Friday, May 7

Spanked for Real for a Fender Bender

Ironically, after being such a bad ass bitch on my last post, I'm sitting here in my flannel PJs on a very sore bottom typing this. I was hand spanked across my husband's knee, got a leathering from his belt across the sofa arm, and then got 30 minutes with my nose in the corner. It was for cause this time. The reason I was justifiably spanked, strapped, and cornered is that I was careless and distracted by my iPhone and got into a fender bender with a gentleman. It was entirely my fault. I was forgiven by the gentleman and punished by my husband. Is there anything more trad wife than that?

I was going out grocery shopping earlier today. I was on a multi-lane street and the cars were coming to a stop at a light. I had been messing with my iPhone to change podcasts and was not paying well enough attention to the road. I realized a bit too late I was in the wrong lane (I was in the middle lane and I needed to make a right turn at the lights). I checked my blind spot. There was a car close behind in that lane and closing but I figured I had enough space so I swerved into the right lane. But while my attention was on my blind spot, the car in front of me in that lane slowed a bit unexpectedly early and the front corner of my car clipped the rear corner of his. Crunch...

We both pulled over and got out of our cars. He was a somewhat older man in his fifties I think, nicely dressed in slacks and a sweater. Maybe it was dumb, but I got right out and admitted complete responsibility to him. "I'm so sorry," I told him, "it was totally my fault." It totally was. I was a bit shaken up and upset, but he was a complete gentleman about it. Not angry or enraged as one might have feared. "These things happen," he told me as he took a look at the damage. Thank goodness for reasonable, controlled people. My car had taken the brunt of it. My front bumper was cracked and a bit floppy and a reflector had gotten knocked out and was lying broken in the street. His car's rear bumper had a bit of paint damage and a buckled-in dent sort of thing.

"Should we exchange insurance or something? Do we need to call the police? I'll pay for everything. Oh my gosh, my husband will be so mad at me."

I just blurted that last one out, but in that instant, standing there with that gentleman, I knew I would get a spanking when I told David. I kind of took all this in while being panicked about the accident.

"No need unless you want to," he said. "It's a pretty small ding on my car. I can pop that out and touch up the paint myself. You seem to have gotten the worst of it."

"Really? Are you sure?" I verified. It looked like more than a little ding to me. Maybe he was being chivalrous.

"Not a problem. These things happen when you drive."

I was so relieved! "Thank you!" I said, "Thank you so much!" I was feeling very grateful to this man. He had a "Dad-like" feeling to him. Maybe he was a Dad. Maybe I stirred some fatherly feelings in him. "What do you think about my car? Can I drive it you think?"

He went to look at my car and manipulated the broken bumper a bit, maybe even sort of knocked it back into place a bit. "You can drive that home, just go slowly. Your husband can tape that up until you get it fixed." I had previously mentioned my husband and how mad he would be.

He implicitly assumed "my husband" would take care of that. I was wondering if he was instinctively responding to my certain knowledge that I would be spanked like a naughty teen. Was I broadcasting spanking pheromones? Can a man subconsciously pick up on the fact that a girl knows she will be spanked?

Of course he was right. My husband would take care of the car. He would take care of something else as well: disciplining me. Despite my nervousness, this was the sort of world I liked living in: a world where careless girls who cause road accidents are disciplined by their husbands. What would the gentleman think if he knew that? Would he approve? I wanted to say something, but I was too chicken so didn't. It completely changed the experience of getting into an accident, though, knowing you had to go home to a certain spanking. I wonder if teenage girls, back in the day, or down South, felt the same. Dealing with all this knowing that a butt whooping from Daddy was in her near future. And the cops on the scene knowing that as well.

After we parted, I went straight home without doing the shopping. I was frazzled and my heart was still pounding as I drove. I left the car in the driveway so David could assess the damage in the light and went into the house. I went over to David who was still working at his computer. I tugged on his sleeve to get his attention. I pouted and almost teared up a little and said in a small voice, "I had a wittle car accident..." It came naturally. Early childhood training on how to get Daddy to feel sorry for you.

