Wednesday, December 31

Second Training Session

Can you believe a week has rolled by and it's time to blog about david's second training sessions with the ever so cute and energetic Mags?

She arrived today and she could barely contain herself. Very little small talk, she wanted to discuss david's diet for the past week. Here are his days:

Wednesday, Dec. 24 - 3200 Kcal, no exercise
Thursday, Dec. 25 - 2900 Kcal, no exercise
Friday, Dec 26 - 2247 Kcal, no exercise
Saturday, Dec 27 - 1897 Kcal, no exercise
Sunday, Dec. 28 - 3370 Kcal, cardio intervals on the elliptical for 25 minutes
Monday, Dec. 29 - 2766 Kcal, no exercise

To put this in context, david needs to eat around 2000 Kcal per day to lose weight when not exercising. That can, maybe, maybe, go up to 2250 Kcal if exercising that day. So outside of Saturday, these results are SO unacceptable!! Especially when just last week he swore up and down he would eat clean. Honestly, I wasn't following along with his food diary, but I got the sense he wasn't being particularly careful. Fortunately, Mags was right on top of him.

She tended to want to excuse him for the 24th and 25th, but not me. There was no reason in the world he could not have taken smaller portions. But the 26th, 28th, 29th? No excuse whatsoever in her eyes or mine. She seemed especially shocked by the nature of his calories. A lot of treats. A lot of very childish treats. He eats like a 10 year old boy.

She just would not get off of it. She circled back again and again to the same points. She scolded him for his lack of commitment. She wondered aloud, in fact, if she was wasting her time with him.

david was very contrite, and replied with a lot of "Yes, Miss" and "No, Miss" and "I'll do better, Miss". It was fun for me watching him being schooled by this young lady.

"I think we need to give him the strap for his poor eating," I suggested after there was a bit of a lull in her haranguing of him.

"Good idea!" she said. (Yay!)

I suggested they get their exercising done, and then she send david up to get me as I would LOVE to watch her toast his buns with my strap.

I felt it wise to suggest "we" were giving him the strap, as a team, but at the same time suggesting she would be wielding it. I was ready with the "the eating thing is really your responsibility so you should strap him", but it was not even needed. She was in fact eager to deliver the strapping herself, but clearly just needed a bit of extra "permission".

I then went upstairs and about my business. According to david's account afterwards, the exercise session was similar to last week's, but with different exercises substituted in. She seemed to get past the whole eating thing and they had fun together, with Mags delivering two or three giggly (but still hard) strokes of the crop, paddle, and strap to his clothed behind after each exercise set. She commented during the session that she particular enjoyed using the heavy leather strap. She also asked for some clarifications from david on how to aim it and where to hit, and they practised a bit on his bum. According to david, nothing more was said about the impending more serious strapping to come, although david did say it lingered on his mind (perhaps hers as well?)

After the session, was done and he had stretched, she was starting to get ready to leave. david reminded her that he should probably go get me now and bring me down. "Ok" is all she said.

The girl still remains a bit of a mystery to me. She seems to enjoy smacking his bum, but does not really initiate the bigger punishments (she does initiate the smaller between-exercise smacks, reminding him to bend over if he is too slow).

"Ok, so time for his punishment now!" I said as I entered the basement gym room on david's heels. "Where should we put him?" I asked her. She sort of shrugged. I suggested, "let's have you bent over the exercise ball, young man."

david got the big ball down from its storage location, placed it in the center of the gym where Mags would have room to swing, and then bent over it.

"Which one do you want to use?" I asked, indicating the three implements. "Oh this one," she said right away, picking up the heavy, twin-tailed leather tawse, with a mischievous smile to boot (Ah! My protege!).

"Have you room to swing?" I asked. She measured her swing to his ass, adjusted herself a little, and declared it good.

Now, I was determined that david's pants and underpants be taken down for this punishment. I didn't want to ask Mags, though, in case she said it was fine leaving them up. I knew from last time his bare bottom did not faze her in the least, so I just went ahead and ordered david:

"david, pull your pants and underpants down so Mags can see what she's doing."

david let out a little groan, but slid his gym shorts and his underpants down to just beneath the crease of his ass, looking all the world a little embarrassed at having to do this.

"A little lower, I think, in case Mags would like to touch up the backs of your thighs."

david groaned again, lifted himself a bit and slid his shorts and undies down to his knees. He also kept his thighs pressed tightly together to avoid showing more than what he was told to.

