Wednesday, October 29

Sister Lends a Hand

I was out with my sister Sue for dinner the other night, just the two of us, and having just blogged about my cunnilingus adventures with david, I shared some of it with Sue as well, along the lines of how handy it was to have a submissive boy in one's bed. She asked if he got any. I told her I allowed him to self-pleasure.

"So mean," she said. "After all he did for you, when it was his turn he had to use his own hand?  You didn't even use your hand on him? So mean!"

"I was tired," I answered, "but if you think it's so mean, maybe you should just go ahead and do it yourself.  Put your hand where your mouth is. He seems to like it when you do it." I was pulling a bit of a mock snarky / jealous tone. Sue is very attractive to males and knows it. But my tone was in fun and she knew it. Despite "playing for the other team", Sue has assisted me in these wifely chores before. Once most notably with david nude in front of the kitchen sink and Sue with rubber gloves, dish soap, a finger up his anus, and the other rubbing his dick! One of her more memorable Christmas gifts for david.

Sue is a fun sister to have around!

Picking up on my teasing tone, Sue said "Well maybe I will. If you can't seem to find the energy to jerk off your husband, you clearly need help in that department."

Sue does genuinely enjoy dominating david with me, and she enjoys the mechanics of making a male squirt.

"Fine." I said. "We'll go to my place after dinner and you can take care of that right away, since you feel so sorry for him."

"Fine." She said.

Looks like david would be getting a handy from my sister!

Despite the teasing nature of the conversation, we both knew Sue was doing me a favour. david really fantasizes about things like this, and I love indulging him on the rare occasions that circumstances safely permit, and Sue is currently all we've got in terms of extra-curricular help in that regard (I know, I need to work on that, and will!).

The whole thing was in the back of my mind all through dinner, and I was anxious to get the check (I bought this time around - thought it was the least I could do). david would be so thrilled!

We got home and I called for david. We greeted and he said "hi Sue", a little sheepishly. He is always now a little sheepish around Sue. I mean, Sue has seen david in the most compromising situations imaginable: in lingerie, nude, jerking off, getting an enema, spanked, bent over for a strapping, giving head, and receiving hard anal intercourse from me. She's seen it all, and she's dished out a fair measure as well. No wonder my boy is a little sheepish around her!

I started right in: "david, I told Sue about our bedroom adventures a few nights ago. She feels sorry for you that all you got was to jerk off. I think you were lucky to get to cum at all, but Sue feels differently."

Sue nodded her head in sympathy.

"So Sue's offered to give you a hand job herself." I continued. "Would you like that david? Would you like if Sue were to give you a hand job?"

david looked a tad unsure of himself, but did the politically correct thing: "Ummm... Well is that ok with you, Julie?"

"Yes it is ok with me, david" I answered. "But would you like that? Answer the question."

david plucked up his courage and answered simply "yes Ma'am." He didn't know the consequences, but he wasn't about to give this up either!

"How naughty of you!" I said. "I think we may have to have a talk later about you 'liking' having a woman other than your wife doing something like that to you."

david looked a bit worried. he knew that this kind of "talk" would likely involve a very painful application of strap oil to his rear end and thighs. It's not that I mind sexy things like this hand job happening, it's more that regardless, after an experience of this kind a husband needs to be reminded of to whom he belongs. But that was for after. First, the main event: a sexy hand job from his sexy sister-in-law!

"Well we may as well get started," I continued. "david, go upstairs, get undressed, use the toilet if you need to, and washup with the washcloth. Then get out the lube, the baby oil, a pair of latex gloves, and your little vibrating bum toy. Is it charged up?"

"yes ma'am"

"Good. Then stick it in and turn it on full blast." Then I turned to Sue and said "he cums quicker with it in, and I wouldn't want to tire out your wrist."

"Ha!" she said, "little chance of that!" referring either to her excellent physical fitness, her hand jobbing technique well-learned during high school and beyond, or to david's tendency to be a bit overly speedy in that regard (although he has been getting longer of late...), I'm not sure which.

"Then, david," I continued, "I want you to set up the spanking chair facing the bed, and then lie down on the bed on your tummy, within reach of that chair, with lots of pillows under your hips."

"yes ma'am," he said, acknowledging my detailed instructions. I've been doing this for a while, and I know how I want things.