"Oh Julie, are you ok?" he asked, sounding concerned.

"I'm ok. A bit frazzled. The bumper of the car is a bit banged up."

"Let's go have a look," David said.

We went outside to the car. David looked at the bumper and shook his head. He went into the house to get some Gorilla Tape and taped the bumper back together. As he worked on it I told him the whole story. I admitted to being distracted by my device and not paying sufficient attention.

"Am I 'gonna get a spanking?" I asked David as he finished up with the bumper.

"Do you deserve a spanking?" he asked me.

"yes sir."

"Then you're going to get a spanking."

"yes sir."

"Go to the living room and put your nose in the corner. Pants down. I'm going to put the car in the garage then I'll be in to deal with you."

"Yes Sir."

I went inside into our living room and put my nose in the corner. I pulled my jeans and panties down to uncover my bottom.

Look at that photo. Can you even imagine that is the way some wives live, for real? Well, when I've earned it, and oh boy did I this time, that is me, and that is the life I choose for myself.

My bottom felt very big and very exposed. It's an unusual feeling to have your bottom exposed like that in the living room. Of course, I get sexually excited at the prospect of a spanking. Even more so when it's from my husband for a legitimate cause. This totally triggers the "little girl shame" in me. These sexy feelings exist at the same time as the certain knowledge that my spanking would be quite severe. It would be a punishment, it would go on well past the point I would wish for it to stop, and I had no "slowdown" safeword at my disposal. It would be an extended bare-bottomed ordeal.

David came into the room and moved the armless chair into the middle of the room. He sat and told me to come over to him. I shuffled over to beside him with my jeans around my ankles and my panties banded around my thighs. I left my hands at my sides, despite the urge to cover my pussy. I know I have to show him my pussy when I'm being punished.

"Why are you being consequenced, young lady?" he asked me.

That was a funny word to use. And I'm not that young but David was intent on making me feel like I was.

"Because I was careless when I was driving and caused an accident."

"Not just careless. You had your eyes on your device instead of on the road."

"Yes sir."

"You were lucky. It could have been worse. You could have been hurt, God forbid, or hurt someone else."

I started tearing up a little. It was true.

"yes sir... sniff..."

"I'm going to take you across my knee and give you a good hard spanking for being careless while driving. After that, I'm going to bend you over the arm of the couch, and give you the belt for playing with your device instead of keeping your eyes on the road."

"yes sir," I said meekly. It was no less than I deserved.

He spread his legs widely and motioned for me to go across his far knee. I settled myself down over his leg and braced myself.

He usually only puts me like this when he "means business". The angle at which I am bent is more extreme relative to going over both legs. It means that my bottom cheeks, especially my low bottom cheeks and upper thighs where he usually concentrates my spanking, is so much more exposed and vulnerable. It also makes it more difficult for me to wriggle off his lap, and if my legs kick they won't block his access to my bottom. If I get frantic, his free leg can be placed across the backs of both of mine to really control me. Plus all the blood rushes to my face and I feel very submissive like that, and with my pussy and bottom hole so "on display" to him.

He began my spanking with hard slaps to my bottom. I swear to God his hand feels like a paddle when he wants it to, and he apparently wanted it to today. No "warmup" for me. David has a signature style of right, left, middle, for my spanks. For "middle" he flattens his large hand and makes it span both my low bottom cheeks. For "left" and "right", he cups his hand more to make it fit around the curves of my butt. When he does "left" that means his fingers curl into my bottom cleft or between my thighs and even sometimes whips into my labia... ouch...

From the very first it's already painful, and it takes no more than about a dozen spanks like that until I am kicking my legs and crying out. If you have never experienced a man's bare hand, spanking with purpose, you have no idea.

I don't know how many spanks he gave me or for how long he kept me over his knee. It felt like many, many minutes and hundreds of spanks. Midways through I was truly desperate, crying, snot nosed, apologizing like crazy and promising to do better. He did scold me as he was spanking me, and I remember just incoherently responding with promises to be good and to be more careful in future.