Afterwards he recounted how this was really quite embarrassing for him. Even though the whole idea of this kinky trainer thing is to get into these sorts of situations, it nonetheless still embarrasses him to be ordered to lower his pants for a strapping from a young lady not his wife. As a result, he says he was very, very careful to keep his legs tightly closed together, and to keep his bare penis and balls tucked up hard between the ball and him so they would not be on display. He also says he was unsure if he was showing any bottom hole, but did his best to bend over the least he could to minimize that potentially very embarrassing exposure.

In fact, I can vouch for the fact that all he was showing was a beautiful white expanse of bottom and thigh, ready for the strap, with no private parts or bottom hole on show.

"How many, do you think?" Asked Mags. I didn't offer up an immediate response, but she quickly volunteered a suggestion herself, "How about 20? Is 20 too many? That's too many, isn't it?"

"I think 20 is fine. What do you think, david. Is 20 fine?" I asked my exposed, bare bottomed, soon to be soundly trainer-strapped hubby.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered me.

My natural inclination would have been to give him more like a hundred, but I didn't want to push Mags and sought to build her confidence by agreeing with the number she proposed.

"Make sure they're good hard ones," I said, "His eating was sooo bad this week he deserves them."

This was potentially evil of me, as her face darkened as she was reminded of how poorly her charge had fared this past week.

"Yes, they WILL be hard. You deserve them." She said by way of answer, directing that last part at him.

She let go with the first smack. A good hard stroke to his under-cheek curves. It was not at all tentative! I think she got used to hard smacks over his clothes, and this smack on his bare skin was therefore a doozie.

david audibly gasped and rolled forward a bit on the ball. A nice strap-shaped red mark came up just where he had been whipped.

"Good one!" I said, by way of encouragement. "Are you going to be eating better this week, david?" I asked him.

"Oh Yes Ma'am!!" he practically yelled out. Mags smirked a bit and let go with number two. Every bit as hard, a little higher up. Then another and another and another. We exchanged glances, she and I, as she spanked my husband. She had all sorts of funny expressions on her face, none of them bad ones. All of them fun. Some "woops" ones when she got an especially good crack in. She had picked up last week's suggestions well, and was confining her strokes to the bottom half of his rear, and aiming the tip of the strap to the center of either the left or the right cheek.

Then she let loose another good one high up to the backs of his thighs. Definitely thighs, but just under where thigh meets butt.

"Ahhhh!" david yelled out with that one, and a nice welt came up.

Mags put her hand to her mouth and looked at me.

"Perfect!" I said. "More there."

She laid another one out onto his thighs, a little lower down, and was greeted by another great reaction from david. He, in fact, started involuntarily rolling away from the strap, winding up with his elbows on the floor in front and his bottom jacked up higher. As the next smack came to his low bum cheeks, he evidently lost his resolve to keep his legs tightly together (they had been working themselves looser as Mags smacked) and they splayed as allowed by his shorts still banded around his knees.

This put on a bit of a show for us ladies, as his bottom hole now clearly peeped out between his cheeks, and while his balls couldn't exactly be seen, the big expanse of skin between his inner legs from butthole to base of balls was right on view, looking for all the world just like the back of the stretched out ball sac that it was.

Here, I found an image on the web and touched it up in Photoshop to make it look more like david's ass. That was more or less the view of his asshole and the skin beneath it, just imagine his legs a bit more spread and kicking around after each hard stroke of that strap.

How embarrassing for him that my man is forced to put on this little sex show for us ladies as he is receiving his comeuppance. I really felt all the world like saying what was on my mind: that his little beating and the exposure of his bum hole put me in the mood to get out my strap-on and take him like the little bitch he is right across that exercise ball in front of his young trainer. Show Mags who gets bent over and penetrated in this marriage: who gets ridden like a little filly and who does the riding!

But I restrained myself. All in good time...

After Mags gave him his last and said "There! 20!", poor little david, reached his hands back and clutched at his bottom cheeks. He says he didn't realize it (which I doubt - the little slut), but the clutching and rubbing gave us an excellent view of his spread wide bum hole as if what we had already seen had not been enough.

"david! You're making a spectacle of yourself! Stop that rubbing immediately, pull your pants up and apologize to Mags for your poor diet last week."

