Wednesday, December 28

Date with Sister Set

The date is set! david will get humbled in front of, and by, my sister Sue. Phew! I feel like I have been working towards this for over two months, with all sorts of ups and downs along the way (mostly inside my own head!), and now it will finally happen. Yay!

I discussed boundaries with Sue over the phone. I made some notes to discuss with her, and I took notes during the call thinking of you all. It's pretty good! This is what we agreed to (I have systematised it, as the call was a bit all over the place - but very fun and giggly, so no problem there).
  • No sex at all for either of us while she's here (i.e., no making him lick our pussies or anything remotely like that).
  • No special sexy outfits (e.g., "sexy nurse") or clothes off for me or Sue while she's here.
  • Wants me there at all times when she's here.
  • Humiliating little girly outfits for david are fine.
  • Humiliating positions (e.g., corner time) are fine.
  • Total nudity for him, front or back, is fine.
  • His erection won't be a problem (we agreed to laugh about it, not compliment it!)
  • Spankings from me while she watches are fine.
  • Spankings from her while I watch are fine.
  • Any position for him for his spanking is fine, including over each of our knees (I had to assure her his penis would not leak pre-cum when over her knee - hope that's true: leave it to him to ejaculate all over her lap now that I've said that...).
  • Any implement, and anywhere on him, is fine, so long as there is no chance of real damage.
  • Touching of his private parts by either of us is ok, subject to next few items.
  • Bum play is fine (exposing him, or sticking things up there), but I would have to do the honours, and she would watch (or hold him). And if there's any mess I would have to deal with it alone. Ha Ha!
  • But not ok using or watching me use the strap-on dildo on him.
  • Making him masturbate while she watches is ok.
  • Watching me give him a "milking" is ok as long as it's not explicitly for sex (i.e., used only to humiliate him, or get rid of his erection), but she would not do it herself.
  • If he ejaculates, he must clean himself completely before she will have any contact with him.
  • We agreed on a "code phrase". If either of us states "he's had enough" that we would stop right away and wrap things up.
Those are the rules. Seems like there's plenty of leeway in there to be creative!

Hoping eventually I can get a couple of the rules relaxed, but I was not pushing at all, believe me, just asking questions and recording. Very professional! I didn't think I would get anywhere near this much out of her. Thought a little over the undies spanking might be all she was up for to start. Guess not!

We are all three of us off work on Monday, January 2, so we thought we would get things going then. Ring in the New Year a little differently. New Year's resolution to spank him like sisters! I am expecting her at 3pm. Will have to plan it all out. Don't want to push my luck and do everything on the list. I figure I should take it a few steps at a time. Nice to know the boundaries, though, in case the muse gets me in the moment!

Any suggestions for what we should do on our first encounter??? Please leave comments! I promise I will answer them all. I need your creative juices guys (I know - ha ha)!

Tuesday, December 27

Childhood Spankings

For a change of pace, I thought I would recount some memories of my childhood spankings. There aren't many women posting their memories on their blogs. I know david quizzes me endlessly about my childhood experiences, and wants all sorts of details, so I figured some of you guys might be interested also.

Oddly enough, david was never spanked as a child, but I was! Talk about unfair, eh?

First Spanking

My earliest spanking memory was my Daddy pulling me over his knee because I had been walking around with a sniffly nose and I guess I was refusing to let anybody blow it for me. I have absolutely vivid memories of that spanking, though I must have been only about five years old.

It was in his bedroom and he was sitting on the side of his bed. Mom was there as well, looking disapprovingly at him - I guess she didn't approve of me getting spanked for that. I don't recall what I was wearing, but I do recall him lowering my panties to just below my little cheeks. I don't remember anything about the actual spanking part - it must have been very mild and very few swats. I do remember crying and getting hysterical, running to my room afterwards, shutting the door and barricading it with my toys.

Then Daddy pushed his way into my room. I was very scared of him just then. But he was calm. He told me that I should not put things in front of the door like that in case there was a fire and he wanted me to be safe. Then he told me that he lost his temper and that he was sorry, and that Daddy needed to take an aspirin.

Ha Ha! Big disciplinarian!

Christmas Spanking

I remember a spanking he wasn't sorry for at Christmas-time. It was Christmas Eve day, and we were going to be opening presents later on. I think I was about 8 years old, and I was sharing a room with Sue at the time. We were both sent to have a nap, but I was very excited and could not sleep, and kept gabbing away to Sue. I remember Daddy coming in twice and telling me to go to sleep. Sue also tried to get me to hush up.

The third time Daddy came in he took me out of bed, put me over his knee (in just my panties) and spanked me. It was just a few little swats. Just enough to make the point. But it was in front of Sue.

I thought it was very unfair. How could you ask a kid to nap before presents?

Yucky Peas

Another spanking I got, this time from Mom, was during Easter. I was probably 10 years old or so. I remember we had cousins from out-of-town staying with us. At dinnertime one of the dishes was peas. I hated cooked peas (still do). I had a huge heap on my plate but did not touch any of them. When it was time for dessert, I was told I had to eat my peas or I would not get any. I guess I was stubborn, because everybody else was eating dessert while I was sitting there staring down a plate of peas.

