Wednesday, May 25

Realism in femsub Spanking Porn

I confess that I am an avid consumer of spanking porn. I love stories, but I also like images and gifs. Videos can be fun, but they don't leave enough room for my imagination. In images and gifs, the things that really turn my crank are more realistic domestic discipline type scenes. Scenes I can build up in my imagination and that are close to things I have experienced. Things I dream I might yet experience. Here are a bunch examples I've saved up over the past little while, mainly from


She's in her Sunday best. She's had her dress raised and her panties lowered and is being given a bare-bottomed spanking by Daddy. She's crying and her neck muscles and arms are tense. Her legs are kicking a little. It looks realistic to me. When I see an image like that, I want to be that girl...


After the spanking there should be cornertime. From my experience, that is very realistic. There's something about her posture that is very realistic to my eye. It looks embarrassed. I can pass by ten cornertime pics and write them off as "posed". Then I see one like this, and it turns me on. I've been there and can recognize the emotion. Her bottom is the right shade of red. Her hand positioning. She's a bit knock-kneed. Her plain panties are puddled around her ankles. She's likely going to be spending a half an hour staring at that corner.


Here's a change of pace. It's her expression. She's not happy to be doing this. But look at the size difference. He can "make her". Did he insist on ass or was she allowed to use her pussy? Hard to tell. She's going to have to keep doing that until he ejaculates into her. She's being used for his pleasure. To scratch an itch, really. I look at this gif and think this is the proper place for a woman, at least for me...


So realistic. So humiliating for a girl. She's only in her little top and panties. Her husband has decided she needs a spanking. He takes her across his knee. She's not happy about it. He grasps her wrist pro-actively. She clutches onto the chair for balance. He pulls her panties down to just bare her bottom. He starts right in with hard hand spanks that make her jump. You can tell he's strong from the veins and muscles and tendons in his arm. She'll be across his knee until she's learned her lesson and then will be made to stand bare-bottomed in the corner. I've so been there.


This is a teenage girl who has misbehaved at school. Caught with a boy behind the bleachers. Given detention and sent home with a note from school. Daddy took a dim view of it and spanked her across his knee with a hairbrush as her Mom tut-tutted. Along the way she kicked her little regulation white panties right off her ankles. Daddy brought her by the ear to the corner and told her to stand there until further notice. He raised her skirt and told her to hold it up. He gave her a few extra swats with the hairbrush and then put it down near the phone. If that nose comes out of that corner, the hairbrush is ready. Her Mom, Grandma, and younger brothers are all in the house. This misbehavior wasn't the first time. She's being made an example of.


This is a cute one. Mommy has just spanked her daughter across her knee on that chair for being snippy. Her uncle happened to be there and saw the whole thing. Now she'll have corner time as her uncle teases her.


Oh gosh! I am soooo guilty of this!!! I masturbated growing up and had a fear of my parents walking in on me. It was pre-spanking-fetish, so I didn't imagine what would happen, other than the general shame of it, but the shame turned me on, even then. But I think if Dad walked in on me, he would have left something like this for Mom to deal with. And this is exactly how Mom should have dealt with me. Not that it would have stopped me, just that I would have become a spanko so much sooner! Being punished by parents for sexual misbehavior is a real hot spot for me.


Being sent to your room, waiting for your spanking. How long will she have to kneel there, dreading the spanking that Daddy is about to give her? I wish this were me growing up.


This is a big-bottomed girl, and the pose is perfection. Those jeans and panties right down at her ankles. Her nose is right in the corner, touching it. That bottom has been very well spanked!


I love the solidity of his hand spanks. Paddle-like in their intensity. And you can see he's not even going nearly as hard as he could. Her bum is already red, and you can see it starting to mottle purple.


This is where a wife winds up after a spanking like that. Her ass is on fire. She's completely stripped and allowed no modesty whatsoever. Rather than being a "sexy vixen", she is reduced to an object of scorn and ridicule with her spanked red bum, crying eyes, bared breasts, and bared shaved vagina. It does not matter that there are other family members and close acquaintances who may be present. She was naughty and she is being punished.


Another sorry wife undergoing an embarrassing over-her-husband's-knee punishment. He is just getting started. She will not be sitting comfortably for the rest of the day. I cannot but feel that this is the natural order of things. I masturbate to that thought.


