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I was talking to a friend at work the other day who is an executive assistant to one of the male execs, and the subject of timeouts (in the context of her child) came up, and that inspired this blog post.

I have gotten to know this lady quite well: we chat almost every day and go out together fairly often for lunch. Her name is Abigail and she's from a Jewish family. She's married and has a one-year-old son and an almost three-year-old daughter. Her Mom looks after the kids during the day. She has a University degree and is pretty, smart, educated, and funny (though is still working on losing some of that baby weight).

Closest I could find of not her!

I often ask about her kids. She's been having trouble with the behavior of the girl lately. Not quite out of the "terrible twos" yet, she tells me. I ventured to her (heart pounding a bit) that when I was a kid I got smacked on the bum and that seemed to have done the trick. She seemed envious and said "if only!" Parents nowadays are not allowed to smack their kids. She says even timeouts are being questioned in favour of "positive parenting" (see Time-Out versus Time-In), but she still would favour timeouts.
Have you noticed that when you're a spanko like us (you readers you), even mentioning the topic of punishments, timeouts, and spankings makes your heart beat a little faster? But vanilla people can routinely talk about such things in regards to child rearing without ascribing any significance beyond face value, bless their little vanilla hearts.
Of course, forget about kids, I do, for real, put my husband in timeouts and smack his bum when he is naughty. We have a "scening FLR" (Female-Led Relationship for any newbies), not a "real FLR"; but I often find real-life excuses to start a scene, and he always submits to me when I start a scene, and I'm always super-realistic in playing the part of the FLR wife; so how different is that from a real FLR?

So while we were talking about the pros and cons of butt smacking versus timeouts versus "positive parenting" I could not help but think of my husband in this context, though I did not "spill the beans" at all to her (at least not yet).

Timeouts in and of themselves seem pretty scary. Here are some quasi-governmental suggestions for Using Time-Outs.
  1. Check the behavior and give a warning
  2. Tell your child why
  3. Have your child sit in time-out
    When you get to the time-out space, tell him to sit down. Tell him to stay in the time-out space until you say he can get up. When your child is in time-out:
    • Do NOT let anyone talk with him.
    • Do NOT let him play with anything.
    When you first use time-out, you may have to return your child to time-out several times.

    No one should give your child any attention while he is in time-out. Do not look at your child, do not talk to your child, and do not touch your child. Make sure your child’s brothers and sisters are also not giving him attention in time-out.

    Time-outs can be given anywhere (the grocery store, the car), but it still needs to be a time-out from anything your child may find fun and entertaining. In public places, your child might face a wall or something boring.

    If your child is not cooperating with time-out in a public place, you may take him to a place that is not surrounded by people. For example, you could take your child to a bathroom stall if he will not behave in the store.

  4. End time-out
  5. Praise the next good thing your child does
I love how this government website, whenever it uses a gendered pronoun, uses "him" exclusively as the example gender for timeouts. A bunch of femdoms in training!
As I read this, I could easily substitute "husband" for "child":
  1. Have your husband sit in time-out
    When you get to the time-out space, tell him to sit down. Tell him to stay in the time-out space until you say he can get up. When your husband is in time-out:
    • Do NOT let anyone talk with him.
    • Do NOT let him play with anything.
    When you first use time-out, you may have to return your husband to time-out several times.

    No one should give your husband any attention while he is in time-out. Do not look at your husband, do not talk to your husband, and do not touch your husband. Make sure your guests and relatives are also not giving him any attention in time-out.

    Time-outs can be given anywhere (the grocery store, the car), but it still needs to be a time-out from anything your husband may find fun and entertaining. In public places, your husband might face a wall or something boring.

    If your husband is not cooperating with time-out in a public place, you may take him to a place that is not surrounded by people. For example, you could take your husband to a bathroom stall in the ladies' room if he will not behave in the store.

