Saturday, September 21

Punished in his Cage

As I described in Locked at Last!, my husband and I (ok, mostly me!) decided to play with a chastity device. The scene was punishment for having peeped on my sister-in-law five years ago (true story), so the cage was therefore sized for punishment.

We had purchased the cock cage the previous evening (in an embarrassing, for him, outing), and taken it for an experimental spin to make sure it was safe. I then laid down the law for him regarding his punishment the next day.

When next morning rolled around, I reminded him that it was punishment day. I sent him to the shower, and told him to make it freezing cold. He got in there with warm water and gradually turned it down until it was as cold as possible. He was yelping, and I kept him in there a little longer than he wished.

When he emerged, I was ready for his caging. I kept him standing as I slipped it onto him. I was kneeling (both knees) at his feet, as if it was a blow job, but I was actually locking him up. I used a bit of lube on the tip and squeezed the end of his cock right in deep. Then I tugged his balls way down while putting the ring around the base of his cock. I squeezed the ring shut with one hand while I locked the device together with my other. The cold shower had done its job and kept him from getting much of an erection during this operation (although there was the start of one).

"All day long," I told him. "Then you get back here after work, clean your asshole out and shower, then go to the corner in the living room, naked, and wait for me. When I come get you, I'm going to give you the strapping of your lifetime, and then make you give me head and then fuck you silly with my strap-on. If you're not 100% obedient and not enthousiastic like a little cock whore, I'll keep you in it for another 24 hours and we'll try again. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said, and then grimaced with pain. I think I had made him a bit hard with my strict words!

I left him to get dried off and dressed while I made us some eggs for breakfast. He was walking gingerly already when he came down and sat on the high kitchen stool.

I came with him to the back door where he goes to his car (I take public transit, prefer it, and he drives to work). I made a show of unbuttoning a couple of buttons from my blouse and attaching a gold necklace around my neck with his cock cage key danging down into my cleavage.

"I'll be wearing this all day long, right until I unlock you," I told him, as I pulled my blouse apart so he could see. I then fastened the remaining buttons on my blouse which hid the key from sight.

He groaned. He was in pain from being erect again.

I gave him a kiss, pushed a spare key into his hand, and said "if you need to...". He said "thank you" and kissed me on my cheek. I thought it was sweet that he was willing to try for the all day lock up, but given how tightly his cock was locked, I thought it wise to "give him an out". During the remainder of our scene I did not know if he kept himself locked up all day or not and did not ask.
[In fact, I learned afterwards, after a couple of hours he removed it and then put it back on again just prior to returning home.]
I stayed at work until about 6pm, and got home by around 6:30. When I walked in, david was naked (other than his cock cage) with his nose in the corner.
[He had put the cock cage back on at around 5pm, just before leaving work - he had gotten home at 5:30, was ready by 6:00. and had been standing in the corner for about 30 minutes before I arrived - a very painful and stressful 30 minutes, as he did not know when I was coming home, but was determined to play out the scene properly - perhaps to make up for his failure to last the day - in his cock cage and with his nose in the corner].
I was still in my work clothes which consisted of a cream coloured blouse, a pencil skirt, and heels.

I did not go to him right away. I walked around a bit first, looked at some mail and flyers, checked my emails, and then went up to him. I put one hand on his ass, and reached my other around to his caged cock. I gave it a shake and a squeeze and he moaned in pain.

[He had been in his tight cage for about an hour and a half at this point. He told me after that this was the absolute worst 90 minutes as he kept getting "excited" on his drive home, while preparing himself for me, and while standing interminably in the corner awaiting my arrival. His penis was throbbing and his testicles were in pain.]

I made him turn and face me.

"Look at you. That is completely pathetic. Look at that tiny dick all locked up."

Just look at it! Ha ha ha ha!

"Are you sorry now that you peeped on my sister-in-law?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered, clearly he was in pain.

I was a bit worried about him, "you know you have a safe word," I told him.

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am." OK. I trust him to make good decisions about his health.

I walked around him handling his cage.

I mused, "Do you know about elastration, david?" I asked. "It's used to castrate livestock. You have a device with four points on it. You put a tight elastic band on it and stretch it out. Then you slip it over the genitals and release it.