When I have to do time facing the wall, my husband insists on my nose literally touching the wall the entire time. To me, this is one of the more embarrassing aspects of timeout, that I am not even allowed to move my head off the wall in the least. Usually I am nursing a pretty sore spanked bum at this point, and I know with 100% certainty that if my husband sees me with my nose at all away from the wall, I will go back across his knee and get an even worse spanking for being disobedient, then have to start my timeout from the beginning. You can bet my nose won't leave that wall!


This should be the fate of all disobedient daughters. I now dream this would have been me growing up. Pants and panties are completely lowered to the ankles. Bottom is elevated to best present the sit spots. The fact that my private parts are so on display is of no concern to Daddy. The paddle will crack sharply against my bum, and I will screech at the tops of my lungs knowing my paddling is well-deserved. On every stroke I will hope and pray and beg for it to be the last. But Daddy will spank me until he feels I have learned my lesson, regardless of my tears.

When he is done, he will leave me there without saying a word, leaving me to cry my little eyes out. He leaves my room, leaving my door wide open. I may not move position until Daddy tells me I may. My siblings sneak in to see how red my butt is. My brothers tease me that they can see my pussy and bottom hole. BLUSH! Each time I hear Daddy's footsteps coming back, I fear he's as likely to paddle me some more as he is to let me go. I was that bad.


A cute little realistic spanking from Dallas. I find images with bare tits on the far side of the lap very embarrassing. Everybody can see I am a bad girl over a big man's knee. A spanking is bad enough. What did she do to deserve a birthday suit spanking??? It must have been very bad to add the humiliation of this on top of her spanking. And when there is the closeup of her face, you can see she notices the cameraman, and you can see the embarrassment. She is nothing but a naughty little girl getting spanked by her Daddy. I can't tell what she's saying, but I'll wager that it's a very sincere apology for the behavior that landed her here.


A certain realism in this one. She was certainly spanked, panties down. But she will now do corner time out in the open. For modesty's sake, she's allowed to keep her panties up, but everybody can clearly see how she's been punished nonetheless. How embarrassing!


Hard to tell, has she wet those panties with her juices??? This is the sort of spanking a girl gets when her husband wants to show off how sexually responsive his little wife is. "She'll soak her panties from just a spanking, you'll see!"


A very domestic scene. A little wife who failed to do her chores properly. She has lost her pants and panty privileges and is being touched up with the wooden spatula.


This looks to be a proper punishment spanking for a misbehaving wife. When I see a gif like that, it blows my mind that I am often in that exact position getting the same myself. I cry and beg but the spanking goes on. My husband knows what I need. I don't enjoy the spanking. Not in the least! But I crave it and obsess over it and masturbate myself afterwards, the redder and sorer my bum, the faster I cum. Without the genuine misbehavior, the dread and the fear, and then the pain of the spanking, it would not be exciting. I am twisted.


A properly penitent young lady right in the middle of a blistering bare bottom spanking. Looks realistic to me!


This one is very exciting for me! She's been stripped to bra, panties, and thigh-high stay-up stockings. Then she had to lower her panties to her knees and bend over for the paddle. I imagine the two observers were negatively impacted by her behaviour. They seem quite contented that she is getting what she has coming. We can't quite see it, but they can see her bare pussy as she is being paddled. She's been told to look them in the eye as she receives her comeuppance. You can see how intense her paddling is from her facial reactions and the way her body jumps and her hands slightly raise on each stroke. You can see how obedient she is to stay there and take it. Painful and humiliating. How many strokes will she receive before they are satisfied she's been sufficiently punished? Will she be let off after 20, or will she receive a 50 stroke wood paddle blistering?


Little cartoons like this turn me on as well. You can see her panties camel-toed at her pussy. You can see the redness and heat emanating from her ass. You can discern his strength. You can see the distress in her face. Love it all!


Having to hold a bar of soap in your mouth out in the hallway is a particularly childish and humiliating form of punishment. She's evidently lied, or used bad words, and now she's paying the price. Who can doubt that a spanking will follow?


