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Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 8)

[Continued from Part 7]

"Ladies," I addressed my guests, "shall we go onto the patio for a glass of wine?"

They all seemed agreeable. We passed by the kitchen on the way out where we got out the wine glasses and a bottle of cold rosé wine from the fridge.

"Why are we doing the work, why don't we have him serve?" asked Sue.

The implication was clearly to have him serve us, nude, or at least en femme, on the outside patio.

It was the perfect day for it. It was nice and hot out. The patio, while outdoors and in the city, is relatively private. It's small with an oval umbrella table and six chairs and then space to spare besides. It sits between our house and our garage. There is a tall (6') wooden fence separating us from our neighbours (who are rarely out and can't really see in without trying hard to do so). On the street side we have the same type of fence with a gate that closes. The street is setback so you can hear passersby but they cannot see in unless they crossed our front lawn and peered over the fence.

Sue had once before played our little games on the patio, so she knew it was a thing. On that occasion I had made david go outside and clean up the patio – after a spanking for being less than eager when I told him to do so – in little feminine booty shorts and halter top. Sue walked in through the patio fence door, calling out and disguising her voice a bit before she entered. She "caught" david prancing about and gave him another spanking across her knee, booty shorts down, right on the patio (we had pre-arranged her visit at a set time and all of that without david's knowledge). This is all described in Caught Outside by my Sister.

So I thought that it was a marvelous suggestion and was only peeved that I had not thought of it! Mind, I did not know in advance that the weather would be so perfect for it.

I yelled over to david that he could come out of the corner and serve us wine and cheese on the patio.

"May I clean up and dress?" he asked. Ha! I suspect he knew the answer before even asking the question.

"No," I said, "we want it now, not in five minutes." As he talked about "cleaning up" I got another delightful image in my perverted mind. This was based on another time where we were both out on the patio and he had teased me by spraying me a bit with the hose. I had made him strip right out there, hosed him down thoroughly, tied him to a nice big tree, and switched him (his penis tip got abraded from squirming against the tree, and I felt a bit guilty about that). That one you can read about in Husband Hosed and Switched. Isn't it marvelous that I keep "my kinky diary" online like this? So after Sue suggested the patio service, and him that he wanted to "clean up" (he was a bit sweaty and "lubey" still), I privately thought an uncomfortable and humiliating hosing down in front of the ladies would add to the fun.

I needed to set it up: "take off your bra, though, I want you naked. Wash your hands before working with the food."

With that we four ladies walked out to the patio and took our seats.

"A naked man-slave!" said Beverly excitedly. "I can get into that. Good idea Sue!" she said and high-fived her.

We started talking about other things, just for a break from the intensity and to re-normalize I guess! Not to last. Before very long out came david with a tray holding our chilled bottle of rosé and four wine glasses, plus four small plates and a platter with bite-sized cheese pieces, strawberries, and crackers. Very nice. He was naked and blushing, and his penis was jiggling about semi-soft.

He unpacked the tray and put a plate and glass in front of each of us. Then he poured the wine. As he was pouring Sue's, his back was facing Beverly, she gave him a light little "slap" to his backside. We all laughed, and david turned to face her with a little hurt look on his face. Ha ha!

"You said you wanted to clean up now?" I asked david.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"Hand me the garden hose. Stand over there," I said, "I'll clean you up."

david looked a little incredulous, wondering if I was joking. I was not joking. He had been hosed naked before, and knew it was not pleasant!

"Hand. Me. The. Garden. Hose." I repeated slowly and forcefully for him.

He went to uncoil the garden hose. It's one of those steel jobs with a gun-like nozzle at the end and we keep pressure in it in the summer so I can easily grab it to water the patio flower pots when I come home from work. (our old X-hose totally failed at the start of the season, springing a leak along every inch of it! Piece o' crap - we went steel this time). He went to get the garden hose. He had to squeeze around the side of the table nearest the fence where both Beverly and Joy sat. He got the hose, uncoiled it, brought it back around the table and handed me the nozzle end. I remained seated and gave it a squirt into empty space as a test. I tightened the spray pattern setting from "gentle on the flowers" to the much more harsh and concentrated "husband hosing" setting.

"Stand over there," I directed him, indicating the empty space away from the table. He went to stand there, looking very naked and a bit frightened.

I shot the tight spray right at him from my seat and he jumped and yelped as the cold water hit him. I played the stream up and down his front as he danced in place. I directed the stream at his penis and testicles and he immediately crouched down and covered them up.

"Hands on top of you head, stand straight," I said, pausing the flow. He did. I restarted the flow and directed it at his genitals. He looked pained as the concentrated stream hit his cock and balls. I could make his private parts dance and jiggle around really well with the hose!

"Turn sideways," I told him. He turned in place with his hands still on the top of his head. I sprayed up and down his side and into his underarm.

"Face away from me," I said and he turned to present his back to us. I sprayed his back, buttocks, and legs.

"Other side," I said, he turned sideways on again, and I sprayed up and down his other side and again into his underarm.

"Face me," I said. He turned back and I gave his front side another going over. I ended with a rather cruel (I thought) spraying directly at his face. He closed his eyes and sputtered, but stood there and just took it from me.

I stopped the stream and asked, "what do you think, ladies, is he clean?"

"I think you need to get into his butt more," suggested Sue. I handed her the hose and said, "I agree. Here, you do it." I needed to involve Sue somehow!

She smiled and took the hose from me, standing up as she did so. She said to david, "stand over there and turn around." She made him move closer to the wooden fence and face it. "Now spread your legs." david shuffled his two legs apart. "Wider," she said, and david complied. "Now bend over and grab your ankles." david followed her instructions like a good little houseboy should. She had arranged him so that we all had a view up his butt and his dangling ball sac between his legs. Just maybe a hint of bottom hole between his cheeks and a hint of cocktip beneath his tight balls.

Sue went to within about five feet of david, pointed the hose right at his butt crack, and opened her up. david cried out a bit and did a little dancy-dance, but keeping bent over and his legs spread and his hands on his ankles so he just sort of wiggled spasmodically, and as he did so his cock and balls flailed around frantically between his legs. Naturally Sue aimed the hose directly at the back of his balls which shot them forward dramatically and made david yell out anew at the water assault, and dance even harder.

Sue stopped the hose. "I don't think I'm really getting in there. Spread your cheeks," she said.

Poor boy stayed bent over, legs spread, and reached behind himself. At first he tried to spread himself by reaching between his legs with his hands, which was a silly idea, as you can't spread yourself like that! Realizing his own mistake he reached towards the outside and spread his cheeks widely, thoroughly exposing his bottom hole with his dangly balls beneath.

Sue again unleashed the spray, right up his loosened little butthole. He again wiggled frantically side to side, tilting his upper body this way and that, and raising it then lowering it again, while his feet danced up and down in place and his knees shook violently. Right up his butt with a big jet of water!

"Hold those cheeks wide," she said, as she directed the concentrated spray right at his butthole and took one step, then another closer, while lowering at her knees, leaning back to escape the back-scatter and extending her arm to the max. She did this until the hose nozzle was only a couple of feet away from his bumhole. Oh my gosh, but if that wasn't a garden hose enema!

"There we go!" she said, shutting down the hose, placing it down on the ground, and then going back to her chair.

david was still bent over and spreading and mewling a little bit in pain and embarrassment. I was wondering if the water would dribble out of his asshole a bit brown, as for an enema. Alas, it either did not fully penetrate due to a strong pucker reflex, or he held it in. I told him to stand up and face the fence, his hands on his head. "It's a nice warm day, you can drip dry," I told him. "Let's see your little sore testicles and penis, stick them out behind you," I commanded. He tucked them back between his legs so that they were on full view to us. "Stand straight! Don't make me get the hose again with your balls out like that!" david straightened as best he could, which creates great tension in his testicles because of his "humbling". It's a favourite position of ours that I often use during timeout.

So we finished up our chatting with my soaking wet boy shivering "balls out" in the shade against the fence. But he dried off and warmed relatively quickly. With david standing there the talk went back to a bit of a more teasing tone about "what a well behaved husband!" and how they could really see the point of my "obedience training". That was from Joyce, accompanied by a broad wink. She was onto our little games!

The ladies needed to go, and Sue had driven them, so they all three started saying their goodbyes. Joyce made a point of going up to david, craning her head forward at an angle so that david could turn his head slightly to be eye-to-eye, and then she said, "Goodbye david. Thank you for the demonstration." He answered, "Goodbye Ma'am."

Then Joyce went over, she got up right next to him, her breasts touching his shoulder, and planted a little kiss on his cheek. At the same time, very obvious to all of us, she gave his bare butt cheek a squeeze and then trailed her hand lightly down the backs of his balls and cock. "Be a good boy," she said in a husky whisper, patting the exposed underside of his cocktip.

