Sunday, September 10

The Georgia Case

Former (and Future?) President Donald Trump and his lawyers have been  indicted in Georgia on RICO charges where he is alleged to be the head of a criminal organization that sought to introduce a slate of fake electors.

This is apparently somehow related to a phone call where he said:

"So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state."

Georgia did a machine recount and a hand recount. And also no court found any problems. This is apparently germane because the crime requires mens rea, a "guilty mind". I.e., it needs to be proven that Trump knew the election was really legitimate in his mind, but chose to proceed disputing it in a fraudulent manner in a quest for illicit gains. The argument would be "he had to have known" based on the above.

RICO stands for "Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization" and is the name of a Federal Act designed to tackle organized crime. The federal act requires multiple individuals be in an identifiable enterprise (eg, Mafia), and that they have a pattern of convicted crimes that they undertake as part of their criminal enterprise. That being the case you can then charge the head of the enterprise whether or not it can be proven he had any direct or indirect involvement in the crime. It was introduced because the mob bosses got too clever, and nothing could ever be directly tied to them. Georgia has a similar RICO Act which is somewhat broader than the Federal one.

Charging Trump under RICO seems to be an admission that they can't find any evidence that he ordered anything illegal to be done at all (if they could, they would have charged Conspiracy, not RICO).

How about so-called "fake electors"? The actual name is "an alternative slate of electors" and it may well be the correct and constitutional way to contest a State's election. You set up an alternate slate and then you have it out in court to see which slate is valid. It also can go to Congress. There was nothing "hidden" about this legal gambit. Here is what Trump aid Stephen Miller said at the time on Fox News:

“As we speak, today, an alternate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we’re going to send those results up to Congress,” he continued. “This will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. That means that if we win these cases in the courts, that we can direct that the alternate state of electors be certified.”

There is an 1876 precedent for doing this, and it was being readied for Bush vs Gore as well when the Supreme Court ruling made it moot.

All the Georgia charges revolve around Trump and his legal team using this legal approach to stay in the game past Jan.6.

Now, many argue that despite the 1876 precedent, this approach ought not work. It was telling, however, that immediately after the 2020 election they added a law to make sure it no longer works, thereby implicitly indicating that it possibly did work before that?

Now how about the phone call. First of all, it's a tiny out of context sound byte from a 30 minute call. But read  the sound byte again:

"I just want to find 11,780 votes"

He's not ask anybody to manufacture them out of thin air. One can literally only "find" something that already exists.

The rest of the 30 minute call was Trump and his team rattling off dozens of ways they believed the Georgia election to have been rigged. Trump repeatedly said that there were 100's of thousands potentially illegal votes, the 11,780 was in the context of asking them to do their jobs, investigate the allegations, because if only a tiny number of allegations can be shown valid it would overturn the state. He did not ask the Governor, while on a call with 30 others, to manufacture fake votes.

Here is the full transcript. You should read it to understand the context of this statement.

But the Georgia courts heard all of this and ruled on the evidence, right? No. The courts did not take any election cases and did not hear any evidence. They ruled lack of standing before any evidence was presented.

But the audits and recounts? Trump on the call was asking for the signatures to be checked, not the allegedly fraudulent ballots to be recounted. You can count allegedly fraudulent ballots a hundred times and get the same allegedly phony result. It's only with a signature check that you can audit the potential fraud. That was never done.

I have no doubt Trump and his lawyers will be convicted because of the partisan judge and the partisan jurors, and no doubt that it will be reversed at the Supreme Court.

But as far as banana republic nonsense goes, according to Dershowitz, we're up to 7/10 bananas already, rising to 8 when Trump is convicted on these bogus charges. Here is noted constitutional lawyer and scholar Alan Dershowitz on these indictments:

So, like Trump or not, what do you guys think? Is this one politically motivated or a legit case of "organized crime" with Don as The Don?

Sunday, September 3

Lucy's Spankings

Oh no! Dilemmas! After publishing my Spanking Short Stories Inspired by A.I. (Vol.1 F/M), I was excited to finally start in on Vol.2 featuring M/F short stories inspired by A.I. I copied the MSWord file for Vol.1, kept all the structure and formatting, deleted everything, changed the cover and title, and started writing! You like my watermelon panties?

Nice, bookends. Blue for boys, pink for girls.

I'll tell you my problem in a moment, but let me first digress and give my thanks to Lion over at his blog for buying my Vol.1 book and writing a great review: A New Fun Spanking Book. Lion says,

Julie isn’t a typical porn author. Her stories have surprising and sexy twists that manage to surprise me every time. Julie knows how to push all the right buttons.

Get it a your local Amazon.

Thank you, Lion!

Paying it forward, I just noticed that Tina over at Die starke Frau / The strong woman, has put out a new book Embracing Her Lead: A Guide to Thriving in Female-Led Relationships. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Okay, but here's the problem with Vol.2. I started in on a short story involving a 30-year-old woman who is forced by economic circumstances to move back in with her small-town Mom and Dad. Short stories should be short, of course. But when I got to my short story page target (around 20 pages), she did not get even her first spanking! But it's a GREAT setup, so now I'm thinking of putting Vol.2 on hold and writing a novella based on this premise. I mean, it's that good! The girl is totally me, and the Dad is totally my Dad, and I was getting sooooo turned on writing it!

Of course, I'm also excited by the dozen other short story ideas in my head, many of them I worked out with ChatGPT. So, I'm very conflicted. An embarrassment of riches!

Here's my lead up. It's a total first draft and I'd definitely clean it up and maybe take more time to flesh things out if it's going to be a novella (I was trying to keep it concise for a short story).

Let me know what you think!


Lucy Reynolds is a spunky 30-year-old woman who finds herself in an unforeseen circumstance. After losing her job and relationship, and facing a mountain of debt, she is forced to move back home to live with her parents until she can get back on her feet. She had moved out to make it in the big city before even graduating high school, chaffing at her dad's strict rules and even stricter punishments. So, she's pretty embarrassed that it has come to this.

On her first day back, as she's unpacking her suitcase into her childhood room, her dad steps in to have a private word with her.

Mr. Reynolds is a tall man with graying hair and a stern demeanour.

"Lucy, you're very welcome to stay as long as you need to, we only ask you contribute to the household work as best you can."

"Of course, Daddy."

"And remember young lady, when you're under my roof, you're under my rules."

Lucy rolls her eyes and says, "Dad, I'm 30-years-old. I'm not a kid anymore. You don't need to tuck me in and read me bedtime stories."

"Age is just a number, Lucy. You mind what I said."

"Fine," she says in an exasperated tone.

Mr. Reynolds looks back sharply at her, as if to tell her to watch her tone with him, but just nods and steps out of her room.

