Saturday, October 30

Photos of My Red Bum (and more)

I bought some new cute panties online, put them on under my jeans, went to David and flashed them to him. He was most appreciative of my efforts! He declared that they were worthy of a nice spanking across his lap. Oh Goody! Here are my brand spanking new panties (with me in 'em!).

Who took that photo, you may ask? It was David himself! I've been getting a bit self-conscious re the "getting older" thing so took matters into my own hands and started limiting the carbs even more and working out a lot more. I think my butt is a bit tighter than it used to be? I have not posted my butt online for a while, and given I'm a little proud of my progress, I asked David, pretty please, if he would take a few pics as he spanked me and allow me to post them??? He actually agreed!?!!?! For context, he has not been so keen to grant much permission along these lines in the past, but he let the occasional one through if I begged. I think I charmed him with my new red panties, so he agreed. Also I think, while not his original intent, in the end he got off a little on embarrassing me with the photos. He took a few extra risqué ones, and then told me I either post them all or I post none. He then added that, despite his conditional permission, if I do choose to post them all, I'll be getting a punishment spanking after the post is out for being a giant slut. What a dilemma!

It was a very tough decision, but in the end, my new panties are just sooooo cute, and I think my butt looks ok, so I just had to post them for you, which means I also had to post the super embarrassing ones, which means I'm also 'gonna get a punishment spanking from Daddy 😢 (and more...). The things I do for you guys...

The spanking I'm describing here was not for any particular cause. I was not bad, and we didn't rolepay or anything. I was spanked just for being so spankable in my new red panties, according to "he who's lap I must crawl over when told too" 😊.

He took the photos on my iPad, most of them while I was across his lap with him sitting on the side of the bed. You can see his dark pants and black socks in a few of them. I was comfortably draped with legs and chest on the bed on either side of his lap. He spanked me in stages and recorded the effect after each stage.

I rotated and cropped the photos, and also auto-corrected the Photoshop "tone" (white balance, I think?) to compensate for the soft warm lighting, and blurred some backgrounds in our bedroom (more 'cause they were a mess than anything else!). The only one I didn't adjust the tone in was the one above, which I also "artistically" blacked out and rotated. But for the others, you could not really see the redness developing, so I did one universal "Auto Tone" in Photoshop. No other "red enhancement" was performed, despite appearances (you'll see what I mean as we go!).

The photo above came from this tone-corrected version of the original. My skin is actually paler than that, but my rules are only one "Auto Tone" by way of adjustment, and I guess that's what Photoshop thinks I should look like! (As you can guess, I am a total amateur at Photoshop 🤓)

I'm draped across hubby's lap. You can see his knee and foot. I had on a black and white checked off-one-shoulder blouse you can just see. Aren't my panties adorable? Would you not want to spank that? I like how you can sort of see through them a bit to my bum crack, and how they bunch up into my pussy. Here's a rotated closeup of the same shot.

Definitely spankable, if I do say so myself! ☺️

David started with a few gentle spanks to the seat of my panties and a few gentle ones down my thighs as well. Just getting me warmed up and ready for the harder smacks. Believe it or not, already at this point I was becoming super excited! I was across my husband's lap with my pants down at my ankles in just my little red panties. I was squirming in pleasure as he ran his big hand over my ass. I know what that hand can do to a poor girl's bottom! Even now, after so many spankings across his knee, I still blush and flush and squirm and feel butterflies in my tummy. I'm going to get a spanking. I'm going to get a spanking from Daddy!

David knows I've gotten a little into the "wedgy" thing after my old boss spanked me that way, so he accommodated me, taking a photo with one hand while pulling up with the other.

You can already see a little bit of blushing on my low cheeks / high thighs from his previous gentle spanks.

I was genuinely embarrassed as he hauled up on my panties like that and told me he was taking a picture. At this point he had not yet hatched his nefarious scheme to make me post lewds or none. But perhaps his scheme was taking shape? He chuckled as he took this photo, knowing I would likely post it.