"Yes Ma'am," he said breathlessly as he was being sexually abused like this.

"Goodbye david," said Sue at a distance from him, "what a spectacle you are."

"Goodbye Sue," he said, nose still against the fence, hands on his head.

"Wait for me there," I said as I escorted the ladies back into the house and then out to the front door.

"That was really a lot of fun," said Joyce, and Beverly chimed in that she agreed as well. "You two are definitely the kinkiest people I know," added Joyce.

I thanked them for coming by and being witnesses, and said that it was a dream come true for david and I to be able to conduct such a scene in front of them. And I thanked Sue for having arranged it all, and for giving david such a thorough hosing down!

"Maybe next you'll take him across your knee," I suggested mischievously. I thought this was nice of me. It sort of implied to her friends that she may not have done that already, while still being fully in-line in case she had already told them she had.

She did not return the favour!

"Or maybe take you across my knee, little sister, you know how much you enjoy that," she responded with a wink.

Accck! It was my turn to blush as Joyce and Beverly laughed (did they already know? Did Sue tell them that she had once spanked me, her little sister, to orgasm across her knee???), and they left on that note. Wow!

I went back out to the patio and pulled a naked and only slightly damp david into my arms for a big hug.

"Well?" I asked.

"Amazing!" he answered.

"Oh my gosh, wasn't it? Are you ok?"

"More than ok!" he said, indicating he had very much enjoyed the proceedings. "They were great."

"I know. What do you think, is Joyce going to spank Beverly tonight?"

"Definitely!" he said. Ha ha.

"Sue threatened to spank me on her way out!"

"Oh no! How terrible. And probably make me fuck you up the bum after," he stated.

"While she watches this time, I'll bet!" I said.

David squirmed a bit in my arms.

"Sore?" I asked.

"Just my balls a bit," he said, "that hose..."

"Was it worth it?" I asked.

"Oh yes!" he said.

That's my boy!

So that's my account. All eight parts (OMG!), nine if you count the intro post (Fun Development!). I thought I could knock it all off in one post, but there was so much detail and activity I needed to cover. I slammed it all down in a marathon post the day after. Spent most of the day (Sunday) on it. When I realized how long it was, and with some good advice from readers, I divided it into eight logical sections, and then took my time to edit each one and post over the course of almost 2 weeks now. As I edited, more and more detail came to me, and I added it in. In real-time, the whole thing was done and gone in about an hour and a half. It probably takes more time than that to read it all!

I know many couples don't play nearly as publicly as this. Or if they do, they do it in a BDSM club or something. david and I really enjoy introducing newbies, though, being careful not to offend. It's more exciting to both of us to see the genuine reactions of enthousiastic women seeing this for the first time, and somehow adds an extra edge of humiliation for my husband that is not present when somebody who does this a lot watches.

I think there are way, way more women than you think who would enjoy watching a strict wife play with her husband like this (and even participate a little as did Beverly). It's just fun and empowering.

Have any of you ever played with strangers like this? Let me know in the comments!

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Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 7)

[Continued from Part 6]

"david," I said, "turn over and show the ladies your penis now." He did so. Then to the ladies, "for some reason his penis always becomes limp during hard anal." I used my finger to flip it around a bit and flick at it. "Poor little thing," I said. "Should we let it cum?" I asked the ladies, petting his flaccid penis gently with my hand.

Joyce was first to answer, "I don't know if it deserves it," she said, picking up on my usage of referring to it as "it".

Beverly disagreed, "awww, after all he's been through that would be too cruel."

Sue also chimed in, "I agree."

I thought I would tease Sue a bit. "Would you care to do the honours?" I asked her.

"Ewwww! No! Brother-in-law!" she said, making a disgusted face. Ha ha! She was channeling a scene from "True Blood" that we had laughed about together. Where Vampire Bill (aged 170 years) first revealed to his girlfriend Sookie that he had been forced to make Jessica (aged 17 years) into a vampire. Sookie asked Bill if he and Jessica had slept together. Bill quickly said "Sookie! Of course not!", and Jessica chimed in with the more convincing, "Ewwww! No! Old!". I know, such Vampire Nerds!

Vampire Bill and Jessica

Fine, I would proceed doing the preliminaries myself, with still no decision yet on if he would eventually be allowed to cum or not.

My toying with it and batting it around like a kitten with a string had already started it down the road to hardening. When it was semi-erect, I dribbled some lube on it and used my hand to rub up and down the shaft and around the tip. Very soon david was moaning. All three women watched in rapt attention.

I started explaining to the ladies, "after a session like this, it's important that it's reinforced through orgasm control. First make sure he knows who's in control with a bit of teasing. Get him right to the edge. I'll let you make the call, Joyce, if we allow him a release, based on what he's about to say."

"Ok," she says.

Turning to david, "so you better be careful choosing your words, young man."

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Are you going to obey me better now?" I ask him, as I continue rubbing his dick.

"Yes Ma'am!" he says urgently. He is already close to the brink. I can feel his excitement in my hand. I slow to keep him at the edge.

"Have you been reminded of who wears the pants in this family, david?" I ask him.

"Yes Ma'am!" ever more desperately.

"Who wears the pants, david?"

"You do Ma'am. You wear the pants in the family!"

"And who wears the panties?"

"I do Ma'am, I wear the panties!"

"I want you to wear them while you're grounded, even to work. For the whole long month. To remind you who wears the pants in the family. Who you have to obey and who does the obeying. Only nice frilly panties, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

Our guests continue watching all this in rapt attention. Once again, it's intensely intimate between david and I, despite their presence.

I go on, "are you going to be Mommy's good boy now?"

"Oh yes. yes Ma'am"

"Yes 'Mommy'. Say it."

"Yes... Mommy..."

"Would you like to cum now?"

"Yes Mommy! Yes Please! May I cum Mommy, please?"

I hoped the "Mommy" talk did not freak anybody out. They seemed nonplussed. Beverly even said, "so cute."

"Cum in front of all these ladies? Have me humiliate you like that all over your tummy?" I asked.

"Yes Mommy! Please!"

"Don't beg me," I said, "beg Joyce. She's the one who gets to decide."

"Please Ms. Joyce," said david shamelessly to her.

"Auntie Joyce," I corrected, "and be clear what you're asking for."

"Please Auntie Joyce! Please! May I please cum? Please?" he begged, looking her straight in they eye as I lightly stroked his quivering erection. How humiliating!

Joyce stroked her chin with her fingers in a parody of somebody trying to make up their mind.

"Come on, Joyce, let him cum," lobbied Beverly on david's behalf. "He's been so very well behaved."

Honestly, I was not sure which way it would go, but was prepared to accept whatever Joyce's decision would be.

"Ok, fine," she said, "I think I'd like to see that. Go ahead."

I'm sure they now expected me to finish him off with a few more strokes, but instead I surprised them (and him!) by releasing his penis and then slapping it hard. It takes a dozen slaps with a few glancing his balls and a few finger-flicks to his tip before his cock only even half-limpens again. "Not by my hand you won't, you naughty lying boy!" I say, a little touch of the old anger back in my voice.

He groans aloud as he nurses his abused penis, thinking "that's it".

"Since Auntie Joyce has allowed it, you may, but you embarrass yourself with your own hand if you want it so much," I said, "and be quick about it."

david looks relieved (and humiliated all at the same time!) and reaches for his penis and begins rubbing on it, going faster and faster as we all watch him degrade himself to the level of a naughty little monkey like this.

"This time you ask me for permission before you cum. I still have veto power."

"Yes Ma'am!" he grunts out, hoping for the best.

He's dried up the lube, but brings his palm to his face and licks it and continues rubbing himself with his own spit.

"Let me help," I say. I lean over him and spit onto his cock and hand from a couple of feet up. I was hoping the others would spontaneously do the same, but they did not, and I thought it best not to ask!

"What do you say?" I ask, regarding me spitting on his cock.

"Thank you, Ma'am!"

"If I even let you cum, be sure to catch as much as you can in your hand. If you're lucky enough to be allowed, you're going to be swallowing it afterwards, on your knees, in front of all of us."

"Ohhhhh," he groaned.

After a dozen more strokes (I think he was bashful in front of the ladies), "Hurry up, it's been more than a minute already, if you can't finish up in the next few seconds, that will be it."

Bless her heart, but Beverly stepped forward. As I said, she is a voluptuous young lady and she was showing off a lot of creamy cleavage above her blouse. She put her fingers at the top button of her already low buttoned blouse, and asked "may I help?" meaning she was willing to open her top and allow david to see her breasts by way of encouragement! I mean, wow.

It turned out that the offer only was sufficient, and david almost right away starting saying, "oh no, oh no, may I cum, Ma'am? Please may I cum?!?"