I was still there as the table was cleared, and still there once all the dishes were done and put away. My Mom came over and yelled at me, told me she was fed up and put some peas on my spoon, and tried to push them into my mouth. I knocked the spoon away and the peas went flying around the room.

Mom hauled me off my chair, put me across her lap, and gave me a long hard spanking. I remember it was worse than any spanking I had ever gotten before, from either Mom or Dad. I had a dress on. The bottom of the dress was flipped up over my back and my panties were hauled down my legs. It was just with her hand, but on my bare bum, and in the dining room, and it hurt.

After my spanking I was sent to bed, and I cried myself to sleep.

Next morning at breakfast my mom got the dinner plate out of the fridge and put my plate of peas in front of me. I remember my cousins were just about to get started teasing me so I gobbled the whole plate down and said how delicious they were.

First Fem Dom Experience

I once saw my boy cousin get the belt.

We were at Uncle Fred's cabin. Susan, my cousin Greg, my little sister Nancy and I were all sleeping in the same room in sleeping bags on air mattresses. I was 10 and Gregory must have been 8 years old. He was hyperactive and was bouncing all around the room, bugging us. Uncle Fred came in a told him to settle down. He didn't settle down. He kept bouncing around the room and I remember him bouncing onto me, which was annoying.

Sue got up and told Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred came back into the room, took off his belt, grabbed Greg and put him across one knee, and used the doubled-up belt on his pyjama-covered butt. He got beat about a dozen times and was in tears before Uncle Fred let him down and yelled at him to settle down or he'll get worse.

Greg settled down after that, but we could hear him crying for the next ten minutes.

I remember being a bit scared of Uncle Fred after that, but also thinking that Greggy got what was coming to him.

Sunday, December 25

A Wooden Spoon from my Sister

As I related in my earlier blog post, Exposed to my Sister, I spilled the beans to my sister Susan, and hoped that she might be interested in some more active participation. That was about a week ago, and I've heard nothing since. Until last night that is. Turns out Susan has just been playing coy and was planning a Christmas surprise for david and I all along. My sister is great.

Christmas Eve went as planned, with about a dozen guests over at my place. We opened gifts in the living room around the tree after dinner. It's all very organised, with little elves handing out gifts one at a time, and then everybody getting up and kissing the gift giver, and on to the next gift, and so on. I played head elf.

When it came to david's first turn, I got one of the kids to hand him his gift from me to open: his new apron (see my Christmas Eve Aproning post for that). I made him put it on, and then in front of the whole family I thanked him for all the help with the housework. I told him I loved him and gave him a big kiss. He endured a little choice teasing as a result, mainly from my younger sister and brother. Younger sister asked "does he do windows?"  Younger brother looked to the side at his girlfriend and said "whi-ipped" in a stage whisper, and she suppressed a laugh. Sue said "well I think it's sweet." I thought I might have seen a bit of a blush there on david!

A few more gifts were exchanged, and when it was david's turn again he opened his gift from Sue. It was a set of wooden spoons! Nobody else thought anything of it, except maybe that it was strange that david, who never cooks, gets a set of cooking utensils. Sue said "Julie can show you how those should be used. Or, if you like, I can come over and show you also."

Before david had a chance to react, I quickly jumped in with "go kiss Susan, david, for the nice gift" (the same thing we had been telling the children all night. Ha Ha!). david went over and Sue turned her cheek to him, and david planted a big kiss on her cheek, and definitely did blush!

Unfortunately, the evening was over before we could do anything with those spoons (Sue had to drive Mom and Dad home - drats!). I did get her alone a bit, and chided her for being so evil. She laughed and said, "I know what you wanted when you told me, and I'd be happy to lend a hand anytime. Just say the word." OMG. Does Sue know me, or what???

Did I mention that my sister is great!

By coincidence, I was looking at updates from some of the other blogs, and Andy had posted the below on his Merry Christmas post. The moment I saw it, it reminded me of david receiving those wooden spoons from Sue. It was like him being publicly outed in front of the whole family, but with only him, Sue, and me knowing! I imagine he felt like I had dressed him up and sent him out there to open up his gift from Sue, just like in the drawing. I altered the drawing a tad to fit the sit better (no disrespect to the artist!).

david receiving his gift from my big sister Sue in front of my whole family

Saturday, December 24

Christmas Eve Aproning

Once of david's gifts, that he will be opening tonight in front of my whole family, is a new apron from me. Ha Ha! He should be getting lots and lots of blushy-faced teasing! I will insist on him modelling it for us and having plenty pictures taken. I plan on publicly thanking him for his recent commitment to doing more than his fair share of the housework (everybody knows my job is more demanding than his, so it should not be a huge surprise).  It's not exactly a woman's apron, but I picked one that looked pretty darned pansy-ass. Ha Ha again!

(Not quite this one, but similar, with a pattern and a bow)

The whole family is coming over to my place this year for xmas eve dinner. We're more European tradition, and the big dinner and gifts are exchanged tonight (david's family is tomorrow). Susan is coming, and my Mom and Dad, and my little sister Nancy, her husband, and her young'uns, and my younger brother Steve and his girlfriend, and my Aunty, and Nan. Phew! Will be a full house. The women are coming over earlier to help prepare. david and I will be tidying up the place before that, and I still have to do some shopping. Hoping I can get a quick spanking in on david before they show up. There will be plenty of cause today! I think the "man" apron will make him blush nicely for me. Hope that blush is caught on camera for posterity.