Obviously I get a little thrill out of being an exhibitionist for you guys, but the reason for the thrill is legit because I'm genuinely embarrassed at the exposure. I'm not a model who gets paid for this and I'm all like, "whatever". If I felt nothing, there would be no thrill. As it is, please believe me, I was embarrassed then, and am embarrassed now as I write this. And my pussy was, and is, tingling... Without that genuine embarrassment factor, I don't think I'd be motivated to post at all, you know? Like a spanking that way: I do not like the actual spanking, the painful part, but I crave it nonetheless. Likewise, I get genuinely embarrassed, but I crave being embarrassed like that. Thank you for helping a girl out!

He put the iPad down and started increasing the intensity of the spanks as he kept pulling up gently on my panties. The panties are clearly not robust enough to take any sort of more intense wedgying, so he was gentle with them, keeping the tension noticeable but low. But I could still feel my panties tugging on my pussy and on my bottom hole as he spanked. Honestly, he could have (should have?) ripped them right off me. I could always order up another pair!

He paused my spanking, leaving my panties wedgied, and used two hands to take a photo.

You can definitely see the reddening developing on my ass. There even seems to be a little bruising coming up on my inside right ass cheek. How did that happen? I did not feel anything to justify it. Just delicate I guess? There's still white areas nearer my bum crack, and also between my bum and my thighs. He did have a jolly little time smacking my upper thighs, and you can see the redness developing there as well, especially on the right in this photo. You can also see some a little higher up on the left inside thigh.

Here's another he took from a slightly different angle.

You can see that the harder smacks were on my right cheek, with the left side still just at the "mottled" stage, just because there's better leverage on my right than on my left for his hand. I think you can also see a pretty extended reddening of my left inner and back thigh, as those were at hand to him and he did belabour them quite considerably. I find leg spanking super sexy!

He went back to spanking me some more, and I think put a concerted effort into "evening me up a bit".

At this point I was definitely being given "a spanking". It was not love taps anymore, or a little fondle and smack. It was a spanking. I was doing a bit of my Lamaze breathing and squirming around on his lap. I am definitely feeling "distressed". I swear the man does not recognize how powerful his hand is!

This is the point I genuinely love/hate. I feel like I have just jumped into the deep end of the pool knowing only the doggy paddle. Oh, make no mistake, I threw myself right in there. But this is the point where I begin questioning some of my life decisions!

I think to myself "no, Daddy, no, please!" but it doesn't come out. Only grunts and grimaces. I wriggle my ass, knowing how I am embarrassing myself. I am a grown woman, yet I am being spanked as if I was a child with no say in it. Of course, I do have a say in it, via my safeword (and nothing other than that, I know). But I refuse to use it unless it's a true emergency, so really, do I even allow myself a say?

"Time to take these panties down," he says and rolls them down to just beneath my cheeks, arranging them nicely, and then snapping more photos, this time of my very bare spanked butt!

How embarrassing. You guys are seeing my spanking in real time almost. Like you're right there with me. You are my spanker.

You can see how he's filled in the left cheek and around into the cleft, and also how the redness on the thigh is now better connected to the redness on my ass. You can still see a bothersome little hard-to-reach patch on the inside right cheek. He'll fix that before the next photo!

I felt like a naughty teenage girl who got a bare bottom spanking across her Daddy's knee. The panties have been pulled down just far enough to bare her bottom. The baring is clearly part of her punishment, as if those little panties provided any protection at all to Daddy's hard hand spanks. But I think Daddy would also pull them down to see the state of his little girl's bottom, to judge whether or not he is done yet. Pulling my panties down any more would bare my sex, which I wasn't bad enough to have done to me on this occasion. The embarrassment of exposing my squirming bare red bottom is punishment enough this time.

The panty-lowering always gives me an extra little jolt of tummy-churning embarrassment. I always imagine witnesses at this point. A stern Mom eager to see me catch it for my misbehavior. A giggling little brother witnessing my shame. An Uncle who happened to be there at the time I needed to be spanked.

"No Daddy, don't pull them down, please! Leave them up! Please!" But down they come regardless...

Given how carefully he left them just there, and not further down so as to expose my pussy to the world, I pretty much thought that was going to be the extent of it for the blog photos. I was happy enough with that. 😊

He leaves my panties like that and continues my spanking. The strokes are getting harder and harder. I thought they were hard before. They are harder now!