Beverly was a little confused at the suddenness and continued the unbuttoning, even though he was by this time well beyond the point of no return. She got the one button undone and was hesitating over pulling the blouse apart to show her breasts

I retained the option to say no, in which case he would have to take his hand away and the most likely outcome would have been a ruined orgasm, followed by a spent disobedient boy sticking his ass up in the air for a hard strapping from an angry wife in front of her guests. But I allowed it.

"You may," I said.

He did a final rub and a HUGE eruption of semen (largest I've seen for quite some time) squirted out mainly into the palm of his other hand, but with a lot of scatter and overflowing and spilling down the shaft.

Is this the ultimate humiliation in front of the ladies?

Seeing this, Beverly redid the button on her blouse, still looking confused and maybe a bit peeved?

I decided to come a bit to the rescue. "Wow," I told her, "just the offer of seeing your breasts put him over the edge! Talk about sexy!"

"Thanks," she said, looking relieved and grateful for the way I recovered an otherwise awkward situation. Then she added, "what a mess he made!" referring to all the cum in his hand and the additional cum that had spurted his chest and was running down his cock shaft. It was quite the load!

I then turned to david. "In your mouth, you know the drill. Scoop up every last bit, but don't you dare swallow."

The four of us watched as david put the goopy sperm into his mouth. As I said, it was quite a load and required multiple trips back to his cock, abdomen, and chest to collect up the majority of it into his mouth. Then I even made him suck his fingers as dry as they would get.

I stood back from the bed and said, "over here," pointing at the floor in front of me, "kneel."

When he was in position I said, "Ladies? Come around here where you get a good view." All three of them joined me and we formed a semi-circle around my husband.

"Open wide," I told david, "show us you haven't swallowed it yet."

He opened wide and we could see the copious quantities of cum on his tongue.

I reached for him and put my right hand around his throat. "Swallow it, I want to feel it go down," I said. He closed his mouth and he gulped it all down in three gulps. I could feel his throat move as he did it. "Open," I said, "show us 'all gone'". He opened his mouth again to show us it was "all gone."

Without any delay that would admit an awkward moment, I picked him up by his ear, and started leading him out of the bedroom and down the stairs. He yelped at the ear tug, scrambling hastily to his feet and following me awkwardly down the stairs. The ladies followed. When we were back in the living room I forced him down onto his knees at the spot he was standing earlier. I bent over and looked down. There were still three prominent drops of pre-cum easily seen on the dark hardwood floor. "Lick it up!" I said, pointing to his mess. "I'll tell you when to stop," I added.

He bent over and licked it all up, dirty floor and everything.

When I was satisfied I bent down to grab him by the ear again. I pulled him up and walked him over to the living room corner. I gently but firmly pushed him into the corner, saying, "tits and nose touching the two walls. If you move you get a strapping. You don't come out until I say so." He had lost his panties upstairs, but he still had his bra on.

"Ladies," I addressed my guests, "shall we go onto the patio for a glass of wine?"

They all seemed agreeable. We passed by the kitchen on the way out where we got out the wine glasses and a bottle of cold rosé wine from the fridge.

"Why are we doing the work, why don't we have him serve?" asked Sue.

What a marvelous idea!

[Continued in (the final) Part 8]

Tuesday, July 24

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 6)

[Continued from Part 5]

"It's settled then," I said. And then to david, "pull up your panties to your knees and hold them there. Get up those stairs to our bedroom. You better not let that toy slip out! Time for your marital duties, young lady."

I was pleased and excited that all my guests had accepted my invitation to join david and I in our bedroom to witness my husband being put through "her" paces.

david held up the now folded paper towel he had just used to clean off his disgracefully leaky cock and looked at me questioningly. I indicated he should just put it down on the coffee table. He did so slowly and carefully. I took this opportunity to turn off the vibrations of his butt toy, suspecting this may have had something to do with his leakage. It seemed to be now under better control.

He then bent down gingerly to pull up his panties, which were at his ankles, to around his knees as instructed. He used one hand to hold his panties in place, and the other went behind his butt to shove the toy in deeper and hold it there. I allowed this, as it no doubt would have come shooting out once he started ascending the stairs, and then there would have been a mess on my carpet which might have never come out.

I told him to go first, so we all had the delightful view of his hunched-over progress up the stairs, bare beaten buns wiggling, while shoving his own (pretty big) toy up his ass. Ha ha!

We all piled into the bedroom (which was a bit of a tight fit with all five of us there), and the ladies took their places. I had david kneel. I opened the bedside drawer (lots of toys there!) and took out my strap-on harness and a pair of medium-sized dildos. I mercifully left Adam in the drawer. I tossed one of the dildos on the bed, and inserted the other one into the strap-on harness. I handed the harness to david. I quickly took off my shorts, leaving me in panties and blouse, and had david put my strap-on dildo on me.

"Oh," observed Beverly, "you make him put it on you. That's good. It's submissive somehow, especially knowing what's coming..." I agreed with Beverly on the sentiment.

I could see during this procedure that he kept reaching behind. I surmised that his plug might be falling out, which is a good sign that means his ass has been appropriately stretched. I asked if the plug was falling out and he confirmed it. I remembered that I had a roll of duct tape in the bedroom drawer, so I made him stand and then bend over with his elbows on the bed. I got the duct tape and some scissors.

"This should keep it in for the time being," I said as I unrolled some tape. Sue offered to help and held the tape as I cut off a piece about 6" long. I pushed the tape against the plug and then spread his cheeks and taped it horizontally following the contours into his ass crease and just around to the inner curve of his ass. Then we got another one, maybe twice as long, and I added another horizontal strip covering the first across his ass cheeks but this time pulling the cheeks together. Then I pulled up his panties up for even greater security. He could keep them on for this next part.

"That should hold it in," said Joyce. Joyce tossed out these little comments like that from time to time, which was nice.

With my strap-on around my hips I went to the side of the bed, sat there, spread my legs, and invited david to get down between them and to give me head. "Do a good job, now honey," I said. "Show our guests how enthousiastic you can be."

Well david got busy like a real trooper. He immediately dove full bore right down the shaft!

I had to admonish him to slow down, to kiss the tip and to lick the shaft first. He started doing it right and began teasing my dick like a pro.

Don't think the ladies were silent during this! He received all manner of encouragement and praise. It was probably the most we heard from the ladies the whole time. They loved watching him do this. I guess what Feminist worth her salt doesn't like watching a straight cisgendered male having to give deep head to his head-of-household wife's strap-on? I mean really?

Before long he progressed to bobbing his mouth up and down my dick, pursing his lips properly into a big round "O". He got a few "work it, baby!" type comments.

The thing about dick-sucking a strap-on is that us women do have good sensations as the base pushes into our pelvises right near our clits. And you get many different kinds of sensations depending on which way things are moving and how much pressure is applied. So some, at least, of the pleasure in my face and the grinding of my hips was physical.

When I tired of being passive, I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him deep around me, making him gag. This resulted in another flurry of comments and advice on how he should relax his throat and so on.

I sensed that Beverly was anxious to get in on the action, so I suggested she could hold his head and push it deep onto my dick. She sat on the bed next to me and put her hand there and was really quite strict with Daniella's deep throating, making his head bob deep down on my dick, and making her do it over and over again despite all the gagging!

Joyce admonished Beverly to "take it easy!" Ha ha!

I told Beverly to hold Daniella's head back and still. She went to stand behind him, straddling his kneeling legs, and put both hands against the back of my husband's head, bracing them against her own body. I kind of hipped-up on the bed with my hands to reach his mouth and started thrusting in over and over again with my raised hips as Beverly held him steady in place. There was a nice "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" sound as I skull-fucked my husband.

I ended it there. david was out of breath, the saliva was drooling out of his mouth, and he had snot coming out of his nose. I got a paper towel and cleaned him up a bit. I told him to blow as I held the towel at his nose. Very motherly! As I did this I asked my audience what they thought of her cock sucking skills? There were generally positive reviews, but Sue (a bit of a "past expert" herself, but that's another story) suggested her deep throating skills needed work, to which there was general agreement. Beverly said how she loved all the slobber coming out of his mouth as he was doing it.

I had david stand, and in full view of the ladies I stripped off his panties revealing another big erection. My little lady seems to have enjoyed her cock-sucking adventure. I thought I would point it out in case any of the ladies missed it. I tickled the underside of his cocktip with my finger as I said, "someone seems to have gotten turned on sucking cock..."

"Ready to be fucked now, baby?" I asked him.

"yes, sir," he said in a high-pitched quiet voice, but honestly looking more anxious than eager. How delightfully submissive!

