Wednesday, March 30

New Book Concept

As you no doubt figured out, I let my last book concept drop, the one I described in New Book - Rings of Consent. I wrote the first 50 pages, but it felt really disconnected without an over-arching plot and character development. An e-pen-pal suggested that might be the case and it turned out to be just so. But, I have a new concept for a book, one I feel like I can give a real story arc to.

The book title will be "David's Spankings".

It will be fictional and tell the story of a young man suddenly subject to domestic discipline from his Aunt and her younger lesbian partner.

The young man character will be inspired by the subby side of my husband David. His backstory, his kinks, his known reactions in the situations I will put his character into.

The Aunt character will be inspired by my sister Sue. Her attitude. Her no-nonsense. Her sexual preferences. Her kinks. I will of course mix a bit of my dommy side into the character as well.

The Aunt's lesbian partner will be an amalgam of various of Sue's girlfriends and various young lady partners David and I have played with over the years. I will of course mix a bit of me into that character as well (both dommy and subby).

I went ahead and wrote a first draft of an attention-grabbing Preface. Here it is:

David's Spankings


I was an eighteen-year-old boy, a freshman at a top University, and yet there I was, made to stand in the corner like a naughty six-year-old by my strict Aunty Sue as her partner Chrissy looked on.

I was sniffling and my cheeks were wet with tears. My pants and underpants were around my ankles. My well-spanked bare bottom was on full display.

I was being punished, and in Aunty Sue's home that usually meant a very sore backside followed by an hour of silent contemplation with your nose in the corner and your bare butt on display. That is, if you were lucky.

Privacy was not a consideration in Aunty Sue's house. Spankings were given on-the-spot, regardless of who was there to see them.

Aunty Sue's female life-partner, Chrissy, was subject to the same sort of discipline, and was every bit as likely to find herself in my position or worse. This time, though, it was me, and I knew Chrissy felt sorry for me. She knew what an extended trip across Aunty Sue's knee was like.

Aunty Sue was in her early forties, and Chrissy, at twenty-seven, was less than halfway in age between us.

It made for an… interesting… dynamic.

The story will be a young David going to the city for University and staying with his Aunty Sue. Sue is the top in a domestic discipline relationship with her female life-partner, Chrissy. David's Mom knew her sister was a lesbian, but did not know the rest. When she approached her sister asking if David could stay with them to defray expenses, Aunty Sue went to David privately and told him about the relationship, and that while he was welcome to stay, they would not alter their lifestyle for him. Secretly, David himself is a spanko from a young age, and was eager to accept regardless, agreeing to keep it their secret.

So many places to take it!

  • David can be a voyeur on Sue and Chrissy's domestic discipline arrangement.
  • David can take part in disciplining Chrissy.
  • David might be naughty with the women's panty and dildo drawer.
  • David can become subject to Sue's discipline himself.
  • Chrissy can assist Sue in disciplining David.
  • Chrissy may want a little cock on the side from David.
  • David might bring home a girlfriend and be disciplined in front of her.
  • David might be screwing up in a class given by a female professor friend of Sue's, and suffer some humiliating consequences.
  • Corner time, mouth soapings, grounding, diaperings, dildoings, forced feminization, forced masturbation, all possible.

I want to imagine being the Sue character, and imagine what I would do if a young nephew just like David came to live with my girlfriend and I, and I learned he was a spanko.

I think there's a great story to tell there that I can base on the reality of myself and some of the people around me that I know so well.

So what do you guys think? A worthy project? Have you any advice for me? Any kinks you would particularly love to see? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, March 26

Naughty Muriel

I recently received a private reach out on my bdsmlr from an account spank-o-mat ran by a German man, Antonus.

Just discovered your naughty kinky picture blog around spanking and kink :) Love it a lot - you posted a picture: Muriel's brownie is being inspected - for a subsequent assfuck - enjoy some contris from this cool and spoiled session - happy spanking Antonus

Antonus had seen a picture I reposted there from one of his sessions and reached out with a whole bunch more images from that session. I messaged back

Thank you! It looked like a very exciting session, especially for her. Would love to do a post on my main blog. Is she ok with me publishing her face? Can you tell me more about her background? Why was she there? Where did you first meet her?