I don't like spankings. I don't want to be spanked. But I think about it literally all the time. And afterwards. Afterwards, I need a fucking! It adds an extra layer of humiliation for me. Before my spanking I could take or leave giving him head, or providing him intercourse. I mean, whatever. But after my spanking? After my spanking, I beg him to allow me to give him deep head, to violently fuck the back of my throat. I need him to pound my pussy until there are tears in my eyes, or to take me painfully in the ass. I desperately need it. That's what a spanking (which I hate) does to me. How degrading is that? I am literally spanked into complete sexual submission, and a light spanking does not even do it for me, it needs to be hard. How fucking primordial is that???

Impatient with my panty where it is, he pulls it down more, right to my knees. Seeing what he sees, I believe this is the point where he develops his plot for me. He won't let me get away with just posting bare bum, relatively modest, pin-up shots of my spanking. If I wish to embarrass myself by posting naked pictures of my ass, he will help me along with that project while leaving it entirely up to me to truly make sure I am humiliated in front of all my blog followers. He picks up the iPad to frame a shot. He makes me arch my back for my photo, pushing up my ass. I know what I am showing!!! He takes the shot...

Oh no, no, no. no. We are out of Daddy-daughter territory now. This is the view a Husband gets when spanking his wife, and I guess (blush!) all of you guys as well now. This blog is a bit about living out spanking fantasies vicariously through David's and my kinky life. Well, it doesn't get more vicarious than this! You are seeing exactly what my husband sees during one of my spankings.

But he is not satisfied with just the shot above. He grabs my near cheek in his hand and he pulls me open as he takes another pic! He is displaying my bumhole and even more of my pussy!!!!

"David! No! I won't be publishing that!"

This is when he springs it on me...

"Your choice, but I won't allow you to pick and choose. You'll be either publishing all of them, or none of them."

"Oh, come on!"

"And, while it's entirely your choice, if you do choose to publish them, I'll take my belt off and give you such a spanking for being a wanton little exhibitionist slut that you won't be sitting down for a week, and you'll take it in the ass afterwards."

I know some of you react bad to the word "slut" when used on me. But it's a word that turns me on in a very shaming sort of way, and he uses it accordingly.

Oh shit... he puts me in a legitimate dilemma here. It's a trap, and there's only way to go: forward. Well, you all know what my decision was, some of you even before David...

Ohhh GAWD! Surely only a husband should ever see his wife like this! While I did not get an ass fucking after this spanking, you should know that he has fucked me in the bum before, and by my publishing these pics, guarantees he will again, after taking his belt to me! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, what am I doing?!? Why do I do this to myself? I wanted a real spanking, and he has engineered a scenario where I will be getting one... and a very well deserved one... a proper spanking for a proper tart, with a final part of the punishment that fits the crime: a slut's ass fucking. Right there. Right in the place he's displaying to you all... 😭

Believe it or not, I am crying a bit as I write this. I feel the tears stinging my eyes. I know the belt will hurt. Hurt bad. And for this, he won't let me off lightly, nor would I deserve to be let off lightly. And I know that despite any gentleness, his big cock fucking my ass will hurt equally bad. I am thinking of all of this, right now as I write this. All I need to avoid it all is to not hit the publish button. But I know I will. And in so doing I know I will 100% deserve what's coming to me.

He puts down the iPad and continues spanking me. With my panties pulled down to my knees, and my thoughts still focussed around my exposure, my pussy and my asshole become the very center of my spanking. He will spank above it, below it, to the right of it, to the left of it, over top of it. He will watch them as i am being spanked. He will see my pussy lips redden and engorge from the heat of my spanking. He will watch them moisten and even cry. He will smell the scent of me as he punishes. Yes, a spanking punishes a wife, but for some wives, it also readies them for sex...

The spanking goes on and on and gets harder and harder. We both sense we are in a "project" now. A project to ensure my blog readers will be fully satisfied with the final state of my poor rear end. I am crying from the pain and flutter kicking my legs as much as my pants allow. He gives me the last few whacks, breathtaking in their ferocity. He is still just using his hand! He stops. He leans back with my iPad, no doubt very self-satisfied, and takes a couple of photos.

Can you even believe that?!? I swear there is no enhancement done at all, other than the overall white balance adjustment. And it looked like that in the mirror also. That white is my natural skin tone when I'm not getting any sun.

Here is another, with the light reflecting differently.

