Saturday, September 26

I let my husband ejaculate into my mouth

Yes, it's true. I let him cum in my mouth. Not even a self-imposed punishment or anything.

This is how it happened.

It was Friday night. We met after work at a symphony concert. First of the season for us. Great program! Bach Toccata and Fugue for orchestra (Stowkowski Fantasia edition), Brahms double concerto featuring the TSO's two principals, and Beethoven's fifth after the break. We were both dressed for business. I was wearing high heels, woolen slacks, a white blouse with a ridged pattern in white, and a red jacket. He was looking handsome in a sports coat. It was the intermission and he had bought us a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar to share. Very spontaneously, as I was sucking on our ice cream bar, he looked me up and down and said "You look amazing. Scrumptious. Delicious." I answered back, "Good enough to eat?", making my own pussy tingle as I said it. He said, "Definitely!"

When we got home he stripped and hopped into bed. I went to the bathroom and then stripped and joined him.

"69?" he asked hopefully.

"ok" I said. "Put your plug in."

david has a rechargeable prostate massager he likes up his butt. I positioned myself on the diagonal of the bed, with my head sort of at the middle and resting on a pillow. I watched him as he lubed the plug and inserted it into his ass. That made me tingle!

He got on the bed as well, and placed himself into a 69 position. I spread my legs and he rested his head on my lower thigh. I let my upper thigh drop down onto his head, clamping him there, where he could do the most good.

Meanwhile, I took his cock in my hand. It was not yet entirely hard. Semi-soft, I put it into my mouth. He quickly hardened to the max. I like feeling him harden like that in my mouth.

For his part, he started out by putting chaste little kisses on my pussy. As he kept kissing, the kisses got a bit wetter and wetter, and more and more tongue. Yummy!

I worked his cock in my mouth. I used my hand as well. And I reached behind him and turned on his vibrator. This got an extra rise out of him and he started gently pumping, fucking my mouth. I let him. So sue me. Sometimes I enjoy cock in my mouth. It turns me on and gives me something sexy to concentrate on so that my orgasm sort of sneaks up on me.

I slapped his ass a bit. I also dug my finger nails into his ball sac and pulled on it. This elicited a groan of pain/pleasure from him, but did not seem to lessen his ardour at all.

He started getting more insistent. I pulled him out of me and let him fuck my hand a little. He started fucking my hand insistently and yelled out "Please! Please!" I knew what he wanted. He wanted desperately to cum in my mouth.

I could have not allowed it, making him spend into my hand. Or let go and watch his cock miserably dribble his ejaculate in a ruined orgasm. Nothing wrong with that. That's fun too. But I don't know. The mood struck me. I allowed him back in my mouth, knowing he would be unable to control his insistent thrusting and eventual ejaculation. In other words, little Julie was in for a big face fucking!

When I'm in his situation and about to cum. I don't have any fantasies running around in my head. It's just the physical for me. When he is close to cumming, he has fantasies insistently pop up into his head. One of his more frequent ones, that I checked afterwards was indeed in his head this time, is as follows.
He is the young master in an old English manor and he is being "forced" by his Dominant Mother to 69 the maid whom he was discovered earlier having sex with. He must perform this act in front of the entire lined up serving staff. He would be taught a lesson by being humiliated having his head buried inside the lowly serving girl's pussy, and receiving her juices all over his face and into his mouth. He would further be humiliated by losing control of his body and ejaculating into her mouth. All entirely naked and observed as his Mother stood over him with her riding crop in hand, whipping his ass to encourage his thrusting into the slut's mouth.
For her part, the little tart would be taught a lesson by having to receive her young master's spunk directly into her mouth, and swallow down every drop as the entire serving staff looked on and jeered silently at her. As soon as she was properly spunked, she would be hauled away by the head groundsman, taken to the shed, bent over a wooden horse, and have her ass severely leathered.
As "payment" for performing this unpleasant duty, the groundsman would have full rights to get out his cock and fuck the maid silly as she remained bent over, his hard hips banging her sore ass cheeks as he fucked her sluttish cunt and then her tight asshole, making the slut scream. Nobody felt sorry for her. She well knew the price of being discovered fucking one of her betters. She got what she deserved.
Limping away in her ripped clothes with sore ass, pussy and asshole, and in utter disgrace, the serving girl is sent packing without references to practice in the city the only trade now available to her...
I knew he was fantasizing something along these lines as he pumped his cock into my mouth and ejaculated a big load.

Holding his cum in my mouth, I extricated myself from him, turned around and went to his mouth, and gave him a deep French kiss, pushing his cum into his mouth with my tongue. As he received his cum, he became the little serving girl.

I then went over to my side of the bed, turned on my side facing away from him, and brought my knees up to my chest.

This is my favourite position to finish in. I tried looking for an illustration, but there are none to be found! I guess I'm an unusual gal.

Imagine me like this,

and then him behind me with his head at my ass and his legs up near my head.