And he replied,

Her husband looked for a 2nd/3rd guy via the internet to mutually tame his young wife some years ago - so we have fun (in different degrees) now and then. Muriel needs both a strong hand and, as a reminder for good behavior, corporal punishment or spanking. She is not only spanking-addicted, she loves to show off - even the buzz getting recognized by friends, work mates or neighbors. In any case, that is her kind of courage and pride to encourage other couples in domestic discipline and common rules. Thus, she would be pleased if you like her pix for posting.

Antonus then sent me a whole bunch more photos to enjoy that really turned me on. He ended with,

Enjoy yourself with this naughty young housewife - and feel free to re-post as a warning and reminder for other young women what might happen if they don't love their husband and don't follow the marriage rules - happy kinkiness Antonus

It's tongue-in-cheek, but in that context, it is a good warning for a woman like me.

As you will see, Muriel's husband is clearly a bit submissive, and he needs to call in a real man such as Antonus to help sort out Muriel. Of course, if you're the husband, you might get yourself sorted out as well in the process.

I imagine Muriel has been a little out of sorts lately, craving the sort of domination her husband just cannot provide. Muriel's husband, eager to please his needy wife and knowing himself incapable of it personally, searches out on the Internet for a man he thinks can do the job. He finds Antonus, contacts him, meets him, and they set it up.

Antonus comes to their apartment. Muriel's husband explains to Muriel why Antonus is there. Muriel becomes instantly excited.

I am, of course, imagining myself in this scenario. What if, out of the blue, a strange man shows up at the house and my husband explains to me why he is there. I just know I would blush, go very submissive, and that my pussy would tingle and moisten. I would have no fear beyond the usual. I trust my husband completely on things like this. If he thinks I need to be dominated by another man, and he has picked this man, I would go along with it no questions asked, for real. I'm exciting myself just writing this. The possibilities...

Antonus sent me pics of several different sessions. I'll intersperse them - please forgive any inconsistency.

Antonus tells Muriel to show him her tits. Muriel blushes and pulls them out for him.

Well hello, Muriel. Now you're not just showing Antonus your titties, you're showing them to my entire audience, and very nice titties they are, very exciting ones. And what an enigmatic, Mona Lisa type look you have on your face as you expose yourself to us. It's as if you both don't want to and desperately want to, all at the same time. I know the feeling. And, yes, it is degrading to be made to haul out your tits like that in front of a strange man, at his command, in case you had any doubt.

All right young lady, turn around, bend over, hike up your skirt and show us.

What a nice little cunt as well.

Do you think it would be emasculating for a husband to have to watch as a strange man takes charge of your wife like this? What if Antonus tells the husband to strip off as well and go stand in the corner facing out. He may watch but not say anything. No dick stroking allowed.

Antonus tells Muriel to strip and then go fetch him a solid wooden hairbrush. Muriel does so, goes across Antonus' lap and is spanked. Properly spanked.

I always love how women are just made to be spanked, the way our breasts hang over at just the right spot for an OTK spanking. And it's so humiliating for us to have our breasts dangling and rubbing against the thigh and wobbling as we are spanked. This is the view Muriel's husband gets, standing naked in the corner, hard as a rock, not allowed to rub his dick. He is watching his wife being spanked naked across the knee of another man. A spanking he is not even capable of delivering himself.

Antonus is not done with her yet. He puts her over the back of a chair and takes up a stinging wooden paddle to continue her spanking, taking pauses along the way to inspect her most intimate areas.

If it were me I would be so hot at this point. I would be a total raving slut. There's nothing like a well-heated bottom (especially from a strange man) to put me in the mood for rough sex. Even rough sex from a virtual stranger. And then there's the shame of being spanked in this position: a woman's worst nightmare!

Antonus would stand me up, turn me to face him, grab my hot ass cheeks hard in his hands, and kiss me with his tongue penetrating deep into my throat.

My husband can only stand and watch, and not say anything, while this person he invited into our house man-handles me like this. The worst part is that it clearly turns me on as I am writhing my bare wet pussy up against his hard panted crotch.