While I was in the shop, I also bought a very traditional women's apron. He won't be receiving that gift in front of the family. That one he gets from me privately afterwards, and I'll tell him he can thank his lucky stars I didn't get the gift packages accidentally mixed up (assuming I don't, that is)!

He gets to wear his "man" apron when the extended family or my friends are over. He will be wearing his woman's apron when I tell him to. I am picturing pink panties and bra going very nicely with it, and nothing else. Or just plain nothing else, and having his bare bottom right out there for me to smack! Hopefully Sue will be enjoying that sight of him also.
(The whole apron idea was inspired by the above image Scally used on his Women Supporting Women blogpost, which also continued to encourage my thinking about involving my sister. Thank you, Scally!)

On the topic of my sister, there has been lots of comments and private emails on my previous blog post concerning her, and the hits are off the charts. Very overwhelming! Thank you for the feedback. I'm surprised how many spanked hubbies (and wannabes) have the fantasy of wives introducing their sisters into the mix. It seems to be an extremely powerful fantasy based on the response. Lots of people saying how they would love to do it, but are afraid to go there, or their wives would never do it. So I am more determined than ever to get this thing done. I strive for the 99th percentile, always!

So far Sue has not mentioned anything more about our little talk. Boo. And she has had opportunity. My next plan is to get her a little tipsy, and then ask her if, as a favour to me, she might be ok with watching david receive a spanking. I'll just explain that it would turn him on and deepen his submission to me, that it is important  to me and would be a huge favour, and ask her if she might help in that way. How can my big sis refuse me?  I don't think she will. But you think she would have said something by now. Maddening. I will need to get her alone, which might not happen for a few days. I am determined, though, and it will happen.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Monday, December 19

Exposed to my Sister

I have been pondering this one for a couple of months now. Should I let my sister know about the new dynamic in my marriage? Well, for better or for worse, the cat is now out of the bag, and I'm not sure where it's heading.

Let me first tell you a few things about my older sister Sue. I am very close with Sue. She is a few years older than I. I confided a lot in her during a troubled time in my past. She is divorced and we wind up spending a lot of time together as a result. Until a few months ago, we told each other everything important in our lives. I had been holding back on this new thing with david, wondering how to break it to her, worried about how she would react, and worried about whether I was being fair to david telling her.

Sue was over for dinner last night with david and I. I invite her over fairly frequently, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, as she has mostly given up on the dating scene for the time being. I cooked (no, I don’t trust david with that, and besides, I enjoy it), and we also opened two nice bottles of wine, which no doubt contributed to my courage.

I had spanked david earlier in the day for food diary (another 'C') and laundry not put away, and had him do some plain jane pants-down corner time (I was too preoccupied with what was to happen that night to be creative). I told him that Susan was coming over later, and I expected him to be on his very best behaviour.

Dinner was completely normal. It was after dinner when I stepped it up a notch. I had been screwing up my courage to do this for a long time, and had been threatening it to david as well. While I never truly asked him, david did not object to the threat of it, and I know he thinks Sue is hot (she looks a lot like me) and fantasizes about threesomes (not going to happen!). So, with the help of a bit of alcohol, I took the plunge.

When dinner was over we got up and Sue started to clear. Normally it is Sue and I who will clear and load the dishwasher while we chat, while the "man of the house" goes off and does as he pleases. Not this time. This time I told Sue to leave it, that david will take care of it. She resisted, but I pressed the point, and actually took the dishes out of her hand and put them back on the table. She just looked confused. david clearing?

As soon as I said david was to clear, he got up and started doing it. He also told Sue it was no trouble at all, and she should relax tonight for a change. Poor dear was trying to make it seem normal. I think he knew what was going to happen.

Sue and I went into the living room. I called david away from the clearing up to serve Sue and I an after-dinner drink. After both were poured, I told david "Thank you. You may go back to your chores now. Come back here after you’re done and sit with us." I could see a blush rise on his face right after I said all this.

"You have him well trained" is what Sue said. Perfect! "You don’t know the half of it." I told her. "We'll wait until david is back and I'll ask him if it's ok for me to tell you the rest."

Sue looked very intrigued, but didn’t press. I changed the topic and we chatted for a while more, sipping our drinks.

When david was done he came into the living room and sat down.

I turned to david and said, "I'm going to tell Sue now. Is that ok?" He hesitated a bit, looked down and said "yes ma'am". That was his official chance to object. I would have stopped had he done so. Sue looked more and more curious.

"What's going on?" she asked.

I told the story to Sue with david sitting there. "Two months ago, david brought me a hairbrush and asked me to put him over my knee and spank him with it, for real. I tried it, and I liked it. Ever since, I've been taking charge more and more, as you can see. I wanted you to know, because I felt bad you not knowing this about our lives together." I know those were pretty much the words I used, because I had rehearsed them beforehand.

"So you spank him when he doesn’t do as you say?" she asked, sounding pretty skeptical.

"Yes. I use the hairbrush mostly, or a leather strap if I need it".

"You're joking, right?"