How helplessly she lays there, so completely on display. The spanks descend to her inner thighs, his fingertips so close to her sex. Her clitoris is precisely over his thigh. The spanks jostle her whole lower body, exciting her clit. This girl has been known to orgasm in this position, completely and humiliatingly against her will, even while receiving a very hard spanking. If she does, the belt will come off.


Another girl made to humiliatingly straddle her husband's knee. My husband likes this positioning for me. It spreads my cheeks and allows better access to my sit spots and my inner thighs during my spanking. It's also incredibly humiliating to be spanked like this when witnesses are present! I imagine my father looking on with a satisfied smirk as my husband spanks me.


A bedtime strapping for a naughty daughter. The pain shown in her face is real. After her strapping she'll be sent to bed with a very sore, very red, very hot bottom. Her fingers will find her pussy slit damp and gooey. She will rub herself to orgasm re-living her spanking.


One of the more extreme example's of an involuntary sexual reaction to being severely punished in a disciplinary context. With males it's an erection. With girls it's a drippy pussy. Which is more embarrassing?


One of the more humiliating positions for a spanking. Emphasizes the size and strength differences, which turns me the fuck on. A girl is helpless if a guy like that wants to spank her: she will be spanked, pants down and everything, regardless of who is there to see it.


Oh how I wish misdemeanors were handled lie this! Speeding, littering, public drunkenness, indecent exposure, contempt of court, minor perjury, lying to a police officer, ... I like how the judicial system does not mess around. Stripped and bound down. Witnesses present. Caned on the bare bum by an expert.


My little wedgie fetish. "You want to be lippy with me, young lady? We'll see how an hour on the post changes that attitude. And yes, I know your brother is coming to visit." By the time the brother gets here, those panties will be splitting her pussy lips cleanly.


The look of shock and surprise as she learns that yes, even at her age, her father can still put her across his knee for a bare bottom spanking.


This wife is not allowed panties. It's so that short, sharp lessons can be quickly imparted. This is after the belting. She's not required to, but she feels the need to kiss his foot anyways.


This wife is a little nympho. If she wants sex from her husband, she knows what she must do to ask for it.


Definitely a lesbian couple. Like Sue and Chrissie in my book. Chrissie has been placed in timeout by Sue. Nephew-in-law David enjoys the view.


Isn't this what it's all about? An angry husband. A sorry wife. Panties off. Across the knee. A flaming red bum. Embarrassed red cheeks. Crying her eyes out. Begging and promising to be good. Unbearable never-stopping fanny pain. A drippy wet pussy.


Yes please, Sir. It's the kind of spanking that turns me on the most. No nonsense hand spanking.


You don't want it to progress to the big hairbrush, trust me!


And certainly not to the belt!


In this scene a boyfriend is punishing his girlfriend in front of her brother and sister-in-law. As I rub myself imagining a public spanking like this, this is the sort of view I am imagining I am presenting. For this spanking, the red bottom and the fanny pain is the least of it. The humiliating spectacle of my bare pussy and asshole is the true punishment.


Do you see what she's kneeling on? That makes it ten times worse. Her Mom put her there. She is strict about putting her nose literally in the corner. She bared her bum so she can think about what will happen to her after Daddy gets home.


Panties down is bad, but maybe panties up, way up, is ever worse? That will keep her bum properly presented for her spanking. Unless she stays right up on her tiptoes, and she won't, not when the spanks starts, those panties will wedge deeply into her pussy slit and ass crack. Her pussy lips will spread, her anus will be bisected, her anal ring visible on either side. Her private parts will be very sore by the time hubby is finished with her spanking.


This is a wife spanking as well. You can see how helpless she is. She will lay there and take it until he is done.


I know I've had this image on my blog before, but I came across it again. It's the exact same position my husband puts me in after a spanking.


She's receiving the Scottish tawse across her bare backside. A short sharp correction.


The distress on her face from a hard hand spanking is realism itself. This is the sort of gif I see myself in and can masturbate to, anticipating my inevitable next  for-real punishment spanking from my husband. I'll not be naughty on purpose. I can wait...

There's my little collection. I hope you enjoyed it along with my thoughts. Which were your favourites? If you masturbated, which one(s) did you cum to and what were you thinking?