I next told david to get on his knees and elbows on the bed. I put a bolster under his hips. With one big pull I ripped all the tape off. david yelped and Beverly exclaimed that he had just experienced a waxing, yet another element of being a woman in a patriarchal society (I don't know, lesbian girls like it waxed too, no?). I picked up yet another paper towel and carefully pulled the vibrator out of his ass and into it, wrapping it up quickly and setting it aside.

I then got behind my husband, spread his cheeks with my hands, and with one knee down and one knee up I poised the tip of my dildo at the entrance to his "pussy".

"Come around and see," I told my guests. They came to either side of the bed, and Beverly sat on the side of the bed and leaned in to watch the insertion from behind up close.

"Look how loose she is," I said, as I played the tip around his anal entrance and bumped and withdrew against it. The vibrator had done its job and his asshole was quite distended, a proper hole maybe a quarter inch in diameter as opposed to a pucker. Hearing this Sue also popped around and put her head in there to have a quick look before going back to her spot.

I felt like a stripper on a stage must feel. All eyes on me as I lined it up and then pushed it home. Poor Daniella. Is there anything more embarrassing than for a "man" to be penetrated like a lady by his wife in front of three woman witnesses?

There was the other dildo that I had earlier tossed on the bed. I suggested to Beverly that she get it and hold it in her hand to use on Daniella's mouth as I fucked her pussy. This she did and pretty soon david had it coming in from both ends. True to form, and with the dildo now in her own hand, Beverly was very strict with it, and the gagging was frequent. "Now you know what it's like," she told him at one point, but not unkindly. Methinks Beverly had some mild "issues" she needed to work out!

Each time he gagged he had to violently pull out, but the second the reflex subsided he dove right back onto Beverly's hand held cock, a level of obedience that Beverly commented on: that his enthousiasm for dick had not gone unnoticed.

"Suck it in rhythm with your fucking," suggested Joyce to david. What a great idea! I offered various rhythms and david's mouth tried to copy them all. I lingered at his hole and he lingered at the tip of Beverly's cock. I then drove it slowly all the way to the hilt and he did the same with the dildo, managing to gag himself in the process. Then I did some medium depth strokes in and out at a certain tempo and david matched that. He said afterwards that he really had to concentrate on the sensations of his fucking in order to match it with his mouth, so that was a win. As well, in order to make this work, he had to grab onto Beverly's hand and steady it, so he was sort of holding hands with her as he was put through this, which was fun. He told me after he felt very submissive towards Beverly because of the hand-holding and the fact she was holding the cock, and to Joyce for having suggested this added humiliation in the first place.

I had Beverly remove her dildo from his mouth and then I flattened him down on the bed, pushing on the back of his head with my hand to push his face into the mattress. I told him that I'm going to cum into "her" now. As we moved into place, I slipped out once and had to reinsert, but I got into position with david flat on his tummy over the bolster. I started thrusting pretty violently with my hips as I lay on top of him, bouncing him on the bed.

He took the first minute pretty well, but going into minute two or thereabouts he started in with the "no, no, ow, ow ow, no, please, no, ow ow." As he complained like this he gripped the sheets with powerless little fists and pummeled them into the bed while kicking his feet like an Olympic swimmer, and alternatively putting his head up to see the ladies watching him, and then burying it into the bed in shame. What a ham! Because of this shameful behaviour, I extended his fucking time and gave our guests a real demonstration of a submissive husband receiving hard and sustained anal intercourse from his dominant wife. The ladies, though, were utterly unmoved by his plight, and looked on with amused expressions at his ridiculous carrying on as his rectum received a good jack-hammering. Welcome to being a woman!

Midway through Joyce asked, "doesn't 'no' mean 'no' in her case?" The way she asked it was not serious though, rather it was inviting the response I gave: "Not for this little slut," I said, "my little wife takes whatever the man of the house gives her." Everybody there understood, david included, that we were parodying the worst of male behaviour and attitude, and giving david a real taste of deep Feminist empathy training so that he would never think such a thing about a real wife! Of course, we all knew he had his safeword which tellingly he did not choose to use. He absorbed the full measure of his "lesson" despite his carrying on.

I reached around and fondled his "breasts" through his bra. They feel pretty real! I then simulated a full blown orgasm inside of "her", including convulsions and manly grunting. I then just lay on top of her for a bit, feigning a post-orgasmic stupor. After this "manly performance" I got a round of applause from Sue, Joyce, and Beverly (or maybe it was Daniella who received it?)

I carefully pulled out, wrapping the cock in paper towels as it emerged. "david," I said, restoring his male name, his fucking over, "don't move, but reach behind and hold your cheeks apart. Hold them nice and wide until I can clean you up."

I quickly slipped my strap-on off and put my shorts back on. Poor david had to lie there on his belly, ass slightly raised, holding his cheeks wide apart so that everybody could see his dirty, gaping fuck hole. I could see Beverly licking her lips, wanting a go at that ass with a strap-on of her own, but I thought that in the interests of relationship harmony with Joyce that I ought not to offer.

I had some baby wipes at the ready, and used them to clean the goopy (and a bit shitty) lube from his ass crack and hole. "You don't make an omelette without cracking some eggs", I commented as I did this.

"david," I said when I was done, "turn over and show the ladies your penis now."

david turned over, moving the bolster away, and lay there rigidly, his hands at his sides. His penis was quite limp, as I knew it would be. I thought I would comment on that. "For some reason his penis always becomes limp during hard anal." I used my finger to flip it around a bit and flick at it. "Poor little thing," I said.

"Should we let it cum?" I asked the ladies, petting his flaccid penis gently with my hand.

[Continued in Part 7]

Sunday, July 22

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians (part 5)

[Continued from Part 4]

"Go up to your room, clean yourself up, and get that stinky sweat off you. Then put on your obedience costume and come back down here and wait for me to deal with you."

"yes ma'am," he said dejectedly and went up to do as he was told.

With david gone upstairs it gave me an opportunity to sit down with my guests and discuss what had just happened. They both commented how intense it was, and thanked me for allowing them to see our intimacy. I asked them what they thought now about it being play versus real. One of them said that she understood how the play, based on real situations and roles, can become real, and therefore is indistinguishable from real.  This is a thought I have often had as well. They also mentioned how they could see that the after effects of a session like this could influence and alter a relationship dynamic.

I then went on to explain what they were about to see, and give them a chance to tap out. This part is sort of a bit made up, but I figure I had enough of their trust at this point that I could stretch things a little. I explained that when he puts up a bit of a fuss during a scene, disobeying me and such, it's called "bratting". And in his case it's a sign that he needs what we call "obedience training" as a relationship reset. It's not as formalized or thought-through as I made out to them, but there is an element of truth in what I said.

I told them that he would be coming down in a partially feminized state, and that I would have sex with him, flipping roles using a strap-on. I would stay dressed, I added. I said that this is really where some of my own personal Feminist theories come into it, and we could discuss it as we went. I asked if they were still game to witness that, and they indicated that they were. I wanted to be fair to them and give them their own escape hatch, but I was glad that they remained fascinated witnesses.

After a bit more chatting about our history and relationship, david came back down the stairs. I had pre-arranged with him that if it got this far his "obedience costume" would be his bra and panties. While he was up there, he had also given himself a "whore's bath" (washcloth with soap then rinse at the sink, all over), and he had refreshed his deodorant, using mine instead of his, which gave him a mildly feminine scent.

When he descended he was indeed dressed in his bra and panties as instructed, and again stood just outside the living room with his head bowed and his body turned away from us. It was his pink bra with inserts and polka dot panties.

All eyes were on him as he stood there.

"Oh my," said Joyce.

"Come in david, don't be bashful, show us what you have on," I said.

He walked in with a blush on his face and his hands in front of his crotch again. He looked clean and smelled a bit like a girl, though nobody said anything about that if they noticed.

Beverly got right into the spirit of it. Just as I was about to suggest something along the same lines she said, "do a spin for us" as she twirled her finger in the air. david reluctantly did a full turn. She was not satisfied, "add a bit more hips into it, work it," she said. david did another turn, adding a bit more hip sway this time, but still looking extremely awkward. I know that david absolutely HATES being made to do things like this. It is not the "good" kind of humiliation for him. He genuinely feels clumsy and unattractive and feels an unpleasant, non-titillating kind of humiliation. Too bad. So sad. Sometimes he just is not in control, I guess.

The girl was relentless though, she was not done with him yet! "Do a little walk and turn, like a runway model. Strut a little," she said. david knows how to do this (sort of!) and started walking with one foot crossing over the other to get a hip sway going, and then a clumsy attempt at a semi-dramatic turn at the end, and the reverse strut home. "He knows how to do it!" exclaimed Joyce amusedly, seemingly surprised.