At a certain point he did put his leg over the backs of mine and clamp my arm to continue my spanking. I guess I was wriggling a lot, though I was not conscious of it. Similar to the below, only more bent over as I was not over a bed at all.

He finished off my hand spanking and released me to stand, helping me to my feet. I was crying big wet tears, partly from my punishment and partly from the catharsis of being relieved of the guilt of having been truly, truly stupid in the car. I'm not often stupid, but when I am...

"Strip," he told me as he stood there, still looking sternly at me, with his arms crossed at his chest.

I was in no position to argue. I took all my clothes off slowly and painfully, my bottom aching. Then I faced him, feeling very embarrassed. I don't know why. He's seen me naked many times. Just not usually in the living room in the light if day and for real punishment. He stripped me like this to make me feel more vulnerable and submissive. It worked.

"Come on," he said, "over the arm of the sofa." There would be no break for me. He conducted me over to the sofa and bent me over the arm.

He positioned himself where I could see, unbuckled his belt, pulled it through the loops of his pants, and doubled it up. I got to watch all of that with a sick anticipation. I had just posted that blog on the belt whipping scene in Handmaid's Tale. David had watched it with me. I don't know if he read my blog on it or not, but I had told him that I had posted it. I think he was playing it back for me and now I was going to be living it for real, only nowhere near as inexpertly as was done in that show. I would be whipped severely I was sure, but safely, with the whipping directed to the fleshiest part of my bare bottom where David could observe the damage as he was inflicting it so as to gauge its severity.

"I'm only going to be giving you twenty, but they're going to be hard ones. After each one you will count it, thank me, and promise you will never again play with your devices while driving a car."

"Yes Sir," I answered.

I felt myself acutely there, offering up a no doubt lewd spectacle, positioned as I was, ready for my husband's belt.

Being fully nude and positioned like this, ready for the belt, is a recurring fantasy for me for how my father should spank me in front of Mom and the family. I think it's the most embarrassing position imaginable, which becomes even more so as my legs start kicking like a little froggy as I am whipped, showing off everything there is to show off, in its most intimate detail.

David lined up the strap and brought it whipping down onto my ass.

"Ahhhh! ONE SIR. Thank you for punishing me. I'll never use my devices while driving again."

"TWOOOO! Thank you Sir. I promise I won't use my devices while driving ever again!"

My legs did kick up and I was very conscious of my lewd and bare-breasted pussy show I was putting on for my husband.

"THREEEEE! Thank you Sir! ..."

You get the picture. I got twenty in all, well spaced out. All of them to my lower ass cheeks. The whipping was hard and hurt, a lot, but was not as bad as I had made it out to me in my head, and actually easier to take than the spanking he had just given me across his knee. I think he held back and focused more on the ritual aspects. It didn't stop me from sobbing like a six-year-old, though.

David helped me up from the sofa and hustled me back to the corner of the living room. He guided me towards it and said, "nose in the corner, young lady. Thirty minutes."

"Yes Sir," I said, planting my nose into the corner. This would be brutal, but I did not complain. It probably would have gotten me spanked and my time doubled had I done so! I think some wives are able to get away with nose "close to the corner". With David, for a punishment, it's nose IN the corner, touching both walls, feet close together and also touching both walls. It's pretty uncomfortable and forces your butt to stick out. Sort of like this...

It was a very long 30 minutes, with no time reference at all. Just fucking interminable and super uncomfortable. I would have preferred almost anything to this. But I did not dare move my nose from the corner. Had he caught me it would have meant another spanking, which would not have been so bad - almost a relief compared to the monotony of the corner - but then a restart of my 30 minutes from the beginning, likely with minutes added, which was not a risk I was willing to take.

