Saturday, March 30

Ginger Root Peeled by Big Sister

Ahhh. A lovely lazy Friday off yesterday. We had absolutely nothing planned (in fact, I was working hard all week and kind of forgot it was a long weekend... bonus!).

A couple of weeks ago I had bought a nice big ginger root as a result of one of the comments on the blog. I thought that Friday would be a perfect day for an experimental figging of my husband. And since Easter weekend is all about family, I thought, why not invite Sue?

Usually I try this sort of thing out on myself (briefly) first, but I did not want to waste the ginger root (or, I must confess, let it anywhere near my delicate little bumhole for that matter!). Besides, there are lots of reports on the Web of the effects, so I thought it was safe enough to try it out directly on david as an experiment where he could feed back the sensations as it was happening.

I called my big sister Susan in the morning, told her about my plans for the day, and asked if she wanted to assist? Turns out she had nothing big planned, and thought that would be fun, especially seeing as we had not made the time to play with david for a while now. So she dropped by late morning and we started in on our experiment.

I brought david into the kitchen and told him to stand there and watch, and not say anything. I went to the fridge and got out the ginger root, a knife, and a peeler. I told david there was this thing called "figging" I wanted to try, where I peel this and stick it up his bum, and it's supposed to be quite unpleasant for him. Sue was here to help out.

"What, you're going to stick it up hers first?" he asked.

This was david making a joke and wanting to get a rise out of us. We don't play with sister Sue that much, and I guess he wanted what time we did have to be memorable. However, I was on a mission of exploration and didn't want to get too sidetracked. Sue and I just looked at each other. I told Sue to slap his face. Sue grinned and turned to david. "Keep you hands at your sides," she said to him. Then she hauled off and gave him a huge slap right across his face.

"Owww!" he said, holding his cheek. Sue held up a finger to him and said, "behave!" Then she turned back to me and said "I've always wanted to do that to a guy!" There were no more humorous comments from my husband after that. She really smacked him hard. Gulp.

Sue offered to peel the ginger for me. She is better at these sorts of things than me. We discussed what shape it should be. A little pointy at the tip, but not too pointy. Tapering at the base. Leave some extra at the base so it doesn't slip in. We discussed which part of the ginger to you use and how to carve it up. Sue proceeded quickly after that to shape it and peel it to the perfect dimensions. Poor david just stood there looking on. Ha Ha!

Here it is - I took the picture afterwards so it is slightly used.
Is it not a thing of beauty?

I asked Sue if she thought we needed lube? We both touched the peeled ginger and noticed that it was pretty slick. It seemed to ooze its own natural lubricant a bit. We decided to give it a go without, worrying that lube might interfere with the ginger action.

I told david to go to the bathroom and make sure he was clean in there for us, and then to come back down to kitchen in his birthday suit and we'd try out the ginger in his bum.

david scurried away to do as he was told, and Sue and I plotted out some follow on ideas. david came back to us all nude, but he was not hard (which is unusual). I think the ginger root had him a bit worried!

We made him bend over and grab his ankles for the insertion. Sue held his cheeks apart as I tried to get the ginger in.

It was having a hard time getting in. So I wet it under the tap and then tried again. His bum hole was really closed up tight! I had to cajole him into relaxing it. Sue told him to pretend like he was "going" and cajoled him also. All of a sudden, whoop, the tip slipped in. I had to gently ease it in further but eventually got it right up to the hilt.

I asked david how that felt. He said it "burned", as if he had eaten very hot food and it was coming out the other end of him.

I told him Sue and I were going to take turns spanking him to see how it felt during a spanking. Sue went first. She sat on a kitchen chair and took him over her knee.

Sue just used her hand on him. david said that each time he got smacked, it seemed to squeeze a bit of juice out of the ginger and burned a bit more. We swapped places and I spanked him a bit also. david discovered that it mostly only burned more because he clenched his cheeks during the spanking. If he worked hard to keep his cheeks relaxed, it was just a bit more than the normal burning. In other words, when he clenched due to a smack, he got extra ginger juice up his bum. I'm pretty sure Evan discovered the same thing in the photo above. as perhaps all naughty males should?

By this time, the ginger had been in for about 6 minutes or so. I asked him if it was any better. He said it was worse.

We stood him up and put him in he corner with his hands on his head. It was sexy seeing him nude there, his bottom a nice shade of pink, with the ginger root sticking out from behind. We told him we were going for 15 minutes total. He groaned.

As he was nearing the end of his time, we could see he was having trouble standing still. He told us after that the ginger burning made him want to wiggle his bum, but every time he wiggled his bum it got worse, so it was a constant balancing act.

After his 15 minutes were up we asked again if he had gotten used to it and was it any better. He again said, no, it was just worse. We told him that his time was up, but asked if he would like to keep it in longer, for the sake of science? He declined. Spoilsport.

