Fiction by Julie & david

Chapter 1: david in trouble

"Why did I do that???" david asked of himself for the tenth time now.

david got into his flitter and auto-piloted it to his appointment. He had no choice on the appointment: it was mandated. Nor did he have much choice on the auto-pilot either: males weren't allowed to self-pilot during rush hours. Yet another in a long series of laws passed by Females to keep males down.

It wasn't always like that. There was a time in the 20th century when males were dominant over Females. He found that pretty hard to believe right now, slowly auto-flittering to his destination as Females cut in and around him with abandon.

Chapter 2: How it all started

It had all started, he had been taught, around the year 2008. Riding on a huge wave of hope and optimism some politician got elected President, turning out about 57% of the vote, the highest it had been in the past 20 years. Because of structural issues with the political system back then, no President could ever get elected if they promised only what they could do, and therefore an elected President could never deliver what they promised. There came a huge wave of disillusionment following this President's usual reneging on promises, and the sex and corruption scandals during his second term... People became jaded and cynical about all politics and politicians. The next election there was an all-time low 29% voter turnout.

In this climate there came Chelsea C, a charismatic Female leader who, after her Mother got beaten by this same male for President, started the grassroots campaign "Women for Women" encouraging Females to join political parties, run in primaries, and especially vote for Females exclusively. The Females' platform was that males had their chance and kept blowing it, and that Females should be given a chance. The males didn’t take it seriously. Some males even supported the Females (!) There was a huge upsurge in Females in politics, and at the next election, while the overall voter turnout was only 45%, a full 62% of the Female vote turned out, all voting together. Owing to the nature of the political system, Females won practically every office there was to win, including the office of the President of the United States of America. After the US, other countries followed suit, and soon Females were in charge everywhere.

It turned out that the Females were right. They were considerably better governors than the males. They quickly moved to end wars and poverty, curb greed and income inequity, fix the climate, and reform health care and social services. The Women avoided scandals while in office, behaved with decorum, passed fair laws, and established a successful track record of sound government. Once this had been demonstrated, any male who tried to run for political office was soundly trounced by the Female electorate, making it impossible for him to win. By the 2020s, Females had firmly established themselves as the new political power structure.

Chapter 3: Law making

That's when the laws affecting males started changing. Females passed affirmative action laws to overcome decades of male dominance in the business world and mandate the promotion of Women. As well, one sided sexual harassment laws were introduced, where if a male even looked a Female over or made a lewd comment in the workplace it was considered cause for action. With the continuing problem of a declining birthrate throughout the democratic world, and the competing desire to boost women into positions of power, huge Government incentives were created that made it crazy for males not to stay home and look after the babies. Within half a decade, Females had advanced strongly into positions of economic power as well as political, and the males were housebound.

Males, however, still caused all the trouble, responsible for 80% of all crime, and 95% of all violent crime. This was called the "male problem". To protect themselves and their tamer male charges, Females passed tough zero-tolerance laws directed at curbing male violence, including a mandatory curfew for all males. The males were outraged and protested, but by then the Females held all the power cards, and reacted with predictable disregard of male rights.

The attack was multi-pronged, and did not depend solely upon rule of law. Males began to be brought up more strictly at home and in the schools. Females stuck to the profession of teaching, as they correctly assessed that the best way to shape society was to shape its young. Males were brought up to dress nicely, with suits and ties from a young age, to be always neat and clean, and to be modest about their bodies. Young boys who acted immodestly were scolded and given a spanking (which Women had very much brought back into vogue when dealing with young males).

Adding to their growing discomfort about their bodies, young males were bombarded with media images of "hot well hung males" targeted at the economically powerful Female buying demographic ("nothing sells like a sexy guy-bod!"). This caused body image issues for the impressionable boys. By the time they were teenagers, the shame of inadvertently displaying their imperfect budding young bodies and small penises was intense, a fact their sisters had great fun with, walking in on them as they were showering or changing, enjoying the shrieks of their brothers as they blushed furiously, cried, and attempted to cover themselves up with their hands.

Public decency laws were passed aimed squarely at males, propelling the schoolboy dress codes into society at large. The standards of dress considered "decent" were high, requiring scrub-brush fresh cleanliness and school-style uniform of suit and tie for males of all ages. Adult males were additionally required to be clean-shaven at all times. Some Wives and Mothers interpreted that to include "down south" as well and insisted on that for their males.

Despite the new laws and the stricter upbringing, the male problem only worsened. However, as things stood, the legal system could not keep up.

Chapter 4: Female Guardians

It was noted that when boys were still under the charge of their Mothers, they tended to behave. Thus in order to keep them longer under Maternal control, the age of majority for males was raised from 16 to 18 to 25 then finally to 29. To allow males under 29 to marry, the "Female Responsibility Act" of 2026 was passed that ensured that all males under the age of majority had a designated "Female Guardian" (FG) in charge of them. Initially their Mothers, this was transferred to their Wives upon marriage. This meant that males continued to have a Female responsible for them, even after they "grew up". Of course, under law the FG became responsible for the male's behaviour, as a parent is for a child's. If the male got into trouble, the FG had to pay a price as well - Females had to think twice before marrying an under 29'er!

To provide the necessary authority to go along with the responsibility of having charge of a male, the prerogatives of the legal guardianship of a minor were transferred wholesale to the Wife FG. They controlled all the finances of their male charges; the males were denied the vote; they could not enter into legally binding contracts; they needed FG approval on any Government form, such as for a flitter-license or a passport. This persisted until the male reached age 29, the age of male majority.

Without much notice or debate, the prerogatives of a Mother to physically discipline her child went along for the ride as well. Not widely appreciated, this was put to the test in the landmark "Baker vs Baker" case where the male brought charges against his Wife FG for allegedly assaulting him. Citing legal precedent where parent guardians had the right to physically discipline their children, the Judge ruled that the Wife FG was within her legal rights to physically discipline her charge. The Judge sensationally made her point by having the Wife in question give a spanking to her under-29 male in full open court for the trouble he had caused them all.

