Wednesday, January 12

OMG! I got my bum smacked in front of our Filipina maid!

How embarrassing - I got my rear-end smacked, justifiably in anger, by my husband in front of our long-time maid!

She's a Filipina lady, Maria, about ten years older than us, who has been coming by once a week. She does our laundry, vacuums the house, changes the bed linens, cleans the kitchen and bathrooms, dusts, put things away, that sort of thing. She's quite Christian and very friendly. She really likes us as clients, because we chat with her like real human beings (apparently, unlike some of her other clients), and always thank her, every time, for her efforts. She was also grateful that we kept her employed all through COVID where most of her other clients did not.

She's been through all our drawers, so we have no secrets from her. Sometimes we accidentally leave spanking toys or spanking picture magazines under the bed, and she tidies them up, putting them in a neat stack, as if to say, "I know what you two kids get up to!" She's definitely been inside the bedside drawers where we keep the paddles, vibrators, and strap-on dildos. She also is aware of David's lingerie drawer and the 2XL panties. Once, when a pair made their way into the laundry basket, they found their way back to David's drawer. She has never said anything about it, and seems to like us regardless.

Well, a couple of weeks back she got the COVID. She had a bit of a cold (it never got worse than that) and tested positive on a PCR test. She was double-vaxed and boosted and always insisted on wearing a mask. As soon as she found out she cancelled that week with us (we paid her anyways - sick pay). She was back two weeks later.

She still had a mask on.

Most of the time, she is not even that near us doing her work, yet she still wears a mask. She's been triple vaccinated, yet she still wears a mask. She's now had COVID and recovered from it and has natural immunity, and she still wears a mask. Both of us have made it clear to her that she need not wear a mask around our house for our sake, and she still wears a mask. I hate it, because it feels like such a "master-servant" sort of thing (I feel the same way in restaurants with all the patrons gaily unmasked and all the servers and kitchen staff masked and suffocating).

This whole thing was a bit top of mind, as literally the day before I was in a back and forth with Lion on his blog about people respecting other people's risk assessments and values around COVID (see the comments section of Good Advice Without Politics). Of course, I felt I had the "high ground" on this one. Arguing everybody should respect everybody else's choices. But it has since been dramatically brought home to me that while I expect all of you to respect my assessments and choices, I won't at all respect yours if I think they're dumb ;-)

Maria had just arrived. David and I were downstairs finishing up our breakfast. We said hi. Of course she was wearing her mask, but she had just come in. She went into the basement where she leaves her coat and purse and changes her shoes and such.  She was heading upstairs to collect the laundry. She still had her fucking mask on!

I engaged her.

"Maria, you really don't need to wear a mask here. You're triple-vaccinated and now you've even caught and recovered from COVID so you have natural immunity also."

I couldn't imagine doing the cleaning in the mask was at all comfortable for her, and I wanted to reiterate that it was perfectly ok with David and I if she chose not to, and also educate her a bit on natural immunity in case she didn't know. And also I felt guilty about having my maid masked up when we weren't.

"No, no. I want to make sure you're safe." She said, in her cheery, lilting Filipina accent.

"But that's my point, Maria, we're completely safe. You're immune. You won't get it again, and you therefore can't pass it on to us. No way."

"Better to be safe..." she said.

Ok, I lost my temper a bit...

"No, Maria, that's just not being smart."

"Julie!" David exclaimed, sounding a bit outraged.

Oh oh. He was just around the corner and had heard the exchange.

He strode towards me and said, "apologize for what you just said to Maria."

"I didn't mean to imply you were stupid. I just meant to say that since you ..."

David grabbed my arm, spun me around, and smacked my jean clad ass right in front of Maria and said "No! You didn't mean to say anything. Maria makes her own choices and you have nothing to say about it! Now apologize properly."

Oh fuck! I know embarrassment is a kink of mine, but there was nothing kinky here. It was just pure, burning, unadulterated, shaming, embarrassment. I felt myself blush and started to form the words for an apology when he smacked my butt again, "Apologize!" he repeated.

Ok, ok, I'm getting to it!

"Maria, I'm sorry I said what I did. Please do whatever makes you feel most comfortable."

Maria's eyes went wide with surprise at this entire interchange. But not scared or angry. Just surprised I thought. 

"I also apologize for my wife's behaviour, Maria," David said, calmly.

"No, no, no. Is fine. I no mind. I just do the mask because it's safer, you know?"

"And that's perfectly fine, Maria. Thank you for being concerned for us," he said.

"You're welcome," she said, still a sing-song in her voice and continued upstairs.

Looking back now,  I can't believe I blurted out exactly what he wanted me to, just like that, and just because of two slaps to my jeans-clad bum. That's embarrassing!

It's also, of course, after the fact and thinking back on it, super exciting for me to have that done to me publicly like that. It's the sort of kink I crave. David knows this, and knows that it's "fair game" to correct me like that in front of others. That was explicitly part of our now defunct DD contract, but lives on in spirit. I felt like an absolute child being corrected like that by him, and in such a way, in front of our maid. She can't ever unsee that, you know? Me, treated as a child.

David turned to me. "After Maria is gone you and I are going to have a good long discussion about being polite and respectful to people, and then I'll give you plenty of time afterwards to think about that."

Oh no. It was code for a spanking and cornertime to come. And it didn't sound like it would be a light spanking or a short cornertime. I knew that I deserved it, though. I nonetheless felt very embarrassed, despite the oblique language David used, to be told I would be spanked and cornered while Maria surely could hear.

Briefly jumping ahead, after it was all over, David and I talked about it. I asked him if he had been scening me. He said he had not. He saw red as he listened to me berating Maria for her choices, and thought, as head-of-household, that he would not have it. I had granted him disciplinary rights, and public disciplinary rights no less, so he used them.

It ran through his mind to give me my spanking there, on the spot, in front of Maria, but quickly discarded that as he did not want to offend her that way. But he did think a stern verbal correction and one or two smacks to my clothed ass in front of her would do me some good. I asked him what he would have done had I stuck to my guns and not apologized? He said he didn't know, but that it was a good thing for my butt that we didn't have to find out. Thy made my pussy tingle...

Of course, a bit of me was sorry we didn't find out. It's the way my brain works. But he was legitimately and visibly angry with me, and a bit scary, and it never even occurred to me in the moment to not obey him. Angry male energy, from the man I love, directed at me, is powerful. A random angry male would just get my hackles up and make me want to fight back. But when from a man I love and respect, who rarely raises his voice... yup that's some potent Daddy energy there.

When I was thinking about it later, reliving the days events, I knew what he should have done in that event. Dragged me by the arm to the living room. Pulled my jeans and panties down, thrown me across his knee, and hand-spanked me until I was howling (he did do that to me, but not until after Maria left). Then he should have stood me in the corner, hands at my sides, my nose touching both walls, with my pants and panties both around my ankles, making sure my spanked bottom was on view. He should have kept me like that for the entire four hours Maria was there cleaning. She would have been in and out of that room, tidying, vacuuming and dusting, as I was being punished that way. I'm sure she would have felt sorry for me, but if her employer and the man of the house put me there, who would she be to question it?