We took him up to the bathroom. It was quite painful for him to walk with the ginger root inside of him. The moving of his legs caused more burning, and he "ow, ow, ow"d his way all the way up to the bathroom. Sue accompanied, of course. When there, I had him face away from the toilet and bend over. I didn't know what to expect, and if I slipped out the ginger and there was a bit of a mess, he would be right there at the toilet. I pulled it out, it appeared quite clean, and I tossed it into the bathroom sink.

Here is a photo of the ginger just where I left it after pulling it out of david's bumhole. I put the sink in for scale, but now that I am seeing how dirty the sink is, I am a bit ashamed of my skills as a Mistress Wife. Clearly david needs additional motivation to keep on top of the household chores. Expect him to be spending tomorrow morning dressed in lingerie scrubbing my bathrooms sporting a very well-whipped bottom!

I asked him how it felt now. He said it was a relief to get it out, but that his bumhole still burned pretty bad, like the worst day-after Mexican food ring'o'fire kind of thing. I made him bend over and spread his cheeks for us, but nether Sue nor I could see any evidence of damage, but I believed him that it burned. Had this been a punishment, I'd had been tempted to leave him like that, but since it was just an experiment I asked if he would like me to wash it out for him? He said he could do it himself, and I said, no, you can either stay like that or ask Sue and I to wash you out.

"Ohhh.... Would you please wash me out?" he asked. Certainly,  I said, and I asked Sue to run him a bath. Sue started running a nice scented bubble bath for him.

When the water was about a foot deep I had him step into the tub and stand there. I soaped up my hands.

Then I started soaping his bum and ass crack, poking my finger into him a little bit as I passed. Poor baby: he was embarrassed to be washed like that by me in front of Sue! I told him to bend over a bit, so he put his hands on his knees, bum facing us, and I soaped up my hand again, real lathery, and gave him a good soapy finger fuck, twirling my finger around in there. "Is that better?" I asked him, and he said it was.

I told him to stand up and turn around. He was semi-erect. I soaped up again and gave the tops of his thighs and his genitals a good lathery scrub with my hand. That got him good and hard!

I asked Sue if she would mind washing him behind the ears (do people even get dirty there???). She took the soap and lathered her hands as well, and washed him behind the ears. She told him to put his arms up, and she was kind enough to wash his underarms as well, while I washed the rest of him. He was very erect that whole time.

"Would you like to cum in front of Sue, sweetie?" I asked him. "Yes ma'am" he answered, bashfully. I thought he deserved a reward for being such a willing subject. "Ok, then, baby, you can stand there and rub yourself while we watch."

david looked a tad embarrassed, but this was exciting for him (I knew), so he hunched over a bit, pulled on his testicles with his left hand and started rubbing his penis with his right. I'm always amazed at how fast is hand moves! I went behind him and started lightly slapping his wet soapy bottom and told him "into the tub, sweetie".

Sue stood there watching him jerk himself off with a little smile on her face. "david, look at me" she said to him. david stopped rubbing and looked at her. "Keep going. Look at me." She said. Sue knows it turns david on to be seen doing this by her, and to be made to look her in the eye as he is doing it. david spat into his hand and started rubbing again. He was still hunched over with his bottom jutting out a bit for my light spanks, but his head and eyes were up, looking Sue straight in the eye.

He started to get very excited. Sue reminded him "in the tub", acknowledging how close he was to cumming for us. He moaned sluttishly, as in "oh oh OH OH AHHHH!" and he came into the tub. Sue and I both laughed at his little antics, and told him to have a cummy bath now and to dress and come down when he was finished.

So that was my little experiment with figging. david was my subject, and he got "paid" afterwards with a lovely orgasm observed by my sister.

My scientific conclusions? The ginger seems to have staying power. It seems to burn at more or less the same intensity while it is in. I do not know how long it would keep burning, but I suspect for a very long time, longer than any wife reasonably needs for disciplinary purposes anyway. It is very uncomfortable while it is in there, but definitely bearable. Wives, if your man begs you to take it out because it is killing him, based on my experience I would say he was fibbing and in need of a good spanking with it still in there.

I would think a 30 minute or one hour figging would be no laughing matter, especially if he had chores to do during it so that he needed to move his butt and legs which would squeeze more ginger juice out. I also think disciplining him with any implement that would normally make him clench his cheeks would be great extra punishment. A strap or cane for example.

If you have kids in the house, it would be no big deal to insert a ginger into his rectum and re-dress him for chores (Lilly!). He would certainly mind you after something like that!

I think I can definitely recommend this as a punishment. No permanent damage done, quite uncomfortable during the figging, and you have the option of letting it burn away even after it has been removed. I am definitely adding it to my arsenal!

