Friday, October 20

Playing Doctor

david and I played "Doctor" the other day. Very much fun! We occasionally do fun little role-plays. It's always me who initiates as I particularly envoy the acting part of it. As the dominant I tend to have the larger role which suits me fine. I have a real lab coat and a real stethoscope that we use, and also a toy plastic "Doctor's Kit".

He enjoys when we play. He was fine with it. I decided on a setup where I am his Doctor and he is a regular patient who visits me for a routine checkup, but this time he is under punishment from "his wife" who gave him a spanking, a rough pegging, and sentenced him to a week in panties.

When he realized that he had his Doctor's appointment with me that week, and that I always see him in just his underwear (no robe), he begged his wife to let him wear his underpants that day, or at least to cancel the appointment. She was pretty incredulous of his ask.

She told him firmly "no" on both counts.


A punishment is a punishment. Not her problem if he chooses to misbehave on the week he had a Doctor's appointment scheduled. She told him that she would make herself available by cellphone if his Doctor had any questions for her regarding his undergarment choice.

Fun setup, no?

I turned our living room into the waiting area, and our kitchen into the examination room. We have a sturdy white tile-top table that I converted into the examination table with a duvet, some pillows, a sheet, and newspaper underneath that crinkled.

I made david first prepare himself and then go outside for a walk around the block while I prepared the table and everything else. When he came back he was told to knock on the front door. I answered dressed as the receptionist (pencil skirt, blouse, glasses, no lab coat).

"Mr. Delmar, so nice to see you again!" I said. "Please have a seat in reception and the Doctor will see you soon." I conducted him to the living room to have a seat. Even had some magazines laid out on the coffee table and a medical brochure! I love play acting.

david was of course sitting there with only a pair of panties under his pants knowing he would have to expose them to his Doctor soon. He looked appropriately sheepish in the waiting room!

I let him sit there for a few minutes and then went back in to get him, still as the receptionist. "If you would come this way, please Sir." I escorted him into the kitchen cum examination room. I had various "medical gear" laid out on the kitchen island within easy reach of the examination table.

"Strip down to your undies and I'll be back in moment to record your weight and height."

david played along beautifully: "I... I... I thought the Doctor usually does that?" he asked.

"Yes, so observant! I just received my certification as a basic paramedical, so now I can do that on the Doctor's behalf. Big time saver. Just down to your undies please, I'll be back in a moment."

"Ummm... have you got a robe or something I can put on...?"

"I'm sorry, we don't," I said, and then taking a stricter tone, "is this going to be a problem, Mr. Delmar?"

"N... N... No" he said.

"Fantastic," I said, sarcastically, "down to your skivies now, and then just take a seat on the examination table. I'll be back in a jiffy."

Then I left the room and gave him a chance to undress. Hee hee!

When I came back in with my clipboard he was sitting there on the table, his feet dangling, with his arms crossed tightly over his white cotton "underwear" in an attempt to conceal an erection.

Roleplay is actually pretty powerful. If you set the scene right and play the role well, you can transport yourself into that actual situation. You can literally feel all the emotions associated with the real thing. I highly recommend it for those of you with "public play" fantasies like david and I, but don't want to risk it for real. david reports he was very "in the moment" imagining himself to be in that actual humiliating situation.

As the receptionist, I pretend not to notice anything at first. "Hop up on the scale, please Mr. Delmar." I pointed towards the bathroom scale that I had previously setup in the "examination room".

With a big sigh he got up and went to the scale, his hands covering his front. At this point, his panties were unmistakable.

"Mr. Delmar!" I said, sounding shocked. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I'm so sorry!" he wailed. "It's not what you think!"

"And what exactly do you believe I think?" I asked.

"That it's some kind of sexual thing," he said.

"Well you said it, not I," I said, angrily.

"No. No. It's not that. I swear." He said.  "It's my wife. She makes me wear panties as a punishment. It's not my idea, I swear!" He did a great job of sounding pathetically desperate. "I begged her not to make me come here like this but she told me I had to! That it was my fault that I needed to be punished the week of my Doctor's appointment and I had to suffer the consequences. Please, I can give you her number. She said you could call her if you had any questions. Please!"

I eyed him up and down with a look of disgust. "Write her number here," I told him, indicating my clipboard and giving him my pen. He scratched down my cell phone number. "Wait here," I told him, and left the room.