If you're malesub, can you wish yourself into a female body for your spanking and wish it were you? Imagine if there was a machine to translate you into a hot young female body, and then you get a spanking from Daddy! Oh my!

I have some malesub gathered up as well for next time!

Friday, May 13

Making a Sandwich

I got a pussy tingle making a sandwich for my David yesterday evening.

We were going to watch a show after knocking off work at around 6pm.

"I''m having a sandwich, you want one?" I asked.

"Sure!" he said, sitting there at the TV lining up the show (Killing Eve).

I got the fixings out and started assembling mine. I wasn't sure what he wanted on his, exactly, as his mood regarding that changes from day to day.

"Do you want to come put it together?"

"No. You go ahead."

I got a sudden pang of annoyance and exasperation. Am I his slave? I almost said, "make your own fucking sandwich!"

You know what held me back? The 100% certainty that he would spank me on the spot, and that it would not be at all pleasant. It might be a mouth soaping, it might be the hairbrush, it might be cornertime, it would likely be all three.

All I wanted to do just then was watch the show and eat my sandwich. I didn't want to stand in the corner for a half-an-hour with a sore bum and the yucky taste of soap still in my mouth.

"Ok, sweetie!" I said pleasantly. And that's when I got a little gush in my panties and a definite tingle in my pussy. I had just been dominated.

"I don't have prosciutto, I have this Iberian ham, though. Is that ok? Would you like cheese on it, or..."

"You decide for me, honey. Everything you make is great."

I went ahead and assembled his sandwich, and then I served it to him with a drink, and I got my own and sat down next to him ready for the next episode.

He turned to me and said, "I love it when you make me a sandwich. It doesn't matter what's in it. It just always tastes better when I know you made it for me."

Oh fuck! And now my pussy was gushing again. I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, deeply and suggestively. He kissed me back with his tongue in my mouth and squeezing my breast.

We had our sandwiches and only watched one episode. We went straight to the bedroom right after, and I served him more than just a sandwich!

I surely do love my Man!

Monday, May 9

Book Progress!

I've been making gang-busters progress on the new book! Past 200 pages already. I thought I'd do a chapter-by-chapter synopsis for you (the numbers at the end are the current page numbers).

David's Spankings

A young man's journey into domestic discipline at the hands of his aunt and her submissive lesbian love-partner

by Julie Delmar

Preface -- 3

The whole book is written in David's voice. The preface is a little one page teaser that leaps into the future with him freshly spanked, nose in the corner.

Chapter 1: A New Living Arrangement -- 4

David introduces himself. We learn he is a bit of a nerd and is a spanking fetishist that he keeps very secret. He is going to university in the big city, and his Mom would like for him to live with his Aunty Sue and her wife Chrissie (the aunt is a professor at the same university).

Chapter 2: A Conversation with Auntie Sue -- 10

Aunty Sue and Aunt Chrissie drive up north to visit over Easter. Aunty Sue takes David aside and confidentially tells him that she is in a domestic discipline arrangement with Chrissie who is a spanking fetishist. David conceals his own fetish, worried he might not be welcome, but is now super-excited to go.

Chapter 3: Moving In -- 20

David's family drives him down and moves him in. The space he is living in is described. There's a little bit of spanking talk at the end to ease us into it.

Chapter 4: Housewife -- 23

Aunt Chrissie explains to David that she will take care of all of the cooking and housework, trad wife style, including keeping David's room tidy and organized and doing his bed sheets and laundry. Chrissie admits that if she doesn't do her job properly, Aunty Sue will spank her.

Chrissie is friendly with David. She is closer his age than she is to Sue. She teases him about girls and guesses his sexual experience level. She teases him that if he makes a mess in his sheets, she'll know and be very cross with him.

Chrissie makes pancake breakfast Sunday morning and wakes David up for it. She warned him night before that if he wasn't up in time, she'll pounce on him and shake him awake! She does this, in a long T-shirt and panties, which results in an erection for David that she teases him about.