At any rate, not withstanding, a bit later I approached Maria, changing our bed linens, in our bedroom. She had never seen David strike me, and I was worried what she must be thinking. I started the conversation with another apology.

"I am really sorry I said what I said, Maria. Will you forgive me?"

Maria has this charming, lilting, Filipina accident. She says David's name, DavEEEEd, and my name, JulEEEE.

"Oh, no problem Julie. I know I'm too careful, but I want to make sure you and David are safe."

"And, ummm, you know how he hit my bottom like that?" and I made gesture of hitting my own bottom with my hand. "I asked him to be more the man of the house with me, so it's ok, really. I deserved it. He never hurts me at all."

"Like a children?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yes, sort of like a child," I agreed. And then, well, we were talking about it anyways, so I pouted and added, "He told me he's going to give me a spanking after you leave..." I illustrated the word "spanking" for her by reaching behind and lightly swatting my bum cheek several times.

Then she laughed and said, "Oh... I hope spanking not too hard!"

Think about that a moment, as I am now. She did not object to the fact of his giving me a spanking. Did she think he was justified? Or did she think it was his "right" as my husband, to spank me? Or did she just assume we were playing kinky spanking games? Was she concerned I would be beaten?

"No, it won't be too hard." I said, reassuring her. "How's your nephew doing?" I asked, changing the subject, wanting to re-normalize the conversation, and we started chatting about all our family members as if nothing had happened.

But yes. She got it alright. "Like a children." I know she's very into Christian things, and I know aspects of the Filipino culture can be a bit macho. So maybe the concept of the man being the head of the household was not so foreign to her? And I know she was brought up in a strict household with a very Christian Dad, and as a girl she was kept a very close watch on by her Father and brothers. We had never discussed corporal punishment, but it would not surprise me if she was spanked, maybe even well into her teens?

I was wondering what the prevailing culture was regarding this in the Philippines in the 70s and 80s when she was growing up. Doing some research, I saw a study from the early 80s that said something like 84% of Filipino children were subject to corporal punishment from their parents.

I also found the following article written by a much younger Filipina woman in 2019.

Bianca Carague

She grew up well after Maria in the 2000's. This is her article:

Tsinelas: The Filipino Symbol of Discipline and Punishment

Here's an excerpt:

Just imagine an old lady in a patterned duster, her face scrunched up, back bent over, briskly walking while fiercely wagging a slipper over her head…..haha!

In my childhood, though I only have happy memories of it, I was no stranger to corporal punishment. I would get spanked in the bum when I answered back. Sometimes, even worse, I’d get threatened with a belt if I lied or fought with my sister.


Throughout my childhood, I was no stranger to rubber slippers and sometimes thick belts used by my parents to discipline me and my sister.

So if that was still going on in the 2000's, I imagine 30 years before it was worse. If there's any Filipinos who can confirm, please let me know in the comments.

David and I had both been working at our respective desks while Maria was cleaning. A few hours later we heard Maria calling up. "All done! See you next time!"

"Bye Maria!" I called down. "Thank you!"


And then I heard the door close and Maria outside rolling the recycling bin down the driveway.


What must she be thinking???? She knows, without a doubt in her mind, that I'm to be spanked "like a child" after she leaves. Will she tell her husband? Of course she will. You don't keep stuff like that from your husband. Will she gossip about this crazy white woman at her Church? I trust her not to name names, but she might tell that story, right? The thought of that is soooo embarrassing. Sometimes, when she's in a rush, her husband comes by to help her out. Will I blush next time I see him like that? Him knowing my husband spanks me, like a child????

I don't mind Maria knowing. When I spoke with her she felt like a much older sister, or a young Aunt. She knows our secrets. Maybe she won't tell anybody at all. Maybe that's the maid's code? Somehow her knowing about my spankings makes us a bit more equal, you know? She's employed by my husband. I'm disciplined by him.

She didn't mind talking about it with me. She didn't even find it that unusual, really. She was not shocked, or concerned, or anything like that. Maybe she was spanked as a girl, growing up, until quite old? Based on that article above, I'm willing to bet Maria was no stranger to having her bum beat, potentially well into her late teens. Hence perhaps her comfort with the concept of David punishing me in a like manner, and the certain sense of sisterly connection I felt when we discussed it?

Maybe. Maybe I'm not giving her enough credit. Maybe she knows it's a kinky game for us? And maybe she understands it can be some of each, and that the asawa (wife) will have additional "wifely duties" to perform after her disciplining?

It's all so embarrassing... All this from a couple of bum smacks and a sharp correction.

My spanking didn't happen right away. I decided to make a really nice dinner for David, and got it all prepared and even the dining room table set for two (we often chaw down just on the kitchen peninsula).

"You think this is going to save your little ass?" he asked me with a smile.

"No Sir," I answered demurely. "A little bit, maybe."

"Maybe a little bit," he agreed, smiling. We both knew what was up after dinner.

Once dinner was over I shooed him into the living room without letting him touch a dish, and even poured him a Scotch. Our best: eighteen year-old single malt, neat, with a drop of water. I busied myself in the kitchen, cleaning everything up.

Ok, so when I'm made to feel submissive like this, the 1950's housewife comes out. I get all domestic and everything.

"Done with those dishes, young lady?" he called from the living room into the kitchen.

I was done. A few minutes ago. I was just fussing around, rearranging our cutlery drawers.

"Yes, Sir."

"Then get your little butt out here. You know what has to happen now."

Oh. My. God. Those were his exact words. "You know what has to happen now." Has to happen. No choice in the matter. No reprieve. Inevitable. It has to happen.

I knew I was getting a spanking. I was aware of it all day, while working, more while preparing dinner, more while eating dinner, acutely when tidying up after dinner. The closer I got, the more butterflies in my tummy. When he called me in, and put it that way, the butterflies in my tummy went crazy. I became soooo nervous. I didn't want to go out to him! I knew I was going to be punished. Punished the way I asked him to punish me every time. Not lightly, like I told Maria I would be punished, knowing then that was a fib, but truly punished. Punished in the way I crave, which was a way I would not like. It was going to be a minimum of five minutes of blistering spanking leaving me in tears.

I was pretty sure he would spank me "only" with his hand. He reserves wood or leather for more serious stuff (e.g., had I not obeyed and apologized right away, it would have been a paddling for the ages!). But I truly don't think he realizes how hard his hand is. He thinks a hand spanking is him letting me off easy. He teases me afterwards about how much I "carry on" during my spankings. I think it's because my hand spankings of him are a joke. I can only approach "punishment grade" with an implement, and a fierce one at that. Now I've told him, and I think he appreciates intellectually, that his hand is much harder than mine. But he's never felt it! And when he sees me "carrying on" he thinks I'm "letting it all out", like he does during a spanking. Capable of being stoic and holding it in, but helping it along a bit to get it out. And then he thinks my butt just reddens super easily.

