Tuesday, May 27

New Adventure Coming Up

Yipeeee: I have a new adventure coming up.

I met a very interesting lady the other day. A recovering alcoholic, quite overweight, and with a blue Mohawk hairdo and some facial piercings. We got to talking. She was very open about her past life and her alcoholism, and she mentioned that she was a pro domme for a time (but no longer). Based on that past, and on how open she was, and that I just got a good feeling from her, and that we really had no shared circles of friends, I thought I could confide in her. So I did.

We went for a coffee and I shared with her how I spank and otherwise have BDSM-type fun with my husband. She was tickled and told me I did not look the part and she was quite surprised. She's a butchy type lesbian, but she says she very much enjoys domming men and misses that aspect of her past life. I asked if she wanted to come over and spank my husband sometime... (fingers crossed)

Well, on the spot she said she'd love to! She was going away for a bit but is returning next week, and so the fun only awaits the scheduling.

She is really not david's type at all, but I think I think it would be humiliating for him to be spanked in front of and by a woman he wouldn't choose to sleep with.

I have not shared this meeting and conversation with my husband yet. My thought would be to spring her on him as a total surprise, ideally with us "catching him" red-handed in some very compromising misdeed, and then role playing a scene with him.

Here's my plan so far.

I will arrange it for a day I know david is free, and confirm that with him, then tell him I have something fun planned for him. Then the day of I will tell david that we will have some role playing fun later that day. This is actually not that unusual. We are less spontaneous then it may seem and often we actually schedule our playtime - hey, we are both busy!

I'll tell him that he should find some dirty nasty porno on the web of women being spanked, put in bondage, degraded, fucked in the ass, and so on. I'll tell him that at exactly 6pm (or whatever) he should have a screen full of the stuff, with lots of tabs on the browser. He should be at the computer with his pants and undies down around his ankles and rubbing his dick, and to make sure it's good and hard, and a bit leaky if he can manage it, but not to dare cum. He should also have on headphones and be either listening to loud music or to a loud sex video.

That's when we'll walk in on him!

I'll go through the scene all in detail with my new friend, of course, so she'll know exactly what to expect and how to react.

david will have no clue, I guarantee it! He will assume that we will just be role playing the two of us by our lonesome, as we have not had much third person action recently at all. He'll be taken totally by surprise and off guard by my new friend's presence. And I think a bit intimidated by her size and demeanor. She definitely has the look of an angry feminist who could deliver a brutal beating to a poor boy's backside!

The setup will be that I have specifically forbade david this activity, especially in regards to viewing images that degrade women. david thought he could get away with disobeying me because I told him I would be home two hours later than I actually was.

david and I will discuss this part of the setup, as it would apply to a role play between the two of us equally well (and is a game we often play together).

The setup with my friend will be that we met each other at a meeting for a charity that helps abused women get a leg up. She will be a somewhat radical organizer of the group. I would like to become involved as a volunteer. We were planning to go out and discuss it, but they messed up our restaurant reservations so I invited her back to our house for a bite instead. She will not be amused when she sees my husband masturbating to images of women being abused!

I'll make him keep his pants down around his ankles as I scold him harshly in front of her. I will want to impress on my new friend how I do not take matters such as these lightly. I will tell her the methods I use to bring my husband back into line when he so severely misbehaves like this. She will applaud my methods and volunteer to help bring this potentially abusive male to heel.

I will let her know in advance that david can take a hell of a beating, and requires no warmup. Then I will sit back and watch the fireworks. I'll give her a safeword that I will use if I think he can't take it. I won't be quick to use it though. I want his little buns beat black and blue this time, and I want to watch him howl!

So what do you think of my plan? Awesome, no? Any additional suggestions for fun-filled activities for david during this scene... heh heh heh.

Monday, May 12

Naughty Cousin Role Play

There was an comment on my last blog entry regarding a man who was dominated by his older cousin and eventually got married to her. That reminded me of something in david's past. So I drudged it up for him and we did a very naughty role play around it.

