Thursday, September 29

Should I do it? Of Course Not! Or...

I had a very great comment exchange with an older gentleman, a widower, who is a newcomer to my blog. We've jointly agreed to call him Daddy Frank here. We then connected by email. He is offering to host me for a weekend in his home in an extended roleplay with him as my Grandad and me as his older teen granddaughter. I shouldn't do it, right? Right?

His first comment was on my post Spanked! where I described a spanking I received in the kitchen from my husband for not being diligent with the home cooking.

Comment from Daddy Frank:

Nice to see the traditional values of wife and home being enforced in such a spectacular fashion. I dare say you will be attending better to the cooking or risking a roasted butt of your own, and good on you and your husband.

I imagine being dangled over his lap on that high stool made you feel quite the little girl over Daddy's lap.

I'm glad the kitchen utensil made a showing. The appropriateness of location and implement were perfection. I bet you think about that spanking every time you're in your kitchen and when opening that drawer.

I must confess that I LOVE comments like this, so he started out in my good books already. He understands the game we are playing and plays into it. A comment like that makes my pussy tingle and moisten. I re-read it several times. I carefully considered my response.

Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.

That positioning did definitely make me feel like a little girl over daddy's knee.

And yes, as you say, every time I'm in the kitchen, and especially when preparing a meal, those thoughts are right there.

I always respond respectfully to men who have taken the time and trouble to play with me. He replied.

Good. I'm glad. That's the proper attitude for a wife. Knowing you're never too far away from being upended across your husband's knee, skirt raised, panties lowered, and getting the spanking of your life. And, apparently, from your replies below (which came as quite a shock to me, a good one mind you), having to tell your parents about your spanking afterwards?!? I'm sure your cheeks will burn with shame as you carry out that part of your punishment. A pity that the "spanked at school, spanked at home" rule does not seem to carry over to husband and father. How old were you when your father last spanked you?

Ah! A newbie to my blog, apparently. This was confirmed later. I filled him in a bit and concluded as follows.

It is always really embarrassing having to reveal my justly earned spankings to my parents. I feel back like an 8-year-old. Daddy usually teases me a bit about my "sore bum" and seems pleased with the arrangement. Mom is more dubious, but supportive of my lifestyle choices.

It would be a total fantasy come true for me if things evolved such that every time my husband spanked me, my Daddy would give me one also for "not growing up to be a proper and obedient young lady" and having to be spanked by my husband. I would consent to that...
Grandad Frank apparently liked that response!

I'm new to this blog, but what a delightful young lady you are turning out to be. Have you posted any images of yourself in the midst of a spanking, or is that too embarrassing or not allowed?

I think all young ladies could take a valuable lesson from you on the proper way to submit to father and husband.

I will go back and read some of your earlier blog entries.

You say "you would consent to that". Perhaps I am reading more into it, but would you in fact consent to more regarding your father if so instructed? 

Daddy Frank was pretty observant. I had intended to imply more would be welcomed by my turn of phrase and he picked up on it. He is also subtly asking if I can prove who I say I am. Of course I can.

I have Sir, on multiple occasions. A relatively more recent photo set is here: Photos of my Red Bum (and more). I posted a video of me receiving a spanking here: Julie Spanked on Video.
Thank you for being new here and commenting and perusing my earlier entries. I hope they will be entertaining to you. Drop a comment on any of the older ones and I will see it and respond.

Regarding consent. Yes, you have a sharp appreciation of nuance Sir. I do fantasize about being taken by my actual father in the ways you imply. All the ways. He has never and would never. But if he asked or ordered it, I would submit. I mean, he literally made me, a daughter can show a little gratitude for that, can't she? (Gush!)

I know, I know. Such a giant Daddy fantasy I have. I'm such a bad girl.

Even more delightful, young lady. You're as pretty as I would have hoped. I scrolled the first post you referred me to. The very first photo of you in those very cute panties made me laugh out loud with delight. And then the progressive baring and reddening of your bottom to full "crimsoned" as you suggested.

And the embarrassing display that you felt compelled to publish and was thereafter (and rightly) punished for. 

I also like that you keep your vagina well-shaved and waxed. Daddy's little girl indeed.

