Tuesday, October 19

I Need a Spanking, Bad!

I haven't been spanked in too long by now, and I am starting to really, really crave it. I don't want to ask him for one, and I don't want to roleplay one, I want to be a naughty girl and have him give me one, for real. But I don't want to be naughty on purpose just to get it. What a conundrum.

In the meantime, a reader pointed me at a video clip on a new site I had not visited before. I liked his video, and then I "went down the rabbit hole", as they say, and watched at least a dozen, with my fingers stroking my clitty practically the whole time. I actually "edged" myself a few times, and then, when it got too much, I got my Hitachi out (at the desk with the computer), re-watched my selected video, and came during the most intense part. I'll leave it to you in the comments to guess which one and where that was. Ha ha!

And yes, I had the foresight to bookmark all the good ones and then go back for screen grabs.

Here is my selection. If you like what you see, please consider going and buying the videos (if you still can) to support the makers.

Racing Stables Discipline - firmhandspanking.com

This is the one my reader sent me to. He thought my sister and I would enjoy it. It would be extremely cheeky for me to forward to my sister Sue. If she was single, I would no doubt get a spanking from her for doing that. But she has a bit of a more serious girlfriend going now, and I don't think it's appropriate... sigh.

It starts off with the girl jogging (as punishment). The woman in charge comes and tells her she has a bone to pick with her. Next thing you know, she's across her knee getting a slipper spanking!

We get to see her bum progress towards that lovely pinky-red colour. I love the pulled down shorts and panties, and the no-nonsense leg-lock positioning. I like that it's outside and so there is a chance others might see! How embarrassing...

I particularly like the spanking is eliciting a genuine, howling, reaction.

Poor girl.

Does something like this turn me on? Yes, absolutely. I always imagine myself in the submissive part where other women are concerned. I've been thoroughly spanked in my life by Tracy, Mistress Violet, and by Sue. The thought of being spanked by a woman gives me butterflies in my low, low tummy. And, as always, I would prefer a spanking to tears as opposed to some sensual this and that.

Kiki Handspanked - realspankings.com

Next one I saw was a clip from the great realspankings.com website. It's what looks like a Daddy spanking his daughter (me, in my imagination). It's being administered in the privacy of the home, but out in the open in the living room. There is a voyeur in the video (I imagine a little brother or sister), and we sometimes see the spanking from their point of view.

Daddy has me straddling his knee.

Putting aside any prurient considerations, this is actually a very practical spanking position. One of my arms is completely excluded, his arm is wrapped around my waist for control, and it can easilly trap my other arm if I were to raise it to protect myself. I can't wriggle off, as I am well stuck onto his knee. And the position opens up my tender inner thighs and further around the bottom into the cleft. Plus there's the embarrassment factor of being so on display to Daddy, and so worried how mortifying it would be to leave a stain on Daddy's trousers!!!! Daddy is just being practical, and HE DOES NOT REALIZE what this position does to me!!!!!!! What if I were to shudder to orgasm during my spanking!?! Oh, ground, swallow me up, please!

Afterwards, Daddy leaves me in timeout to cool off and consider my sins.

I have been made an object lesson for my brothers and sisters, and any friends they may have brought by.

This fantasy of being spanked like this by my Father, or by my Husband acting in loco parentis, combined with the shameful possibility of discovery, is a major, major driver of my submissive spanking sexuality.

I want to be her!

Wife Spanked - realspankings.com

Another one from the great realspankingnetworks. I think this one was intended as a daughter, but I see nothing but wife. The wife (me) has been inappropriate in public, and upon returning home, she is to receive a fully nude belt whipping from her husband. She is sent to prepare herself.

I have been, in real-life, made to prepare myself in this way by my husband. I can speak to the feelings that went through my mind and body. First, it is a sexually submissive posture, and my pussy engages accordingly despite the fiull knowledge that I am here for a belt-whipping. I know my breasts are dangling and will shake around during my whipping. I feel like it's not attractive, like I'm a milk cow. I am scared of what's coming. The wait is interminable.

My husband comes in, lectures me, and removes his belt from around his waist.

I can hear the unfastening and the pulling of the belt out from his belt loops. I can hear him preparing the belt to whip me with. It's so crucial to me that it's a belt, and that it's HIS belt, the one he wears EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sometimes I glance at the belt around my husband's waist in normal life, and my pussy gushes a little into my panties. Sometimes he catches me looking and he smirks, taps the buckle, and tells me I better behave.

He lays the belt across my ass.

I know I am at his mercy.

When the belt comes out, it's usually very long and very hard.

I am howling long before it's over.