Antonus spins me around, ties my arms behind my back and makes me kneel on the couch with my head down in disgrace.

He tells me I am a worthless slut, a dirty little whore, for cheating on my husband like this. For writhing up against a strange man's body with my bare pussy and hard nipples after my spanking.

He tells off my husband as well, for allowing such a thing, and then he cuffs and blindfolds him.

Antonus says he will instruct us on how to be properly man and wife in a marriage. He has my husband come over and makes me get on my knees in front of him and give him a proper wifely blow job, no hands.

What a good girl Muriel is. Obedient. Docile. Antonus motivates her with slaps to her ass, and promises of ever more severe spankings if she does not act the proper wife.

He unfastens both their wrists, makes the husband lie down, and commands Muriel to continue, using her hands this time as well.

In this photo you can see that Muriel has been highly motivated to do a good job. I can only imagine that if Muriel does not do a good enough job in Antonus' eyes, she will receive additional motivation. I think the above is one of the best photos from the set

As some of you long-time readers know, when I first started out on the subby side I was not that good at giving blowjobs, and I resisted swallowing (I 'kinda puked in my mouth at the taste and texture). I was trained in a similar way by my husband, with bare bottom spankings. The spanking was used both as punishment when I did not do well, but it was also used to turn me on and put me in a subby space where i would naturally do a better job. My enthousiasm when giving the blowjob, and my willingness to swallow, was much heightened when I had a hot bottom like Muriel's here. I can only imagine how much better my training would have been had it been another man training me to blow my husband. One who would be very insistent that I did a good job.

Next, Antonus has Muriel sit on her husband's face while continuing to blow him.

Looks like a very good job from them both, and a sexy reward for Muriel at the expense of hubby's face.

As a final indignity for Muriel, the husband is allowed to ejaculate, but properly, inside his wife's vagina. She is bent over a stool. He is sent over to do his duty.

I've been in a position like that. Fucked in front of witnesses and on command. The most humiliating was when my sister made David fuck me head-down ass-up doggy-style as she watched. I don't know why that's so incredibly humiliating, but it is. It's not that humiliating for the guy, or when it's me doing the fucking with my strap-on, but having to receive so submissively like that in front of amused witnesses is the ultimate in embarrassment. I even find Muriel's positioning in this image to add to the embarrassment.

After the fucking there's the embarrassing inspection. Was the husband actually able to sperm her, or did he fake it?

It appeared he did his husbandly duty on his blushing bride this time.

Afterwards, Muriel is required to clean her husband's dick with her mouth.

She can taste herself mixed with him as she does so.

I can't tell you how many times that was literally me, down on my hands and knees, practicing my dick sucking with a hot red bottom when I first got into being a spanked wife. I believe my skills have been much improved as a result, and I now swallow without complaint, feigning relish even and thanking him for his gift into my tummy. I have actually never gotten over my distaste for the smell, taste, and texture of swallowing cum, but I have been trained that letting on, even in the smallest of ways, would entail a very severe and unpleasant series of disciplinary sessions. So in this one area I do not let on, I do not brat at all, I just have to pretend I love it. Which is incredibly sexy for me - to be so utterly dominated in this regard. My husband knows this, and teases me about how much I LOVE swallowing cum. I agree with him completely. It is our private thing.

Here is another nice pic of Muriel getting her pussy eaten out as she plays with her breast and a big hard cock.

She looks happy!

Here's another closeup of Muriel sucking cock.

And one of her getting eaten out as her husband strokes.

It's nice being the center of attention likes this. One of the perks of being a subby, just lie back and take it, no decisions required.

A beautiful and sensual girl.

How about being made to bounce on a cock after being given a hot bottom?

Here is Muriel spanked.

And a nice cropping.

His penis looks eager!

Here it looks like she got the cane.

Here is Muriel being double-teamed. I think it's called a "spit roast"?

And next comes her ass fucking. Here Muriel is being prepared for it.

Now comes the big dildo in her pussy as the cock goes in her ass.

Is this Muriel being penetrated up the ass? That is quite possible.

 And on a different occasion, blindfolded.

Lucky Muriel, about to get her tits sprayed.