See what I mean? Perfectly translates. I once read somewhere that while certainly not all punishments suitable for a grown man are suitable for a child, all punishments suitable for a child are also suitable for a grown man. Words of wisdom to an FLR-oriented wife.

My husband's timeouts are a little more harsh than would be appropriate for a child. I have him facing a wall in the living room where he is made to hold up a coin with his nose. I make him cross his arms behind his back and I tie something loose around them such as scotch tape. I can then go about my business knowing that he is secure in his timeout. If he moves at all the coin will drop and it is impossible for him to put it back without his arms. If he breaks the light bindings around his arms to help get the coin back, I will know that. I can actually even leave the house with him like that, secure in the knowledge that there is no way for him to not complete his timeout without me finding out. This image by Sardax is more illustrative of the position I am talking about.

The depicted timeout also includes gagging, feminization, a fully bared bottom, a female witness, and the imminent threat of a bare bottomed hairbrush spanking from his wife in front of the other woman (his mother-in-law perhaps?). These are all elements I have included in my husband's timeouts.

Length of timeout varies depends on his behaviour and my mood. We have done anywhere from five minutes to well over an hour. Even five minutes can seem like a long time to him when he's in timeout. Anything longer than that adds a greater element of physical punishment as well, as it is a stress position. An hour in timeout like this is a pretty severe punishment that he very genuinely would not want repeated.

I have an iron clad rule that if he breaks timeout, he restarts it from the beginning. If he is even a minute away from completing a thirty minute timeout, and the coin drops, he repeats the full thirty minutes (sometimes after a short sharp correction, but more on that later). The only acceptable conclusion for a timeout is me going to him, asking him if he is learning his lesson, getting a yes and an apology for the behaviour, and then me taking the coin from the wall myself, thus releasing him. I have applied this rule on multiple occasions, and am very serious about it, and he knows it absolutely. And believe me, after having done 29 minutes of a 30 minute timeout, the last thing he wants to do is drop that coin and have to start from the beginning again but with a freshly paddled or belt-strapped bottom.

While he knows how long his timeout will be during his "sentencing", he does not have a time reference during timeout, except sometimes I will let him know how far along he is if I am feeling nice: "only ten more minutes".

Even a timeout all by itself is an utter humiliation for a husband being sentenced to it by his wife. Of course, it is my husband's kink to be humiliated by me in this fashion, but it makes it no less humiliating for him. Elements of forced feminization are often present in my husband's case, from panties, to bras, to schoolgirl skirts, stockings and garters, and even dresses. A number of other women have been present while my husband was in just such embarrassing timeout, even some vanilla women.

Unlike for how the government recommends that parents deal with children, there is no prohibition against spanking husbands when they are naughty. So timeout is almost always either preceded by, or followed by (or both), some form of corporal punishment as well.

Most commonly, he is invited over my knee for a quite strict hairbrush spanking.

By the time I am done with him his bottom will be deep red and he will be madly kicking his legs, writhing across my lap, apologizing profusely for his behaviour, promising he will never do it again, and begging me to stop.

Of course, from my point of view, a spanking doesn't really start until after he is begging for me to stop, and he will be spending many more frantic minutes across my knee after he has reached that point. For an example of "my style", I refer you to the video I made with my husband (Strict Julie Spanks).

The spanking may take place in front of witnesses, and is in fact recommended wherever it can be managed.

The image immediately above shows a misbehaving husband in the 1980s being very publicly corrected by his wife in front of her two girlfriends she happened to have invited over for a drink that day. The infraction was a speeding ticket that he did not tell her about that she noticed immediately before the photograph was taken. Unfortunately for him, justice delayed is justice denied in this household, and so he was further embarrassed by having his wife's friends present to witness his embarrassing bare-bottomed punishment (to tears) and the one hour of sniffly-nosed pants-down timeout that ensued.

Spankings combined with timeouts have a long history between dominant females and submissive males.