"Nope. For real." I answered

I then told david to leave us, as we wanted to talk. I spent the next two hours with Sue, discussing this new thing. By the end of the conversation I had told her everything I had neglected to tell her during the last couple of months. I even told her about last Saturday's bra and panty treatment. I did not tell her about the more intimate things in the bedroom, as I had never gone into those sorts of details with Sue before. She did seem very curious about the women's underwear I sometimes have him wear for punishment. "David in panties? And a bra? I can't imagine that!" she kept saying.

At first she thought it was pure kink. And she knows me well, and it is mostly that. But a real FLR element has come into our marriage, and I wanted her to know that was for real. She wondered how it could be punishment if he wanted it. I explained to her what I have slowly come to understand myself. He craves discipline from a woman, so I give him what he wants and in exchange I get good behaviour. Part of the deal is that if he ever really screws up, he submits to a disciplining he does not want. I told her with me it's an all-or-nothing proposition. He takes it all or he leaves it all. I also confided in her how empowering it is for me (and Sue knows all about my past history). By the end, I had her understanding and respect for our choice, and we felt closer to each other again.

As Sue was leaving, I called david down to say goodnight to her. david was looking a might, shall we say, sheepish! Sue hugged him and said "You’re a good husband to Julie. Whatever works for the two of you is your business. I won’t tell anybody."

But she just couldn't resist: "Not even about your little panties." she teased. He blushed! I love that he blushes easily. My blushing little bride.

There it is. Nothing outrageously kinky, I'm afraid. A little teasing. A lot of humiliation for david. It took what I have with david to another level, and that is very exciting for me.

Now we'll see what comes of Sue knowing. If she never mentions it again, neither will I. If she shows any kind of interest on the other hand, and I think she will, I will escalate. It is sooo hot for me. I will give her a chance to see him be spanked, and do corner time, in panties and a stuffed bra. I will also offer her the chance to spank him as well, totally bare-butt, or even buck naked, across her knee. I am dying to hold him in place like in this exciting sketch, and watch her beat his butt dark red with the hairbrush as his private parts dance across her lap and his butthole puckers for her to see. I am so bad! Why does this turn me on so much????

Let's see how it goes, but things could get pretty interesting around here...

Wednesday, December 14

The Bra and Panty Treatment

Happy to say the strap worked wonders on david. He has been at least trying with his food and exercise now. Last Monday he received a 'C', and I got around to punishing him for that on Saturday.

I'm not really mad at him for a 'C', because his trainer's standards are very high. But I think one thing that motivates david is the notion that if he does keep trying, he'll keep getting weekly domming from me, which he craves. If he slacks off, and earns another F, I'll have to give him the strap, and I know he does not want a repeat of that last strapping! But a 'C' isn’t and 'A' or a 'B', so some punishment is due.

One of my blog readers suggested that david might do corner time holding up a coin with his nose against the wall. I really liked that idea, so I wanted to work that in. I have also been getting increasingly fascinated with the idea of cross-dressing him. I don't exactly know why, but I like to see him in women's wear. I certainly have been threatening him with the "bra and panty" treatment for a while, so I decided that plus a bit more was going to happen as well.

Now, I can pretty much tell from his reaction to being pantied and skirted before, and by talking with him about it afterwards, that he is not a cross-dresser. What I mean is that he does not get turned on or otherwise enjoy wearing women's clothes for its own sake, but he is thoroughly humiliated by me making him wear women's clothes, and the humiliation is what turns him on. It's a nuanced point, I know, but one I use to my advantage!

On Saturday afternoon I set him to some chores around the house  (I love being a domme wife!) and told him he better hop to it because I would be dealing with him for the 'C' as soon as he was done and he didn’t want me in a foul mood while dishing that out.

He was pretty quick and thorough with his chores, and came to me afterwards for his punishment. I took him up to the bedroom, and told him for his 'C' he was coming over my knee for a hairbrushing and then he would be standing in time-out while I did some shopping at the corner store. I know what went through his mind; he thought he could get away with something while I was out of the house. Ha Ha! I also informed him that before his spanking and during his time-out I would be punishing him with a full bra and panty treatment, with hose and heels thrown in for good measure.

He looked pretty unhappy with that suggestion. Goody!

First I selected a lacy black panty that we had bought at his rather embarrassing trip to the plus-sized women's wear store. I made him strip and then put them on. Next I told him to pull on my thigh-high fishnet hold-ups and then came one of my lesser strappy high-heeled black sandals. His feet were much too big for them, but we managed to stuff his toes in. His heel overhung the back, but that just made it harder for him to walk. He resembled the below image I found on the Web, though his legs were not as nice!

Then I got out my red and black lacy bra, and put that on him. It was a tight squeeze, but it made it around him all right. He didn’t quite come up to my cup size, so I stuffed his tits with a bunch of Kleenex. Ahhh, memories of middle school!

I must say, he looked delightful! It turned me on, anyways. I particularly liked the red blush in his face. Ha Ha! I made him walk back and forth, teaching him to cross one foot over in front of the other and sway his hips like a runway model. He wasn't trying hard enough, so I went into the bedside drawer and got the strap out.

I didn't even have to say a single word! Suddenly he's wiggling his tits and hips and walking up a storm and saying "not the strap, please!" Each time he lost a shoe I would raise the strap and see him cringe as he hurried it back on again and continued his sashaying.