Saturday, March 16

Beating your man properly

For this post, I thought I would share some of my experiences on how to really beat a man, but good, without injuring him. I have had a few missteps along the way, and I got some feedback and coaching from david, but I have had a lot of practice now, and can give some good tips. Everytime I give david a very intense beating, it hurts him like crazy at the time, and for hours afterwards he is sore, but he is so much happier in the end! He is also very eager to avoid another such beating, and so is very attentive to my every need for at least the next week or two.

You need a heavy implement. Perhaps a large paddle, but I think a thick cane or a thick leather tawse works best (or all three for the variety).

Aim for the region from the middle of his bottom down to where the thighs and the bum meet. Too high and he feels it in his low back (even though you didn't actually hit there, it seems that way to him). Going too low is not a problem, as the backs of his thighs are well-padded, but this is for sure "extra" punishment.

Aim so that the very tip of the implement hits anywhere between the side-to-side midpoint of each cheek. I made the mistake of aiming the general end of the strap or cane, not aiming the very tip. As a result, the strap or cane wraps around his hips, and damages the thinner skin at his hips. That is no good. So just understand that the very tip is what is moving the fastest, and wherever that hits, that is where he will feel it most. Just aim that part for the fleshiest parts.

Notice the spanking concentrating beneath the midline of his bum? She went a little more over to the side, and a few smacks down low for extra punishment. Those thigh smacks tend to bruise up nicely and cause soreness for a while.

When I go hard, I like to have him flat on the bed, with maybe just one or two pillows under his hips to raise him up a bit. If I bend him over too much the skin stretches tight, he loses the padding, and it becomes too much agony (for david anyways, your mileage may vary).

I think you should restrain him so that you can really take your time beating him, and be confident that you are really in charge (he needs to feel that as well - and restraining him makes him feel completely in your power). A belt wrapped around and around his ankles is a good start. You need to pull extra hard as you are tightening it because when it settles back in it loosens, and as he wiggles around and kicks it loosens as well. You can also consider a second belt around his knees as well. This keeps his thighs together and prevents any chance of accidentally strapping his balls. Then some kind of restraint around his wrists as well. Perhaps one of those furry things from a sex shop. Fasten his hands in front of him, and either tie them to the top of the bed, or just have him lie down on his hands. I don't mind that he plays with his penis during the beating. If it gives him some comfort, then so be it, he needs all he can get! You don't want to restrain his hands behind his back, as they may get in the way.

I also like a ball gag. A nice big one.

Make him go out and buy everything you need. With a ball gag, again, you must fasten it down more tightly than you imagine, as it loosens up as it slides around. Be prepared for a lot of slobber, though, and perhaps put a towel down at his head.

Then just go to town for as long as you want on his derrière. Take your time with each stroke, but really aim it carefully, and use a full swing of your arm and your body. It is easy to practice this alone. Just set up a few pillows and beat the stuffing out of them (just like you will do with your man later). Honestly, five minutes of practice is all it takes. We're not talking rocket science here.

And if you miss and are a little off centre with a strike, don't worry about it, and DON'T apologize whatever you do. Just remind him that if he hadn't screwed up, he wouldn't be lying here now having to receive a beating.

Don't be concerned about the sounds that come out of him. You can easily smack him hard enough to get a spine-curdling scream from him without injuring him. This has happened many times with me. It sounds like you're killing him, and he's just fine as soon as the beating is over. Just something you need some experience with.

I personally like beating him until I see some bruising. Red is not even in question: he should be deep red. Beat him until you see him really sweating. If he is not stinky and sweating, you are not going hard enough. There should also be tears in his eyes. It's not that he cries exactly, it's more like the pain is just so great that the tears leak out on their own.

For a proper beating, keep at it for at least thirty minutes, something around 300 strokes or so should get the message across.

You need to get him past the first 100 or so, after that he numbs up a bit and can take the strokes easier, but that is where the strokes that will cause him the deeper, longer lasting soreness will be doled out, so don't skimp on these if you would like to see him in discomfort for the rest of the day, and maybe well into the next, which is fun.

Yes he will be a pitiful sight to behold, but he'll be just fine from almost the moment you stop, with just the residual soreness. But a beating like this can be very cathartic for a subby male, and he will love you even more for doing it to him. Even the soreness will be a badge of honour for him, and something you can tease him about for days. He will not be injured even though his bum will look very beaten up.

I don't like to just end a beating like this casually. I will put him against the wall, bare beaten bum showing, holding up a coin with his nose. If you beat him in the bedroom, then take him nude into the living room for this. The unfamiliar surroundings will add to his distress. Make sure to let him know that if he drops the coin, he will be beaten again. If he does drop it, you absolutely must carry through on the promise, and then start his timeout from the beginning again. Fifteen minutes can be a very long time to him, and is what I generally use for timeout.