As I stood there I wondered what my Dad and Mom would say if they saw me like this. They know I sometimes get spanked, but it had not come up for quite some time. We were seeing them this weekend with Sue also. I would say something about my accident and my spanking would surely come up. For some reason that gives me a thrill, imagining my legitimate blush as it's discussed. I am proud that David takes me in hand when required, and am proud to show that off.

Finally, finally, finally David said "time's up, sweetheart."

I extricated myself from the corner and went over to give him a hug. He hugged me back and squeezed my sore red ass.

"Feel better," he asked?


"you'll be more careful from now on?"


"Good girl. Now what's for dinner?"

"I never got to the shop, 'cause of the accident..."

"I'll order something in," he said and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

What a nice husband.

I went upstairs and showered and put on my comforting red flannel PJs.

Food arrived, Keto Pad Thai, and we ate in front of the TV watching more Handmaid. Afterwards he watched a John Wayne movie on Prime called Big Jake. I wasn't much interested in that and came up here to blog.

Difficult day.

I've finished most of this blog post up now. It's past 10pm and I hear David coming up to bed. I think I'll join him and snuggle him in my PJs. I'll add some photos and proofread this tomorrow.


I'm back! It's still not tomorrow. It's around midnight. Just had sex with my husband and he's fallen asleep. I couldn't sleep so I came back to my computer to finish off this blog post.

Sex was nice. We both got ready for bed and I jumped in there with him still in my PJs and we snuggled. He was the big spoon and I was the little spoon. I thanked him for knowing what I needed and punishing me. I told him it was ok if he wanted to fuck me...

That piqued his interest. He politely asked how about me? I told him it would give me the most pleasure to just let him take his pleasure from me. He was game. He began unbuttoning my PJ top. When it was fully unbuttoned he put his hands on my breasts from behind and fondled me. My nipples got hard. He then tugged my PJ bottom down to my knees. He bent me over at the waist, pulling me into him at my hips and pushing me away from him at my upper back. He licked his hand and used it to lubricate the outside of my pussy lips and then fingered me, getting my juices to flow inside and out.

He then put his cock into me. It's always a bit of a shock, his big cock going into my relatively tight pussy. He settled in and started pumping. I loved giving myself to him like this. More accurately, him taking me like this. As he fucked me, he continued mauling my breasts. He pinched my nipples hard. I didn't mind. He was getting off on it. Pretty soon he came into me.

His cock stayed in my pussy, gradually softening until it popped out of its own accord. I turned and gave him a big kiss. I got up to go to the bathroom to cleanup. True to the stereotype, he rolled over and went to sleep!

I slipped into the bed next to him. I wasn't sure if I was going to sleep or not. After five minutes, he was asleep and I was still feeling wide awake so I slipped out of bed to come to my big computer to finish this off.

Rewarding day.

Love you all.

Tell me in the comments, what did you think of my behavior? Do you think David did a good job with me, or would you have punished me differently? Let us know.

Wednesday, May 5

Ejaculating from Pegging Only

A correspondent turned me on to some videos of the genre where guys are made to ejaculate from anal stimulation only. I have not yet achieved this with david, but I think it's a worthy goal!

One of the actresses is named Alix Nixx. Here she is in action with her sissy subby:

I often have david in this "cock behind legs" scenario, and often work bum toys into him during it. If I rub his cock in this scenario, he inevitably cums strongly down the backs of his legs.

Here is a photo I took of my husband, after a spanking, in just this predicament.

You can already see the baby oil glistening on his cock, balls, and thighs. Immediately after this photo, I "took him in hand" and made him disgrace himself, squirming and moaning, down the backs of his legs. I consider this to be a very "feminine" position for the man. From the front he no longer has a penis, it looks more like a vagina. His ass in this photo looks pretty rounded and feminine, no? The colouring indicating a recent spanking is also feminine. That pinky red is a feminine colour, and having to be spanked I have always considered a feminine thing. Of course the deep penetration with a dildo is a feminine thing. His position with his ass up across the pillows is feminine. And for sure the wriggling and moaning as I made him orgasm was very feminine. Hold those legs tightly together dear, for your orgasm.