"You make sure that your bum is high and your little package is hanging out behind and your thighs are clamped together. You keep your head buried in the covers the whole time this is going on, do you understand? I don't want you making lovey eyes at Sue while she's doing this. Got it?"

"yes ma'am" he said.

"And when you're in position and ready, you yell out 'This slut is ready for her hand job, Ma'am', over and over again until we come in. understand?"

"yes ma'am".

"Off you go."

david scurried up to the master bedroom to do as he was told and I poured Sue and myself a glass of david's vintage port.

Sue commented on my detailed instructions to david, and how impressed she was. I told her that I knew how I wanted things done, but was everything ok with her? She said everything was perfect. That she likes that I'm in control of the situation.

She asked if he would be getting a spanking for wanting the hand job from her? I told her he would be, but it would come later on in the week, and it would be a doozy. Not as hard as the time he got that blowjob, she hoped, referring to the time we played with Sue's then live-in partner who had a fantasy of being "made to" give a man she had deliberately teased a blowjob.

I got a teeny tiny bit carried away after that one, even though I had consented and had even enjoyed the scene, and strapped his ass black and blue before giving him a punishment fucking that had him begging for me to stop in front of the two of them. oops!

Before too long we heard the cry from upstairs:

"This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job. ..."

I got up, but Sue motioned me down and asked how many times should we let him say it before we went upstairs?

It was Sue's rodeo, so I said as many times as she wanted. So Sue held out her glass for a refill while david continued repeating his phrase over and over again:

"This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job, Ma'am. Julie, Sue, this slut is ready for handjob!! Please! This slut is ready for her handjob! ..."

He kept repeating it until he fell into a monotonous rythm, and Sue smirked at me as she sipped at her port wine and we enjoyed a moment of silence between us as we listened to david beg continuously for his relief.

After I'm not sure how much time we put down our glasses and went upstairs to david.

"This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job..."

"That will do, david." I said, and he stopped.

He also turned his head and looked at us. I jumped over to him, grabbed his hair, and smushed his face straight down into the bedsheets and said "What did I tell you about looking at us? You keep your head down the entire time or I will send Sue straight home. Do you understand me?"

"yes mumph" he said, mumbling his words as I kept his head pressed hard into the bedsheets.

Sue then went into action.

"Well what have we here?" She said, patting david on the ass and jiggling his vibrating butt plug in his hole. "It looks we have a very, very naughty boy."

She then put on the latex gloves, picked up the liquid lube eschewing the baby oil, and dribbled it from high up all up and down and over his cock shaft, tip, and balls. She put away the lube, and sat on the chair facing her task. She put her left hand on his low back and ass cheeks, and used her right to massage the lube into his private parts.

Here is the scene, pretty accurately portrayed by my lill sketch slut:

david moaned as my sister gently caressed his hard cock and prominently exposed balls, massaging the lube into him. Then Sue got more serious with her right hand and began rubbing it up and down his shaft, and up around and down and across the tip of his penis.

david had by now become very hard and was wiggling his bum in little spasms and sticking it up high in the air. Sue moved her other hand from his low back, to his ass cheeks, to his plug, and to his balls, squeezing them gently and massaging them. I perched on the bed and was enjoying the show. It's not every day you get to see your husband treated in such a way by your sister!

I find the treatment to be quite demeaning to him, if you know what I mean? All he is, really, is a set of cock and balls, rubbed by my sister, who is not even into men, until he loses all control and squirts. Meanwhile he's humping the pillows, sticking his plugged ass up higher in that air, waving it around and begging for it like a little slut. totally demeaning to him. Totally objectified. And I love it!

"Are you liking this?" She asked him rhetorically. "You're a naughty boy for liking this. Are you going to get a spanking from Julie afterwards for liking this. Huh? You better be enjoying this, because Julie is going to give you such a bad spanking afterwards..."

david moaned and raised his ass even higher.

"Look!" said Sue, "he wants his spanking!"

She continued, "and does mean old Julie not do this for you often enough? Huh? Is that it? Well I think you're a very nice husband to Julie, especially in the bedroom, who from time to time deserves a little more than just to be allowed to jerk himself off. Is that right? Are you a good husband to Julie? Do you deserve to get a hand job every now and then?

david moaned like a little tramp, and Sue slowed down momentarily and bent his cock upwards to show me the engorged head of his penis and a dribble of clear pre-cum oozing from his tip.