Thank you Antonus, for the wonderful pics, and Muriel and her hubby too.

Wednesday, March 16

Nose, Toes, and Tits Against the Wall

I was perusing Bogey and Bacall's blog the other other day, Our Bottoms Burn, and came across a post titled Potpourri that consisted of a random collection of images with brief commentary that Bogey had stashed away. One in particular caught my fancy.

A family gathering? And she has her nose on the wall.

I wrote a comment:

Oh my gosh! That “family gathering” pic is all my fantasies about being a spanked teenage girl all wrapped up in a single image! May I please masturbate to it, Bogey and Bacall?

They gave me their blessing 😉 and there was an interesting back and forth with a couple of other commenters as well.

I guess Bogey was inspired, because he replicated the same image on a follow-up post titled Julie Gets Her Well-Deserved Comeuppance. He wrote a short little story around the scene and included a photo from my blog of my actual (all grown up) bum across my husband's knee.

Why was I so interested in the family gathering photo?

I think it's likely a photoshop, for starters, but it's well done. The girl is made to appear to be around 15 years old, but the model is likely older. We have to tread carefully around 15-year-olds. I feel the need to caveat that actual 15-year-olds are underage is many jurisdictions, and should only do sexual things (if at all) with kids their own age. Go for it, girls!

But is it ok for me to not be a pedophile and admit that 15 is the age I imagine myself to be when I have been legitimately naughty and am being punished across my husband's knee? It was my height of teenage bratiness. I cringe looking back at my own behaviour at 15. Now, I am not advocating that 15-year-old girls be spanked by their parents, especially in public and on their bare bums. But we can all agree they deserve it (I certainly would have!).

A spanking is entirely too sexual for a 15 year old to have done by an adult. But trust me when I say that some 15-year-old girls (like I was) are thinking a lot about sex. I masturbated imagining myself in sexy situations with older men. When I'm being fucked by my husband, missionary style, with him pinning my two wrists above my head, I like to imagine I am specifically 15-years-old and having my virginity taken. Is that ok? I'm so confused!

Why this age? Why 15?

  • It's the age where we begin to develop our curves.
  • It's the age where we begin noticing male attention.
  • It's the age where we desperately desire male attention from our crushes, and are disgusted by it from others.
  • It's the age where we are self-conscious of our bodies.
  • It's the age where we experiment with our clothes to find the right balance between naughty and nice.
  • It's the age where we push boundaries.
  • It's the age where we can get a little "hormonal".
  • It's the age where we believe we are all grown up, but are clearly not.
  • It's the age where we want, above all, to fit in and to appear cool and grown up.
  • It's the age where we bristle against parental authority.
  • It's the age where we begin to fantasize about sex, begin to masturbate, and start becoming sexually active.

Can you therefore imagine how embarrassing a punishment like this would be for a 15-year-old girl, in front of her entire extended family???

My little fists are balled in frustration. I am crying. But I am standing rigidly at attention with my toes and nose pressed hard against the wall, as if I dare not move a muscle lest the consequences become even worse for me.

It's not even really a wall. At least with a wall, or better yet a corner, I could disappear into it. No, this is a passageway between two rooms.

There is no hiding away in shame. I am completely exposed during my punishment.

And look what I'm wearing. Those are cutoff shorts I made myself. I carefully calculated how short I could make them before Mom or Dad would object, and made them just a tad shorter than that. My top is low cut, strappy, no bra. I bought it at the mall without Mom there to stop me. My breasts have developed a little and are perky. I am both proud and self-conscious of them. My butt has become curvy and cute, and now I'm made to stick it out into the middle of the room for all to see.

I find this punishment to have an unconscious sexual undertone. I am clearly a girl, and a nubile girl at that. But I have had my agency taken from me, and I am being treated as a child. I am in a form of bondage.  My obedience is being tested and displayed. I am clearly demonstrated to be the property of my parents. I am put out as if for inspection, my bottom jutting out, the sides of my breasts visible. What marriage-aged man might take me? Who else's property might I become?

Ok, I'm being punished, but what landed me there? I imagine it was an argument with my bratty younger boy cousin seated to my left.