During this show, his hands left his crotch and there was the definite outline of a strong upwards-pointing erection half-flattened against his abdomen and in danger of "breaching" the waistband of his panty. When he stopped I had him stand there and face his guests. His hands had migrated back to his crotch and I gently slapped them away saying, "hands at your sides, don't play with yourself," in a soft voice meant for him, but so as everybody could hear as well. He moved his hands and his excitement was apparent.

I addressed my guests and told them that despite appearances (his obvious erection I was referring to, they caught my meaning as I gestured towards it), he does not have a fetish for wearing women's clothes. Rather he has a strong humiliation fetish. I said I called him "my little shame slut." I also said he fetishizes being made to be a traditional woman, in her traditional role, with the outfits, the traditional obedient wife spankings, and receiving sex as if he were a woman. Oh gosh but wasn't david blushing and fidgeting there the whole time, studying his toes very diligently.

"david," I asked, "what is your female name?" He doesn't really have a female name, but I thought he should give himself one now.

"Daniella?" he said, tentatively.

"In your girl's voice, please," I said, "and how do you address me?"

"Daniella, Sir," he repeated, an octave higher.

"I don't want to be hearing your man's voice at all during obedience training, is that clear, Daniella?"

"yes, Sir," he said, in his high-pitched girlish voice.

"She's very obedient now," said Joyce with a laugh in her voice, and now using the correct feminine pronoun to refer to my husband. I think they are attuned to using the correct pronouns in her line of work! It also seemed Joyce was loosening up.

"We'll see about that," I said, and ordered "Daniella" over to the coffee table and positioned him so that his back was facing Joyce and Beverly. I then told him to bend at the waist and to put his elbows down on the coffee table. His pantied behind was directly facing our guests, the evidence of his recent spanking visible beneath the lace at the leggings.

I walked over to the drawer (david could see me), and pulled out a pair of latex gloves, a bum toy, some paper towels, and some lube. I put the toy down on the coffee table right in front of david, where he could see it.

"ohhh nooo" he vocalized. He knew what was coming. I pulled on the latex gloves, and then I pulled his panties down. I lubed his bottom hole and stuck first one and then two fingers into him, twirling them around in there. He moaned as I did this.

"Don't be embarrassed, sweety," I said sarcastically, "it's just like at the Doctor's office. You have a woman Doctor, don't you? And it's only women here."

"Yes Sir," he said, in his high-pitched voice.

As I massaged his prostate gland with two gloved fingers buried to the hilt up his ass, I explained to the ladies, "Embarrassment is a big part of her obedience training," I said. I pulled out and picked up the vibrator, and inserted it into him. It was a bit resistant at the tip, but with some constant pressure his bum hole eventually sucked it in as he let out a little yelp. Joyce and Beverly had an unobstructed view of the insertion, Sue had a frontal view of his head and grimacing face. I saw them locking eyes. As it went in I said that due to the circumstances, we press Daniella's one hole into service as her vagina, and they should consider that I am actually plugging her vagina right now.

I pulled my gloves off and folded them into the paper towels. Sue jumped up and took it all away to throw out. I bent down and pulled his panties back up his butt, snugging them in to ensure the plug stayed in tight while he moved. I had him stand, which he did slowly, clenching his cheeks and grimacing as the toy worked itself in deeper. I took him over to face a living room wall and made him cross his arms behind his back, hands grasping opposite elbows (as close as they could). I then pulled his panties down and said, "we'll leave your panties at your ankles so everybody can see your embarrassing plugged vagina, Daniella." I then pushed a button on his plug to start it's vibrations. He jumped when it came on full force, buzzing away in his anal cavity and up against his prostate. I left "her" there and went back to sit with my guests.

My intent with the vibrations was not to "milk" his prostate at all, but rather to loosen his butthole to make his later fucking easier to take. But as you will read below, I almost made a bad mistake!

I then started explaining my "theories" in more depth. I told them that men have been conditioned since birth with a certain distorted view of how men and women should behave towards one another. TV shows, movies, magazines, novels, comics, certain "role models". I told them you could either fight to reverse that conditioning, or use the conditioning to your advantage, which is what we have done. We use the male's sexual fetish cravings, and the power of my femininity, to convince him into taking on all the trappings of the traditional patriarchal-defined female role, and to defer to me as the patriarchal male. This "gender bending" somehow acts to re-program both the male and the female brains into better balance.

All the time I was explaining these views, there was david, panties at his ankles, with a bra on his chest, showing off a very red spanked bum, and with a plug up his butt! He couldn't help but wriggle and writhe in an embarrassing sort of way. I did not fully realize why until later. Bare spanked buns clenching and unclenching and moving about are funny. I noticed all three ladies glancing over towards david from time to time, and sometimes just plain staring at his obscenely wriggling bare, spanked, and plugged ass.

After I expounded my homemade theories, I'm not sure if they were milking it or not, but they start trotting out related concepts from Feminist and Gender Studies theories and begin to compare and contrast. I wish I could remember all that was said. One thing I do remember that stuck is them talking abut a concept called "Big Dick Energy" and about the idea of females possessing it. Shows the limits of my education I guess!

After our discussion I walk over to david, and you can't imagine what I see! All this Feminism talk has apparently turned him on, and his dick is as big and the head is as engorged as I've ever seen it. Moreover, he is actually leaking out of his tip. Now I have heard about it, but I have never seen it from david before! Not spontaneously like this. This is a first. He is not a spontaneous leaker at all, but today he is. (In retrospect, the prostate massager may have had a big part in it!). There is a sticky strand hanging down an inch or more from his cocktip, and several clear white-tinged drops already on the dark wood floor.

Afterwards, poor david told me what he had gone through. Standing facing the wall, he was already very ashamed, erect, and excited at his treatment. As the plug vibrated in his butt, he felt he had to clench his cheeks hard in order to keep it from popping out onto that carpet behind him. Of course, after a time his muscles could not keep it up and unclenched, but then the plug again risked popping out so he had to re-clench. Over and over again, almost fucking his own ass with his pelvic muscles. His hands were laced at the elbows behind his back and he did not dare move them. As all this was going on, he was also listening to us talk about him and his situation as if he were not there. This mentally turned him on terrifically. As well, the plug was vibrating hard right up against his prostate. So it was the "perfect storm" for leakage, and his penis began its slow leak.

He knew it was doing it, but he was powerless to stop it. He had had a similar (very embarrassing) experience once after a (legit) massage, where he had briefly touched himself and then the pre-cum had started flowing in a way he could not make stop (posted here). This time he did not dare unclench his arms from behind his back to attempt to control it by clamping it, also because he knew from that previous experience that it would only make things worse. He was contemplating calling me over for help, but was legitimately too ashamed to do so. So it just gently leaked as he stood there squirming and terrified at his eventual exposure.

When I saw it, I had to make a quick decision about whether to deal with it discretely, or to make a big deal of it in front of the women. Of course I made a big deal about his leaking penis in front of the women!

 "Oh my gosh! Daniella! Bad girl!"  I get a paper towel and hold it underneath without touching. I make him turn around and face the women, arms still clasped behind his back, panties at his ankles and bra with C-cup level inserts on his chest, still trying hard to keep that plug in with just his pelvic muscles.

"Just look at her leaky little clitty!" I say.

"Oh My God!" said Sue. "Bad Girl!"

Beverly and Joyce said something along the lines of "Oh No!" and sort of laughed at the sight. It was funny. He was soooo embarrassed standing there like that, erect leaky penis on full display with his arms clasped behind him, and it was comically obvious how embarrassed he was. He needed to continue with the clenching as the last thing he needed was for the toy to pop out his backside as well, with the potential mess along with it, so he continued his clenching and unclenching routine in front of us, which made his penis bounce and gently pulse out the pre-cum.

"It's a good thing it dripped on my wood floors instead of my carpet," I scolded him. "After we're done you'll clean that mess up on your hands and knees," I said. I then carefully wiped away the leaking strand from his cocktip, barely touching him, well aware that I could be dealing with a "hair trigger".

This treatment and "scolding" did nothing whatsoever to abate his erection, and the vibrating plug continued to work its magic against his prostate gland, so right there, as we all stared at it, another drop of fluid formed at his tip and began elongating into a strand. He told me later that he had never experienced this before, and he was very afraid he would cum right then and there, without even his cock being touched.

I addressed the women, "so you can clearly see the level of sexual excitement associated with his forced feminization and his humiliation." As I said this I collected the lengthening strand and dabbed again gently at his cocktip. "But this doesn't change the equation," I went on, "the re-programming is every bit as effective, if not more so, when she is in this state of arousal." I watched another drip form and collected it.

