Friday, December 29

Sexual Assault?

Ok, I'm going to go a little political on your asses on this post. I never do this, but now I'm getting frustrated. So trigger warning. If you don't want to mix politics with your BDSM, stop reading, and if you think all sexual assault is created equal and #ibelieveher is right on, and get too angry about it even to discuss it, then please stop reading now!
So, Matt Damon said we are living in a "culture of outrage". He went on to say “there’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation. Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.

I don't know anything about this guy, other than I've seen him in some movies, but that quote makes sense to me. And yet he's getting lambasted for saying it!

The proper response to getting any part of you inappropriately touched is to slap the guy in his face. Either that or have a nearby gentleman punch him in the face. That's adequate punishment. It should be written into the law (I am assuming it is not) as being ok to respond that way. And I think safe enough for me to support #ibelieveher in such cases.

If a man actually rapes a woman then for sure that's a serious felony and should be treated as such in the courts of law. And in such cases I am absolutely not a proponent of #ibelieveher. These are serious charges with life changing outcomes, and the accused need the ability to confront their accusers in a court of law. I know it's tough on the girl, and some will not report as a result. But there have been so many cases of false accusations that you cannot "just believe" women, any more than you can "just believe" men.

All the Hollywood scandals are like, really? Those women knew what they were signing up for. They were trading sex for work, or putting up with bad behaviour for work. Just don't do that if you don't want to. Find another line of work. I don't much care about an actress who sleeps her way to the top. I think the guys involved could likely do better at their jobs by not confusing willingness to go to bed with potential box office success, but whatever.

I also don't get the faux outrage over stories of female teachers sleeping with their teenaged charges. Here's a 25-year-old art teacher arrested for having sex with four high-school aged boys in her art class.

Ok, not the smartest move, but good grief, is there a victim here? I think for there to be a crime there needs to be a victim. If a boy was victimized, damaged in some way, then fine, consider that. The real victims are the other 20 boys in the class who didn't get to sleep with her. I think the appropriate "punishment" is to let those other randy youngsters have at her also.

I think there really is a difference here if you reverse the sexes. But it's like 99 times out of 100 there is harm in one case, and in 1 out of 100 there is harm the other way. Fine, treat them the same, but ask if there is an actual victim involved.

Then there's this idiotic idea that a woman can dress how she wants, act how she wants, drink as much as she wants, go anywhere she wants, with anybody she wants (e.g., dress provocatively, flirt outrageously, drink heavily, go alone to a guys' room, make out with him, and then say "no"). Yes, the guy should stop. But does the woman have none of the blame here? Really? NONE?

To me, that's a lesser offense then some guy in a ski mask breaking into your home and violently raping you against your will. Can't we agree on that? Guess not.

Tell me what you guys think. Am I right on, or out to lunch? No need to be politically correct here. All comments welcomed.

Tuesday, December 19

Husband's Christmas Gift

I decided to buy david an early Christmas present: a beautiful, big-breasted, willing to do anything, blonde sex worker for him to play with!

Is that not, I mean, the PERFECT gift for the man who has everything?

I used some of my underworld contacts to find the right type of girl, and to vouch for us, and went over to her place for an incall. I told david in advance that as his Christmas gift he would be allowed to fuck a hooker in the mouth and cum down her throat. I made the selection and negotiated everything in advance without consulting him at all. It was my gift to him after all.

We will call her Tiffany (she looked like a Tiffany, even though that was not her real name). First of all, let me say that she was a lovely, perky, fun girl. She was quite expensive, and was well booked up, and she ran her own show. She screened us quite thoroughly, both through our reference and by insisting on having our real names. There was no question that she enjoyed her job tremendously, and was by no means coerced into doing this kind of work. In fact, david and I even gave her an orgasm first, before the mouth fucking even started.

When we arrived, she let us in dressed in a long bathrobe, with a short baby doll nighty underneath and ruffled panties. All white. She had very large breasts on a smallish frame, a treat for david (my breasts are a C cup at best - depending on where my body fat percentage is at. She was a petite double-D at least). She had curves and a cute bottom, but you could not call her fat at all.

We greeted at the door and hugged. She said that it so much fun to play with a couple, and commented on both my looks and david's. We returned the compliment. She offered us a little drink and we took it as we chatted about our experiences.

As david had met us after work, we started him off with a shower. This was inspired by my sexy shower over at Mistress Violet's that other time (Punished by Mistress Violet!). david needed to experience this as well.

So first order of business was a husband stripping. Tiffany removed her robe beforehand revealing her cute baby doll nightie and curvy gorgeous body. I was very proud of my man that he displayed a great big erection as soon as he was stripped bare naked. A nice compliment for Tiff. He's in a fit phase now, and looked yummy naked.

We conducted him into the big walk-in shower. I used the spritzer to wet him and then Tiffany and I soaped him up all over as I made him put his hands on top of his head. I encouraged Tiffany to pay special attention to his genitals and backside, which she was only too glad to do. I rinsed him off with slightly overly hot water, which made him yelp and dance around a bit. We took him out and dried him off.

We were treating david like a king. Time to correct that!!!

I had stashed a pair of panties for him in my handbag, and fished them out. I made him step into them. He blushed! Ha ha! He was expecting to be the "big man" that evening. Not so much. Tiffany did not know the details, but knew I would be teasing him and humiliating him a bit in front of her (his kink I told her), and she agreed to play along by giggling at him at the appropriate times, which she did flawlessly.

I walked around him, snapping the waistband of his panties against him as I commented on how pretty he looked in his darling panties. I told Tiff the story of how we purchased this pair and made him wear them home (true story as recounted in Impromptu Shopping Trip). She giggled and laughed and said "oh no!" at all the right places, adding to his embarrassment.

Then I said, "bad boys who enjoy wearing lady's panties get spanked!" Tiffany agreed.

"david," I asked, "will you lie across my knee and let me spank you as if you were my naughty little girl? A good hard spanking to teach you not to be such a pervert?

"yes ma'am," he answered me breathlessly, still blushing furiously.

I pulled up a chair and put him across my knee. Tiffany clapped. I asked her to please look in my bag and fetch me out the big hairbrush I had brought along. I made a show of lowering his panties down to his knees, and then started in directly with a pretty harsh hairbrush spanking!