As Chrissie is cleaning up after breakfast, still in her T-shirt and panties, and is bending over at the dishwasher, Aunty Sue asks David if he's checking out her wife's ass. She teases him a bit and tells him to ignore her, she dresses like that deliberately to get a rise. Chrissie sticks out her tongue, flips up her long T-shirt to expose her panty-clad butt, and shakes it at the pair. Aunty Sue says "do that again and it will get slapped." Chrissie goes right up to her and does it again, in her face. She gets a single very hard hand whack to her ass that makes her jump and yelp and rub her butt. David is enthralled.

That night David hears their first lovemaking session through the thin walls.

Chapter 5: Soiled Sheets -- 34

Aunt Chrissie's maybe tongue-in-cheek warning about soiled sheets circulates in his mind. He's constantly thinking about sexy Chrissie. He gives in and masturbates to thoughts of her. He deliberately ejaculates onto his sheets and leaves them for Chrissie to clean up.

Chrissie is furious with him. He tries to shrug it off as an accident and a natural function. If it's so natural, do it right now, in front of me, she says. She threatens him with telling Sue and his Mom even. He capitulates and humiliatingly jerks off in front of her. She stops him before completion, telling him he's been punished enough.

Chapter 6: Aunt Chrissie is Spanked -- 41

Chrissie receives her first punishment spanking for failing to pick up Sue's dry cleaning for an important professional engagement (TV interview) she has. She is severely scolded in front of David. She is sent to their room to await her spanking. David hears the whole thing. Later Chrissie is brought out in T-shirt and panties and made to face the living room corner. Sue considers, and drops her panties to her ankles.

Chapter 7: Cold Cream and Hot Hands -- 53

Right after Chrissie's hour-long cornertime, Sue has to leave for an evening engagement. Chrissie is disappointed she can't apply some cold cream as she usually does. Sue tosses the cold cream to David to apply to Chirssie, telling him to keep her panties on and watch where his hands go. Chrissie has other ideas.

After she enjoys her cold cream massage, Chrissie provides David with some hand relief, revealing that in her younger days she worked in a naughty massage parlour.

Chapter 8: Caught Snooping -- 69

The ladies are out and David takes the opportunity to snoop in their bedroom.

Later on, Sue notices some things are out of place and confronts David. Under her withering questioning, he admits it.

Sue questions whether or not to send David home. He would have to pull out of university. He begs for Sue to handle it by spanking him, as she does Chrissie. He admits to being a spanking fetishist himself, which feels like an additional betrayal of trust. He says he's been doing poorly at school and can use the ongoing guidance of a domestic discipline arrangement.

Sue calls Chrissie who is out and asks her opinion. She is all for it. Sue then calls David's mother, much to his chagrin, and clears the arrangement with her, It emerges that both Sue and David's Mom were strapped by their Daddy growing up. Mom admits that she sexualized her spankings from Daddy, but that did not lessen their effectiveness in keeping her on the straight and narrow, and approves the arrangement.

Chapter 9: David's First Spanking -- 84

David gets his first ever spanking, from Aunty Sue, for betraying her trust. It's done in the living room, naked, and is of the 'all over' variety (see First Research Spanking). Afterwards he is stood in the corner in timeout. Chrissie arrives home and is not surprised to see him there. Chrissie volunteers to return the earlier favour and apply the cold cream to him. Aunty Sue allows it.

Chrissie notices David is hardening. She asks in a whisper if she should take care of it. David says yes, expecting it to be their secret once again. Chrissie calls out to Aunty Sue and asks permission. Sue enters and gives her permission, observing Chrissie's quick, clinical style (so unlike the first!), and approving of it. They ruin it at the end and watch him spurt all over himself,

Chrissie felt violated by David as well, but has not yet had a chance to punish him. Suspecting he masturbated after violating her panty drawer, she asks permission to punish him by making him swallow his own sperm. Aunty Sue allows it.

Chapter 10: Spankings Become Routine -- 105

David describes his new routine and the many spankings he is now subject to, mostly revolving around keeping right on top of his schoolwork (no video games, no porn surfing). Some are recounted.

After a living room spanking, and feeling he is looking a bit unsightly with all his body hair as he stands naked, Chrissie asks Sue if she can shave it all off him, from ankles to armpits. Yes, she may. He's completely clipped and shaved and brought back out, red as a lobster, for Sue to inspect. After that, David must maintain his hairless state under threat of the paddle. He uses as many razors for his legs as does Chrissie. After multiple paddlings for it, he learns to beg Chrissie to shave his ass crack for him to avoid any more.