I went on, "milking it" (ha ha). "In some female led relationships the wives will put their husbands into a cock cage. It's a locking device that prevents an erection from occurring. Useful if the wife needs to rein in her husband's masturbatory habit, or for a cheater. Complete orgasm control. A form of mini-castration if you will. Taking away his little toy from him that he values so so much."

"But you don't use it?" asked Joyce.

"No," I said as I absent-mindedly wiped away another forming droplet, "I let her play with her little clitty. In fact we have a bit of a game. If I catch her in front of her computer, stroking her clitty, she gets a spanking. She's allowed to do it, but if I catch her, she has to go across my knee for a spanking, or bend over for a belt licking. I find that more fun."

I had to dab once again at his penis to prevent a carpet spill. I then handed him the paper towel and told him to clean his penis up. The whole tip had become a bit slick and glistened as it throbbed deep red and fully engorged in front of our very eyes. He must have been soooo close! How humiliating had he spontaneously exploded right out onto my carpet. Oh the strapping he would have received!  Based on his previous experience, he dabbed delicately at himself and minimized the contact. Having something to concentrate on must have abated the excitement, because while he remained erect, he did manage to control the pre-cum.

So far everything was going very well. The women were all interested and clearly very amused at his ridiculous level of arousal. No negative vibes at all. I thought I would move things along while giving them one more potential "out".

"I'm going to take her upstairs to the bedroom now, for the next part of her training. I'll put on my strap-on dildo, she'll show us her cock-sucking skills, and then she'll bend over to receive intercourse from me like an obedient little wife. You're all very welcome to watch. Part of the full demonstration. It will do her good to show off her obedience that way."

I was worried they might not want to watch this, as it was of a more sexual nature. However, my fears were utterly unfounded.

"Of course we want to see that," said Beverly.

"That's the main event, isn't it?" added Joyce.

"I always enjoy seeing her take it," said Sue.


"It's settled then," I said. And then to david, "pull up your panties to your knees and hold them there. Get up those stairs to our bedroom. You better not let that toy slip out! Time for your marital duties, young lady."

[Continued in Part 6]

Saturday, July 21

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians! (part 4)

[Continued from Part 3]

"Ladies? Do you mind?" I asked again, regarding pulling down his underpants to bare his bottom for the remainder of his spanking.

"Not at all" and "go ahead" they said, and Sue added, "for lying to you? Should have been bare from the start" (Ooooh!). Neither of our new guests seemed in the least perturbed at the thought of my husband's bare buns (and whatever else) on show. I found this nonchalance interesting in light of david's vociferous begging me not to and attempting to stay the lowering with his own hand. He was acting extremely reluctant to have this indignity visited upon him in the presence of these ladies. Did they think it was just an act on his part? Did they think he was genuinely reluctant at this point, but was truly subject to wifely authority? Did they genuinely think it was against his will, and just didn't care? I never asked.

So I yanked his underpants down. My right hand made a fist with my fingers tucked under the waistband right at the center low back, grabbing the material. I pulled them hard down.

His buns became exposed, the material straining down, but as usual, his undies got hung up on his crotch and between my lap and his abdomen. I just yanked harder in a jerking motion, and david said "ow ow" as he lifted himself with alacrity to allow his underpants free passage over his private parts. I took them down and left them there.

There he was, bare bottomed, draped across my lap in full view of my sister and these two strangers. His bottom was already getting a bit rosy from my hand spanks over his underpants alone, so not only was he bare, but he was already showing unmistakable evidence of his wifely spanking as well.

I release his arm and then line up again for the hand spanking. As I do this I look over to the ladies with what I hope is a superior looking smile on my face. I see excitement and anticipation in their eyes. They are actually liking this, these cruel pervs!

I gave him another full, slow, hard, measured dose of 20, this time on his bare fanny. I'd say a good five or more seconds between each very hard hand smack. I grunted like a tennis player getting maximum possible power into each and every stroke. david yelped loudly on each smack. As I said, my hand spanking is no joke!

"There we go," I said as I finished up the hand spanking. "What do you think?" I asked the ladies.

"Oh my gosh! His bum is so red!" exclaimed Beverly, the younger one. It was. It had attained a nice deep red.

"Wait until you see it after the hairbrush," I said, to which david responded with a weak "nooo" from the carpet.

I addressed my guests, "there's something I often do when I want to make sure he stays in position and obeys me during a harder spanking. It's a little rude. Is it ok? I hope it won't offend you?"

"However you normally do it," said Joyce, "pretend we're not even here."

I moved him and me around a bit to position him over only my left knee. I pulled his underpants down his legs to his ankles and removed them completely. I told him to spread his legs.

"No. Not that. Please!" begged david, knowing what was coming, but obeying me nonetheless and spreading his legs wide.

I reached under and grabbed a fistful of penis and testicles and pulled up brutally between his legs, my nails deliberately digging into his ball sac as I did so. david cried out in distress and raised his body to try to lessen the tension on his junk. I held it high and told him to close his legs tightly. He looked like he was dangling from his stretched out junk (in fact he was on his tiptoes and fingertips and pushed up hard). He closed his legs and he wound up with his penis and testicles hanging behind and between his legs, completely on display.

No reason for modesty at this point! Despite his rough spanking so far, his penis was terribly erect. If the ladies were surprised and shocked at this, they certainly did not show it. They acted as if they saw a guy having his erect junk put on display every day of the week!

"I apologize for his erection, ladies," I said. "It won't last long once I start in with my hairbrush, I can assure you."

I picked up the hairbrush and I started rubbing the hard wooden back across his exposed balls.

"Having his testicles out back here makes him feel very vulnerable. One little smack here, eh david, and you mind me, don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!" he said. "Please don't! Please!"

"Well, behave yourself and I won't have to," I said. And then turning to my guests, "ladies, I need to warn you, it's going to get intense now."

"We're ready!" said Beverly.

I then started spanking him. I gave him another 25 or so, but this time extremely quickly and they were all very very strong, as hard as I could give it. These spanks got him into a continuous stream of screams and frantic motion across my knee. I could barely hold onto him, but managed to thanks to the leg clamping. This marked up his ass, leaving those telltale "white centers" in the midst of his crimson buns.

I stopped but david barely noticed it, he kept wriggling and screaming, eventually settling down into what sounded like sobs.

"Oh my gosh!" said Joyce, "that's quite the spanking!"

"Well, that's just it," I said. "It's intended to be a punishment, and for a man who 'enjoys' spanking, and who is used to being spanked, you need to take it up a notch. Not for newbies."

"And look," I continued, using the hairbrush to lift his now floppy penis, "you can see that the intensity of it very quickly drove all the arousal out of him."

I had to speak over david's continued mewling into the carpet, and when I lifted his penis and said that last he mixed in an "Oh God," in there.

"Would either of you like to try?" I asked in a pleasant voice, offering the hairbrush to them. My demeanour was deliberately in stark contrast to the absolutely brutal hairbrushing he just received. Likely the hardest of his life.

"I don't know, I would!" volunteered the voluptuous blonde, Beverly. I remembered exactly how she said it because I thought it an odd way of putting it. She seemed utterly oblivious and unmoved by the intense pain I had just put my husband through. The brutality of it did not seem to phase this one in the least. It was almost as if I was spanking an inanimate object. She exhibited absolutely zero compassion for him, which was unexpected. Joyce was the one who looked a bit more dubious.

Beverly came over and I handed her the hairbrush, keeping david pinned where he was. "We'll switch places in a minute," I said, "just start off by getting the hang of the hairbrush as I hold him here."

She bent over and smacked his ass a bit. I told her to go harder than that. She did another. Harder, I said, and she did another that got a yelp. I told her that was good, keep going. She peppered a few all over his cheeks. She seemed to be taking pains to stay well clear of his testicles, which resulted in the strikes going a bit high and to the sides (though still on ass flesh). I pointed out the spank spot areas and encouraged her to give those a bunch of whacks.

"Now give him six really hard ones, all down low there and all to one side," I said. She came through with a hard vast volley that renewed david's screaming and wriggling. "Now six to the other side, one after another." She did the same to the other side, to the same effect.

"Fun!" she said (!), "do you want to try?" she asked trying to hand the hairbrush to her partner Joyce. Joyce waved her off and said, "that's ok."

I told her she should take him across her knee, and she was keen. I made david get up. He did so and his penis and testicles returned to their normal spot as he raised himself painfully up off my lap.

"You're a sweaty mess," I told him. He was. I went into the adjoining kitchen to get a dish towel. As I did so, I left him standing there fully nude, facing his audience. I noticed his hands rubbing at his backside to try to soothe the fire I had lit. This left his genitals fully displayed to our lady guests.

I returned and I toweled him off a bit. "Are those tears, baby?" I asked him, dabbing beneath his eyes. I wasn't sure if they were sweat or tears.