"It cuts off the blood flow. The genitals turn black and they just fall right off after a few days. I wouldn't want that to happen to you, sweetheart," I helpfully added. He looked very nervous!

"Bend over the back of the couch," I told him, "I better hurry and give you your strapping now."

He gingerly bent over the couch. I went upstairs to the bedroom and brought down the heavy leather tawse and some other equipment.

I went behind him. His legs were spread and his caged cock and balls were hanging down, dangling freely in the air. I thought it very obedient of him to spread his legs and offer up his caged cock and balls to my strap like that.
[He told me later that he wanted to tuck them away, as he usually does, for fear of them being struck, but that it was too painful for him to lie on them at all, and the only way it was manageable was to let them dangle freely between his legs, not touching the sofa at all.]
Despite the tempting plums dangling between his legs, I nonetheless targeted only his ass cheeks with the tawse. I took my time. I swung hard each time. I scolded him for his transgressions. By about 20 strokes he was blubbering and apologizing. By the 40th stroke he was sincerely begging. I ended his strapping at a round 50, by which time I would describe him appropriately as "frantic".

I put the strap down and picked up my short handled narrow riding crop.

"Reach behind and pull your ass cheeks apart!" I commanded (you know my tricks now, readers!). Given that I was intending on fucking him later, I thought I would make sure he felt it. I lined up and whipped his anus. In between strokes, I gently tapped the crop against his testicles. The gentle caresses to his testicles seemed to bring him more pain than the full-force whipping strokes to his anus! I put away the crop and inserted a butt plug into him. I like to loosen him up before his fuckings.

I stood him up. He was a mess! His nose was running with snot and there were tears in his eyes. He looked scared.

I whispered to him, "Not in scene now, do I need to release you before I fuck you?"

He clearly wanted to go for it, I could see it in his eyes, but he said, "you had better Ma'am, I'm worried..."

"I'm worried also," I said. I knelt down to inspect his caged cock and balls. They still looked pink and healthy, but he was in a lot of pain, and he seemed to be scared at this point.

"Go upstairs. I'm going to take it off you before I fuck you."

He looked very relieved, and moved slowly and painfully up the stairs. His butt was plugged deeply, and his ass was completely red and strap-marked, but it was his oh so precious genitals that were troubling him the most.

I followed him upstairs. I removed my shoes and my blouse, leaving on my skirt and my lacy cream coloured bra. I ceremoniously removed the chain with his key from around my neck, and knelt beside him.

"Now, if I remove your cock cage, are you still going to be eager for my cock?" I asked him.

"Oh yes Ma'am! YES! PLEASE!" he said, enthousiastically.

"Are you going to suck my cock like a porn star?" I asked him.

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Are you going to moan like a little slut in heat while I fuck you? Are you going to wiggle your little tail on my cock trying to get yourself off?"

"Yes Ma'am. I promise I will!"

"Beg me for it," I commanded.

"Oh please Ma'am. Please! May I please suck your cock? I promise I'll suck it like a porn star. And then would you please fuck me in the ass. Fuck me hard."

"I will," I said and I proceeded to unlock his cock cage. When he was free he looked so relieved and his cock immediately sprang to a full erection, even bigger than I had ever seen previously!

I then took off my skirt and put on my strap-on dildo. I knee-walked up to him on the bed and made him suck me from the side. He was very eager! I moved to the head of the bed and sat up against it. He crawled between my legs and started sucking me off in earnest. I had to remind him to make eye contact with me as he gave me my blow job, but other than that he was definitely behaving like a porn star!

Next I put him on his back and elevated his hips under a pillow. I removed the butt plug and inserted my strap-on dildo. It went in quite easily as he was stretched and missionary is a good position for him. I still had my bra on and I refused to take it off. He loves it when I fuck him with my bare breasts showing, but he had not earned that, and I told him as much. He agreed with my assessment.

He was true to his word and he moaned for the cock, and he begged for the cock, harder and deeper. When I wasn't pounding his ass he was wiggling around on my cock, in a great imitation of a girl trying to get herself off, trying to hit "the spot". It was a long and hard fucking but he seemed to enjoy it, judging from the moans and how hard his cock remained (it does not usually stay that hard during a pretty severe ass fucking).

I spasmed several times as I simulated an ejaculation deep into his bowels, and then I pulled out.