No! I'm not "letting it out". He spanks it out! No, my butt does not redden easily. He reddens it! I've never really told him that, because I don't want him taking it easy on me. And I'm not concerned writing this here. Even if he reads this he'll still assume I'm being a Drama Queen over a little hand spanking. I like it that way. I like that he does not seem to appreciate his own strength. I like that, in his mind, he is being merciful and "letting me off easy", but that I live in fear of even what he thinks of as his "easy" spankings.

I have to force my feet to move towards him. I'm sure I was looking contrite. I was certainly feeling it.

He reaches over to me and unfastens my jeans, unzips them, and pushes them down. Then he reaches for my panties, and pulls them down as well. My bare pussy is level with his face.

"Tell me why you're being punished."

It's a ritual for us. Having to stand there with my bare pussy on display, my keeping it completely smooth, it all makes me feel like a little girl.

"Because I was rude to Maria and didn't respect her choices."

The pre-spanking, bare pussy, admission of guilt is very potent. I am in no doubt whatsoever what the consequences for my misbehaviour is to be.

"That's right," he said as he pulled me gently down across his lap. He was seated on the couch, and he lifted me so my kegs and chest were both supported. This is more comfortable than bent double across his knee on the spanking chair. David always says he chooses the way I'm to be made uncomfortable. I had a bit of makeup on and my hair done up and I didn't want to mess that up so kept my head raised.

He rubbed my ass a little and I gritted my teeth, knowing what was coming. Then he began spanking me, and OMG, I'll never get used to his paddle-hand! When I'm being punished he goes right into it at whatever force he decides is "punishment grade". For a play spanking there are ups and downs and modulations and strokes and caresses and pussy touches along the way, and yes, a few breathtakingly hard strokes. For punishment, it's just PURE PUNISHMENT, start to end.

Long before it ends I'm crying out and begging and apologizing and promising to be a good girl. My nose starts running and my tears start forming, and before he's done with me, he always makes me cry like a little girl across Daddy's knee.

I never used to cry this easily. I never cry like this when we play. It's the one time I really can cry my eyes out: while being legitimately punished by the man I love so much.

Why would any girl want to be treated this way?!?? I don't get it. I'm literally terrified of my spankings. In the moment, I'll do anything to make it stop. As I go across his lap, I am questioning my life choices. He's always fair but extremely firm with my disciplinary spankings, and I really really regret whatever I did to land me across his knee. And afterwards I am in a humble and receptive state of mind, tears in my eyes and my bum on fire, and vow never to repeat that behaviour again.

The spanking is over. I have no idea how many strokes or how long it was. While it was going on, time was completely frozen and the spanking was never-ending. As soon as it was over, it felt like no time at all had elapsed.

I feel it was right. It was right that I was punished like this. I guess that's one reason I keep the arrangement up. I was rude and obnoxious to a friend and an employee of long-standing. I deserved it. I felt better having paid the required price. I even felt better knowing that Maria knew that I was to be spanked like this. Next week I'll go apologize to her once more. I'll rub both my cheeks and tell her that my David did give me a spanking for it.

I wonder if she'll ask any questions about it?

David helped me to my feet and held me as I cried and apologized again. He had implied cornertime earlier:  "I'll give you plenty of time afterwards to think about it." He sat and helped me out of my jeans and panties and socks. He pulled my T-shirt up and off, and removed my bra. He led me to the corner and gently pushed my face towards it. I know he insists on my nose being in contact with both walls, right in the corner. To do that I have to move my feet a bit away and arch my back to get my nose fully in there. Of course, that sticks my bottom out into the room, and it feels like it displays my pussy and bumhole from behind.

"Ten minutes, then you can apologize to me," he says. I was expecting more. Ten minutes is still a long time for a hyperactive girl like me, but better than 30 minutes, or an hour!

"Cross your hands behind your back where I can see them," he adds.

Oh blush! He knows I can't help touching myself when I'm being punished like this.

He stayed in the same room, sipping his Scotch and reading his book as I cooled my heels. At least Maria wasn't doing the vacuuming around me with me naked and cornered and my bum in this state. I was thinking that as I was standing there. I played out the scene in my head with Maria watching it all, then me being required to stand in the corner for four full hours as she came and went, and...

"Stop your fidgeting," he said.

Ohhhhh! I could feel my pussy totally dampening from the accumulation of everything today, and I longed to touch it.

For me, the cornertime is some of the most embarrassing thing for me. My agency has been completely removed from me. I dare not wriggle, or move, or complain, as I know he will not hesitate to pull me out of the corner, spank me again, possibly a paddling, and then restart my cornertime, from the beginning, with time added. I can't help but think I'm a grown woman and this cannot be happening to me! I know he sits there, self-satisfied, knowing my behaviour has been corrected.

I heard David coming up behind me.

"You're done. Thank me for punishing you."

I turned around prepared to say my apologies one more time, but his cock was out of his pants!

Oh. I knew what was expected of me, and it wasn't a verbal thank you, rather, an oral one.

I got down on my knees and gave him my best possible pornstar grade blowjob. As he approached his climax he clamped my head and fucked my mouth and then came into me and said, "Apology Accepted!" Oh no. He had "accepted my apology" by giving me a mouthful of cum which I dutifully swallowed. Now I was horny as hell!

I cleaned up his cock with my mouth, getting the last drops out, licking his shaft completely clean, then gently putting him away. He guided me up and gave me a big hug. He turned me around, gave me a swat on the ass, and told me he was going to stay down here and read a few more chapters, and I should to go to our bedroom and masturbate.

I felt the flush as the blood ran into my cheeks. "David, no..." I said, embarrassed.

"I'll give you a choice. You can either go upstairs and masturbate now, or I'll give you another spanking, just like the last one, and then you go upstairs to masturbate. Choose."

"Ohhh... I'll go masturbate now, sir..."

"And make sure I hear it when you cum!" He yelled up after me as I was headed up the stairs.

I went upstairs, prepared the Hitachi, and lay on the bed with my head propped up on the pillows. I started just by fingering myself, using my own wetness to lube my clit. I thought about the day's events, reliving them and their kinkier variations. My Mom and Dad dropping in during my four-hour cornertime. An extra spanking from Daddy as I ran from the corner, covering myself desperately, as David let them in. Then Daddy putting me firmly back into my corner. Maria's husband dropping in to pick her up. Maria explaining to him why her employer's wife was in the corner with a very red bum and no clothes on.

I turned on the Hitachi and pushed it against my pussy and clitty. Something wasn't right. I moved the pillows from under my head to under my midsection, turning around so I was ass up and bent over. I was lying directly on the Hitachi. I spread my legs open. I imagined David removing his belt, with Maria in the room, and whipping me with it! I reached one hand behind. I touched myself to feel how soaking wet and exposed my pussy was. It was completely wet and open as David whipped me mercilessly with his belt. I felt my bottom hole. Oh no! It was completely open and on display as well for my whipping!

I imagine David saying, "Are you embarrassed, young lady? Good! Spread your legs more so Maria can see what a naughty, naughty girl you are while I whip you!"