Tiffany and I were making eye contact, and she looked very happy seeing my husband spanked like that. It adds an extra dimension of fun playing with somebody who does not do this sort of activity full time. I had asked her beforehand, and she is not into BDSM at all (although did admit to enjoying a slap on her ass during sex). So it was fun that a "vanilla" (sort of!) girl was seeing my husband pantied and spanked. Especially because she's much more used to seeing macho type men who want to have rough sex with her, which she enjoys and specializes in (according to her). How degrading for my poor husband to be so relegated to the the bottom of the heap in front of her eyes like this?

And, of course, david did not do himself any favours at all by kicking and crying out during his spanking, and generally carrying on like a bare bottomed six year old getting her comeuppance from Daddy. I spanked until he was cherry red all over his bum, and then let him up. I told him to take off his panties and head into the bedroom as it was time for sex.

Tiffany pointed and david eagerly led the way, bare red bottom shining and wiggling. Tiff even caught up to him and gave him a SMACK with her hand right on his red bottom. Ha ha!

david lay on the big king-sized bed as Tiff and I knelt at the end up on our knees and took each others' clothes off down to bare.

We kissed and fondled along the way. david was languidly rubbing his cock as he watched us.

When we were both naked, we lay down on either side of my husband and started playing with him.

Merry Christmas, baby!

I shifted david over and encouraged him to fondle and suck on Tiffany's large breasts. Tiffany really seemed to enjoy this! She was getting quite legitimately breathless. I rolled her onto her back, and went down on her, licking her shaved pussy as david continued sucking on her tits, fondling them with one hand, and pushing down on her pubic bone with the other as I licked her (david knows I like having his hand pushing down on my pubic bone right above my clit as he licks me, and generalized). I used my fingers down on her vag, stroking the sensitive folds right at the entrance. She moaned and pushed into us and I let my finger penetrate into her. She was very wet inside. I found her G-spot and started rubbing it with my fingertips as I licked her clit. She did not last very long, and shuddered all over her body as she came. Super responsive chick!

But like a pro, she did not turn over and fall asleep (like I would have!), she jumped up and wanted to get "down" to business. She took david's cock in her mouth and started sucking on him as I stroked him everywhere else. She even went right down, deep throating him with no trouble at all.

Before things went too far, I pulled her off of him (and she said a big disappointing sounding "Awwww!").

I got her to lie next to me and told david to get his head down to my pussy and to work his magic tongue on me. The tables got turned and Tiff played with my breasts and kissed my mouth as I got to fondle her tits and ass while david got me off magnificently. As I came, I reached for his head and pulling him into me I ground my pussy hard into his face as Tiff watched me do it, again totally emasculating my poor husband in front of his hooker, my wet juices covering his mouth and nose as I came onto him.

Now it was time for david's real Christmas Gift.

I directed Tiffany to lie face up on the bed, her head towards the headboard on a pillow, leaving some space above her. I told david to mount her, and to put his cock into her mouth. This made Tiffany happy again, to have her mouth filled with hard excited cock. What a gal!

I told him to hold it right there, as I bolted up off the bed, ran naked to my purse in the other room, got out my twin-tailed leather strap, and ran back. I was so excited! david would get a strapping as he fucked her mouth!

I started out lightly to get my aim right, and started strapping his bare ass. I could see his big dangling balls between his spread legs, and his hard cock fucking poor Tiff's mouth.

As I strapped him harder, he used that as "an excuse" to push more deeply into Tiff's eager mouth. She did not seem to mind, but made hungry greedy noises as she got her face fucked like that. I liked as his balls squished up against her chin.

I started talking dirty: "go on, fuck her mouth, do it!" I told him. "But don't you dare cum, or I'll whip the skin right off your ass!" A little tension is good for my boy before his resolution. I whipped him harder and harder as he rhythmically moved inside of Tiffany and cried out at the ass pain.

"Oh please! I have to!" he said, referring to pulling out.

"Don't you dare pull out!" I told him. "You keep fucking Tiffany like a man!" I told him. hee hee. He tried to pull out a bit but Tiffy chased him with her mouth and pulled him back into her. As I whipped him he collapsed back onto Tiffany, crushing her face into the pillow. She moaned in delight, eagerly gobbling his cock and making cute little sex noises as she did so.

She put her arms around his waist and really pulled him into her. I took the opportunity to whip him hardest yet. He yelled "No! No! No!" and then spasmed as he shot his load deep into Tiffany's eager throat!!!!

He was breathless as he slowly pulled out. Tiffany, though, stayed with him and sucked the cream off his softening cock. "Yummy!" she said.

He collapsed onto the bed. I jumped next to him, tussled his hair and said, 'Just kidding, no whipping! Merry Christmas!"

All three of us shared a shower and helped one another clean off and then dry off. We all got dressed and said our thank yous, and then our goodbyes.

Great gift, eh? I'll bet you wish your wife would buy you a hooker for Christmas. Every boy's dream come true!

Monday, December 11

Sisterly Spanking Aftermath

As I recounted in Spanked by my Sister, I got my very first spanking from my sister, and it was a doozie! Apologies for me recapping the session, I am sort of obsessed with it.

The physical aftermath you can see above. In the same session I received an open-handed punishment to my breasts (repeated hard slaps from all angles and sides), and suffered the (self-inflicted) abject shame of grinding my pussy against Sue's tweed slacks while she spanked me, with the inevitable humiliating result. I was left in pain and in tears with my hands on my head and my nose in the corner, T-shirt raised to bare my sore breasts, with instructions that immediately after Sue had left that I was to present myself to my husband, under pain of a repeat of my spanking the next week, for likely the most humiliating sexual act a man can perform on his wife.

I have a pen-pal, brett, who always manages to express my thoughts better than I can myself at times. I thought I would share some of our correspondence (slightly edited), both before and after the event, with my commentary (in red).

Hi Julie,

I don't know your sister, but I believe I have a sense of what you're in for. Interpreting her words to you, it appears you're right that she means business. Sue originally threatened to put you across her knee. That was her idea. Think about that. To put you across her knee. She is taking charge of her little sister.