Here, for example, we see a photograph from the 1950's of a mother who has just gotten done paddling her son's caboose in the front room. He was then required to stand in timeout facing the corner with his pajama bottoms puddled around his ankles and his hands on his head until bedtime. The choice of the front room was not accidental. Any siblings, relatives, or visitors will see the boy's timeout, the humiliation of which deliberately adds to his punishment. The state of his bared bottom also clearly signals that his Mother has taken very seriously the misbehavior that prompted his punishment, and paddled him strictly beforehand. This is of course incredibly embarrassing to have that known and displayed so vividly and in such a public location for a boy of his age. Moreover, he may well be waiting for his father to come home and apply a healthy dose of strap oil to that naughty bottom before he is sent to bed without supper, crying his eyes out like a six-year-old child. As a "Strict Wife", I derive considerable inspiration in how to deal with my husband from images such as these.

Some wives insist on full nudity during timeout, and in embarrassing locations in the house.

This one was stripped and switched and then
placed in fully nude timeout ("birthday suit punishment")
in front of a window with the shades open for viewing.
See him cowering in his corner hoping to avoid the gaze
of his neighbors in his present state?

Others are subject to embarrassing forced feminization treatments during timeout.

This one was put in white stockings and garter belt
prior to his spanking, and then made to do
timeout dressed "like a girl"

Extra "womanly" chores can be assigned while being "panty trained", ideally with other women there to witness it.

This husband was fairly severely whipped in his birthday suit and
then "panty trained" by his wife during kitchen chores immediately after.
His mother-in-law was allowed to stay and watch the whole thing.
In fact, she took this photo to show to her friends the severity of
the whipping her daughter delivers and how her son-in-law is
"panty trained" afterwards, a new and amusing concept for her.

Sometimes rather than being treated as females, husbands are treated like babies as part of their punishment.

One of the more humiliating and exposed positions for a spanking,
called the "diaper position" for obvious reasons.
His penis, testicles, and bottom hole are fully displayed and available
for whipping if the offense warrants it.
A diapering is often not far behind.

Another variant of the "diaper position".

Made more humiliating when assisted by a friend or relation, such as a sister.

Here we can more easily see the full extent of the husband's exposure.
When other women are present, this level of exposure is only used
when a point must truly be driven home and the husband put firmly in his place.
His heretofore private parts will be fully displayed to
all woman watching this husband's chastisement,
with absolutely nothing left to the imagination,
a level of exposure usually reserved only for his wife or doctor.

And as alluded to in some of the captions above, sometime husbands are even diapered by their wives for punishment. I have done this to my husband in front of other women.

He is then required to drink a liter of water and stand in timeout until he publicly pees his diaper and then very vocally and politely requests that his diaper be changed, which I will happily oblige even while my guests look on.

Some punishments, however, are best meted out in private.

This punishment is really the ultimate in terms of forced feminization that cause him to fully embrace his submissive side. To be honest, there is one step further which involves recruiting a muscular, well-endowed male who will take the husband across his lap for a long hard spanking, and then have sex with the husband as if he were a woman (oral and anal included - to completion). This is called forced-bi, and is a powerful weapon in a Strict Wife's arsenal that her heterosexual husband will fear above almost all other things.

A muscular recruit delivering "forced-bi" to this husband as punishment
under the direction of the wife. The gentleman is encouraged to leave a copious
"sperm deposit" deep up her husband's bumhole. During subsequent naked timeout,
the sperm will dribble embarrassingly down the backs of the punished husband's legs.

Before I close with a question for you regarding Abigail, I leave you with some miscellaneous photographs along the lines of this blog article that I collected and captioned for you while doing my photo search.

This is a spanking for masturbation.
Look at the very large hairbrush on the table in front of her
and the dirty magazine illicitly purchased by him that she is surveying.
His underpants will remain where they are before and during his spanking,
and afterwards during timeout as well. A week in diapers as an impromptu
"chastity device" is a possibility after such an offense.