I LOVE my strap! I LOVE that he is so scared of my strap! I've decided I'm never going to use it for a casual punishment. When I feel I need to use that strap again, I guarantee he will continue to fear it.

When I was quite finished amusing myself with his runway antics, I told him to head downstairs, get the folding chair, and put it in the middle of the living room. He struggled down the stairs in those too small heels, but he was safe enough, grabbing onto the banister the whole way down.

The living room has lovely bright windows, so I like spanking him there, though david does not seem to. He is worried somebody might spy on him getting his spanking. Poor little muffin pants!

I got his hairbrush, and came down after him. I sat on the chair, pulled him over my knee, and gave him a good old-fashioned hairbrush spanking. His panties had ridden up a bit, so I aimed at the exposed lower parts of his cheeks. I loved the effect of the fishnets biting into his thighs, and the beautiful white target area between the tops of his stockings and the bottoms of his panties. I also enjoyed looking up his back, and seeing the black bra strap biting into him as well. Unfortunately, my bad boy was not able to keep his heels on, so I gave him a few extra strict ones on the backs of his legs, just above his fishnets, to punish him for that.

When his lower cheeks were nice and red, I yanked his panties down, and worked the rest of his ass with that brush. I like spanking him right into the cleft between his cheeks, as he seems very tender in there. To do that, I used my left hand to push his cheeks apart, exposing his little bum hole, and spanked right up and down inside there. I would love to give him that kind of spanking in front of Rebecca, or my sister (still undecided on that one!), as I know it would mortify him completely.

For good form, I scolded him for his 'C' and then told him to stand up, pull up his panties, get his heels back on, and go stand facing the wall. I told him his punishment was not over yet. He still had a very uncomfortable time-out left to go.

I moved a cardboard "Banker's Box" in front of his feet, and told him to stand behind that. I then put a coin against the wall, and told him to press his nose against the coin and hold it up (thank you, Frank!). I then got a short length of nylon rope and tied it around his wrists behind his back. I sail, so I tie fast and my knots are good. If that coin were to fall, there would be no way he could get it back up in position with his hands tied behind his back.

I told him I needed to run down to the corner store to get some milk. If that coin was on the ground when I got back, he would go back over my knee for a repeat of his hairbrushing, and then he would have to spend a whole half-hour in the same time-out position. If he dropped the coin again after that, it would be the strap instead of the hairbrush, and then we would be repeating the whole punishment again tomorrow, and I didn't give a damn who was coming to visit!

He was so precious in his fishnets and heels, his little panties, and his tight, stuffed bra, bending over, ass sticking out, trying to keep that coin from dropping with his nose. For good measure, I lowered his panties down to the tops of his fishnets before I left.

I was very slow and deliberate leaving the house, and coming back in, but in between I hurried to the corner store! It was only a block away, and I got back in less than 10 minutes, but I'm sure it seemed longer to my poor baby!

When I got back, his legs were shaking, but the coin was still in place. Yeah! He also complained about his back hurting. Cry me a river. I'll have to get Rebecca to focus more on his lower back muscles. He's obviously a bit underdeveloped there.

Before I let him out of time-out, I got his diary and initialled his 'C' with a notation "h-brush + b&p time-out". I told him that if Rebecca asked, he needed to tell her that it stood for "bra and panties time-out". I told him I won't tolerate a liar, so he better tell her the truth. Have not had the de-brief from that one yet. Will let you know.

After I was done punishing him, I took him by the hand back upstairs (still dressed all girly) and sat him on the side of the bed. I then put my strap-on around me. From the first moment I saw him in those girly clothes I wanted him kneeling in front of me, taking my strap-on in his mouth. I told him what I expected of him, and told him that if he was not sufficiently enthusiastic about the sucking, he would be belt whipped.

He sucked really well and his reward was that he got to bend over for a rough doggy style fucking up his ass, still in his bra and fishnets. I pulled his hair and called him my bitch. Then he was required to lick my pussy until I was satisfied.

For his satisfaction? I took him over to the toilet, made him stand in front of it, and masturbate himself. I told him that if he even got a drop on my fishnets there'd be hell to pay! His panties were long gone, but he still had on his bra, minus some of the stuffing by this time. As he jerked, I fondled his balls, slapped his backside with my hand, and spoke to 'her' as if she was a naughty, slutty girl. He came quickly, but did not get it all in the water, splatterring the back of the toilet with his cum. I pretended to be cross with him, and told him that 'potty training' will be starting tomorrow. Ha Ha!

Saturday has been turning into punishment day. I love punishment day!

Friday, December 9

Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking!

I took him to the massage parlour for his spanking and got more than I had bargained for. It turned into a very public affair! But more on that towards the end.

As I described in my last post, I had arranged to go to a naughty massage parlour with david. I told him it was "a treat" for him. Oh, he was plenty suspicious all right! Earlier in our marriage I found out that he still frequented such places. I put a stop to it at the time (amidst much drama), and he has not been since. He was very confused with me wanting to take him. I explained to him that it was not his going that bothered me, but his sneaking behind my back. So long as I took him, I wanted to show him that it was ok. He was still suspicious, and rightly so!

