Thursday, July 28

I Was Wrong About the Jan6 Committee

I admit it. I was completely wrong about the Jan6 Committee. Here I thought it was a kangaroo court that would yield no good results at all. In fact, it produced pure gold.

Here's a completely partisan committee, put together by a Hollywood producer (literally), showing only one side of the story, using hearsay as "evidence", taking videos and conversations completely out of context, not calling key witnesses, dubbing different audio over different video, not presenting any evidence at all from the other side, and yet it still managed to completely exonerate Trump of all wrong-doing.

At first it was,

We are going to show that Donald Trump actively organized a coup against the US Government!

Exactly zero evidence of that. They managed to demonstrate that neither he, nor anybody in his inner circle, nor outer circle, nor any circle, nor even Don Jr. or Ivanka, were at all aware of anything whatsoever with regards to a coup or even an illegal storming of The Capitol.

In fact, there has been no evidence produced that any of the violence at The Capitol was in any way organized. A very key witness seen trying to rile the crowd up was Ray Epps, and yet he was never called to testify. Known Antifa folks were at the front, raising chaos as well. Yet that was not presented. Many of the people who went into The Capitol were invited in when the guards opened the door and allowed them to wander in. They were not called to testify why. At least one person has already been acquitted of trespassing on the basis they were just let in. There was inadequate security at The Capitol, which was a failure of Nancy Pelosi, yet she was not called to testify about that.

Really folks, if there was an "Insurrection" by Republicans, wouldn't they bring (and use) their guns? Wouldn't Trump have gotten onto social media and egged them on? No - he told them to "go home". The only remaining criticism of Trump was that he "acted too late" in telling them to go home. Hmmmm. Just like the Democrats acted too late in asking the violent BLM protesters to go home?

Ok, but he "riled up the crowd", right? First, since when is "riling up" in a political context a crime, especially when you explicitly end your speech with asking the crowd to make their way to The Capitol to make their voices heard peacefully and patriotically?

What is in evidence is that Trump on balance believed, whether justified or not, that the election was rigged. And if you are being honest, there are plenty of illegalities and smoking guns already uncovered to make that not an unreasonable view to hold (yes, yes, 60 courts, none of which actually went to trial mostly because of jurisdictional issues). The list of all the proven stuff and all the fishy stuff is maintained at The election had 158M votes, and the margin was decided by 42,918 votes (0.027%). The only truly idiotic positions are to maintain that there was definitely not enough fraud to overturn the results, and that there definitely was. I think, based on what I've seen that there was easily enough illegality to have changed the outcome, but of course I can't be sure.

The point is that nobody can be sure, as the 2020 election with mass mail in voting, lax or absent signature checks, ballot dropboxes (sometimes illegal as has now been demonstrated in court), was not designed to be auditable. Elections should have clean, validated, and up-to-date voter lists, vote in person on election day, picture id, and hand counts with both parties observing the counting closely. Especially in the US where the elections are so contentious and so close, and it is very much on the voter's minds.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 55% of Likely U.S. voters believe cheating likely affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 39% who think it’s Very Likely. Thirty-nine percent (39%) don’t think cheating affected the 2020 election, including 28% who say it’s Not At All Likely. (link)

Whichever side you fall on, lack of faith in US Election Integrity is definitely an issue that needs addressing.

So, Trump believed it was rigged, as did his supporters. So if all these folks believed it was rigged, is not protesting the election better characterized as upholding the constitution, the exact opposite of an "insurrection"?

And yes, protesting is one thing, but zero reasonable people condone violence. Trespassing I could care less. Democrats also trespass a lot while demonstrating - it's part of democracy I guess.

Congrats Jan 6 committee, you managed to more fully exonerate Trump than any actual fair trial could ever have done, because even with all the cards stacked against Trump, he still won.

Thursday, July 21

My Flogging was Myeh

So, I did get flogged as promised in my last blog post, a while ago now (I'm still spending a lot of time editing my new book - looking good!). That flogging was as a result of a mainstream TV show ("How to Build a Sex Room") David and I watched.