A switch is flipped and instantly it's my Dad alone in the room with me. He's the one whipping me with his belt. I plunge my hand into my cunt from behind, the Hitachi still going against my clit. I pull my pussy open. It's Daddy pulling my pussy open after my whipping. "I'm going to teach you your place once and for all, young lady!" My fingers pump my pussy imagining it is Daddy's cock!

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK," I scream out as I cum violently, grinding my hips into my Hitachi, knowing David will have heard it all, knowing that he will read this, and know for sure what a filthy, dirty, perverted, sick, slutty, whore he married...

Friday, January 7

Husband Spanked and Ejaculated by Sister and Friend

Yes it happened, my husband david received his Christmas gift from my sister Sue and her partner Amanda: a spanking followed by an ejaculation at their hands while I watched.

They came by specifically to do this. How fun is it to be able to tell your husband, "Sweetheart, Sue and Amanda are heading over to give you your Christmas spanking and hand-job. Are you excited? Go get yourself cleaned up, your bumhole specifically."

For background, it's been a Christmas tradition for a while for my sister to gift my husband a spanking and a hand job for Christmas. Her current partner, Amanda, has played with us once before and was happy to join into the gift.

When they came in we all settled into the living room. Sue and Amanda had coy little smiles. They were clearly planning on enjoying themselves. david looked like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Where should we do this?" asked Sue.

"Right here in the living room," I said. Sue, Amanda, and I pushed the furniture to the side, clearing out a big space. I placed one armless spanking chair in the centre of the room. "How do you want him?" I asked Sue.

"Birthday suit!" said Sue.

"Yes!" Agreed Amanda.

"Strip, david," I said. "Completely bare naked."

"Right in the middle of the room," said Sue, pointing there, as we all sat in the spectator couches we had pushed to the edge.

He went to the middle of the room, looking embarrassed and with a big blush, and started taking his clothes off in front of us. He got down to his grey underpants and hesitated.

"All the way..." encouraged Amanda. It was nice that she was engaged. He pulled his undies down, kicked them off while hunched over, and stood back up covering his genitals with his hands.

"No covering up. Let's see you," said Sue.

david moved his hands to his sides. He already had a big erection.

"Excited to see us?" asked Amanda, rhetorically.

"I think that boy needs a good hard spanking for perving on us like that," said Sue.

Sue walked into the kitchen, opened a drawer, and took out her favourite wooden spoon.

She walked back into the living room. "I was going to go easy on you this time, but seeing that massive hard-on you have for my Amanda... well, this will teach you a lesson," she said, holding out the big wooden spoon.

I looked over at david. He looked nervous, shifting from foot to foot, hard penis bobbing, testicles dangling, in a room with three fully-clothed women. Sue, with that wooden spoon in her hand, meant david would soon be wailing like a baby across her knee (she is fierce with it, trust me!).

"david, you should be ashamed of yourself," I added. We all stood there watching him, tsk, tsk'ing as his erection pulsed to his heartbeat, only getting harder and harder, and began curving up towards the ceiling, the tip engorging to become a huge mushroom head, deep purple coloured.

"david!" I scolded once more. Amanda giggled at the sight, holding her hand to her mouth to try to stifle it.

"Oh, you are in for it!" declared Sue.

Is this not every boy's embarrassment nightmare? To be completely nude with a straining hard-on betraying your thoughts to three unamused, fully clothed women? Like, at school assembly maybe, just hardening and hardening as all the girls in your class laugh at you. The pretty girls would all see how totally pathetic you are. Then, in front of the entire school, to have that erection spanked right out of you by the female principal across her knee on stage. Having to stand back up afterwards, sobbing like a baby, hands on your head, facing the girls, showing how your penis is no longer any kind of threat.

Sue sat, pushed her dress up a bit towards her hips, and pointed to her lap.

"Over," she said, "and don't you dare cum on my dress." Given the obvious straining firmness of his erection, he looked like he just might.

david went across her lap. Sue spread her legs a bit to allow room for his penis between her thighs, and then clamped them together, trapping his hard cock in place.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she said, rubbing the hard wood of the spoon over his bare ass and thighs. "You're never this hard with just your wife or me. I can't believe you're perving on my girl. Getting an erection right in front of her. Where she can see that disgusting thing bobbing in the air in lust. In case you didn't know, she's not interested." She lifted the spoon and began spanking him with it.

"Ow! Oh! Owwww! Ouch! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

david vocalized right from the first spank. He was not being warmed up at all by my sister. It was straight into a punishment-grade spanking!

Amanda winced and said, "I can't believe he enjoys this."

"Ahhh! Ohh! Please! No! Ow! Ouch! Sue, please! Ow! No! Stop! No! Please!"

"He has his safeword if he needs it," I reminded Amanda.

Sue was really roasting his rump with that spoon. I guess a handy doesn't come cheap. I didn't think she was really annoyed with him regarding Amanda, but maybe a bit?

He was jinking around a lot over her lap so she leg-locked and hammer-locked him (a favourite move of hers - one I taught her).

"No! Please Sue! I'm sorry!" Cried david, knowing that this positioning meant he was due for some serious spanking.

Sue continued as david yelled out and wailed, locked into place, unable to escape the blows in the least way even. Sue did not neglect the backs of his legs this time, painting them crimson red as well.

"Nooo! Ohhhh! Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Poor baby!

Sue finally stopped spanking him.

He was a fully broken man. His ass was fiery red, white centres, starting to bruise up a little even. He had made a fool of himself begging and wailing like a six-year-old as he was spanked. He was still snivelling as he lay there locked across Sue's knee, fearful more might yet come if he wasn't perfectly obedient now. How embarrassing and emasculating for a grown man to be put into such a situation across a woman's knee, with witnesses to his shame.

"Are you sorry for perving on my girl?"

"Yes! Yes! I'm sorry!"

"I mean, your cock was so fucking hard I thought you'd cum just looking at her!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Is your cock hard now?"

"No! Not at all. Please!"

"It's a limp little dick now, isn't it?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

She asked both of us what we thought.

"Very thorough," I said.

"Holy shit," said Amanda.

Sue impressed me with the way she was totally carrying the scene! OMG!

Sue put down the spoon and ran her hand across his ass, admiring her handiwork, and asked him, "now, we don't want that boner popping right back up when you catch sight of Amanda again, do we?"

"No Ma'am," he answered.

"Well what shall we do about it?"

"I... I don't know Ma'am?"

"Of course you do. You better say it, or you might not get it."

"A... handjob Ma'am?"

"Pardon me?"

"A handjob, Ma'am?"

"Correct! And I'm going to keep you right here across my knee for it. Push your junk out the back so I can reach it, and then squeeze your legs together to keep it there."

Sue unclamped him, david raised a little, adjusted himself with one hand, and settled back down across both her legs, his thighs pressed tightly together, his semi-limpened penis and testicles sticking out the back.

"Oh no!" Amanda said, observing his lewd showing. "That does not look comfortable!"

"Could you get me those rubber gloves, please? And some lube?" Sue asked me. I knew just what she was asking for: the yellow rubber kitchen gloves!