That ground-breaking spanking was broadcast and repeated widely on the national news, and many FG's across the country with older charges had their eyes opened to a previously untapped tool in their repertoire. Wife FG's began spanking in bedrooms across the land, much to the consternation of Their males, who had believed themselves free of nursery discipline after marriage, but now found themselves legally compelled to submit.

The Female Responsibility Act of 2026 very successfully curbed the proclivities of the under 29 males. Predictably, however, as soon as the 'yoke' of the FG was removed, males over 29 continued to cause considerable trouble. Under intense pressure from Females in the powerful 30-40 year-old demographic, the age of majority was initially moved up several times and then abolished for males altogether. The males, by now so subservient both economically and politically, were in no position to do anything about it. Even Females who spoke up for male rights felt making males have permanent FG's was likely for the better.

Chapter 5: Male Abuse

Females for male rights, however, did have a worthy cause on their hands. The so-called "silent issue" of male abuse was worsening every year. FG's were too many times abusing their prerogative of physical discipline over their males.

To counteract the problem, Governments set up campaigns to educate the Female public on non-physical methods of punishment. Media campaigns promoted groundings, deprivations, corner time, and the writing out of lines as alternatives to corporal punishment of males. As the situation continued to worsen, one notorious Government pamphlet suggested even more extreme and humiliating punishments to accompany mild spankings, such as diapering a male who acted immaturely, gagging a male who talked back or spoke out of turn, removing the pants and underpants of males who became 'too big for their britches', or even feminizing males who tried to act too much like Females. The illustrations that went along with this pamphlet were disturbingly comical.

Provided there was no indecent exposure of the male, the humiliation-based punishments could be exercised anywhere. At the heights of this fad, it would not be completely uncommon to see a male who did not wish to accompany his Wife on her shopping trip leashed and dragged around the mall behind Her, his wrists fastened in front of him, a ball-gag firmly affixed in his mouth, and a sign on his back reading "I am to be spanked with the hairbrush on my bare bottom as soon as my Wife gets me home."

Given the problem the "non-physical discipline" campaign had set out to curb, the ironic and much darker side of this was that everybody knew that the male who did not comply with this type of Female Guardian was likely to be brutally beaten back at home by her and her like-minded friends.

The more compassionate Females spoke out against this kind of male-abuse, and lobbied hard for laws limiting the punishment of males by their FG's. These laws were eventually passed, though not without opposition from hard-liner Females who feared that without access to adequate discipline the old "male problem" of decades past would reappear. A compromise was put in place. Limits were placed on FG's rights to discipline, but at the same time new laws for escalated discipline, and a new quasi-Government organization to oversee this discipline, called the Network of Registered Disciplinarians (the NRD), were created.

Chapter 6: Registered Disciplinarians

FG's were now limited to slapping the face or the clothed buttocks in public, or to strike with hand or implement the bare buttocks of their charges in private, providing no marks could substantially be seen more than 24 hours after the punishment had been given.

In cases where these limited disciplinary tools were considered inadequate, the idea was that recalcitrant males were sent by their FG to a Registered Disciplinarian, or RD. The sessions were entirely paid for by the Government. Research showed that the costs of this program were far less than those that would otherwise be incurred if males needed to be dealt with by the police and legal system.

The RD's were local Females who received Government training in the disciplining of males, and were required to pass regulated Board exams to receive their RD designation. Despite the difficulties of achieving and maintaining the designation, many so-inclined Women coveted the RD designation as they were paid a relatively handsome Government stipend for each discipline session. Being an RD was considered a great way to contribute to society and make a little pocket money on the side.

RD's were allowed wider latitude in the use of physical discipline on 'males under discipline' (or 'muds' as they were colloquially referred to). RD's could by law restrain their muds, strike anywhere on their bodies, and use any implements, all so long as no permanent damage was done and no substantial marks lasting over two weeks were made. Owing to the inevitable baring and handling of male genitalia, sexual assault laws were exempted during these sessions. Very controversially, this implicitly allowed RD's to rape by penetration their muds with, for example, a synthetic phallus. Some RDs favoured punishment of this sort, and others did not. To avoid bringing the controversial debate to a head, the guidelines were deliberately vague on the point, but a nod and a nudge were nevertheless given to RDs who favoured such punishments.

RD's were strictly regulated, and had to video all disciplinary sessions and send them up for randomized review. If an RD crossed the line and was too severe with their mud, they would quickly lose their RD status. If, on the other hand, a random review found them to be overly lenient with a mud, they could equally expect to lose their license.

In order to ensure male compliance with the RD's, the law provided for "re-training camps" where males could be legally sent for between one week and one month at the sole discretion of their local RD. These camps were filled with RD's whose mission in life was to ensure that males who attended camp would never wish to do so again. For an RD to sentence a male to re-training camp was a simple matter of PDA'ing to the authorities the length of the sentence. Within 24 hours a police flitter would show up at the door of the recalcitrant male, and he would be handcuffed and hauled off (generally weak-kneed and sobbing uncontrollably, especially in the case of a repeat offence) without any right of appeal.

The males were required by law to "obediently submit" to the RD's in the re-training camp. If they failed to do so, legal proceedings could be brought against them, and if found guilty they could face lengthy and punitive jail sentences. No male would wish this, as discipline in mail jails was military-grade in its strictness and enforced through the use of the terrifying prison cane on the male's bare buttocks by the Female Corrections Officers. Severe prison canings at the hands of these Female Officers would leave a man sore and marked for a month.

Avoiding the prison cane meant hard and futile labour for the inmates, such as cleaning 50 toilets with a toothbrush, standing at strict attention for hours at a time, or digging the deep hole of an outdoor latrine with a teaspoon.

Fortunately, the extremity of male jail was only infrequently required. While many males were sent for discipline to an RD, it was only the rare male that RD's even needed to send to re-training camp. It was practically unheard of for a male to challenge the authority of the RD's at re-training camp, knowing full well what awaited them in male jail. All in all, while not perfect, the graduated system of escalating punishments for males did the trick, and by the mid 21st century, male crime had become a well-forgotten thing of the past.

Chapter 7: How david got in trouble

All this history went through david's head as he auto-flitted to his destination. Of course he remembered it all, his Female teachers had certainly drilled it into their male pupils, if not through their thick heads, then certainly by way of their sore backsides!