Beverly sat down and I put the dish towel across her lap, thinking it would not do to get her black skirt stained with david's sweat (or worse!). He went across Beverly's lap looking extremely sheepish. I repeated the procedure with his penis and testicles, lifting them high between and behind his legs as he squawked, and making him clamp his thighs together to keep them there. Nails digging into balls is very painful, and he reacted accordingly. I thought it would be fun for him to be so completely exposed like this over a strange young woman's lap. I also knew there was genuine fear in his heart (confirmed afterwards) that she might be wild and accidentally strike his balls. In fact, there is more room there than he thinks (see the photo above), and I was not concerned

"Go on, give him a good spanking," I said. She started in a bit tentatively and I had her increase the strength of the blows, giving her some tips on flicking her wrist and listening for the sharp SMACK sound. The first time she got that sound she also got the sound of david yelping, so that worked out well.

"Oh yeah, that had an effect," she said, referring to david's short yell. Oh, she was aware of his existence! She went after that again and pretty soon got a continuous stream of vocalizations from him.

"Try down here," I said, pulling the skin of his cheek outwards and downwards and indicating the inner lower cleft. Of course, his anus became fully spread open and exposed, and I was directing her to spank quite near it. "I'll keep it tight like this and you give him five good smacks there, one after the other." She did that, and got some great vocalizations out of david, not even commenting on his spread anus. I pulled wider and directed her to spank into his inner cleft, nearest his anus. She smacked where indicated and got a good reaction from my husband.

"oh, that's sensitive I guess," she said, referring to the brown puckered skin nearest his anal opening. There she is, paying attention again!

"It very much is, especially when you stretch out the skin like this. Here, try the other side." I did the same on the other side. tugging the skin out from center and downwards to tighten it. Beverly angled the brush the other way and did another good volley of smacks there with the desired result, including some close into his cleft onto his anal ring.

"Finish him up now, nice and hard, anywhere you want," I said.

She started in smacking him. Decently hard but not brutally so, and all over his ass, including quite high and quite far around to the sides, which david does not usually get from me, but I still thought it was safe as she seemed well controlled. She used her free hand to pull his cheeks apart and tighten them as I had done. She deliberately targeted the sides of his cleft as close to his anus as she could get. It is quite the bulls-eye and I had shown her the way. But what must david have been thinking, a strange woman he had only just met spreading his cheeks for an inner-cleft hairbrush spanking! She also very spontaneously smacked up and down his thighs, which I had not taught her but encouraged. The proximity to his testicles was amusingly close, but she never endangered them.

I pulled on david's penis a bit to expose it more. It was again really quite erect despite his rather hard spanking from Beverly, but I guess novelty and the spreading of his cheeks with the targeting of his anal ring by his pretty young blonde disciplinarian-in-training won out over fanny pain in this case. "I think my boy's having unauthorized naughty thoughts again," I said. "One right here to end up, to teach him a lesson," I said, pointing to the underside of the tip of his penis. She giggled and lay the wood across it as I pulled his testicles away from the tip and shaft to give her a clearer field. "One good one," I said, "you won't injure it."

"Really?" she asked.

"Really," I said.

She tapped the back of the brush a few times on the undertip of his penis, lifted it up about a foot, and brought it down with a snap.

Oh boy! david REACTED!

"ARGGGGGGGG!" he yelled.

"There! That's a well-smacked cock and bottom isn't it?" I said, indicating for her to stop and patting and rubbing david's poor sore red bottom across Beverly's knee.

I had david stand. He was sweaty again, and there were actual tears in his eyes. Awwww! So sweet! The pain plus the emotional context just overwhelmed him and we got real, honest to goodness tears this time, for sure.

"Look at the tears," I told Sue, Joyce, and Beverly. I made david turn to face them so they could see the tears rolling down from his eyes and his snuffly nose.

"Ohhh, real tears," said Joyce in a kind of voice of wonder.

"Don't you have that mug?" asked Sue.

"Yes, I should have brought it," said Joyce, "my 'Male Tears' mug. I could have filled it up with real male tears!"

We all laughed at that one (but not poor david).

I had intended to finish off by spanking him myself, but thought I would give him an "out".

"So david, do you think you've been sufficiently well punished now?" I asked, genuinely.

He was kneeling down at our feet, rubbing his poor sore bottom, his floppy penis fully on display, his eyes still wet with tears.

"For the... parking tickets... yes. But... not for lying to you like that, Ma'am..."

Oh! That is so sweet. I could only smile at him. He was showing some true and genuine submission now, and that was clear to everybody.

"Ok then, baby, get back across my knee," I said. I exchanged places with Beverly and sat back down, taking the hairbrush from her. david submissively draped himself across my knee. I had genuinely and legitimately given him the "out", and he knew that, but chose to further demonstrate his submission to me in front of these ladies. I thought it was sweet, and for that I owed him a barn burner for his final spanking. I did not want to minimize his submission by going easy on him. The depth of what he just did needed to be put on full display.

I gave him another 25 or so of the hardest and fastest hairbrush spanks I have ever given him, outdoing even my previous attack. Throughout he kicked his legs in midair and he yelled out at the pain.

Near the end he had almost gotten away off my lap, falling sideways with his frantic movement and it was all I could do to barely hold onto him. I don't blame him for that. I can well imagine that it's quite involuntary when there is that level of pain packed into such a small time window - no chance to breathe or recover at all.

He got off my knee and rolled onto the ground, clutching at his butt in pain in a sort of fetal position.

"Ok, sweetie, kneel here," I told him. He worked himself up and he knelt in front of me, still clutching his ass cheeks and rubbing the sting out. "I'm glad you accepted your punishment, but there were just too many instances of disobedience, weren't there?"

"yes ma'am," he resignedly accepted it.

"And you know what that means, don't you?" I asked rhetorically, "A little obedience training?"

"Oh no please," he said, "can't we do it after they leave? please?"

"They? Who are 'they'? Do you mean Miss Sue, Miss Joyce, and Miss Beverly? No. They're welcome to watch, it's why they're here," I said simply.

"Oh please no, please!" he begged.

"You do realize the irony of you being disobedient while begging to get off your obedience training?" I asked (being very clever, I thought!)

"yes ma'am," he said resignedly.

"Go up to your room, clean yourself up, and get that stinky sweat off you. Then put on your obedience costume, and come back down here and wait for me to deal with you."

"yes ma'am," he said dejectedly and went up to do as he was told.

[Continued in Part 5]

Thursday, July 19

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians! (part 3)

[Continued from Part 2]

After that epic scolding and his "sentencing" to a spanking across my knee, david scooted shamefacedly (and red faced from his slapping!) upstairs to undress while the ladies and I debriefed a bit.

Before very long he came back down but did not enter the living room. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was bare except for his underpants. He was wearing his tighty whiteys, of course.

How foolish he looked! He sort of faced the wall just outside the living room, head lowered submissively, hunched over with his hands in front of his crotch, waiting for my instruction to enter. I am sure he needed to work up a bit of courage before walking right into the living room where we were all seated!

I ignored him for a while and carried on a conversation with my guests, speaking about him as if he were not right there hearing us.

I think it was Beverly who asked if the grounding punishment was part of his kink as well. I told her it wasn't, but that being treated like a child and dominated by a maternal figure certainly was, and a good "grounding" was a good way to elicit that feel.

They asked if the grounding was for real?

Absolutely! I answered. If we don't go through with the punishments, the dynamic wouldn't be as strong during the next scene (I'm sure david groaned at that - usually I am not serious about these sorts of more extended punishments - would I be this time?).

I imagined it would be deliciously humiliating for him to be talked about in these terms as if he was not even there. Especially so knowing that he would momentarily be called into the living room to stand there in front of these smirking and superior ladies in nothing but his childish underpants.

And on top of this knowing that his next destination would be across his strict wife's knee for a stark demonstration of female authority forcibly visited across his backside, witnessed by all. Is this not a nightmare come true?

I then "noticed" david there. I called him in and placed him straight in the center of the living room and had him stand there as I moved his spanking chair into place. I allowed him to stay hunched over with his hands in front of his underpants, attempting to hide his erection. (Soon enough. I thought to myself, soon enough).

I asked david if he was ashamed of himself for having to go across my knee in just his underpants for a spanking in front of our guests? He groaned that he was.

The ladies could barely conceal wide grins, though they were trying to, to keep it "serious" I guess. I saw Joyce bring her hand to her mouth as the corners of her mouth turned up.

I walked over to the drawer in the living room, opened it, and pulled out the large wooden hairbrush as david watched my every move.

"Ohhh no... please!" he begged as he saw me pull out the hairbrush. It was my heavy wooden paddle-shaped hairbrush that can really blister a boy's bum.

The actual implement itself.