Lucy closes her bedroom door gently and throws herself on her bed. She didn't know what to expect coming home, but she should have expected this. Her dad was never one to be trifled with, and certainly not by "some snip of a girl", his last words to her when she refused his discipline and moved out, as was her right. Now here she is, she thinks, tail tucked firmly between legs. What did she expect?

But surely, at her age, he wouldn't still spank her, would he? The thought both horrifies her and does something else, something more confusing, for her. After being on her own for so long, cycling through subpar boyfriends (nothing like her daddy), she mentally began to associate boundaries and discipline, even spanking, with being loved and cared for, something she always enjoyed from her mom and dad, despite their strictness.

She had debated with herself for weeks moving back home. While she really didn't have much choice in the matter, she probably could have figured something out. But the truth was, she found herself craving her childhood boundaries. She even guiltily fantasized about her childhood spankings. And not just childhood. Right into her teens. And always, always, on her bare bum. She blushes as she has the thought. It's ridiculous. She's 30-years-old. He wouldn't. He couldn't. But the way he said, "my house, my rules". Could he? Would he? Of course, he wouldn't. She shook her head and put it out of her mind, getting on with the unpacking.

Sam Reynolds has mixed feelings about their daughter moving back in with them, however temporarily. He didn't approve of her decisions, her lifestyle, or of the company she kept. And look what happened. He had tried to raise her with discipline, but that child was always trouble. Too spunky for her own good, he thinks, chuckling to himself. It was actually her best quality, her spunkiness, but it got her into a lot of trouble growing up and earned her an awful lot of spankings and many hours with her nose in the corner, right up until she left home.

She had figured out the age of majority in their state was seventeen if she is no longer at home attending school. Her spunkiness caused her to refuse his discipline. He said she was right about the age of majority, if she moves out. But so long as she was living under his roof, it was under his rules and his consequences. She said in that case she was moving out. She'd move to the big city and get a job.

Sam was no hypocrite. "His roof, his rules" meant just that. If she was out from under his roof, she could do as she pleased.

Edith Reynolds, his wife, didn't see it the same way. She begged her husband to relent, terribly worried about her in the big city and what might become of her. Sam had no such worries. Sure, he was concerned, but they had raised a tough and resilient gal, and knew she would figure it out for herself. It might even be just what she needed.

Edith, in Lucy's presence, had pleaded with Sam to give up on his rules so she could stay. That's when he had said, "no slip of a girl sets the rules around here," and that was that.

They did go so far as to offer her a little financial support to get her started, but Lucy, spunky Lucy, got a job, finished high school by correspondence, got a better job, put herself through college, and got an even better job. Even so, she somehow managed to squander it all, not setting up a nest egg, and generating huge credit card debts with the help of her useless boyfriend. When the recession hit, and she lost her job, and her boyfriend abandoned her to her credit card bills, she was in dire straits.

Her parents didn't have the means, or the desire quite frankly, to support her financially, so rather than declare bankruptcy and couch-surf at her age, she asked to move back in. Her parents did help her to re-finance her credit card debts and were carrying the payments on the debt for the time being, which she is very grateful for.

Despite his daughter's calendar years, Sam still considers her an immature little girl based on her actions. Fine, she could come back to the nest, but "his roof, his rules" still applies, and in spades. Even as a supposed "adult", if she acts like a child, he'll lay down the law as for a child, and punish her like a child. If she doesn't like it, she knows where the door is. Even Edith had reluctantly agreed, eager to get her baby girl back home, if only for a while.

After a pleasant supper, Sam asks the women to join him in his study after they finish the clearing up. As they clear and wash, Lucy asks her mom what's up.

"His roof, his rules," her mom says by way of explanation.

When done, mother and daughter make their way into Sam Reynolds' sanctum sanctorum: his study.

Sam Reynolds is an accomplished and published amateur historian, as well as a somewhat famous author of historical fiction. In his stories, the heroes are men of virtue who rescue damsels in distress, though sometimes a particularly spoiled young damsel may just require a firm hand.

Lucy is quite possibly her dad's biggest fan, though she never lets on. She's too embarrassed to have him know she's dogmarked all the passages where the girl is spanked and later made love to, and that she frequently masturbates to those scenes. She knows it's weird to masturbate to her dad's fiction, but it is what it is.

Sam is behind his desk, writing, as the women enter. They each take a seat across the desk from him and wait for him to finish up his paragraph.

Lucy is intimidated by this room. Some of her more serious spankings, when the belt was taken off, happened in here.

He turns to them and says, "I asked you both here to discuss the rules for Lucy. Understood?"

"Oh, Sam," says Edith, sounding disappointed in him.

"Don't you think I'm too old for rules, Daddy?"

"What do I always say?"

"Age is just a number," Lucy rhymes off by rote.


"Your roof, your rules."


"Yes, Sir," Lucy says, intimidated by her stern dad.

"First of all, you'll help your mother around the house. The cooking, the cleaning, and suchlike. High time you learned how, young lady."

"Yes, Daddy," Lucy says, expecting it. She knows this discussion is her price of re-admittance, and she swallows her pride.

"Secondly, we won't be having you go idle. You'll get a part-time job if you want any spending money, and you'll enrol in some continuing education."

Lucy knows her dad is a stickler for life-long learning.

"Yes, Sir."

"Curfew. Curfew is 10pm weekdays, lights out by 11pm; 11pm weekends, lights out by midnight."

"Dad... no!"

"You need to establish a healthy sleep rhythm, young lady. No exceptions."

Lucy's cheeks burned with humiliation. A curfew? At her age? She's 30-years-old!

"Daddy... please."

"No exceptions."

"Dear," says Edith, "don't you think..."

"No exceptions. I require you to acknowledge that, young lady."

"Yes, SIR," Lucy says, sounding surly for the first time.

"Next, regarding your attire. I expect you to dress modestly and appropriately, especially around town. Nothing too short or too low cut or tight. None of those leggings or tight pants."


"Which brings us to men. You're not to be alone with a man under my roof. And I remind you that curfew is curfew, date or no date. A little kissing is fine, but nothing more. Any gentleman wishing to date you will ask my permission first."

"That's pretty old fashioned, Daddy," says Lucy with a smile. Indeed, after what she's just been through, she has zero interest in men. Had her dad vetted her boyfriends, things might have gone better in fact, her last boyfriend spending her money freely, racking up debt, and then blowing off.

"What can I say, I'm an old-fashioned guy," Sam says with a grin, indicating his antique-filled wood-panelled study.

"Finally, substances. No smoking, no drinking, certainly no recreational drugs of any type."