I must say, the flogging was very "myeh".

This is our flogger:

It's leather. It can be used lightly and also can pack a good "thwump" if used harder.

We were going for a more sensual S&M sort of vibe as opposed to our usual domestic discipline stuff. Honestly, it annoyed me more than anything. Midway through I got up, took the flogger from his hand, put him on the bed, and flogged him with it, considerably harder and considerably more skillfully than he had done me. Then, as I was in the mood, I strap-on fucked him in his ass and then came with my Hitachi sitting on his face as he ate out my asshole. I left him hard, which was his punishment for not knowing how to properly flog a girl. Though honestly, I didn't feel I was into it at all from the first stroke.

I really like the domestic stuff. A good spanking to tears across his knee, ideally for doing something real-life bad, but I'll take a good "naughty wife" or "naughty daughter" roleplay instead. Hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle, switch, strap, belt (swoon!). Scolding. Corner time. Mouth Soaping. Teary forgiveness after. I'll do anything for him in the bedroom after that. I guess I'm just not an S&M gal. DD all the way. (At least on the receiving end. On the giving end I think I'd make a great leather-clad dungeon mistress to a deserving boy - I can be cruel and not bat an eyelash!)

On a slightly different topic.

When I eventually got my act together and went back to university as a more mature student, I treated school like a job. I was M-F 9-5. If I wasn't in class, I was in a cubicle in the library. I started my assignments the day they were handed out and finished them with time left over. I read all the assigned course readings and supplemental readings. I never missed a lecture or a tutorial. I still had evenings and weekends free (which was good, as I worked as a server and a bartender). Highly recommended if you want to do well at University.

In my new book, this is the same regime that Aunty Sue requires David adhere to, along with a work diary detailing time of day, activity, and duration which she reviews periodically. David gets spankings if he did not put in the time. He gets spankings if his assignments are not progressing as they should. He gets spankings based on results (or the lack of them): anything less than an A on anything earns him a spanking. Like many young men, David is tempted by video games and by online porn. When Aunty Sue discovered him red-handed padding his work diary yet playing video games, there was hell to pay (hell in the from of 24 overlapping hard strokes of the Delrin cane to his bare backside in front of his Aunt Chrissie).

I think many, many young spanking fetishists could benefit from this sort of attention. There is never a shortage of spanking offenses, and there is always a desire to avoid the worst of the spankings.

What do you guys think about consensual discipline such as this? Would it work on you?

Sunday, July 10

Book Progress - I'm to be Flogged

Thought I'd give you all a little update, on my book project and on my sex life. Amongst other things, I'm to be flogged at bedtime!

Book project is still coming along grand. I got through my first pass of editing. I deleted some stuff, rearranged some stuff, rewrote some stuff, edited it all, and tightened it up. My new page chapter count is 51 and page count is 466.

To make sure I was getting the flow right, I listed all the chapters out and then grouped them thematically.

  1. Teaser
    David in the corner, crying, recently spanked bum on display.

  2. Setup
    Background on David, his family, Aunty Sue, and Aunt Chrissie her younger bi wife. It is arranged that David will stay with Sue and Chrissie. Sue lets him in on the fact that she and Chrissie live a domestic discipline lifestyle.

  3. Moving In
    David moves in at the start of the semester. The domestic routine is established with Chrissie as housewife. Aunt Chrissie wakes David up for Sunday pancakes by pouncing on him in bed. David soils his sheets and Aunt Chrissie is none too pleased with him.

  4. Chrissie Misbehaves
    Chrissie forgets some important dry cleaning for Sue. She is scolded in front of David, and then taken to their bedroom for a spanking. She is sent back to the living room in panties and a T-shirt to do timeout. At the spur of the moment, Sue decides it will be panties-down corner time for Chrissie. Sue has to leave, so David is pressed into massaging her aching cheeks with cold cream. The two get frisky with one another. David gets his first-ever handjob.