Quite "mainstream" at one time!

A very serious looking FLR spanking!

So true!

A very sore bum for a feminized hubby.

Bare bottomed timeout.
Pre-spanking (I hope!)

An embarrassing little hand spanking that can be delivered
in the ladies' room or a change room in a store as a quick
"attitude adjustment" that can be reinforced once home again.
If other women walk in during this husband's chastisement,
it certainly would not bother me for them to stay and watch
in order to help drive the lesson home. Very many would.

An "extra" hard spanking for this husband.
His wife is making her displeasure known
in no uncertain terms.

A severe spanking in the relative privacy of the bedroom,
though the sounds of the scolding, of wood on bare flesh, and of his frantic cries
will be heard throughout the house, and especially by his wife's aunt
and cousins who are staying the weekend. He will be warned that if he
continues being unpleasant towards them, further spankings
and subsequent timeouts will by no means be as private.
A full apology to them will be expected, along with a dropping of
his trousers to show them all the full extent of his punishment.
He will then turn to deliver a bare penis apology.

Timeout with glowing red bum on display.
He knows that in ten minutes time he will be required to turn
and face his wife and her sister, hands at his sides,
and apologize for his atrocious behaviour.

A classic "heads down" spanking in the bathroom
allowing the legs to flutter kick freely.

A typical spanking in an FLR household.
Corner time to follow.

This husband failed to perform his household chores for Thanksgiving weekend,
leaving it to his wife and her sisters to get them done. His wife is pissed!
As punishment, she has taken the unusual step of stripping him down to his
birthday suit in full view of her two younger sisters, and then handing him
off to their tender mercies for his spanking. They both deliver enthusiastic
punishments to his naked rear end, causing him to apologize repeatedly
and earnestly (if not frantically) to the sisters for his misbehaviour.
After the guests have left, his wife will take him on a long cold naked walk
by his ear to the woodshed for a strapping he will not soon forget.

And isn't that what it's all about?

Ahh! Letting the imagination run wild. I hope you enjoyed it!

Coming back down to earth...

I plan on taking Abigail out for lunch next week for her birthday. I wonder if I will get the opportunity to make a somewhat innocuous but slightly embarrassing comment about how I deal with my husband when he is naughty? We are good friends. I trust her and could swear her to secrecy. Thinking on it now, I would pretend we had a "for real" FLR which would set david up for an embarrassing evening at the company Christmas party where we will for sure spend some time with her. Thoughts? Inadvisable? Go for it? Let me know!

Thursday, November 7

10M Pageviews!

Wow. Finally happened, my big 10: 10,000,000 page views according to Blogger Stats!

What a fun journey so far! My first post was on November 6 , 2011. Coincidentally, 10M pageviews was hit on November 6, 2019, exactly eight years later. Looking back, I did 68 posts in all of 2012, and will likely end this year at more like 42 posts. So keepin' up a decent volume, despite appearances.

Things have changed a bit over 8 years. We have gotten a little less kinky over that time. My usually reliable sister has cooled off a bit and is living with a more vanilla gf now. Currently don't have a kinky trainer on the go. I have become a bit less adventurous over the years. And my husband has become a little less sex happy. But on the other hand we have settled into a reliable and enjoyable rhythm.

I know my readers really enjoy glimpses into our spanking life, so for my 10M view post, I thought I would describe a routine and simple event that happened the other night.

My husband has been giving me a lot of sex lately (oral) and I have not been reciprocating much. He is very "service oriented" in the bedroom so sometimes I don't even think about it. So I took some trouble and I gave my husband a kinky massage the other evening.

I got the bedroom ready with some scented candles, low light, and massage lotion. I dressed in a sexy bra and panty set and put on a short white silky robe.

I went downstairs to call him up for early bedtime, and told him he was getting a treat.

