Thursday, October 31

Trainer trained!

Sorry I'm so late posting this up but I did it! Yay! I spanked Michelle in front of her partner Brian this past Thursday!

I went over there after work. They are renting the ground floor of a small house. Brian was very handsome and polite, if not a bit quiet and uncommunicative, but I did notice he was paying rapt attention throughout the proceedings. I was offered tea which I accepted, we chatted a little the three of us (mainly Michelle and I) about nothing in particular, and then I decided it was time.

I turned to Brian and told him that his partner is a very kinky young lady, and that she especially enjoys being spanked. Brian indicated he knew this. I went on to say that one thing she very much wants is to be spanked for real, by him, for real misdeeds. I told him that, as he knew, Michelle lacked good parenting growing up, and as a result she has a craving for her loving partner to set boundaries for her, and to enforce them, lovingly, in a way that in her imagination is suitable for a child. I turned to Michelle to get her confirmation and she vigorously agreed. I clarified with her that she is giving her consent, here and now, for Brian to punish her any time in the future when he believes she has stepped over a boundary. "Yes, that's what I want," is what she said.

I asked Brian if he was willing to watch a demonstration from me of how Michelle should typically be punished by him? "Sure." he said. Good enough!

I turned to Michelle and said "Let's talk about your overspending, shall we?" Michelle had shared with me that she is really quite prone to spending more money than is justified by what the pair of them bring in, and that it infuriates Brian and leads to big fights. A recent example was an $80 leather-bound diary that she had purchased, when a three ring notebook would have done just fine.

"Michelle," I said, "I'm going to punish you for that diary, right here and right now, and in front of Brian so he can see how you need it to be done to you."

I reached into my bag and pulled out the little maplewood souvenir paddle. It packs a nasty sting! "I think a couple of hundred paddle strokes should get the message across, don't you?"

When I trial-spanked Michelle earlier on, it was 100 strokes with the hairbrush. The little paddle is worse, the number of strokes is doubled, and I can spank very hard with it if I feel the urge.

"Oh please may I have a warmup spanking first, Ma'am?" she asked me. Now I was going to warm her up, as we had discussed, but I certainly did not like her topping from the bottom like that!

"Fine." I said, deciding that if she wanted to try topping from the bottom like that, she would get a little more than she bargained for. "Take off your pants"

Michelle was wearing black Lulu pants, and took them and her panties both completely off, revealing a bare, freshly shaved pussy. "I shaved..." she said, unnecessarily.

I told her to lie down on the couch. She was a bit confused at first, thinking she was going over my knee, but as I had stood up, she decided that I wanted her face down on the couch. "No, turn around. Face up." She did as she was told. I reached over and grabbed her ankles and raised her legs high in the air. I decided she would be warmed up by a very humiliating diaper-position spanking. I'm sure it was nothing Brian had not seen before, but nonetheless there was presented under the bright living room lights an excellent view of Michelle's vagina and anus.

"Brian, be a dear and bring me a nice warm wash cloth, please."

Brian hopped to it and returned a minute later with a hot wet wash cloth. Michelle asked, in a very worried tone, "am I dirty???".

"No dear," I said, "but I've decided that since you seem to have the self-control of a child when it comes to spending, I'll treat you like one, and give you a washing the way a child would be washed." I used the wash cloth to scrub her vagina first. Michelle said "oh my, oh my" looking very embarrassed and a bit turned on. I then moved down to her anus, explaining to Brian "top to bottom - vagina first and then to her anus". I was taken by the fact that Michelle has a very deep anal cleft. And quite dark in there as well. But I thoroughly exposed her bottom hole and gave it a good scrubbing as Brian watched and she blushed. I ended by folding the wash cloth over and dampening her bottom cheeks, saying not to worry, it would get dried off soon enough.

Then I gave the wash cloth back to Brian and started in on spanking Michelle's cute little wet cheeks.

"May I take my shirt off, Ma'am?" Michelle asked. She had a shirt that had some pins on it, and they were digging into her neck.

