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Sandy's Story - Anal Sex

As you know if you've been following along, a lovely young couple, Sandy and Tom, have been receiving some coaching from me on how to get vanilla Tom to satisfy spanko Sandy's cravings. I knew from the start that Sandy was very anal erotic, and we had an exercise that included some OTK fingering of Sandy's bum by Tom. She took one finger ok, but had trouble with two. Nonetheless, Sandy still fantasizes about receiving rough anal sex from Tom.

After our last exercise, as told in Sandy's Story - Implements Exercise, I prefaced the instructions as follows.

You're almost ready for me to kick you out of the nest! But let's make sure Tom knows how to safely play with implements before then.
Then Sandy, at the end of her email recounting the outcome, wrote,

P.S. Tom and I do not want to be kicked out of the nest, though we understand if you have to. Can you give us another exercise? Maybe something around, oh gosh, bum fucking?

I published that post very soon after I received the email, finally catching up to the present. I thought I would tease Sandy a bit about the bum fucking. I deliberately made little comments, and posted some images/gifs/movies of rough bum fuckings tagging Sandy in my post Thoughts on Sexy Images. For example,

Speaking to Sandy here.
Is this what you really want from Tom young lady?
You'll look and act just like her, you know.

Some friends of the blog helped that along as well, such as Tanky who responded to small-dick-david recounting how he once bought a riding crop at a country tack shop.

The bridal range is much more affordable and varied than in inner-city stores as well, and most women prefer it to being held by the ears.

Sorry, bridle range! Damn auto-correct...

(That was a pun in case you missed it. He was talking about the product range of horse bridles available at a rural tack shop, and punned 'bridle' with 'bridal' deliberately - Sandy seemed to enjoy the two images Tanky immediately brought to her mind, and no doubt blushed at the marriage reference as well, seeing as how she and Tom are as yet unwed).

[By the way, Tanky recently posted a fun/odd story on his blog about me that is half-created by an AI! See A PERVERT ROBOT HELPED ME WRITE STRICY JULIE FANFIC!]

I kept the kids waiting for a while to make sure I could blog this one in "real time". Eventually, Sandy grew impatient and sent me a pleading sort of email:

Hi Julie,

Despite all your efforts to scare me off, I am still eager to try anal with Tom (and have it done by him a bit more dominantly).

We could obviously try it ourselves, but we both think we really need you to guide us through this process of taking my anal virginity.

Would you please? Pretty please. You can blog about it. We'll do it however you say.

Thank you,

Sandy (with Tom)

Isn't that the sweetest (and most desperate) sort of thing you've ever seen? How can I not? So let's see if we can't fully satisfy that greedy little asshole of yours, young lady 😈.

I decided how I wanted them to proceed and wrote up a long and detailed reply. It will be a difficult session for Sandy, but I know she's up to it.

In the below, some of the images I included in the email, and others I'm adding in now.

All right, guys, if that's what you want, Sandy...

Seriously, of course I was teasing. Anal sex can be almost completely pain free if you are properly prepared. And the preparation itself is half the kinky fun. Let's make sure we do that first, and discover your sensitivity. Later on, if you want it, Sandy, you can skip steps in the prep and make it a bit more "challenging" for yourself.

A little basic anatomy first.

The anus has two sets of muscles: the voluntary ones (the external anal sphincter) and the involuntary ones (the internal anal sphincter). They both have to relax. You can control the external ones (like when you're trying to hold it in, or trying to poop), but the internal ones have a mind of their own and need coaxing. But as long as the external ones are clenched, the internal ones won't release either. There's a lot of musculature there, and there's no way to safely pry it open. It needs to be coaxed.

Once you're passed the anal sphincter there's a big empty cavity. And then, maybe around 4" in, right at the very tip of a finger, there are more structures called the "transverse folds", or the "rectal valves".

They can squeeze the rectum shut to support the weight of the poop before it descends into the anal cavity at which point you really 'gotta go! These are purely involuntary muscles and need to be coaxed to relax as well. It's about 6" or so up to the sigmoid colon where it bends, but it's all pretty stretchy, so people do push past that but it may feel impossible, so don't push it.

Ok, onto the deeds.

First, we need to make sure you are very properly cleaned out. I want Tom to give you a good, embarrassing, enema.

Tom - enemas are very closely adjacent to the spanko kink, and are with Sandy. In some spanking novels, the girl is "punished" with an enema by her mother.

We'll make Sandy's enema a bit of a punishment.

Sandy, you need to acquire the necessary gear. Here's a picture and a link on amazon:

If a similar thing is available at your local pharmacy, you should absolutely buy it there, Sandy, and checkout with your favourite lady. You need not say even a word. She'll know right away! Add a little tub of Vaseline as well and have some water-based lube handy.

You also need to acquire a set of training butt plugs. Here is one I found online with a link to give you the idea.


In this set, the smallest is only 1" wide at its widest, which should be tolerable to start.

If you could also get one with a vibrating function, you should get that also. Something like this:


The vibrations are great for loosening Sandy up even more prior to taking the penis.

Finally, it would also be useful to acquire a couple of penis-shaped dildos. One noticeably smaller than Tom, and one approximately the same size (not bigger).

It would be fun if you have a nearby sex shop you can go to and explain to the shop attendant exactly what you are up to and what you are looking for.

Ok, training day, let's get going kids!

Tom - pile a few pillows on the bathroom floor and put a big towel or two to cover them up. Sandy will be kneeling across those, supporting her own weight on her hands and knees, and may collapse a bit onto the pillows as she wishes.

First, Sandy, make sure you are as cleaned out behind there as possible using regular means.