I went to the kitchen to get her the gloves, handed them to her, and then went upstairs to get the lube and a bath towel to go under him to protect my carpet. When I came back, Sue had one of the gloves on her right hand, and Amanda was holding the other, seated on the couch. I handed Sue the lube and put the bath towel on the floor under david, and went to sit as well to enjoy the show.

"Ask me for what you need, david, so you won't get erect in front of my girlfriend again," said Sue.

"Oh... ahhh... ummm... could you please... ummmm... rub me?" He asked hesitatingly.

Sue smiled, dribbled lube onto his cock and started rubbing his penis with her thick yellow gloves.

"Rub you here?" She asked unnecessarily, massaging his growing cock. "Do you think you need something up your bum while I do this?" She asked.

"N... n... no Ma'am, thank you, that's ok..."

Sue stopped rubbing him and said pointedly, "david?"

"ok... we'll... yes Ma'am." Sue knows him well.

"So ask me for that, then," she instructed him as she continued rubbing his cock.

"Oh! Please may I have something up my bum as you... do that."

"I've discussed this with Amanda already. Would you like Amanda's finger up your bum? Let your punishment fit the crime?"

"Oh no! I'd be too embarrassed..."

"david?" she asked, pausing again.

"I mean, umm, Y... yes please. If Amanda wants to..."

"Ask her, then."

"Oh, geeze."

"Ask her."

"Please... um... Amanda. Miss Amanda. Ma'am. Would you please... um... put your finger up my bum?"

"Why?" Asked Sue.

"So I can ejaculate so I'm not hard in front of you again..."

"A worthy cause," Amanda said. "That erection was really huge." Amanda put the other glove on her left hand, and went over to where david was bent across Sue's lap. She stood at his head, looking down at his ass. Her legs were spread, allowing david's head to be between them.

"It's ok, hold Amanda's ankles," I told him, as he seemed to have trouble figuring out where to put his hands. He took a light hold of Amanda's ankles. I knew david would get extra turned on by this. He always likes grabbing my ankle during a spanking.

Amanda bent over him. She and Sue worked together to spread his cheeks, dribble lube into his hole, and then hold him open.

Poor boy had no privacy left at all. Sue and Amanda were seeing a view of him only his Doctor should ever see.

As they held his hole wide, wide open, Amanda pushed her yellow-kitchen-gloved index finger into his asshole, working it to its full depth as david moaned at the intrusion.

"I can't believe I'm sticking my finger into your husband's asshole!" she said to me in disbelief. "I've never given anyone a Christmas gift like this. I hope he likes it."

"Oh, he does," I assured her. david was positively squirming in embarrassment across Sue's lap, his asshole thoroughly penetrated as it was.

Sue's ungloved left hand was on his near cheek, pulling it open, Amanda's ungloved hand crossed over to his far cheek, pulling it open, so there was an absolutely  clear view of her gloved finger pumping in and out of his asshole.

"Amanda!" I said in mock outrage. "You're finger-fucking my husband's ass!"

"I know!" she said. "Where's his prostate?"

It was a bit of a geometry problem, given their orientations. I remember it as a "come here" motion when I'm facing his cock. "Right at the end of your finger, ball side."

"Oh, I feel it. Round and smooth."

"Ohhhh ahhhhh" moaned david as Amanda massaged his gland.

"He's really anally erotic, I guess?"

"Very much so. He likes his ass penetrated more than most girls like their pussies penetrated. I call it his boy-pussy."

"Ha ha! Boy pussy."

Meanwhile Sue was rubbing his cock with her lubed and gloved hand. Sue would occasionally add lube either to his asshole or his cock, then go back to spreading him open.

I thought it was all delightful!

Sue was in no rush, and when he was clearly becoming over excited from the dual stimulation she let go his cock and let it twitch in the air until she thought it safe to continue. I was wondering if she intended to ruin it. But then all of a sudden it looked like she was determined and started rubbing it more quickly and forcefully, clearly aiming for a cum.

"That's it, baby," I said, "do a nice spurty for Aunty Sue and Aunty Amanda."

I saw Amanda clamp her legs around david's head as they continued.

"Oh no!" said david. "Please, Aunty Sue, Aunt Amanda. Not like this! Not right in front of you. Not down... the... backs of my legs. Please! No! Please! Not with Aunty Amanda's finger up my bum. Nooooo!"

David gets into this "fantasizing" state as he gets close, spontaneously imagining the scenario that I twigged in his mind by referring to Sue and Amanda as his Aunties. I thought I would add fuel to the fire.

"No, david. This is what you get when you've been such a naughty boy, getting an erection looking at your Aunty Amanda. You're going to get your balls completely emptied right in front of all of us, just where we can see it perfectly. You're going to be shamed to your very core, young man."

"No! I'm sorry! Please! Not this!"

"Oh yes," Sue says, getting into it, "As your punishment I'm going to make you disgrace yourself right down the backs of your legs for your naughty, perverted thoughts about your Aunty Amanda. Right in front of all of us. And especially in front of your Aunty Amanda."

"And with my finger fucking your bum," added Amanda as she really pumped in and out.

It was all too much for david and he yelled out "nooooooo!" as he spurted his white goo all down the backs of his legs.

"I'm feeling him cum from inside his ass!" said Amanda with delight. "Ouch! He's grabbing my finger with his asshole!"

Sue continued to milk the last drops from his penis and shake it out onto the backs of his legs.

"You naughty boy," said Sue. "Hopefully this will keep your Aunty Amanda safe for the next hour or so."

"Keep him there. I'll get some paper towels to clean him up." I went to the kitchen to get a few and came back and cleaned off the mixture of cum and lube coating him.

David stood up off Sue's lap looking spent. Sue and Amanda were both taking their gloves off and grinning like little Cheshire cats.

"You're right, that was fun!" said Amanda. I guess Sue had to convince her that jerking off boys was a fun activity (that has always been Sue's position, even when she was ostensibly straight in high school - when she didn't want to do more, she ended her dates with a handy because she loves seeing the boys lose control).

They went to drop their gloves and wash their hands. I had david face the corner.

"That's a spectacular ass, if I do say so myself," said Sue, coming back, referring to the coloured mess she had made of my husband's behind with her wooden spoon. She went over to him in the corner and felt his ass, giving it a hard grab, pinch, and slap.

"Come here," she said to Amanda. "Feel how hot it is."

Amanda went over and put her hand on his ass as well. 'It's just radiating heat. You better never spank me like that." I knew they had explored a bit, but it was good Amanda being open about it. Sue has always been with slightly subby girls.

The ladies said they had to go. I thanked them for their gift for my husband, and then made david give them each a hug and peck on the cheek as a thank you as well.

After they left I crooked my finger at my husband and said, "bedroom duty, Mister!", and he wasn't the only one who got to cum that day in our household!

Wednesday, January 5

Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

I was listening to Scott Adams the other day. He's the Dlibert creator and does a daily podcast on YouTube and the Locals platform (

He suggested a "re-frame" that really struck me. It was this show in particular at the 11 minute mark:

He starts off by explaining the standard of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty":

All right. here's the big reframe. When it comes to a citizen of the United States, and let's say that citizen is accused of a crime, do we accept the standard that that citizen is innocent until proven guilty?