This first part is true. david was very much "in puppy love" with his four year older female cousin, Margot. The would spend summers at the same cottage together, and he would admire her from afar in her bikini, sunning herself.

Margot was always the cool cousin as well, and would remember her little cousin david on his birthday and always get him a cool, grown up gift, such as some of her favourite music, for instance.

I've met Margot, of course, and while she has perhaps lost her teenaged figure and put on a bit of weight in the intervening years, I can still see david being a bit bashful around her.

The comment on my blog gave me the impetus to tease david about his childhood crush on his older cousin. I asked him if he fantasized then about getting a spanking from Margot. He said he was not yet into it at that age, but his wet dream was Margot giving him "her" for his birthday instead of an album. How very naughty! I suggested we role play, with me as Margot and david as his younger self. We talked about it a bit and tossed some ideas around, and then we did it. Despite how pervy it is, and with apologies to Margot, here is how it went.

I dressed down in cut-off jean shorts, a loose fitting shirt, and visible bra straps. We pretended david was over at his cousin's apartment on his birthday. I confessed that I had forgotten to get him a gift this year. He said that was fine, and he never expects anything, but is always grateful. I told him that doesn't mean he won't get a gift this year. I asked myself what does a boy david's age really want more than anything? I stared him in the eye and told him that this year, as his birthday gift, he could do anything he wanted with me for the next two hours. Anything at all.

david looked shocked. He said, "you mean, talk about anything, or like, play cards or something?"

I said, "No silly, I mean anything..." and I took his hand and put it on my breast.

david spent some time hungrily fondling my breasts through my shirt and bra. He was playing an eager boy. I told him to slow down and be gentle. "Would you like to take my shirt off?" I asked him.

He nodded eagerly. I took him by the hand and led him up to my bedroom. There he clumsily removed my shirt. "Kiss them" I told him. He leaned forward and kissed the tops of my breasts as he fondled my bra cups.

"May I... ummm... take it off?" he asked, expecting to be disappointed.

"I'd like that." I told him, enthusiastically. He pulled me towards him and made a boyish attempt at removing a girl's bra. When my breasts were finally bared, he sighed and then dove down and started kissing and sucking on my nipples. I again, gave him some basic instruction on pleasing a girl, and then enjoyed the groping and sucking.

"Why don't you take off my shorts?" I whispered to him. Like a shot, he went down and started undoing my shorts and pulling them down. Oops. No panties. I was bare naked and ready to be groped by a teenaged boy four years my younger!

He put his hand down between my legs, and his mouth came back up again. We faced each other and he started kissing me on my mouth as he grabbed my ass. We tongue fucked as he grabbed my ass and groped me between my legs from behind. He lifted his hand and gave my ass a light little slap.

"Ooooh!" I said. "You like spanking? Do you want to spank me?"

"ah... I mean.. oh... yes please???" He stammered back at me.

"Good!" I said. "Because I LOVE being spanked. the HARDER the BETTER!"

I led him to the side of the bed, and I draped my naked self across his knee to endure a spanking and no doubt more groping of my privates.

david spanked lightly and I made a show of really enjoying it. After a bit, I turned up to look at him and asked "How about you? Do you want a spanking from 'lil 'ol me?"

"okay" he said. Now that Margot had been spanked, getting spanked was clearly cool, and while david may not have admitted it before, this is really what he wants to do with a girl (at least now it is!).

I got up off his knee and turned the tables on him. Before I did, I made him undress for me. He had a pleasantly raging hard-on that "Margot" played with a bit before coaxing him across my knee.

I gave him a spanking with my hand. But hard enough to confuse my poor boy. It was "ouch ouch ouch" all the way, but he was getting soo excited all the same. He was squirming his little erection all over my thigh as he got his bum beat.

After a bit, david turned to me and asked, "can I put it in you?"

"No way," I said, "You're way too big and you'd hurt me," teased Margot. I decided that Margot did have some boundaries. "But would you like to learn about something that girls really like?" He answered that he would.