"Me: on the bare?
Sue: yup
Me: not hard though?
Sue: hard. very hard!
Me: No!
Sue: YES
Me: Please no!
Sue: if i do it, there will be tears."

Sue has a clear vision of what she is going to do to you, and she wants to make it perfectly clear to YOU. She didn't try to sugarcoat it or put you at ease, even with your clearly shown reluctance and pleading. You asked, however timidly, and she has taken charge. She has your hand firmly in hers, and you're being taken to the woodshed. I'm not sure if she is so forthright because she wants you to be one very nervous little girl, or if she just doesn't want any misunderstandings that lead to resentment after you've been spanked.

[Yes, brett understands the situation all right. I asked him to tell me what he thought my spanking was going to be like...]

I understand what you're going through. It's knowing for certain that you really are in trouble. Are you sitting reading this? I would be squirming a bit in my chair. When I knew I was in for the paddle at home, like a premonition, I could feel the warmth on my behind where it was going to be on fire.

[brett's Daddy was a woodshed, wood shingle, spanker - bare butt, low ass cheeks, to tears]

Can you also feel the anticipation in your stomach and below? I certainly did. The threat and promise of a punishment-grade spanking, as you call it, consumes your mind and your body. It gave me a very hard erection. Does the thought of your very hard spanking over Sue's knee make you tingle? The sexual and erotic impact of this anticipation is so highly potent. Otherwise, you would not have asked your sister for what will be truly painful and deeply embarrassing.

[This is so ridiculously true]

The pleasure of this kind of spanking comes at a cost. Sue is a real spanker, and if it was me facing a licking from her, I'd be squirming. Despite you being sisters, she assured you it would be on the bare. She isn't making that a choice for you. I always got punished on my bare bottom, and when the one doing the spanking insists on it being that way, you know they spank with a purpose. For me it was to teach a boy who had been bad a lesson he would never forget. Hard wood on tender bare skin. No compromise. For you, I believe Sue intends to give you something you will also never forget. Having your bottom bare is a requirement despite the embarrassment your exposure under these circumstances will cause.

[brett's right - the worst part was preparing myself, nose in the corner, ass bare, waiting for her. And then when she came, feeling and hearing her behind me, examining my butt from every angle, sizing it up, laughing gently... sent shivers down my spine!]

Sue assured you the spanking will be very hard and that there will be tears.

"Get your spanking chair out, and a box of kleenex for your tears."

She wrote it twice! She is going to make you cry. To me that is like a written guarantee that you're getting a punishment-grade spanking. With play spankings, you may assume the role of a naughty little girl. When you get your spanking chair out, think about this---you will be forced to cry like a little girl. In that case, you are no longer hiding behind a role. For those moments you will be, in your mind and for all intents and purposes, what you appear to be. That is what you will show to anyone watching or listening.

[I don't cry easily, even when most women would. I took Sue's promise of tears lightly, and learned better.]

Me: but not in front of david, ok?
Sue: ok. He can jerk off to the sound of you getting spanked from his bedroom :-)

Imagine that. Your husband is going to hear you getting spanked from his bedroom. At our house, you could always hear a spanking loud and clear from every room in the house. That is simply the nature of a real punishment spanking. Oh my, I know! The embarrassment of everyone hearing! When I heard it, I always felt so sorry for the unfortunate one. You heard every last shred of dignity being stripped from them, and you realized they were actually quite fragile in the process of learning their lesson. You will be truly humbled over your sister's knee, and david from his bedroom will likely have thoughts similar to what I felt in that situation, though he'll have a clearer erotic appreciation than I did. He's going to hear a little girl getting punished on her upturned bare bottom. I believe Sue is going to make sure you give a performance that david will never forget either.

[Immediately after my spanking, david was concerned for me, and he cared for me sweetly. Next day, when he knew I was ok, then the gentle teasing started. I do not begrudge him that, it is part of my experience to be teased like that about what a racket I was making while across Sue's knee.]

"Sue: be standing bare bum in the corner when I get there. t-shirt on. no bra. Will let myself in."

"Why do you think she specified T-shirt but no bra???"

That's a good question. Only Sue knows for sure, but we can make some educated guesses regarding possibilities.

As you know as a strict wife and HOH, generally, when a dominant partner specifies a particular kind of attire, or lack thereof, for their "sub", they are doing it because they will derive pleasure from it, they are making a point symbolically or psychologically, or they want to enhance or add to feelings of vulnerability. In the case of certain relationships, they may also feel the need to maintain some level of propriety with regard to modesty.

I know what it's like when full nudity is considered perfectly acceptable and exposure, whatever it might be, is a humiliation to be suffered no matter how much you wish otherwise. As we've discussed in the past, you like spanking "birthday bare," and you understand and enjoy administering that vulnerable aspect of a mortifying lesson. So why doesn't Sue have you totally bare naked, or on the other hand, allow you to retain all of your clothing except what covers your spank spots? Instead, she spares your breasts from exposure, yet at the same time, requires they be bare under your T-shirt.

Is it for her pleasure? Does she get turned on by the image of breasts bare under cotton? The sight of taut nipples straining against the cloth, feminine shape teasingly revealed? I'm not what you'd call a "breast man," but that idea turns me on. Your sister may have a fetish.

Is Sue making a point? Perhaps to her, total nudity is not appropriate for the message this spanking is to convey. Your top half is not being punished. You are bare for a spanking as tradition would dictate. Bare from the waist down was always required at our house. If we happened to have a shirt on, there was apparently no reason to remove it.

Is it about vulnerability? You get to keep your top on, but you will feel more naked without your bra. You will also feel less adult. Little girls don't wear bras, do they? Just like every naughty little girl who has ever been put across Mommy's knee, you will be dressed accordingly.

Does your sister feel it is more appropriate, in her presence, that her little sister's breasts be covered? Is she affording you that modesty? Surely not in your case, but what I'd expect if sisters had no history together of sexual involvement. She may want to remove your t-shirt at some point during the ritual of punishing you. Only she knows.

[I think all those things. But the main thing was that she intended to make a ritual of baring my breasts and then slapping my tits silly so "the punishment fits the crime" I guess]

"Sue: you're getting the wooden spoon and the big hairbrush. Have them ready."