Having been brought up in this socio-cultural matrix, it never occurred to david to not go to his RD appointment, and once there he only hoped he would have the strength to obey his RD completely to her satisfaction, and not become a candidate for re-training camp (shudder!).

The only question that remained to him was exactly why he had done what he had done in the first place???

It had all started last night. His Wife Amanda had come home from a long hard day at the office. As soon as she got in, david started in on her, hounding her yet again about them getting the new 3D Violet-Ray player. She cut him off saying they could not afford it just then. david stomped his foot and shouted at his Wife, "All the other guys on the block have one already. Why are we always the last to get anything!!"

Amanda was tired and annoyed from work, and taking this childish behaviour from her male was the last straw. She did not generally believe in the spanking of males, but this time something in her just snapped. She reached for david's arm, grabbed him by it, and started undoing his trousers saying "That's IT young man! You are getting a SPANKING!"

"no!" yelled david, struggling. Amanda got his pants and underpants down, pulled him over her knee, and spanked him with her hairbrush. As she was spanking, she scolded him. "I will not tolerate back-talk from you! When I say we can’t afford something now, then we can’t afford it, end of story!" She spanked for a good five minutes until his butt was cherry red.

After his spanking, Amanda placed her husband in the corner for a half-hour, nursing a sore bottom. He stood their resentfully, however, and his Wife knew it. He did not seem well-punished to her. Fearing the worst, she pre-programmed her PDA.

Chapter 8: david disobeys

The next day, david was still petulant, and feeling very much wronged by his Wife, determined he would go out and buy the 3D Violet-Ray Player anyways. It's tiny, but projects a huge image into thin air, so he could keep it out of her sight when turned off, and use it during the day when She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed was at work. david was pretty sure his Wife didn’t pay sufficient attention to the credit chip to even notice an additional Cr.250 charge anyways. And if she did, well so what? Her spanking wasn't that bad, and he knew his Wife was too soft-hearted to ever send him to an RD, like some other guys he knew, so he did not fear that at all. Perhaps he should have.

david's Wife was no fool. She loved her man but began fearing that her discipline was no longer adequate to keep him in line. She was a compassionate woman who did not believe in over-punishing a male, or humiliating him in public. On the other hand, as it was drilled into every Female while at school, she had a societal obligation as an FG to control her male. If she could not do it alone, it was her duty to seek the help of an RD.

Reluctantly, and hoping it would not be needed, she registered her husband's credit chip (really hers, of course) to request approval from her on her PDA if he attempted to spend more than Cr.100 at one time. She also pre-programmed it with a pre-filled RD Reach-Out Form that she could submit for consideration at the touch of a button. She sincerely hoped she would not need to press disallow on a purchase, or press that other button, but was prepared to perform her duty if required.

Knowing nothing of any of this, david bee-lined for the electronics store as soon as his Wife left for work. A Female Sales Associate was kind to him and assisted him in selecting his new 3D Violet-Ray Player, explaining to him the various technical details patiently. david asked all sorts of questions, and changed his mind many times, but the Sales Associate remained patient. She told him what a lucky male he was that his FG allowed him to buy such an expensive gift for himself. david was only a little guilty at that comment.

He carried his purchase proudly to the checkout counter. The Sales Associate rang it up, and david was delighted to see the total come up on a huge 3D Violet-Ray technology thin air display above the checkout counter. "This is so cool," david thought! david handed over his credit chip and the Sales Associate captured it in which began the purchase transaction.

Having been pre-programmed to request approval for purchases of this amount, the notification and request for approval for a 3D Violet-Ray Player were sent directly through to david's Wife's PDA. In a meeting at the time, she glanced at her PDA, sighed deeply, shook her head, and pressed "Disapprove".

"Everything ok?" asked her friend and Female co-worker, Alison.

"Personal issue with my male - I think I'm going to have to RD him."

"Oh no," commiserated her friend, a former RD herself.

Chapter 9: Purchase Disallowed

Back at the store, the credit chip was taking a lot of time to process. "I don’t know what's wrong," said the Sales Associate, "it normally processes these things right away." david began to feel a deepening sense of unease as he stared at the huge

Transaction Pending

displayed on the thin air display above his head. After twenty seconds or so the screen turned red and the message was replaced by another:

Rejected: Insufficient Spousal Permission To Complete Purchase.

"Shit!" said the Sales Associate, who was hoping for a nice commission from this sale and had instead wasted her time with this male.

david blushed three shades of pink as the largely Female sales staff and shoppers smirked at him. The other males only looked away uncomfortably. But this was not the worst of it.

Back in her meeting, david's Wife said "I have to do it" to her friend and invoked the RD Reach-Out she had pre-programmed the night before.

This caused her form to be uploaded to the Government computer systems which automatically analyzed it and attempted to gather any supporting behaviour patterns and evidence.

The Government computers quickly found the blocked purchase attempt by the male in question. The submitter's previous attempts to apply discipline as reported on the form were analyzed and considered adequate, and the infraction as described was found to be worthy of RD Reach-Out. This happened in the first 10 milliseconds after her button press. The next millisecond or so was occupied with matching availabilities of local RD's with the male, booking an appointment, and sending the confirmation with time and place details to the affected parties.

On david's end, the nearest display screen to him was used for displaying the "Government Priority" marked message, so the large thin air display changed again, reading:

NRD Discipline Order
Upon initiation by his Female Guardian for the offences listed below, David Smith is hereby ordered to appear before the Registered Disciplinarian in 30 minutes time at the address uploaded.
Reasons for Discipline:
Overspending, greed, selfishness, disobedience, dishonesty, back-talking.
Details from FG:
We got into an argument last night over whether he could purchase the new Violet-Ray Player. I told him we could not currently afford it. I received back-talk from him, spanked him, forbade him from purchasing it, and stood him in the corner for a half-hour to drive the lesson home. The very next day he went to the shop and attempted the purchase behind my back.
Notes to RD from FG:
He particularly dislikes the cane. Please wear one out on his disobedient, spendthrift ass!
His Sales Associated looked up at the prominently displayed message and said "You shit! Your wife forbade you from buying this only yesterday! You even got a spanking and corner time for suggesting it. What were you thinking, wasting my time like that? And now look what's going to happen to you: you’re going to an RD to have a cane worn out on your ass. Stupid male." The Women waiting in line looked at him in an annoyed fashion.