Mags, for her part, remained entirely unfazed by this exposure. I think it maybe a bit of a female thing. I couldn't imagine a straight man being unmoved at such a site in a woman, however most women, I think, have been brought up to be used to and comfortable with nudity in young children of both sexes, and I think his childish eating combined with a sound spanking for that delivered by a young lady barely past babysitting age fit him squarely into that camp!

david pulled up his pants, and then turned towards Mags but mid-turn got to his knees and bent over and apologized to her.

He was hiding an erection!!!

"Stand up and apologize properly!" I told him.

He stood but remained subserviently hunched over with his arms crossed at the wrists in front of his crotch.

"Put your hands on your head and stand straight, david!"

He did so, and so displayed a giant Mags-strapping-inspired erection tenting his gym shorts.

"Apologize to Mags for that!"

"I'm very sorry, Miss..."

"You should be," she said, "you're a very naughty boy!" but she had a big smile / smirk on her face as she said it.

"Now go to the bathroom and stay there until you're presentable!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

And off he scooted, blushing like a bride!

I then chatted with Mags for a few more minutes as she packed up and got on her boots and coat. We talked a little bit about how the spankings stimulate him (clearly!) but that they really are punishment at the same time and will remind him to do better. She agreed 100% that they sure were punishment! I suggested to Mags, however, that no matter how much better he gets, there is always room for improvement.

Just as she was leaving, david re-emerged to say goodbye, his excitement now subsided to non-visible status.

I think Mags is doing great!

Friday, December 26

First Training Session

So, Mags came by for her first training session of david. He was very taken by her. She is a real cutie pie.

david was dressed in his gym clothes and already had a light sweat going (she had asked that he warm up a bit before she arrived). I was there to greet her and introduce her to david.

We started off by showing her around the house. We have stairs she can run him up and down, so we went up there. I also showed her his scale in the bathroom where he gets weighed, but decided I would not demonstrate a nude weighing in just yet. That bathroom is an ensuite and we had to pass through the bedroom. On the way back out I showed her the bedside drawers where I keep his spanking implements. I picked out the paddle, the strap, and the crop for her to use on him. I told her she should feel free to grab anything in there to use on him. As I was getting those three implements I'm sure she caught sight of things such as the ball gag, the restraints, the butt plugs, the dildos, and my strap-on harness, though she did not comment, which was a bit of a theme.

One very strange thing about everything that's transpired to date is how she seems to just totally avoid any discussion on the whole kinky side of things, including even after I've grabbed a crop, a paddle, and a strap from a bedside drawer filled with toys. If it were me, and I was new to this, I'd be asking all sorts of questions!

We then sat in the living room and discussed his fitness goals, and how she will be monitoring his diet and exercise between sessions. I embarrassed him by making him stand up and take off his shirt. I pinched the bit of fat around his middle and said we wanted to get rid of that. I also tweaked his nipples and patted his chest, and told her we could stand to build a bit of muscle up there as well. She was so cute! She looked right him and nodded in agreement! I also spun him around and gave him a little smack on his clothed butt and said we musn't neglect his ass as well. She said she had more women clients than men, and so said she knew a lot things he could do to tighten up his buns. After that proper bit of emasculation, I had him put his shirt back on and we headed down to the gym in the basement.

She surveyed the space and I could see her figuring out in her head what she would be doing with him. I passed her the crop and suggested that may come in handy. She grabbed it with positive glee and flexed it between her hands (behaviour wildly at odds with her complete silence on the subject - so confusing!). She then recounted for his benefit her Halloween escapade where she was dressed in thigh-high leather boots and had a "real whip", a long one, and whipped all her friends with it.

I was definitely getting the sense that she had never spanked anybody before. Though the way she was holding the crop and whipping it at the air made be imagine she might enjoy it.

I thought it might be a bit of a mess if I left her to her own devices in regards to kink, so I was a bit prescriptive with her. I suggested that after every exercise set she give him a smack or two with one or the other of the implements. "Sure!" she said, as if I had not just asked her to spank my husband!!

I left them to it, and said I would come back down towards the end of the session and see how they were getting along.

david described what transpired to me later on.

He said she first had him do 30 seconds of running in place, then 30s running with arms held high, then 30s with high knees, then 30s with knees high and arms high, then 30s of "butt kickers", and the same again with arms held high. Then a bit of a rest, and the whole thing repeated but with 15s for each. david said he enjoyed when she demonstrated the "knees high, arms up", as her 22 year-old breasts bounced up and down nicely for him.