I don't think we should try to minimize this, Julie. You are IN TROUBLE!

Have them ready. Sue is confident and in control. She has no doubt that you are an obedient young lady. So how does it feel to be told what to do? Having to follow instructions certainly is a different animal when you're under the authority of a strict disciplinarian, and your bottom is at their mercy. I remember how calm and confident my parents were when they had decided on the worst fate for me. Every firm but matter-of-fact command is a fist to the stomach. Everything has been considered, and there will be no reprieve. Sue is going to give you a spoon spanking and, from what I gather, girls raised that way genuinely fear the wooden spoon. I've read accounts and been told by some who have actually experienced it, that the sting on bare skin is ferocious. The big hairbrush is a real wood spanking like I got growing up. Do I need to describe in detail what a real wood spanking is like?

[Gulp... no need, sir]

He then sent me another note after I posted my blog entry (gave him a bit of a preview before via a couple of email exchanges).

Hi Julie. As I implied in my comment on your blog, I was somewhat surprised by the monumental spanking you got from your sister. I didn't know how open she is to sexual relations with a blood relative, how dominant she is, how much of a disciplinarian she is, or how much of a spanker she is. The only way I can describe it is that she owned you.

The traditional spanking, what she did to your lower buttocks with the hairbrush and wooden spoon, by itself would have been a transforming level of punishment. The photo you posted was stunning. Despite the inadequate color and tonal contrast inherent in home photography, the image showed a well-executed spanking administered by your sister. I love how she targeted the bottom of your bottom. The message was clear that she will do what is necessary to control your behavior with her... that she "wears the pants" in your relationship. You learned the lesson, and your behavior with her will now truly be influenced under her authority because of that spanking. This isn't something to take for granted. Many adult spankings are playing or scening and life is not altered. What you have is genuine. Your sister apparently doesn't want your relationship changed on the surface, but under the surface, that spanking will define an authority dynamic between you two.

["transforming level of punishment" - ooh yes! Never felt ANYTHING like that before - hope to never again!!! brett is right on about the dynamic. In truth she has always been the one in charge, and I the one resisting her being in charge. Me taking the lead on our play scenes with david sort of turned that dynamic a bit upside down. Her doing this flipped it right side up again and reinforced it 100x! I feel like her little puppy dog, and want to do nothing less than run up to her and have her hug me and pet me!]

Of course, in owning you that day, she went much farther than a traditional discipline spanking. We found out she did have designs on your breasts, but I didn't foresee them being punished. I tend not to think outside my box, which is not that inclusive with regard to general BDSM. And I still don't get the t-shirt. Having you in the corner fully naked or in t-shirt and panties makes more sense to me than in just a t-shirt. A minor point, or something more significant?

[I give my thoughts on that below]

I was surprised to see that she intentionally participated in or made the spanking a sexual experience for you. Another way of owning you. Perhaps to maintain an appearance of necessary detachment, she didn't have to acknowledge your orgasms against the tweed of her pants, but of course she knew what she was doing and targeted your body to arouse you. She controlled everything with her expert hands and skillful application of the wooden spoon. Your poor helpless bare body! You were like a fish out of water, flopping across her lap in involuntary spasms, on the one hand begging to escape your burning punishment and on the other climaxing again and again where your bare wet pussy rubbed desperately against the leg of your own flesh and blood. She took you there, and that is not a place you can share and then leave as if nothing ever happened. On the surface, a relationship maintained, but it's a new bond between you and your big sister.

[Yes. Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes! As I look back on the experience from the perspective of one week out, as the pain of the hairbrush and the last 100 with the wooden spoon dims with memory, my disgrace across her knee burns more and more brightly in my memory. FOREVER I will be the little sister who ground her bare wet pussy against her tweed slack and got herself off while being hellishly spanked. Groan and blush!]

I found the ending especially touching. It had been a kind of loving battle between you and Sue, and in an amiable way, you had been utterly defeated. You were a painfully spanked and humiliated little girl. I could almost hear the defeat and resignation in your voice as you asked your husband to administer the final shameful dose of your punishment. The way you had to present your red behind to him and submit your little bottom hole to his erect penis. As you were obliged to explain to him, this wasn't what you wanted. You were being an obedient little sister. You were ass up bent over on your bed because you didn't want another spanking.

[yes.. I also delve into that in my response below]

I believe you when you say you never want a spanking like that ever again. You know what a punishment spanking is, as only one who has been punished can know. That doesn't mean you won't be obsessed by the idea that it could happen again. It doesn't mean you won't masturbate with visions of it happening again or that you'll forget what it felt like to cum with your bare pussy pressed against those elegant tweed slacks. I know when your sister is around, you are going to sincerely try to be a good girl. You ARE afraid of what she will do if you're not.

[Yes - my big sister now has the power to sentence me to another spanking anytime she pleases, every bit as hard or harder if she pleases, and I know that I WILL submit. Does she know she has that power over me now?]

I responded to that note from brett below.

Oh golly, Brett. You capture my feelings so well. May I quote large segments for a future post?

I do feel so completely owned by her. I was cheeky with her before. No more! I am genuinely afraid of another spanking. No joke. But why should I be afraid? I'm an adult. She is not allowed to assault me. The problem is that if she sentenced me to another spanking, I would submit to it. I have a deeply rooted submissive side to me. And I guess a masochistic side. My sister clearly triggers it in me in a way no others have. I know this now. I have been taught this by my recent experiences with her. I would do whatever she told me to, even if it meant a painful and humiliating repeat performance across her knee.

I understand the T-shirt. The feelings in my tummy as she rolled it up my body to bare my breasts. Utterly humiliating. Her message was that if I wasn't going to keep them covered around her, that she reserved the right to humiliatingly uncover them. For punishment. And keep them exposed, the refuge of their modest covering so close, banded above my chest, but so inaccessible to me due to her will. The covering or uncovering of my breasts was at her whim, not my choice. Can you imagine being a woman and having to walk around with your T-shirt pulled up to expose your tits? Being forced to do this? I've been topless on a beach many times without shame. This is shameful.