One nearby Women added "And from that long list, it looks like he's going to be getting a hell'uva lot more than just that! Those RD's know their business!", then she mockingly rubbed her backside so he could see.

"Oh Yeah," said another, "I sent my man for a good RD'ing just last month. He's been a changed male ever since. I have him licking the soles of my boot as soon as I get home now. And I mean literally: his RD told him to do it every time he sees me for a month!"

 The Woman standing next in line also chimed in. "When I RD'd mine, his ass was so bad when he got back that he had to sleep on his tummy, on top of the covers, with his little bare bum waving in the air. He couldn’t even stand a pair of my silk panties covering his ass!"

"And could you resist?" asked another woman, lewdly.

"No. I pantied him anyways, but not before I got on top of him, stuck it in, and bounced my thighs off his whipped bitch ass!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!"

david blushed deeply as the Females around him discussed these things. To make matters worse, rather than allowing david to just slither out of the shop, the Sales Associate made david carry the items back to the shelves, and meticulously re-stock them as she looked on icily. She was damned if she would re-stock them herself! david left the store empty-handed, amidst the jeers of the Female shoppers.

Chapter 10: Disciplined

Blushing at the remembrance of all of this humiliation, he flittered on to his appointment. Soon, david's flitter pulled into a driveway and powered down. The required address was right in front of him, and he was exactly on time. david got out of the flitter, and walked to the door. He never thought his kind and gentle Wife would ever have him RD'd; he was wrong. david signalled his presence.

The door opened and an attractive Female with long dark hair opened the door.

She invited him in, directed him to remove his shoes (though she continued wearing her heels), and then sat him on a short stool in front of her imposing desk. She sat on the other side of the desk in her office chair, looking down on him.

Reading from a flex-display she asked him a series of routine questions to make sure he was the right male, confirm the offence and the RD request, confirm that his FG had taken appropriate steps before invoking the services of an RD, confirm that the male was not mistreated by his FG, and finally to ask david if he wished to appeal his disciplining. All males knew to not appeal the disciplining as, by law, if their appeal failed they were sent to re-training camp, and the appeals almost always failed. She asked if david had ever been sent to an RD before. he had not.

The RD spoke. "It seems to me your Wife has been very lenient with you up until now. Mild spankings and timeouts is all she uses. But they just don’t seem to do the trick with you, do they?"

"no Ma'am" said david, "I guess not..."

"Based on your behaviour it seems to me that you feel you should be the sole voice in how the household income is spent. Is that so?" she asked.

"no Ma'am," said david, "I just want a say also."

That made the RD flush with rage, and she responded angrily. "Females make that choice, david, not males, and certainly not immature ones like you. I think you’re trying to be a Female. Do you know what I do to males who try to act like Females? Answer me!"

"no ma'am" said david,visibly shaking.

"For a starter, you will take these," said the RD, pulling out from her desk drawer and holding up a lacy pair of powder blue panties, "to the bathroom, change into them, and then come back out here wearing nothing but."

"ohhh!" said david, blushing brightly.

"Or would you prefer a week's vacation in a re-training camp, david?"

"no ma'am!" shouted david, who quickly took the panties from her and scampered to the bathroom.

A few minutes later david came out of the bathroom, nude but for the skimpy little pants. Blushing brightly from head to toe, taking mincing steps, and staring at the floor, he bashfully approached his RD. Males were not used to being even partially unclothed in front of strange Females, and it tended to affect them deeply.

"Keep your hands at your sides. Turn around. Let me see your little butt in those. Very Good! Appropriately frilly and powder blue, and they hug your cute little cheeks so nicely!"

"Now, why are you in those little pants, david?" asked the RD.

"Because I tried to act like a Female?" answered david weekly.

"Just so." Said the RD. "And what are you being disciplined for, exactly?"

david tried to remember the list posted in the electronics store. "For disobedience, and back-talking, and greed, and selfishness, and, um, ah, oh yeah, for dishonesty."

"Is that all?" asked the RD, pointedly.

"Umm, umm, yes ma'am?"

"Stupid male! How about overspending? The main reason you’re here it seems to me???"

"Oh yes, sorry. Overspending too ma'am, overspending too! I meant to say that!"

"Get over my knee."

david ran behind the RD desk's. She reached for his arm and pulled him over her lap. She then used her hand to spank his pantied backside. The RD's arm was strong, and her hand was very hard and well practised at punishing a male's bottom. Before long he was in severe pain, having his pantied ass hand-paddled by this strong and well-practised Female RD.

Midway through the spanking she paused, opened a desk drawer, and pulled out a Maplewood paddle. "You will learn, and I will teach you," she said as she began landing the hard paddle on his pantied backside. david screeched and kicked over her lap, but he knew that he had no choice but to endure it. The RD was pleased with her first salvo. She could clearly see the bright red of his ass peeking out the bottoms of his pale blue panties.

She put him on his feet.

"Face me. Lower your panties to your knees." The RD commanded.

david, face tear-stained, hesitated.

"Lower your panties to your knees, or you shall come back across my knees and we shall start all over from the beginning."

david bent down and lowered his panties to his knees. The shame of having his private parts so humiliatingly bared in front of a strange Female was intense. Lessons from his dim childhood when he was scolded and spanked for such displays danced just under his consciousness.

"I see your Wife keeps you bald down there on your privates. You behave like a little boy, no reason for you not to look like one, eh? ha! ha! Shall I whip your boy parts to remind you that you have them?"

"no ma'am, please no," whined david, his penis and testicles shrivelling up inside of him.

"Bend over my desk!" she ordered. "Put that white towel down across it before you lay down. I don’t want my mahogany stained by your sweat."

david fetched and placed the towel and bent over her desk. His RD got out restraints, attached them to his wrists, and then attached the other ends to binding posts on her large wooden desk. She then removed the fallen panties from his legs entirely, and then went to a closet and pulled out a thick rattan cane.