Bad boy! Remember, he only told me this after she had gone. I have a half a mind to tell her about his little comment next time, then let her witness him doing "knees high, arms up" for 60s with his bare penis flopping up and down as I crop his naughty ass. Let her enjoy watching his anatomy be sexually objectified for our amusement!

After the two sets were done, david said she wasn't making a move to swat his ass at all, so he bent over a bit and said, "I'm ready, Miss." She gave him two,what he says were fairly tentative strokes with the crop on his gym-cothed ass.

Next they did a lower body rotation with squats,


and step-up leg raises
She did promise she would work on his ass! I am hoping he will be cuter in his panties as a result...

Though I doubt he will approach Mette Lyngholm's standards:

They did 3 circuits of these three exercise sets. After each set, he bent over a bit and she whacked his backside. david said the whacks got increasingly less and less tentative. He prompted her to try the different implements, and she cycled through crop, paddle, and strap. david said she really got into it with the paddle. Good solid smacks.

Next was an upper body circuit consisting of push-ups,

seated row,

and lat pull downs.

Obviously, taking my instructions on building up his chest as seriously as those about rounding out his buns.

Body fat percentages

Yummy! I'd like10-12%, but will settle for 15%. (He's 21% now and looks it. Just like the photos: soft, rounded like a woman. We'll whip him into ship, Mags and I, or it'll be bras and panties for his workouts until he starts looking like a man! ;-)

The spankings continued between each set during the upper body circuit. david said they got harder and harder as she gained experience. Some of the swats with the strap in particular he says were very hard, and a bit wild and all over the place. She told him to let her know if it was too hard. He was a bit worried, but he says he didn't want to say anything as he wanted to encourage her!

They ended with some ab work, three sets of russian twists.

Goodie. I am looking forward to some nicer abs on my man, though, once again, I am not expecting Mette Lyngholm level results.

In case you haven't noticed, I think I'm developing a girl crush on Mette Lyngholm. Or maybe it's just, gosh darned it all, I really just want to look like her!!!

Towards the end of the hour I went downstairs to check up on the kids. They were done their exercising and he was doing his stretches under her guidance. Mags was writing on the white board down there some exercises he should do between sessions. Each day was a label, and had a couple of list items underneath with boxes drawn that he was to check in. Such as "2 sets of 25 push-ups", and "5 minutes of stretching", and so on.

I asked how it went? david answered that it was a great workout, and that he is bagged. He also said that he was sore all over and especially his ass was sore, and not just from the swats but from the butt exercises as well! I asked Mags if she really did swat his ass? (I was not sure at this point as I had not had the play by play from david). "Oh yes, Ma'am!" david answered on her behalf, rubbing his backside. Well, let's see the damage, I said. david faced away from us, lowered his pants and undies, and bent over slightly against the wall. What a terrible little slut I have!

It was a bit red all over, and there was quite a nasty welt up high on his ass from the strap. I looked over at Mags. She took it in as if it was nothing at all.

"Very nice job!" I commented, going over to pat his bare ass. But I also took the opportunity to educate, pointed out the nasty welt, and said if she wanted to swing good and hard like that, which I approve of, she should target his lower ass and upper thighs, where its good and fleshy, as there is no chance of injury down there. I also pulled his pants down a bit more to his knees and pointed out the backs of his legs as a great fleshy target as well.

Then I said, "Pull up your pants, david! I think Mags has seen quite enough of your ass for one day."

We wrapped up and I saw her up to the front door. I paid her. But she actually lingered there a bit without leaving. I think she enjoyed being with us. I gave her a hug and told her that we would see her next week.

Things are definitely looking solid on the trainer front.

Monday, December 22

New Trainer!

As you may know, david has been without a personal trainer for many months now, ever since the last one left town. I've therefore had it in my mind for a while to wrangle up a new one. It came to a bit of a head because he's been very gradually increasing his weight again. I hadn't asked in a while, but was shocked just the other day to learn he had put on almost 10 pounds of the about 30 he had lost before.

After a little "discussion" on that point I decided I needed to step the search up several notches. After the experiences we have had in the past, I really wanted to find another kinky trainer for david. The first two I would say we "corrupted" gradually. The last one was actually a part-time trainer, part-time pro domme. Expensive compared to regular trainers, but obviously the easiest to work with. But I have no more like that at my fingertips, and the thought of bringing in another vanilla trainer and corrupting her just sounds exhausting to me, and risky, and with a fifty-fifty chance of not even being that satisfactory in the end.