Tom, fill the enema bag with a mixture of a mild, natural liquid soap (just a tiny squirt will do) and warm water. Give it a good shake. Close it off and attach the hose clamping it shut using the included clamp. Put the longer attachment on the end (the one with the multiple little holes). Hang it up nice and high using a bent wire hanger. Then unclamp it and let it flow into the tub or shower until it flows freely. Experiment with how much flow you get at various clamping settings. Clamp it shut again.

Sandy should strip and kneel across the pillows with her head low and her bum high.

Tom, coat Sandy's anal entrance and a little bit inside the hole with Vaseline.

Sometimes what comes out can be a bit burny ("ring of fire" sort of thing) and this will protect her. While you're at it, use one finger to loosen her up a bit as you did before. In and out. Rotations. Finger fucking.

Then coat the nozzle with the water-based lube. We don't want a lot of Vaseline on the nozzle as it will clog the little holes up. Insert it very gently all the way in. Don't force it any point. If there is resistance it's because it's misaligned. Experiment with different angles until it slides in freely.

Sometimes some "inadvertent" genital touching is unavoidable

Now unclamp it so it flows freely. At a certain point Sandy will cramp up a bit. Stop the flow completely and let it settle. You can rub her low belly gently, and also a little pussy play helps in my experience. Once it's settled down, let it flow again. Experiment with half-settings on the clamp, monitoring how full the bag is to make sure it's emptying. Stop it completely whenever Sandy asks and settle her down again. But try hard, Sandy, to take the full bag.

This is the same position you will be in, Sandy.
Nice and submissive.

Once it's all in, Tom, slowly remove the nozzle. Be careful as Sandy may spurt out her bum. Sandy, clamp yourself shut tightly. Tom, take the smallest butt plug, coat it with lube, and insert it into her bum.

Now, Sandy, stand up and hold the butt plug in with your hand. Tom, you need to be the enforcer here. Make sure Sandy holds it in for FIVE full minutes. This will be difficult for Sandy. Expect complaints and a little poopy dance in front of the toilet. Sandy, I need you to be submissive here. You may not go potty until Tom allows it. You will not be injured by this, despite the discomfort. Tom, you be the judge. Either five minutes or when the begging and crying and pleading becomes intolerable.

Then Sandy should sit on the toilet and release the enema. Expect it be very smelly and very disgusting! Sandy, make a few "courtesy flushes" along the way. Decide amongst yourselves if Tom should be present to watch (extra embarrassment and intimacy), or wait outside the bathroom. As you sit on the toilet, it will come dribbling out for quite some time.

When is mostly done, repeat the whole procedure twice more with warm water rinsing enemas. Tom, make sure all the soap is rinsed out of the enema bag. Also clean her bum and reapply Vaseline.

If the water coming out is clear at the end, you are done. If not, administer as many rinsing half-bag-enemas until it comes out clear.

Sandy will then need at least 30 minutes of recovery time lying on the bed with a towel under her (or an adult diaper or puppy pad if you want to go there).

Sandy may need a shower. And Tom, you should do a final soap and water cleaning of Sandy's anal-genital area.

That anus should be clean enough to eat off of now! Tom, if you ever wanted to try rimming Sandy with your tongue, now is the time (and highly encouraged to get her in the mood).

Let's now get into the stretching portion. Use lots of lube on Sandy's hole and the toy both, and insert the smallest plug. Once it's in there Sandy should clench and relax, clench and relax, around it to tire out those muscles. Leave it in for a good five minutes, then, Tom, give her a gentle little fucking with that plug, taking it all the way out and all the way back in again. Make sure there is always plenty of lube.

Patience is key here. Don't go on until Sandy wants to.

Then go on to the next size up plug and repeat it. It will be a bit tight getting the thickest part of the plug past the anal ring. Sandy, just breathe deeply, don't clench, and make like you're going potty. Nothing will come out as you are so clean up there. Let it sit in there a bit longer.

If the vibrating plug is the same or a bit bigger than the middle plug, use the vibrating plug now. Get it up in there and turn it up to max and just leave it there for 10 minutes or so.

Then do the largest butt plug and let it get comfortable inside of Sandy. Have Sandy gently sit on it to work it up deeper.

These butt plugs can be used for many exciting things going forward. Sometimes the plugs are used as punishment themselves. 

Tom, it's very embarrassing for a girl to be plugged like this as punishment. You can have Sandy do corner time while a plug is inserted. If she gives you any "lip", there's always the bigger plug. Or plug her, sit her down naked on a hard wooden stool with her feet off the ground, and have her write lines. Or maybe her punishment will be to step out with you for shopping, a movie, or a restaurant, while the plug is still inserted.

Once all that is done, use the smaller dildo and give her a fucking with it using your hand, Tom. Study the angle it goes in easiest. You will remember that later when you use your cock.

Then use the larger dildo that is Tom-sized. I think Sandy, by now, will be able to take it easily. Important psychologically, a real penis is way easier to take than a harder dildo of the same diameter. So if Sandy is taking this, taking the cock will be easy by comparison.

And remember Tom, Sandy is a spanko, so be a bit dominant throughout this whole thing, and Sandy you can beg and complain. But respect yellow and red safewords! A few spanks along the way will be welcome. If her butt is rosy or even red by the end, that's totally acceptable.

Time for the real thing!

Sandy, your job is to make sure Tom is rock hard for you. You do whatever it takes, girl.

I would recommend a spooning position for a first time. Most control for both of you. No accidental release of weight possible.