"You Wife especially requested a caning to your disobedient, spendthrift ass, and that is exactly what you will be receiving. I intend to teach you a lesson, and send you home to her thoroughly cane-marked."

david's eyes went wide.

"Make sure you keep your legs closed. I have no desire to see your boy bits dangling down."

david shut his legs tightly.

The RD brought the cane down hard across the crest of both his pre-reddened cheeks. It cut deeply into david's ass and he let out a wail of despair and rattled against his restraints.

"Quiet, or you'll be gagged," said the RD.

She brought the cane down hard again across both his cheeks. The disciplined male could not help himself, and again let out a plaintive wail as the cane bit deeply, leaving a second stroke mark across his twin globes.

"Fine," said the RD, as she opened a desk drawer, pulled out a ball gag, inserted it deeply into his mouth, and fastened it tightly around the back of his head.

She then walked back behind her disciplinee, and brought the third stroke of the cane hard down across the tops of his thighs. This time his wail was considerably muffled by the ball gag. His legs kicked like mad and he scrambled up higher over the desk, unconsciously seeking to escape the punishing cane.

Walking to the front of her desk, where david's head now lay over in his futile attempt to escape the cane, she straddled it between her high-heeled legs, clamped her thighs down around his ears, and caned his ass lengthwise from the top down, leaving deep vertical marks. The last stroke was directly within the crease between his cheeks eliciting a screaming panicked reaction from the clamped male.

"Feet on the floor, unless you'd like all your strokes there." said the strict RD.

As soon as she released his head, david franticly scrambled back down the desk, anus burning where it had been struck lengthwise down his cleft, to plant his feet back down on the floor. he did not want more strokes there.

Returning to the rear, she whipped the cane down hard across his thighs, his ass, and the sensitive tops of his ass-cheeks. She continued caning him for what seemed to david to be an eternity. During his caning he shrieked into his ball-gag and writhed uncontrollably over the strict RD's desk.

As david disobediently kicked his legs, his RD saw his privates dance wildly between his legs, even though he was specifically told to not display them to her. For punishment, his RD aimed the cane low across his thighs and struck deeply. The cane compressed into the backs of his thighs, leaving thick red welts, and simultaneously whipped into his sensitive swinging ball sac, leaving a stripe there as well. This cut elicited the most extreme reaction so far from david: an anguished shriek while his legs stiffened up and stuck straight out at right angles to the RD's desk as the cane stroke continued burning into his punished scrotum.

"Did I strike your ball sac, boy? How could that happen if you were keeping your legs modestly closed as I told you to?"

david quickly went to close his legs.

"No no no" said the RD as she pushed the tip of the cane into his near inner thigh keeping his legs open. "Now you need to keep them open."

david spread his shaking legs, dreading another stroke to his privates. His RD tapped his penis and testicles with the tip of Her cane. Raising it back, She whipped the cane down not onto his balls, but onto his left inner thigh, whizzing only millimetres past his balls. david cried out in agony. After the stroke, his RD pressed the tip of her cane into his balls as david's legs convulsively began to close, "again." She raised the cane and struck down hard symmetrically on his right inner thigh. "Now you close them, and if I see your boy parts again while I'm caning you, it's your tip that will feel it next. And I never miss." david closed his legs tightly, and received six more hard cuts across his ass and thighs holding them tightly together no matter what.

"Hold this" said his RD as she made david hold the cane between his clenched ass cheeks. She went around to the front of him and looked him straight in the eye.


He was drooling from the ball gag, had big wet tears running down his cheeks, and snot was coming out of his nose. "You are to be an obedient male. You are to do what your Wife tells you without back-talk. You will receive Her discipline without complaint. Do I make myself clear?" david nodded briskly up and down in the affirmative. "You're getting another twelve cuts of my cane, and then a hard, fast paddling to make sure you won't be sitting comfortably for two weeks." david's eyes went wide, and he shook his head violently side to side. His RD disregarded his futile protests, moved behind him, retrieved her cane from between his punished cheeks, and cut his ass twelve more times with it. Then, true to Her word, finished with a very hard, and very fast, wooden paddling to his messed up ass.

"I'm not quite finished with you yet, Little Miss Wants-To-Be-A-Female. Your wish is coming true, look what you’re getting." The RD pulled a Tampax out of her purse. "Just like a Female." david began crying. His RD stepped behind him, graciously lubed him, and then stuck her Tampax deep into his disobedient, spendthrift ass. She stood back and looked on in amusement at Little Miss Cotton-Tail with the white cotton string of the Tampax dangling from his cane-beaten ass.

She then retrieved his powder blue lacy panties, and pulled them up his sore red legs and ass. "The Tampax and panties are yours to keep. Tell your Wife that She will decide when you need to stop wearing them. I am suggesting that should happen when you start accepting your place as a male, and stop trying to act like a Female."

She un-gagged him, un-bound him, and let him stand, which he did with only considerable difficulty after the strict punishment he had just endured.

"Get home to your Wife and beg Her forgiveness. If I see you back here again, what just happened here will seem like a Sunday picnic by comparison."

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am!" said david as he quickly pulled his clothes on over his extremely sore ass, and rushed away from the smiling RD.

david got into his flitter. He literally could not sit, and had to get into the back seat, kneeling on hands and knees as the flitter auto-piloted him home, a strange sight to other filterers on the road!

Chapter 11: Back Home

At home, his Wife Amanda and her Sister Suzy were waiting for david to return. Amanda was very worried about david. She had never had him RD'd before. Her Sister was there for moral support. They were discussing his behaviour and going over and over what else she could possibly have done. Her Sister ventured that she was sure that Amanda had done everything in her power, and that it was the right choice to send him to the RD.

When she heard david opening the door, Amanda jumped up from the couch and ran to the door. david opened the door and found himself staring into his Wife's eyes. he completely broke down and started crying and saying "I'm so sorry, Amanda! I'll never misbehave like that again, I promise!!!" Amanda gathered him up into her arms, holding him against her as he sobbed. Amanda's Sister looked on with an "ahhwww that's so cute" expression on her face. Amanda was immensely relieved that david seemed to be ok, and had responded so well to the discipline.