"Dad! You drink," Lucy says, in an accusatory tone, indicating his well-stocked bar of top-shelf liquor he keeps in this very room, under lock and key.

"In moderation, unlike you. You may have a drink when I offer it to you."

"Fine," Lucy says, knowing it's for her own good. She had been abusing drugs and alcohol and knows it's not good for her.

"Any questions?"

"No, Sir," Lucy says, still blushing and even a bit angry at being treated like a child. But she knew what she was signing up for when she asked to come home. She just had not expected the rules to be so rigid and voluminous, especially with regards to curfew and drinking and dress. She also smokes weed to calm herself. Though she was sure she could sneak in a toke behind Dad's back. She had become quite adept at it as a teen, after all.

No consequences were mentioned for breaking the rules, and Lucy had dared not ask. Was spanking the understood consequence, even at her age?

The next few weeks pass harmoniously. Lucy really enjoys her time with her mom, learning amazing cooking and household skills she had never developed as a kid. She even prepares a solid dinner all by herself, receiving much praise and encouragement from her mom and dad.

She also, against all odds, loves her time with her dad. What a little shit she must have been as a child, she thinks to herself, not appreciating her dad. By contrast to her loser boyfriends, dad is amazing. She can listen to him for hours going on about history, bringing it to life for her.

For their part, her parents are also mightily impressed by Lucy. Her quick wit, her raw intelligence, her broad interests. They always knew it, of course, but her mischievousness and boundary pushing as a teen made her hard to deal with back then. Despite Sam's initial reluctance, he's actually quite delighted to have his little girl back under his roof.

All the while, in the privacy of her childhood bedroom, more than ever Lucy reaches for her dad's juiciest fiction, pleasuring herself to her dad's spanked damsels and the rugged men who lay down the law for them.

These several weeks later, she can't help but wonder if dad was just bluffing with his big "my roof, my rules" act. Though in truth, she had broken none of his rules. Would he actually put her across his knee, as he did before, if she broke a rule? He had not threatened that explicitly in the laying down of the rules, so she is left wondering. Wondering what would happen if she broke a rule. Maybe just a small one...

Eventually, Lucy reconnects with some childhood friends. They organize a girl's night out. It's a Friday night and she knows her curfew is supposedly 11pm, but it had not been mentioned since, even when she had casually told her mom and dad her plans. She was also banned from drinking except when offered by her dad, but he fairly routinely offered her a sherry for their after-dinner history and world politics discussions. So again, she wasn't sure how serious he was about it all.

She goes out, dressed modestly and determined to stick to non-alcoholic beverages. However, a bit of that teenage boundary pushing is still with her. What if she's just a few minutes late for curfew? What would happen? Would it go unnoticed? Would she get a talking to? More than that? She wanted to find out, even though the butterflies in her tummy told her not to. Her main thought was, would Daddy spank her?

The watering hole was only a short walk away. Ten minutes at best. She walked there after supper and behaved herself at girls' night out, even though her friends got pretty inebriated. She had to repeatedly refuse their offers of alcohol. When 10:45 rolled around, the others seemed to be just getting started. She knew she should leave to make it home by curfew. But she needed to see. She wanted to see.

Well aware of the time, Lucy begins her walk home at 11:15pm, not wanting to push her luck further. She sheepishly enter her house, quietly as she can, just before 11:30pm, one half hour late for curfew.

"Lucy!" calls out her Dad from the study as soon as she shut the door.

"Oh, shit," she thinks to herself.

She walks to the open door of his study. He is behind his desk writing.

"You're almost thirty minutes late for curfew."

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I lost track of the time," Lucy says, eyes downcast.

"Were you drinking?"

"No, Daddy. "

"Go to bed. We'll discuss this in the morning. 10am sharp."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Oh my gosh," Lucy thinks as she hurries up to her bedroom, goes in, and shuts the door breathlessly. "What's he going to do to me tomorrow?" Lucy has a very restless night, her hand on her pussy for much of it.

Next morning Lucy rises, goes to the bathroom, showers carefully, and dresses. She carefully selects her panties and dons a thigh-length dress keeping her legs bare.

She goes downstairs for breakfast at 8:30am. Only her mom is there. Her dad is already at work, writing in his study.

"What were you thinking, Lucy?" Mom asks.

"I wasn't thinking. That's the problem," Lucy says gloomily.

In truth she had wanted to push boundaries. She wanted to know.

At 10am sharp she knocks on her dad's study door.


Lucy goes in then shuts the door behind her. She approaches his desk and stands there, eyes downcast, fingers fidgeting in front of herself. She waits for him to finish up what he was doing.

Her Dad turns to her.

"You were thirty minutes late for curfew, young lady."

"I know, Daddy. I'm sorry."

"Have you any explanation?"

"No Daddy. Just careless. I'm sorry."

He contemplates her for a moment.

"You didn't drink?"

"No, Daddy. Not a drop."

He contemplates her some more as she stands there squirming.

"I set you these rules for a reason, Lucy. It's not about a half hour here or there. You need to learn how to set rules for yourself and then follow them. Because you're not yet able, I'll set the rules for you, and you will learn how to follow them."

"Yes, Sir."

"I'm going to let it go this time, young lady. But next time you break a rule without any good reason, there will be consequences."

"Yes, Daddy," Lucy says, the butterflies in her tummy doing backflips.

"You're dismissed."

Lucy turns and walks toward the door. On the way, she gets her courage up. She turns back and asks, "Daddy?"

"Yes," he says absentmindedly.

"What kind of 'consequences'?"

He looks back up at her, meets her gaze, and with a steady and steely voice says "the over-my-knee kind of consequences."

Lucy feels a strong blush rising in her face, and a tingling in her pussy.

"Y... y... yes, Daddy," she says, quickly making her exit.

Sam Reynolds turns back to his work, the smallest smile on his lips unseen by his daughter.


Pretty good, eh?

Should I turn it into a novella? I have multiple follow up scenes in my mind
  • Her first spanking.
  • Her getting picked up by cops for possession of marijuana.
  • The cops sitting awkwardly in the living room as Lucy gets her spanking in the study.
  • The cops running into Lucy later at a coffee shop and gently teasing her.
  • Lucy pushing boundaries during Dad's poker night.
Stuff like that.

Wednesday, August 30

Fun Post re New Book

Ha ha! My great thanks to Russ over at the Sims4 BDSM and Spanking blog for plugging my new F/M short story book. His Mistress assigned him the task of reading my book and selecting a short story to read aloud to her, which would then be re-enacted. He selected Story 5: Speeder Punished.

Russ put a crazy twist on it which was super fun to read (and see). You can read it and see it all illustrated all starting here: Good Cop, Bad Cop.