Outside the kitchen I had a "one sided" conversation with... myself! I wrote out the script in advance so I could read it while "on the phone" so that david could hear. What a LARPy nerd I am! Here was my script:
"Hello, yes, Mrs. Delmar? ... Yes, this is Rose Smith, I'm the receptionist at Doctor Mardel's office... Yes... Your husband is here to see us. He's dressed in a pair of women's panties and is clearly aroused sexually... I see... I see... Yes... Well yes, that behaviour is unacceptable... Absolutely. No, they should be doing at least half of the housework, of course... Oh, you did, did you? ... Just like that? ... Ha ha, how childish! ... I can see how it would... No, he seems to be very well behaved now and genuinely embarrassed at his situation... That makes sense... Yes... Well, given that, his aroused state makes sense also, of course... Sure, happy to answer any question or have the Doctor do it... No. Not at all. Two weeks is definitely not a medical issue. Likely healthy for him, in fact... Sure... How big? ... That is big! I'll ask the Doctor to check him out there, make sure there's no damage. I'm pretty sure not. It stretches... Uh huh? ... No need to send him to the clinic. We can collect the sample here and send it in for testing... No... No problem at all... Yes... Yes, I'll be sure to tell Doctor Mardel... Uh huh? ... I'm sure that won't be necessary... We'll keep it in mind, I do have a very stout wooden ruler on my desk! Ha ha! .. Yes! ... Absolutely! ... No, it was my pleasure... If there were more wives like you, we'd have fewer problems with husbands... No, thank you Mrs. Delmar... Bye bye now."
I "hung up" the phone and went back into the examination room. david was seated back up on the table. "I spoke with your wife, Mr. Delmar." I paused and gave him an appraising look. "Well, are you ashamed of yourself?"

"yes ma'am," he croaked out.

"You should be," I said, "having to come to your Doctor's appointment dressed like that. Well all I can say is that it serves you right. Now no more nonsense or your wife gets another phone call. Up on the scale, please."

david hopped up and got onto the scale. I noted his weight. "Gained a few pounds since last year, have we?" I asked sarcastically. "I could tell already from your belly that you're carrying a bit of extra weight there." The truth hurts!

"Yes Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am".

"A little self-control is all it takes. Look at me, do I look fat?" I asked.

"No ma'am, not at all," he said.

"That's because I'm disciplined in my eating. I think I should let your wife know to put you on a diet. I'm sure some of her motivational methods will come in useful."

"yes ma'am".

"Let me get your height. Turn around, hands at your sides. Strand straight." He did all that. "Oh Mr Delmar! Really!"

"I'm sorry," he said softly, blushing fiercely as his erection tented his panties.

"I suppose that's what a few week's abstinence will do to a man. And I understand from your wife that's how you respond to take-charge women?" I stated.

"Yes ma'am," he answered.

"Hmpf!" I said.

I then measured him with a tape measure, taking pains to crouch down in front of him so my head was level with his panty-covered erect penis, and then stand up with the end of the tape measure, standing on my tippy-toes and rubbing my breasts against him a bit as I noted his height.

"That's all for now. Please wait here until the Doctor is ready for you," I said.

david went to sit back down on the table.

"No..." I pondered aloud. "Over here, please Mr. Delmar." I grabbed his upper arm in my hand and conducted him towards the wall. "Stand just like this, facing the wall. One hand here," I said, raising his right hand to the top of his head, "and the other here," I said, raising his other hand, "and interlock your fingers together," he did so, "now stand nice and straight. Let's see that nose touching that wall," he straightened up and shuffled more against the wall. "Perfect. You'll stay like that until the Doctor comes. Am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am," he said.

"I'll check on you. If I see you've moved a muscle, I'll let your wife know about your disobedience."

"That won't be necessary ma'am!" he said.

"I should hope not. What would happen if you were disobedient and forced me to make that call?"

"My wife would be angry with me?" ventured david.

"Ha! And what would she do about it? She's already told me..." I prompted.

"she'd give me... a... a... spanking..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes she would! How delightful is that? Do you know, she's even given me permission to take you across my knee if you're unruly?"

"No ma'am."

