Saturday, December 22

Another Trip to the Massage Parlour

I've decided what I'm getting david for Christmas this year. Another trip to the massage parlour, lucky boy!
We haven't been back for a whole year now. You can read about our last trip in my post from over a year ago, Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking! I am planning on taking him tomorrow. I have a "couple-friendly" girl picked out and an appointment made.

He knows something is happening tomorrow, but does not know what. Hee Hee!

I've decided he's going to be dressed in a pretty pair of pink panties, and he will be wearing them on the table.

I'll make him beg the girl to peel down his panties and jerk him off. I think I'll let him cum this time. Except that when he's real close, I'll tell him he can only cum if he scoops it up after, puts in his mouth, and swallows every last drop in front of her. If he doesn't agree to that, well, I guess he's going home hard again. Ha Ha!

The website says she is girl friendly. Maybe little david will have to stand and watch, panties down around his ankles, while I get me some as well...


  1. Really an interesting predicament for david!
    If it was me, I’d readily agree to your terms before my orgasm, but I wouldn’t be so eager to fulfill my obligations afterwards. It’ll be interesting to learn how david’s going to react. Maybe his kinkiness isn’t so orgasm dependent (or should I say non-orgasm dependent) as mine.

    1. You definitely get Yours before he gets his Miss Julie. It's only fair and natural. :)

      Happy Holidays!

      Mr. Beth

    2. Ha, ritemate! He's submissive to me through and through and will do as he's told.

      And don't worry, I always get what I want!

  2. Psst!
    Hey, David,
    Why don't you tell how pretty she is.
    That will really p/o U-no-hoo.
    (But don't tell Her I said so, OK?)
    -a friend

    1. Ha Ha!
      I love putting david on the spot by asking him if he thinks this girl or that girl is pretty. It's fun to watch men squirm when you do this!

    2. Well, that sure back-fired, didn't it?

  3. Just hot pictures, ma'am.


    1. Thank you, ron, I always try to illustrate my blog with some visual candy I think my readers will like, and it's nice to know it's appreciated.

  4. Why not have yourself pampered a little bit as certainly deserve it ;)