Afterwards, I am a very sorry little wife, and I am often crying.

Look at her ass! It got torn up...

Of course, afterwards I always want to see the damage also.

OTK Wooden Spooning and Soaping

I don't know the studio on this one. If anybody does, please let us know in the comments.

In this one, a wife is sent to the corner for being a brat in some unspecified way. I don't imagine it's me getting this treatment. I am imagining I am a voyeur and delighting in watching another woman get it for once from her macho man. Throughout, my dominant emotion is "she deserves it!"

First, she is sent to the corner.

She knows she's pushed it too far and is in serious trouble now.

He comes to her and reaches around to unfasten her shorts and lower them, together with her panties, to her knees.

I love the ritual of the bottom baring. She's already been humiliated by being made to stand facing the wall with her hands on her head. So childish. Her man has already dominated her by forcing her to do this. But that's not even good enough. She's going to have to stand there with her bare bottom on display! Her mind will be focused on her imminent spanking.

Look how ridiculous she looks. I love the touch of the dog in there, watching. They both heed their master!

I can well imagine the ritual is unchanged even if company is over, such as relatives or friends even, if she chooses to misbehave in their presence. She will be taught her lesson and humiliated in exactly the same way. If they choose to stay, they will see her getting spanked.

She is brought out of the corner and across his knee. He has chosen the wooden spoon for her spanking, a particularly devilish instrument, I speak from experience!

He is concentrating her spanks on four distinct spots. She becomes frantic during her spanking and cries like crazy! She reaches back to protect her bottom.

He responds by lowering her panties to expose even more back of thigh, and then punishes her severely for her lack of control with a hard, well-placed swat of the wooden spoon to her right leg.

She is being taught that trying to protect her butt will only make things worse. I admire how strict he is with her, despite the crocodile tears. She instinctively reaches out to the spot he just spanked, opening up the rest of her bottom, as per plan.

By the time he is done with her, she is thoroughly in tears. During her ordeal, she was lippy, and her language was none too ladylike. This he deals with by making her stand in timeout with a bar of soap in her mouth. Good! She deserves it.

I like that she was put in her place. It's the sort of relationship I want with my man as well.

Russian Gym Discipline

This is crazy Russian one. It is definitely disturbing. He's the coach I believe, and he whips a series of girls for misbehavior with several strands of cord.

What turns me on (disturbingly) is that a man of his size, strength, and fitness could easily physically overpower all four of those girls at once. As a woman, if you know what's good for you, you will submit. I imagine I am the fourth girl in line, and he has told me I'll get it the worst as the "ring leader". I have to watch my three friends being brutally whipped by him, knowing mine will be worse than them all.

That's me, on the right. Holy shit!

With these Russian / Eastern European videos, you never know how much coercion is going on with the girls. Is he a Russian mafia guy, and the girls have no choice but to "act" in these videos? Or are they in such dire straights economically that they feel they have no other choice to make ends meet? Once Communism comes to Canada, and the Party takes everything from us leaving us starving, this is the sort of thing I'll have to do also...

Futile Struggles - futilestruggles.com

In this one, I totally feel like it is me this is being done to. I think I even look a bit like her, and it is everything I want and need at a time like this (when my pussy gets so needy).

The summer dress makes her feel so innocent and vulnerable. The hands clasped behind her unnaturally: she was made to stand like that. The eyes downcast. She is barefoot.

A small but important detail: barefoot in the kitchen sort of thing. Her feet are a bit dirty.

The man comes over, grabs her hair in his hand bending her head back, and squeezes her right breast viciously, making her gasp out loud.

He bends her over a bit and spanks her. Hard spanks. Sir is in charge.

My pussy got sooooo wet seeing even this much!!!!

He sits on the couch and brings her across his knee by her hair.

Oh yes! Oh yes! It's going to be a spanking! If there was no serious spanking as part of her domination, it would turn me off. A hand spanking starting off in her innocent white panties is a major turn on for me.

He spanks her, very, very hard across and just under her panty line, and she reacts accordingly. It proves what I always say. All a man needs is his hand to thoroughly and completely punish a girl. I absolutely gush 💦💦💦 at the concept of a strong man spanking me to tears across his knee with only his hand.

He pulls her panties up into her crack. OMG! My newist fetish. Yes!

Look at the state of her bum already. That's just from his hand over the seat of her panties! And look how the material of her panty pulls up against her vagina. Oh more gushes. 💦💦💦

He continues her spanking with her like that, extending her spanking down the backs of her legs as well.

Look at her facial expression and how she is desperately clutching his pant leg. Here's a zoom.