"Well she has, just now on the phone. Right across my knee for a good old fashioned spanking. I have a very stout wooden ruler on my desk that would leave an impression, I'm sure. So best to mind your p's and q's with me."

"Yes ma'am!"

Then I left the kitchen, leaving him standing there in his panties facing the wall for "the Doctor" to arrive.

Do you see how in a role-play the dominant has so much more work to do? I have to do practically all the dialogue, he just snivels back the occasional "yes ma'am / no ma'am". I actually like that. Play acting is something most of us don't get to do a lot of as an adult. It's childlike to play imagine.

I did a quick change out in the living room, putting on my lab coat and real stethoscope, taking off my glasses, and tying my hair back. Transformed from receptionist to Doctor!

I went back into the "examination room" in my Doctor persona.

"Oh my goodness," I said, as I stood there now as the Doctor staring at the pantied man standing in timeout facing the wall.

"Ms. Smith told me about your situation, Mr. Delmar. We're more than happy to accommodate your wife's wishes in this regard. I understand from Ms. Smith that your wife spanks you as well, is that true?"

"yes ma'am," said david, still facing the wall.

"Well, we need to have a look then, the law requires me to assess the situation to look for spousal abuse."

"No! Please! It's, it's consensual..." he said.

"That's what they all say, Mr. Delmar, best I have a look. Come on over here, put your elbows on the table. I'm just going to lower your panties. There we go. Let me see now." I started running my hands over his butt cheeks. "Well that doesn't look so bad. Some residual redness from what appears to be a mild spanking. Did she use an implement at all?"

"Yes ma'am, a hairbrush ma'am," he said, "and it wasn't 'mild'!" he added.

"Certainly not abusive, but I imagine a lesson well-learned, Mr. Delmar?" as I asked this I smacked his butt with my hand.

"yes ma'am," he said.

I started pulling his panties back up his ass. "And these panties are just adorable. For how long are you required to wear them?"

"A... a... a... week ma'am," he stuttered back an answer.

"A full week! Your wife is very strict. Very admirable. Now let's get you examined. please have a seat," I said.

david hopped back up on the table and I used my toy Doctor's kit to "examine him". Reflexes, heart rate, listening to his lungs, blood pressure, eyes, ears, and throat.

I had lie down and put his head on the pillows. I gave him a breast exam, feeling all the way around. Then I quickly grabbed the front of his panties and lowered them down to catch on the undersides of his balls.

I then grabbed his balls in my hands and said, "look away from me and cough. And again. And one more time." I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling for as I do this, but I was told it was "a thing" for guys to have their balls held while they coughed. Hernia I think?

Then I pushed his cock back, holding it down on his belly as I felt all the way around each testicle looking for lumps.

"Checking for anything unusual," I said as I felt him up. Bonus check-up. I did read once about what to look for. Happy to report he's clean. All wives should do this regularly for their men. I pulled his panties back up to cover his junk once again, ignoring his erection.

"Let's have you over on your side now please. Good. Knees to chest. Time for that part of the exam," I said. This is how his Doctor (female) does it.

I pulled his panties down in back, baring his backside. Leaving him like that, I snap on the gloves.

Then get the lube.

And then I put my finger into his bottom hole feeling for his prostate. As I'm doing that, with my free hand I quickly knock on the table, simulating a knock on the door to the examination room. "Come in," I say, with my finger still lodged in his bottom hole.

I then put on my receptionist voice and have a dialogue with my Doctor voice. david is turned away and cannot see. He can imagine it is the both of us.

"Sorry to disturb you, Doctor. It completely slipped my mind earlier, but when I was on the phone to her earlier Mrs. Delmar asked if while you're examining him if you could please assess his rectal area for any potential damage from her use of her strap-on dildo. She uses it for punishment, and just wants to make sure it's safe for him."

"Of course, Rose, you've caught me just at the right time. Usually any problem would manifest as lazy muscles in the rectal area, but he seems quite tight. But just to make sure, could you please bring in the phallus and condoms we use for sex ed with the girls. I want to see how his anal sphincter reacts to a larger probe."

"Right away, Doctor Mardel."

Then speaking as the Doctor back at david, "Everything seems A-OK in here with your prostate. Nice smooth dome. Not too large.  Ah, there you are Rose, just finishing up his prostate exam. We'll just check his sphincter now to assess if there's any damage from his wife's use of anal intercourse."