I slowly and sensuously stripped off all his clothes and lay him face down on the bed. He nestled into the pillows at his head and moaned in anticipation before I even started. I took off my robe, knelt beside him, warmed the massage lotion in my hand, and began massaging his back, shoulders and neck. More nice moans of pleasure as he relaxed into my hands. I enjoy serving my man like this from time to time.

My idea was to augment the massage with kinky talk. I took the opportunity to let him talk, and encourage it, so I could learn from that. After all these years, still learning. I asked him to tell me about the first time the concept of spanking turned him on. I knew the story roughly, but wanted to dig in a bit more.

He said he was a young teenager and was dropped off at a bus station by an older Aunt for a trip back from the cottage to Toronto. After she left he perused the news stand and wished he could buy the Playboy or the Penthouse magazine, but there was an 18+ prohibition and it was a pretty public place. In the same section was a magazine that was about sex, but not as explicit on the cover.

He plucked up his courage and selected that one. There was a girl at the stand who was very old to him at the time, but that he figures now was likely only 19 or 20. He remembers her smiling a little bit as she allowed him to purchase it, and slipped it discretely into a bag.

The bus was not crowded and he had a row towards the back to himself. He said how he devoured that magazine: every last word and picture in it. But there was one particular "letter" towards the back that really got him fired up. He said it was only one short paragraph and was from a man who wrote how he developed an interest in spanking when he witnessed a man spanking his naked wife across his knee.

I continued massaging him, slipping my fingers down more towards his ass and between his legs, "accidentally" brushing past his balls. I asked him what he imagined the scene looked like.

He had it very worked out in his head. He said he imagined the two men dressed roughly, in jeans and plaid shirts. The wife had teased her husband in front of the friend. He threatened her with a spanking which made her blush. She "dared him to". He smiled and "caught her". He forcibly stripped her bare naked in front of his friend as she struggled and complained and begged him not to (but the husband knew she really wanted it). The woman was pale white, blonde, slim, with big breasts. The husband sat and pulled his naked wife across his knee and began spanking her bottom with his bare hand. The friend could see her big bare boobs dangling as she was spanked.

By moving a bit to the side he could see her ass and pussy wriggling under her husband's hard palm.

I asked him who he most wanted to be in the scene. He said he wanted to be the husband spanking his wife. But even more he wanted to be the man observing the spanking. But... even more than that... he wanted to be the wife getting the spanking. I pretended to gasp at that and smacked his bum. "Naughty Girl!" I said as he squirmed. No surprise to me, though.

I reached over for the hairbrush we keep beside the bed. I knelt up against him, put my left hand on his lower back, and lowered the hairbrush onto his bare bum. "I want you to imagine you're that naked wife, and that I'm your husband and you're across my knee, and that my guy friend is watching it all."

I started spanking him with the hairbrush in a controlled manner, cheek to cheek. "Bad girl," I told him. "Having to be spanked bare naked in front of my friend? You should be ashamed of yourself!" I told him.

He wriggled and squirmed more than was justified by the relatively mild hairbrush spanking I was giving him. "no..." he said, "please... no... not in front of him... please!" he feign-begged, getting into it.

"After I'm done spanking you," I told him, "you're going to apologize for being so rude to Tom."

"yes sir," he said.

"Naked. On your knees. With his cock in your mouth," I added, intensifying his spanking.

"yes sir," he confirmed.

"You'll suck him off and then swallow every last drop of his hot cum, and then clean off his cock with your mouth. I'll give you two minutes to get him off. If not, I'll let Tom spank you himself, and then let him take you up the ass."

"no! please!" he said as I spanked him harder still.

I backed off his spanking and we laughed together about his little fantasy and my embellishments to it. I told him I wanted to do that sometime to him with a real man: forced bi. He said "no way!" Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

I asked him to tell me about another fantasy as I reached between his legs and pulled his cock out and started massaging that. His ass was cherry red from his spanking.