Tom, arrange Sandy at the right height (possibly using a pillow if needed). Then adjust her upper body and thighs to the correct anal entry angle relative to your cock that you studied earlier. Use your fingers and plenty of lube to re-loosen her ass. Two fingers now should be no problem. Then lube your cock liberally, and her anus, and line up your tip with her bumhole.

Sandy, reach back with your top hand and spread your cheek open, nice and wide. It's both a help to Tom, and also psychologically makes you a part of your own ass fucking.

A little gentle pressure, and a little wriggling from Sandy. And Sandy, you relax and make to go potty, and the tip will slip in. There we go. That's the hardest part done! Let it sit there for a bit.

Now, Tom, go in no more than an inch in and out at first. Sandy, you help by being an active participant and pushing back into Tom.

Gently work up until Tom is legitimately fucking you in the ass. Sandy, I think a little appreciation is called for now. Moan loudly and tell Tom very explicitly, with your words, how much you love his cock in your ass. Lie if you have to. The pleasure you are receiving is giving Tom the pleasure of fucking your hot, tight, little asshole. Tom, my husband tells me it's the best feeling fucking such a tight little hole on a willing and eager woman. Sandy, I rub myself with my fingers during an ass fucking and can get off. Try that if Tom allows it. Ask permission first.

Ideally, Tom should have a good, healthy, cum, deep up inside of your asshole, Sandy, to end it.

I DO NOT recommend oral right after an ass fucking. Obvious, possible health issues, but Sandy, you can show your appreciation by cleaning him off with a washcloth.

In future sessions, you can forgo the enemas, and the graduated stretching. However, I always appreciate a stretch with a toy or two before anal, even though I have had my bum fucked many times by now. We have also played with me taking it straight, without a pre-stretch, as a "punishment", but I find that very painful and intense. If it's a punishment scene, after a spanking Tom can plug you while you're still across his knee, and then stand you, plugged, for a few minutes in the corner. Then out comes the plug and in comes the cock for a doggy-style "punishment" fuck to "teach you your place".

We may be creating a monster here, Sandy. Once you've given your man license to take you like this, it might happen considerably more often than you are counting on. It did in my case! After a spanking, I am now often "taught my place" with an ass fucking.

Have fun, kids. Write me with any questions and definitely give us the usual blow-by-blow after all is said and done.

As soon as you respond with the "got it and will do" email, I'll post this immediately to see if readers have any additional suggestions or ideas for you. Let's make your first bum fucking a communal event, Sandy!

Good luck!


I received my reply back quickly from the kids.

Wow! Thank you so much, Julie. I knew we were right to wait on your wise counsel. Your step-by-step guide is going to be really helpful and takes all the guesswork out of it. It's a pretty exciting read, actually. It will take us a few days to gather everything up, and then this seems to be an almost full day Saturday activity. So very interested in any additional comments and suggestions from your readers in the meantime. Thank you in advance, everybody. Let's get me ass fucked.

Sandy and Tom

Finally caught right up. The kids are preparing this now. Any comments and suggestions, please let them know!

Thursday, February 24

Thoughts on Sexy Images

Came across some sexy images on BDSMLR. Thought I would post some here with my thoughts. Let me know which ones you like most in the comments!


Her face and body posture captures the embarrassment of the situation perfectly. She is going to be punished, and she must lift her own dress to prepare for it. She has on a pair of simple white cotton panties that humiliatingly outlines her pussy lips.


This lady was spanked (you can tell by her red bum) and then put outside the hotel room door as added punishment. This is what being a lippy Lauren gets you. Do you see the couple walking down the hallway towards her? Will she face them, desperately trying to cover her tits and pussy; or will she turn away from them and try to cover her big bum with her hands, hoping they won't notice she's just been spanked? Either way, they will certainly have a good laugh at her expense as she pounds on the door begging her husband to let her back in.


The thrilling start of a very long, very hard spanking. Those panties will not be staying up for long.


Oh my gosh, her desperation is palpable. Please, please, please, please, please, Daddy!


Speaking to Sandy here. Is this what you really want from Tom young lady? You'll look and act just like her, you know.


An average man properly hand-spanking a naughty girl across his knee. The kicking, the shrieking. It's exactly what you want to see. He needs nothing more than his hand to impart a serious lesson.


Punishment for when she gets too excited over her spankings. After she's cum three times, the real belt licking will start.


A "judicial" level of punishment. Performed in full public view, the victims of her thoughtless vandalism front row center. She'll think twice before re-offending. The judge noted on the sentence: "public caning. 24 strokes. bent well over. nude. restrained. legs spread. genitals fully displayed"


Is she going to let him cum or will she ruin it, maybe?


When I first became a genuine spanked wife, one of the first things my husband insisted on was training me to give him a proper blowjob. I received many spankings until I started getting it right.


If you have a cock like that, you're going to get a girl like that, and she'll do as she's told.


Here's a very, very good girl.


My husband approves of her timeout posture. Her bum has only been swatted a couple of times as her panties came down. She's waiting for her real spanking to begin. She'll be waiting quite some time yet, the poor girl. But this is what we spanked wives sign up for.


The most painful cut of all. Look at her head pop up!


Back in the day, this was a real punishment for naughty teens. Daddy would take you down to the basement, make you drop your pants and panties, and then, holding onto a wrist, whip your ass around in a circle. The severity was set by the umber of circles she had to do. 20 was routine. 50 trips for more serious matters. After that many trips around the circle, the poor girl could barely walk back upstairs, it hurt so much.


I've been spanked like this. You literally go up as high on your tiptoes as you can to escape the pressure, but it's inexorable, and the thin material cuts deep into your cunt and bisects your asshole regardless as you are given a good hard spanking dangling there like that. Each spank and the subsequent wriggling seems to drive the material in deeper, past the outer lips, past the inner lips, pressing right into the vaginal hole, the clit, the peehole, and the anus. Very painful. Very humiliating.