That is a portrait of a well-spanked wife! Is that what they call "crimsoned", you think? Is it considered "white privilege" to be able to show off such a contrasting red after my spanking? Welcome to the world of a well-spanked wife. Yes, I chose this lifestyle, freely. And yes, I am proud that I married a man capable of giving me what I so clearly need. But OMG David!

David put me on my feet and wanted one final pic. He had me stand and face the bedroom mirror (yes, we have a big mirror in our bedroom!). He arranged my legs and my panty so it would stay around my knees. He had me fold my hands behind my back, holding my blouse out of the way. He positioned himself, and he took the shot...

My butt is not as red in the other pics because it wouldn't auto white balance properly given the other stuff in the shot, but you still get the gist of it. Do you see how red the backs of my legs are? And my poor ass!

And I know. I know you can see my pussy in the mirror. It's a full frontal shot. You can clearly see how I keep it. I KNOW! It was not an accident. David intended the shot to include it. He wanted to see if I would publish it.

Well, here it is, David! Blahhh! You clearly wanted everybody to see it. Here it is, straight from your shot.

Yes, I keep myself like a little girl down there. Don't judge!

After my spanking he put the iPad away and he made rough love to me. He started doggy style fucking my (very wet!) pussy from behind. Before he came he pulled out and we did a side-by-side 69. I had to taste my own tangy pussy juices slickly coating his cock. He licked me to orgasm first (it was super fast!), and I think my cumming that hard with my mouth around his cock spurred him on, because he started fucking my mouth hard and within about 30 seconds he positively unloaded inside of me. I swallowed it all down, of course (I always do now, whether my bottom is red or not), and cleaned him off completely until he was soft, and swallowed his remnants as well. I'm a good girl now when it comes time to receive his bounty in my mouth.

After we got cleaned up he handed me my iPad and said, "you have some serious decisions to make, young lady."

"Yes daddy," I said meekly in return.

Well, I've gone over the post several times now. I know I don't have to hit publish... I can avoid a lot of embarrassment, a belting, and... that other thing (blush!)... 

But I know... I just know... oh shit, here goes... slut, slut, slut, slut, slut... publish!

Friday, October 29

Glenny's Patreon (with a ps on my new red panties)

Hey blog readers,

Glenmore over at Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories and Art has taken his work to Patreon in the hopes of being able to garner a bit of support for his work. His Patreon site is

The work is stories and artwork, roughly 50-50 malesub/femsub, entirely domestic themed.

Glenny once did a great drawing for me illustrating what happened the one time I got a "joke spanking" at a family gathering.

There's me getting spanked on the seat of my dress by my husband David. My Mom and Dad watching. My older sister Sue. My younger sister Nancy, her husband, and their boys. It was a "joke" spanking, but super embarrassing for "Aunty Julie". It's one of my most viewed posts: Spanked in front of the Family!

Patreon is a site where you can access a creator's content for a typically very small monthly pledge. It's a way of showing that you care with a small contribution.

Unfortunately, I deleted my Patreon account when they joined into a left-leaning cancel culture with an absolutely ferocious vengeance. The most notable was the case of Carl Benjamin, a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad, where they removed his livelihood in an instant for some supposed sin committed off their platform a long time ago, and that was taken completely out of context. Not even any doubt around any of that. Absolutely shameful. He was given no warning and no appeal. All his work over many years building up a patron base (and contributing lots of revenue to Patreon in the process, and attracting other creators), they wiped out in an instant leaving him to scramble to feed his family. Many high-profile creators on Patreon such as Dave Rubin, Tim Pool, and Jordan Peterson deleted their accounts at that time in protest, and lead to the creation of the free-speech oriented platform that recently merged with the free-speech youtube replacement Patreon never admitted their mistake and never did anything at all to correct it.

So, as much as I cannot endorse Patreon with any good conscience, I can absolutely endorse Glenmore's work, and if you are not as "activist" as I on these political matters, or already have a Patreon account, feel free to sign-up and support Glenny's work!

I recently bought some sexy new red diaphanous panties, and David consented to giving me a spanking with me in them and taking a few pics of it so I can post it for you guys!!!! There are pics of my panties on, wedgied, pulled down a little, pulled down a lot, and a finale with them banded around my knees with me standing and facing a (blush!) mirror. My butt wound up redder than my panties! Will post more once appropriately "prepped". (Assuming I "take the plunge"!)