I enjoy how you completely confuse in your sex-added mind your husband and your Daddy, both for spanking and sex. Your Daddy fantasies seem to be at the heart of your cravings for this lifestyle.

Then I went and watched both versions of the video of you being given a spanking by your husband. Very cute how you kick and cry and carry on like a little girl across your Daddy's knee. And a very spectacular bottom, perfectly designed for spanking.

I shall send you an email. You may refer to me as "Daddy Frank". I am old enough to be your father, young lady.
Phew! Do I have an embarrassment fetish or what? Alongside my Daddy fetish and my spanking fetish. It's thrilling and humiliating that older men, such as Daddy Frank, are allowed to see me like this, in the most private ways imaginable usually reserved only between husband and wife. I could tell already at this point that Daddy Frank was angling to get into my panties and spank me in real-life. A girl knows... But I didn't mind, I was being a terrible, terrible tease, after all.

Thank you for the compliment about my pictures. Glad you liked the video also.

And yes, Daddy fantasies play a huge role in my submissiveness, though I had a very normal upbringing and good relationship with my dad. As you read more of my blog, you'll find that I get very turned on at the thought of spankings and sex from men old enough to be my father (or older).

Looking forward to the email. I am hoping that in addition to telling me more about yourself in your email (you're obviously well educated and sophisticated) that you'll keep the correspondence very Strict Daddy / naughty daughter. Please have zero fears of taking too many liberties with me or offending me at all.

I do enjoy these sorts of correspondences. And you can see how I keep poor horny Daddy Frank "on the hook" with references to how much I fantasize about older men (just like him) spanking and fucking me. Thirsty Daddy. Is that wrong of me, or just a bit of flirty fun? Am I just a cock-tease who should be punished for it, and if so how? Would love your honest take in the comments. I do it deliberately with zero intent of following through.

Since I don't think if I've ever met a young lady so deserving of being turned over the knee, that will not be difficult.

I think that's what Grandad Frank was alluding to: my dreadful cock teasing!

On my following post, Waning Sex Drive?, I comment on how David is so busy at work and not paying enough attention to me, and therefore how horny for spankings and rough sex I get, and how I masturbate outrageously and continuously as a result, giving multiple images I found on bdsmlr to illustrate the sorts of materials I get off to.

Daddy Frank studied me image selection and combined the together in a creative way to turn me on.

If you were my grand daughter, sleeping over, and I walked in in you and caught you doing what is depicted in #2,

a belting would not just be your fantasy, but your reality as well! When I'm done, you'll be writhing around and clutching your ass just like #21. 

Then it will be a turn over and I'd give you a #37 to have the punishment fit the crime.

Afterwards I'll get my muscle massager out and give you a #43 so you don't self-abuse any more.

For the rest of the weekend, expect a lot of spankings like #19 

and  #46,

followed by timeout in the style of #23 while I weed the garden. 

Be warned, young lady, that if you accept an invitation to sleep over, that's exactly what you'd be getting from me! 

Oh my! Love the selections. Using my very own fantasies in a novel context to seduce me? Loved it! I must say, the thought of such a weekend alone with a man like Grandad Frank turns me on immensely. He seems capable of giving me the sort of discipline I crave. Given his mention of outdoor nude timeout, I wondered if his neighbours would be invited over to see the silly and horny little Canadian girl well-spanked?

Wow, you made a whole story out of it. Thank you Daddy! I reviewed each pic as I read. I am sorely tempted to accept that invitation on some weekend David is away on business. I can be your grand daughter for a weekend...

Yes it was a tease, but it was also my fantasy desire. He knew what was up, though.

You little tease you!

I'll call that bluff. I am a widower who lives alone South of your border. You'd have to travel down. I'd be happy to pay your way. My daughter and her husband, and my son and daughter-in-law may wonder about the strange Canadian woman staying with Dad, but I think I can keep them away for a weekend. Let's see you put your ass where your mouth is :-)

Would I want his kids to stay away? Or would I want to be shown off, in pig-tails and schoolgirl dress, told about my spankings, and have them be completely scandalized by my presence?!? He may well garner a newfound respect from his son and son-in-law.

I noticed he did not mention sex at all. I decided to see if his mind was on that (not that it would turn me off at all, quite to the contrary, having never experienced old cock but dying to do so!). I wrote back.