I moved him off me and scooted backwards. I guided his head to my pussy and told him "Go on, lick it."

He got busy down there. He pretended to be a bit clumsy, and I pretended to instruct him, and before long he was doing it perfectly. Honest to goodness I literally came three times as he was doing that. I am very multi-orgasmic when in the mood, and boy was I.

"Would you..." asked david tentatively, "do that to me? Please?"

"What?" I asked, in mock outrage, "You want me to take your cock in my mouth and suck you off???"

"I'm sorry!" said david, backpedaling fast,. "I didn't mean that. What I meant was..."

"Yummy!" I interrupted him, "Of course I would. I love doing that also."

We flipped places and I took his penis deep into my mouth, giving him a great blowjob. Now, isn't that what older girl cousins are good for, boys?

As his hips started getting insistent and he knew he was getting close, I pulled out.

"No. No. Please." He begged. "Please keep going."

I toyed with his quivery cock a bit and said "You know... That spanking thing?  Well I get really, really turned on when I spank a boy. Spank him hard I mean. Really hard. With a belt, or a strap, or a paddle, that sort of thing. It really turns me on when I make a boy's ass really suffer for me. If I were turned on like that, maybe I would be turned on enough to finish your blowjob and let you cum right on my tits, or onto my face, or even into my mouth. Would you do that? Would you take a hard whipping from me so that I can be that turned on that I would do that?"

"Yes! Yes!" He pleaded.

I rolled him over and stuck some pillows under his hips. I got up and went to my chest of tricks. I opened the top and inside were all manner of BDSM gear. It seams Margot has a kinky side. Margot, in fact, does this to random men for extra cash to get through College. But Margot LOVES her work! And Margot has never whipped a younger boy like david, nor a boy she is so fond of in a cousinly sort of way.

For the next half hour, young david was subjected to all manner of vicious but skillfully applied implements to his poor backside. Margot even had little david in tears at one point, but david did not want her to stop. But Margot knew how to keep david interested. For example, she made david take 25 hard cuts of the cane, after which he was flipped over and rewarded with enough of a blowjob to make sure he remained interested in finishing what they started. But just when david was reminded why he was doing this Margot stopped, flipped him back over onto his tummy, hard wet cock between pillow and his own thighs, and gave him 50 with the hardwood paddle, as hard as she could swing it! david was sobbing and his penis was all shrunken and shriveled by the end. But cousin Margot even put his little shriveled cock into her mouth, and made it stand up straight as a sailor again. But then it was right back over again. Ass up for nothing less than the strap!

After he was strapped until fiery red and bruised, Margot told david she had something that would make him feel good. She got out a vibrating butt plug, lubed him and it, stuck it in, and put it on high. david moaned in pleasure and started humping his pillows.

Then one last time I flipped him over onto his sore ass and took his cock into my mouth.

When he was very close I pulled out and cruelly said "Finish it yourself." david's hand dove for his cock and he started rubbing it, just like the teenaged boy he was pretending to be. Margot stood there with a superior expression on her face and watched as david disgraced himself all across his tummy and chest in spurt after spurt after spurt.

So that was our role play. Here are some random thoughts of mine related to it.
  1. Role playing is fun. It's fun to not be yourself for a bit.
  2. The more naughty and taboo the role play, the better as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Yes, I did let david spank me during the role play, but Margot made up for it in the end.
  4. I would never give a man that I was not in a relationship with, even if I liked him a lot, that "gift".
  5. david would have actually loved to have received that as a gift, for real, and is confused why women are so cruel as to never give a guy what he REALLY wants in those situations.
  6. Margot had an ulterior motive all along. Some gift!
And now a question for you, blog followers:
  • Why didn't Margot finish david with her mouth as she sort of promised she would, but made him use his hand on himself at the end instead?
(there is no right answer, but I'm not exactly sure why I did it that way either so would love to hear your thoughts!)