It was a Sunday afternoon family gathering. Him and I and a few other of the cousins were seated at the kids' table. I was already bristling at that. I am not a kid, Mom! It was patiently explained to me that there was no more room at the adults' table, and I should be a gracious hostess to my younger cousins.

I hated this cousin. Tommy is his name. He was making fart jokes at the table.

"You're so immature," I told him.

"And you're so grown-up?"

"More than you!"

"Is that why you're showing off your teeny tiny little titties, because you're so grown up?"

"Shut up!"

"Julie's teeny tiny titties..."

All the kids around the table laugh. I blush.

"Shut up!" I say again.

In a singsong voice he says "teeny tiny titties, teeny tiny titties, ..."

"I SAID SHUT UP!" I screamed and threw my glass of milk in his face. As I did so the glass slipped from my hand and it went flying towards him as well and shattered on the table in front of him.

"JULIE!" I hear Mom yelling at me from across the room. Oh no. What have I done? She comes storming over to the kids' tables.

"She threw the milk at me, for no reason!" Tommy said.

"He was teasing me!" I told Mom.

Tommy's Mom was there as well, cleaning up the mess and taking Tommy to the bathroom to wash the spilt milk off him.

"Julie, you were supposed to be in charge. I expected better of you!" said Mom.

"He was teasing me..." I repeated, starting to cry like a child.

"Sticks and stones, young lady. You could have seriously injured Tommy by throwing that glass at him. What if a shard had cut him, or gotten into his eye? What you did was completely unacceptable!"

"The... the... the glass slipped, Mom..."

"It slipped while you were throwing milk in his face?"


"That is no excuse. Come here, young lady. You've clearly demonstrated you don't belong in polite company so it's a timeout for you!"

"No Mom! You can't!" I cry.

Mom dragged me by the arm, stood me up, and pushed me against the doorway wall. She told me to put my toes against the wall, and then my nose. She even pushed the back of my head gently but firmly until my nose was flattened against the wall.

"You will stand like that until further notice, right where everybody can see you, and see what a naughty girl you've been. And, young lady, if I look over here and I don't see your toes and nose pressed tightly against that wall like it is now, there will be consequences."

And that's how I wound up where I was.

What do you think? Is a punishment like that reasonable for a 15-year-old girl who can't control her temper? I'm sure this wasn't the only thing that annoyed Mom leading up to this, but this was the last straw. Bitchy, lazy, disobedient, and self-entitled. She was no doubt thinking I had gotten a little too big for my britches and she was going to bring me down a peg or two. I cannot think of a more embarrassing, humiliating punishment for an "all grown up" 15-year-old girl. Personally, I think more teens her age could benefit by being disciplined like that. I certainly could have. Being treated like a toddler is appropriate for a girl who cannot control herself and acts out like a toddler.

Crying, nose against the wall.

Titties too small to touch the wall.

Fists clenched, butt sticking out.

Toes against the wall.

A thoroughly punished teen.

My younger cousins are all seeing me like this. My sibs are seeing me like this. My aunts and uncles are seeing me like this. Especially my uncles. I'm so embarrassed!

Mom has me stand there like that for ten minutes. Tommy is teasing me under his breath the whole time. "Julie's do-ing time-out, Nya, Nya, Nya Nya, Nya."

Mom comes and gets me and makes me apologize to Tommy first, and then to all the other children for losing my temper. I ask Mommy if I may be excused and please go to my room.

"No young lady, you will either sit here and be a pleasant little hostess, or you can spend the rest of your evening with your nose and toes against that passageway. Choose."

"Ok... I'll stay."

"Stay with your nose and toes against the wall, or stay and be a proper little hostess?"

"Stay and be... a proper little hostess... Mommy."

"Good girl."

While I did my best, I was not a very bubbly hostess, and ended the evening very quietly with my head down.


You may have noticed that spanking has not yet entered into it. I'm surprised too. I guess it means I am turned on more by the humiliation aspects of childish punishment rather than by the spanking per se. Of course, usually the possibility or the actuality of a spanking adds a lot of extra humiliation.

Let's pull some spanking into the story. Rewind to where Mom puts my nose against the wall and continue on from there...