"Have a look. No problems here I can see."

Ha ha! How humiliating would that be, having the Doctor pulling your cheeks apart and examining your bum hole while the receptionist looks on!

"Hand me the phallus, please Rose. Mr. Delmar, is this approximately the size your wife uses on you?"

He looks at it and nods.

"Great, let's give it a try and see. Rose, could you please place a condom on it. Thank you. Let's get it in there now... A bit of a tight fit. There we go. Right. In. There.

"See how his anus stretches to accommodate it, Rose? Could you just grab the base there and work it in and out a bit. That's good. Twist it a little as you go. We're just trying to loosen it all up back there. Simulate anal intercourse a bit. You can go harder. That's fine. Let's pull it out now. Slowly. There! See how his hole stays open?"

"We'll just observe and see how long it takes to pucker closed again. There it starts now. Closing up.... Closing up... That's about it. What, around a minute or so? That's perfectly normal. Indicates no problem at all with the muscle elasticity. We'll just get your panties back up. And thank you Rose, I can finish up here."

"Now," I went on as the Doctor, "I understand from Rose that your wife has requested a sperm motility test? Thinking of having babies are we? That's wonderful. We'll just collect a sample now and send it off to the lab for a count. Should get results back tomorrow."

"Ummm," stammered david, "how will the sample be obtained?"

"Well, we're not equipped with the usual pornographic materials they have in the labs. Are you able to masturbate without anything like that?"

"I... I don't think so, ma'am..."

"That's not a problem. We can use a prostate massager combined with manual digital stimulation of your member. Always seems to do the trick. The association requires that I have another staff member present during the procedure. I take it that's ok?"

"yes ma'am..."

"Great. We'll have Rose observe. Now if I can just have these panties (tee hee) off for this next part. Knees up. There we go."

"If you'll just wait there like that while I get the necessary equipment. Oh, and I will need you wife's consent for this procedure as well. I'll give her a quick call."

I left the room. Then I then had a second pre-written and pre-printed-out "conversation" with his wife just outside the kitchen where he could still hear me.
"Rose, could you please get me the number for Mrs. Delmar? ... Thanks... No problem, I'll dial it. Hello? Mrs. Delmar? Doctor Mardel here. You spoke with my receptionist Rose Smith a little while ago? ... No, everything is fine... The panties are no problem at all. Very fetching. Ha ha! ... He did, he blushed up a storm! ... Very effective! ... Yes, Ms. Smith told me, I did a quite thorough anal examination and found no problems at all. Tight as a drum... Absolutely you can keep doing that... Yes, that's normal for it to be a bit painful for him... No I don't expect that to ever go away completely. I mean, would you even want it it? ... Ha ha! Of course not! ... I wouldn't recommend that. A throat numbing spray might mask an injury... He needs to just learn how to take it in deeper... No, no, the gagging won't hurt him at all... There are resources on the Internet, mainly aimed at women, on how he can take it in deeper without gagging. Just get him to research that... Exactly, the gagging is good motivation. And just extend the session... Yes... Exactly. Actually, the main reason I phoned is I understand you want a sperm motility test? ... It's no problem at all, I just like to get the wife's consent for the procedure when possible... Manual stimulation from me with a gloved hand, with a prostate massager inserted. Ms. Smith will attend as well. It's required... A little 'Speedy Gonzalez' is he? Ha ha! Makes my job easier... And just while I have you, I note on the chart that he's gained a few pounds since his last visit... I think you should... Weekly weigh-ins with consequences I imagine... A good hard strapping? ... Yup, right on the bare bum, nice and low... Oh I don't know. Fifty maybe? You'll have to gauge by his reaction... Certainly... We can definitely accommodate that. I think it's a good idea... Yes, I agree, there should be consequences here as well... Absolutely... It's been lovely speaking with you Mrs. Delmar... Indeed... Bye now."
"Rose, would you mind joining me while I extract his sperm sample?"

"Happy to, Doctor," I responded in my Rose voice (a bit higher pitched than my Doctor voice!)

"And one more thing," I went on in my Doctor's voice (hard work!), "maybe before we get started with the sperm extraction, as I really should speak to Mrs. Winslow about her thombosis now. Mrs. Delmar has requested that he be 'consequenced' for his weight gain here as well as at home. Can you handle that?"