The sexual aspects are INCREDIBLY humiliating. As I look back on my behaviour, my cheeks flush with shame and my tummy churns. Even now, days later, as I write this. When I think of her, or oh my gosh next time I see her socially, with the family, my cheeks will BURN with shame. Not because of the spanking, but because of how I behaved while across her knee, rubbing myself on her pant, unable to control myself. I'll look down at her leg and will BURN with shame. I imagine her knowingly smiling at my blushing cheeks!

And then, yes, having to "present my red behind and submit my little bottom hole to his erect penis." I'm embarrassed that YOU, Brett, know of this aspect of my punishment. That you correctly assessed the depth of my humiliation and submission while his penis split my bottom hole and thrust deeply into my burning bottom. Knowing that it was part of my punishment. In fact, every remotely interested man on the Internet knows!

[I know, I am such a shame slut when submissive!]

And yes, you are absolutely right that it was not something I chose to do. I had had a very different plan. I did it because I knew with ABSOLUTE certainty that if I did not, my bottom and thighs would get one week to heal, and then I would have to undergo that same hellish spanking all over again, knowing this time what I was in for, and then I would again be required to "present my red behind and submit my little bottom hole to his erect penis," possibly under HER supervision (which simultaneously horrifies me, humiliates me, and arouses me). So I did it not because it was my choice, but because I feared another spanking.

I'm a strong and stubborn woman. If someone tells me to do something, I bristle and my first extinct is to not do it out of pride and spite. EVERYBODY now knows that I submitted to what is quite possibly the most humiliating sex act a woman can endure, because I would do anything to avoid another spanking of that caliber from her, and was 100% certain that it would be administered if I failed to have this sex act performed on me with the required outcome.

I really, really, really NEVER want another spanking like that. But I think about it. I imagine it. I HAVE already masturbated to it. Does that mean that it's inevitable I will have to go through it again? Ohhhh!

Even knowing how bad it would be, it feels oddly comforting knowing there is somebody who loves me and has the absolute power, knowledge, experience, and iron will necessary to discipline me properly for my own good.

And then brett's response.

Julie, Sure, you can quote what you like.

I think we share some core kink in common, so I have similar feelings about what you went through and how you must process it. I'm also not a submissive person outside this kinky dynamic. I actually haven't truly experienced it as an adult, but I understand that when we get dominated or so completely owned by someone, we're bound to feel the submission and humiliation far stronger than a person who is naturally submissive or comfortably obedient under authority. What your sister did to you, and more importantly how you responded, is a high degree of psychological friction that does indeed make you BURN with shame.

[It's so strange. I actually LOVE and HATE this feeling of shame I have. It is real, honest to goodness shame, and it turns me on to be feeling it so deeply. What with that?]

My kink centers more on the humility of punishment, but I also understand the shame of being helpless under a spanking's sexual power. That power must be wielded by someone with a special quality. Your sister has it for you. I think we are both similarly attracted to females who possess that quality, and no matter how independent we might be, or how strong our natural inclination is to oppose authority or others telling us what to do, a dominant female disciplinarian we respect is too attractive to resist. Sure, we're adults. She is not allowed to assault us, but she owns us, and we have a need to be owned by her. When she spanks, we become helpless and obedient children. Our behavior is truly influenced by our desire to avoid her spankings, because if we get in trouble, we won't dare dismiss her authority. She makes us burn both physically and emotionally, but her love and care is the sweetest elixir.

[I have fun being submissive under a male, but I really truly feel totally owned only by a strong female, and most of all by, what the fuck, my sister...]

I think I do now understand the t-shirt, and it should have been more obvious to me. How one is exposed, the language, the symbolism... every nuance of meaning. Ritual is the lifeblood of the experience.

"And then, yes, having to "present my red behind and submit my little bottom hole to his erect penis." I'm embarrassed that YOU, Brett, know of this aspect of my punishment. That you correctly assessed the depth of my humiliation and submission while his penis split my bottom hole and thrust deeply into my burning bottom. Knowing that it was part of my punishment. In fact, every remotely interested man on the Internet knows!"

The power of that scene was awesome. What makes it so moving is knowing you and your relationship with your husband. Only with that knowledge can we begin to fully appreciate, in that moment of time, the depth of your sexual submission and how it is exposed as it has never been exposed before. Sexual submission, in and of itself, is not so intriguing to me, but this was about spanking and its power over you, Strict Julie. After shameful orgasms while turned over your sisters knee, it was profound that you, the head of your household, had to present your punished rear end to your husband for the ultimate sexual humiliation. Some women want it, but not you. It was ONLY to avoid a spanking from Sue. How many Internet readers now know what happened to your poor little tender bum?

Answer: ALL OF YOU!

But just look at that photo. I mean, her pussy is right there!!! Warm and wet and inviting. Can give her sexual pleasure. Easily penetrated without undue pain. Clean. But no, not for THIS wife. THIS wife must endure his penis splitting her asshole and the painful fucking that ensues. The enduring feeling of cum seeping out of her asshole afterwards reminding her of where she has been so thoroughly violated. The main and intended "sexual" feeling is that of her shame at being utterly and completely debased by her man, on her knees, bottom up, head down.

Last thing I wanted at that moment was any form of penetrative sex from my husband, much less THAT kind. There was exactly one thought that motivated me to fluff him with my mouth and then bend over for him. One thought. Avoiding another such spanking today from my domineering sister. How humiliating is the truth of that?

Thursday, December 7

Spanked by my Sister

FUCK!!! That's really all I can say... FUCK!!! I got SPANKED!!! So far, by a huge margin, I can very safely say I got the spanking of a lifetime. Also, something very, very embarrassing happened.

As I recounted last time in I Asked Her..., I texted my big sister Sue and asked her to please spank me. I had deliberately pushed some boundaries with her when we were last scening my husband, involving her having to touch my bare breasts. She got embarrassed, and she threatened, as a kind of joke, to spank me. That, of course, became an obsession in my mind, so I got up the nerve to ask her for a spanking via text message. She very readily (too readily!) agreed, and against my "objections" told me it would be a very, very hard one. She meant it.

I was told to get the spanking chair ready and to lay out on it the hairbrush and the wooden spoon. I did so and took a pic for you guys.

The objects of my chastisement.