The place is in a little industrial park on the outskirts. We got there five minutes before our 4 pm appointment. I rang the doorbell and we got buzzed in. There was a female attendant at a desk near the door. She had a big grin, as in "oh, so you’re the wife who booked a massage for her man!" I had to pay that lady a relatively small sum at the door, and ascertained that the extra fee for the "VIP Special" would be paid to the girl herself. The lady asked us to have a seat, as they were just trying to arrange for their larger room for us.

david and I sat in the little lobby. It had a big screen TV and some magazines. He and I sat there, and I can tell you my pulse was really racing! I am starting to like the thrill of these "outings!" What was very funny was watching male customers who had finished their "massages" come out of the corridor where the rooms were, and then try to skulk out through the lobby without making eye contact at all with me. Ha Ha! I openly stared at them with a little disapproving look on my face. They were probably cheaters, like my husband had been.

Then our girl, Robin, showed up and introduced herself. She was a very pretty brunette, dressed in lingerie and a nightie, with high heels. She looked very fit and toned, but also a bit nervous (join the club!).
She led us down the corridor with lots of doors on either side, and conducted us into our room. The room was very clean (much to my relief), dimly lit, and had a massage table up on a raised floor surrounded on two sides with huge mirrors. The room had a shower and a sink also. There was also a chair for me to sit in. It was not crowded at all. It is larger than the other rooms, according to Robin. Robin told david to have a shower and lie down on the massage table, and she would be back in a couple of minutes. Before she left I asked if she and I could maybe have a quick word together. She readily agreed. We stepped out into the corridor as david stripped to have his shower.

Out in the corridor, she said that she had never "worked with" a couple, or even had a woman as a client before, and asked what I was expecting. I told her that she would not be massaging me at all, it was going to be all about him and I would just watch. She seemed very relieved by that. On home ground was the sense I got. She asked if I wanted her to make him cum, and I told her no. He's here to get a good teasing. She looked a bit intrigued by that, so I went on to tell her the story about how he came to massage parlours behind my back, and while there is nothing wrong with him coming to one, he should not be doing anything behind my back. She agreed with that. I told her I wanted to teach him a bit of a lesson, and would she help? Yes she would be happy to, she said! I told her that he thought this was a treat for him, but it was actually just going to be a big tease and then I'd take him home. She loved it! Based on her reaction, I asked her if it was ok if halfway through I gave him a little spanking over my knee? Her exact words were "Absolutely! He deserves it!"

After exchanging a hug with Robin, I went back into the room, and watched the last bit of david taking his shower. He came out and dried himself, and asked if this was really for real? Poor baby looked so confused! Yes, I said, she's going to massage you while I watch. I told him that I hope he appreciates me. He said he did, he really did, and I think he started thinking at that point that it was for real. Naive boy.

He lay down on the massage table, face town, all bare, with his little backside on display. I asked if he was supposed to be naked like that, and he assured me that this was the drill, at least as far as he remembered, as it had been so long since he had done this. Ahem! His bottom and legs were back to their pristine state after almost a couple of weeks of no spankings at all, and I silently looked forward to reddening his backside while Robin watched.

Robin came back in and went over to david, and began rubbing his shoulders and back. david moaned a bit with pleasure. Robin told him what a lucky guy he was, having a wife who would treat him like this. She went on about how it's not every guy who had such an open-minded wife, and he should count his blessings. She turned and asked me if I wanted her to take off her clothes. I told her she should do whatever makes her feel comfortable. In a second she pulled off her nightie, showing her bare breasts, and tossed the nightie at me! I caught it, and we exchanged a big smile. She had a gorgeous body!

She started rubbing him some more, and dipping her breasts down so that her nipples touched his back. She went all up and down, massaging and touching his ass and legs. She also let her long hair fall down onto him and caress him. Wow. Was I ever learning some tricks from her! No wonder guys go to these places! She was a real pro, and had him moaning in pleasure.

She reached down between his legs, and he moaned and writhed on the table more and more as she did that. She spread his ass cheeks, looked me straight in the eye, and then blew on his asshole. The little minx! This was actually fun watching her working. She seemed to get a real delight having me watch her. Such an exhibitionist! I was getting pretty hot and bothered myself, and I don’t go for girls at all, but was maybe reconsidering my position on that just then!

"What do you think?" she said. "Yeah, I think so," I said back to her. She told him to stand up and he was all "huh?" She tugged a little on his arm, and I got up and grabbed his other arm. We were both very gentle with him. He had a BIG hard on. She said that she hears from me that he comes to massage parlours without my permission? Is that true? He stammered out a confirmation. She said "before I keep going, I think there's something your wife wants to do first..." david did a little look at me. I said yup, get over to this chair. I sat down and  reached into my big bag and pulled out his hairbrush. "Oh No!" he said. "C'mon," said Robin teasingly, "time to pay the piper!" But I could tell he was super excited, and super embarrassed all at once!

He draped over my lap very submissively, much to Robin's delight. I could feel his rock hard penis pushing against my thigh. I started spanking his bottom with his hairbrush, and he obliged me with a few little kicks and squirms and complainy-sounds. I went pretty light on him, because I didn’t want to scare off Robin. She was standing there with a big grin on her face, in nothing but panties and heels, totally comfortable in her skin (I wouldn’t be that secure in myself, standing almost naked like that - she sure was, though!).