"Of course, Doctor. How do you recommend?"

"I would just take him across your knee, and give him a good old fashioned spanking. Be careful of his penis though, I understand he's a bit of a premature ejaculator and we will still need that sperm sample. Find some implement around the office you can use so you don't hurt your hand."

"I have just the thing!" I said as Rose.

Did another quick change. Lab coat and stethoscope off, hair down, glasses on. Voila! Rose in the flesh. I picked up my wooden ruler and walked back in to david.

There he was, still cowering there where the Doctor had left him. First glimpse by "Rose" of his bare penis.

"Mr. Delmar. I'm afraid your wife has requested that we consequence you here and now for your weight gain. So hop up off the table and come over here across my knee." As I said this, I arranged a chair and sat.

"Awww... geeeez!" said david.

"Right now, young man!" I said sternly.

He went across my knee, all nude, and I started smacking his ass with my ruler. It's a good weight for a wooden ruler. Hard to find a heavy one nowadays. This one is a bit of an antique I guess. It did the job anyways, turning his white cheeks first pink then rosy red. I also belabored the backs of his thighs as he lay there helplessly across my knee, taking his 'lickin. I won't go on an on about his spanking, but it was a good one! I definitely had him begging before the end and promising to lose weight.

I let him up and scolded him again for his weight gain as he stood there with his hands rubbing his spanked backside and his bare penis and testicles flopping around in front of me.

"Back up on the table now. I'll fetch the Doctor for your sperm sample."

With that I left the room and changed back into my Doctor's uniform. I came back in with his prostate massager (you know it from last time).

I had him bend his knees and put his feet up. I commented on the thorough job Rose had done spanking him. I called Rose in as I was holding his legs up and congratulated her as we surveyed the scene (this time we had to just pretend Rose was there with me!).

Then I put my gloves back on and applied the lube to his bumhole and to the prostate toy,  inserted it in, and turned it on talking to Rose the whole time about the procedure. When he put his legs down at my command, he was already hard.

I placed a little shot glass nearby within reach, lubed his penis, and began rubbing as I imagined a Doctor might do, very dispassionately and professionally.

"Close your eyes, Mr. Delmar, and imagine something sexy please."

As he did this I had more freedom to involve "Rose". I told her to take the shot glass and to hold it at the tip of his penis.

"Come on then, Mr. Delmar, we don't have all day..."

He started bucking, writhing and moaning and soon, with my encouragement, ejaculated into my little shot glass as I congratulated him on his big load!

"Rose, please take that to your desk, label it and box it and call the lab for a pickup. Open your eyes, Mr. Delmar," I told him as I hovered over him looking him in the eyes. "It's all done now. You were a brave boy. I can't imagine it was pleasant having two women do that to you. No doubt a bit embarrassing, eh?"

"yes ma'am" he said.

"I know, but all done until next year. Just lie here like that, I'll send Rose back in to clean you up. Very nice seeing you again, Mr. Delmar. Until next time. And do say hello to your wife for me. What a charming lady! Goodbye."

The Doctor left the room, and one quick change later, Rose came back in.

I went to the table and picked up the baby wipes I had ready. I took some out and started cleaning up his penis, testicles, low abdomen, and inner thighs.

"There, there. Not so bad," I said as I cleaned him.

I picked up his legs and raised them to the diapering position. I then used more wipes on his bottom hole and his behind. Imagine if that had happened for real. How humiliating for him! Naked man. Fully dressed receptionist. Cleaning him like a baby. Cute to boot ;-)

I took his panties, sat on the chair, and told him to come over and to put his panties back on, holding them there for him to step into.

I pulled them up his legs and up around his penis and balls. I reached in and arranged his genitals to fall better in his panty. I turned him around, patted his bottom, and told him I hoped the spanking didn't hurt him too much.

"Go ahead and get dressed the rest of the way yourself, Mr. Delmar, I'll be waiting for you outside in reception."

And then I left to the living room, and awaited david to get dressed and come to me, and then the scene was over.

He loved it! He said it was just like being there. I enjoyed the whole theater of it, and I enjoyed doing something that was also so fun to write about.

How about you guys? What do you think of it? And what kind of roleplays have you done?