Wednesday, October 27

Masturbate to Femdom for Me

I always have fun with things my readers send me. This week I received a lovely link to a video on xhamster that features a poor boy being made to fuck a grapefruit! Ha ha! He was just let out of extended chastity and his wife decided that, for a bit of variety, she would make him fuck a cored-out grapefruit.

Femdom Grapefruit Denial

She put it on his dick and gave him a one minute time limit to ejaculate. He tried soooo hard...

But it just wasn't enough time, and he had to be locked away again without cumming at all. Boo hoo.

This sort of thing puts me in a very dommy mood. I can easily see myself doing this to my man, any man. The idea that men would do anything to cum is certainly spot on. Even to the extent of completely humiliating themselves like this.

Of course, I went down the rabbit hole a bit more to find other videos that might amuse me, and that might arouse some of you more submissive "men" out there.


Here's one where a "man" is being forced to fuck a blowup doll while his woman encourages him with thestick.

Humiliating slave with his rubber girlfriend

Again. absolutely hilarious. You want to cum so much? Cum this way!


In this one the "man" has his ass towards us and his cock and balls pulled out back behind his legs. She has put him in stay-up stockings. She is applying a vibrator to his cock shaft and collecting the "leakage" into his doggy bowl that he will eat from next.

from Cum Shot Compilation 2020

Once he is done, she slaps out the remnants until he slaps dry.

I wonder if any woman would be at all squeamish doing something like this to her "man"? I certainly would not be. I would enjoy it immensely.

In this next one he's kept in chastity and is being milked via only anal.

Wife cages his cock and milks his prostate

There is not much quantity, but he should be made to swallow it all anyways. I have not tried this on my husband yet. I definitely will.

Here's another chastity one. It is bedtime and he is due for an unlocking. His wife asks him if he wants to be unlocked and he responds with a pretty surly/bitchy "yes", as if he was impatient for it.


So, she unlocks him.

But because he was surly in his reply she teases him, leaves his cage on, and makes him beg her to be locked for another 5 days. If he doesn't, it will be longer. He winds up begging her, with a compressed dick and painful blue balls.

Too bad, so sad!

I have had online subs who I've kept locked up for weeks at a time.  They put a little security seal on the lock and send me a daily photo. I must confess, sometimes I forget about them completely for a while, and then later just pretend I was being mean to them. When I let them cum, they make a little movie for me, and eat it, always.

My husband is not into this beyond a bit of roleplay, but if he was, I would be a cruel Mistress indeed! As long as his tongue is free, what do I care?

Here's a girl who has a good pee before going to fetch her slave.

Utter Humiliation

She brings him over, ties him to the toilet, and makes him lap up her peed-in toilet water.

Yes he fucking deserves it.

She graciously allows him to put his dick between the bowl and her stiletto heel and get himself off,

After he cums in her toilet water, she makes him lick up every last trace of his disgusting cum.

Whether it's on the bowl or floating around her pee water.

That's sexy!


Here a "man" in chastity is being humiliated  by three girls. I imagine his CEO wife has asked a few girls from the secretarial pool to pop by her house and let him out to have a cummy. They strip him, and strip down themselves to their underwear to "encourage" him, and then unlock him (temporarily!)

These girls are used to being fucked by real men. They find his tiny locked up dick to be hilarious! They love that their ball-busting CEO keeps her man locked up like this. They put him on his knees and laugh and laugh and laugh as he jerks his tiny dick. He is so fucking pathetic!

The decide to put him on his back with his legs up so that he can cum into his own face.

He finally achieves orgasm, getting most of it into his mouth. But, disgustingly, he misses with a few of his spurties and they make him lick it up off the floor and swallow it all down.

After that, its back into his cock cage while they go off to the club to find some real men to fuck them.

In this one, the wife is annoyed that her husband is taking so long in the shower. Losing her patience she storms in on him and is disgusted to see him fondling himself instead of getting on with it. She hauls him out of the bathroom and into the dressing room.

Miss Lina - Do I have to go?

He's like a little boy, caught red-handed by Mummy. He'll soon be red-bottomed too.

He'll now have to dress and go to a very extended dinner sitting on that red rump.

This is the sort of role I LOVE playing with my husband - the strict wife!