  5. David Misbehaves
    David snoops in his aunts' bedroom. He is discovered after the fact. Sue is on the verge of sending him home which would be a disaster for him. He begs for an arrangement like the one Chrissie has, and confesses to being a spanking fetishist himself. Sue phones David's mother for permission. Sue will punish him for his snooping, and then take him in hand to correct his failing schoolwork, all with his Mom's blessing. In addition to his spanking, David is severely grounded for a full two weeks.

  6. Life as Normal
    Spankings become routine for both of them. Many little incidents.
    • Chrissie's dance friends, Tamara and Mandy, witness David doing bare bottom corner time during his two week grounding period.
    • David's Mom visits and brings the strap that was used on her and Sue as they were growing up. Mommy displays her own displeasure at David's snooping of his aunts' bedroom with a severe strapping in front of Sue and Chrissie.
    • David's Mom is spanked behind closed doors by Sue for past transgressions.
    • Chrissie spanks David for tracking in mud. Sue walks in on them and puts Chrissie across her knee for overstepping. Then she spanks David herself.
    • Chrissie messes up by failing to drop off an important assignment of David's. Sue spanks her in front of David for the first time.
    • David is caned when Sue discovers he has been surfing porn and masturbating midday when he should have been studying.
    • Sue spanks Chrissie in front of her friend and David when she comes home to no dinner on the table and Chrissie and her friend a bottle of wine in. The friend is allowed to take Chrissie to the bedroom to apply the cold cream and be frisky with Sue's consent.

  7. Guests
    Sue invites David's English Lit professor, Beverly, and her Gender Studies professor lesbian wife, Joyce, over for dinner. While they are there, David is punished for failing to complete some homework on time. The guests are fascinated and stay to watch. Beverly knows about "figging" and as Chrissie happens to have a ginger root on hand, David is figged. The figging results in a strong erection after the pain subsides. David is sent to his room red-faced to take care of it.

  8. Diapering
    Chrissie complains about the "skid marks" David leaves on his underpants. Sue sentences David to a week of post-toilet inspections with remedial wiping instruction. When he still cannot keep his underpants clean, he is punished with a week in diapers.
    • Chrissie takes him on an embarrassing run to the drugstore
    • His week in diapers
    • Beverly is invited over to babysit and change him when Sue and Chrissie need to be away overnight
    • Tamara and Mandy see David in diapers. they both help change him. Tamara takes pity and gives him a handjob before putting his cock away.

  9. Coming Out party
    Chrissie wishes to become a spanking youtuber and blogger and wants to "come out" as a spanking fetishist. They arrange a party for all her friends where she makes a speech and is spanked by Sue as a demonstration. The party guests are invited to swat Chrissie's bun as she serves. At the party, Chrissie is given a full-on panties down spanking by Lance, the handsome gay fitness instructor, for spilling a drink on his new shirt. With Sue's blessing, he confiscates her panties for the duration of the evening, leaving her serving in only her very short skirt. The other party guests take full advantage.

  10. Gay Sex for David
    Chrissie offers to get David laid by his "crush", Tamara. But before that, David's male-on-male homophobia is uncovered during a movie. Chrissie and David fight over it. Sue washes both of their mouths out with soap and spanks them both in front of each other. David is told he will only be allowed straight sex if he consents to gay sex first. David reluctantly agrees. Lance, the handsome gay fitness instructor takes David's gay virginity, making him cum from just cock as Chrissie watches.

  11. Caught in Panties
    David tries to rationalize his interest in gay sex in his own mind by saying he gets turned on identifying as a girl. He tries on a pair of Chrissie's panties, fascinated with the concept, and is caught red-handed. He is punished for stealing Chrissie's panties. Chrissie takes him to Victoria Secret to replace her panties, and buy him a pair of his own to play in.

  12. Straight Sex for David
    David gets to have straight sex with the cute and freaky Tamara. He is disappointed when she tells him he is much too young for her and she's in a gay relationship anyways.