I sometimes punish him in this position as well. For example, here he is again, doing corner-time:

Yes he has blue panties on, and yes he was required to be fully tamponed and humbled during his timeout. The humbling makes him bend at the waist a bit to relieve the pressure on his testicles, which in turn sticks his bum out more into the room. I tease him by walking past and pulling on his string every now and then to remind him what a woman he is.

I even had my artist friend, lill jo, draw me a few "typical" pictures of david in timeout.

You can see david there, in timeout in the corner, panties at his knees, butt-plugged, belt around his thighs so that his penis and testicles are "locked in" behind him. Sometime I will bend him over for his strapping like that. I am sufficiently good with my aim that I can just barely graze his balls with the air from the ferociously whipping strap. He gets very scared, though! Ha ha!

Here's another.

He's got his frilly camisole top on in that one and some nice red cheeks.

In this one he's topless, his buns have been severely beaten, the belt is around his thighs and his cock and balls out behind on show. Plus there's a big vibrating dildo up his butt. I don't care if his hands are in front when his cock and balls are behind. What can he do? Rub his little puss-puss? He's welcome to.

Here's another timeout taken from real-life. I had to punish him for a series of bad eating days. It's described in my educational article Fat Loss and Spanking.

The big red towards the end of the chart was the day he did not control himself at all. Zero self-discipline. If he has no self-discipline, the discipline will be provided by me. I took him over my knee and hand-spanked him, and then gave him a brief taste of the paddle (10 very hard strokes). Then I stood him in the corner for 30 minutes and told him that after that he would be paddled 100 times, and belt whipped 50 times, to teach him a lesson.

It can now also be revealed that as he stood in the corner in as humiliating a pose as I could imagine for his 30 minutes, I informed him that the photo was going on my blog.

I made him read that entire blog article and especially my caption of this photo:

Oh Ha ha ha ha ha! Can you even imagine having a wife who makes you stand like that for 30 full minutes, cock and balls out, red ass showing, holding the paddle you're about to be severely beaten with between your ass cheeks like that? And then to take a photo of it, and publish it? Even his penis and testicles humbled and on full public display, fully photographed. Look how absolutely pathetic a grown man can be. I ought to feel bad for publishing it. I absolutely don't. All you male blog readers, I want you to imagine yourselves like that, put there by me, knowing that when your corner time is up you'll be paddled with that thing between your cheeks 100 times, and then belt whipped 50 times. You will stay on your diet after that!

Back to Alix Nixx now. You can view many videos by her on the same theme on pornhub.

Here she is preparing her sissy to be fucked from behind. Panties down, cock and balls out back.

Ready to go.

Getting ready to slide it in...

And in it goes.

Right to the hilt, over and over again.

After several minutes of this kind of fucking, it's all to much for her sissy, and she creams down the backs of her legs, from the ass fucking alone!

Dribbly little boy clit. Pump him a few more times to make sure it all comes out.

Pulling out from Miss Dribbly Clit. A job well done!

I wish my david could come from an ass fucking alone. Maybe the first time I make him take real cock he will?

Along the same vein is a cute couple called Haighlee and Tyler Dallas from OurDirtyLilSecret. She is absolutely gorgeous,

and he is kept locked.

In one video, of which many can be found on their site and on pornhub,  he is bent over, in his cage, waiting for his fucking while Haighlee puts on her strap-on and lubes it for us.

She goes up to him and begins his fucking.

She loves the camera and the camera loves her!

She pulls out and walks behind him.

We can see he's well-stretched, well-lubed, and his balls must be aching from the pressure of his cock on his cage. She frees him from his cage, enters him again and uses her hand to make him cum for us while she's hamming it up for the camera.

What a gal! My new hero. Poor Tyler. The things he has to do for money... :-) Though I think he does get something besides out of it...

What a cute couple!

Tuesday, May 4

Handmaid's Tale - The Belt!