"What a good girl," I told him as I patted his cheek.

I took off the strap-on and my panties, and  pulled out the Hitachi vibrator from my bedside drawer and I plugged it in. I mounted his face, facing down his body, and told him to lick out my asshole.

I could feel his tongue working its magic in and around my asshole. I flipped on the Hitachi and got myself off while enjoying the tonguing.

When I was done I told him he had been a good boy and had earned his orgasm. I dribbled lube in his cock and told him to jerk himself off. I insisted he keep his tongue buried deeply in my asshole and in motion as he did so. I was treated to the sight of my man jerking his cock. It was not too long until he exploded all over his tummy. I dismounted him and fed him all his semen from my fingertips.

All in all, a fun time was had by all!

Friday, September 13

Locked at Last!

Finally did it! Finally got my man properly "locked up". And let me tell you, it was pretty darned sad and pathetic. Ha ha!

It started with a tweet from Mistress Violet:

I saw that tweet, and that triggered me. High time my david spent a full day locked in chastity for me! That set in motion a series of events which I will now describe.

As a bit of background, we had not experimented with cock cages at all before now. It was mostly that neither of us wanted to see my husband locked up like that for any serious length of time. He enjoys jerking off occasionally all by his lonesome, and sometimes so do I (blush!). If we "catch" each other at it, it's a good excuse to spank! But we had never ruled out putting him in chastity for a "scene", just had not gotten around to it, until now.

There's one evil little thing he did once upon a time that he has never been punished for, and I thought finally punishing him for that would fit in well with the whole chastity thing.

It was actually back in 2013. david had setup a little webcam in our TV room to test it out, as my parents wanted some way of monitoring the cottage over the winter. He showed it to me and I knew what he was doing, but it did not enter my mind at all for what comes next.

Legit, unbeknownst to him, my younger brother's younger-even-than-him wife was in Toronto and wanted to stay with us. We'll call her Tiffany. Close enough. She reached out to me and I of course readily agreed. The TV room has a pull-out couch and doubles as the guest room. By the time david came home, she was already moved in and had already changed her clothes and all. The webcam was not at all noticeable, being on a shelf with an XBox Kinect thing, and she was not tech savvy at all, clearly. david knew the moment he walked in that the webcam was there (I had totally forgotten), and he now claims that he was too embarrassed to tell her and remove it, so he just left it there. Do we believe him? Hmmmm?

After she left, he told me about the webcam being setup in there the whole time and how he was too embarrassed to remove it. I thought it was funny, and playfully insisted that we see what it had "captured". It had a memory card and recorded on the card 30 seconds or so around any movement. david uploaded the video and poured over a couple of hours of video to pull out two "choice" sequences.

In one he saw her tits, and the other, her ass.

Tiffany's actual tits and ass.
Screenshots from the video he kept.

I am a TOTAL PERVERT, so I made him jerk off to these two sequences while I egged him on. "Isn't Tiffany pretty, david... oh no, she's not going to pull her pants down will she? Oh no! You can see her bare ass, you naughty boy... Do you want to fuck that? Do you want to fuck that ass? And now that bra is coming off, isn't it... oh my! There it goes. There's her tits, just swinging out there in the wind..." I made him watch and jerk until he came all over himself, and then I put him across my knee and spanked him for forgetting to put the camera there and not having the courage to tell her. But in truth, I was just as bad, which is why maybe I never posted about this incident until now (it was in November of 2013 - no posts about it at all, which is unusual - I guess I was ashamed!).

BUT... perfect fodder for a "punishment chastity" scene, don't you think?

I told david about the scene I had in mind, and he was all for it. It would start with a public outing to the sex shop where we would acquire the cock cage in question. I did a bit of research and found the right place. When we went one evening, I was happy to see an outgoing and kinky looking female attendant there to assist us in our purchase.

david put on an appropriately downcast expression. I took him by the hand right up to the attendant.

"Hi," I said, "I'm looking for a cock cage, for this one," I added redundantly, indicating my husband.

"Sure, I can help you with that," she said very professional. No smirks or anything at this point. She took us to a section of the shop where there was a reasonable selection of cock cages to choose from. "Have you anything particular in mind?" she asked.