Would I be your little 18-year-old grand daughter for the weekend? You'd have to be nice to me and buy me ice cream and stuff. You'd walk into my room to say goodnight and catch me doing that. Then the spanking. Then I'd have to confess to you how horny I always get. You think a whole long weekend of aversion therapy, making me do it while you watch, followed by strict spankings and embarrassing timeouts. Maybe one reason I'm so horny is that I've never had sex? Can you teach me how to give head and how to receive intercourse, in both holes? I hope Grand Dad has a good supply of Viagra on hand. Just please DON'T watch the video related to #40 linked to in the comment below.

 I couldn't take anything like that. That would be TOO MUCH, ok? Please.

A reader found an extended trailer from the video the gif was taken from (its linked above). Mom makes no qualms about striking her daughter's pussy, asshole, and even spread open clit with a strict belt while her step-dad watches.

I liked Grandad Frank's response. A purist response which I can totally respect.

Don't be absurd and obscene, young lady. Grandad will teach you nothing of the sort. He WILL teach you, in no uncertain terms, to go to bed on time and to get the sort of sleep a young lady requires, to be modest and demure, to dress modestly, to act the little lady at all times, to have good table manners, to keep a civil and polite tongue in your head, not to overeat and to limit your sweets in order to keep your figure, and to make yourself useful and help out with the chores. And certainly (and my goodness!) NOT to play with yourself at bedtime (as if that even needs saying).

I believe the old-fashioned methods are best for instructing young ladies, which means corporal punishment, on the bare, with timeouts. If you misbehave, then according to your behaviour Grandad may use mouth-soaping, duct tape over your mouth, line writing, and figging (in both places). Yes, it will be painful and embarrassing, but it's for your own good and because Grandad loves you, sweetheart.

I reviewed the punishment method the step-mother used in #40. I certainly hope I would not have to use methods like that on you. However, if you persistently continue to play with yourself, despite multiple punishments for it, I would not hesitate to go there, so be warned.

Now, when can you come for a visit with Grandad?

Grandad Frank

Ok, FUCK, the perfect fucking response.

Oh gush, Grandad! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

You are making me really, really want to now...

Oh dear... πŸ€”πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜₯

He replied simply,

Expect an email with the particulars, dear.

Grandad Frank has sent me that email. I know all about him now. His real name, his address, pics of him, his professional bio (now retired), his family situation, about his deceased wife, his BDSM history. The lot. He stepped out of character in his email and genuinely invited me. He wrote about playing safely, safewords, respecting my limits, setting boundaries in advance, and all that mature grown-up stuff. He was willing to do whatever additional screening I required, and would pay all my expenses, as well as sending me back home with a gift of his appreciation.

Oh gosh! I have not replied yet. I guess this post is part of my reply. Any advice, guys? David doesn't have a jealous bone in his body, he would most likely encourage me, though the safety factor might be the wildcard for him.

If I did do it, here's how I imagine it might go down...

I would dress in my schoolgirl kit. Like this.

I would travel dressed like this. Need to get into the mood. I imagine Grandad Frank would pick me up at the airport. We would never break character the entire time. All negotiations about boundaries would be done in advance by email. He would be holding up a sign that said "Julie". I would also know him from his picture. I would run up to him and hug him and say "Grandad!" He would drive me back to his place. He would try to converse with me but I'd be on my phone on social media the whole time, pretty much ignoring him. He'd be getting hot under the collar.

He would show me around his home and show me my room. I'd make some rude and disparaging comments about the age of the house, the size of my room, and the state of my mattress. He'd grit his teeth. He'd say he had a little welcome meal prepared and I should come to the dining room. I'd absently say, "in a minute, I just need to respond to a few posts..."

Ten minutes later he'd come to get me again. "Oh fine!" I'd say, aggravated to be pulled away from my insta. The meal is all layed out and I'd sit the head of the table. I'd ask if the lettuce was organic at least? My phone would be beside me and I'd be constantly distracted by it.

"That's It!" Grandpa would say, finally losing his cool. "This is confiscated for the weekend!" He'd say, taking my phone from me,

"Give me my phone back you old fuck!"

"You need a good lesson in manners, young lady!"

"No. You do. Who takes somebody's phone like that!?! You need a lesson in manners!"