While I'm at it, I thought I would also plug Lion's recent series of posts titled How To Dominate Your Husband

Part 1 -- Getting Started

Part 2 -- Acting Class

Part 3 -- Making It Hurt

Really great advice from a super experienced top and bottom living the lifestyle with his wife.

Also, as a reminder, please go out and grab my new book!

Get it a your local Amazon.

Here's a more extended summary of the stories. Perhaps one or more will catch your fancy!

Story 1: Spanked for Gawking

A niece visits her aunt and uncle for some pool time. When Uncle scopes his niece's backside in her bikini, Aunty catches him and takes him behind closed doors for his spanking. When Grandad later hears what he has done, he too shows his displeasure as three generations of women listen in.

Story 2: A Naked Husband

A husband is caught in the nude by his wife and her sister as they are touring their new house. The mess he made in the bathroom, her favourite room in the house, is too much. She spanks him naked as her surprised and amused sister watches.

Story 3: A Difficult Husband

A wife has had enough of her husband's verbal abuse and misbehaviour. She comes from a spanking family and knows exactly what she must do. Because he had earlier said "fuck you" to his wife, she makes the punishment fit the crime as her sister watches every inch of his embarrassing penetration.

Story 4: Athletic Daughter Spanks Father

A College-age daughter, an athlete, lives alone with her verbally abusive father. One day, she decides to turn the tables on him and gives him a spanking. When he fails to get the message, she strips him and gives him an embarrassing stand-up belt-whipping that restores harmony.

Story 5: Speeder Punished

A working man is caught driving recklessly. Instead of jail, the two lady cops agree to give him a strapping with their vintage police belt. They send him home with a very sore rear end while confiscating his pants. His wife is none too pleased with his reckless behaviour and adds to his punishment.

Story 6: A Spanking at the Lake

A teenage boy, trying to impress his three girl-cousins, disobeys his parents and takes the canoe out onto the lake. Returning early from their excursion, his mom makes an example of him and gives him the most embarrassing spanking of his young life.

Story 7: Punished for Masturbation

A stay-at-home husband has been masturbating for hours every day and neglecting his duties. When his wife and their niece come home unexpectedly and catch him "red-handed", they waste no time in correcting his behaviour. He spends the next month in chastity and then receives the shock of his life when his wife informs him that his uncaging will be done in the presence of his two sisters-in-law and their three nieces.

Story 8: An Extreme Wedgying at the Beach

A fully clothed man visits a beach and uses his camera in inappropriate ways. The beachgoers strip him to his underpants, give him the wedgying of a lifetime, and then the lifeguard spanks him nude across her knee in front of all the delighted beachgoers.

Story 9: Women's Work

A man quits his job due to stress; however, he does not pick up the slack at home. His wife, assisted by her sister and niece, makes him into her "little housewife" with a combination of financial control, corporal punishment, and forced feminization.

Story 10: Wooden Spoon Punishment

A husband misbehaves and his wife makes him serve timeout in an unusual manner before his spanking: with the wooden spoon he will be spanked with lodged up his bum. Unfortunately for him, his sister happens to drop by midway through this embarrassing timeout.

Story 11: A Bed-Wetting Husband

A racist husband has a medical issue that causes bedwetting. He refuses to address it. His wife has had enough, and together with an occupational therapist, a gorgeous young black lady, they set him to rights in a humbling manner, exacting consequential reparations as they go.

Story 12: His Sister's Sleepover Party

A teenage boy is annoyed when his sister hosts a sleepover. When he misbehaves, his mom threatens him with a spanking if he keeps it up. When the mischievous girls erase all his video game progress, the boy is furious and swears at and insults the girls. Mom, believing it to be an honest glitch, punishes him while all the girls watch with glee the embarrassing culmination of their dastardly plan.

Story 13: Road Rager

A husband, with his wife in the car, engages in a blatant act of road rage against what turns out to be a young learner and her mom. His wife invites them back to her place to make an example of him. To help tone down his testosterone levels, his wife gives him panty and brassiere training right in front of the girl and her mom.

Story 14: In Loco Parentis

A young man has grown too big for his britches and refuses to accept the punishment his mom decreed. She calls the local police station for an assist and the chief sends over a burly officer to set things to right.

Story 15: The Enema

A mother is visiting her grown-up son and daughter-in-law. The son has always resented his mom and makes his feelings known. Mom has a cure for young men who get out of sorts: an embarrassing punishment enema delivered as his amused wife watches.

Story 16: Skinny Dipper Spanked

A husband goes skinny dipping early in the morning at the lake. His wife has warned him not to, as her sister and niece occupy the cottage right next door. Turns out everybody is an early riser that morning and the husband gets an embarrassing lesson he won’t soon forget.

They're all really great, so I can't possibly say which one I like the best. But trust me, no matter the story, the embarrassment for the poor man-boy is over the top!


Tuesday, August 29

Mexico-China Military Alliance!

In my opinion, WAY too many folks in the US are sanguine about the Mexico-China military alliance.

Did you know the following facts?

  1. China interfered in Mexico's internal politics and even encouraged a coup where the democratically elected leader was forced to flee to the US and they installed their own puppet instead.
  2. Since then, Mexico has had free reign to discriminate against English speakers of American origin, banning the use of the English language in schools and allowing neo-Nazi groups to roam free to intimidate (and worse) this population.
  3. China has funded biolabs throughout Mexico that investigate dangerous pathogens believed to have a military purpose.
  4. China has entered into an undeclared but effective military alliance with Mexico. They have funded with billions of dollars the creation of a 650,000 strong military entirely equipped with Chinese weapons and trained by the Chinese.
  5. Mexico has vowed (in their revised constitution, no less) to formalize the joining of a Chinese military alliance and enter into unilateral trade with China, cutting out the U.S. entirely.
  6. Mexico welcomes Chinese military bases on their soil, including advanced weaponry and ballistic nuclear missiles.
When asked to comment on this situation, the US has said their foreign policy needs to be consistent across Mexico and Ukraine. They say Mexico is a sovereign power and has every right to join a military alliance with China. When asked about the dangers of the giant army right adjacent to the US and the potential of nuclear weapons in Mexico, mere minutes away from critical U.S. targets, the US state department has assured the public that they are entirely defensive on Mexico and China's part.

When China was asked to comment, they said the US has a recent history of attacking other nations for bogus reasons, naming Iraq as an example, and consider these measures to be reasonable precautions to guard against that eventuality in Mexico.

Personally, I think it's dreadful, and I would suggest every patriotic American join me in demanding concrete action against this threat on the Southern border!

Thursday, August 24

New E-Book Published!