And finally, a slightly more extended one from The English Mansion Clips Store. His wife met some new friends at the country club. They got to discussing, what else, their husbands' poor behavior. She brazenly told her new friends that she's nipped her husband's behavioral problems in the bud by means of domestic discipline. She asked if they wanted a demonstration? Oh yes! She invites her friends over for tea and has her husband serve.

Humiliated in Front of Wife's Friends

He is already grumpy that he is being asked to serve, and in his apron to boot in front of these two women. His wife insisted on his serving, and on his attire, and one more word and he would be made an example of in front of them.

The friends are very attractive. "Trophy wives" to their asshole "alpha male" husbands who constantly diminish them. They are delighted to gradually have their eyes opened to a different type of husband and a different type of relationship.

In my real-life, I would say a good 50% of women would accept an invitation from a wife to see a husband domestically dominated, provided they perceive it as a safe and empowering environment for themselves. And then once accepted, they tend to go way further than you would expect! They laugh at him, they tease him, they have fun with it, they enjoy seeing him stripped and humiliated, they enjoy seeing him even quite harshly beaten on his bum, and they are eager to take their turns. Women readers, would you agree?

There is no excuse needed, the coffees are cold, and his subtle surliness continues during serving. He will be made an example of.

His wife scolds him, tells him he acts like a baby, and makes him put his thumb in his mouth and suck on it as the two guests howl in laughter at his blushing humiliation at the hands of his strict wife.

I like the thumb-sucking touch. A nice way to dominate and humiliate him in front of other women. I am taking notes!

She sends him over to bend over the arm of the couch and present his bottom.

Imagine his embarrassment realizing he will have to humiliate himself like this.

I like the gradual, incremental nature of his humiliation. First the apron and the serving, then the scolding, then the thumb in the mouth. now bending over with his ass up.

His wife tells him the he'll be spanked in front of her new friends and proceeds to swat his clothed backside.

After ten smacks she tells him to stand up and to lower his trousers. He stands but then is so reluctant to do so. He's begging her with his eyes not to.

I actually find this realistic. It's like spanking that way. You may really want and crave a spanking, but when it comes time to get hit on your ass, you don't want it in the moment. Same thing with humiliation. He may want it and crave it, but when it comes time to actually do it, in front of a couple of strange women, it is natural for him to hesitate.

His wife seems to relish his little act of defiance. She seems eager to "show off" in front of her new friends. She stands square up to him. Puts her hands on his shoulders, and then knees him in the balls!

The friends laugh, of course, as he doubles over in pain.

It's generally true that women find men hurt in their balls very funny, for some reason. I have never kneed or kicked my husband in the balls, but I know he has suffered this during his martial arts training and survived just fine afterwards. Maybe I should add a mild version of this to my game, especially in a context like this?

She takes matters into her own hands and begins to lower his pants herself.

There we go!

The ladies point out how embarrassed he must be, standing there in his underpants like that. His wife tells him to get back over the arm of the couch.

They take note of his completely smooth shaven legs. His wife says she keeps him that way to emasculate him. One of the ladies asks permission to feel, which is immediately granted by the wife. It's so smooth! The result of diligent lotioning, his wife tells her.

His wife pulls his little pants up higher and smacks him on his bare low bum cheeks.

Again, a very realistic touch, to those of us who play this way, converting "vanillas", to introduce them in small measures to increased humiliation, spanking, and nudity. The next step always seems small and natural. At this point, you can well imagine those women want to see his underwear pulled down.

The cold coffees impacted their guests as well. The wife asks if they would like an opportunity to punish him as well for their cold coffees. They both eagerly agreed.

Once again, entirely realistic. At this point, even vanilla women are just itching to smack a little man ass.

He is told by his wife that he will now be spanked by their two guests.

He is told to kneel down in front of them. He does as he is told and they inspect his underpants-clad bum making disparaging comments regarding his masculinity, or rather, the lack of it.

The ladies decide to strip him of the jeans that were around his ankles (which are then confiscated by his wife) and direct him to kneel up onto the sofa between them.

Once there, they are the ones that suggest his underpants should be lowered. They ask his wife and she agrees to the underpants lowering, which they then eagerly carry out.

How embarrassed he is. His wife encourages the ladies not to be shy and to give his a good smacking!