Love the gratuitous breast baring before the inevitable hard fucking. She's being completely owned.


This is one of the most humiliating spanking positions if you ask me. I had David spank me like this (fully nude like her) in front of my family in Chapter 63 of my book, Julie's Spankings:

"Julie, you know right from wrong. Was that right or wrong?"

"But I am a customer," I said, pouting like a child.

"Let's have a show of hands, who thinks what Julie did was wrong?" David asked my family.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Put up their hands. Even Nancy. I was glaring at Nancy as she did it, but she hesitatingly raised her hand anyway. That little traitor! After all I'd done for her.

David put up his hand as well. "What's your vote?" he asked me.

I did know right from wrong. I put up my hand too.

"Well, I think that's unanimous," said David. "Now," he continued, with a little chuckle in his voice, "show of hands, who votes for a spanking for Julie, right here in the living room, right now, as punishment?"

Everybody shot their hands up again. Even Nancy raised hers eagerly too, glad that someone other than her was getting spanked and she could watch. When I glared at her, she stuck out her tongue.

I determinedly kept my hand down that time.

"Well, not quite unanimous," David said, "but the jury has spoken."

"Clothes off, young lady," Mom said. Why did Mom always want me stripped for my spankings?

"Oh! This isn't fair!" I said as I stomped my foot.

"You heard your Mom, and you know you don't want to cross her," David said with a smile, referring to the super-embarrassing and painful birching and double switching Nancy and I received not so long ago.

I did my stupid strip tease in front of my whole family and then stood there, as was expected, with my hands on my head facing them, pussy and tits on full parade for the questioning that was sure to follow.

"Why are you being punished, Julie?" David asked This had become sort of part of the ritual.

"For taking tarragon from the butcher's."

"For stealing tarragon from the butcher's," David corrected.

"For taking it," I said again, pouting.

David sighed, stood up and started reaching for my paddle hanging on the wall.

"For stealing it! For stealing it!" I said quickly, and everybody laughed.

Mercifully, David put the paddle back on the hook.

"It was a petty theft, though, I think my hand will suffice to teach you a lesson."

Thanks Gawd!

David walked up to me, picked me up under his arm, put his foot up on the wooden coffee table and dumped me across his one raised knee. He was handling me as if I weighed no more than a small child.

My arms and legs bicycled in the air for purchase where there was none. I was bent way over his knee with my bottom pointed towards my family. I knew they could see my pussy and bottom hole clearly when I was like this.

David brought his hard hand down repeatedly on my very exposed rear end. When he spanked low across both cheeks, his palm spanked my pussy a bit as well, which I was sure everybody could see. My spanking was mercifully short, and I was set back on my feet again.

"Go on and get dressed, no timeout needed," David told me. I did so with alacrity and then sat back down amongst my sniggering family. My cheeks burned with shame, but so they should. I had done wrong and needed to be punished for it, and that itself was the ultimate source of my shame.

"Tomorrow we're visiting the butcher, young lady, and you'll fess up and apologize to him," David said. Oh no, that would be so humiliating.


Look at this poor boy. He's been crushing on one of his sister's bffs who is way out of his league. They're fed up with his attentions. First his sister and her two bffs stripped him bare and put a pink dog collar on him. Then his sister made him kiss her ass as he jerked off onto a plastic plate. His crush crouched to show him her cleavage which prompted his spurt. Then his sister made him eat it. It will teach him a lesson about aiming too high in future. It's really for his own good.


The difficulties of being a nude life model. Do they get spanked if they display "attitude"? If they do, this one is getting a good one for that look she gave her artist.


This is a great example of the power of a man's hand. He is not going hard at all, and yet look at the state of her bum, how much she wriggles, and the desperate expression on her face. And he's barely getting started.

Imagine if you were witnessing this girl's spanking from this position. Would you smirk at the way her pussy and bumhole dance open and closed for your viewing pleasure? I would. Yes, young lady, spankings are meant to be both painful and embarrassing.


They just came home and she had been behaving abominably while out. This husband could not even wait to get her into the privacy of the bedroom. She was caught and spanked right on the stairwell.

"Please Dear, no! Not in front of the kids!"


Timeout will be made very difficult for her today. That cock better be down her throat with her lips touching the balls or else there'll be hell to pay.


I used to have a 24, which was a short video of a woman having painful anal sex and then having to thank his cock afterwards, but a prissy blog follower reported it to blogger and it was taken down. To whomever reported that video, that you can't see a CLEAR genuine consensual D/s dynamic in action makes me very sad for you, and you have no business following my blog. I feel, and act, like that woman every time I get anal from my husband. I beg and squeal and tell him it's too big, and beg for it to stop, and he sometimes just laughs at me. I have my safewords that I don't use. And I always crave it again afterwards.

Here's the kinder, gentler, less exciting replacement (which I also think is very cute):

Oh, Canada -Trucker Protests

Fortunately, common sense was restored in Canada and the Emergency Measures Act was ended.

The situation started when the Federal government imposed a vaccine mandate on truckers crossing the Canada-US border. This was done with no scientific basis, and very, very late in the pandemic as it was already dying out. It was particularly egregious as the truckers have been working throughout the pandemic and were hailed as heroes.

As a reaction, the truckers organized a cross-country convoy that converged on our national capital, Ottawa.

Many unvaccinated and vaccinated truckers, and many millions of supporters, backed the truckers. They were demanding an end to all COVID mandates. Other related groups of truckers blocked various Canada-US crossings.