He puts one hand under and around me so that he can push down on my pussy just above my clit. His other hand is free to roam down my back, my tummy, my hair and head, my breasts. That hand can also tease my pussy lips as he licks my clit, or even penetrate me with his fingers. Yes, pussy AND ass some times (though never in the same session!). So there's a revelation for you, I do get my ass finger fucked sometimes.

He's rubbing my tits as he licks my clit. I'm close to cumming. I grab his hand and throw it down away from my tits. He knows what I want. He takes his hand down and pushes a finger deep into me, rubbing directly on my g-spot. I buck and writhe and yell out and cum forcefully.

I rest there a moment, utterly spent as he massages me gently and tenderly kisses my ass, my back, my neck. I turn around and give him a kiss. We thank each other for our pleasure. Then we turn on the TV, snuggle into each other, and watch the news for a while before lights out.

Nothing terribly dommy. Somewhat typical. See, I don't ALWAYS beat his ass!

Wednesday, September 2

Sister milks then spanks

Had my sister Sue over the other day. When she called and we set it up she asked me if she could spank david as she had not spanked anybody, either sex, for some time. Of course she can! I reminded her that she need not even ask. She can pop by anytime and redden his rump as she has full spanking privileges on him.

I mentioned casually to david that Sue was coming over and wanted to put him across her knee. david can't hide his excitement at the prospect of my sexy sister spanking him!

She arrived and we did our usual things. When the time came around she started the proceedings by saying she was just dying to redden a backside, and "yours will do" she told david.

I asked how she wanted him? Nude, underpants, panties, lingerie? Was he going to bend over, or go across her knee? Paddle, strap, hairbrush, hand, ...

She was quite definitive: "Butt naked. Across my knee. Wooden spoon." My big sis knows what she wants. It was clear she was thinking about it in advance.

"You heard her," I told david, "strip while I get the wooden spoon from the kitchen." (And in case you were wondering, yes I do cook with that spoon. I believe it adds authenticity to a spanking!)

I handed Sue the spoon and sat beside her on the couch as my husband stripped down to his alltogether. I had to tell him not to cover himself and to come closer to us for inspection.

"Does he get this excited when you spank him?" Sue asked me saucily, referring to his big bobbing erection and purpled and engorged tip. In fact, his shaft was straining towards the ceiling in a state of excitement that I don't usually see when I spank him by myself.

"No. He doesn't," I said with a grrrr in my voice!

"He's not going to, like, cum, when he's over my lap will he?" Asked Sue. "I mean, he does have his 'little problem'..." she said, referring to his premature ejaculation issues. Much to david's complete mortification, Sue is well in the loop on that and has even seen the difficulties he has controlling his orgasm, and seen him punished for it.

I told her I have not seen that yet, but that there's always a first time.

"Maybe he should take care of that himself before I spank him," suggested Sue.

"Oh he hates that!" I said. "Getting spanked after he's cum".

"Hmmm. Takes all the sexiness out, does it?" Asked Sue.

"Yes Ma'am," said david.

"Tell you what," she said, "I'll give you a choice. Either I spank you as you are and then you're not allowed to cum at all tonight. Is that ok, Julie?"

"Sure!" I said. "I'm happy to enforce that."

"Or..." continued Sue, "or I give you a hand job myself. Right here. Right now. And after that I spank you. Is that ok?" She asked me at the end.

"Absolutely. It can be his choice." I said.

Evil choice! david has received a few "milkings" from Sue in the past, but few and far between and all very "clinical". It always blows his mind. I very much doubted he would pass up a chance for a hand job from my sister, no matter the consequences!!! I loved the pickle he was in. I decided to make matters worse.

"And," I added, "if you ask for that hand job from Sue, then after she's done spanking you I'll teach you the consequences of allowing a woman who is not your wife to do that to you."

"I don't want to upset you, Julie" said david, misinterpreting my statement.

"I won't be upset, sweetie. I'm happy to let Sue do that to you again. But your decisions have consequences. That's all. And pretty severe ones in this case."

"A strapping?" Asked david pitifully.

"Yup," I said. "With the tawse. Ass and thighs. Over the arm of the couch just there. Hard ones. And it'll go on and on and on until you fully understand the consequences of getting a hand job from another woman. And I'll make Sue sit there and watch you take every stroke."

"Oh No! I don't know if I could bear to watch that," said Sue, very sarcastically.

"Choose, david." Said Sue. "Handjob or not. One time offer."

"I'll... I'll t...t...t...take the handjob ma'am..." set david, cringing as he said it, erection practically exploding.

So what's the dealio guys???? I give him handjobs. He could ask me for one. What's the fascination? For what's shaping up to be a very quick handjob from my sister, he is willing to suffer through a post-orgasm wooden spoon spanking (which he legit hates) from her, followed by a very nasty strapping from me (which he will double hate). Men!

I know Sue is fascinated by male ejaculation. It does not turn her on per se. But she enjoys watching it destroy men!

Sue asked if I had gloves or something. I went upstairs to get the box of latex gloves and the lube. david stood there nude and erect and quivery, facing my sister, knowing what was coming next. She smiled at him.

I got back with the gloves and lube and handed them to Sue. I also brought down my strap and tossed it casually to the side for later.