She went back to rubbing him. david moaned more loudly and shot his hands underneath the pillows to jack-knife himself higher.

"Are you ready to cum?" Asked Sue.

"Oh yeah!" replied david.

"Well, then ask Julie if you may be allowed to cum," said Sue as she eased off the rubbing and teased his drippy cock.

"Please Julie!" Said david a little frantically, please may I cum, Julie?!?"

"I'm not the one rubbing your dick," I said, "ask Sue if you can cum."

"Please, Sue," said david, "please may I cum now???"

"You may cum now, baby." Said Sue.

She continued rubbing, but david did not cum right away. I guess the asking for permission slowed him down. Sue encouraged him: "Who's a good boy? Who's a good husband to my sister? Who licks my sister's pussy whenever she wants it? Is that you, baby? Is that you who's such a good husband?"

Darned right he is, or else his ass would be belt whipped black and blue!

And along that line of questioning david completely disgraced himself, shooting his steamy white load out his penis tip and all down the backs of his legs and thighs.

Sue squeezed the last bits out and shook his cock onto the backs of his legs.

"Was that fun?" She asked david.

"Oh yes Ma'am," he said, remembering to keep his head buried.

I went to the bathroom to run the warm water and wet a washcloth. I came back with some toilet paper, the warm washcloth and a small dry towel, and started cleaning him up as Sue watched. I stopped the vibrating butt plug and gently pulled it out.

"Here," said Sue, reaching over to spread his ass cheeks so I good use some toilet paper in there and then the warm washcloth on his nicely spread hole.

Between Sue and I he got the "royal treatment": a warm washcloth and vigorous drying off with the towel afterwards all over his most private and still highly sensitive parts!

And that was that for the evening.

And yes, david was punished a a few days later to remind him where the favours and the punishments come from. It was with hairbrush and belt, with a special concentration to his tender inner thighs. He also had to jerk himself off to a very quick clock, the punishment for failing to cum being another whipping on those sensitive inner thighs. My my, but if that didn't just go on for two hours like that, with him having to start from limp each time because of how hard I whipped him between! He was sooo sore the next day, it was funny watching him getting up and walking. But I'll blog about that in more detail next time. 'Till then!

Wednesday, October 22

Cunnilingus. Now!

We were in bed the other, night, my husband and I. We had just finished watching the monologue on Dave Letterman and turning off the TV. david turned and gave me a nice little kiss on the cheek, as he often does. He went back to lie down on his side of the bed and turn out the light. Before he did, I reached over and gave his hair a little tussle as I looked him in the eye. As our eyes met, I decided I wanted something...

My tussle turned into a grab, and I started gently pulling him down. He smiled, turned out the light, and willingly went under the comforter and down between my legs. I guided him by his hair until his head was fully between my legs and his tongue had started working. I pulled him harder into me.

He lapped gently at my pussy. I put my hands around his head and pulled him into me harder. He increased his intensity. He took a finger and put it inside of me. I was so wet. The tip of his finger rubbed at my G-Spot as he licked my pussy lips, my slit, my clit. It was dark in the room and quiet. It felt like all my senses were concentrated on my one spot.

I turned over onto my side, into a fetal position, my back to him. He followed, turning his body around so that his feet were at the back of my head, reverse spooning so that his head was ideally placed to lick my pussy from behind. I put a pillow between my legs to keep them open for his duties. He put a pillow under his head to keep it elevated and at the right angle to continue his licking and fingering chores. He thoughtfully made made sure the covers were on me. His head was buried underneath. I am sure he was hot and suffocating. I didn't care.

His one hand wandered all over my breasts, tummy, and abdomen. His other hand all over the back of my head, my back, my ass, and my pussy. He played around at the opening. He put a finger in, then out again. He got my G-Spot good again, kept his finger pressing there, and licked and licked hard.

My husband is skilled at giving me oral sex. He knows exactly what I want and how I want it. I think this is an advantage of having a bedroom submissive: he is willing to be trained and he will do as he is told.

I felt the tell-tale heat in my mid-section. Hottter and hotter. I screamed loudly as I came. I rode the wave of a lovely orgasm, and then straightened out my legs pushing him away when I wanted no more of his tongue, and rode the last few juddering waves by myself.