"Your father and I will discuss how you'll be punished, but don't expect to go to sleep without a very sore bottom tonight, young lady!"

"Mom! Please no! I'm too old for that!"

"Obviously not. Your father and I have clearly neglected your discipline for far too long. That is changing as of bedtime. You can expect at the minimum the hairbrush from me and the strap from your father, and both on your very bare bottom. We'll decide later if that's all you'll be getting after I consult with Tommy's mother."

Everybody there could hear Mom sentencing me to my bare bottom bedtime spanking! Tommy and the other kids would snicker. They were surprised. The supposedly "big girl" still gets spankings! It was a surprise to some of my aunts and uncles as well. I could hear the adults talking about my spankings at the dinner table. And I just had to stand there, facing the wall, knowing I would be spanked at bedtime, and knowing that everybody there knew that, and cry.


So that adds an extra level of humiliation. Still no actual spanking, just the promise of one, but that's enough. It's so embarrassing for everybody to know I was still being spanked at 15-years-old.

Let's up the ante once again.


Before Mom went back to the table she told me "and when I said there would be consequences for your toes or nose leaving the wall, count on those spankings happening on-the-spot, right here and right now, in front of everybody, instead of at bedtime. And don't think it won't still be on your bare bottom, young lady, because it most certainly will be, regardless of who's here to see it. Your father and I would be only too happy to do it so don't test us."


No wonder I was so determined to keep my nose mushed up against the wall. I dared not unflatten it by a millimeter!

It's one thing to be obedient. It's another to be so obedient that you stand with your nose mushed against the wall not daring to move a millimeter. Everybody can see you, stiff as a board, not daring to move. Everybody knows the consequences for you if you do move: a very public bare bottom spanking. And do they secretly want to see that happen to you? Yes. Yes they do. They would want to see nothing more than a snippy teen, bare bottomed across her Mom's knee, kicking and crying as her butt is painted a deep crimson red with the back of a hairbrush, all her charms on display.

But under what conditions could that ever, conceivably happen?


Tommy couldn't stop sniggering about my spanking. He wanted nothing more than to see his big cousin spanked on her bare bum. He found a rubber band and reaching around from where he was sitting took dead aim and shot it at the tops of my bare legs.

"Ouch!" I yelled out, and without thinking whirled on him and said, "you little shit!"

"JULIE! What did I tell you about taking your nose and toes off that wall?!?"

"Mom! He shot something at my leg!"

"Did you do that, Tommy?" Mom asked him.

"No Ma'am," he said innocently. "I just told her I was sorry she was going to get spanked later, and then she said a bad word to me."

"You little lying fuck!" I said.

"WHAT kind of language is that, young lady?!?"

"But he's lying, Mom."

"I just said I was sorry she was 'gonna get a spankin' and I guess she thought I was teasing her but I wasn't."

"Where is this thing he supposedly shot at you?"

"I don't know. It has to be here somewhere..." I said, looking desperately, but it was nowhere to be seen. (In fact, the rubber band had bounced off my thigh and bounced right onto a little side table looking for all the world that it had been there all the time.)

"Let me see your leg. Where do you claim it hit you?" Mom looked at my leg where I indicated, and she found no mark. "I think we know who the foul-mouthed liar is, young lady, and it's not your little cousin."

Mom took my arm and led me towards the kitchen sink. She took the bar of soap and lathered it up in her hands until she had a thick, soapy lather.

"Open!" She said.

I opened my mouth and Mom pushed her soapy hands and the soapy bar into my mouth and began washing my mouth out.

"I have had enough of your foul language, young lady, and in front of children no less! We'll see if we can't wash that filthy mouth out."

I was drooling out my mouth and down my chin and onto my chest.

"We can't have this ever so elegant top get all soapy," Mom said sarcastically. She did not approve of my buying that top in the first place. She took a pair of scissors and snipped the straps on either side which allowed my top to drop, baring my little breasts!

"Mmmmmm!" I cried out, my mouth full with a soapy bar. My breasts were bare for everybody to see! Mom went back to scrubbing my mouth and the lather dribbled down onto my bare little titties.