"That's ok, baby," said Amanda, "you just make sure you don’t given me cause to do that to you again."

"i won’t, i won't, i promise!" said david between sobs.

"Let's see the damage," said Amanda as She reached down to unfasten david's pants.

"no, ohh, please, sweetie, not with Ms. Suzy here."

"Hush, baby" said Amanda as she continued unfastening his pants, "Suzy is family."

Suzy smiled. Being unmarried, She had never seen the damage an RD could do and was very curious. She was thinking of taking the training Herself, in fact.

Amanda dropped david's pants, holding him into Her Breasts, and raised the back of his shirt-tails. "Oh Dear!" She said. Dropping his pants revealed both his blue panties, and his cane-marked thighs.

"She dressed him in little blue panties!" said Suzy, delightedly.

"Why are you in panties, baby?" asked Amanda, amused and genuinely puzzled.

"The, the RD said I need to wear them until you decide i know my place as a man and stop trying to act like a Female. Wahhhh!"

"Oh, isn’t that sweet!" said Amanda. "And do you know your place now, baby? You won’t try to buy things you're not allowed to?"

"ohh no Ma'am!" answered david with great conviction.

"Well, maybe you need just a bit more reminding. You can wear those pretty little powder blue lacy panties for a week, and if you're good during that time, I'll let you go back to your underpants, after I give you one last panties-lowered spanking in them at the end of the week that is, in front of Suzy if you please."

"yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am" said david, blushing as he was sentenced to the spanking (and the continued pantying) in front of his young Sister-In-Law Suzy.

"The same pair for a whole week?" asked Suzie.

"Hmmm. Good point." Said Amanda. " Ok then david, you'll wear them all day everyday, except for when you’re hand-washing them at the sink, which you'll do every evening, bare from the waist down, and then you'll wear them wet to dry them out."

"yes Ma'am" said david, further embarrassed that his Sister-In-Law will now imagine him without his britches, washing his blue panties by hand.

"But look at your poor legs, baby, they're all welted! What did that RD do to you, exactly?" asked Amanda.

"first she made me change into the panties, and then spanked me over her knee in them."

"With her hand or something else?" asked Suzy.

"Her, her hand first and then a paddle."

"Over the panties, or panties pulled down?" asked Suzy, giggling as she said the word "panties".

"over them" answered david, blushing furiously.

"You certainly have a lot of questions, Suzy. What next, baby?" asked Amanda.

"She m...m...made me pull them down to my knees in front of her..." said david as he continued blushing brightly.

"Poor baby! All bare down there in front of a strange Woman! Did she like how I keep you?" asked Amanda.

"She m...m...mentioned it, ma'am, said it was a good thing to keep me like that."

"Like what?" asked Suzy.

"I keep him shaved bare like a baby down there," answered Amanda to her Sister. "I shave him myself, diaper position, cock, balls, and butt! First I scrub him with a bathbrush, which is handy in case he doesn’t cooperate, isn't it david?"

david blushed another three shades of red as he buried his face in Amanda's Breasts. Suzy pictured Amanda lifting her nude hubby's legs high and taking a bathbrush to him to ensure his cooperation before lathering and shaving him!

"Oh Gosh!" exclaimed Suzy, "And he actually had to SHOW his bald little boy privates to her. How embarrassing for him."

"Was it embarrassing for you to have to bare yourself like that, david?"

"yes Ma'am"

"Then what?" asked Suzy.

"Then she made me bend over her desk and she caned me!" answered david.

"Did she tie you down and gag you?" asked Suzy, "I hear they do that."

"yes" said david.

"Was it very, very painful, poor baby?" asked Amanda.

"yes... waaaaahhhh" cried david.

"Can I see his ass?" asked Suzy of Amanda.

"Why do you want to see his ass?" asked Amanda.

"You know, professional curiosity. I'm thinking of going for my RD."

"david, can Suzy see your ass?" asked Amanda of david.

"i'd rather not..." said david.

"Suzy wants to be an RD. It's professional baby. It would disappoint Suzy not to see your ass after your RD session. Are you sure, david?"

"well, it's just that I'd rather not..." said david.

"If Suzy's disappointed, I'll be disappointed. Do you really want to disappoint me, david, after all you've been through already today, baby?" Asked Amanda.

"no Ma'am" said david "not really..."

"Then you better lower those panties, sweetie." Said Amanda, as she led david hobbling with his pants around his ankles to the kitchen area where she bent him over a high stool. "Down. Now."

he would be made to lower his own panties, baring himself in front of Suzy. david reached behind himself, and with a huge flush of embarrassment, lowered his panties beneath his striped and paddled cheeks, also exposing his Tampaxing for both Women to clearly see.

"And a Tampax up his butt too! I've heard about that!" said Suzy.

"Oh my lordy lord!" said Amanda. "And how long does that stay in?"

"The same, ma'am, until you say so." Answered david.

"Ok. For the whole week also. You can change them when you go to the bathroom, obviously. But you're going to have to go and buy your own box, I'm running low." Said Amanda.

"So," said Amanda to Suzy, "what do you make of that ass??"

"Wow." Said Suzy. "That ass is marked! Look at how red his cheeks are! And the welts! Those aren’t disappearing fast. Can I touch his welts?" asked Suzy.

"david, do you give permission to Suzy to touch your welts?" asked Amanda in turn.

"yes Ma'am," said david miserably, finally getting the concept that he had no choice in the matter anyways.

"Ooooh" said Suzy stroking Her finger along one of the deeper welts across his left ass cheek. "And look at this one." She said as She cupped underneath his left cheek and lifted it exposing a long angry welt exactly where thigh meets butt cheek. "And look at the vertical strokes, She must have stood at his head to do those. Did they reach in..." as She said this She gently parted a butt cheek, exposing his anal cleft "yes they did. They cut right in there. Ouch!"

david squirmed miserably as his Wife's Sister exposed his anal cleft to their scrutiny. Previous to this, the only Females to have seen his private parts were his Mother and Wife. In the course of a single day, that count had doubled, and the worst was yet to come.