He told me he loved the public play we do that involves other women. His best fantasy is that he is "put in his place" by me in a restaurant, told he could not order a dessert in front of the waitress, him complaining about it, and me telling him so she could hear that he is not only not getting dessert, but that he is getting a spanking as soon as I get him home.

What kind of a man wants to be embarrassed like that by his wife in front of a hot young waitress??? I mean, really.

With my encouragement he turned over onto his back. He could see me in my sexy bra and panty. I took his big cock in my slippery hand and rubbed.

On a whim, I asked him if he liked it when we played with my friend Tracy? He said he did. I reminded him that I got fucked by her husband, John. david let out a little cry and his cock got harder in my hand. I knew I was onto something. I thought I would run with that.

"I got my ass whipped with a double-up leather belt before my fucking," I told him. "And I had to get down on my knees and let him face fuck me," I told him. "I had to give him a really good blow job, really deep and wet. He was so masterful."

I said this and rubbed my husband's dick, and he squirmed in my hand.

"Then you know what?" I asked him.

"no..." he begged.

"I let him bend me over and stick his dick in my pussy. He didn't even have a condom on," I told him, reliving it in my mind. "And then he fucked me as if I was his whore while his wife watched!"

"No... please... But he pulled out before he came, right?" asked david, knowing the true answer.

"Oh no. He fucked me long and hard, and when he was good and ready he totally spermed my hot wet cunt."

"Ohhhh..." he moaned.

I thought I'd make it even more personal...

"He fucked me way longer than you've ever fucked me. And he moved his cock so good inside of me. You don't know how to do that, do you? You never learned how, right?"

"No ma'am," he answered miserably.

"Why not?" I asked him. "Why did you never learn properly?"

"because I cum too fast..." he answered.

"That's right. Because you cum too fast. Didn't you fucking cum in your pants when kissing a girl in high school???" True story 🤭😅😆

"yes ma'am," he said, blushing as I continued rubbing his dick. He was close!

"But John doesn't have that problem. He fucks like a total stud. And when he chose to, he asked Tracy if he could cum inside of me and she said he could. So he grabbed my hips, rammed his cock deeper than any cock has ever been inside of me, and totally splooged me."

"Ohhhhhh," david moaned in humiliation and excitement, so close to cumming!

I released him and said, "you finish yourself off."

He grabbed his cock and started rubbing slowly. I wiped my hands and then went into the bedside drawer, took out the tawse, and held it menacingly in front of him.

"You have exactly one minute to embarrass yourself in front of me, and then you'll eat every drop of cum you spill."

He started rubbing his cock more aggressively, eyeing my tawse the whole time.

"If you don't cum in one minute, I'm turning you onto your tummy and whipping your ass raw."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, rubbing more furiously.

"DO YOU WANT ME TO WHIP YOUR ASS???" I asked him, as I whipped the tawse down hard onto the bed sheets.

"No Ma'am! No Ma'am!"

"Hurry up, there's not much time left..."

And then he came all over himself.

"Very good!" I congratulated him in my baby voice. "Now eat it all up. Every last drop. You're not clear of your whipping until you do that," I said as I whipped the tawse into my palm. He consumed his semen very completely. Ha ha!

david commented on the scene, saying it was hot. He said he feels super submissive when he's under my command, lower than me, knowing that I was lower than Tracy and John. Puts him right at the very bottom of the subby hierarchy, just where he should be :-)

So there it is, my 10M view anniversary post. I know it's not much. Just a husband and wife kinking out together. But isn't that what it's all about?

Sunday, October 20

Husband-Wife Spanking Porn

In my last blog post, Daddy-Daughter Spanking Porn, I spoke about my fascination with that particular genre of porn videos. I mentioned there was a video production studio, now defunct, called "Spanking and Shame" whose videos hit the mark. There is another video from that studio that covered off an extra humiliating Husband-Wife spanking scenario that also got me very excited! In this post, I'll show you screen grabs from that video and what goes through my mind as I watch it.