He disentangled the pillows, restored the bed, and went back to his side of the bed as I lay there blissfully content on mine.

Sometimes that will be it. We will go to sleep, his wifely duties done.

Tonight I reached over to him. I felt him. His shaft was rigid as a steel rod. I like him like that.

Sometimes I leave him like that.

Once, when he was like that, I heard a noise, a faint rustling from his side of the bed, and felt some slight vibrations. He had licked his palm and was very quietly rubbing himself! I was annoyed. I wanted to sleep.

"Stop that!" I hissed at him. "I'm trying to sleep. You're getting a paddling tomorrow for that." Bad boy was hard to begin, and was now contemplating a paddling from me, the thought of which makes him harder still. But he didn't dare touch himself again that night. There are paddlings and then there are PADDLINGS!

And then there are STRAPPINGS too!

But we're not talking about those, and we're not talking about that day. He knows now better than to touch himself at bedtime without my permission.

I took his hand, and guided it to his own cock.

"May I?" he asked breathlessly.

"You may. But be quick." I did need to sleep.

He licked his palm and dove back down to rub himself. Staying to my side of the bed, I absentmindedly reached over and stroked his legs, side tummy, and every now and then his balls, and brushed his cock as his hand worked itself furiously up and down his naughty hard shaft.

I could feel and hear his fist pounding up and down and up and down his cock. Rythmically. Interrupted only briefly, then back at it. Hard. He was pounding his poor little penis. His wet palm squooshing up and down.

I reached over and grabbed his balls. I squeezed them. He moaned in pain but kept going.

I took my hand away and curled up on my side of the bed. "Hurry up and finish up now. If you're not done in 60 seconds you're not cumming at all tonight."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said as he re-doubled his efforts.

I thought I'd help him along with the kind of talk that excites him:

"And if you don't cum like a man tonight, I'll treat you like a woman tomorrow..."

"Oh... yes dear!... Ohhh"

"I'll make you wear your panties and bra, with your big boobs in. Maybe I'll invite Sue over to see you like that. Would you like that?"

"Noooo.... noooo please..."

"Oh yes. She can watch you bend over the couch while I strap you. I'll ask her to be the one to pull your panties down and stuff them in your mouth for your strapping."

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!"

"And then I'll really treat you like a woman. I'll put on my strap-on and you can get down on your knees and show Sue how good you suck cock..."


"Good Boy! That was quick!"

I gave him a couple of seconds.

"Are you cleaning yourself up?"

"yes ma'am..."

He knows to lick it all up into his mouth, and swallow it all down like the naughty little slut he is.

Household rule.

Night night!

Friday, October 17

A new eSubbie!

I'm sooo excited! I have a new eSubbie who is actually obedient. We will call him jessie (or perhaps 'jessica' which may suit him better as you will see).

Young jessie, an early twenty-something male, wrote to me saying how he has always wanted to be dressed as a woman, and also has fantasies of being spanked by a woman. He asked me for my help. I am eager to please a genuine young man such as jessie!

I told him that his first stop was Victoria's Secret for a girly shopping expedition. I offered to write him a letter to help "break the ice". He was to print out the letter and hand it to the salesgirl at VS.

Jessie, please print this note, hand it to your sales associate when you go shopping, and ask nicely if she will please read it. Be super-respectful at all times, and leave without making a fuss if she cannot assist you.


Dear Ms.,
I am writing you this note on behalf of my young pen-pal, Jessie, standing in front of you. I write a blog that Jessie is a fan of reading. Among other things, it recounts how I have taken my husband to buy lingerie for him to wear.

Jessie reached out to me by email and confessed that he too has always had a deep desire to dress in women's clothes, and lamented that he had no understanding partner/girlfriend such as myself who would be willing to take him shopping. I am too far away, unfortunately, and value keeping my blogging and personal lives separate, so the only way I can help is by writing this note.

In my several experiences shopping with my husband, our sales help has been so very open-minded and understanding with this issue. So I recommended to Jessie that he should just go ahead and buy some lingerie for himself, head held high, and that hopefully his experience would be a good one as well.