I sat on the chair and put the hairbrush down on the floor to my right. "Across my knee," I said to david. He took mincing steps over, still looking highly embarrassed. He took a quick and furtive look around the room, confirming that indeed his "worst nightmare" was being played out: he was the center of attention and he was about to be spanked like a child across his wife's knee while three other women looked on.

He draped himself over my lap, moving his hands from his crotch to the carpet in front of him as he did so. I could feel his hard erection poking into my thighs. His head was down almost touching the carpet. His toes touched the floor lightly on the other side, pigeon-toed in a bit.

I decided I would start with my hand. Over the years I have developed quite a devastating hand attack. I hold my hand rigid and almost flat (a very slight cup only) with the fingers and thumb together reinforcing one another. I twist my upper body to wrap my left arm around his waist and hips. This turns my spanking shoulder away from him and frees me up to use full arm swings from above my head adding a little whiplash snap through my lower arm and wrist. I can't do too many in a row like this, but thought I would demonstrate the ability of a woman to punish a man using only her hand.

I pulled his undies up a bit at the waist to tighten the material on his buns while exposing a hint of cheek below. I then lifted my arm and smacked down on his cheeks, alternating between them. Each one got a satisfying little yelp from david, even through his undies, and even with just my hand. There was a great cracking noise on each slap as well. I stuck it out for a full slow measure of twenty of these.

"This is useless," I said in frustration, "I can't see what I'm doing.  And besides, for lying to me I think he deserves to be spanked on his bare bottom. The childish embarrassment of having his underpants taken down in front of you ladies will knock him down a peg and teach him a lesson in humility he won't soon forget. Ladies, do you mind if I strip him bare naked for the rest of this?"

"no no please!" said david as his right hand scrabbled backwards to grab the waistband of his undies ostensibly to try to prevent me from taking them down. This was david bratting again.

"Take your hand away!" I ordered him.

"Nooo! Please!" he begged again.

I grabbed his wrist roughly and pulled it off his undies, hammer-locking it behind his back.

"Ladies? Do you mind?" I asked again, my hand poised grabbing the waistband of his undies in my fist, preparing to lower them if given the word.

[Continued in Part 4]

Wednesday, July 18

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians! (part 2)

[Continued from Part 1]

So, it was time to get this show on the road! I go to the foot of the stairs and yell up in my "Angry Julie" voice, "david! Come down here! Now!" He came right down.

"david, this is Joyce and this is Beverly, both friends of Sue." david went to approach the seated ladies and shake hands with them but I stopped him in his tracks. "Don't shake their hands. Don't talk to them. You know why they're here."

"Yes Ma'am"

"Get on your knees," I told him, pointing to the floor in front of me. I don't usually make david do this, so it threw him for a bit of a loop. He looked around himself nervously.

"On. Your. Knees." I repeated, enunciating each word. "You're already going to be punished, do you need a lesson in obedience as well?" I asked.

"No Ma'am," he said as he descended self-consciously to his knees. There were little nervous half-smiles from the ladies.

Already, even this early, the tension was thick and palpable in the room. Intelligent, educated people in adult relationships just don't get yelled at like this, and they certainly don't get down on their knees on command from their wives! It took just a few seconds to flip that switch. I was relishing the tension I created.

I went to get my iPad where I have my banking app. I opened it up and went to the credit card transaction history (it's a shared card), and scrolled down to the parking ticket payment.

"What's this?" I asked him, showing him the iPad and pointing to the offending entry.

"Ummm, it's a parking ticket fine," he said, shrugging, but knowing that he was in trouble now! I thought it was great that I had caught him in an actual misdeed for the purposes of this session. In fact, I had been saving this incident up for some time for a scene, but OMG, what better scene to deploy it!

"Several weeks ago," I said, "and on top of two others in the last couple of months. Did you 'forget' to tell me about this one, sweety?" I asked, dripping sarcasm.

"Yeah, sorry," he said.

It might not seem like it to others, but he was bratting me now. He knew he was in the wrong and in trouble, yet there was no "Ma'am" coming out of his mouth and his half-hearted dismissive "yeah sorry" was a clear brat attack. I wasn't about to let that slip.

I slowly and silently folded up the iPad and put it away. The silence remained heavy in the room. I walked back to him, looked him in the eye, and very suddenly SLAPPED him, hard, across his face! This actually made one of the ladies gasp (I don't know who). david told me afterwards that his ears were ringing from the slap!

From YouTube

"You 'forgot'?" I asked again.

"Yesssss..." he said.

I slapped him again across his face.

"Did you 'forget' or did you deliberately not tell me?" I asked, my hand poised for another hard slap across his face.

"I deliberately didn't tell you!" he admitted. After two hard slaps, with a third on its way, men tend to tell the truth.

"You LIED to me!" I said and I slapped him again.

"I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell you!" he said, his voice shaking.

I made an angry face and raised my hand again and he cowered away. "So we're going to have a philosophical debate about lies of commission versus lies of omission, is that it?"

"noooo" he said.

"Did you know you should have told me, and still chose not to?" I asked.

"yessss" he said

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I knew you'd be mad at me if I told you," he wailed, the truth coming more and more out.

"Did you think I wouldn't notice, is that it?" I asked.

"yes..." he said

"I'll ask you one more time. Did. You. Lie. To. Me?"

"Yes Ma'am, I'm sorrrrry!"

There we go, that's better. How many slaps does it take to slap the brat out of the boy? Three it seems, but they better be hard ones!

"Well well," I said, calming down a bit now. "Get up and go fetch me the keys to your car."

He stood up and went upstairs where he keeps his stuff.

I looked at the ladies to check in on them. "Wow" mouthed Joyce, with Beverly nodding enthusiastically at the sentiment. They both looked highly engaged with the drama. It was a very intense scene we had just played out, and the tension was still palpable. david came back and spontaneously got back down on his knees, holding his keys out to me. I casually took them from him, dropped them into my purse and said, "you're grounded from your car for a month, you can take the bus."

"Nooooo, please!" he begged. He loves his car, and he was not 100% sure I was serious or not.

"Hard to get a parking ticket if you don't have a car, isn't it?" I asked him.

"Yes Ma'am," he said, "but not my car, please! I'll be more careful, I promise!"

How pathetic. I thought I would involve the ladies a bit. "What do you think, ladies, is it a fair punishment?"

Joyce spoke up and said, "I think whatever you say goes," with a smirk on her face for my man. "Boys and their toys," said Beverly.

"Plus you can pay back what you squandered on those parking tickets by not eating out for lunch for a month also. You can pack a lunch, and don't expect me to make it for you," I said.

"Come on!" he said, getting a bit angry with me now.

"You 'come on'," I said. "Teach you a well-deserved lesson, young man."

"But come on about the car, please!" he begged, "You're treating me like a kid, and in front of your sister and her friends... It's humiliating..."

Oh yes, it was very humiliating! Imagine being a grown man and having your wife take the keys to your car for a month for excess parking tickets. And this being done in front of three smirking female witnesses. But enough with the back-talk already!

"Are you back-talking me? Consider this your second warning for disobedience. If you give me cause for a third, I'll give you a dose of obedience training, right in front of these women. You know what that entails. Do you want that?"

"Nooo. Please!"

"Alright then. I expect obedience. And as to you being treated like a child, if you behave like a child, you'll get treated like a child, no matter who is here to see it. Is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"The grounding is your punishment for the three parking tickets," I said. "I still need to punish you for lying to me. What do you think your punishment for lying to me should be?" I asked.

He squirmed on his knees and made a very pained looking face. "Please no," he begged, "not in front of them, please!" he pleaded. He did not mean it. He lives to get spanked in front of witnesses.

"It's why they're here, david. Now answer me, what do you think your punishment for lying to me should be?" I asked again.

"a... a... sp... spanking," he finally managed to get out. Despite it being what he craves, it's still hard for him in the moment.

"That's right," I said, "a spanking right across my knee, just like a naughty little boy like you deserves. Go upstairs and undress, and come back here in just your underpants. I'll allow you to keep your underpants on in honour of our guests."

"Can I at least keep my pants up, please?" (more bratting!)

"Underpants!  Not a stitch more on you. Unless you want it on your bare bottom?" (he does)

"No Ma'am!"

Without waiting for my response he got up and climbed the stairs to the upstairs to undress as I had instructed. I had no intention whatsoever of allowing him to keep his underparts, but thought it would build tension all around for the ladies and david both to believe that was my intent (and a quite "reasonable" intent, given the circumstances, no?). So it would be all that much sweeter when they came off! See? I'm good at this game!

I asked the ladies what they thought about all of it so far. They said it was intense and felt very "real". I told them it was very real. The offense was minor but it gives us an excuse to re-establish our dynamic. They looked... impressed.

[Continued in Part 3]