The protests were completely peaceful. At the start they were obnoxiously loud honking their horns in Ottawa, but they stopped that by court order. They worked with police to keep essential traffic pathways open for emergency vehicles. There was a party atmosphere in Ottawa with kids, bouncy castles, portable hot tubs, and an outdoor dance club set up under the Prime Minister's office window. The truckers shovelled snow, engaged in snow fights, and kept the national monuments clear.

This infuriated the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who refused to meet (or send anybody from the government to meet) with the truckers, called them racists, misogynists, holding "unacceptable views", and they were "not to be tolerated". The government and the mainstream media (all heavily subsidized by the government) broadcast propaganda 24x7 claiming the protests were all of those things and violent with no proof of any of it.

There was one fellow with a Nazi flag, and one fellow with a confederate flag, and they were both quickly chased away by the truckers. Not before Trudeau's official photographer was spotted taking photos of them, making one wonder if they were false flags.

The movement raised $10M on GoFundMe, who under pressure from the Canadian government, cancelled the campaign and told donors they needed to fill in a complex form to get their money back, and any unclaimed funds would go to charities of GoFundMe's choice. Under intense public pressure they changed their position and directly refunded the donors instead.

The fundraising moved to GiveSendGo and within a couple of days raised $5M. Canada tried to pressure them as well, but they resisted. 

The border blockades were all ended peacefully. Federal riot police came in with a heavy hand to clear out and arrest protesters in Ottawa. Several were injured, including by being trampled by horses. Organizers were arrested and thrown in jail without bail for conspiracy to do mischief. The reason for denying bail is that the judge said they were likely to face very long prison sentences.

While this was already underway, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, the replacement of the war measures act, for the first time in history. Using the powers of this act he began freezing the bank accounts (with no due process) of people they suspected of being part of the protest or supporting it. Using these powers they retroactively declared the trucker protests illegal. When asked if small donors would have their bank accounts frozen, the Canadian Minister of Justice said "you should be worried" and refused to rule it out.

The way the political system works in Canada is that we have a democratically elected House of Commons. The party with the most seats chooses a Prime Minister. Trudeau is the head of the Liberal party, and they are in a minority government, however they have allied with the New Democratic Party (even more left wing) under Jagmeet Singh to make a majority. There is also a Senate that ratifies laws passed by the house. Senators are appointed for life by the government of the day.

The Emergencies Act can be declared by the government and immediately goes into effect. However, it must be ratified in both the house and the senate in short order. Trudeau rammed it through the house with NDP support against the strong objections of the opposition parties. Because many of his own people and the NDP were dubious, he declared the vote to be a "Confidence" vote, meaning that if it was defeated, it would trigger an election. Liberals and NDP are both very unpopular and low on funds and knew they would lose badly in an election, so went along with it.

Seven Provincial governments stated their strong opposition, and court challenges were launched on the basis that the Emergencies Act has clear criteria for invoking it that in no way was met.

Canada received a tremendous amount of unfavourable foreign press over its actions, and condemnations from civil rights groups and governments from around the world, although the bought-and-paid-for Canadian press was supportive. Trudeau became an international laughingstock.

The Senate then began debating it. While a majority of the senators were appointed by liberal governments, most by Trudeau himself, it was far from clear that the motion would pass. One of the better (albeit longer) opposition speeches, that sums everything up nicely, was delivered by Senator Donald Neil Plett.

Stung by the criticism, and fearful of losing in the Senate (which arguably would trigger an election), Trudeau declared the emergency magically over 7 days after it had begun, despite earlier saying it would be in place for 30 days.

Democracy saved in Canada, for now.

Tuesday, February 22

Sandy's Story - Implements Exercise

Where we left off with Sandy and Tom in Sandy's Story - First Punishment Roleplay, Tom had roleplayed giving Sandy a "naughty girlfriend" hand spanking. This time I thought we would go back to sensation experimentation, but with implements.

I sent the following email to the kids.

Hi Guys,

Great job on the last exercise. You're almost ready for me to kick you out of the nest! But let's make sure Tom knows how to safely play with implements before then.

Let's do a bit of a repeat of the sensation play exercise but using implements this time. Sandy, you should take the lead on gathering up whatever spanking implements you want Tom to try out on you.

It might be fun to incorporate an element of mild public play. You can buy a lot of great spanking implements at normal stores, like drug stores, hardware stores, kitchen stores, pet stores, garden stores. We call them "pervertables". You guys should go shopping together. Just doing that out in public will already be embarrassing for Sandy, and a gentle introduction to public play. Depending on how brave you want to be, you might even drop a hint or an innuendo to a shop person.

Try to get a decent hairbrush anyways, and a decent broad thick men's leather belt, and a big wooden spoon if you don't already have those things. But look for other things also.

Then try them out using your 1-10 scale and honest communications.

Tom, with implements, stick mostly to the low butt and high backs of thighs. Unless it's a very light thing, like a fly-swatter, that can clearly be used anywhere.

Short-handled things can be used OTK, and belts also if shortened down enough, but longer things will require Sandy to be bent over and giving Tom room to swing.

Very important with implements, the area furthest away from you will whip the fastest and do the most damage. A doubled up leather belt, for example. It's the end-most parts that whip the fastest and risk "wrapping around" and whipping into that thin skin on Sandy's flanks which is generally a turn-off. So aim the tip where you want the damage and the rest will follow.

One good way of learning this aim is to have Sandy lie face down on the sofa, butt elevated over throw pillows, with her hip pressed into the couch back. You cannot wrap around, and when you are getting clean butt strikes you know your aim is good.