Tuesday, October 10

A Meeting with Strict Julie

I have a fan who leaves comments and writes to me. You know him as spanky97301. I figure either he lives in Oregon (zip code?) or he was born Jan 30, 1997, or none of the above!

He was fantasizing about what a genuine real live meeting with me would be like. I asked him to write me and tell me how he thought it would go. He wrote back a very elaborate multi-part story involving me, my sister Sue, my friend Tracy and her husband John, my husband david, and a giant woman weightlifter type! I promised to write him back how I thought it would go. But then I got caught up in a bit of a submissive state and had been putting it off for a while, but I decided to finally write my version up, and am putting it here in case any of you other readers have similar fantasies of meeting me. You may want to think twice.

First of all, you would need to send me your government ID. A photo of it via email, and I would want to check it somehow that it was legit. I am not taking any chances here. I would share the ID and my intent to meet with you with my sister. I would not tell david.

We would arrange a date and a time. I would expect you to come to Toronto and book a hotel room in a decent downtown hotel. Just before our date you would email me the room number. I would let Sue know the time and place.

I would expect you to pay me for my time. Not a full pro fee such as I would pay to Mistress Violet. Just a fee to cover my Uber and my time. I am not going to be paid for catering to your fantasies. You will be catering to mine.

Just before knocking on your hotel room door I would text Sue and let her know I am going in. She would expect a text from me every 30 minutes. Else she will first try to call me, and then will call the cops if I don't answer or if I use a pre-arranged innocuous sounding code word on the phone with her.

We would meet each other. You would pour us a glass of chilled white wine. We would chat for a bit. I want to know a bit about you, and how you interact.

I tell you that you will be tied and ball-gagged during our session. If you grunt out an SOS (short short short long long long short short short) I will end the session and leave the room. On the other hand, if you are able to last through the beating I intend to give you, you will be given a chance to lick my asshole, and I will finish you off with a handjob before I go.

I tell you to go to the bathroom, undress completely, and shower. Lots of soap and water, and shampoo your hair. I don't care if you just did it already. You will be doing it again with me there in the room and listening to it. You will then dry yourself and come out of the bathroom with a towel around your waist. I will snap a pic of you and text it to Sue so she can follow along from home.

Now for the binding. I will use precut ropes I have brought to bind your wrists in front of you (no play), and to bind your ankles together (tightly, but a very small amount of play to allow you to move around with tiny shuffling steps). You will then kneel in front of me. I will attach a ball gag very tightly into your mouth. I will make you practice your SOS once.

I will then sit on an armless chair, get my hairbrush from my nearby bag of goodies, place it on my lap, and tell you that you will first be going across my knee for a good old fashioned hairbrush spanking.

I will be dressed like this.

I will then have you shuffle down across my knee. I will remove the towel from around you once you are across my knee. No sooner. You will then be soundly spanked. It will be a "real" spanking in every sense that I can make it real.

Ten minutes later, with a bright red ass and in considerable pain, you will be allowed to crawl off my knee and stand there, bound and gagged and fully nude, your ridiculous penis fully on display to me. A picture will be taken and sent to my sister. You will turn and present your backside to me. I will take another pic and text it to Sue.

Next I will tell you that you have the strap coming. I will have you bend over the arm of the sofa. I will take my strap, and give you a very intense strapping with it.

I will remind you that if you make it through this strapping, you will be allowed to place your tongue in my asshole. The strapping will be long, slow, and drawn out. I will have you whimpering in pain before it's half over. Then another pic of your sorry ass for Sue to see I am still safe.

Well done. You have earned the chance to clean out my asshole. I will lead you to the bathroom and have you kneel in front of the sink. I will remove your ball gag. Your jaw will be very sore by now. I will wash your mouth out with soap very thoroughly, paying special attention to soaping and scrubbing your dirty tongue. No telling where it's been. I will allow you to rinse thoroughly to get the nasty soap taste out of your mouth (though it will only be of so much help - the strong taste will inevitably stay with you all night).

I will then take off my skirt and my panties. Yes, you will be very excited seeing that. I wore stockings and a garter belt for you. You will lie down on the floor and place your bound hands above your head. I will use an extra length of rope to secure them to a sofa leg. I will then lower my butt on your head. I'll reach behind and spread my own cheeks to allow your tongue to get in nice and deep. You will lick and penetrate my asshole for the next five minutes or so. Breathing will at times be difficult for you. You will lick it all over and stick your toungue in deeply. What an honour for you to be allowed to do this!