But I have come to believe that kink is essential in a trainer for david. It really motivates him to look forward to his sessions, and to behave himself like a good boy throughout the week (he knows he's getting spanked anyways, and obeying his female trainer comes naturally to him). It does not need to be a lot of kink, just a touch here and there. I think the last trainer was maybe us going overboard on that. So I am striving for a nice middle ground.

So, I hit the web and found a few likely candidates online, and I emailed them from a fresh, anonymous email address, indicating exactly what I was looking for:
Hi! I'm the wife to a 30-something married guy, reasonably fit, looking for once weekly serious personal training for him on a weekday evening in our home but with a little kinky fun mixed in (i.e., some light personal trainer domination - smack with a riding crop - little spanking for bad eating - a little teasing - that sort of thing. no sex. Just a little fun kink, sometimes to his bare bottom). Really am interested in you training him primarily along with monitoring and coaching him on diet and supplemental exercise - but he finds it hard to keep motivated and so I wanted this extra bit to spice it up to keep it fresh for him. He is a bit of a subby and this sort of thing excites him. He is a dear man, completely harmless, and completely willing to do anything you ask of him. He will be very respectful of you at all times. Let me know by return email if you are interested, and you and I can arrange to meet somewhere public to discuss (this is not my "real" email address - I thought it wisest to send out inquiries like this anonymously for obvious reasons - and we will keep the kinky side of all of this VERY private). I will pay a premium of course, and am happy to pay a session fee for your trouble in meeting with me. Thank you!
I sent out three of these messages, to three different female trainers in my area who seemed to be solo and not affiliated with any company and who advertised "in-home training". Did not hear anything back at all from two of them (no surprise there), but got lucky on one of them (that was a surprise)! Her message was short and to the point:
Maybe we can work something out! Let me know when you would like to meet.
We exchanged a few emails to set a mutually convenient time and a place, and we wound up meeting for coffee.

From her e-mail address, which contained her full name, I was able to google her, so I found a photo and knew what she looked like. She looked young, and cute, and fit.

For the sake of her privacy, I will not share any of her private details, so I have selected a stand-in for her for the purposes of our blog, a Danish fitness model named Mette Lyngholm I found when I searched Google images for photos of female personal trainers who reminded me of her. I think Mette is very sexy and she turns me on, so I can only imagine how she will affect you male readers out there thinking of her spanking you!

So, with apologies to Mette, we shall call our girl "Margareta" (Mette is derived from that), or "Miss Lyngholm" to you!

So, Mags and I met for coffee. At the appointed time she was sitting there waiting for me, on her little computer with a mug of tea. I walked right up to her and introduced myself. She was at first shocked and said "how do you know what I look like?", but then she immediately answered her own question, "oh, from my email."

She's in her early twenties, so about 15 years younger than david and I. Not quite young enough to be my daughter, maybe more like my little sister. Very bubbly and enthusiastic. Quite small in stature. A lithe dancer's body. And obviously quite passionate about fitness. She looked to be in great shape

I hope she's not too young for what I have in mind. I will have to check in frequently and look out for her well being.

I started by asking her about her qualifications as a personal trainer. Though it is only part-time for her, I was quite satisfied with her training and experience level. I described david to her and showed her some photos of him on my iPad, and also some photos of our home where she would be training him. I described david's weight loss and fitness journey, and showed her the app david uses to record food, weight, and exercise (he had been recording all along - meticulously recording his 3000 calorie days and his 10 pound weight gain in fact!!!). She asked if she could access the app, so I gave her the login information and she confirmed she was able to get in on her little computer. I showed her where she could find various things.

We then spoke a bit about her philosophy with regards to exercise and eating (she believes diet is king, and exercise is added, which jibes perfectly with me). She asked a bit more about david's lifestyle and habits as it regards food and exercise. As we had not spoken about it at all, I finally raised it: "and are you ok with the kinky thing?".

Very surprisingly, she responded "oh sure, that's no problem at all", as if I had asked if she was ok with giving him situps to do or something like that! She went on to say "At Halloween I dressed up in a costume with a riding crop, and I whipped everyone around me!"

Oh dear. These young people nowadays!

I felt compelled to explain a bit more about david's psychology, how this keeps it interesting for him and all. Did not faze her at all. She obviously saw it as a small thing, with some potential for added fun. Very open minded, obviously!