After he is done, allow him to come out and make him crawl over and kiss your feet and thank you for beating him so severely. You may then take some pity on him, and perhaps rub some cream into his bottom. Despite the beating he is usually horny after I do this (especially if I let my hand stray when applying cream or lotion). I will allow him to jerk himself off while I watch so long as he swallows his mess afterwards.

You should aim for something like this.

Poor baby.

So that is how I beat my man when he needs it. It took me a while to get over the thought that I was hurting him, but now I really enjoy making him suffer for me, and, ultimately, so does he.

Disclaimer: this type of limit-pushing play is only for couples who genuinely wish to engage in it: both parties. It is immoral, illegal, and incorrect to ever do such a thing in any way non-consensually. Be safe, be sane, and be consensual always. And have fun!

Friday, March 8

Spanked and Paraded at the Nude Beach!

I was saving the best for last, and here it is! I actually spanked david at the nude beach, in front of lots and lots of people  and then paraded him and his red bum all along the whole length of the beach back to our car!!

Here is a picture I found on the web of a couple at the same beach we were at. They are actually a scary close match to us. Those guys could be david and I. About the same age, and david is less in shape than I am. I even have the same sunglasses!

If you've been following along you know that I was up to some pretty kinky stuff with david. I made him ask to be paddled and ass fucked every single day. As it was punishment for even daring to suggest that I should take it up the ass from him ;-), I didn't give a damn who heard what, and made david leave the dildo, harness, and paddle out for the maids to see when they were cleaning. The hotel staff certainly knew who was receiving anal intercourse in this marriage! (see Back From Vacation).

We went to a very crowded nude beach and didn't do anything kinky (except take all our clothes off, of course!) as I was too chicken. Then we went to a much more quiet and secluded beach, and by a happy accident we got overrun by a huge gang of twenty-somethings, boys and girls, on Sea Doos. I made david go all naked for a swim in front of them (it was a nude beach after all, and they were all told that by their tour guide, but they all kept their suits on - only david was all bare naked). When he came to me (I was modestly dressed in swimsuit and wrap by then), I ear-pulled him and gave him one good smack on his backside where all those kids could see him get it. (see The Nude Beach). It's good for those young bikini-clad women to see how to treat a naughty male!

That was so much fun. Both our hearts were racing as I made him do it. His more than mine! But we were coming to the end of our holidays and I really wanted to do something outrageous with david. He loves being humiliated by me (though not at the time!), and I love humiliating him in sexy ways. And last but not least, I have my blog here to consider and I needed a juicy finale to our adventures. Yes, I do think of my blog when I am scening david. That's one thing I love about writing it. It inspires me to do things I wouldn't normally do, knowing I can share it here afterwards.

Anyways, from even before the vacation I was intent on taking david across my knee at a nude beach and spanking him red. When I got to the nude beach, I got all chicken about it the first time, and only managed one little slap to his ass the second time.

Here's the problem. You really get the sense that these people are just there to enjoy being naked in the sun. Sex is not supposed to be part of it, much less kinky nonsense. So I was feeling a bit guilty on that count to go any further. There were no children there, so that at least was cool. But then there was my worry on the crowded beach that there was somebody there who might recognise us. That would be very bad. I wasn't so worried about cameras, though. Those are banned and I didn't see any at all, but that was still a risk, that somebody might take one out and next thing you know I'm on YouTube spanking my husband!

So I was agonising the pros and the cons by myself. I didn't discuss with david at all. Our arrangement is that I make these decisions and he trusts me 100%. He knows I push boundaries, and it's my judgement call how far to push.

In the end, I decided we would spend some nice time on the nude beach, and just before we leave, I would put him across my knee, and then we would get the hell out of there before it got ugly. If people were reacting negatively around me it would only be a quick spank and then a skedaddle in shame for the both of us.

So we went back to the first beach. Here is the sign as you enter from the parking lot.

The first part of the beach is "clothing optional", and as you get further in it becomes "clothing not optional". The photo below shows it from the fully nude end looking back towards where the sign would be, way in the distance. It's a huge beach, and there are people three rows deep all up and down its entire length.

The above aren't my photos, I searched for them, as I did not have my camera out at all at the nude beach (and neither did david - that would have been a real spanking offence!).

As I mentioned in a previous post, most of the people on this beach are older and way out of shape, and almost 50-50 men and women. There are the occasional hotties and cuties walking by, though. I definitely considered myself amongst them relative to most of the crowd!