You will then pose for me, bound as you are, with your tongue sticking out for my next photo for Sue. I will caption it "ass licker". I hope it's brown at the tip. Ha Ha!

I will make you kneel again, facing away from me. The ball gag will go back on. The usefulness of your mouth has come to an end. I tell you that you have only one whipping left to go before you get to enjoy some hand relief from me. To encourage you I will spit on my hand and stroke your cock to hard. I get a different type of whimpering this time. A whimpering of lust.

I take you over to the center of the sofa, facing the back.

I put a pillow on the edge for your comfort. I make you bend over. I slip a rope thorugh your bound wrists tieing it off at both front sofa legs. This effectively keeps your bound hands near the floor and prevents you from attempting to stand up. I untie your ankles, and then re-tie them spread-eagled, one ankle to each couch leg. I grab your cock and pull it out between your legs.

You are looking worried. I go to your head. I kneel down in front of you. You can't help but look at my bare pussy, you naughty boy! I stroke your head and tell you to be brave. If you survive this whipping you will get to enjoy such a nice orgasm, from my small cool hand no less!

I go to my bag of tricks and fetch out the final "implement". You will be rope whipped.

Your ass, your legs, your inner thighs, your ass crack, your asshole. Well spread as your legs are, it makes quite the bullseye target! I doubt your penis and balls will escape completely unscathed. Though I will not be aiming for them, accidents happen.

Will you withstand my rope whipping, knowing what your reward will be? I will lull you along with a false sense of security. The first strokes will not be brutal. You will be thinking you can make it. Atta boy! That's the spirit. I will then let loose and cut you hard. "NO!" is what you will be thinking, But then the next one won't be so bad again. Will you give in? Is this what your ass will look like before I'm done with you?

You must be wondering if I have any intention whatsoever of lowering myself by giving you hand relief. Or will I just keep whipping you more and more brutally until you give in?

But no. It ends. The marks are freaking spectacular! I snap another pic and send it to Sue. She sends me back a bunch of thumbs up emojis 👍👍👍👍👍.

I did come prepared. I was not going to leave you hanging there like that. I get nurse-style latex gloves out of my bag and a small bottle of lube, and put on the gloves.

I reach for your cock and start stroking it. It does not take long. Soon you are bucking and moaning as you are tied down to the sofa, spread-eagled, and ball-gagged. I massage and squeeze your balls. Sometimes a little too hard. Tee hee! I stick a gloved finger right into your ass! Oh my! That made you jump, didn't it? Two fingers make you yell into your ball gag. Poor dear! But you seem to be back-fucking my fingers yet, you bad boy, as I stroke your cock hard and fast building to your nice climax.

True to my word, you do cum! Right into my palm. I collect all your semen and smear it onto your exposed asshole. You look like you've just been man-fucked. Semen and lube mixing in your stretched hole! Ha ha! I just have to have a pic of this for Sue!

I leave you there like that as I get dressed and clean up. Before I leave I pick up your hotel room phone: "Oh hello. Yes, we're completely out of clean towels in the room. Could you please send up the maid with a bunch of fresh ones? Right away? Thank you so much!"

I go over to you, lean down and give you a kiss on the back of your bowed head, and thank you for the wonderful time. I get my things and leave, leaving the door a bit ajar. I hope the maids have a sense of humour!

Friday, October 6

I'm Back!

After my turn being subbie a couple of weeks back, I am now starting to ease back into my natural role as top. I declared a one week moratorium on all kink, and in fact all sex. I even extended that to telling him he was not allowed to masturbate, as I wanted him primed and ready for my return. So I did have fun teasing him to hard most nights and whispering "soon" in his ear. I've noticed that he becomes very submissive, and takes on many stereotypical "girl" behaviours when I tease and withhold. For example, when I reach around to his cock he moans and wiggles for me, and begs me for release.

On Wednesday night I took him to My Bedroom and had him strip to nude and stand in front of me. I had on a short nighty and panties and sat on the side of our bed. His penis was quiveringly erect even before I touched him.

I opened the bedside drawer and pulled out a little bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil.