We "negotiated" a price. I asked her what she charges, and she gave me her usual rate, and added some on for travelling to our place. It was so low! I more than doubled it. Her mouth kind of dropped open. She said "this is for the kink?". I said partially that, but also I wanted her to monitor david's diet and exercise throughout the week, send him little reminders to behave himself, take some extra time each session to review the week, and still get a full hour of training in. I also told her I wanted to keep her enthusiastic about coming to train him, and that would include cash bonuses when he achieves certain goals! She said it should be him who gets the bonuses, not her. She thanked me profusely, and then I paid her the agreed upon session rate for her time meeting me.

So the first session time is all set. I emailed her a follow up note from my legit email address laying out the agreed upon rate, the duties and expectations (non kinky), confirming his current weight and body fat, and what my longer-term goals were for him (15% body fat and more muscle - he looks good in his photos, I told her, but she'll see if she strips him that he can well afford to lose some tummy fat and gain some muscle mass!). I also laid out a bonus structure for her of smaller goals along the way. Each interim goal was a certain weight he had to be under for 7 days in a row.

On the kinky side, I said that for my part I was fine with anything she chose to do to him with regards to swatting him on the bum and legs, and any amount of nudity for him (front or back), or any little outfits she wanted to dress him in for his workout; but was also very careful to point out that she should only do whatever she is completely comfortable with, and that the session fee has no bearing on that, and that I have no particular expectations of her in that regard whatsoever. Just whatever feels fun and comfortable, but only she must pretend it's all very serious for the sake of the game!

I told david about her, and about my note and our meeting, so he knows the situation. He emailed her a polite little note introducing himself and giving her the directions to our house. She emailed back something short saying,
I am looking forward to training you too.
I'm noticed david has already started cleaning up his act on the food front. So I think it's already working, even before the first session. Though he did slip once. I told him to email Mags. He sent,
just entered my food today... 3000 Kcal. All of it junk. Doh!
I will do better tomorrow! I promise.
david showed me her response:
Oh thats not good!!!!!!!!!!
You will get punished!!!
Sent from my iPhone
So, she seems to be in the spirit of things already! Am looking forward to what the first training sessions brings. I will keep you all posted!

One more set of photos of Mags for the road:

I hope she spanks hard!

Monday, December 15

david's Doctor's Visit

My husband had his annual physical the other day. That's always a fun time of the year, when a woman he barely knows strips him bare and sticks her finger up his bum!

His Doctor is really my Doctor. For the longest time he skipped any sort of medical checkups. In fact, until I put my foot down the last Doctor he had seen was his pediatrician. One day I just made him an appointment for him with my (Female) Doctor and that was that. He has been going once a year ever since.

Since david has a family history of prostate cancer, the examination has invariably included a PSA blood test in advance, and a finger up his bum during. While he is embarrassed by these things as they happen, he actually quite looks forward to it. The only thing he really fears is an erection in advance of the proceedings, because then the Doctor will know for sure what's on his dirty little mind. I think he worries that she'll make a little note in his file (like in the Seinfeld episode) and send him to a male Doctor. Would serve the perv right ;-)

A couple of years ago there was a different Nurse, and her instructions to him were to get undressed and to put on the paper gown hanging behind the door. Now david told me that he was unsure if that meant all the way undressed, or to keep his underpants on underneath the robe. He told me that he took everything off and then sat and waited. But then he started getting an erection, so he chickened out and slipped his underwear on and then thought of math problems!

Last year there was a new Nurse who told him to "strip to his skivvies" (her words) and wait in the examination room. The same was expected this year.

I gave him my own orders, though. I told him that this year I required him to put on the paper gown, with nothing underneath. I told him I wanted him totally bare under the loose thin paper gown.

He complained that he would get an erection! I told him that he had better just keep his mind off sexy things in that case.

Well, my boy followed through and he told me about the experience.

As expected, the Nurse told him to "strip to his skivvies". But instead of doing that, he undressed completely and put on the paper examination gown. Then he sat there on the examination table, feet dangling. He told me he had to sit delicately and to adjust the gown carefully so as not to leave any gaps.