But along those same lines, I thought I would first recount what happened just this past weekend, quite spontaneously, with my actual husband, David.

We were at the parents' cottage up north, all alone. It was midday. I had just gotten in from a run and was sweaty. I went to take a shower. After I was done I walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. I was nude, and thought nothing of it. I walked right past David who was watching TV. He yelled out, "hey!" I stopped and looked at him and said "what?" suddenly very conscious of my nudity and his lustful gaze (isn't that great, that I can still get a lustful gaze from my man!). Honestly I was not trying to get anything started!

"You can't just walk naked right in front of me," he said, eating me up with his eyes.

"Well I am," I responded, "so I guess I can," I said, challenging him a bit.

"Not without consequences!" he said with a grin and got up suddenly from his chair.

I "eeked!" and ran the last few steps to the bedroom. But he was hot on my heels and caught me! I was totally naked and still a bit damp from my shower, and very clean smelling! He sat on the side of the bed and pulled me by my arm across his knee. I struggled and said "No! You can't! Unhand me, you cad!" Before I knew it I was bottoms up across his knee and getting a pretty hard hand spanking. The spanks rang out like gunshots in the room and really stung my poor little tail!

What was going through my mind? I loved him taking charge like that! I was thoughtless walking past him totally naked. What did I expect? Really? I felt it was a deserved spanking and I was getting very excited being husband-handled this way!

After about five minutes of bottom warming (5 minutes is a long time, people!). He stood me up, got up himself, and picked me up in his arms (oh gush!). He placed me down gently on my back on the bed and then dove his head between my legs and started licking me. After a few minutes of this he rolled me over onto my side into a foetal position, placed a pillow between my knees, and molded his head to me as he continued licking from behind.

He knows this position drives me wild! One of his hands dances between my tits, my tummy, my low abdomen. His other hand plays at the entrance to my pussy. I love those sensations and at the same time want his finger to penetrate me! Eventually he obliges and shoves a finger into my pussy, rubbing directly onto my G-spot. Meanwhile he's licking my clit and pushing down on my abdomen. Total recipe for instant orgasm for this wife! He plays me like a fiddle and I cum hard.

He flips me onto my back, puts the pillow under my hips and mounts me, missionary style. I am rung out from my orgasm, but anxious to invite him in. He pushes his hard cock into my wet pussy and fucks me until he cums deep inside of me. I am joyous and contented to be his sperm receptacle!

We collapse into each others' arms and cuddle. Mmmmm! Afternoon sex!

Anyways, I digress. I was talking about husband-wife spanking porn, no?

The second video I alluded to last blog post from "Spanking and Shame" must surely be one of a disciplined wife's biggest nightmares: to be spanked on in front of guests at the table over a failed dinner she was responsible for. Yet this is exactly what happens in this video!

It's all in French, so it's hard to follow along if you don't speak the language. Fortunately, I do.

It reminded me, in fact, of an episode a couple of summers ago where I was in correspondence with a French gentleman who was endeavouring to give me French language lessons. I was bad with sex and BDSM type slang words, and he gave me "homework assignments" to do, to translate his French, where he described all manners of indignities done to me by men (at my request) in French, and I needed to translate it into English and send it back to him for "grading".

He was an older gentleman who lived a comfortable life near the Mediterranean Sea. We jointly fantasised that I might go over for a summer of French lessons. In exchange for helping me to improve my French I would be his "wife" for the period, do his housework, provide him with sex on demand, and be disciplined by him when I was lax on my lessons. He said he would take me to the beach, dress me in the skimpiest bikinis, and not hesitate to spank me in front of his friends! Oh Gush!

This video in question reminded me very much of that. In the photo below, imagine I am the brunette, Monsieur is the older balding man, and the other two are a couple of neighbours he had invited over. I had gotten a bit friendly with the wife over the past few weeks, who took me under her wing in the unfamiliar town, without her knowing of our full "situation".