So we paid for our beach loungers and umbrella in the second row of three, and spent a couple of hours in the sun, getting up for the occasional swim. david was a total little exhibitionist slut, and went for a stroll up and down the beach, strutting his stuff for the ladies. Ha Ha! I was naked too, but tended to beeline into the water and back out again. I got a lot of looks. I could feel the men's eyes all over me. I didn't mind teasing them with my body. That was sort of fun. But no strolls for me!

As I was lying there, believe me that I had second, third, and fourth thoughts about what I was planning on doing. In the end, I decided life was too short. Who knows when we would get such an opportunity again, so that decided me.

I leaned over to david and whispered into his ear "are you going to trust me?" He was all like "oh no!". He knew a very public spanking at a nude beach was potentially in the cards for him from the first time we discussed our vacation destination, but now that the time had come, he couldn't imagine I would actually do that to him. "Are you sure?" he asked. No I wasn't, totally, but he wasn't going to know that. "Of course I'm sure - trust me." He nodded, and I started.

The first thing was that I asked him to put suntan lotion on me. There was not a lot of touching at the beach, but there was definitely some between couples in the form of suntan lotion application. I lay on my tummy and he massaged it into me. I'm sure that was drawing some attention, as it is pretty sexy. I told him to make sure to concentrate on my butt and thighs, as they were not used to being in the sun. Normally he's all over my butt in situations like this in private, but for some reason he was being bashful at the beach, and I needed to tell him to do it.

When he was done with my back, I flipped over and told him to do my front. I could see that his dick was already half hard at this point. I wanted it harder! There are few "safe" places on my front, so he rubbed the lotion onto my boobs, my tummy, and my legs. I told him he missed a spot, and directed him to my inner thighs, nice and high. I had my sunglasses on and looked around. Yup. We were being looked at. Nobody seemed cross with us, though, and there were a number of big dopey grins. Even the women had turned to look, and did not seem upset with us at all.

When he was done with my upper thighs, I sent him back down again, telling him I needed lots of lotion there. david knew what that meant. He knew darned well he would be lying with his penis across my greased up thighs before too long. I've made him cum that way before, from a spanking and him humping his cock across my lubricated lap. He well knows what I am capable of, and was very concerned that I would deal him the ultimate humiliation: a public ejaculation.

Before he could worry too much about that, I jumped up and said "Let me do you, sweetie!" in a saucy, innocent voice. I made david stand there, as I rubbed lotion all over him, including his tummy, and thighs from behind him, and then lingering on his ass, making sure to get the lotion up into his ass crack (I didn't want him to burn!), and in the process surreptitiously slipping a finger tip you know where (nobody could see that, though they could imagine based on where my hand was!)

"Oh david!" I said. "Just look at you. I can't take you anywhere!" What had started as a well-advanced semi-erection by the time he had finished lotioning me up, was by now a full blown hard-on which had sprouted from all my attention to him. david covered up with his hands. Bashfully.

Now, it's important to point out that no male was hard at that beach. Only david. Naturist rules are if you get an erection, it's no big deal, maybe just cover it with a towel, and go for a swim soonest to deflate it.

Instead of that, I made him stand there and publicly scolded him for it. I didn't use a mad voice. I used a voice like a disappointed mother might use with her child. I was not loud either. Just a normal voice I would use to talk to david. Enough to be overheard if anybody was listening, though, and they were.

"Put your hand out," I told him. And then squirted lotion onto it. "you need to do that part, I better not touch you there." (or he might "explode" I thought went without saying). david very quickly rubbed the lotion onto his cock while still covering up with the other hand.

"Let's see." I said, and walked in front of him, pulling his hands away. Rock hard. That's my boy. Right according to plan.

"What did I say I would do to you if I caught you hard at the beach?"

"I don't know..." he said in a small voice.

"I said I would give you a spanking, didn't I?" I answered for him.

Unbelievably, only a few people were actually tuned into what we were doing. There's a lot of "eyes forward" at the beach, and I guess some didn't think it was polite to stare. I knew I wasn't fooling anybody who was looking with the phony scene. I mean, I was responsible for getting him hard, in the first place. And the tone of voice I used was a playful one. I think they knew that we were acting out a fantasy.

There was one lady who looked especially interested, and was turned to face us. I made brief eye contact with her and gave her a little wink.

Then I sat on the end of my beach chair and pulled david down across my lap. OMG!!! I was actually going to do it! Remember, I was nude too at this point, and I could feel my husband's hard slippery cock on my thighs.

If he ejaculated across my lap while I was spanking him, I decided I would push him off me onto the sand with a big "Ewwww!", scold him for it, and make him clean it off me with a towel. How embarrassing would that have been for him??

I started spanking him with my hand.

The lady across from us, an American, asked me "Was he a bad boy?" with a playful twinkle in her eye.