As I mentioned several months back, I've been working on a new book project and just now launched it on Amazon Kindle. Yay!

Get it a your local Amazon.

It's a little bit more of a fun toss-off of some great little shirt stories rather than a full length novel. All domestic female in charge content in Volume 1.

Here's the blurb:

I hope you enjoy reading F/M spanking stories (and doing other things to them ;-), because that's what this short story collection is all about!

Husbands and sons are given spankings and other embarrassing punishments by wives, sisters-in-law, mothers, aunts, authority figures, nieces, female friends and strangers, and one grown and determined daughter even. All are in a domestic setting, and the punishments are for real, leading to red and blistered buns, bare-bottomed corner time, overwhelming embarrassment for the miscreants, and lessons well-learned. Female witnesses add exponentially to the embarrassment and play a key role in making sure the naughty man-boys are well and truly punished.

The genesis of this short story project is my naughty experimentation with the ChatGPT AI that can respond to prompts such as "write a story about a man who receives a spanking from his wife." I initially wrote 100 short stories in a week using the AI. You can judge for yourself from my blog (, but ultimately the ChatGPT stories were more fun for me to create than for you to read, as it's banal and overly goodie-two-shoes. It was my frustration with ChatGPT that motivated me to take some of my best story ideas and rewrite the stories entirely.

Spanked for Gawking
A niece visits her aunt and uncle for some pool time.

Story 2: A Naked Husband
A husband is caught in the nude by his wife and her sister as they are touring their new house.

Story 3: A Difficult Husband

A wife has had enough of her husband's verbal abuse and misbehaviour.

Story 4: Athletic Daughter Spanks Father

A College-age daughter, an athlete, lives alone with her verbally abusive father and decides to turn the tables on him.

Story 5: Speeder Punished

A working man is caught driving recklessly.

Story 6: A Spanking by the Lake

A teenage boy, trying to impress his three girl-cousins, disobeys his parents and takes the canoe out unsupervised onto the lake.

Story 7: Punished for Masturbation

A stay-at-home husband has been masturbating for hours every day and neglecting his household duties.

Story 8: Beach Wedgie

A fully clothed man visits a beach and uses his camera in inappropriate ways.

Story 9: Women's Work

A man quits his job due to stress; however, he does not pick up the slack at home.

Story 10: Wooden Spoon Punishment

A husband misbehaves and his wife makes him serve timeout in an unusual manner before his spanking.

Story 11: A Bed-Wetting Husband

A husband has a medical issue that causes bedwetting but refuses to address it.

Story 12: His Sister's Sleepover Party

A teenage boy is annoyed when his sister hosts a sleepover.

Story 13: Road Rager

A husband engages in a blatant act of road rage against what turns out to be a young learner and her mom.

Story 14: In Loco Parentis

A young man refuses to accept punishment from his mom.

Story 15: The Punishment Enema

A mother is visiting her son and daughter-in-law. The son has always resented his mom and makes his feelings known.

Story 16: Skinny Dipper Spanked

A husband goes skinny dipping against his wife's wishes.

It's great value for your kinky dollar! Please have a read and come back here to comment. Also, PLEASE leave a nice review on Amazon!!!

Thank you!

Saturday, August 19

Vivek or RFKJr?

I just posted a comment on Bogey's site that inspired me to write this piece for those of you still clinging to mainstream media or deep in the mainstream bubble on social media. If so, there are two AMAZING presidential candidates you've like heard nothing about except establishment propaganda. Those are Vivek Ramaswamy on the Republican side and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Democrat side. I'd be pleased if either of them got into power.

In my opinion, President Trump has nothing new to say. While I hugely admire his 2016 achievement in beating the machine, and his four-year presidency, where he accomplished an awful lot despite the attempted coup of Russiagate and Ukrainegate and all the hoaxes from the controlled media (accomplishments listed here). He woke us up to the deep state and the fake news. But he's a grandiose narcissist, is needlessly divisive on petty things, and now has the baggage of 8 years of the establishment throwing every dirty trick they could muster at him, and inducing an almost psychotic level of TDS in many of you. So, with deep gratefulness, time to move on.

RFKJr, is the nephew of the assassinated President, John F Kennedy, and the son of his Attorney General, his brother Robert Kennedy, assassinated while on the presidential campaign trail. Given records of the assassination are still being withheld despite a law requiring them all to have been released, it's safe to say the CIA was deeply involved in both (both brothers vowed to break up the CIA after they were lied to re. Cuba). Beyond the obvious, there is a lot of previously hidden compelling evidence that the CIA with the mob were behind it.

RFKJr is a lawyer who practiced environmental law, going after big polluters with class action lawsuits. He's almost single-handedly responsible for cleaning up New York's Hudson River after it had degenerated into a lifeless cesspool. He also went after Big Pharma and got multi-millions out of them to the victims. It was a result of this type of work that he was pulled into vaccines. He is NOT an "anti-vaxer" as is so frequently reported. He has taken vaccines himself, and his kids have as well. He represented the vaccine injured and argues that as safe as they are, they can be made much safer, but big Pharma is unwilling to forgo profits to do that, given they are immune to being held accountable for vaccine injuries under the current law.

He believes the path to unity is for the government to stop lying to the citizens, both directly and via their captive mainstream media mouthpieces. He's a strong free speech advocate, and is against pointless foreign wars. He's for unravelling the deep state.

RFJJr has appeared on numerous podcasts, getting the word out that way as he is heavily censored by the establishment controlled media. A good starting point is his 2 hour appearance on the All In podcast.

He's running for the Presdential nomination on the Democrat side against Biden, and is currently the leading alternative, polling at 15% versus Biden amongst Democrats. He also has a strong showing amongst independents and even Republicans. His favourability is 49% with 30% unfavourable, which beats both Biden and Trump. Were he the nominee, he would likely walk away with the win given his broad base extending outside of Democrats.

Another great candidate, this time on the Republican side, polling third and very close to DeSantis (some polls have him in second place behind Trump), is Vivek Ramaswamy.

He's the youngest by far in the field. He's the son of Indian immigrants and is independently wealthy, having made a fortune in biotech (selling innovative drugs, eg against prostate cancer,  that Big Pharma chose not to pursue). He's written three books in the past 18 months laying out his vision.

Here he is on the same podcast:

Vivek is also anti-establishment and wants to curtail federal powers and break up the CIA, FBI, and Department of Education. He's also against foreign forever wars. His main positive vision forward is a renewal of American values for the 21st century.

I strongly endorse either of these candidates over both Biden and Trump and the rest of the field, declared and undeclared. Go check them out!

Tuesday, August 8


I was on BDSMLR and found a bunch of posts making fun of feminists. It was 'kinda funny.