David and I have just been making our way through the Handmaid's Tale TV series. We just got to season 2, episode 8, and there was a good old fashioned belt whipping I need to blog about!

Offred a.k.a. June

We watched season 1 around the time it first came out. Then recently we saw there was a new season, so we went to watch that and quickly realized we had skipped seasons 2 and 3, so we went back to watch those. Then we remembered we had seen an episode of season 2 and got grossed out and quit (the handcuffed to stove thing... yuck!). But we persevered this time and got to episode 8 and were rewarded with a good belt whipping!

In case you haven't seen the series or read the book, it's Margaret Atwood's dystopian view of a future USA where the religious fundamentalists take over amidst a plunging birthrate. Certain "fallen women" who are fortunate to be able to bear children are made "handmaids" and are given out to high ranking families to bear the man's child where the wife cannot.

Commander Fred and Serena Joy Waterford

The main character is June, a handmaid renamed Offred ("Of Fred"), who is given to Commander Fred Waterford and his wife Serena Joy Waterford to bear them a child by means of "the ceremony".

Yes, it's fucking kinky, though we're meant to "tut tut" at the rape. This is a theme, as we shall see.

A this point in season 2, Serena Waterford is a twisted, holier-than-thou, bitch. She used to be a hard-driving politician, but after the takeover, all women were expected to not work and fulfill a domestic role. The Commander is injured in a bombing attack, and while he was incapacitated Serena began secretly acting on his behalf, aided by Offred who used to be a book editor, forging his signature on orders that kept the household safe from even worse elements in the government.

Once the commander is recovered, there is a sick baby, and the most expert pediatric specialist is a woman now a housemaid. Serena asks Fred to sign an order allowing the specialist to visit the baby. He refuses for their safety. But then, behind Fred's back, Serena, aided and abetted by Offred, writes an order and forges her husband's name on it. It actually winds up saving the baby, but that's not the point, is it?

Commander Waterford finds out and calls both Serena and June into his office.

David and I were both thinking "spanking" right from this moment, but thought we would likely be disappointed. As it turned out, we weren't!

After clearing up what happens, and after Serena tries making excuses, Commander Fred says, "it was unfair of me to burden you with so much responsibility. Now we must make amends."

"Amends?" Serena asks.

Oh boy! David and I turned to one another. Is she going to get spanked? Nah!

The Commander goes to his book shelf and gets the Bible and reads, "wives, submit yourselves onto your own husbands as onto the Lord..." As he reads he walks slowly over to a chair and then pulls it out from the side of the room into the middle.

Oh yeah! Spanking time, Serena, you stuck up, holier-than-thou bitch, and right in front of your pregnant handmaid Offred who you've generally been horrid towards. That should take you down a peg or two!

We close up on Serena.

She's looking worried and says, "Fred, please..." It's on for sure, though David and I are still pinching ourselves.

Fred puts the Bible down onto the seat of the chair.

He then slowly unbuckles his belt,

pulls it off, and doubles it.

Wow! She's going to be belt whipped bent over the back of the chair, looking down at the Bible, while Offred watches. Is this, like, the best mainstream spanking ever??? And did David and I just stumble into it?

The Commander calls Serena over. She knows what's expected of her. She slowly walks to the chair, puts her hands on the back of it, and before bending over looks over at Offred, not believing that this girl will see her shame, but the shame is part of her punishment; and Offred's punishment is to witness her Mistress being punished.

Serena bends over and awaits her fate.

At this point it becomes clear that Serena will not be disrobed for her belting. Shucks!!!

The production should have hired technical advisors, such as David and I, to lend a sense of realism to the scene. There's no way that belt is going to do anything to her ass through all those thick layers of skirts. Not beleivable! At least the blue dress should have come up and she should have gotten it on her slip. Or more likely the slip up too, so he could see where he was aiming and what damage was being done. If they wanted to preserve some modesty for TV, sure keep her panties up. A panties-up belting would still leave a good impression on the uppity woman.