I answered in a sultry voice that he was a VERY bad boy, and kept spanking him. Poor david tried hard to keep still, but my hand smacks jostled him across my lap, and then he just couldn't seem to resist publicly humping my thigh. What a little slut! Afterwords I teased him about being such a slut. He was mortified, as he knew he was doing it at the time, could not stop himself, but thought that his motion was so small it was imperceptible. It was not at all imperceptible. Almost amplified by the high position of his butt across my lap.

I reached down and picked up my rubber soled sandal that I had made sure was within easy reach.

That sandal can really redden a bum quickly, I knew from previous experience.

"He loves it." I told the lady as I started whacking his behind. That got more of a rise out of david. It was hard and fast. A very quick fifty. He was sooo red!!!!

Then I stood him up. He had managed to not cum across my thigh, but was still very hard, even after the smacking.

"Obviously I'll need to take care of that back at the hotel room" I told my lady friend. I left him standing there, covering up with his hands, as I slipped back into my bikini, slipped on my wrap, and packed up our stuff. I left david nude.

When I was packed and ready, I waved bye to the people around us who had seen the show. We had about six or eight true spectators I would say, and goodness knows how many who saw it. They all had grins on their faces, which made me very happy.

I grabbed david by the hand and pulled him along behind me. david knew enough to remain a step behind me in a situation like this. I paraded him the entire way, with a nice bright red bum!

OMG did we fuck our brains out back at the hotel!!!!!

It was very scary before I started, nerve racking as I was doing it, but ended really nicely with everybody having fun with it, and, most importantly, no jail time ;-)

Tuesday, March 5

The Nude Beach

Just recently back from vacation, and dying to tell you all about the three notably kinky things david and I got up to!

I described the first one in my previous post, Back From Vacation, where poor david had to beg me for daily paddlings and peggings,  and where I made him leave out the equipment for the hotel staff to see. There may be some mistaking who is the recipient of the paddle, but when lying right next to a strap-on harness with dildo affixed, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who in the marriage is taking it up the butt!

The island we were on was particularly known for its nude beaches. I had never been to a fully nude beach before and thought it would be fun.

The first nude beach we went to was very large and very crowded! Almost all male-female couples or small groups of mixed-sex nudists. I saw no children or teenagers. An abundance of beach loungers around that you paid the man $15 for the day to use.

Very much like the above, but picture every last chair filled, people strolling up and down the beach and going for a swim, and everybody totally nude! The vast majority of people were over 60 years old I would say, and very fat and out of shape. It was rare to see anybody remotely hot, male or female, though there were a few. One thing that really struck me is how small all the old mens' dicks were! I appreciate david much more now, and the little bit of fat around his belly is no big deal by these standards.

Everybody keeps their eyes forward and pretends not to look, but I caught a whole lot of dirty old fat men with their faces forward but their eyes pointed right at me, darting furtively away just as I turned my gaze towards them. I think I should volunteer to set up a hot women's roaming paddle brigade! They sure needed it. Naturist my cute little ass!

Let me tell you, if you have any doubts about your body image at all, this is a great place to get over them. It's also weird to be standing there totally naked, and to be hit on by older nude guys. They were harmless of course, and I suppose they willingly pay the price of looking ridiculous with their silly little flaccid penises hanging out to get a change to get close to my bare boobs and pussy.

We had a great day, and all in all it was really refreshing just to be out there all naked and everything and to see all the myriad of body types. You don't realize how much your perception of the nude body is influenced by hot Hollywood actors, model types, and porn stars until you experience a Naturist beach like this. Real naked people are nothing like the Hollywood mental image.

Anyway, had all sorts of kinky thoughts and ideas, but I got cold feet and wound up doing nothing at all that day. Felt I needed to get the lay of the land better. We came back here and had a little fun on our last day, but that story will be my third and last.

On the next day we went to another nude beach, very different from the first one. It was much more isolated. You needed to hike for five minutes to get there. There was a bathing suit part, and a nude part further down, but no signage at all. The nude people were much more discrete here. Lying around back from the water under the shady trees in small groups.

This is an actual photo. The nude side is at the far end.

So david and I found a shady tree, stripped, and enjoyed lying on the beach, moving in and out of the sun, and walking down all bare naked to the water for a swim and then drying off in the sun with the lovely sea water glistening off us.

But then a horrible thing happened! Out of nowhere there was huge roar, and a huge bunch of bright yellow Jet Skis came screaming into our side of the bay, parked in a big circle twenty feet out or so, and then the riders got off and swam up to the beach. All of them completely clothed in their bathing suits.

Like this, but about 30 of them. Totally obnoxious, I know!

Fortunately, there was a small sand dune between them and us, but some of them started exploring around, caught sight of us nudies, and turned back again looking embarrassed.  I guess the tour guide didn't tell them this was a nude beach????