If you're a man, can you imagine how embarrassing this would be for you if this actually played out like that? There you are, bent over with a bare bottom in a position more traditionally associated with female sexual submission. Then you're being spanked as if you're a child, and worse still, you're crying out at the spanks like a baby. These strange ladies are seeing you at your most vulnerable. I've had my husband in similar situations on multiple occasions, and I love the associated power rush, being Mistress of Ceremonies.

They both give him a resounding spanking, very considerably reddening his cheeks in the process.

Again, realistic. Some of the fiercest spanks came from girls completely new to spanking in my experience. I sometimes cringed a bit, but if I didn't think it was dangerous, and since david didn't safeword out, I allowed it to go on.

Doesn't it look like he has red panties on already?

After some more scolding, he's sent by his wife to stand in the corner.

The lady nearest him spontaneously arranges his shirttail and apron to provide an unobstructed view of his bottom.

Given his earlier lack of obedience, his wife decides to test his obedience by requiring him to spread his bottom cheeks. He does somewhat, but it is not good enough and he is told to really pull them apart for them. The girls all laugh at his humiliating display.

His hole is completely on display! His wife impatiently pulls his underpants down to the floor as he bastes in his humiliation as all three ladies intimately examine his exposed anus while laughing and teasing him mercilessly.

You boys reading this, I want you to imagine yourselves in exactly his position, because it's just what you deserve!

His wife slaps at his thighs and makes him wiggle for them as if he was a girl receiving anal intercourse up her bum.

His wife then gets him out of the corner and makes him undress in front of her friends.

They laugh as his completely shaven hairless abdomen, testicles, and penis are revealed to them. His penis is puffy and red, a little engorged from his humiliations. Once he is naked, they make him do a few turns for them.

His body is not in good shape, and his penis looks absolutely ridiculous, red and semi-chubby as it is. How shamed he is.

But his shaming is not yet complete. His wife pulls out his completely humiliating red panties and the ladies laugh uproariously that he will be made to wear them.

"It's the red panties. the dreaded red panties, isn't it? go on, put them on!" his wife says. He is very slow to take them and put them on. Becoming impatient, his wife tells him to lie with his back on the floor and to lift his legs.

She puts his red panties onto him as if it were a diapering. As she does so she tells the ladies that this is panty punishment for him, that he absolutely hates his red panties, yet he'll be required to wear them for quite some time.

Along with his panties they put him in his garter belt and black stockings.

His wife wedgies his panties and hands the ladies some spanking implements: a swatter, a spatula, and a wooden ruler. She then pulls down the front of his panties and extracts his penis from them with long kitchen tongs, holding it there outstretched as he is swatted.

She then attaches clothespins to his nipples and shaft, has him turn to the ladies and hands off the tongs, which one of them holds as they both attempt to smack the clothespins off, having a merry old time doing it.

Of course, in the process his penis gets well-smacked. After the clothespins are all off the lady in the white blouse gives him a bit of a wank with the tongs which leaves him quite humiliatingly erect, and with no "relief" in sight.

Next he is made to clean up in just his stockings and panty, his bare beaten bum still on display from his wedged-up panties, not even allowed to put his penis away at all, but having it bare and dangling vulnerably in front of his wife and her two new friends. The implication is clear: if he is not sufficiently obedient, the tongs and rulers may have to come out again to give his penis another, even more severe, smacking.

After he comes back, his wife makes him get down on his hands and knees in front of her and shows him the dreaded hairbrush.

He's to be spanked once more before she's done with him. This time severely, with the hairbrush.

She has him lie face down on the coffee table with his hands on his head. The ladies volunteer to hold him down during his beating, an offer graciously accepted.

One of them sits so his head is clamped between her thighs as the other prepares to sit on his back.

His wife teases him, "that's quite a thrill for you, isn't it? But that's as close as you're ever getting."

The lady in the white blouse sits on his back and tugs up hard on his panties to bare his cheeks while, for the finale, his wife uses the hairbrush on him to excellent effect.

What a scene! I love playing out things like that with my husband. We did it just the other day with a "demonstration" for Sue's new significant other (David Spanked in Front of New Girl), and that had many similarities to this scene.

There's something just so much fun about it for all the women involved (and the 'fella too!).

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