He also describes how the women have decided that due to all the pent-up sexual energy in the house around the two spanking fetishists, it is best if David's balls are kept well-emptied to allow him to focus on schoolwork. His various ball emptying routines, which are always supervised by the women, if not handled by them, is described.

Chapter 11: A Visit From Mom -- 115

David's Mom comes for a visit. She brings with her Daddy's old handheld strap. She punishes David in front of Sue and Chrissie to indicate how displeased she was with his snooping.

Chapter 12: Mom Is Spanked? -- 126

Both David and Chrissie are out. David comes home irst and hears the familiar sounds of Chrissie being spanked in their bedroom. She supposes his Mom went out for a walk to afford them some privacy for this spanking. But then, Chrissie walks in next. Who is being spanked???

David's Mom walks out, disheveled, red-faced, and flustered, and scurries away like a mouse while Sue is seen grinning and holding the hairbrush. They had some old family business that needed taking care of.

Sue and Mom reminisce in detail about their childhood strappings.

Chapter 13: Aunt Chrissie Spanked in Front of Me -- 130

Up to now, all of Chrissie's spankings have been behind closed doors. However, this time Chrissie screws up and forgets to drop off David's final English Lit essay. The penalty is a 25% deduction. Fortunately, Aunty Sue knows the professor and tells her what happened.  They agree Chrissie will drop it off next morning and apologize in person. Chrissie is then given a severe and very humiliating spanking in front of David for the first time. It includes the 'all over' option, plus the 'fronts and tops' option. At the end of her spanking, Chrissie is made to straddle Sue's tweed-panted thigh and is humiliatingly spanked to orgasm in front of David who gets to clearly see her pussy spasming in orgasm with a slight squirting on Aunty Sue's thigh.

Sue makes Chrissie apologize to David for forgetting his assignment. Sue is not satisfied with her verbal apology, and orders Chrissie to take David to their bedroom and, behind closed doors, give him an 'oral' apology.

Chapter 14: Caned for Playing with Myself -- 154

David is slipping back into bad habits. He must maintain a work diary for Aunty Sue's inspection. He inflates the hours he spends working and salvages the extra time for video games and porn. Aunty Sue is suspicious of the amount of time it takes him to complete some simple tasks, and spanks him for his slowness. Still suspicious, she barges in on him when he least expects it and catches him masturbating to schoolgirl spanking and fucking porn with his dick in his hand.

She is furious over his deception and lying. She, for the first time, masturbates him roughly into the kitchen sink with dish soap and yellow rubber gloves. Balls emptied, she uses the Delrin cane to give him his worst beating yet. All of this is in front of Chrissie. Afterwards he is tucked and a belt is put around his thighs for humbled, balls-out timeout. Meanwhile Sue prepares a 'punishment mat' for him to sit on after timeout to write lines.

After timeout, Chrissie remarks that he looks like he has a pussy, tucked like that. She asks permission from Sue to draw a pussy on him in black and red marker. They get the idea to further feminize him in schoolgirl skirt, bra, and blouse. Sue sticks a dildo in the middle of her timeout chair and they make David first suck on it as his backside is lubed, and then sit on it, all the way down to the prickly doormat Sue installed on the high kitchen stool, balls still tucked.

He writes lines in that state. Chrissie realized the markers she used were intended for packaging and were indelible. Despite twice-daily scrubbings, David keeps his pussy for two whole weeks.

Chapter 15: Aunt Chrissie Spanked in Public -- 172

After Chrissie's first spanking in front of David, Sue decides all her spankings will be like that. Several are briefly described.

Chrissie has her hot friend Meghan over. They get a bit drunk and Chrissie neglects dinner prep. Chrissie is given her spanking in front of Meghan and David.

Afterwards, Sue suggests Meghan take her to the bedroom and apply the cold cream. She gives tacit approval for hanky-panky this once, as Sue cannot keep up with Chrissie's sex drive.

Chapter 16: A Revealing Visit -- 179

When Chrissie came to apologize to David's English Lt professor, Beverly, Beverly suspected there was more going on than met the eye, and made Chrissie admit she was spanked by Sue. She subsequently phoned Sue and more context was given. She also suspected some of what was going on with David, given his remarkable turnaround in her class, but this was not confirmed.