"Well, it's a punishment for him, so I want it to be a bit uncomfortable," I said. It did not phase her at all! I guess she's seen it all.

"This one's pretty small," she said, indicating a metal one. "It's the smallest we have in stock."

It was the one shown above. It was pretty small! 3.5" in length. And as you all know, david is pretty big... I asked to see the next size up. She had a larger metal one (6 rings) and some larger plastic ones, but I opined that those did not look enough like a punishment to me, so we decided to buy this one and give it a try. I was pretty sure that when he was flaccid I could stuff him into it, but goodness knows what happens if it grows.

During the entire purchase david was not invited to say a word. I gave him the package and told him to pay for it. The same lady who helped us also checked us out.

I decided to explain to the lady what he was in trouble for. "You know, he's been masturbating to, get this, video of his sister-in-law getting undressed." I gave him a smack on his ass as I said that. "How long should I keep you in that cage? A day? A week? A month? Answer me."

"As long as you think, Ma'am..." he said, obediently.

"And while you're locked up in that, don't think that I won't be getting any," I added. david looked downcast at this.

The saleslady maybe smirked a little during all this. She seemed to know we were playing, but did not seem eager to insert herself at all. It was still fun to say it out loud, though.

I took him right home and we broke it open. I told him we would take it for a spin for an hour or so tonight, and if it seemed safe, the next morning he would be in it all day long (a work day), and be punished in it at the end of the day.

I made him strip and I tried to get him into it.

To my surprise, it was a very tight squeeze to get the cock itself into the cage. The inner diameter of the cage is only about 1.5" whereas the diameter of his flaccid cock is naturally 2" (as we found out - I measured!).

But, his cock is a bit squishy and it was possible to squeeze it all in there until the circumcised tip nestled right up against the end of the bars with his peehole right where it should be. As I was doing this he became a bit hard, which was actually a bit helpful for this "stuffing in" part of the operation.

Once that was on, it was time to fasten the ring around the base of his balls. That part is only about 2" in diameter, which it turned out was just barely enough. I was careful to pull his entire ball sac through (leaving nothing behind!) and then clamped the ring around the base of his cock. It naturally closed leaving about a half inch gap. However it was easy enough to squeeze it shut. I first used my fingers on top, but some skin got caught, so I used my other hand from below, squeezing it shut as I pushed the loose skin down so it would not be pinched.

Next I needed to push the tab attached to the cage down around the tab on the ring and push the metal pin through. It was a bit of a trick to bend his cock so that the two came together, but as soon as the tab slipped over the tab it was already pretty secure. I drove the pin home. You can see how that goes here.

Then I attached the little lock and clicked it shut. CAGED AND LOCKED!

Oh my gosh how I giggled once he was in there. I immediately grabbed my camera and told him I needed a pic to send to my sister! He protested weekly but was turned on by my sister seeing this, so acquiesced. And here is what I sent her!

"Guess who's been a bad boy?" I texted her along with the photo.
"OMG! Poor David!" she texted back. "You crazy kinky kids," she added.

I wiggled it and jiggled it, caressed his balls and licked his tip. That cock was going nowhere! It was reluctant to get hard, but it tried to, or so he says. He claimed it was throbbing, trying to get erect, but you could barely see owing to the tightness of the fit. I guess you could mostly see it in the tip of his cock which would bulge out the sides and ends of the cage even more when he was trying to get erect. He reported that at those times it really throbbed for him and was considerably more painful while that was going on, including testicle pain. Although it did not really tug on his balls that much, as the ring around the base was so tight that it really left no room for expansion at all.

I wanted to keep him in it for at least an hour or more tonight, so I kept him bottomless as we watched TV (watching that pixie show, "Carnival Row" on prime. It has Faerie sex scenes!)

I checked on his cock periodically, and checked in with him. It seemed to stay nice and pink (normal) coloured. No signs of any bloodflow being interrupted despite the tight fit. He reported increasing, but tolerable discomfort. Every now and then I made him "hard", but as I mentioned, you could barely see, as the cage was so tight, The worst thing he reported was skin soreness at the bottom of his cock near the rubber-covered hinge. I can live with that. In fact, I kept him in it for two full episodes of Carnival Row. He survived ok.