  13. Girlfriend for David
    Chrissie arranges a girlfriend from dance of the same age as David. She arranges a fun first date for them which winds up with David losing a bet and being publicly paddled over his pants by his date. The girl likes that David is such a good loser and begins dating him. David is punished by Sue for missing curfew, and punished by his girlfriend for lying about having a curfew.

  14. Happily Ever After
    David and his girlfriend stay together. He moves in with her. They marry. She is in charge.

Lots of spanking action and kinky stuff. Something for everyone. A good story arc. The scenes themselves are hot, hot, hot!

Speaking of hot.

David and I were cruising Netflix and came across this gem:

It's pretty bad, but sort of fun and kinky too. The first couple were pretty cute. They learn that the wife likes getting her ass spanked (oh my!). They try out a flogger at a sex shop:

I wake up this morning bright and early. I change into my gym clothes to go downstairs and do some weights. David stops me. He loves me in spandex.

He pulls me over his knee and spanks me over my pants. It's one thing I love about being married. I mean, come on, when a woman puts on clothes like that, she's sort of asking for a spanking, no? Well, it is when I do, and he was only too happy to oblige.

It was a short spanking, but he promised me a really good flogging at bedtime. Ass, tits, pussy.

I find myself looking forward to it! Will report back.

Saturday, July 2

Cuteness from Quora

I look at Quora every now and then. There's a distinct spanko sub-culture there. Many questions and answers are clearly from pervs masquerading as teens trying to get a rise.

For example, here is a question, likely from a perv.

Q. Are there other teens who still get belt spankings from their parents? I do.

It was answered, in turn, by other pervs also masquerading as teens. Hey, no moral judgments here. I love pervs. I am one. I enjoy reading the flights of horny fancy. It's in the tradition of Letters to Penthouse, almost all of which were written by professional pervs, and hugely entertaining.

But there was one answer provided that had a bit of the ring of truth to it.

A. I was never spanked by my parents. However, I (19F) are in a kinda power dynamic relationship with an older man. I (consensually, for my own good) get spanked with his thick leather belt, or silicone paddle etc for acting out, doing bad things, disrespect, or underperforming in my studies. I feel as an adult, and with it being consensual, it has really helped me as a person! Completely against it for children tho!!!!

Then there was a comment added to that answer:

It helped me too! Same situation. ~Marina

And, though I'm not a teen, and only came to it quite late as an adult with my husband, I will say, me too!

I find nothing unusual about a spanking fetishist with a Daddy obsession seeking out a dominant older man to apply some sexy over-the-knee or belt whipping discipline where needed. It's about knowing someone loves you and cares about you achieving your own goals. It's about being "made to" do things you know are good for you but you don't feel like doing. It's about screwing up, feeling bad, being spanked, and being forgiven. It's about the sexy feelings that come with obsessing over real life spankings. It's about getting fucked senseless afterwards.

I think it's especially sexy if, as a girl, you come to it voluntarily at age 19 with a man old enough to be your father. Oh yums! I missed my calling as a Sugar Baby.

Here's another question from another likely perv.

Q. Is spanking punishment carried out more frequently in teenage girls than in boys now?

In my experience, “yes.”

In my family, my brother was not spanked after age 11. My sister and I were both subject to spankings until we left for college. For me that was age 17.

I have been told that for a teenage boy’s spanking to be effective, it has to be abusive. Teenage girls continue to respond to normal spankings. Hence, boys are transitioned to other punishments earlier than girls.


Thats a very cute, likely made-up, answer. The thought that grown-up, 17-year-old girls can still have their behaviour changed by going across Daddy's knee, panties lowered, and being given a fairly mild hand-spanking. No doubt blushing strongly, kicking their little feet, crying little-girl tears, promising to be good. Yums!

I was not spanked at that age (I was, a bit, much younger). I probably would have stabbed someone with a kitchen knife had that been done to me. But now, looking back through my rose-coloured fetishist glasses, I know it would have done me a world of good and kept me out of some quite nasty troubles soon coming my way.

Have you guys got any favourite (likely made up) "true life" answers or letters? Quote them if you can in the comments!