After final marks are tallied in English Lit, Sue invites Beverly, with her Genders Studies professor wife Joyce, over for dinner.

There the beans are all spilled, and the full extent of both arrangements is revealed and discussed at length.

Chapter 17: An Embarrassing Punishment -- 190

Before dinner, Sue wishes to check that David's final math assignment was done. It was not! Sue says she will deal with this after the ladies have left. Beverly and Joyce both express disappointment, and say they would love to see her methods in action. They get quite involved and egg on his punishment.

Chapter 18: A Dinnertime Figging -- 206

Beverly, knowing English Literature, brings up "figging". So happens Chrissie has a ginger root and they carve it and insert it into David's bum for the duration of dinner as an experiment.

After the ginger root has worn off, David is revealed to be sporting a massive erection despite himself. He is sent alone to his room to "take care of it" prior to dessert. The women tease him afterwards about his now shrunken penis which they take pains to inspect.

When the ginger root is taken out, David is revealed to have a messy bum. He is wiped in front of all the ladies. Chrissie points out that lately she has been seeing skid-marks in his undies as well. The women confer and decide David should be sentenced to potty inspection after every wipe for the next three days. If after that the skid mark situation does not improve, they decide he should be back in diapers for a week doing all his business in them, and they can redo his potty training from scratch thereafter.


So that's how far I've gotten so far. I have a few more vignettes in mind to bring it to upwards of 300 pages.

  1. An "outing" party for Chrissie where she outs herself as a spanking fetishist to all her friends. I imagine she's wearing a sexy maid sex store costume for the event, everyone else dressed normally.
  2. Chrissie volunteers to get David laid by his choice of her hot friends. Along the way, David reveals he is somewhat male homophobic. Chrissie puts all the plans on hold until David experiences gay sex first, with her helping. The lure of losing his virginity to a series of Chrissie's hot friends is too much to pass up, and he reluctantly agrees to the gay sex threesome with one of Chrissie's best gay friends, Lance. When David appears reluctant in the moment, Chrissie tells Lance that David is a spanking fetishist also. Lance takes him in hand and spanks him into submission as Chrissie watches, loving every moment of it. Afterwards, David does indeed get the payoff.
  3. Maybe a dreaded skid-mark makes a reappearance, and he is put in diapers for a week. Beverly is asked to babysit during this time and given spanking rights over him.
  4. David meets and begins dating a  young lady his age from school. After a date, she drives him back home. They park in the driveway necking. She knows he has a curfew, but he tells her it's no big deal and they continue kissing. When they get onto the porch, they kiss one last time. The door flies open and it's an angy Aunty Sue with the strap in her hand. She scolds David for missing curfew. She scolds the girl as well, as she was told of it. The girl protests that David had said "it was no big deal", and now she is angry at him as well. They go into the house and David is given the strap as his wide-eyed date looks on. Later on, she reveals how turned on she was seeing him strapped. They begin playing boy-on-the-bottom spanking games. Sue and Chrissie are amused.
  5. The girlfriend is integrated into the household, and becomes Sue's little protege. She expresses an interest in knowing more about strap-on play. The girl spanks David in the living room, makes him give head to her borrowed strap-on dildo, and then fucks him in the ass as Aunty Sue and Aunt Chrissie look on, giving suggestions.


That's all I have for now. Hoping some additional inspiration will come to mind to round things out, although what I have is likely more than enough. Have you guys any suggestions that might fit in with my little psycho-drama?

As I go I've been revising and revising and revising, making sure every part stays consistent with every other part, and shortening things up where I can.

I'm aiming for a big story arc that I'm sure will emerge. Maybe an Epilogue. David has graduated with top marks. He marries his girlfriend and they live spank-happily ever after?

What I've described I know is pretty "over the top". I'm taking pains to ease things in and make each progression logical to help suspend disbelief (you all want to come along for the ride anyways, right?). I find a focus on key details really helps, with zero inconsistencies. Is it too over-the-top you think? Ought I to tone it down? Not sure if I can. My brain gets controlled by my pussy! Help!