Chapter 12: More Discovered

"Hold on. What's going on in there?" asked Suzy indicating a tiny bit of david's scrotum that was sticking out a bit between his legs.

"I don’t know," said Amanda. "david, spread your legs so we can have a closer look."

"no please!" begged david.

"Now. I need to see." Said Amanda.

david spread his legs.

Suzy reached between and pulled out his penis and scrotum, then told him to close up his legs again, trapping them in plain sight of the two Women.

"no..." whimpered david, at this intimate invasion. His Wife's younger and attractive Sister had handled his bare penis and balls! he could feel himself stirring.

"Look, he got a stroke right across his ball sac. It's right in line with those deep welts on either side of his thighs." Said Suzy.

"Did you get your scrotum caned, david?" asked Amanda, concern in her voice.

"Yes Ma'am, just once Ma'am, for not keeping my legs together properly like I was told to, Ma'am."

"Well that explains it then," said Amanda. "Are there any other marks, Suzy?"

"Let me see," said Suzy. "Stand up. Hands on your head. Let's get these right down" she said as she pulled his panties down. "Nothing on the tip or the shaft. By the way, I didn’t know he was circumcised. And nothing else on his balls except for that one nasty stripe. Looks like he got off easy on that count."

"Good thing." Opined Amanda. "I need those to work." Suzy and Amanda both giggled at that.

"He really does look like a little boy, all shaved bare like that." Said Suzy. "So smooth! Little smoothy! Ooooh wait! Is it ... twitching?"

"It is," answered Amanda. "It seems my little male is getting excited showing you his pee-pee."

"Great... Is that what happens under his pants every time he sees me?"

"I hope not."

"Maybe he doesn't jerk it enough." Suggested Suzy.

"Oh, he jerks it enough."

"Do you let him jerk whenever he wants?" asked Suzy.

"He has to ask first. I don’t want him being unfaithful to me with his own hand."

"Do you let him look at dirty pictures like I hear some Females let their males do?"

"Of course not! That's not even legal. He gets to use the photo album. There's a picture with me in a bikini I allow him to use. Here, it's this one. This is his jerk off picture. He gets to imagine what he gets if he's good. But that's it."

"Ha! males are so pathetic." Turing to david she said "I sure hope you're not thinking about any other Females when you’re jerking off to your Wife's photo, mister!"

Suzy faced her sister again and said "Thanks for sharing. This is so great getting to see firsthand like this what a real RD can do to a male. I'm inspired. Thank you so much, Amanda."

"No. Thank you for coming by and helping me get through this. You're a darling." Said Amanda.

"And thank you, david," said Suzy to the nude male, "for showing me your stripy red ass and your little-boy privates. And your little powder blue panties and that Tampax stuck up your butt, and that big welt across your sac!"

"And you actually want to learn to do that to males???" asked Amanda of Suzy.

"Yeah," said Suzy, "I think it would be cool, and it really helps people too. Maybe one day I'll be an RD and you can send david to me for his caning!"

"If you go all through that work and become an RD, I wouldn't think of requesting anybody else to discipline my male but you." Said Amanda as she and her Sister hugged while david remained panties down, blushing brightly.

"Is that other thing going to happen to him now?" asked Suzie, putting her coat on and glancing over at david's red-striped rear-end.

"That's private!" said Amanda, with a barely suppressed smile.

"Oh, I get the picture!" said Suzy. "Well I'll see you around. Bye!"


Chapter 13: Private Consequences 

After Suzie left, Amanda allowed david to pull up his panties, then sat down in front of him and began scolding him as a Mother would a young child.

"I really don’t know what I'm going to do with you. You really disappointed me, but more than that, I really disappointed myself. I never thought of myself as someone who needed to resort to Government help to control my male."

"i'm so sorry, sweetie," ventured david.

"Don’t you 'sweetie' me you bad male. I fully intend to do something about it, preferably without the help of an RD, but with their help if you force me to it again."

"i won't, Amanda, i promise." Swore david.

"Any suggestions from you on how I can do a better job disciplining you?" asked Amanda.

"Umm. Well You could ground me more often." Suggested david.

"I was thinking of doing something else more often..." said Amanda.

"you... you could, well, sp... spank me more often, Ma'am?" ventured david.

"Well what a good suggestion, david." Said Amanda. "From now on there will be a lot more spankings handed out in this household, and a lot stricter than before. And if you force me to it, a lot more use of RD's from now on as well."

"i'll take the spankings, Ma'am, the RD won’t be necessary!" said david, practically in tears.

"We'll just have to see about that, won’t we. And there will be a lot more timeouts as well. You will stand in the corner with your pants down for a half-hour before a spanking, and a half-hour afterwards as well. And I mean real corner time. Not like what you've been getting away with. Suzy and I looked up the proper way to do corner time on the net, and that's standing legs straight, feet together, nose right in the corner, hands by your sides, back arched, butt sticking out, and your private parts held sticking out back between your closed legs and on display, the way Suzy put them before. And if you deviate from that in the least, it will be a good RD'ing for you. I am setting up my PDA for it now."

"You won’t need to! i'll do whatever you say!" said david, desperate to avoid another RD'ing.

"Suzy and I were also reading up on about things I can do to better control you. One article we read suggests you'd mind me better if you were more submissive in bed." david blushed, he thought he was already pretty submissive in bed!

"I am getting out that lingerie and strap-on dildo my Aunty Pat gave me. It's high time I started using them. In future, starting today, when I snap my fingers you will run put on Auntie Pat's garters, stockings, and panties. You will lube your bottom hole thoroughly, and kneel on your sewing room bed with your butt stuck up in the air waiting for me. When I walk into the sewing room, if the first thing I see isn’t your glistening lubed-up little brown bottom hole staring me in the face begging for a fucking, it's an RD'ing for you."

"Suzy and I have already laid out everything you need in your top dresser drawer. Now watch my fingers carefully, and believe me when I say I'm dead serious about this."


He did not need to be told twice. david ran to the bathroom. There he got undressed, removed the Tampax from his ass, found the lube, lubed up his bottom hole, fucking himself with his fingers to make sure he had plenty lube in, washed his hands, and then ran to the bedroom, his butthole feeling lubed and icky as he moved. In the bedroom, he quickly dressed in the lingerie.