It was on me to prepare dinner. The French take their dinner very seriously! I was late and scatterbrained, and had not gotten to the market in time. I had to scramble and prepare frozen pizza for our guests (blush!). Even worse, I had not yet mastered the nuances of his gas range, and the frozen pizzas came out inedibly cold in their centers. Monsieur was not pleased!

He stood up and scolded me. I said that the pizzas were fine. He disagreed, as did our invited guests, quite frankly. Some sins cannot be forgiven in France.

He told me to stand beside him, and took my seat. He asked me what happened in his household when I screw up?

I lowered my head and said, almost inaudibly, "Une fessée, Monsieur." (a spanking, Sir). He confirmed it, and said that, moreover, given that I had affected the enjoyment of our house guests, he would spank me in front of them. With that he pulled me down bottoms up across his knee right in front of them both!

They both started chattering. "no! not possible! Are you crazy?" they both asked him. He gave me a resounding SMACK on my jeans-covered bottom. "THIS is how it's done in this house!" he exclaims.

Our guests seem horrified. The wife tries coming to my aid, but is told off by Monsieur. I am too embarrassed to say anything.

He stands me up again and says spankings are not given like this in his house. No. I should take my pants down. I refuse to, and put up a fight. The wife comes to my aid. Monsieur ignores her and says, "fine, I'll take them down myself," and proceeds to do exactly that.

Monsieur then pulls me back across his knee in only my skimpy panties. He tugs the material up high between my cheeks, baring my bum. The material of the panties is cutting up into my pussy, into my bumhole!

He proceeds to spank me like that. I am horribly embarrassed. My friend, the wife, keeps protesting my treatment.

Monsieur decides, ma culotte va descendre (my panties will be lowered). No! no! Please! I struggle madly to try to keep them up,

but inevitably they are taken down.

I am dying of shame!

Monsieur shows his friend how red my cheeks already are. He pulls my cheeks apart so he has the "full view". My girlfriend, the man's wife, is horribly embarrassed for me as well. She cannot believe this is happening in this day and age!

Monsieur spanks me some more and then turns me to show his friend the damage. As he turns me he pull my legs apart and I know I am showing everything to him!

He puts me back into place and continues my spanking as the couple look on.

The wife seems to be complaining less on my behalf, and is beginning to watch attentively. She even ventures that the dinner was a disaster... She now seems to be enjoying my spanking!

Monsieur stands me up and makes me face them. My friend is embarrassed for me anew as I stand there with my pussy facing the table. I try turning away and covering with my hands.

"Ah no, Mademoiselle!" I am turned to directly face them.

He makes me put my hands above my head, exposing my bare pussy to the handsome husband and attractive wife. They are by now watching attentively.

He pulls my top off. I am to be stripped!

He unfastens my bra. I close my eyes in abject embarrassment, hoping the ground will eat me up.

He pulls my bra off me, fully exposing me to the couple's interested gaze.

He holds my arms back, making my breasts (such as they are) jut out.

My friend can barely watch my humiliation. Her husband is watching intently. Monsieur points out my slutty nipple piercing, and teases it,

He points out my hairless cunt, and how it is his for the taking.

They finish their bottle of wine and their dinner, such as it is, while I am forced to stand there facing them, hands on my head, stark naked.

Monsieur explains to them fully my situation. How I am a silly Canadienne, who wishes to learn French for the summer, and has agreed to be subjugated like this in exchange. He explains that I have a blog, where I imagine all manner of dirty scenarios. That after this treatment, sa chatte sera très humide (her pussy will be very wet), and I will be fucked hard after they leave, and enjoy it. I blush hard at the truth of Monsieur's words...

Wouldn't all you readers like to have me in this situation!?! Please comment below on what you would do if you had a willing girl like me in your complete power. I will masturbate to the best comment, I promise!
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