"Be respectful!"

"Fuck you!"

That's when Grandad would really lose it! He'd pull out his chair, grab me by my arm, throw me across his lap, lift my skirt, and lower my panties.

"No! Don't you dare! You pervert! Let me up. Let me up this instant. I'll fucking call the cops on you! Don't you dare!"


Grandad's palm would smack against my bare ass.


"This is clearly long overdue!"


"Please Grandad! No! It hurts! It hurts!" I'd say, blocking the spanks with my hand. Grandad just grabs my wrist, pins it to my side, and continues my spanking.


"Nooooo! Please! Stop! Stop!"

Grandad pauses, admiring his handiwork.

I'd be sniffling and crying.

"What have you got to say for yourself, young lady?"

"I'm sorry. I was rude. Now let me up. Please! This is sooo embarrassing!"

"Not yet. You need a lot more than that to learn your lesson!"



"Ahhhhhh!!!! Nooooo!!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll be a good girl! Please! I'll be a good girl!"

"I can see this weekend will turn out a bit different than I'd planned it. Instead of doing fun things together,  we'll take this opportunity to teach you how to behave in polite company with some good old fashioned over-the-knee discipline like we did it when I was growing up."

"No Grandad!"

"Do you need any more spanking, young lady, or are we done for the evening?"

"We're done Grandad, we're done. Please!"

"Alright then. See to it that you behave and are obedient and we won't need any more tonight."

"Yes Grandad. I promise."

"Good now get up. Go over to that corner and you stick your nose into it. Arms folded behind your back. Yes, panties down and skirt held up. Naughty girls show off their BARE RED BOTTOMS after a good spanking. Now you stay right there. If that nose leaves the corner or your arms uncross you'll be back across my knee. I'll go draw you a bath. Then I'll bathe you and put you to bed."

Grandad would come get me after a bit and take me over to the bathroom where the tub is half full.

"Take your clothes off. Hop in."

"Grandad... please!"

"Do you need another spanking?"

"No Sir."

I'd undress with a giant blush and sit in the bath. Grandad would sit beside me and scrub me with a soapy washcloth and a bathbrush, all over. He'd rinse me, dry me, and send me to bed.

After he left, the day's events flood back to me. I think about being bared and spanked across Grandad's knee. He... punished me. He actually punished me. He didn't take any of my shit. He spanked me. I would feel my pussy tingle and moisten at the thought. I'd reach my hands down and stroke myself. I'd shove a pillow down between my legs and start humping it thinking about Grandad spanking me.

"What's the meaning of this!?!" 

Oh no! Grandad had walked into my room and saw me! He hauls me out of bed, puts me back across his knee, and spanks me again saying what a naughty, naughty girl I am.

And so my weekend would go...

That sounds pretty fucking exciting!

What do you guys think should I do?

Sunday, September 25

Waning Sex Drive?

I responded to a comment from Anthony on a recent post (Anticipating my Spanking) which got me thinking about this issue of waning sex drive.


Would you consider yourself hypersexual?

By definition it is “An obsession with sexual thoughts, urges, or behaviors that may cause distress or that negatively affects health, job, or relationships.”

I’m just curious because you are clearly excitable and seem to have a needy pussy. Wondering how much it impacts your life as a whole.


Definitely become obsessed for sometimes days in a row, but I never let it negatively impact anything. I feel it's a net positive in my life.

I do sometimes get distracted during work-at-home, but I'm successful at work (feel good about my output and not letting anybody down, and doing ok in my career). But I'm not actually that ambitious that way. My husband's career sort of sky-rocketed so I actually don't care that much about my own (he now makes so much more than me that I doubt we'd even notice if I quit completely).

I would say the only tension it brings is that I want it ("it" being spanking, domination, rough sex from him) more often than my husband is willingly able to give it to me at this point in our lives, and I do feel that playing outside of our relationship would be a negative, so I do get a bit frustrated and channel that into daydreaming, spanking porn and masturbation, and my blogs and book.

I appreciate your honesty. That’s so wonderful that your husband is performing so well at work. I have an uncle who also sky rocketed and it’s such a blessing to you and everyone in your lives.