I thought the hairbrush would be worse than the wooden spoon. I was wrong. Sue also told me to get a box of Kleenex ready as I would be needing it after my spanking. Did not bother with that. Should have. I was told to be standing in the corner, bare bum, wearing only a T-shirt, no bra. I understood the bare bum and the T-shirt part, did not understand the no bra. Now I do. I chose a normal looking blue T shirt. Nothing sexy or overly short. I chose to be completely bare beneath the waist. That is how I interpreted her instructions for me to be "bare bum" (although there are other interpretations). I didn't want to be standing there with my panties pulled down. I thought that would have been dumb given I was going across her knee.

My husband was instructed to stay in our bedroom with the door closed during my spanking. Sue had allowed him to listen from up there and jerk off to the sound of my spanking. I overruled that and told him he was allowed to edge himself, but not cum. I wanted some enthousiasm for the pussy licking I had planned for him afterwards, and was not intending to let him cum at all. Did not think it was good form for him to be allowed to cum from excitement due to his Wife and Mistress getting spanked.

I gave myself about 5 minutes of corner time before 3pm, when Sue was due to arrive. Sue is very punctual and I knew she would be on time. She was 15 minutes late!!! She did it on purpose to make me wait there, bare bottomed and anticipating my spanking. Grrrrr!!! Cornered by my sister! Bad start!

I heard the door open and her heels clicking on the floor as she approached me. I did not dare look. I felt myself shiver at the thought of her looking at my bare bottom. I was a bit aroused.

She giggled quietly a little bit. I could hear her there behind me, walking back and forth, looking at me, laughing little laughs. I squirmed.

I felt her finger pinching my ear lobe hard and giving me a tug. I moved with her. She was wearing black heels, high-waisted tweed slacks, a white blouse with a plunging neckline, and gold jewellery around her neck. Very elegant.

I was bare footed and bare bottomed in a crummy blue T-shirt. She led me to the spanking chair, lifted up the implements I had placed there, put them on the floor to the right of the chair, and pulled me down across her lap. We were getting right down to business.

She started rubbing my cheeks. Oh gosh! This was kinda humiliating! She fake laughed again and said something along the lines of,

"well, well, well, looks who's finally across my knee. I've been wanting to do this to you ever since you were two years old."

Then she started slapping my cheeks with her palm.

"You have certainly been a pain in my ass on more than one occasion," she said. "Remember the time you slipped a mirror under my door when I was making out with Frank? And the time you got into bed and touched me when I was sound asleep. How old were you, five? And how about jumping into Dad's lap in your panties when you were sixteen? Don't think I didn't know what you were doing. He should have spanked you then and there."

All my past being dredged up. It was true. I was a bit of a precocious child.

"But two weeks ago," she said, continuing my spanking. The spanks were getting harder, as if for emphasis. "Didn't I tell you nothing sexual when I agreed to play with you and david? And then you show me your bare tits? And force me to touch them? I wasn't going to fuss and kill the scene. I didn't want to be the party-pooper. You put me in an awkward position. And you did it deliberately." I giggled a bit at that and she slapped my ass harder.

"Stand up," she said. "Hands on your head." I scrambled up off her lap and stood in front of her, hands on my head. She reached for the bottom of my T-shirt and raised it up. Way up. Way up to above my breasts, baring them. She opened her palm and she slapped me across my breast! "Was that appropriate to do that to me?!?" she asked angrily. She slapped the other one. I grimaced in pain. She slapped the underside of each, then the topsides, then the insides, then the outsides again. She kept telling me off with a scary angry voice. I could see her open her palm, draw it back, and then slap me again and again. I stood there and took it. It hurt. It was embarrassing. I was getting even more aroused. My sister is actually punishing my tits!!!

I realized that she had intended to do this from the very moment she told me to wear a T-shirt, no bra, exactly eleven seconds after I asked her to spank me. Is this how she routinely treats her submissive girlfriends???

Finally she stops slapping my breasts. It was a long slapping! It was a punishment!!! My nipples were burning and my whole tits stung.

"Get across me knee!" she said, and hauled me down. My stinging tits were still hanging out below my raised T-shirt (or "above" when I was face down across her lap).

Then she started hand spanking me in earnest. Oh my gosh. She spanks hard! She kept mainly to my low ass, but wandered down to my upper thighs as well. She even reached down and slapped my calves once or twice. There was not a lot more scolding. Mostly spanking now.

She paused spanking me and said, "good thing you had the implements I asked for ready." I could feel her reaching down and taking one. I could see from under the chair that it was the big hairbrush. Uh Oh.

I could feel her rubbing the large, cool, hard wood across the base of my cheeks. I braced myself. The first smack came down on my lower cheeks. It was not horrible. Then the next and the next and the next. She spanked left cheek, right cheek, middle (on the crack), repeat. Each stroke got harder and harder and harder. I started really wriggling and squirming. She grabbed me around my waist more tightly and continued my spanking.

I started vocalizing, "Ow! Ow! Ow! Please! Ow!" She kept up her relentless pace, and I started kicking my legs and saying "No! Please! Ow! No!" She took her right leg out from under me and threw it over the backs of both my legs. She continued the spanking. Same rhythm, same placement, same strength! Now I started swearing "Fuck! Ow! Please! I'm sorry! Please! FUCK!" She ignored everything and just kept spanking! Cruel bitch!

After what seemed like forever, finally she stopped. It was a very long and thorough hairbrush spanking to my lower ass cheeks. Hurt like bloody hell. She told me to stand. I did so painfully. I was sniffling a bit. She looked me in the eye. She grabbed me by my upper arm and conducted me back to my corner. She made me put my hands on my head. "Three minute break, then we start again," she said. FUCK!!!!

My bottom was throbbing. My tits hurt. I could feel my legs shaking a bit. I was not crying, but I was sniffling like a little spanked brat. I could hear Sue walking towards the kitchen, getting a glass, and filling it with water. She turned me around a bit (tits still out!) and gave me a few sips of the water. She put down the glass and then re-adjusted my T-shirt, rolling it up properly to band above my breasts. She was keeping me bare breasted for the duration, clearly.

She reached for a nipple and squeezed it hard, pinching it and turning it. "Are you learning your lesson?" she asked.