I do this when I'm in extremus, clutch at his pant leg like that. Makes me feel even more "owned". The hand spanking she received was truly epic, but it was not the end, not nearly. Next she gets the belt!

Only after the belt is she stood up and told to strip, fully! She does so immediately and without question (as would I). He comes behind her and mauls her titties. You can see his hand marks in the below.

Next, she's put in a very stressful timeout.

We're allowed to watch her suffer there, in real-time, for a good five minutes. I did not fast forward.

Those things around her feet are elastic bands. He snaps them down on the soles of her feet when he wants her to mind him better.

He stood her up and wanted to tie her hands behind her back.

But she flinched her hands away. As a result, she will be consequenced before being tied up again. She's told to hold her hands out straight while he goes to fetch a thing.

She knows what's coming, and she's scared, and she is right to be.

I like that even tiny acts of mini-defiance are harshly consequenced. It's the only way I will learn.

Next she had her hands tied behind her back and was stood up against the wall for a front thigh strapping.

She howls at the pain of the strap to the fronts of her legs and can barely stay standing. No wonder he needed to tie her hands behind her back. Daddy knew best his little girl's limits.

He ended with a spanking and then a bottom strapping over the arm of the couch.

What a perfect video! 💦💦💦

Trial By Ordeal - Strictly English Spanking Productions

This is a fun one that speaks to me. It's a young Canadian woman (me!) who moves to a small town in England that is rather set in its ways. They have many local rules and regulations (some very silly, in my opinion) of which I am unaware. They also have a local system for administering "on the spot" justice.

An older gentleman show up at my door.

He informs me that I have broken one of the town's many rules and that it is a serious matter indeed. He is there to give me "guidance". I thank him for his "guidance" and try to get rid of him. He says, "oh no! The guidance I am required to give you is a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking."

This can't be right! But I am told in no uncertain terms that's the way it is done here, and if I don't comply, much more serious things will transpire. I am new here, and I don't know the customs, and I want to fit in, so I grudgingly agree.

Next thing you know...

Why does this silly plot speak to me? Well, if there was a town in England like this, I would certainly go stay there for a spell. Imagine if there was a maze of rules and I constantly fell afoul of them? I would need many, many spankings. And all of them delivered by older fatherly types. Can anyone see the gentleman in the above photo as "attractive"? I can! Being willing and able to turn me across his knee makes him incredibly attractive to me, despite any superficial physical details.

My spanking is long and hard. I spend about four minutes across his knee getting my bum completely scorched!

I am so turned on by a vigorous hand spanking like that!

I am let up and told not to offend again.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, the town has a veritable maze of rules, and I fell afoul of another of them the very next day.

I was alone in my house exercising in my exercise togs.

Then I hear a knock on the door and go to see who it is and let them in 

It's a different gentleman from the Town Council very fed up with me, two rules in two days, and none to pleased to see the sort of skimpy exercise wear I choose to have on in the privacy of my house or not!

He informs me that as it's the second rule in two days he needs to give me a taste of his belt. He sets the chair in the middle of the room and makes me bend over it.

I am regretting my choice of gym shorts at this point in time! But regardless of their skimpiness, it's to be on the bare, so he pulls them down.

I am waiting there, feeling rather sorry for myself, and rather exposed (!), as he removes his belt from around his waist.

And he gives me such a severe whipping!

Again I found myself howling at the punishment!

After 36 punishing strappings with his heavy leather belt he tells me I may stand and he surveys the damage.

He walks around towards the front of me (I know what he can seeeeee!) and tells me to pull my pants back up as if I was a disgrace for having them down in the first place.

Is every older gentleman in this town going to be seeing my bum and pussy!?! What are they saying about me in the pub where they gather?

Determined to be better mindful of the town rules I go about my business. On Sunday I go for a jog around the Church. Later that day, I receive a "summons" in the mail. I am to report to the Head of Council in his chambers for violating yet another stupid rule!

I dress nicely and go there to meet with him. He is very cross with me. Three rules in three days! This last is exercising on the Lord's Day and dressing indecently while I was at it! He read me the riot act.

This time, I would not get off so easy, he said.

He made me strip in front of him!

This is so utterly humiliating... "ALL the way down, young lady!"

I strip entirely to bare in front of him and am so ashamed. I like when the actresses show a sense of shame as this one does above. I find it much, much more realistic. If I'm to be stripped in front of a strange clothed man about to discipline me, I would be covering desperately and blushing from head to toe!

I would also be feeling my nipples harden and my pussy moisten.

He bends me over a table in the center of his office and is holding a cane!