"Yes you may," I said. She sat up, took the shirt off (she was wearing Lulu underneath), and then lay back down and raised her legs up for the spanking to continue.

I told Brian that I wanted Michelle to be comfortable during her spanking, everywhere except where I wanted her not to be comfortable: her bottom cheeks!

After about fifty good hard hand slaps Michelle said "My back is starting to hurt, Ma'am".

"Then over my knee, in that case". I sat on the couch and Michelle crawled over my knee. I immediately resumed her "warm-up" hand spanking, increasing the pace and intensity. I was rewarded with a bottom turning dusky red, and several yelps and ouches from Michelle. She tended to clench her cheeks a lot, unlike david. And as a Yoga instructor, she has great muscle tone in her cheeks! I decided I did not mind, and spanked over her clenched cheeks.

I explained then to Brian that I had intended to give her a warm-up spanking at any rate, because it would allow me to apply the paddle to her bottom for a very long and very hard lesson in overspending. Without the warmup, each paddle stroke would have been excruciating and it would have been torture for the poor girl, not lovingly delivered and justly earned punishment.

I then pronounced sentence: "I think two hundred paddle strokes should teach you the meaning of thriftiness, young lady. Do you agree, Brian?"

"sure..." he said, looking a little dazed and confused by the whole proceedings! Ha Ha!

I took up the little paddle and gave her the first hundred. I started lightly but within the first ten built up to what I would call medium hard strokes. I stopped every now and then for a 10 second pause, delivering the strokes in groupings of around 15 or 20. At the climax of each group she would kick her legs and hyperventilate. It was interesting, because her reactions were quite different from david's! Towards the end of the first set of a hundred, she started adding a lot of squirming and crying out at the end of each grouping. Not real words, just "oh ah ah ah" sort of sounds. Her bottom was by now looking quite messed up. Her right cheek more so than her left (I get better leverage there). It was very dusky red, and looked like it was starting to bruise a little on the right cheek.

Between sets, I explained to Brian Michelle's sweet spot. Not too low onto her thighs (torture for her), not above the midline of her bum (very scared due to a lower back injury), and not around the sides of her flanks (where the skin is thin). I showed him the classic spank spots, and said that especially in Michelle's case he was working with a very narrow band of skin, but it was more than sufficient to punish her very completely. I told him that so long as his aim was fine, he could go almost as hard and as long as he deemed necessary in that band to impart a well-deserved lesson.

Before I started I was intending to ask Brian to deliver the next hundred, but I was having way too much fun and thought that he would have plenty of chances. I also wanted to make sure that I earned Michelle's complete respect, and also wanted to show Brian how hard he could go if the situation warranted.

"Are we learning a lesson yet about overspending, young lady?" I asked Michelle.

"Ye.. ye... yes Ma'am" she responded, tearing up a bit.

"Well I don't think you've learned your lesson yet. You're liable to go right out and spend your and Brian's money without consulting him. Another hundred, harder than the last, will make you think twice about overspending!"

With that I threw my right leg over the backs of her thighs. I asked Brian to hand me her white and red polka-dot panties that were bundled in with her pants.  I took the panties and stuffed them into her little mouth. "Oh Nooooooo" she said.

"Are you ok with this, Brian?" I asked him.

"Yeah, absolutely. Spank the brat." He said. Ha Ha! this would work out well!

"Do you hear that, Michelle? Brian thinks you're a brat and that you need this spanking."

She responded with a little plaintive "Ohhhhhh" through her panty gag.

I then started in on her second set of one hundred. I made these all harder and faster than the first, and went in groupings of twenty or so at a time, giving her only enough time to calm down a bit between the groupings. There was a lot of struggling under my leg and left arm, and almost animal-like grunts coming out of her mouth at the climax of each grouping of twenty. I got to the end of the second hundred, with Michelle bravely holding on right to the end. somewhere in there she had spat out the panty gag in order to hyperventilate. After the spanking, she lay across my knee, sobbing, sniffling, and vocalising little sounds like "uh uh uh uh uh".