With anything wood (with anything at all in fact, but especially wood) stay very well clear of Sandy's tailbone, kidneys, and anywhere even remotely close to the backs of the knees. Go for the thickest, juiciest meat!

Occasionally an implement will go a bit astray. Maybe wrap around to a far hip or inner thigh. Don't apologize, Tom. Just make it part of the scene ("keep carrying on and you'll get another there"). This happens. Sandy must accept this. You can't learn to swim without getting wet.

Go forth and let us know how it goes!


Sandy wrote straight back that she was looking forward to it. I also sent Tom a little note on the side, but you'll have to wait to see what was in that.

Several days later they did it, and I got my reply. The images were added by me for illustrative purposes based on the descriptions.

Hi Julie,

Happy to report Tom has earned his Boy Scout badge for spanking girl-butt with implements.

It's a long write up. Lots of activities. Very marked up butt. I was in spanko heaven. Tom is hanging in there.

I had fun collecting all the implements I wanted Tom to use on me. A few times I got a surreal feeling as in "what am I doing?" 😅

Tom has a really good leather belt he wears all the time. That was going to be staying around his waist until it was time to take it off. Very exciting for me. I've always dreamt of the slithering sound of a man taking off his belt to use on me. Goosebumps. 

I recall reading your "Beating your man properly" post where you wrote,

"It is easy to practice this alone. Just set up a few pillows and beat the stuffing out of them (just like you will do with your man later). Honestly, five minutes of practice is all it takes. We're not talking rocket science here."

I had Tom practice a bit with the belt. We put a couple of pillows on the couch where my bum would be and he belt-spanked those pillows. We even rehearsed him taking off the belt, doubling it up, snapping it, then whipping it with good aim. I was both scared and excited. Tom was dubious.

We have a pretty big and nasty salad spoon as well as a regular-sized wooden spoon for cooking. Also we have a heavy rubber cake mixer spatula sort of thing, and a bamboo rice paddle. We also have a left over wooden dowel from hanging a carpet that's 1/2" in diameter and 3' long. Our own house was filled with pervertables.

We have a couple of hairbrushes, but, as a spanko girl, I am embarrassed to say not at all suitable for a spanking. Either too small or cheap rounded plastic. I figured we needed to go shopping together for a real spanking hairbrush.

There's a drugstore about a block away from us that we often go into. It also has basic groceries so we go in a fair amount. There's an older lady at the cash when we go, and we've chatted with her a few times and she recognizes us as being from the neighborhood. I was hoping she would be there at the checkout, and that I would get up the courage to drop a hint. Tom said he would not be saying "a damned thing", but would go with me. I decided we would not be buying anything else except the hairbrush so as to be more in the spirit of your exercise for us.

Tom was teasing me that a grownup girl who gets spanked should at least be a bit ashamed of it. I am, and that's the whole point.

We walked in and my heart was pounding a bit. We went to the hair care section, and there were a ton of different hairbrushes. What's a girl to choose?

I kept showing different ones to Tom, but he was not terribly helpful. After a while I chose a medium sized, oval-flat-backed wooden one. It had interesting curves. The striking part was 5" by 2" at its widest. I wasn't looking for a terror. I was looking for a good daily driver, if you know what I mean? Something Tom would feel comfortable pulling out and using on me in a scene. I felt so naughty and was looking all around as we picked it out, as if we were kids buying condoms.

The lady I knew was there. We greeted and I put the lonely hairbrush down. She rang it up without comment. Tom stepped up to pay for it with his card.

It was my moment of truth. I'm very shy, and this was hard. With my heart beating fiercely, I got closer to her and said in a small voice "it's not for my hair. I want him to spank me with it."

"Sandy, shush!" Tom said as he paid.

She sort of chortled and said, "lucky you."

Oh wow. Did I do it or did I do it? I did it.

"Thank you," I said a bit sheepishly as we started leaving.

"Thanks, and sorry about her," Tom said, pointing at me with his thumb.

"You kids have fun, now."

Oh wow oh wow. Well there's one person in my life who knows I'm getting spanked by Tom. I'm going to shop there every day from now on. Hope she asks how it went. That was an experience. Thank you, Julie, for making me do it. It was worth it.

So I lined up all the stuff.
- rice paddle
- small wooden spoon
- rubber spatula
- large wooden spoon
- hairbrush
- wooden dowel
Tom would take his belt off last.

Tom sat on the couch, and I went over his lap. I was completely naked.

You didn't say it, but I know you often write about David warming you up first with a hand spanking, so Tom went ahead and did that. When Tom confirmed I was a good shade of pink all over (butt and thighs), he asked me for the first implement. I reached over to the coffee table where I laid them all out and handed him the bamboo rice paddle.

Tom lay it across my bum and rubbed it around a bit. "Ready?" he asked me. Yup.

He started spanking me on my low butt cheeks. It's very light but made a loud sound. It was a little stingy but didn't hurt at all. "2" I said. Tom turned it up in stages and I got to a 6. I asked him to try it in other places.

He spanked the backs of my thighs and that was really pretty good. He got me to an 8 by repeatedly spanking the same part pretty continuously. We both got the message this was a pretty easy implement, so we decided to try other places. I spread my legs and he went inner thigh. He still had to go pretty hard and got me to a 9.

"Pussy?" he asked. Yes, why not? We rearranged and I lay on my back on the couch with my legs spread. He sat just beside me, facing down my body. He rubbed the rice paddle over my lips. He started by tap, tap, tapping, and it didn't hurt but started making me very nervous. "Green light" I said. And he did a harder smack. I cried out loud and Tom chuckled. He went back to tap tap tapping. I took a few shallow breaths and said "green light" again and he smacked me a bit harder. "Ahhh! 10!" I cried out as I writhed there, clutching at my pussy.