He proceeds to use the cane on my poor bottom.

My breasts feel mashed into his hard wooden table as the cane viciously cuts into my bottom flesh and I kick, cry out, and carry on.

He removes his coat and carries on.

All in all I receive EIGHTEEN full strokes of his thick cane! It's unbearable!!!!

He finally lets me up.

I am prepared to do anything, say anything. He has completely mastered me with that cane! I don't want to ever feel a thing like that ever again!

He has me turn to face him and he lectures me. My bum is so sore I must rub it, not carrying anymore what I am displaying in front.

He can see my breasts and my very, very bare vagina.

What must he think of me that I keep myself shaved completely bare, like a toddler, down below??? What with my previous two violations, I'm sure all the men in town have heard about how I keep myself, and they've told their wives, no doubt, a good laugh at my expense, which accounts for all the dirty looks from the townswomen, I suppose.

Sir conducts me to the side of the room and has me place my arms out.

He punishes me by having me on my tip-toes, arms outstretched, holding a collection of heavy books out. I am trembling! I am acutely aware of my nudity. But I will do anything to avoid more of the cane! While I hold myself here, he reads out my notices and scolds me some more. He decides I have not yet had enough punishment and I am to be caned again. Noooooo!

"No Sir. Not the cane again, Sir! Please Sir! I'll... I'll be good. I'll study all the rules! I won't break another rule ever again. I PROMISE!!!!"

But he is adamant. I must bend over, on my tip-toes, legs spread, holding the wall.

He adjusts my posture by tapping me on my low abdomen, encouraging me to push my bottom out to its maximal extent.

He taps my breasts, encouraging me to arch my back and have them stick out proudly.

This is completely mortifying! He owns every inch of my body.

When I am finally in position, he commences my second caning.

He insists I retain my position. It is so hard to do! He tells me I am disobedient when I cannot, and canes me more. I try my hardest! He keeps prodding me back into position and then caning me more and more. I receive twelve strokes in that manner, on top of my previous eighteen.

When he finally says I am done, I collapse to the floor from the pain and the stress of holding the position, holding my bum out and my back arched, for so long.

I am a well-beaten young lady!

The caning was horrid, but the final humiliation is yet to come. Sir has me stand and takes me by the hand towards the spanking chair!

Yes! On top of all I've suffered already, I'm now to suffer the indignity of being spanked like a toddler across his knee!

Oh. The indignity! Over I go...

 I'm completely, totally, nude, lying across this strange man's lap! He can see me.

He begins spanking me. No light spanking this. It is hard hand spanks from the first to the last.

Midway through he pauses with me over his lap to remove his vest and roll up his sleeve. Oh no!

And then he continues my spanking!

All in all, my spanking across his knee lasted only 4 minutes in total, but I received 275 spanks during that time. I was kicking and howling and screaming throughout.

Sir let me up and I clutched at my bottom. He had a satisfied expression on his face. Again, I am sooo turned on by a man who can bring a girl to tears using only his hand on her bottom.

He allowed me to dress and leave and told me it will only get worse if I continue disobeying the rules.


This whole scenario really appeals to me incredibly. All these older men, really, really turn me on. It's my only "complaint" with David. He's not yet old enough. But that will change. He will age gracefully and I will still be a child inside.

My strictest punishment from David to-date was two back-to-back ten minutes session with the hairbrush across his knee, and with a bare bum apology writing in between. That is as harsh (if not more so) than any of the models in these videos (except maybe the Russian girls?). For me it was legitimately 10 minutes each time of unending fiery torment on my bare bottom. I was shrieking and crying practically the whole time. Sometimes the hand won't do it, I suppose, to teach the lesson that needs to be taught, even David's hard hand. I accept that.

I once emailed back and forth with a French fan who lives near the Med, a retired schoolteacher. We imagined me coming over for a summer of remedial French Language instruction as a live-in student. In exchange, I would cook and clean for him, be subject to his discipline for poor performance, and make myself completely sexually available to him. No doubt all his friends and neighbors would be made aware, over time, of his arrangement with his crazy Canadian lady, and would see me frequently punished. Oh blush! This video reminded me of that:

Husband-Wife Spanking Porn

So embarrassing!


No how do I go about getting a spanking from David? As I said, I don't want to ask, and I don't want to deliberately misbehave. I think I just need him to be a bit... stricter? More on the lookout for things that deserve a good spanking. Perhaps I'll point him to this blog post for inspiration?

So, now it's up to you all to guess at what point, in all those videos, did I go back to to have my orgasm! There are no wrong answers, but there is only one right one ;-)