Not only do we universally accept that 'innocent until proven guilty' is the best way to have a system, but we also accept as part of that that sometimes we'll get it wrong, meaning that a a guilty person will go free and that we take that explicitly as an acceptable trade-off.

We've all thought about it extensively and we've come to the conclusion that because the government is big and powerful. and a citizen is not. it would be deeply unfair to have it any other way. The citizen needs some advantage against the entity with all the resources, and that is you better damn well prove it or else we're just going to treat you like you're innocent.

Everybody agrees with that standard, right? It's one of the most basic pieces of code that runs in your head. It's like a narrative that's like a piece of programming and we all have it, in the United States anyway.

Yup. I think we all agree with that. The government is so powerful. They can choose whom to prosecute. They have subpoena power. They have vast resources at their disposal. They can bully you into plea bargains. They can basically take your life away even if you are innocent. This is a way of somewhat redressing that disparity.

Scott goes on to explain a problem that arises from the fact our heads are programmed to think that way.

All right so here's the problem. What happens when the citizens are judging the government? What if the citizens collectively or individually are accusing the government of something? Is it the same standard? Is the government innocent until proven guilty? That's a terrible standard!

This is his big point. We've all been programmed to think "innocent until proven guilty" is the standard. And then when the government is suspected of doing something wrong, a government that is supposed to be open, transparent, auditable, for the people and by the people, and all that, that cannot be the standard. The government has the responsibility of being open and transparent and continuously proving to us that it is operating as an honest broker and in our best interests.

A good example is the cops. We want them to wear bodycams so they can continuously prove to us that they are not being abusive. Good system, for the most part. If the bodycam evidence somehow "goes missing", we have an automatic presumption of guilt, right?

He goes on to give us a few examples. The first one he uses, election integrity, is going to trigger a lot of you. So I'll preface this by saying that Scott's view of the 2020 election is that he has no idea if it was "rigged" sufficiently to affect the outcome, and neither do you.

Let me give you some examples. If you have an election system that can't be audited by design -- meaning the electronic parts, you really can't get at them -- if your election system, run by your government, if the citizens by some large number -- and we're in this situation now -- have questions about the fairness of the election, where is the burden of proof? Is the burden of proof on the citizens to prove that the election was fraudulent? That burden of proof doesn't work if your election system can't be audited by design.

The reasonable assumption is that it is fraudulent. That's a reasonable assumption. The burden of proof is on the government to prove it's not. See where I'm going on this? Your government needs to prove the election was fair not the other way around.

Every time your critics tell you that you didn't prove the election was fraudulent in court, tell them they've got the wrong standard. The election needs to prove it's fair to us. We don't need to prove a thing to the government. The government needs to prove to us the election was fair.

Have they done that and can they do that? No, they can't prove it. They won't prove it. The assumption has to be that it was fraudulent.

Now, I don't know that that was true because I lack any evidence that would prove it. But the standard is backwards. It's a backwards standard. The government needs to prove it's a fair election and they don't get the assumption of innocence. They get the assumption of guilt. That's the assumption, and that's the only system that can work, just as the only system that can work when the government is judging an individual is the assumption of 'innocent until proven guilty'. If you're going the other direction it's got to be opposite. You've got to prove you're not screwing us, you've got to prove it and you haven't.

Whether you personally believe the election was fair or not, a large proportion of the voting public does not. According to a Feb 2021 Rasmussen poll, only 57% of likely US voters say Biden won the 2020 election fairly. That is a problem.

Scott's point is that the election system should be designed so that it's easily auditable. That's the government taking on the burden of proving to its citizens that the election is fair. Of course this can be done. It needs to start with some sort of registration to vote and some sort of unique ID for each citizen entitled to vote. Records need to be kept about the decision process in granting and revoking such IDs. In the current election system in the US, in many cases you need no ID at all to vote, and checks, such as signature checks, are very lax in many cases, and no good records are kept.

The once you vote, there should be some sort of immutable blockchain type record of your vote. So that individual citizens can go back and check how they voted. You can use sort of a public-private key sort of thing, so only the citizen can check their own vote, nobody else can tie back the vote to the person. But maybe you can record how many voted, and if a particular person voted or not, but not how they voted.

It's totally doable. In the past, election were more auditable than now, with ID checks and paper ballots. The whole system took a massive crash in auditability in 2020 due to mass mail-in voting, weakened checks, and computerized scanning and tallying.

Scott goes on to give another example. Another deliberately triggering one, Jan. 6:

You want another one? A lot of you have been getting on me for being relatively quiet on the Jan 6th committee and especially the people who are being held longer than we think makes sense.

I've looked at a number of the videos now of the event, and having looked at the video I have come to the following opinion. I don't know if the FBI was complicit, or any other organization, some outside force, in promoting the violence. I don't know that to be true, but if you watch the video, it looks obviously true.

Has anybody watched all the videos of the unindicted co-conspirators? Ray Epps and the people with the bull horns and stuff? Now be careful. Be very careful. Have you ever seen video mislead you? Yeah, yeah, a lot. In fact, video misleading you is the number one thing that makes our news.

So here's my take. I don't know because I can't prove that the FBI or any other organization was behind organizing this thing, but if the videos are telling the true story, and that's a big if, well...

But remember, is it my burden to prove that it wasn't just a bunch of MAGA supporters? Or is it the government's burden to prove that the obvious evidence of FBI complicity is not what it looks like? Again, same standard. Don't tell me to prove that they were not FBI agents. Not my job. If you're the government, and it looks like you're doing something to me, you better prove you didn't. You better prove there wasn't any stuff there.

Now, of course you have the problem that you can't prove a negative, but you can give us an interview with Ray Epps, right? You can find those people on that video and tell us why they're not being investigated or charged. You can do that, right? That's miles away from trying to prove a negative Just just give us the information from the people on the video. How about that? We should not be trying to prove that Jan. 6 was an FBI operation. With all of that video evidence the government needs to prove it wasn't.

The burden of proof is just backwards, and we've been hypnotized into believing that the burden of proof is on us. It's not. The burden of proof is on the government if they're doing something that looks sketchy as hell. They don't get to do that, right? The government doesn't get to be sketchy as hell. It doesn't get to do things that half of the country says 'that looks illegal to me'. It doesn't get to do that. The people are in charge. Flip your standard.

The government's going to need to prove that the crimes that are shown on video are not real crimes. They're going to need to prove why you've got these guys in jail for so long. Has the government proven that they have a good reason to keep the people in jail like that for Jan 6? No they haven't proven that. And they better prove it quickly because our patience is about to run out and we don't want to have to call Dad.

But you know we can, right? I don't have to tell you who Dad is. You know who Dad is. Don't make us call Dad. You want a nice, you know maybe De Santis, presidency? Maybe that's the best you can do if you're a Democrat. You don't want Dad do you?

If you are in the left-wing news bubble you probably don't know much about Ray Epps, or the identically dressed folks in black with identical megaphones spurring the crowd on, or the people who cut the fences in advance, none of whom have been charged. Here's a bit of a breakdown for you with the source videos:

Scott picks of the same theme a couple of days later in this podcast at the 10 minute mark.