Now, I am a "feminist" I guess. I believe in equal rights for men and women. However I also believe we are different in so many ways and that we complement one another. I am not one of those rabid third-wave feminists that seem to hate men and hate all the stereotypic gender roles. So, I do have a sense of humour around my feminism and LOL'd at some of these.

Ouch! In my case, I need both! But the fantasy of the man who won't take any of my equal rights bullshit and gives me the belt makes me sooooooooo wet! "Equal rights? I'll give each ass cheek equal rights to my belt!"

Here's a few on the same theme.

Oh no! So wrong! So very, very wrong! But it's true! If you get a useless degree in college, and working minimum wage is beneath you, and you're at least somewhat attractive... is this not your best bet?

(Are heads exploding yet, or do you need more?)

How about...

Oh! I'm offended! I'm very offended! And that last one? Too far! Too far, I say!

"Patriarchy hurts so much, Sir!"

You know I've had these fantasies:

Yes, yes, I know. They're all gross and I completely disapprove. But why am I turned on, Daddy?

But, we can talk about it, right?

It's all so wrong! I hate myself for even posting these. Yuck! Yuck! Bad Julie! Baaaaad girl!

More than just one man's opinion.

It's not just women who need this:

Good old-fashioned conflict resolution:

Not just in the 1950s. For some wives (like me) this survives 70 years later! I do as I'm told when the belt comes out!

I think that photo is perfect. She did not obey so she must face the consequences. She's told to strip. Strip bare. Completely bare. "Now go to your spanking chair and bend over it. Let's see if my belt won't instill some obedience." He has his heavy, thick, doubled-up leather belt already in hand. He's rolling up his sleeve indicating the whipping will be hard and long. A lesson will be taught. A lesson will be learned.

This one is being punished by having her breasts exposed for all the other motorists, especially the truckers, to see. HOOT! HOOT!

"Yes, you're a chick, and you'll do as you're told when a man speaks. Do you need reminding you're a chick? There, that should do it. You're to stay just like that until I get you across my knee. Learn you place, chick."

How chicks get punished:

I include man-chicks in that. You know who you are!


And after that, "Any more complaints about the women's work?"

"Sniff. No, Sir."

This is how I learned to suck cock after becoming a spanked wife. I wasn't doing it right before.

And if you're a spanked wife, this is how your husband often takes his pleasure. I speak from experience, kicky feet and all. Hey! You'd be kicking too if you got that coke bottle cock up your ass!

Afterwards, your asshole wrecked and spermed, the panties go back on, even if you're still dribbling his cum. Short plaid skirt on, praying your panties catch and hold it all, that you're not dribbling down your inner thigh.

Imagine having to go to Sunday dinner like that! Sitting there with Daddy right next to you...

Saturday, August 5

Trust "The Science"

 The following infographic has been making the rounds.

The question WAS NOT "do you trust the scientific method, correctly applied and honestly communicated without bias".

The question WAS "do you trust the scientific community".

What's exceptionally frightening to me is not the very appropriate drop in trusting the scientific community after conflicting statements from them on COVID, Climate Change, Trans health,  nutrition, and meds (such as Oxycontin).

What's exceptionally troubling is the rise in the people willing to completely trust whatever bullshit they are fed by "the scientific community". The sheep seem to be almost exclusively on one side of the political spectrum.

This blind trust extends beyond science to issues such as Joe Biden's influence peddling operation, which at this point is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt with the sworn testimony of Devon Archer backed up by records, documents, communications, whistleblowers, and other eye witnesses. The Democrats seems to completely ignore it.

The mechanism is as follows.

  • Entities direct payments to Hunter Biden and other family members.
  • These payments are multi-millions, involve a dozen different Biden family members, involve a web of twenty or so anonymous corporations.
  • The payments come from entities such as Burisma in Ukraine and the ex-mayor of Moscow.
  • In return, things in the US government break their way. The prosecutor going after Burisma is fired, the mayor of Moscow is kept off the sanctions list.
  • Big payments were also received from China.
  • In no case was any valuable work done in return.
  • Joe lied that he was never involved. Devon Archer testified to 20 times Joe joined meetings. Records show Hunter complained about giving half his income to his Dad. There is an email reserving 10% for the "Big Guy". Eye witness testimony confirms the big guy is Joe Biden.
Every one of these things has been proven. If you are unaware, you need to expand your news sources.

I know, I know, you will say "But whatabout Trump???" Just for fun, let's focus on Biden this once. I'll block any comment on this post that mentions Trump. We can deal with Trump later. Am anticipating few comments!

Friday, July 28

Latest Spanking

Oh, dear. I screwed up and got a little well-deserved spanking from my husband.

This time it was this stupid thing that measures water temperature. Actually, it's not stupid, it's sorta neat. The idea (I know now!) is that this one part floats in the lake and it beams the water temperature up to a "base unit" in the cottage so we know how warm/cold the water is.

Ok, so I know all that NOW. David bought it from Amazon and it arrived in the city. He assembled it all with the batteries and tested it and showed it to me. I don't know, there's something about my brain. I guess I didn't really pay attention when he showed it to me. He set it there in the little phone nook by the door. He said to me, "don't let me forget to bring it to the cottage".

Okay, time to go to the cottage. We're packing up and I pack the floaty thermometer thing, thinking I'm so great and helpful. We get to the car, he says, "Oh! The pool thermometer. Almost forgot!"

Mrs. Smug Smarty pants here, thinking she's the best wife EVAH, "I packed it."

"You're great!" he says. Well, yes I am.

We get up North. We're unpacking. He pulls out the floaty piece. He keeps looking.

"Where'd you pack the base station, honey?"

Base station?

I look at him confused.

"The base station," he repeats. "The part that stays inside so you know what the temperature is in the cottage? It was sitting right next to this part?"

Drawing a blank here.

"Oh! Julie!"

He shows me the picture I included above from Amazon. "That part," he says, pointing to it.

"There's another part?"

"I showed it to you. I literally showed it to you!"

He's getting a little frustrated. I'm starting to realize I screwed up.

"You specifically told me you packed it."

"I didn't know there were two parts! I'm sorry!"

He looks disappointed. It was both a toy for him, and a cool gift for me. Now I went and ruined it all.

I feel tears starting to appear in the corner of my eyes. "I'm really sorry," I say, starting to cry a little.

He smiles at me, hugs me, and says, "that's okay, baby. We'll bring it up next week."

He keeps hugging me and I'm starting to feel better.

"You know what this means, though..."

Oh my gosh! I get hit by a VERY distinct tingle in little miss puss puss. Yes, I know what it means.

"A spanking?" I ask him, whispering it. We're still hugging.