So, while an unusual request, may we please ask if you would help Jessie to find about 5 pairs of panties in his size. I am thinking pinks and reds, or powder blues. Subtle trim around the leggings and waistband perhaps? More full cut in the front, but ok if they are a little cheeky and "ride up" in the rear so he gets the full experience! While you may have to suggest some things, you should definitely involve Jessie in the selection.

I am not sure of my friend's budget, but if it will stretch beyond the panties then I am thinking, in this order, stockings with garter belt, a properly fitted bra with breast forms, and then maybe a sheer baby doll nighty to go on top?

My pen-pal will no doubt be exceptionally embarrassed by this whole thing, but I think there's no avoiding that.

I know this is "above and beyond" the call of duty for you, but I would really be forever grateful if you were to assist Jessie with this.

Thank you!


Here is jessie's initial recounting of his experience:
Oh Ms. Julie! What an experience i had! I wish it could have lasted longer, but i might have peed my pants if it did... I was so embarrassed! Did you know this weekend there was a panty party at VS? That was good in a way (I got 7 for $26.50). But it also meant there were tons of girls shopping through the panty drawers right next to me!

The sales girl who helped me was somewhat removed. Maybe it's because she was busy, i dont know. She didnt read your note all the way through, but i do think she skimmed it. i wish she would have been loud, and let some of those girls around me know i was shopping for me. But she only helped me for a few minutes and then had to go somewhere else in the store.

But those few minutes were still amazing! I looked for pinks and reds and blues just like you said. I bought mostly pinks. Do you want to see? Can i please show you? I'll hold them or wear them or pose however you like! Maybe you could even put them on your blog and post about me?

I only bought panties yesterday (the lady may have missed the part in the note about more lingerie in her skimming, and i was too scared to ask her any more.) As much as i wanted it, i was way too terrified to be measured for a bra with the store crowded as it was. And i couldnt really pick one myself. I dont know what size i am. And i didnt really see any garter belts. Im not sure where they are. But im ok taking it slow, the panties alone are amazing! 

Please let me show you!

jessie (Your jessica)

Well of course he may! Here are his photos:

Sale! 7 for $26.50. PINK for the young lady.

Nothing says "panty trained" like toting a VS bag around the mall!

What a spectacular ass!!!

And here is the accompanying second note (I required more details, of course!). 
But i got there and saw it was so crowded. naturally i got a bit nervous. I turned around, and then turned around again and went in. So i just started looking myself. Then a girl came up and asked if i needed help.She was quite young. My age. Maybe a bit older. She was wearing a black and white patterned pair of leggings. Needless to say, her hips were wide and her ass was round. I envied her a bit. (And liked looking too.) I couldn't help but look as she led me to more panties. I was a bit hesitant in handing her the note. And like i said, she didn't read it all the way through. She was professional. Didn't even smirk. (I couldn't believe it.) But she did help me look. I loved that. In a way i was disappointed. She didn't really say anything to me. But it was still a really fun, exciting time. Maybe I'll get another chance to go? Maybe it won't be so crowded and I'll have a full fledged experience.When I checked out, i felt giddy, in line with the other girls. The cashier asked me for my address and number. I told a fake one. I don't know why. Guess i was embarrassed. What if they sent Victoria's Secret magazines to my mailbox. What would people think? Then she handed me my pink bag. That's like the ultimate symbol of femininity at the mall, don't you think?
I do think!

I have told jessica to pull down her panties, give herself a good hard hairbrush spanking, and send me the evidence. I mean, she only got a quarter of the way through her shopping!

I am forwarding another note for jessie to present to the salesgirl for the rest of his shopping. Now that I've seen her ass, I really want to see her with stockings and garter, a bra and falsies (to give her BIG breasts), and a sheer babydoll on top. As soon as jessie delivers (on the spanking and the dressing up), I will share it here.

Good luck, jessica. I will forward the note soonest, keeping it short and sweet for a busy salesgirl this time.

And remember jessie, especially now that you are mine, while I do allow masturbation, I also do require that the young lady in question clean up her mess with her tongue, and swallow every last drop while thanking me silently for the privilege of being allowed to ejaculate. And do remember that there are many women in my situation who would absolutely not allow their subbies such a luxury, and would insist on the purchase of a chastity belt and being mailed the key. So you can also thank your lucky stars as you swallow your ejaculate.

And now you are in panties for at least a week. If not longer.