My aunts tsk-tsk'ed at my display, my uncles visibly smirked and smiled. My younger boy cousins eyes were as wide as saucers. They were seeing their older girl cousin's completely bare, soapy breasts.

"Rinse!" Mommy said.

I desperately tried to rinse the nasty soap out of my mouth. As I was doing this Mom took a few steps into the powder room and picked up the hairbrush we kept there. She then placed a kitchen chair into the middle of the room, pulled me over to it and sat. She reached for the clasp of my cutoffs and unfastened them.

"No Mommy, please!" I begged, my hands attempting to cover my little breasts which were still bare.

Mom yanked the zipper down.

"Please no!" I begged.

She yanked my cutoffs down my legs and to my ankles, exposing my little ponies panties. She reached for the waistband of my panties and I desperately grabbed at them with one hand to fight with Mom to keep them up.

"Not my panties! Not my panties! Please!" I begged.

Mom smacked my hand and then pulled my panties right down to my ankles as well. My bare bottom and my bare front came completely on display. I had not grown in any sort of bush yet, and my pudenda was covered only with a soft light peach fuzz. My uncles and boy cousins could see me!

Then Mom tumbled me across her lap. My head went down, my bare bum went up, my feet dangled off the ground, my bare breasts hung down. I flushed realizing my bare bum, my bare breasts, and, from behind, the bare lips of my lightly furred pussy would be completely visible. I was a skinny girl at the time, and I did not know until my cousin pointed it out later that my bottom hole was very much on display as well.

"I think that'll be an end to her snippy ways," opined one of my aunts.

"High time," said another.

"That girl was getting too big for her britches, that's for sure."

"And just look where her britches are now," said one of my uncles.

"I'll bet the boys her age are all over her like flies on honey."

"You better keep your eye on this one, Doug."

"She certainly has developed over the past year," added one of my aunts.

The hairbrush was extremely painful and I was crying throughout most of my spanking and begging for Mommy to stop, please stop, and telling her i would be a good girl, a good girl! How embarrassing that Mommy reduced me to the status of a six-year-old across her lap. My complete effective age regression was not lost on any of my witnesses.

My Mom ended my spanking and put me on my feet. By this time I had kicked so furiously during my spanking that I had kicked my shorts and panties right off. She removed what was left of my top and rendered me completely bare naked. She flipped the chair around and bent me over the back of it.

My Daddy stepped up and removed his belt.

"Daddy No! Please!"

My begging was futile. He gave me a whipping with his belt in front of everybody. He whipped my bottom and my thighs until I was frantic. Two dozen strokes in total. I was well aware of the lewd spectacle I must have been putting on as I writhed and kicked my legs and gyrated my bottom in pain. Tommy in particular enjoyed the view. I was bawling giant tears like a complete baby before it was over.

"Can we expect your best behaviour from now on, young lady?" Asked Daddy.

"Yes Daddy!" I cried out.

"Now back to the doorway, young lady, toes and nose. Hands on your head."

"Mommy! I'm naked!"

"Yes you are. And you have a very red bottom that will serve as an excellent example of what will happen to you from now on if you continue to be naughty."

"Please, Mommy, may I at least cover my breasts?" I begged with a sob.

"No you may not. You pass yourself off as a mature, grown-up girl, but I think your little boobies and the peach fuzz down there say a different story. Maybe after you're out of your training bra we'll let you cover your breasts during your spankings. Until then, we'll treat you like the naughty little girl you are."


Ok, ok, ok, I went over the top, I agree. I can get very carried away thinking about these things.

When I asked permission from Bogey and Bacall to masturbate to this photo, I was dead serious. The above stories all popped into my head as I was sitting on the couch, my iPad propped up beside me with that photo showing, my fluffy robe wide open, my fingers playing with my pussy. Each time I got close I backed off, reset, and imagined more. I'm ashamed to say I orgasmed. Thank goodness my husband didn't catch me doing that!


Mind you, the whole scene could have gone very differently if some of the other cousins at the table ratted out Tommy to the grownups.

"So you like teasing girls about their developing bodies do you? Let's see what the girls have to say about your hairless little pee-pee after I pull down your pants for your spanking, Tommy!"