"That's right," he says, reaching down and grabbing my tight jeans-covered ass cheek, rubbing it, smacking it a little. Oh gosh! Heart is fluttering!

Isn't domestic discipline wonderful? Like magic, turns something that made him grumpy and me sad into something we both delight in. It was a legitimate wrongdoing on my part. It will therefore be a legitimate spanking I get. These legitimate spankings are everything I fantasize about. It's not as good if it's sexy play, or even roleplay. It's not the same thing. I was a legit naughty wife, and I will be punished accordingly with a legit spanking.

"Come on," he says, pulling me by my arm over to the couch. He pushes the coffee table away and sits in the centre. He pulls me closer.

He reaches out and undoes the clasp of my jeans, then pulls down my zipper.

"Down," he says.

He knows from experience my jeans are too tight around my hips to easily pull down. He makes me do it myself. I tilt my hips side to side as I work them down, squirming my way out of them. I take pains to make sure my simple white patterned cotton panties stay up.

When my jeans are around my knees he tips me over his lap and then rips down my panties to join my jeans at my knees. I am bare bottomed!

"You know you deserve this," he says as he rubs my bare bottom.

"yes, sir..."

"Ask for your spanking."

"Please spank me, Sir, for screwing up."

"A good hard one?"

"Yes, please, Sir. Please give me a good hard spanking for screwing up."

"That will be my pleasure," he says as he lifts his hand and then brings it down with a resounding crash across both my bottom cheeks at once.

I grit my teeth and grab onto his leg tightly. "Owwww..." I think to myself, without saying it aloud.

He begins his spanking rythme. It is relentless. He alternates cheeks, his big hand encompassing an entire buttocks cheek at once. His fingers wrap into my cleft on one side, and my pussy lip as he goes lower. Crash, after crash, after crash. Relentless. Utterly relentless.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I begin wailing as my spanking continues. 

"I know you are," he says, without slowing or easing up at all.

I clutch his leg tightly. By clutching so tight, he'll know how much it hurts!

"I'll be a good girl! I promise!"

'Being a good girl' is code for I'll suck your cock and let you fuck me in the ass.

Finally, my spanking comes to an end. He's rubbing my bottom. I am still recovering, draped over his knee, my body completely exhausted.

Tap, tap, on my butt. "Up you go," he says. I stand a bit painfully and awkwardly with my jeans and panties wrapped around my lower legs.

"Over here," he says, guiding me slowly and carefully as I shuffle, guiding me to the corner.

"How long?" I ask, a bit pitifully.

"Half an hour," he decrees.

"Oh, please, Sir. Noooo..."

"Would you like a paddling and then an hour in the corner?"

"No, Sir!"

"Go on, then."

He pats my butt again and I shuffle the last couple of steps and lean into the corner so my nose touches both walls. I place my arms behind my back and interlock them. I am very conscious of my big bare spanked butt sticking out.

Then he just leaves me there, the bastard.

Thursday, July 20

We Spanked a Girl and We Liked It!

David and I spanked a very deserving young woman and we both quite enjoyed it. I can't give you any details as to who she is, or describe her, other than saying she is a very beautiful person (in every way you can think of - including physical).

This girl-woman was having problems with her finances. Let things get a little out of control. Poor planning, then indebted, yet still spending. Knowing our proclivities (and her own) we decided we would help sort her out. No, not with money, silly, just with a very sore bum followed by a very hot orgasm.

We started with a marvellous lunch out. All sorts of frisky and intellectually stimulating talk. Some drinks were served. David picked up the tab.

We then proceeded to the play space.

David's purpose there was not to be a cuck, but rather to bring some male disciplinary energy to the encounter. I took the backseat for most of it, enjoying watching David scold, berate, and then spank her. Absolutely made miss puss-puss tingle seeing him in action. And a unique perspective that it was not me on the firing line.

David started enquiring about her financial mishaps in more detail as I sat by, watching.

"Have we started the scene?" she asked.

Silly girl. What "scene"? She had been financially irresponsible and would be punished for it. ;-)

David repeats his question without answering that. She's starting to look embarrassed as she answers. Her head is a bit down. She blushes and answers nervously. David is calm but insistent with her, recapping what he hears. He appears friendly, drawing her out, seeming sympathetic. She confesses it all. She tries to mitigate her wrongdoing, saying it could have been worse. Like saying I bought $500 shoes but it could have been the $1000 ones so I actually saved money.

"I did pay off most of the loan already," she says, trying to lessen her misbehaviour.

David is not having it.

"So there's some part of the loan you did not pay off?"


David tells her to remove her lovely white dress. She needs help with the zipper behind. I do that, helping to strip her to David's gaze.  She has no bra. Her lovely breasts swing free. She has on only a little-girl-cute pair of panties. She knew what was coming and dressed the part. Did she imagine this moment? This moment where she would be required to strip? Her breasts bare? She has been spanked before, but not very often.

David is sitting on an armless chair. He takes her over his knee. He immediately pulls her panties down to her ankles. She raises her bottom to assist him. They fall right off. She is now fully nude, draped submissively. I have the perfect view. I have said little so far. It's surreal watching him do this to another woman. It has all the excitement of a male giving a female a spanking that I usually have to pay for with my ass. I'm actually happy I can experience it vicariously, without the pain of the actual spanking itself. She is my whipping girl.

The scolding is done. It's only spanking now. We all know why she's across the knee.

David gives her multiple rounds of intense hand spanking. I notice he starts a bit easy, but I know from experience that his starting easy is like the hardest hand spanking I can give. That's a very big, very strong hand, and a tiny little girl's bum. She may not realize it, but she is in for it.

This girl has played on the bottom before. More S&M'y type play. Less domestic discipline. She has a high pain tolerance and can process a lot of pain, and even seems to crave it. Every now and then she needs her "fix". Her financial irresponsibility is the perfect opportunity. I told her that if we did it, it would be the "real deal". That seemed to excite her. We gave her safewords in advance, yellow and red. I was wondering if we would get a yellow. No. Not this little pain slut. She would take everything we give her and thank us afterwards (literally).

David ramps up the intensity of her spanking. He's getting a definite reaction. She channels her Lamaze breathing as David spanks her poor bottom without regard.

He ends it suddenly. It had likely been five solid minutes of intense hand spanking. He rubs her sexy red ass.

"Round two," he declares. I see her body stiffen. Was she expecting that was it? Ha ha! He goes at her again, every bit as hard as before, putting her back where he had her before. In total he does this four times. She must have been across his knee for a good twenty minutes.