It’s funny how our brains long for what we can’t have. Now that he fits your ideal of a man, possibly more then ever before, and at the same time that means he’s busier and less able to give all his attention as often as before. All that together makes you even hornier! As frustrating as that can be it’s kind of in a kink person's nature to get frustrated no matter how much we get it (our kinks met). A part of us needs that frustration. It’s like a worthy punishment for our misbehaved minds. Thats such a fortunate problem to have!
If I’m assuming too much or way off on my observation please correct me. As a side note I personally appreciate your discernment in regards to “outside of our relationship”. That can be very dangerous even when it’s worked out in the past. You two are special people and we as followers are lucky to have your story to relate to and learn from.

Great comment exchange. Thank you Anthony, especially for the kind words.

Yes, it's unfortunate but my husband is now back to travelling on business a lot, always jetting off to one exotic place or another, leaving me at home to my own devices. And when he's here he works long hours and is frequently tired. Plus, as he's been getting older (he's older than me), his sex drive has been waning naturally as well. It's one reason I don't post as often as I used to. Less going on, and he has less interest in his own kinks than ever before. It's about all he can do to satisfy mine as occasionally as he does.

As well, I find my own vanilla sex drive declining precipitously. It feels like the only thing that really keeps me going is my kinks. In that sense, my kink is an amazing gift that keeps giving. Really endless hours of the highest grade of amusement.

Like, I don't get at all excited by thoughts of "making love". I used to, when I was younger. I'd be as hungry for a lick and a fuck as the next girl, independent of kink. More the licking than the fucking, but you 'gotta put out, right? Now? Now it doesn't turn my crank. Ho hum.

But when tied to my kink, I come alive sexually. For instance, the spanking and domination I just described kept me in horny anticipation for days, was amazing when it happened (other than the actual spanking itself, which hurt like hell, and the anal plugging and plunging, likewise), and has kept me horny for days after.

And now the only reliable way to have me come alive in the bedroom is to spank the shit out of me first. A little good girl spanking won't even do it. I need to be spanked literally frantic to transform me into the ultimate bedroom whore, willing to do anything for pussy relief, and wildly excited to do anything sexual my man demands of me. I especially love it after a severe beating if I'm threatened with even more, maybe a hellacious belting, if I'm not the best slut I can be. Oh, then I am eager to please! Daddy's good girl in the bedroom.

Between times when my husband and I play out these episodes, I must amuse myself. And hence I turn to spanking writing and spanking porn. If a normal person found out how much time and energy I devote to this stuff, and how excited I get, they would consider me off, abnormal, "hypersexual". I know men who become obsessed like me, and get very guilty about it, and attempt to quit, or beat themselves up over it. I've never looked at it that way. I have always considered this obsession I have been given to be a great gift that immeasurably enriches my life.

Recently I've been spending a fair amount of time on a site called Over The Desk Punishment Memories. The curators post true life recollections of real spankings from contributors (there is a sister site for fiction of the same ilk). There are lots and lots of memories of girls punished by their Mommies and Daddies, and at school, by babysitters, and so on. Also boys. My favourites are the ones where the girl is a misbehaving teenager and is spanked bare bottom in front of witnesses. That's very central to my fantasy life. Also ones where the girl is spanked bare bottom in private by her Daddy. Love those.

Another of my favourite little pastimes is browsing for sexy images and gifs that turn my crank. I reblog most of them to Sign up there and follow me to get an insight into my sex-addled brain based on what I repost and my little thoughts that I mostly append. For some of the better ones, I save them to my iPad with the intent of doing a blog post. The act of collecting them, curating them, selecting them, adding commentary to them, and posting them, also turns my crank. I play with my pussy a lot during the process, and orgasm multiple times using the various images as springboards to rich fantasies I build around them. As David is again away, and as work is none too demanding, it gives me plenty of time and opportunity to be naughty in my bed doing this alternate "work". Let's do some now, and celebrate our kinky obsessions!


I do get turned on by girls. A much younger, very strict one, going over my browser history. Oh my! So blushy! I think it will be the strap for me afterwards.

But I bet a lot of you switchie/subie guys see this and think the same thing. A young niece perhaps. How you will blush as she recreates your browsing history. I'm sure punishment will follow!


I think I may have posted some of these in the past, including this one. Some images are just on endless loop on the interwebs. Never mind, it's like fishing: sometimes you catch the same fish as before.