Then he starts whipping her. The belt lashes are good and hard, enough to leave an impression, but totally at the wrong angle!

Where in hell is that belt expected to land??? On her tailbone? Grazing off the top of her ass? I mean really! Later on, in the most exciting reveal, we see that she has marks on her lower ass cheeks. How did those get there??? David and I, as technical advisors, would have been right in there. I would have bent over with the dress up. David would have swung the belt properly, to hit my low ass cheeks. Amateurs, I tell you!

As Serena Joy is struck over and over again, Offred tries to turn away but is told by the Commander she must watch it all. She turns back and winces at every stroke.

She is horrified! The cruelty! Meanwhile David and I are laughing our heads off. I mean, earlier in the series they fucking burned a girl's hand off! This was like a routine Sunday belting for us.

Legit, if I forged my husband's signature on a document, after first asking him to sign it and him refusing for good reasons, I'd be getting a hell of a lot worse than her, the precious little priss. Take it. Take your belting. You know you deserve it. Stop whining about it.

The camera kept going back to Offred witnessing the torture. David and I were still laughing. We figured Serena's pussy was just getting a bit wet by now and El Commandatore was about to take her to the bedroom and shove his dick in, maybe while he makes her eat out June. What a commotion over a little spanking. Yeesh!

Afterwards, we cut to a sore, limping, tearful Serena in her bedroom starting to undress.

She winces in pain as she slowly undresses herself.

It is soooo over the top. I mean, suck it up buttercup. You got the belt from your man, big dealio.

At this point after one of my spankings, I'm all relieved of my guilt and glad to be back on my man's good side. I'm happy and bubbly! And with a sore ass, yes. And expecting some activity in the bedroom that evening, after wiggling my bare red ass in his face and engorging his passions during my spanking. And believe me I will be oh-be-dee-ent in bed after a good spanking like that.

She's crying as she lets her hair down for maybe the first time in the series.

We are to sympathize with her. No way. Bitch had it coming!

She slowly turns and we can see she is positioning to look at herself in the mirror.

Is this going to be it? Is thing going to be the "money shot"? She begins the faintest of turning motions. OMG! It is!!!

I mean, what girl after a spanking does not want to look at her ass? It's almost mandatory, right? Will there be a closeup? Please let there be a closeup!!! It was only in frame for an instant, but thanks to the miracle of downloading, I present it here for you in all its exposure-enhanced glory!

Yes!!!!! A bunch of observations come to mind.

  • Does not look like a belting to me, more like a lamp-cord whipping or something like that.
  • No way from that high angle does he touch her low butt cheeks like that.
  • Sexy panties for the ultra-religious, chaste wife, no? They are regulation.
  • Great ass! World class.
  • Who was the lucky makeup artist who got to work on that????
  • Yeah, ok, it hurts Serena Joy, but enough with the histrionics already!

David and I were openly laughing and mocking her character. What a lot of fuss over a little belt whipping. I've had worse warmups than that.

We then see the oh-so-helpful Offred follow Serena up to her room and knock on her door.

"Y...y...yes" says Serena, still standing in her bra and panties inside her room.

"Mrs. Waterford... do you need anything?" asks Offred. 

"No." she says firmly, choking back her tears.

"Can I do anything for you?" Offred persists, the sisterly angst on her face so genuine.

No answer.

"Serena?" she persists.

Serena almost, almost breaks down and sobs.

But gathering herself in the nick of time, she puts back on her stony bitch face and says, "yes. Go back to your room."

After which she breaks down and sobs silent tears into her hand.

I mean, have none of the writers, actors, directors, ever been spanked before??? What a lot of fuss and nonsense!

Next time, hire David and I as your technical advisors, really.

But of course, what we love is all the tut-tutting the audience is expected to engage in at this horrible violation of Serena Joy's backside by her strict husband. Meanwhile, of course, it was served up precisely because it was so titillating. I wonder how many frustrated vanilla wives turned to their husbands and asked, "you would never think of doing that to me, would you?"

Ha ha!