"Yes Sue!" I said.

"Yes 'Ma'am'," she corrected me as she reached for the other nipple to torture it as well.

"Yes Ma'am!" I repeated.

"Come here," she said calmly, pulling me by my nipple back to the spanking chair. She sat, not letting go of me, and then pulled me across her knee that way. When I was settled across her lap she released my nipple and cupped and squeezed my full breast, fondling me as she would one of her girlfriends!

She started back in slapping my ass with her open hand. This time the spanks started raining down everywhere. And I do mean everywhere!  All over my ass and up and down my legs from ankle to waist. "Spread," she said as she pushed my thighs apart. Oh Geez! She started slapping the insides of my thighs, up and down from inner knee to pussy! And I do mean PUSSY! At the highest travel she spanked the lips of my vagina! "Nohhh, pleeeease!" I begged in embarrassment. She just laughed at me and kept doing it. She was no longer holding my legs apart with her hand, but was continuing the slaps up and down my inner thighs. I knew she had not told me to close my legs yet, so I had to humiliatingly keep them spread for her myself.

Then she did it. She reached directly between my legs and dragged her fingers up the middle of my pussy. With a laugh in her voice she said, "You little hussy, you're soaking wet!" Oh God! Please floor, open up and eat me. She was of course right... I remember straining to keep my legs spread for her as my face burned with embarrassment. "That won't do at all," she said as she reached for the wooden spoon. I could feel it on my low ass cheek. I was still spreading my legs. I felt her lift it and then CRACK! OMG! FUCK!!! That wooden spoon hurt like a motherfucker!

Immediately my legs shot together and my bum shot up into the air as my hands scrambled for purchase on the floor. There was a sort of a silent scream from me. Then the spoon hit again, and again, and again. Oh my word. The spoon is vicious. I never realized! I think it must be the way it curves to concentrate all that wood onto a tiny spot. I remember starting to beg right away along the lines of "No. Come on! Please! Oh Please!" I always made fun of david when he begged. I was begging for freaking real! It was so bad it was almost funny. Like, how could I have possibly got myself into this situation?!?

I had an all renewed respect for the spoon as it traveled down the backs of my thighs, onto my calves, and she even managed to beat the soles of my feet with it! "Spread!" she said, and I did, and she spanked the tender insides of my thighs. She pulled the skin taught around my low ass cheek, and spanked directly at the crease, both sides. My legs came back together again involuntarily. She spun in the chair a bit thrusting her left knee between my legs and hooking my left leg with her right leg. This spread me wide. What a sight I must have been! She then really spanked my inner thighs! I was incoherent, shrieking at the tops of my lungs.

She released my legs and spun back under me so I was again squarely across her lap. She put down the wooden spoon and started in again spanking me with her hand. Very hard strokes, but it felt like a huge relief after that evil wooden spoon!

"Is david upstairs enjoying your spanking?" Sue asked.

"Yes Ma'am," I sobbed out. There were small tears in my eyes and big sniffles in my nose. My bottom was starting to feel numb.

"Is he jerking off to it?" she asked.

"No Ma'am," I said, "I told him he could edge, but wasn't allowed to cum. I don't want him cumming to me getting spanked."

"NO!" said Sue angrily, smacking my cheeks hard with her palm. "Those were NOT your instructions!" She spanked my ass and thighs harder.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I said. "I can tell him to cum now!" I said.

"No," said Sue. "He should keep edging, and once I've gone he's to use you any way he pleases. Correction. Any way I please. And it pleases me to have you take it up the ass from him. Just like you did to him two weeks ago. If I hear he hasn't cum in your butthole, we're doing this all over again next week, little sister." Oh Groan. She knows he's fucked me in the ass, so knew it wasn't anything I hadn't let him do to me before.

"Yes Sue," I said.

SMACK! "Yes Ma'am!" she corrected.

"Yes Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!" I said.

She reached between my thighs again and touched my pussy. It sent a jolt through me and I moaned shamelessly.

"tsk, tsk" she went as she rubbed her wet finger on my throbbing ass. She spun again and again thrust her left knee between my legs and placed her right leg over my near leg. She pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my butthole, and slapped me with her hand up and down my cleft.

Without releasing my cheek, she reached again for the wooden spoon, and gave my inner cheeks a wooden spoon spanking that had me bucking and dancing across her knee. She pulled my cheeks widely apart and targeted the area immediately around my anus. I knew what she was doing. It is something I do to david when he is due for an ass fucking. I only thought how much worse my ass fucking would be after this treatment!

She put the spoon down and started slapping my cheeks, way down low. She pulled me up at the waist so that I was more firmly over her one knee. I was still straddling her one leg while she had my other hooked. She hand spanked me gently on my lower cheeks.

I immediately stifled a moan as I felt my pussy rub against the tweed material of her elegant slacks. Oh no!

She spanked gently but insistently. I started rocking back and forth on her and getting more and more excited. Oh no. I didn't want this! Was not expecting this. But she kept spanking me relentlessly in this position, for many minutes, keeping the pressure of her leg tightly on my pussy as I wriggled there getting more and more excited.

At a certain point, I don't know, I just lost all shame completely. I reached around with my right hand to grab her ass. She did not object. I just sort of collapsed into my own lust, openly humping her tweed covered leg as I fondled her beautiful ass. I moaned out loud as I wriggled my ass and pussy shamelessly over her leg. What a sight! Her naughty little sister bucking across her knee like a whore!

She spanked harder and harder as I bucked and wriggled and moaned more and more unabashedly.  The hard, unrelenting spanking brought the passion flooding into my pussy. I rocked and ground into her and moaned and then exploded in a climax across her knee!!!!!

Oh No! What have I done???? I've completely humiliated myself!

She pretended (I guess) not to notice (even more humiliating) and continued spanking me with her hand. I settled down and just took it, but within another minute or so I again found myself rubbing my pussy against her tweed slacks. It was a complete repeat performance. Once was not good enough for her, or for me apparently: the little sister slut. It was the same slow buildup. The same increase in intensity. The same shameless showing. Her whore of a sister getting off on her spanking a second time. She increased the intensity of the spanks and then before very long it happened again. A second orgasm!