And yes, I sometimes work myself up like this. Generally I am imagining a man's belt whipping across my backside as I writhe in pain... "No! Please! No more! No more, Sir! Please!"


The results of a strapping across the fronts of her thighs. What must she have done to have earned that punishment???


Been there! I hope for her sake that was the last one!


Love the kicking and the very red bum. Love the strong arm and the big hand delivering her spanking. I dream about this.


There are certainly more pleasant ways to get yourself off! But when a pussy is horny, anything will do.


Have always loved the legs dangling positions. The knee socks make it. This is the "correct" relationship between the masculine and the feminine.


Another of the same ilk, nude and in the kitchen (like me). I imagine she was spanked for failing to prepare proper meals on time as well.


Daddy looking all over for his misbehaving daughter, finding her necking with a farm hand. He'll make an example of her now.


A little vignette. Newlyweds. A clash of cultures. In his culture, the women do the kitchen work! Oh yeah? You 'gonna make me? Love her struggles. Pointless ones. She's getting this spanking whether she agrees or not. Love her submission at the end. She never truly understood before why all the women in his culture did all the kitchen work. Now she does! She knew what she was getting, she just needed to see if he was man enough to do it.


A humiliating position for a belting. Especially with all of us as witnesses. Love how she looks at us in pain and embarrassment. She is learning her lesson.


This one is high on a kitchen stool, the same exact way I got it! Boobs dangling on one side of his lap, bare ass hanging off the other. Frantic from her spanking. Despite the pain, it's how I want it: spanked frantic.


I don't know. Don't ask me, because I don't know! Maybe she's about to get a spanking with that hairbrush, and that is how she must wait for it?


This is EXACTLY what should happen when hubby comes home and finds the kitchen a mess. No, you may not pull up your pants until this kitchen is spotless, young lady!


A full pantsing and shirtsing for the camera. What a naughty girl! Did she lose a bet? Was it truth or dare? She strummed her little clitty that night thinking back on it.


Ha ha! If you want to act like a sourpuss around the house, there you go. Only a Mom would think to do that to her teenage brat!


Another excellent punishment for backtalk from Mom. If you can't say a pleasant word, you won't get to say anything at all.


A nasty paddling for his daughter while her sleepover friend stands there and watches. It was the third time Daddy had to come in to tell them to quiet down and get to sleep. This time he brought the paddle. There won't be a fourth.


I've mentioned that the thought of much older men with younger women turns me on. My old boss was maybe this guy's age when he took me to a hotel room to spank me. Oh gush!


Whats going on here? Was she a little snooty to her man's friends on poker night? I think so. Now she's paying the price.


One heck of a spanking. Gulp. The shudders, sobs, and tears are all too real. We women who sign up for this lifestyle understand that this can be us at the drop of a hat.


A truly intense spanking meant to teach a lesson that won't soon be forgotten.


A little time in the great outdoors, in the nude and nursing a very well-spanked bum, will bring this girl down a peg or two. Especially seeing as how the lawn maintenance crew were grinning from ear to ear as they went about their grass cutting, leaf blowing, and shrub trimming. They spent considerably more time than usual this week, looking over, pointing, chattering to one another in Spanish.


A spanking followed by a figging for this naughty wife. How her bum hole burns! He'll be sure to wear a condom for the bum sex to follow so that his cock will not feel the burn. Mind you, all that fucking up and down her anal passage will make her burn all that much more.


She tried playing office politics against the master and lost. She thought her back-stabbing would get the CEO kicked out and her installed in his place. Look where it's gotten her instead.


Look at the blush on her face. Mom did not approve of the skimpy bikini she was wearing. She said in that swimsuit she may as well be wearing nothing! "I'd rather wear nothing," she said, "then wear a frumpy swimsuit like yours!" She got her wish.


The fucking post. This little lady has been putting off marriage for too long. Nobody good enough for her. Well it's her 20th birthday and grandchildren are needed around the farm. She'll be spending the full day chained to that post with her feet bound down as well. All the farm hands are encouraged to sperm her as many times as they can the whole long day.


This young lady has clearly not had a spanking in far too long. Her first semester away at University was a disaster. Too much partying, not enough studying. She'll have to repeat the term. Mom and Dad were both of a mind what she desperately needed, regardless her age.