I coated my hands first and then coated his cock and balls all over. He moaned and his knees buckled as I rubbed it in sensuously. I lifted my nightie and dribbled the oil all over my lap and rubbed it in.

"Across my knee," I told him. "And don't dare cum until I say it's ok."

He settled down across my knees, his head, chest, knees and feet supported by the bed. I felt his hard cock rubbing against my slippery thighs. I reached over again to my bedside drawer and pulled out the lube and his larger plum-coloured (pink to him!) prostate massager.

I lubed the massager and his butthole, and I penetrated him with it. I then switched it on to my favourite setting, #4, which is a strong alternating vibration, about one second in the tip, and then one second in the extension, and then repeat. Makes it feel like he's getting a fucking: In and Out and In and Out and In and Out ...

With this going on I then started spanking him with my hand. Good hard slaps.

"Go on then," I told him, "cum while I spank you."

He intensified his moaning and bucking and rubbing across my lap while I gave him a good hard hand spanking combined with his virtual fucking.

"After you cum," I said, "you'll get on your knees and lick it all up."

"Oh, yes Ma'am!" he promised.

"But you won't swallow any of it," I continued, "you'll hold it all in your mouth until I allow you to swallow it."

"Yes Ma'am!"

I kept spanking him and he kept humping my lap. I periodically interjected little reminders of his after-orgasm chore, as in "every last drop", and "you'll hold it in your mouth", "just like a little bitch", "look at you humping my lap, what a little slut!", "are you going to cum? You know what comes after..."

All the talk about him being made to lick up and swallow his cum seems to excite him greatly while in his aroused state, but is ironically so much less exciting after he cums!

Despite the intense hand spanking and the unpleasantness of his after-chore, he nonetheless made a HUGE mess all over my lap. Such a naughty little boy! He bucked and moaned and ground into me spectacularly as I felt his warm, sticky, slick cum jet onto my legs.

"Get busy," I told him.

With him spent and out of breath he squirmed off my lap and put himself on his knees in front of me. I spread my legs wide and he started licking. The butt plug massager was running this whole time. He had trouble licking without swallowing so I helped him up by scooping it up and feeding it to him. Both off my legs and off his own tummy and cock.

I stood up and arranged several pillows on the bed. I told him to lie face down and to keep that cum in his mouth.

I opened the bedside drawer once again and pulled out my tawse.

I tossed it on the bed beside his head so he could contemplate it. I then pulled on my strap-on dildo. With my larger dildo, Adam.

"Worried?" I asked him.

I went to the bathroom to get some toilet paper. I came back and turned off and pulled out his butt plug massager out. I had let it run all this time.

I picked up the tawse and just fucking whipped his ass! He graced me with one of those unmistakable closed-mouth screams as the first stroke seared his buns.

"Seems I need to remind you who's on top in this family, don't I?" I asked as I whipped his buns.

I only gave him a dozen, but they were good ones.

I threw the strap down and knelt up on the bed behind his raised whipped ass. I applied more lube and I pushed in. The vibrating plug had loosened his asshole, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been for him. His only means of complaint was completely closed-mouthed, owing to him still retaining his big load.

I fucked him for a good five minutes or so, escalating as I went to jack-hammer hard and balls-deep. He didn't stop his closed-mouth complaining the whole time.

I pulled out, cleaned up, and took off the strap-on. Poor dear looked spent.

I picked up the Delrin cane and swooshed it through the air several times.

"Just six more," I told in a soothing voice, stroking his hair. "Be a good girl for me and that will be it." He nodded vigorously and raised his ass for me to strike.

I cut into his low cheeks and he grunted and flattened himself. I touched his ass and he raised it up for me again. Six times total. He begged me for the cane with his raised ass each time. Good girl. Six was it. I left great marks.

I pulled him off the pillows and onto his knees in front of me. I put my hand under his chin and said, "show me." He opened his mouth and showed me that through all that he had still retained his cum in his mouth, albeit diluted with saliva by now. I squeezed my fingers around his throat and said "swallow..." I could feel his throat working under my fingers as he choked it down.

I took off my nighty and my panties, sat at the head of the bed with my knees bent and my legs spread, crooked my finger at him, pointed at my pussy and said, "get busy, boy."

And oh boy, did he! Yumm!

I'm back, bitches!