Sue put on a pair of gloves and then squirted lube onto her palms, rubbed them together, and then reached out and coated my husband's cock and balls liberally. david moaned and his knees shook. Ha Ha! I told him to put his hands on his head to keep them away.

She sat up straighter on the couch and started rubbing his penis with both hands, and sometimes cupping his balls with one hand and rubbing with the other, and even reaching between his legs behind his balls and rubbing from teint-to-tip in a long stroke. She held his shaft with one hand while she moved her palm all around the tip of his penis. She rubbed and squeezed his balls. david was not going to last long!

In fact, my big sister was the Handjob Queen in high school and it was showing now. While she had not identified as gay in those days, she was also not so keen on the kissing and groping from the boys while out on dates (she was very popular) and quickly moved to the handjob to finish them off. In fact, that was her advice to me, her little sister (!) on how to deal with guys! She told me they were always pressuring her for a blowjob, or to fuck, or to see her tits, or to put their hands down her pants, but she never let them, and instead just jacked them off into their pants leaving them with the mess to deal with. Early signs of a teenage lesbian Domme for sure!

"He's not going to last long," she said, echoing my thoughts. "Can you grab me some tissues or something to catch the mess?"

I had a better idea. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a shallow saucer. I stood there beside david waiting to catch his ejaculate when it inevitably came. Sue was doing his front, so I trailed one hand to his backside and started playing with his hole. This treatment soon put him over the edge and he started ejaculating.

I held the saucer and Sue squeezed his tip, directing the spurts into the saucer. She then shook it, and then ran her hand down and up his shaft milking the last bits of semen out, squeezing the tip (which made david yelp), shaking some more, and then milking him some more until there was not a drop left. There was a good measure of cum in that saucer!

I took the saucer and put it down in the very corner of the living room. "After your strapping, sweetie. Yummy! Yummy!"

I washed my hands and brought a kitchen cloth back to wash david's private parts of any residual lube and sperm. Then I dried him off getting him ready for his trip across Sue's lap. While I did this, Sue tossed her gloves and washed her hands. david looked dreamy-eyed and week-kneed the whole time.

"Now for the part I've been waiting for!" Said Sue. We had david across her knee on the couch. She took up the wooden spoon and started right in on him.

"No! No! Ah! Ah!" cried out david right from the start. He hates these post-ejaculation spankings! I did not feel sorry for him. He made his choice. Sue really whipped that spoon hard, all up and down and all over his ass and crease.

When he got a little too much to handle Sue put her right leg across the backs of both of his, and pushed his head down towards the carpet. Then she resumed his wooden spoon spanking right where she left off, if not harder. Knowing the trick from me, she parted his ass cheeks and spanked up and down the cleft, even targeting his bum hole and the sensitive skin right around it. I think he was under my sister's spoon for a good five minutes of almost continuous bun burning fun.

"There!" She said. "That felt good!"

david got up off her lap.

"What do you say?" I prompted him.

"Thank you for the spanking Ma'am."

Sue and I turned him around and had him bend over a bit and admired the lovely oval marks she had made all over his ass.

"Come on, let's get the rest over with." I told him, picking up my strap.

"Oh No! Please!" He said, clutching his already super-punished buns in both hands.

"I was going to let you off with 50. Now it's 100. Would you care to negotiate your punishment some more, or will you bend over the arm of the couch like a good little boy?"

david scurried over to the couch and bent over the arm. Sue took up position where she could watch his strapping without impeding my swing. I swung good and hard and added lovely dark red and purply rectangular marks to Sue's pretty little ovals.

"Who owns your cock?" I asked him as I strapped his bare bouncing cheeks.

"You do, Julie. you do!"

"Do you ever get a handjob from another woman without my permission?"

"No Ma'am! Never!"

I finished his hundred with a hard and fast volley of 20.

"Get up. Lets see that cock now!"

david stood, mewling, and again clutching his punished hindquarters. His cock was tiny and shrivelled up.

"On your hands and knees!" I ordered. "Kiss my feet."

 His red ass went up as his lips went down to my feet.

"Now crawl over to Susan and kiss her feet as well!" I commanded. He did likewise for Sue. "Into your corner. Clean that bowl completely. Don't use your hands. When you're done, bring it to us with yteeth and show us how clean it is."

david crawled over to the corner, flaming red ass waggling in the air. He put his head down and started licking at his semen in the bowl and swallowing it. As he did this, his ass was high, showing off his anal pucker completely and his penis and testicles between his legs.

Sue and I got a drink (a Bloody Caesar Clamato cocktail in a bottle) and sat in the living room as david finished up with his bowl of cum, grabbed it in his teeth, and crawled over to us. We both examined the bowl. Clean as a whistle. He had licked up and swallowed that entire (rather massive) load. Ha Ha!

At this point I declared scene over and let david off the hook. We allowed him to dress and sit with us (which he did gingerly), and even get a drink of his own.

"How was that?" asked Sue.

"The spankings were from hell. I was actually relieved when all I had left to do was lick up my own cum. But thank you both. That was amazing, from start to end. And, thank you Sue, for the, well you know..."

We know!