Do you remember the theme that I've been trying to persuade you of which is we've all been hypnotized by the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty'? That only applies to citizens because the government's big and powerful and then citizens need some kind of protection. So we have that rule that you've got to really prove it or you can't put us in jail. Makes sense. Basically everybody agrees with that rule. I don't think there's anything in our world that's closer to 100% agreement than 'innocent until proven guilty' as a standard for citizens.

But your government has somehow convinced you that that applies to them. No, it does not apply to a government. A government's the opposite. If the government is hiding information from the public, the presumption has to be guilt. Doesn't mean they're guilty, but the starting presumption has to be guilt because otherwise you don't have a workable system.

Your citizens should be absolutely obsessed with getting information on transparency about your government operations and the government can't hide behind 'well nothing's proven'. No we don't have to prove it. You have to prove you're not hiding bad stuff from us because you have the power to hide things. And if you have that power you can just hide bad stuff and if anybody has the power to hide bad stuff what are the odds that bad stuff will happen? A hundred percent. Over time, you know, not on day one, but if it's a big organization with lots of power over people's lives, lots of money involved, and you can hide people's bad behavior, there's not a question about whether or not bad behavior will emerge. It's guaranteed in the nature of human beings. You couldn't get any other result.
And yet we act like now that's okay, you know we haven't proven it, there's there's no direct evidence. No, that's the wrong standard. The government has to open the books (unless it's a state secret - that is a special case).

Until we get clear of that idea we will be forever in this little prison where the government can do absolutely anything it wants. That basically it's an invitation to really bad abuse.

What did all of the people on the left say when the people who believed that the 2020 election was not legitimate? What did they say when people tried to take their case to the courts (which it turns out were the wrong vehicle for deciding whether an election was accurate). People said, 'hey, you have not given us evidence of anything bad', right, and so the democrats said 'presume innocence if you couldn't prove it in court - I guess we have to presume the election was fair'.

No. No. That is a brainwashing operation. The assumption of guilt is your starting point, not the assumption of innocence. If you start with the assumption of innocence for your government when you can't check you're in big trouble.

We all know that I'm not telling you something you don't know. I'm not telling you something that everyone doesn't know. It's literally the most known thing in the world and we've somehow settled into this zombie-like state where we say, 'well the government says we have no proof that the government rigged the election, therefore I guess we're done here.' No. No, you're not done here. The start is 'where's our damn information'? 'Where's my auditable election?' And who's working on that? Who's making it audible if it wasn't before? Who's working on it now?

We have to be far more brutal as citizens on our government to just get rid of this illusion that the government is innocent until proven guilty. No, no, no, no, and no. They are guilty until proven innocent.

I think that is a really, really good point. If the government is not open and trasparent, and does not give you a specific reason why they are not being open and transparent, absolutely DO NOT give them the benefit of the doubt!

What do you guys think?

Friday, December 31

Threesome with Friend - part 6

David has a very joyous Christmas... and gets to be on top for the finale [continued from part 5].


The rest of Christmas Eve day we had to hustle to get dressed and head off to our respective evening gatherings. Covid restrictions were newly back in place (stupidly, as the latest wave is essentially a sniffly nose), limiting gatherings to 10. So we couldn't accommodate our entire family all at once. As a result, my big sister Sue and her partner Amanda hosted a Christmas Eve gathering for David and me and my parents.

Getting together with Sue and Amanda is a bit blushy for David because he was spanked by Sue and I in front of Amanda, and they treat him accordingly, getting him to do little chores for them, like setting the table and serving drinks, and he hops to it. I always look forward to Sue's gift for David, as she has a tradition of promising him a handy as a gift. David opened his gift from them and I looked over his shoulder. It was a gift bag of tasty treats and a little card that entitled him to a spanking and a handjob from the girls (!).  He read it silently and quickly put it away given Mom and Dad were there. "What a nice gift!" I told everybody, looking over his shoulder. Mom and Dad thought I was referring to the treats. Sue and Amanda knew I was referring to the card. "Go give Sue and Amanda a little kiss," I scolded David. He had to stand up and cross the room and bend over to kiss the offered cheeks. Sue and Amanda both had little grins on their faces. So that was something we were going to look forward to. I will be sure to blog it when it happens. Mom and Dad were in good spirits and Dad entertained all of us with his unmistakable presence.

When we got home Paula was already there. We decided we'd watch a Christmas movie and drink some Bailey's. We chose "Miracle on 34th Street" (the 1947 version).

I love movies from that era. Such great family values on display. At one point the handsome bachelor next door entices the little girl into his apartment to watch the Macy's parade with permission of the attractive coloured maid. Single career Mom next door comes to pick her up and the bachelor has cajoled the little girl to suggest to his Mom that they invite him for dinner. So charming (of course, by todays standards people would assume racism, pedophilia, and rape, but whatever!).

We went to our own beds after that and agreed to meet up at 9am for Christmas breakfast. It had already been a long (and fun and kinky) day.

Next morning we had a nice Christmas breakfast with Paula including Champagne and orange juice of course! The conversation did get to kink. Up to then we had only discussed and played with David's subby kinks. Paula opened the door by asking if he ever spanked me? I answered honestly giving her the backstory on that.

We told her that he was the lifelong spanko, and had asked if I wanted to be spanked when he first asked me to play spanking games. I had refused that outright, and then he asked if I would spank him, and I agreed to that and loved it. As a spanker, I decided I needed to at least find out what a grown-up spanking felt like and sampled that a few times without really giving up control. Over time, and as I was fantasizing more and more about dominance and submission, I found myself increasingly fantasizing about me on the receiving end. So we started playing a bit with David on top and I loved that also.

Paula was curious about how that works, switching back and forth like that. She particularly wondered how david could switch to being dominant like that. I told her that David was in fact a very good dominant when he flips that switch. I think that got Paula thinking thoughts. I said that because it's roleplay, we can take turns and it's fun, but that in real life we naturally fall into traditional roles of him being more dominant and me more submissive. Paula found that hard to believe.

I assured Paula that was the case, more at my instigation than David's. I told her it was what I wanted, and that I usually get what I want. She could believe that.

I even confessed to having a Daddy fetish, fantasizing about spankings and fuckings from my Dad. Paula seemed a little shocked by that. "Like, an abstract father figure sort of thing?" she asked. Nope, my actual Dad, I told her (it's true!). "Did he abuse you as a child?" she asked seriously. I assured her he did not, and if anything, it was the other way around, with me trying to get a sexual rise from him as a teen. Paula declared me exceptionally naughty, and I agreed. Paula has a very testy relationship with her Dad and said to each their own, she supposed. I said David makes a very good stand-in Daddy for me.

"He even spanks me when I'm bad," I told her in a baby voice.

"As roleplay," she confirmed.

"No. For real also," I said.

"Domestic violence much?!?"

"Not when it's me wanting it that way," I said.

"You spank her, for real?" She asked David incredulously.

"Yup," he confirmed.

"I'm incredibly offended by that, and a little bit turned on..." she said. Ha ha! "What sort of things does he spank you for?"