I wound up giving him about 50 whacks, getting a bit stricter once I saw how ok Robin was with it. I also scolded him during the spanking, re-iterating that it was not ok for him to come to a massage parlour without my permission, to spend our money like that. To cheat on me with another woman! I got a lot of "yes dear"s, and "I'm so sorry"s, and "never again I promise" out of him. I think he was "playing it up" a bit for our audience. I liked it though.

After I was done, I asked Robin if she would like a turn spanking him? She said sure. I offered her my chair, but she said no, bring him over to the table. david looked a bit confused, but she took him by the arm and bent him across the width of the table. As she did this, david had a little worried look on his face, and then Robin said the best thing. She said "Don’t worry, baby, I didn’t bring my strap-on with me today". Oh dear! I couldn't see his face, but he must have been blushing at that one!

She jumped up on the table and straddled his back (david's feet are still on the floor, draped across the width of the table if you can imagine the position). I offered her the hairbrush, and she took it, and started smacking his bum and saying "Bad Husband! Bad Husband!" She was hitting him very lightly. I doubt she's ever given a proper spanking to a guy before, or used the hairbrush. I didn’t want to tell her anything, though, and just let her carry on, loving it as my boy squirmed under her weight.

When she was done, she got him back up on the table, this time face up. david was still very, very hard. She started rubbing his legs, and his tummy, and his chest, rubbing near, but never quite touching, maybe just brushing past, his hard cock. Sometimes her hair would brush past it, or he might get a little breath on it. Sometimes the tip of her nipple would touch it. david was getting very excited. Breathing hard. Bucking up his hips. Moaning like a slut. When she teased, boy did she tease! World-class tease, I'm sure! david asked her, "may I touch you?" Robin said, "It's up to your wife. Can he touch me?" she asked me. "No." I said.

Then she whipped off her panties, and tossed those at me as well, and jumped up on the table, straddled his head looking down his body, and put her shaved pussy right above david's head, shook it a little, and said "See what you’re not getting? I bet you want that, don’t you? I bet you want to fuck that!" Then she slid her body on his and got him really excited. At times her pussy was inches from his lips, but he didn't dare try to stick out his tongue to reach it. Good thing too. Had he done that, I would have stopped it right then and there, taken him home, and strapped his ass until he couldn't sit for a week!

She hopped off the table, and cradled his balls in her hand and said "Are these all full up? Do you 'wanna cum? Huh?" Then she grabbed his cock, and started rubbing it and making moaning sounds herself. David started saying "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" and before long "Oh! I'm 'gonna cum!"

Then, all of a sudden, she stopped rubbing, turned to me, and asked. "What do you think?" I said, "Yeah, that should do it". david said "NO!!! PLEASE!!!" Ha Ha! "OH PLEASE LET ME COME, PLEASSSSSE!". Ha Ha! No, she said, your wife decides if you cum or not, not me, and she says you’re not cumming." He turns to me and says "PLEASE HONEY!!???". "Hmmmm... Not today... Maybe next time." "PLEASSSS!" he pleads. I'm adamant. Nope, you're getting punished this time. Maybe next time.

Get up she says. Time's up. david stands up looking very miserable, with a GIANT hard-on! I get the VIP Special money from my purse, hand david one bill at a time, and tell him to hand it to her and say thank you. Each time he hands over a bill to Robin I give him a huge, hard as I can, spank with my hand just as the bill change hands. David jumps and his hard penis jiggles up and down. Robin is grinning the whole time.

Then I tell him to get himself dressed. Robin says he can have a shower if he wants. david looks unsure. Then Robin "remembers" and says "Oh I guess you didn't get goopy at all, did you? Guess you don't really need a shower, do you?" Robin dresses back up in a jiffy. As david is dressing, I'm chatting with Robin. I ask her what the work is like. Is it dangerous at all? She says "No!" I ask what happens if a guy gets a bit aggressive? She says she loves putting them in their place, that it's her favourite part of the job.

She asks me if david has always been like this, or did I make him like that? "A little subby you mean?" I ask. She says yeah. I told her it was a little of both. He started out subby, and I made him more subby. "Do you do other things to him?" she asks. I ask her what she means. She says, "you know, other subby things." Oh sure, I say. He gets the belt and the strap. I dress him in a little skirt and panties and make him do the housework. And he takes it in the mouth and the ass from my strap-on. She gets a funny look on her face, I imagine it was a "I wonder where I can get one like him?" look. david is very, very mortified to be totally "outed" like this!

So it's over, right? Not quite! Believe it or not, there is still the most amazing part yet to come!

We open the door to leave, and coming out a door exactly opposite is the attendant lady. She asked "What was going on in there?" with a knowing grin on her face. I told her I gave him a spanking. She said she could hear that. Then another girl comes out of a nearby door. "That was a spanking?" she asked. Robin answered, "yeah, she spanked him. That's his actual wife. He's a cheater, comes to massage parlours behind her back." Just then yet another woman walks towards us. "What a pig!" she says, "I hate cheaters!" Apparently 5 pm is shift change, and all the girls were finishing up and new ones were coming on!