I helped her up to her feet, which she did gingerly, and I guided her over to the wall, and made her stand facing it with her hands on her head. Without being asked, she stood up high on her tiptoes. I wondered if this was something a Dom had once made her do? She stood there very submissively, dark, dusky red bottom on display for Brian and I.

"That was a real punishment spanking," I told Brian, "and is about as hard as you'll ever need to go on her. But look at her. She's fine and she appreciated the discipline, didn't you Michelle?" I called out.

"Yes Ma'am" she said, in a loud brave voice.

"Is that how you want Brian to spank you?" I asked her.

"Yes Ma'am, when I deserve it, Ma'am".

"And when is that?" I asked her.

"Whenever Brian or you say I do," she answered.

Mmmm! Nice to have been included in that.

"I'm going to leave you two to talk about what just happened.  Brian, it was very nice meeting you." I said, and then I walked over to where Michelle was doing her timeout.

"Thank you" she said as I approached.

"You're very welcome!" I said right back at her, feeling up her hot little cheeks with one hand. The other I slipped around in front of her and pushed on her above her clit. I was rewarded with a little moan of pleasure.

And I left.

That was a week ago. I received an excited text message a few days later saying that Brian had spanked her. I found a quiet place and called her. She said they were in a fight over him not giving her ten dollars for something or other, and she called him a "stupid fuck" with all the venom she could muster. He marched right over, ripped her pants down, bent her over the back of the couch, and laid into her with his hard hand for a good two minutes. Afterwards she was contrite and apologized for calling him a stupid fuck. She said that before he would have responded with an equally bad name for her, they would have run each other down verbally, and it would have escalated into throwing things. This was apparently much better!

As another side effect, Michelle has become more emboldened with david as well. At the last training session she was giving him a pants-down spanking over her knee (for no particular reason). I had a ringside seat. david was squirming, grinding his erection against her, apparently. She asked him what he thought he was doing. he came up with a lame excuse that the spanking hurt and he couldn't help himself moving across her lap. She said it was very convenient that his boner was right over her thigh! She made him stand, and his big erection popped into view.

"That is disgusting!" she said. "You want to rub that against me, do you?"

"No Ma'am", he lied.

"Fine, then rub it yourself."

david looked confused.

"Go on. Grab it and rub!" she insisted.

david had never been made to do anything like this by Michelle before. He sheepishly rubbed his right hand up lightly up and down his shaft and over his tip.

At this point, I thought I would chime in: "Lick your hand and rub your saliva onto your penis. Good. Now use your other hand to tug down on your balls, nice and hard, just like you do it when I catch you in front of the computer!"

david did as he told, blushing up a storm as his young trainer looked on with a smirk. Using this method, he would have ejaculated within the minute, especially given the circumstances. Michelle let him go until he was obviously close and then yelled out, "Stop! Take your hands away!"

"No!" said david, but he did as he was told, knees shaking and his achingly hard and wet penis trembling in the air, so hard erect it was curving upwards towards the ceiling. "No, please!" he begged.

"Get your pants on." She said, killing any hopes he would be cumming any time soon. david pulled up his Lululemon stretch pants, tenting them obscenely, and toddled off gingerly behind Michelle to do his Yoga practice. Ha Ha!

Tuesday, October 22

Exciting development with trainer!

A VERY fun development with david's trainer. I just had to write about it today!!!

Some of you have asked after david's personal trainer, Michelle. She continues to see him once a week, mixing in training with kink. I trust her a lot and often times I am not even in the house while a training session is going on. It's fun to come home from work and see him being put through his paces, Michelle often with riding crop in hand. When I arrive she will usually put on a little show, and spank him in front of me. david positively loves his sessions with her, which are really mostly work with a bit of play thrown in just to keep it interesting.

I have gotten to know Michelle quite a bit better myself. A very interesting young lady. In addition to the personal training which is her legit career, she also supplements her income professionally as a "switch", which means she will see (generally older and well heeled) gentlemen to either spank them or be spanked herself. She mainly keeps to her "regulars" nowadays, and doesn't seek out new men, preferring to work on getting more vanilla personal training gigs. The type of personal training she does with us is unique.