"How about up here?" Tom asked, even as I was still writhing and started tap, tap, tapping my left nipple. Tom loves my tits. "oh no, please," I said.

"Is that a real no, or a yes no?" Tom asked. "Yes no," I confirmed. He smacked once hard and I screamed a bit, and jiggled around. Tom immediately went to the right nipple, gave a couple of taps, and then another shot, and I screamed again.

"Well?" Tom asked.

"10 sir".

"Is it a keeper?"

Ok, this was unexpectedly embarrassing. If I said yes, Tom would have an implement for spanking my tits and pussy in his arsenal. What kind of girl would ever want that? "yes sir, but reserved for when I'm a really, really bad girl, ok?"

He just smiled.

I went back across Tom's lap and he requested the second implement. I gave him the small wooden spoon.

"Not very substantial," he said. He started spanking my bottom cheeks with it and it really wasn't. Initially a 3. Even when he got harder it went up only to a 5. He targeted my thighs, and it was an 8 at pretty much full out.

Then Tom noticed the spoon part was pretty small, and could fit into tight places, so he parted my cheeks and went up and down the insides of my bum crack, and that got an 8 right away, and then he targeted my bottom hole, and that went quickly from 7 to 10. Then he smacked my pussy lips a bit from behind lightly, and that was a 10 almost right away.

He gave me the spoon back.


"Yes" what was I doing? I'm crazy.


Next I passed him the rubber spatula. It had a bit more substance to it.

He started on my low butt cheeks. The first stroke was an audible "ow" from me, as was every other one. With only medium force he got me to 10. He tried on my thighs as well, and 10 came right away.

"Keeper?" He asked.

"Yes sir"


I passed Tom the large wooden salad spoon.

He tapped it on my butt. "This is 'gonna hurt" he predicted. He was not wrong. The first spank was "Ouch! 8!". Tom says he used hardly any force at all. He kept it there for a bit and I was really squirming and struggling. Then he increased and got to a 9 and then to a 10.

Tom says it's a great exercise as it's pretty hard to guess what the effect of any of these implements is going to be, and how hard is hard. He can tell some are going to be tougher than others, but not by how much. And good to know what he can use where on me. He says he'd be pretty confident using them in a scene provided I'm not stupid and use yellow appropriately.

He did one to my thigh and that was an insta-10.

"'Gotta even you up," he said, and gave me another 10-level strike to the same spot on my other thigh. That kills.





He handed me back the big spoon and said "Ok. Next"

I put the spoon back and picked up our new hairbrush. This was a bit special, because of you Julie, and the drugstore trip, and it's a hairbrush, the perfect domestic implement.

He rubbed it around my butt and started spanking me with it.

Oh, this was good. I mean bad. I mean good. Not too hard, but hard. I held out a bit saying 7, and he kept it at 7 for a while, trying different places on my butt. He pulled my cheeks apart and took it a bit lighter on that inner skin, stretched tight and worked it up to a 10. Then he did the same on my thighs, up to 10. But it took some time and some force and some speed to get me there. Then back to my butt and went harder to a 9. I held it at 9 as long as I could take, and then said 10. I took a real spanking with that hairbrush.

"You like this one," he told me.

"I do. It's nasty, but I do."

"Definitely a keeper," Tom said.

He helped me off his lap and put the hairbrush back on the coffee table.

"How's my butt?"

"Want to see?"


We went into the bedroom where we have a closet with a full length mirror. I faced away from the mirror and looked back over my shoulder. My butt was very red and looked quite colorful on my spank spots. A little bruising for sure. Also red and a bit bruised thighs, both legs where he had struck me with the evil salad spoon.

"Shall we stop for today?" he asked.

"No!" I said. We still had the stick and the belt. "I want to go on. Are you ok going on?"

"It's not my butt," he said.

We went back to the living room. I put two throw pillows down in the middle of the couch and draped myself over them.

Tom rubbed my butt with his hand and gave it a few smacks.

"You realize you're crazy, right?" He said it with a smile in his voice.

"I do," I said resignedly.

He picked up the wooden dowel.

He lay it across my butt and then tap tap tapped it. Rubbed it around. Tap tap tapped it again.

"You ready?"


"Aiming the tip right in the middle of your far cheek."

Tap tap tap.

He pulled it back and got me flush on the high part of my undercheeks. Perfect placement.

"FUCK!" I yelled (excuse my French). I remember there was a delay from the moment the stick hit me, until I truly felt the pain. It was like delayed white lightning, lighting up all my nerve endings.

Tom says he used pretty light force.

"What number was that?" he asked.

If I said 10 he wouldn't give me another. It was an 11. I told him, 9.

"Ok," he said.

He did another one, just like the first one.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. 9!" Stubborn, I know.

"Are you sure?"


He gave me one more, a bit harder.

"Ah! Ok ok ok. 10! 10!" That was it. That was my limit. More like a 15.

"You have marks from that," Tom said.

"One more. Across my thighs." What was I doing?

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Dammit". Of course I'm sure.

"Ok. You asked for it."

I got a tap tap tap across the meatiest part of my thighs. He pulled back and it ripped into me once more like delayed acting cold burning fire. That one was way worse than the ones on my butt. "100!" I said.

"You have to see these marks," Tom said.

"Let me see," I said. I was excited. I went to the mirror and Tom followed. I had 3 raised, white/red, pretty thick welts on my ass, and one starkly outlined one across the backs of my thighs. I could feel the edges with my fingers. I'd just been caned. A real caning. Just like Ellen in the book. Marks to be proud of.