I started feeling uncomfortable and put my bikini and a wrap on. david also slipped on his swimsuit. I left david back with our stuff and I went over to see what was going on.

Turns out it was a group from an all-inclusive resort out on a guided Jet Ski "safari" around the island. Most were fairly young couples, in their twenties (I guess Jet Skis don't appeal to the older set). No children amongst them. They told me they were in fact briefed that this was a nude beach and that they should not be surprised by that. Obnoxious!

They were there about 20 minutes or so, and then roared off again to find some other people to bother. david and I stripped off again, and went back to what we had been doing, thinking it an isolated incident.

Then, you won't believe it, but within an hour a second group came by, just like the first. I immediately put my bikini on again, but david said the hell with them and stayed naked. We were quite far back in the trees, and there was that dune, so he was pretty inconspicuous, but I would soon change that...

"david, why don't you go for a swim, I'll bet there are some really hot girls in that group you can look at in their bikinis."

"Duh! OK Honey" he said as he started getting his suit on. What a big dummy!

"No, no, mister Naturist. You go swimming NUDE!" I told him. "They've all been told it's a nude beach, and we wouldn't want to disappoint all those nice young couples by not giving them anything to look at, now would you?"

He told me he thought that was a really bad idea. I told him I was publicly scening him, right here right now, and he had no choice in the matter! That's our deal. I decide on the scenes.

Well little mister Bare Bum did just as he was told and walked slowly into the water, mooning the beached crowd and giving a full frontal to the ones still lounging on their Jet Skis.

He swam briefly, and then turned around and re-emerged. As he walked slowly back up towards me, I could see that his cock had become semi-erect.

He had been entirely flaccid up to now, both on this beach and the other one from the day before even though a lot more people saw him. I guess it was those hot girls in their little string bikinis openly staring with their cute little mouths open that started doing it for him. Ha Ha!

He walked right up to me. I grabbed him by the ear and gave his bum a smack, and then marched him back to our stuff and supervised him putting his bathing suit back on. Then we packed up and left.

It was so exciting! We had a good laugh about it. david told me he was about as embarrassed as he had ever been, and his heart was pounding all the way down to the water and back again. He knew he was getting erect and was doing everything in his power to stop it. After I smacked his bum, he popped a total boner but I don't think anybody saw that as his backside was towards the Jet Ski crowd by then. He said he avoided eye contact with everybody, but felt as if there were a hundred eyes laughing at his bare bum, bare penis, and bare testicles. He said the worst part was knowing there were so many guys seeing him being humiliated like that in front of their women.

So that was really fun, and really spontaneous. Back at the hotel room I let david put his penis in me briefly, and then sucked him off as a reward for his little nudie show at the beach. He sure did cum fast and hard into my mouth, but it just meant he had more to swallow after I snowballed it right back at him with a deep French kiss, and then pushed him down between my legs to scratch my itch...

My best trick of the vacation, though, was still coming...

Monday, March 4

Back From Vacation!

Hi y'all! I'm back from vacation. A lovely week in the Caribbean. Lots of sun and sand!

We had three lovely kinky experiences that I will share, starting with the first one right now.

As you'll recall, before we left I did a bit of a boo boo to david's penis tip. He was fine, but I guess we were lucky in that, and some of my commenters ventured the opinion that I needed to be punished for that. Fine.

Spanking and such is just not in the cards for me, so when I need to do a bit of penance, I let david get lucky, so to speak. I told him he could take me any way he wanted, which usually involves me getting fucked and giving him a blow job afterwards. I don't particularly enjoy being in a submissive position for a fucking, I don't enjoy having to lick my own juices off his cock (yuck!), and I certainly don't enjoy having to swallow his cum like a little slut (that's HIS job!). But it is penance after all, and I suppose I'm not supposed to enjoy it...

So when I told him he could have me any way he wanted, he got a little twinkle in his eye and said he wanted me up the ass. Like that's 'gonna happen?  Penance is penance, but there is no way his cock is getting anywhere near my tight little rear hole, and I told him that, and I also told him that I would make him pay for even suggesting it (he knows better).

I told him to pick again, and he said he wanted to first fuck me doggy style and then cum into my mouth. So I got pussy-fucked doggy style but he couldn't contain himself and came inside of me! Ha Ha! No cum-guzzling for this girl! Nya Nha!

I teased him for his lack of control and suggested that maybe a few more premature ejaculator training sessions in front of Sue would be in his future when we got back from vacation. I said it was a good thing my strap-on dildo doesn't shoot its load and go all soft after a minute like his pathetic dick does, otherwise I couldn't do my proper wifely duties and his ass poundings couldn't last the ten or fifteen minutes (or longer) he usually gets (in all fairness, sometimes I do orgasm when I'm pounding him, but that certainly doesn't stop me, just slows me down for a few seconds until I recover and get back at it...).