Earlier today, after training, I had just gotten home from work. She asked if she could discuss something with me, in private. Of course! She sent david away upstairs to shower and told him not to come down until called as she had something to discuss with me.

The conversation was sooooo interesting that I just had to share it with you guys. I feel a bit guilty sharing it here, even through our anonymity (Michelle is not even her real name), but you readers are my kinky family, after all, and I owe it to you all to share!

The gist of the conversation is that she has a  partner, Brian, with whom she's lived for over five years now. Brian is comfortable with what she does, and is kinky in his own way, but Michelle confided in me that she wants more from him.

Michelle and Brian fight quite a bit, according to her, over all sorts of silly things. She told me that she sometimes pushes his buttons just to get a reaction from him. She has admitted to me that what she really wants is for Brian to just take charge and spank her instead of getting angry and fighting. However she cannot get Brian to understand the concept of DD. He thinks what she wants is some kinky bottom pain thrown in during sex (which she does want), and that's what it's all about. She is having a lot of trouble communicating to him the concept of DD.

She offered all this up to me in the hope of getting some advice from me. I am older and wiser ;-), and she admires the relationship I have with my david, which she views as totally DD.

We discussed various things, but in the end what she really latched onto was my offer to explain to Brian what he was missing. I even offered up to demonstrate to him how Michelle should be spanked, and to supervise his first DD spanking of her (I must confess to this whole situation turning me on greatly, so it was not altogether an altruistic offer!)

We discussed using david as the demo model, but we decided both men would be quite uncomfortable with that! Instead, we decided that we would arrange for me to go over to their place, give Michelle a spanking, and explain some things to Brian regarding how she would like to be treated, trying to get him to spank her as well. We were pretty confident that he would not object to me spanking his little partner in front of him!

I told her there was only one problem with the plan. And that was that I needed to understand how she wanted to be spanked, what turned her on, so that I could communicate that to Brian. I also told her that I did not want to go in cold and have the demonstration be the first time I spanked her.

"Well that's easy to fix, Ma'am" she said to me as she got up and came over to stand beside me. I made a bit of room and she draped herself across my knee. I lowered her Lulu's and was scandalized to see she wore nothing underneath them! She claimed that is how they are supposed to be worn, saying it in what I thought to be a very cheeky manner!

As I spanked lightly we discussed what she liked and disliked. I had spanked a couple of girls before, and have always liked it, and this was no exception. Even though I am not particularly bi, I think spanking is sort of universal (either that or I might be more bi than I think - I will have to give it a serious try sometime to find out for sure!).

I decided I needed to test her limits a bit. I stood her up and made her stand in the corner (tee hee!) and went upstairs to fetch the hairbrush and the belt (both implements she had mentioned in connection with her idea of DD - I guess those are pretty universal for North Americans anyways).

I went up to the bedroom where they are kept and there was david sitting up in bed reading his Kindle. "What's going on down there?" he asked with a big smirk.

"None of your business," I told him as I got out the hairbrush and strap in front of him, and marched back downstairs with them. [He has pestered me repeatedly since, but I will not share. I told him if he asks again, he'll get the strap!]

I gave Michelle a "YELLOW" safeword and told her I would spank with the hairbrush increasingly hard and fast until I got it out of her. She took a very good spanking, but broke down after about a hundred with me going pretty hard towards the end.

So that was her limit. I was determined that for true DD purposes her spanking needed to be a bit beyond that - she agreed. Then I bent her over the arm of the sofa and belt whipped her. It only took about twenty increasingly hard ones of those until she was safewording me! Ha Ha!

I did learn that she was super sensitive on the backs of thighs, and was very scared of the belt hitting anywhere near her lower back (ever hitting her anywhere above the mid-line of her bum projected pain into her tail bone). So she has a relatively narrow band to work with, right on the sweet spots. Any lower or higher or to the sides would be more torture than punishment, and needed to be avoided. I was very glad I could work all this out with her before seeing her and Brian together!

She thanked me for the wonderful spanking, we hugged, and we agreed to meet up at her place Thursday after work to have our discussion with Brian. I am very excited!!!!