Oh shit! This was so arousing while at the same time being so humiliating. I wanted her to stop. No more. Please! Surely I've been humiliated enough, is exactly how I felt at that moment.

She picked up the wooden spoon. She again pulled me hard onto her knee and arranged herself so that the pressure and contact on my pussy was at its maximum. Oh no! She then started spanking my low cheeks with the wooden spoon again. It started fairly lightly, and I got into a rhythm bucking across her coarse pant, rubbing my pussy into her leg hard. The spanking intensified again. It was really, really hurting. But I was still on my way to a third orgasm. She spanked harder and harder and harder. I was screaming from pain and lust at the same time and then I had the biggest orgasm yet. I screamed as I came, and then fell limp across her as she continued to beat my ass with her wooden spoon. "no... no... no..." I whimpered.

She removed her leg from between mine and resettled me squarely across her lap. She still had the wooden spoon.

"One hundred hard ones to go, young lady," she said.

"NO!" I yelled out, but stayed put across her lap. I didn't know which way was up. I was not ready for this! I had just come off three orgasms and my cheeks were already as sore as hell. This CAN'T be happening. Enough!

"Yes. One hundred. You will learn your lesson to NOT cross boundaries with me again. Am I making myself completely clear?"

Even then, the irony of "my lesson" was not lost on me. What could I say? "Yes Ma'am!"

All the next 100 spanks were directed to my lower cheeks, alternating sides. All seemed as hard as she could possibly make them. The first ten were a nightmare. After she was done those first ten she said, "only 90 left to go." Oh no! It was pure, unrelenting torment. I had thought my ass had gone numb a while back. It had not. I felt every smack of that spoon. After the first 40 she said "Only 60 left to go." I thought my punishment would NEVER end. At this point I was no longer coherent, I was just blubbering out random words and screaming. My whole world collapsed into the scant few moments between sets of ten when I could breathe, and then the torture started up again. I had held out, more or less, up to now, but around number 80 I lost it, and the tears started streaming out of my eyes, and the snot out of my nose as I absorbed the last 20 strokes of my punishment.

When we reached 100 and it was over I didn't even care. I was a sobbing mess. Sue took me off her lap and I collapsed onto my knees in front of her.

"Oh Baby," she said as she wiped away my tears with her fingers and stroked my hair. I did not have any tissues. I did not think they would be needed. I buried my face into her blouse and dried my eyes there as she held me into her bosom, stroking me and saying "there, there, it's all over now."

She walked me over to the corner and put my nose back into it, my hands on my head, making sure my T-shirt was still lifted above my breasts. My bottom throbbed with the pain of my spanking.

"Sue," I said, sniffling, "will you, take a photo, as a reminder for me?" EVEN THEN readers. EVEN THEN I was thinking of you.

"Sure," she said and took a photo. Here it is.

Somehow the photo does not do it justice. Hard to believe that is a photo of a girl who had just had three orgasms, was still crying and sniffling, and was just given the spanking of her lifetime by her sister! I was so disappointed with the lighting on the photo, because it absolutely DID NOT do the state of my ass justice. I had to photoshop it to bring up the colours to anywhere near where they were actually in real life, and even so it still does not do my ass justice. I need professional lighting next time! What's absolutely accurate is how the top of my ass cheeks were totally untouched, but my lower ass cheeks and upper thighs were torched red!

Without saying another word (literally), Sue got her coat on and left through the front door, leaving me sniffling still in the corner with my hands on my head.

As soon as she left I put my hand down to feel my butt. First thing I noticed was that it was leathery! The fuck!?! It was also throwing off vast amounts of heat. It also throbbed. It was also hard to walk because of the way the backs of my thighs were punished.

I painfully made my way up to our bedroom. david was there. He was not excited. He was worried!  I was starting to recover my composure, though. I showed him the damage and he whistled. After making sure I was ok (I was), he asked if he could make me cum with his tongue. I told him no, that there was something else I needed for him to do.

I made him sit on the bed. I got down on my knees and put his cock in my mouth and sucked. I gave him deep head until he was rock hard. I opened the bedside drawer and got out the lube. I put a towel down on the bed and got on all fours.

"please, you need to cum in my ass..." I told him.

"What?" he said.

"It's, like, the last part of my punishment. You have to do it. You have to cum into me."

And then, despite the immense shame, indeed reveling in it, I said, "Sue says so, and I'll get spanked again if you don't."

david got behind me. He again sort of gasped at the state of my ass. He lubed my bottom hole and stuck his finger into me, stretching me nicely. He then relubed and put his cocktip at the entrance to my anal canal and pushed gently in. After what I had just gone through, this was nothing. david banged away at me for a couple of dozen strokes and then ejaculated deeply into me. How humiliating that my sister had ordered a spunking into my rear end under pain of a repeat performance of my spanking!

david and I both cleaned up and we ordered some dinner in. I told david absolutely everything that happened, and we analyzed what we thought it all meant.

Talk about confusing!

So I can say I easily got what I consider to be the most severe spanking of my life, by far. Sue seemed angry at me at times, and caring at others. She slapped and otherwise tortured and fondled my breasts, which is so totally sexual. She also had my pussy on show and touched it numerous times. When I was pressed up against her she knew I was getting off, and she let me do it. Even orchestrated the spanking to maximize it. But didn't acknowledge at all that I had cum. And then she told me off for crossing boundaries!!!!!!!!!!!

In total, that spanking lasted almost two full hours. I had absolutely lost all sense of time. I thought the clocks were off by an hour or something. They weren't.

I have spoken with Sue on the phone afterwards. It's as if none of it ever happened. I told her "thank you for the spanking," and she acknowledged that she had spanked me, with something like, "Yeah, that was fun. I enjoyed that." And then she changed the topic and we talked about family stuff as if nothing else at all had happened.

I'm not obsessed with Sue or anything. I've had girl crushes before, but this is not like that. I certainly don't obsess over getting another spanking from her. I would move heaven and earth to avoid one, in fact.

I definitely won't be crossing any boundaries with her for my part anymore. If I tried, I am convinced she would spank me again, every bit as hard, and I would have to go along with it. I am too much a submissive, too much a masochist, and too much her little sister, not to obey her. I hope I don't obsess over it.