Well before you know it, there is Robin and four or five other girls gathered around in the narrow corridor. I make david turn around, and put his hands up high on the doorframe. Then I get my hairbrush back out of my purse and spank him over his pants! I notice Robin puts her hand over his to hold them there. I think david must be in humiliation heaven! The other girls are egging me on "Spank that cheater!" they say. It's not meant in a kinky, playful way. They're serious! I actually hear real vehemence in their voices. I guess these girls know that the vast majority of their clientele are cheating on their wives or girlfriends, and they are facilitating it, which must be very compromising for them. They are really enjoying watching this one cheater get his comeuppance from his lawful wedded!

In the exchange, Robin explains another couple of times to this girl or that that I am his wife, and that he got a spanking in the room. One girl asked "did he get to cum?" and Robin said "no. She wouldn't let him. He's going home hard." That got a big laugh!

He got fifty against the door frame, and then I packed up and pushed him ahead of me (yup, gave him a real shove and a "get going mister"). At the door, there was Robin, and I gave her a big hug and a thank you. david asked her if he could give her a hug as well. She said no!  I said goodbye to her and the attendant, and that was our massage parlour adventure.

By the way. When we got to the car I opened the passenger side car door for him, pushed him in, and drove him home myself! Nobody was looking, but I just wanted to!

Reality. Wow! You can't make this stuff up!

Tuesday, December 6

Massage Parlour Spanking

I decided I'm going to take david to a massage parlour, and spank him in front of the sex worker! Should be fun. More on that below.

First, I wanted to catch you all up on things. It's been pretty quiet this past week.

The good news is that david received a 'C' on his food diary. I can leave my strap in the drawer this week.

He told me how he handed over the food diary to Rebecca, and first thing she did was turn back a page to check for my signature on the previous entry. She noticed it there, and also the "75 w/ strap" notation, and commented "You got the strap, eh? Did it hurt?" david had to admit that it did! She commended him on his work, but gave him only a "C" because his diet was not up to her freakishly high fitness-girl standards (not even I eat that well!), and reminded him to get it initialled by me again this week.

I haven't spanked david since that strapping, as I am waiting for all the bruising to go away. It is mostly gone by now. I only see some small residual discolouration where the bigger bruises were. He's ready to be spanked again anytime now.

Actually, I kind of enjoyed not being allowed to spank him. He back-talked me once last week over kitchen chores (it was pretty minor, but all the same, it was back-talk), so I sent him to stand in the corner. He was thinking about complaining, and I asked him if I needed to get my strap out? No Ma'am, I certainly didn't! Ha Ha! And he went shamefaced into the corner. I didn't even make him pull his pants down, or anything. Nothing "kinky" at all. Just pure me asserting my dominance. It was wonderful. I set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and told him he could leave the corner when he heard it ding, and that I expected a better attitude about kitchen chores after that or he'll be getting to know that corner very intimately indeed.


I have been plotting my next outing, to keep things lively for my boy, and had an idea.

He told me early on, before we were married, that he had been to some of those massage parlours (where sex workers give men a hand job - yick!). Don't worry, I've had him tested for STD's, because goodness knows what else he might have been up to! I had him spill the whole beans to me and tell me how it works, so I know "the drill".

About a year into our marriage, he was in bed with me, and he didn't want to make love, but I was feeling frisky and went to put him in my mouth, but something was strange. There was some residual massage oil on him. I'm very sensitive about smells and tastes, and picked up on it right away. I was pissed off at him, and we had a big fight where he admitted he had kept going to massage parlours even after we were married. Well, you can imagine it was a big drama at the time, but that was a couple of years ago now, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't been since, so he's now forgiven, but now that our marriage has this new dynamic, I think I'll punish him for it after all. Thought I should make the punishment fit the crime (ok - and he will likely get a kick out of it, and maybe I can put the whole massage parlour thing behind me).

My idea was to bring him to one of those places as a "gift", and sit there and watch while the sex worker rubs his penis. Then, when he is hard and ready to spurt, I'll make her stop, take him over my knee in front of her, and give him a strict spanking for having cheated on me at a massage parlour. Then I'll drive him home while he's still hard.  That'll learn him whose in charge! And depending on how I'm feeling afterwards, I'm not ruling out giving him the strap.

I've already initiated it, and it looks good so far. I found what looks to be a fairly high class place on the Web. On the web page it says they have friendly female managers. Sounded good! I phoned and got a very nice and open sounding lady, and asked if they ever have couples where the wife just watches. The lady on the phone said not usually but that they could definitely accommodate that, but that I would have to pay a "VIP Special" fee. Expensive, but worth it. My, I am bold!

I asked for a particular lady whose image I saw on their web site because she was the only one dressed in leather. I also asked the lady on the phone if this one was a good fit. Would she be open-minded? She assured me she would, in such a way that I got a good feeling about her, Did not broach the idea of the spanking, I figured I'll play that one by ear, maybe get a moment alone with the lady before we start and check it out with her. Offer her a bit if a tip, maybe. If she's not cool with it, I can still pull him off the table before he spurts, and call that his punishment, with a big reference to the spanking he'll get when I get him home. I sure hope we can't get thrown out of a sex place!

That massage lady was only available during the day this week, so I checked david's schedule (told him I had a surprise for him) and booked their latest appointment on Thursday, at 4pm. I'm very excited. I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, December 1