasses, each took a glass, and went to sit in the living room.

I made a show of sitting gingerly and saying a little "ouch" as I sat down,

"Tell your Mom and Dad why you're sitting a bit delicately, Julie."

I felt myself blushing sooooo hard!

"Yeah, well, you know those tools David said he was going to bring up so you can fix your sink? He got them all ready and I was supposed to put them in the trunk, and he even asked me if I had, and I said yes, but I hadn't, and then when we got here I told him he should have checked himself and used a bad word towards him, and he gave me a spanking, and I deserved it, and I'm sorry for forgetting your tools, Daddy." It was all said as a giant run on sentence with my eyes down and my cheeks blushing. I glanced back up.

Mom and Dad were both silent, and my statement sort of hung there. It was obvious they were both suppressing little grins. Despite my being in my forties, when I get like this I'm their little girl again.

And then my Dad, bless his heart, turned towards David and said, "well you should have bloody checked it yourself," and we all laughed.

"I suppose I should have," David said, resignedly. Yeah!

AND... when we got back to our little cottage David's libido was for some reason running hot and I got properly whore-licked and then ankles-to-ears wife-fucked!

There is nothing not fun about being a spanked wife (except the spankings 😉).

Sunday, August 1

My Sex Drive

My husband is a little older than me, well into his forties, and his sex drive, while still healthy, has slowed down while mine has totally sped up. So frustrating. He used to want to fuck, like, all the time, and I didn't; and now it's me and he's all like, "not tonight, honey, I have a headache." Prompted by some comments on my previous blog post, I decided to force the issue in a dominant way.

In case you don't know, male libido peaks at around age 20, while female libido peaks much later. For me, I feel like it's peaking now (early forties), though I understand it's generally mid-thirties for most women as shown in the following graph.

I feel like David's is accurately represented by his graph, and I think we did equalize mid-thirties, but I've had NO drop-off now into my early forties, just the opposite in fact: hornier than ever! So picture that chart with my curve continuing to rise past 40, while poor David's continues to drop off as pictured. You can see why I'm exhausting him! I think I need me a 25-year-old stud to properly nail me into the mattress, but in the meantime I shall make do with my man ;-)

The comments I received were these:

Despite my recent turn to subiness, I retain my highly-developed topping skills and decided to put them to good use to get me what I wanted. I approached David in bra, panties, heels, and my riding crop. I told him, "Sex! Now!" and smacked the crop down hard onto the couch where he was sitting.

This could have gone one of two ways for me. In way one he takes the crop from my hand, pulls me across his knee, spanks me frantic, then whips my bare bum all the way up to the bedroom where he fucks me. In way two, he says "yes Ma'am," I strip him, whip his bare ass all the way up to the bedroom, and make him fuck me. Did not see the downside either way.

As it happened, he said "yes, Ma'am!"

"Clothes off. Every stitch," I told him as I stood to watch him strip, playing with my crop as he did so. "Let's see what you got," I said.

He strips to nude, sporting a giant erection. That's my good boy!

"Bend over the back of the couch," I said. He draped himself across the back of the couch, bare bum uppermost. "Spread those legs," I told him. He spread his legs. I walked behind him and saw that his penis and testicles were lying on the outside of the couch, just where I wanted them.

I played my crop gently, caressingly, over his genitals. "I need sex, and I need it often. Do you understand?" He said he did. "I don't care if you're not 'in the mood'. I don't care if you can't get it up. You still have a functioning tongue, and you'll use it." And with that I whipped the crop hard across his ass.

"Yes Ma'am!" he cried out.

"Beating you turns me on. You don't need to be 'in the mood' to turn me on during a beating. You just need to suffer, and whimper," and I whipped him again.

"Yes Ma'am!"

"I'm going to give you twelve nice stripes across that ass for not being man enough to initiate sex as often as required to satisfy your wife."

My crop acts as a good cane as well, with just a small leather slapped on the end.

I gave him a slow, controlled caning, taking my time between strokes, using the tip to tickle his genitals and asshole to keep him hot for me between the vicious cuts. I went hard on the cuts and raised some mild wheals across his ass.

"Stand up. Hands on your head. We're walking, not running, not jumping, not screaming, up to the bedroom. You will walk slowly and continuously in front of me. Go." As I said that last, I whipped my crop across his ass to get him moving. I walked behind and beside him and whipped whatever was available to me beneath his waist, including ass, flanks, thighs, and calves. All the way up to our bedroom he was flinching and recoiling and yelping and cowering; but he obeyed, walking slowly, nude, hands on head, as I required. His little "walk of shame" for not being man enough to keep me properly satiated with sex.