Amanda's Aunt had explicitly given the lingerie to her to make her new husband wear when having sexual relations. It and the strap-on dildo were a wedding shower gift, given to Amanda in front of dozens of Female friends and relatives. david was teased for weeks regarding how he would be gartered and bottoms up in the bedroom. Amanda had never expected to use it, as she did not believe in that sort of thing. At least she didn’t used to! Now here he would be, in exactly the position he was teased about...

Dressed sluttishly, he raced to the sewing room and positioned himself bent over on the bed, so that his his Wife could see his submissive posture as soon as she entered. To make sure his Wife saw what she was expecting, he decided he had better pull down his panties to his knees.

How humiliating that Amanda's little sister Suzy had helped with these preparations and would be imagining him in this position even now. And given that Suzy knew, he was quite sure the entire rest of the family and friends circle would now know that Aunty Pat's shower gifts were now being put to good use.

"Very good!" said his Wife five minutes later when she entered the bedroom wearing only her Strap-On Dildo. "You look lovely in the Lingerie my Aunty picked out for you." When She was ready, She stepped behind david and pressed the tip of her Dildo into his widespread anus and began applying pressure. "Hope you used enough lube!" Soon his flower opened for her and she pushed her Dildo home. "You better get used to this. It's stockings, garters, and a big cock up your ass until you start acting the proper male." She then pumped him mercilessly for the next ten minutes, riding him like a bucking bronco, rubbing Her Thighs across his punished cheeks, teaching him his place. He could do nothing except take each and every hard deep thrust, or risk another, even more severe, RD'ing.

Pulling the Phallus from her husband, She cleaned it up and wiped his asshole.

She then forced him down onto the floor, face up. Standing straddled over him in with Her Firm Breasts and Large Dildo looking huge above him, david felt extremely intimidated by Her.

"I am a Female. You are not a Female. Do you understand that?" asked his Wife.

"yes I do!" wailed david.

Amanda then stripped off Her Strap-On, baring Her Vagina to him, ensuring that he had a good view. He would have a more intimate experience of it in short order.

"Do you see This? This is a Vagina. Do you have a Vagina?" asked Amanda.

"no, I don't" responded david.

Amanda then turned down his body, lowered herself onto him, pressing Her Vagina into his mouth and nose, grinding Herself against him.

"Lick, boy. This is as close to having your own Vagina as you will ever have."

david began licking at his Wife's Vagina.

She reached down and grabbed his balls in her hand. "Lick like you mean it, boy!" david licked furiously as his Wife squeezed his delicate ball-sac. Amanda Orgasmed several times, riding his face like that, grinding Herself into him as She convulsed with Female Pleasure.

"Now, show me what a good little submissive slut you are. I went to the bathroom and didn’t bother wiping My Ass this time. You clean out Mommy's Asshole, boy," said Amanda as she tilted her hips backwards and spread her cheeks with her hands. david's tongue slithered up between her cheeks in and around the rim of Her Anus, "Back and forth. Side to side. Up and down. Now round and round. Now stick it right in. Deeper. Keep it there nice and deep. Now apologize to me."

"mmmphhh sooooiii" uttered david, saying "i'm sorry" as best he could with his tongue lodged up his Wife's Asshole.

"Fine. Now leave your tongue dangling out your mouth while I get off you." As She said that, She pulled Her Backside off david's face, leaving his tongue dangling out. "Off to the washroom, leave your tongue out there and wash it with soap and water before you put it back in your mouth."

"After that, I want that Tampax back in, and then an hour of corner time, like I told you how, except you can keep your new panties on... around your knees that is. Do it in the living room, opposite the front door."

"My Colleague from work is coming by in twenty minutes to drop off a gift she says she has for me, and for you too she says. I wonder what it is? And she will see you there, and you will present like that to her. You can be as embarrassed as I was. I had to disapprove your purchase and invoke your RD'ing right in the middle of a meeting with her. How embarrassing for me that an important business colleague, and a former RD to boot, knows that I can’t control my male properly! I told her that you were going to be RD'd and now by God she'll see I was serious!"

"oh no!" said david, but nonetheless hurried to do as he was told, and presented himself nose in corner as directed, awaiting in humiliated dread for the ring of the doorbell. He did not have long to wait.

Chapter 14: An Embarrassing Visit


"Coming!" yelled Amanda. "You don’t move a muscle, mister. Alison will see you just like that." She said to david. david quivered in mortification in his corner.

"Alison, hi! Thanks so much for dropping by! And, oh, You shouldn’t have! What's in the beautiful box? May I open it?"

"Of course. It's something that should come in very handy. A nice stout spanking hairbrush for your male."

"It's beautiful! I'm sure david will hate it. Thank you so much!"

"And here's the bad boy, nose in the corner, eh? I see you've taught him to do PROPER corner time, the Brideport method. We were taught in RD school that it's quite unpleasant for a male to stand like that for any length of time, but making them display their privates does drive the lesson home - teaches them their place, and right out there for a good whack if needs be!"

david whimpered.

"I read up on that one myself. But what do you think of the work of his RD?" asked Amanda. "Should I request her again?"

"Very nice," said Alison. "I see he's wearing panties and Tampax - good for teaching a lesson about not trying to act Female. I take it you'll decide when they come off? I see a good hard paddling, and some excellent cane work there as well. Those marks should last just under the two weeks. Your RD obviously knows her stuff. And I see he received a strict cane stroke across his scrotum, which must have hurt like the dickens, no doubt for some sort of minor disobedience, eh?"

"Not keeping his legs closed during his caning."

"Ah! Making the punishment fit the crime. Excellent. All around, I'd say you lucked out with the RD. I would definitely request her again. Likely sooner this time than last. And are you upping the Household Discipline as well?" asked the former RD.

"Absolutely. And thank you for that hairbrush. From now on, things will be very different around here..." said Amanda.


  1. Great work of futuristic femdom Utopia. I wonder if there is another chapter to this story. Been a fan for a long time miss Julie. This is my favorite piece of femdom literature, and I always come back to it. Thanks for keeping our minds dirty.
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