"Keeper, or never again?" Tom asked.

"Keeper," I said sounding surprised he would even ask. "But it's usually SIX of the best. Mind you, Ellen got way more than that even from the evil stepdad."

"She's fictional. You're crazy."

"Give me the belt now? Pretty please? Last one. Don't go easy on me because of my butt."

"I won't. You can hold out at nine as long as you want." He had my number.

We went back to the couch and I draped myself over it one last time. I turned my head to the side so I could see Tom. Tom came right into my eye-line and unfastened his belt, drew it out, doubled it up, and gave it a snap. Oh my gosh. I squirmed in delight (and fear), despite my sore bum.

He went behind me.

"You ready?"

"Yes Sir"

He whipped the belt down. Perfect placement. All low butt cheek. The leather was actually nice after all that wood.

"Mmmm" I said. "5"

Tom says he was surprised. Thought it would be higher.

He stayed at around that level (just getting the hang of it, he says) for a while.

"Ready for a bit harder?"


I felt it notch up and said "8".

He kept it at that level for a while. It was starting to mount up. I said "9" even though he was going no harder. I felt like I was being properly belt whipped.

"Do a few hard ones," I asked him.

"Ok," he said, sounding dubious.

The next one was a REAL GOOD whip. I cried out. "9" I said with a breaking voice.

The next one was even harder. "10!" I said. That was ridiculous.

"Thighs?" he asked.

"Yes please. Not so hard please."

He lightened up considerably and whipped my thighs. I gave him a 7 and he quickly built to a 10.

"Now you have belt marks too."

I jumped right up and ran to the mirror. I did. Perfectly long rectangular belt marks on top of everything else.

I stood there rubbing my ass and said, "that was wonderful, Tom."

"I've got one more thing I need to try. Lie down on the bed. On your back," he said.

I was confused. Did he want to fuck me? But that's not something to "try".

I did so. He grabbed both my ankles in his hand and lifted my legs up. Diaper position? Where was this coming from? I could feel my pussy and bum hole being so exposed. He used the belt, shortened up, and whipped me on my butt. Light and fast.

"Julie says this is her gift to you."

 Oh. So sweet. I was being diaper spanked by you. Julie.

"All the way to yellow," he says as he starts whipping me harder. Ok. I would hold out in the spirit of a good spanking from you.

The belt was reaching new places, including into my bum crack a bit. I very audibly yelped as it strayed and got the edge of a pussy lip.

"Sorry," he said. "I mean, stop your squirming or you'll get them all there." Good recovery.

"Yes Sir!" I said.

He kept going, a bit harder and harder.

It's so embarrassing squirming around under his lash in that position.

 I imagined myself a harem girl displeasing her pasha sexually and being punished for it.

"Ok, yellow" I said. I could have taken more, but Tom had already done way more than enough.

He put me down. "Turn over and lie on your tummy. Don't move."

What now? None of this was in your script.

He went out of the room and then came back. He had a jar of cold cream. So sweet. He rubbed it into my aching cheeks and thighs. It felt good! And this was exactly that chapter from your book that we had both read.

"I spanked you here too, didn't I?" As he said that, he rubbed it deep into my ass crack and my bumhole.

"Where else did I miss?"

"My breasts?" He likes my tits.

"Turn over"

I turned over and he massaged the cold cream into both breasts.

"Anywhere else?"

"Inner thighs?"

He rubbed my inner thighs, getting close to my pussy.

"Anywhere else?"


"Oh, that's right, your pussy."

He rubbed the cool cold cream all over my lips and around and into my vag. He came up and kissed me. He kept one hand rubbing my breast, and another rubbing my vag. I came with him rubbing my pussy, grabbing my tit, my ass and thighs totally beat, and with his tongue down my throat.

As soon as I was done I ripped all his clothes off and started sucking his cock. As he was getting close I asked him, "where do you want to cum, sir?"

"On your tits," he said.

I lay on my back. He knelt over me and rubbed his cock between my tits as I pushed them together. I got some more cold cream, and used that on his cock and between my tits, and he started up again. Every now and then he would come up, rub his cock with his own hand, and go back to titty fucking me.

"I'm 'gonna cum" he said. He rubbed his cock and came all over my tits, my chest, my face.

I started scooping it up and eating it. Yums!

Amazing! Again!

Thank you so much Julie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Tom wants you to know he had fun beating my ass. 

Tom and Sandy 

P.S. Tom and I do not want to be kicked out of the nest, though we understand if you have to. Can you give us another exercise? Maybe something around, oh gosh, bum fucking?

Oh no. She wants a bum fucking does she? I'll see what I can do. And you can probably guess what was in my note to Tom:

Let's give Sandy an extra surprise at the end. After it's all over, tell her there's one more thing you want to try out.

Have her lie on her back. Then pick up both her legs by her ankles, and have her help you to raise her legs way up towards her head. Hold her up there. The using the belt, whip her bottom holding her legs up like that. It's called "diaper position". Sandy will love it, especially if you spring it on her. You'll see that all her girl bits are totally on display. She'll be feeling that exposure!

Double up the belt and wrap it once around your hand so there's only six inches or so left of doubled up belt. That will make it much easier. Then use fairly light, fairly fast strokes. Tell her it's a present from me. Take her to yellow like this, for me.

Oh, and one more thing. Sneak out and buy some cold cream (it's makeup remover - like from Pond's for example). Put it in the fridge. And after Sandy is done, massage it into her cheeks, and then, well, you'll know what to do after that!

Tom certainly did know what to do after that.