When we got to the bedroom I stripped off also and sat on the bed with my back propped up against the headboard and my legs spread.

"Eat me out, now!" I commanded him, pointing at my pussy with one hand, my crop in the other. He crawled up on the bed, knelt between my legs, then bent over to lick me. I used the crop gently on his back and his flanks as he licked and lapped like a good little doggie. I kept one hand on the back of his head as a dominance signal. Sometimes when I got a little over excited with my crop, I could feel it in my pussy as his body and mouth reacted. "Yeah, you're my good little doggie, eating out his Mistress on command..."

When I was soppy wet and sufficiently stimulated I said, "get up here and fuck me while I whip your ass."

I put a couple of pillows under my head and shoulders and lay on my back. David crawled up between my legs, inserted his cock, and pushed it in. Youch, then Mmmmmm. That's nice. He put his arms on either side of me and put his head next to my head. I cleared my right arm holding the crop and began whipping his ass with the tip of the crop. It was an easy reach in missionary. "Do a good job," I told him as I cropped his bum hard as I could (which was not too hard from that angle, but enough to get a yelp and an extra thrust). "Not just in and out, let's see some creativity in your fucking." David complied by swivelling his hips more and adding more hip tilts as well. "Good boy...". Didn't prevent him from getting the crop to encourage him.

I (unfortunately) never orgasm from a fucking (it's a big fantasy that I could: cumming while getting dicked down hard - in my book there's a chapter where that's what happens from my husband's magic cock on my wedding night - perhaps there's a man out there who could do it for me, but it's not my David). But I wanted him to cum inside of me. I whipped extra hard and said "cum for me, baby, deep inside me..." I tied my ass cropping to his thrusts so that each time his ass was high he got a smack. He cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

We've done this before, and I know that it turns him on to be cropped like this during intercourse. It delays his orgasm, guarantees it, and makes it more intense for him. He has told me that he fantasizes he is being "made to" fuck the maid he was caught innocently kissing while his aristocratic mother in riding apparel whips his ass with her crop to teach them both a lesson. I was pretty sure his mind went there (it did).

I could feel him starting to cum and I increased the speed and intensity of the cropping to literally whip the cum out of his cock while it was buried into me to the hilt.

After he came I grabbed his head and became mock angry with him. I needed to be firm with this next part because he can lose his submissiveness after an orgasm if I'm not careful. "Now you, fucking, get your mouth down there and eat me out. Every last fucking drop of sperm in me. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"And I had better cum while you're doing it or you'll be getting the beating of your lifetime."

"Yes Ma'am!"

When I make a threat like that, he knows it's not an idle one. I would gleefully give him such an extended session of spanking, having more and more fun, getting glassy eyed as I strap and cane him. He knows it, and knows he would submit to it. Go on, just give me an excuse. Make my day...

He dove back down to my soppy wet creamy cunt and started tonguing me intensely, burying his face deeply into me so that his tongue could penetrate as deeply as possible. It turned me on, knowing he was lapping and sucking up his own sperm as it dribbled from me, and swallowing it as fast as he could. He used his hands to open me wider in order to get deeper, at which point I pulled his head in hard with both hands and gyrated my pussy against him, grinding his face hard. I could feel his distressed breathing and let off an inch so he could take a gasp of air and then pulled him back in hard again to lick and suck without breathing breaks. As he was suffocating against me I came sooo hard, grinding his face. Poor David didn't dare pull away as I was in my orgasmic throes, so had to hold his breath that much longer.

As the final wave went by I pushed him away from me and he gasped in a huge mouthful of air as I lay back and laughed. His face was a mess of a mixture of sperm and cunt juices. "Go to the mirror and look at yourself," I said.

He padded away to the bathroom and yelled back, "that's a very well-used face. May I wash now, Mistress." I like when he calls me "Mistress". It's very spontaneous when he does so.

"Yes you may. Then bring a nice warm washcloth and a dry towel to wash me as well."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, back to the more natural, more domestic, "Ma'am".

He returned and gently cleansed my sensitive areas, and softly kissed them as he patted me dry.

"The girls need a bit of attention," I said. He smiled and came up and gently kissed and caressed my breasts, and then we kissed one another passionately and snuggled. So nice.

I think when I'm too subby for too long I get this urge to domme him, and he also gets the urge to be dominated after too long "in charge". I think there's nothing wrong with that and everything right. I dont find it at all in conflict with him being Head-of-Household and me being his spanked wife, which we also love. I am truly serving him and his needs when we enact a scene like the one above. I should be spanked if I don't do it often enough.

It's also very handy for a wife to have this in her back pocket when the sex drives have flipped and she just needs a good fucking and is tired of waiting!