Somewhere along the way he picks her up by her hips and plonks her so that she straddles his one knee, her legs spreading and clamping around his left thigh. Her pussy, visible before, spreads obscenely as her bumhole comes into plain view. Oh my gosh! It's soooo embarrassing. I've been in that position. Is that what I look like? As she writhes, her pussy puts on quite the show! Her delicate folds compress and expand as she absorbs her spanking. Her bottom hole continuously winks at me. She is having a sexual reaction. Her lips and clit engorge. Her pussy moistens visibly and there is the scent of arousal. Total pain slut. She needs more.

David directs some of the smacks to her inner thighs. Oh, she does not like that! I feel her pain. But she takes it.

He spreads her already spread cheek wider with his left hand while spanking with his right all up and down her crease and near her anal pucker. He switches hands and belabours her other side. His fingertips occasionally whip against her pussy lips. I am wetting myself seeing this! He is very strict, very business like, very unrelenting.

Finally, finally, finally, her spanking is over. He lets her up. She has a rueful smile. Maybe she thinks it's over now?

"Oh, we're not done yet," he says.

We move into a bedroom area. I bring a couple of carefully selected implements with me.

A "birch", like this.

An extra long crop with an extra large and heavy slapper on the end.

I will be the one wielding the implements.

But before we get to that, I had a request for David. I had recently seen this gif on Sims4 BDSM and Spanking. I teased her with it before our rendezvous, sending it with the caption "bet she neglected her taxes and overspent..."

I wanted to recreate it with her on the receiving end and David wielding the belt.

[N.B. This was part of a lovely series of posts concerning me on that blog. I highly recommend you go check it out! It culminates in Cousins Punished Together - A Farmhouse Story. I've been age regressed to a teen, have sexy encounters with my "cousin" and am soundly spanked by my aunt and uncle. All played out in a virtual world with images, gifs, and text.]

We know she has a fear of the belt so we start with that.

David slowly removed his belt from his belt loops. He then stood beside the bed and put a foot up on the bed frame. He had her crawl up and over to straddle his raised knee. He doubled the belt and shortened down on it. He then used the belt on her.

Did not go too hard on her. And good thing. In David's defence, it's an athletic and unfamiliar position, but the doubled-up end of the belt did smack a pussy lip. Oh well! Can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. Can't learn to swim without getting wet. She put a hand up between her legs to shield her poor puss-puss for the rest of her belting. I did the only thing I could do. I laughed and made fun of the dangling girl, desperately shielding herself. She looks like she's masturbating herself! But she was a sport about it. She was determined to get through it (we did have a slow down safeword that went entirely unused despite great provocation :-)

"My turn!" I told David. I arranged two pillows on the bed and had David lower her, ass up, over them. He would get to spectate for a bit now.

Out came the caney birch.

I started with just my wrist. She seemed to almost enjoy that, writhing around like such a little slut. I added a little elbow into it. That got her attention!

After a few exploratory strokes to get my bearings, I decided to give her a measured number. I sentenced her to 24 which I counted out. Nice and slow with time in between to let the burn sink in. Some of the strokes had a truly excellent effect. I got some lovely cries and some very painful writhings. She's still game and I do not want to disappoint. I start getting a bit glassy-eyed and I channel my inner sadist. I go harder. She appears in great pain. I don't care. I enjoy giving her the pain. I aim most at the crease between thighs and bum. I don't want her sitting comfortably for a week, as they say.

After the appointed number I pick up the long whippy crop with the oversized, overweight slapper at the end.

This can do some real damage, I think. I take a few experimental strokes. I think that she thinks it's not too bad. I know I can go a lot harder with no real damage. Okay, getting the hang of it. I give her a sound one. Oh yes! That's the reaction I want!

I tell her to beg me for the next stroke. She's a bit confused from the pain, and she starts speaking. I tell her to shut up, I'm not interested in anything she has to say. I want her to beg with her ass. She sticks it out nice and high for me, wiggling it a little, giving me a perfect target. David is enjoying watching me work. She looks like she's begging for a good fucking. I'm sure David would be game, but that's not on his menu for today much as he might want that. After each stroke she collapses back in and writhes from side to side, but quickly offers her gorgeous ass again for the next stroke, and the next, and the next. She's being such a very good girl!

I sit on the side of the bed, bring her across my lap, and give her a light cool down spanking. Lots of rubs and squeezes mixed in. Her ass is on fire! I tell her that she's been a very good girl. A very obedient girl. A good little submissive. She seems to eat that up, squirming in delight at her praise.

My fingers wander to her most delicate folds. I play with them and she seems appreciative. I wet my fingers with saliva and play with her some more. I penetrate her. She raises her ass and begs me to spank her during her fondling. I oblige! She's turned on by the pain. I spank as hard as I can while my finger is buried up her wet cunt. She wriggles, wiggles, and screams her excitement. She might have cum, or just come close.

I ask David to put her back over her pillows. We both undress. I tell him to bury his face in her pussy from behind. He doesn't need to be told twice. He licks and fondles and penetrates with tongue and fingers. He seeks her G-spot. She yells her encouragement when he finds it.  I stroke David by way of encouraging him.

She wants to sit on his face. I put David on his back and she straddles him. I have him tongue her asshole as I kiss and fondle her. She uses her own hand on herself.

She dismounts. She and I lie on either side of David. We take turns playing with his big cock. I eventually mount him and cowgirl him to a nice orgasm as she pets and encourages us both.

A thoroughly lovely outing!

Aren't we the lucky couple...

Next morning she emails me:

I had such a fun time with you guys yesterday. I loved having lunch together and the spanking was perfect. The whole exercise opens me right up and I just become so slutty! Thank you for that! 
I went to an exercise class yesterday evening and my buttocks were sooo sore. I have some beautiful bruising developing on my sitz bones on both sides!

A job well done. That evening she emails again

My bottom is smarting! Very uncomfortable to sit down ;)

I follow up next day asking how her bottom is doing. I receive a reply in the afternoon.

My bottom is quite black & blue. There's definitely a strong series of lines left from the birch as well as bruising right at that crease. Still sore to sit today!


I reply,

How delightful!

See if we can make it to "you'll not sit comfortably for a week, young lady!"

She sends me a progress report a few days later.

Bruising has gone down! I’m now on the yellow-green phase, all the dark blue and purple has gone except for right at the line of my cheeks on one side.

This has been fun! Quite possibly the hardest spanking I received in years. It still amazes me how frisky that makes me ;) 

Me too! I follow up exactly a week after the spanking.

So, it's exactly one week later. Can you sit comfortably? :-)

She replies.

I can!

Ha ha! Oh well. Still have not achieved our "not sitting comfortably for a week" Girl Guide and Boy Scout badges. Will have to try harder next time!