Anyways, back to my first vacation story.

That all happened before we left, and his suggestion of ass fucking moi is what got him into his first humiliating little predicament.

I told him that as punishment for that suggestion he would be first getting a paddling, and then a severe ass pounding from Adam (his biggest dildo, strapped onto me), every single day of our vacation (He usually gets it pretty hard on vacations anyway, but it was nice that he gave me an excuse!).

I told him it was his job to ask me sometime during the day, on every full day of our vacation, for his paddling and ass fucking. If on even one day midnight rolled around and he had not yet asked, then when he got home he would be given a hard strapping followed by ten minutes wiggling his ass and balls across the sandpaper tacked to his stool. It's so nice having a punishment for david that he really doesn't want. And both the tawse to his inner thighs and cleft, and especially dildo time tied to "the stool", qualify!

For our vacation, we packed two suitcases. The suitcase that ate Pittsburgh for most of our stuff (like beach bags, big towels, sandals, swim masks, most of our clothes), and a carry-on for the essentials. I told david he should consider Adam, the strap-on harness, the paddle, and his lube amongst the essentials, because if the checked bag was lost or delayed by a day, did he really want to risk a session on the stool?

Of course I made david carry the carry-on bag through security. I wonder what a strap-on harness and a giant dildo look like in the x-ray machines? Wouldn't it have been precious had they asked him to open his bag!

When we got to our hotel, it was beautiful  We had a big suite with a giant balcony overlooking the sea. Our suite was all tile, glass and drywall. It was a three story apartment style hotel with three suites per floor. Fortunately, there were no children there so I felt uninhibited re the kinky noise level.

david was a good boy, and asked every single day of our vacation for his paddling and butt fucking.  The paddle to his butt sounded like rifle shots in that room, and of course I didn't have the huge sliding door to the balcony closed at all, so goodness knows what everybody heard. And that included david's little whimpers, whines, begging, and grunting as he received what I can only describe as vigorous daily anal intercourse!

He was so cute! Every day he would come up to me, nude, with paddle in hand, and ask meekly for his punishment. I was only too happy to oblige. After I had reddened his cheeks nicely across my knee and let him up, he then asked me if he could please have his butt fucking now.

"And why do you need this, david?" I asked him each time.

"To teach me who gives anal intercourse and who receives it in this marriage."

Perfect each time! Exactly like I taught him to say!

He was responsible for putting a fresh condom on the dildo, lubing it up, lubing his own asshole, and then waiting for me on the bed, ass up, in doggy position. Usually I was in the middle of reading a magazine article or a chapter of something, so he wouldn't have to wait longer than ten or fifteen minutes like that for me, except once I "forgot" about him there and started a whole new chapter. Poor dear. The suspense must have been dreadful!

I would enter the bedroom, slip into the strap-on, and place its big bulbous head at the entrance to david's nether passage and start applying pressure. Then the quizzing would start anew.

"Who gets ass fucked in this relationship, david?" I would ask.

"I do" He answered.

"And who does the ass fucking, david?"

"You do, Julie. You do."

"And what does that make you, david," I would ask.

"That makes me your little ass bitch, Julie."

It certainly does.

david STILL has trouble taking Adam, so I am confronted with a bevy of girlish little yelps and squeaks and pleas to go slowly as I ram it into him. Then he gets it good and hard for at least ten minutes. It usually winds up with him falling out of doggy position and me lying on top of him with my hand pushing his face into the bed as I seek out leverage to fuck him hard.

Once I think he's had enough (i.e., when I feel he is broken to the dildo, which happens anew each time I use it), I get off him, drop the dildo onto the towel he prepared, and leave to let him deal with his mess.

I don't want to mix any other kind of sex with his ass fucking, seeing as how it's punishment serving a valuable educational purpose. Later in the day, or first thing in the morning (or both), I let him service me orally, but not right now (even though I may want it right then).

After the first session, when I went back into the bedroom, the paddle, dildo, condoms, strap-on harness and lube were nowhere to be seen. The little bashful darling had hid them in the bottom of the giant suitcase, buried under a mound of our stuff.

I don't think so!

Part of his punishment would be to leave all that stuff out on our bedside table. Yes it meant the Caribbean maids would all know my husband was subject to paddlings and ass-fuckings from his wife.  And yes, that meant that no doubt every staff member at the hotel, including the very pretty young European lady at reception would be given the word as well. He was being punished, after all, and it was meant to be humiliating for him.

And when you're in that situation, it's hard to interpret those looks from the maids and the girl at reception. Do you really see a glint of amusement in their eyes as you walk your husband by, or is that just your imagination?