I took him back to the bedroom and went to get the key. I pretended that I could not find it. Ha ha! He got so angry with me! "Oh Julie! How stupid!!!" Tee hee hee hee. We discussed how maybe we could cut it off with pliers or something. I told him worst came to worst I would take him to the emerg and have a Doctor cut the lock off. I'm sure they could do that.

Or maybe the triage nurse would say that was no emergency and make an appointment at the clinic for a week Monday.

He was looking genuinely worried and offered all sorts of helpful suggestions on where I might have stashed the key. When he was not looking, I suddenly "found" it. He was so relieved!

I went to take it off. For real this time, I put the key in and tried to turn it and it did not turn. "Don't break it, don't break it!" he said, picturing that trip to the ER. I did test it before I locked him! I wiggled it a bit and it unlocked. Phew! The lock came off and the pin came out quite easily. I fairly easily separated the cage from the ring. I gingerly opened the ring that was around the base of his testicles (as he was ouching and crying out a bit), then fully removed it, and then popped the cage off his cock. He lay there on the bed looking extremely relieved, and his cock grew to a full soft erection. I checked the skin everywhere, especially around the tight base ring, and everything was perfectly normal, the big baby!

"How was that?" I asked him.

"It was really uncomfortable," he said.

"It's not supposed to be comfortable. It's supposed to be punishment. For peeping on Tiffany and jerking off to her five years ago."

"But you told me to, you were in on it too. You egged me on," he whined.

"That's immaterial," I said. "We're talking about your behaviour today, not mine. You should never have put that webcam there in the first place, you should have removed it as soon as you realized your mistake, and you should have erased the memory card. We can talk about my role in it some other day."

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"So, for your punishment," I said (his cock twitched a bit at the word punishment), "tomorrow morning you're going to take a very cold shower, and then I'll lock you in your cage. You won't have a key. You won't be able to take it off. I'll wear your key on a little gold chain around my neck, and play with it all day long."

"Oh no. I don't know if I can!" he said.

"You can, and you will," I responded. "And when you get home from work, I want you to take off all your clothes, clean out your ass, shower, go down to the living room, and stand with your nose in the corner until I come and get you."

"Yes Ma'am."

"When I get you, I'll bend you over the back of the sofa, cock cage and everything, and give you the strapping of your life with my heavy leather tawse."

"Oh fuck..." he said, quite spontaneously.

"Oh fuck indeed," I answered. "because after your strapping I'm taking you to my bedroom, putting on my strap-on dildo, and you'll get down on your knees and give me a blow job like a fucking porn star. After that I'll lay you down on your back on the bed, put a pillow under your hips, put your legs in the air, and fuck you in the ass missionary style."

"yes ma'am," he said sheepishly. His cock was rock hard from my words.

"I'll have my blouse and bra off so you can see my tits, like you saw Tiffany's, while I sodmize you. Your little cage will be bouncing around on your tummy. I'll have the chain around my neck, with the key dangling between my breasts as I jackhammer that tight asshole."

"Now look at me," I said, "this is really, really important." I held his chin in my hand and forced deep eye contact between us. "If you are not completely obedient tomorrow, if you lack the smallest amount of enthusiasm for my cock, if you don't moan in pleasure and beg me for more cock like the biggest little slut in the world, I won't unlock you, you'll sleep with it on, and we'll do it all over again the next day."

"Yes ma'am," he said.

"No. I'm completely fucking serious about this. You will have zero warning and zero feedback. I decide at the end, after you've been fucked, if you deserve to be unlocked. Do you think I'm serious about this?"

"Yes Ma'am," he answered, earnestly.

"I am dead fucking serious. You'll spend another 24 hours in your cage, and then get strapped and fucked again, and you had better be obedient and enthousiastic that time or we'll do it yet again. Now one more time, do you think this is something I am capable of? Is this something you think I am serious about?"

"Oh, yes Ma'am," he practically cried. I could tell from his eyes he knew I would do it (and I would).

"On the other hand," I continued, "if you're obedient, clean, and enthousiastic, then after your fucking I'm going to sit on your face and let you eat out my asshole as I unlock your cage and free your poor pathetic cock. Then I'll let you jerk off with your tongue up my ass. Now Bedtime, sweetie. Sweet dreams," I said as I patted him and kissed him on his cheek.

[to be continued...]