I am forced to agree with the sentiment.


Raise your hand if you are a slut for two fingers up your ass in the spanking position

πŸ™ŒπŸ» πŸ™ŒπŸ» πŸ™ŒπŸ» ✋πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»


This is what school corporal punishment should be like. Straighten out those kids but good!


Newlyweds on honeymoon.

Her: Please, no, sweetheart, people will seeeee!

Him: You should have thought of that before acting up, darling.

Old bystander guy: Give it to her good, Son. You need to start off as you mean to go on.


She's about to get a good girl spanking! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯


You were the one who wanted this arrangement, sweetheart, now sign that Domestic Discipline contract while I fuck you to really make it official.


Yes, we know. Spankings are meant to hurt, darling. Don't misbehave and we won't have to do this.


I think most so-called "feminists" nowadays secretly crave to be put in their place like this.


This is what I get when Miss Puss Puss acts up.


A spanking over the corner of the bed really opens up the insides of the cheeks for that 'all over' spanking. Too bad about the embarrassing exposure. And too bad about how your pussy grinds down onto the bed as you humiliatingly leak your sex juices during your ordeal. The harder he spanks, the more you grind, the more you leak. You'll be well-prepared for your wifely duties afterwards.


Sometimes only Mommy's hand will really do, even when you're all grown up.


When the girl has really embarrassed the family, the spanking from Mom in front of them is equally as embarrassing for her. In this case, she was caught shoplifting. The policeman and storeowner were both invited over to watch her be disciplined in front of her family. The storeowner was more than satisfied that Justice had been served and dropped all charges.


She "forgot" to wear her panties to the football game after-party. Somebody snitched on her and Daddy came to get her, hopping mad. She was spanked then and there, in the most humiliating way possible. Even the nerds had a good look! Videos were posted. Her pussy lips were sore for days afterwards. Everyone at school called her "Lips" from then on.


And Kathy suddenly realized that being a "trophy wife" with an ironclad pre-nup was not all it was cracked up to be.


It was a harsh spanking but all in all she took it well. Rather than an hour in the corner she gets a little treat instead. Stick that bottom up and keep it there.


She's a submissive. Her Master decided to put her to the test. All his friends would be penetrating her that evening.


Yes, I'm just as turned on imagining a woman doing this to me as a man. For burning the dinner she gets her rump roasted.


My older man fantasies triggered again. Staying at Grandad's, all alone. A bedtime spanking. Pussy bouncing on grandad's knee. Not a stitch of clothing permitted. This little lady will orgasm several times while still across his knee. Grandad will be pleased he's still "got it". Tomorrow night she will offer to suck him off after her bedtime spanking and he will allow it. The next night she'll get the belt and will willingly spread her legs for him to take her.


He's a single Dad who cares a lot for his little girl. He cares enough to spank her thoroughly when she misbehaves. The spankings are always the same. In the living room, in her birthday suit, hoisted over his knee, the wooden salad spoon teaching her a lesson she won't soon forget.


A loving Christian man spanking his errant young wife. He's had it up to here with her reading those trashy romance novels. It ends here and now!


VR masturbation in her boyfriend's room at the frat house. She doesn't realize she's being videoed while "doing the deed". When she gets back to her sorority later that evening, it will be on a loop on the communal big screen. All the girls laugh at her and tease her. Why did she ever trust Brad? She will never live this down!


What a great gift!


Oh how the paddle burns! He's getting right to the seat of the problem.


She's so embarrassed when her husband chooses to show her off to his friends. How she dresses in little girl panties, and keeps herself smooth like a little girl.


A lesson in manners seems long overdue. You can push a man only so far...


Once a month he's released and may fuck the rubber pussy while she crops his ass. He only has five minutes though, or too bad, so sad, there's always next month.


Its really very cruel to give a "man" an erection while locked in his cock cage. His poor balls will be so sore that night!


She is NOT a happy camper. And that spanking looks far from over, she's right to look so worried.


Made a complete example of. The tourists are enjoying her, at least.


Had to throw this one in. Are you feeling the bern? Ha ha!

There we go. Some good masturbation fodder for me and you. Which ones do you like the best, and why? Let me know in the comments!