He said the worst part was just sitting there, because his erection came and went. As soon as he thought about what he was doing and what might happen, the erection came. He then had to distract himself mightily for it to subside again. He was left there for about 5 minutes, he judges. During that time, he noticed that the room had been prepared by either the Nurse or the Receptionist, and that part of the preparation involved the laying out, in full view on a table at the base of the examination bed, and with nothing else laid out on that same table, an industrial sized tube of lube. david said he imagined the Nurse or Receptionist snickering as she read the charts for the next patient and laid out the necessaries for a digital rectal examination of my young man by his pretty female Doctor.

Maybe it's just because I'm so immature, but I think it's wonderful fun that ALL the staff know what happens to my dear husband in the examination room.

I know if I worked as a Receptionist in a Female Doctor's office I would make it a point to smirk at the male patients as they walked gingerly out the door!

Then the Nurse bustled into the room and closed the door. We guessed she wasn't too fussed about the skivvies versus the gown, because she said nothing about it. Maybe she thought he had skivvies on under the gown, and he was just being especially bashful that day?

She made him stand and go to the scale. First he had to step up on the scale and to face away to get weighed. As he stood there, he said he steeled himself and allowed the robe to part in back so the Nurse could see his bare butt! Bad boy!

Good thing I took mercy on him and didn't mark up his bottom with my strap and make it blush with my paddle before his appointment. Otherwise the Doctor and Nurse, who both would have seen the evidence of his well-spanked bottom firsthand, and the young female Receptionist, who would no doubt have been told about it afterwards, would have all enjoyed quite a good laugh at his expense!!! I wonder if they have a protocol they need to follow for cases of suspected spousal abuse? Perhaps we'll have to find out next year?

He was then told to turn and face outwards so that his height could be measured. david said he could start feeling the erection rise. In fact, he says the erection started rising the moment he stepped on the scale and decided to put on a peep show for the nurse. After he turned, he said it felt semi hard, but he did not know if he was tenting his paper gown or not, as he did not dare to look down. At any rate, the Nurse kept up a comfortable banter, and made no mention of his lack of skivvies, his bare butt, or any semi-erection she might or might not have spotted. Then she left and david was instructed to sit and wait for the Doctor, as she would be along shortly.

david once again willed his erection to go away by completely distracting himself.

The Doctor came in and gave him his usual examination. She kept him covered with the gown the whole time, and never saw or touched his genitals at all. At a certain point in the exam, she told him "time for the fun part" (literally, according to him!).

His Doctor does not do him like the above. Rather, she has him roll over onto his side, and put his knees to his chest. Then she parts the robe good and wide so his bare bottom is nicely on display and accessible. I also happen to know from personal experience that his balls poke out between his legs when he is knee to chest. I'm sure his Doctor got a proper eye full.

He says she lubed him and her and then inserted the finger telling him to just relax and breathe. She felt around in there and gave david the "blow by blow", proclaiming his prostate big and soft and smooth and perfectly healthy as she rooted around in there.

At this time, david did give himself permission to get a bit of an erection, as he felt that such might be a normal male reaction in such a situation. I did not know he could control it to such an extent. He says it's all about what you think about.

The Doctor pulled out and then used a wipe to clean his bumhole off.

He was then told they were all done and to sit up while she wrote out a prescription for him (he takes cholesterol lowering medications - bad genes I guess - it's high even when he eats clean).

david told me he definitely had an erection right after the rectal exam, especially as he could still feel the goop squishing around in his hole as he sat. But he kept his hands on his lap, pushing it down so the Doctor would not notice (she probably did - I certainly would have - I always know when a guy is hiding a hard-on. It's something about the way they hunch over, and the look in their eyes. I don't think he was fooling anyone, least of all his experienced Doctor who gave him that hard-on.)

Well that was his Doctor's office adventure. After he told me about it, I took him across my knee and gave him a good hard spanking for exposing his bare bottom to the Nurse. I definitely DID NOT ask him to do that.

 After his spanking I made him sit on his sore bare bottom and write out for me 100 times:

"I must not display my bare bottom to the Nurse without my Wife's permission"
"I must not display my bare bottom to the Nurse without my Wife's permission"
"I must not display my bare bottom to the Nurse without my Wife's permission"
"I must not display my bare bottom to the Nurse without my Wife's permission"

"I must not display my bare bottom to the Nurse without my Wife's permission"
"I must not display my bare bottom to the Nurse without my Wife's permission"

It was then back across my knee for the hairbrush. Five very strict strokes for every line he messed up in any way whatsoever. He got 155. I'm very picky.

Then it was off to the living room where he was forcibly MADE to display his bare spanked bottom for a good half hour.

 Bad Boy!