"Well that's embarrassing to talk about," I said. "Let's see, I had a fender bender because I was texting and driving. Got a spanking for that."

"Can't disagree with that," Paula said.

"Last winter I left the cottage door off the latch when we left and the door blew open and the furnaces went nuts to keep it from freezing."

"Well that was just an innocent mistake," she said.

"It was careless, and I expect to get spanked for careless things."

"What other kinds of things?"

"Once he put me in the corner during dinner with Dad and Mom for raising Trump..."

"After repeatedly upsetting people with that behaviour and being told not to," David added, like a Daddy.

"What?!?? No fucking way!" Paula said, incredulously.

"Got a spanking when I got home too," I added with a pout,

"Standing in timeout in the corner like a naughty little girl? Right in front of your Mom and Dad?  So they know about this?" She asked.

"Yeah, they know he spanks me, and that it was my idea. Daddy likes it and thinks it's funny. Mom vaguely disapproves but is supportive."

"That is so embarrassing. You guys are cute, and kinky as shit!" She said. Yeah, she understood.

So I was pretty turned on by this time, talking about this thing that makes me so horny. "Do you want to see a demonstration? Watch David spank me?" I asked Paula.

"Yes!" she said straight away.

David pushed his chair away from the table, patted his lap, and said, "come on then".

"Right now???" I asked him, feeling myself blushing a bit.

"Get over here," he said.

I stood up and walked over to him. I was wearing my PJ bottoms and a T-shirt and sweater on top. He reached out and lowered my PJ bottoms. I didn't have any panties on.

"I thought we agreed we'd not talk about this with others unless we agreed beforehand?"

"But it's Paula!" I said.

"Yes, and of course I would have agreed, but that's the rule, isn't it?"

"yes sir"

Of course it was a made up "offence" (sort of), but adequate for "demonstration purposes" :-)

He pulled me across his lap, bare bum up, and started spanking me. As usual for a punishment spanking he started hard with his hand that had me yelling and kicking right away. He turned my ass so red! It was a pretty quick spanking, maybe only a couple of minutes, but his big hard hand did the trick.

He stood me up and I rubbed my bum.

"I got off easy that time," I told Paula.

"Let me see," Paula said. I went over to her and turned my butt towards her. She reached out and stroked my butt. "It's hot," she said, resting her hand on my ass, "in more ways than one."

"You should try it," I told her.

"It looked too hard for me."

"He's good at it. He'll adjust down for you. Just tell him if you need him to lighten up or stop, he'll respect that."

"Ohhhh... ok," she said. Yay peer pressure!

"Come here," David said to Paula, and then to me, "you keep those pants down, your hands away from your pussy, and watch." He knows me too well.

Paula was in the same robe as the day before.

"Drop the robe," David said dominantly.

Paula shrugged the robe off her shoulders. Her beautiful bare tits were exposed. She had cute, sexy little panties. David reached over and lowered her panties displaying Paula's neatly trimmed little bush.

"Lie across my lap, " he told her. She draped herself across his lap gracefully. I could see she was sticking her ass up extra for my husband.

He raised his hand and brought it down with a light slap across her bare ass.

"ooooh!" she said.

"Is that ok," David asked.

"yeah," she said breathlessly.

David started a rhythm, cycling left cheek, right cheek, middle, staying low on her spank spots on the undersides of her ass.

"Mmmmmm..." she said, as if she was getting a massage.

"Harder?" David asked.

"Yes!" she said, sounding eager for it.

David increased the intensity of his slaps. She grunted a little "uh" after each stroke. After about a dozen he paused and rubbed her ass.

I went over and touched her pussy between her legs. She opened her legs and pushed up her ass to meet my hand. "You're wet you naughty, naughty, girl."

"Yes!" She agreed.

"Do you want more?" David asked Paula.

"Yeah. Give it to me more like you did to her."

Paula had definitely warmed up to it!

"Oh, you want to be punished, do you?" David asked her.

"Yeah. Spank me like a naughty girl..."

"Ok. You say 'stop' when it's too much. No shame in that. It'll get harder and harder until you do, ok?"


David started spanking her again, making it progressively harder.

She lasted about a minute and then said "ok, ok, ok, that's enough! that's good!"

David paused and rubbed. Then he slowed down and went back to the very light slaps he had begun with. He then alternated rubbing it out and giving her light slaps, she seemed to enjoy that treatment. He helped her off his lap and she stood, naked, and explored her spanked ass with her hands.

"What happens next?" She asked us breathlessly.

"Well, in my case, I have to be completely sexually available to him after a spanking..."

"Ok," Paula said, agreeing to the same terms, I could tell.

"Alright then," David said, smiling. "Julie, go get a big bath towel and lay it across the back of the couch. Then both of you get naked and get your asses up over it." He meant the two-seater couch in the living room.

I ran up, got naked, and ran back down with the bath towel. I literally ran. I wanted to pattern submissive behaviour for Paula, and it embarrassed me, and turned me on, to appear so submissive to my husband in front of her.

I put the bath towel across the back of the couch. Paula was waiting there, naked and at attention. David was standing there, fully dressed (jeans and lumberjack shirt), like a boss. I took Paula's hand and we bent over the back of the couch. I'm sure David had an excellent view of our long slim legs, our red bottoms, our tight little bottom holes, and our wet needy pussies.

"I think you girls need a bit more of a bottom warming first," David said. With that he unbuckled his belt and slithered off through the belt loops around his waist. Paula and I clutched hands tightly.

I got a whip across my ass. It made me jump but was not too hard. Then I heard and felt Paula get a belt whip as well. "Ooch!" She said. Then it was me again, then her, then me, and so on. I could hear from the whip smacks that I was getting it harder than her.

I looked over to Paula and said, "wiggle your ass and pussy and we might distract him!" I said.

"I heard that!" David said and I got a hard one.

But we both started pumping and wriggling our asses.

"Please fuck us Sir! Please fuck us!" I said.

David paused our whipping and said "keep wriggling those asses, ladies".

Paula and I kept up our twerking as David undressed. He came behind me, held my hips, and inserted his big hard penis into my pussy.

"He's fucking me!" I yelled out.

"What about me?!?" asked Paula.

"You're next," he said.

He pulled out of me, and a moment later Paula squeaked as he presumably put his dick into her. He didn't lose his erection this time - Yay! He gave her ten or so pumps, pulled out, and came back to me. He was double dipping in our pussies!!! He went back to her and gave her a bunch of thrusts, and then he came back and finished inside of me.

"Now both of you naughty girls," he said as he gave our bums some hand slaps, "up to bed. I want you scissoring each other first then a 69 and you get each other off. If our guest doesn't get off first, Julie, you'll go across my knee again young lady, and sit on a sore ass all through Christmas dinner. Now scoot!"

We both stood up. I gave David a kiss on his cheek and said "thank you Sir." Paula followed suit and did the same. Then we both ran up giggling to my bedroom. David did not join to watch. He thought we might have wanted some privacy.

"We 'gotta do it," I told Paula and we arranged ourselves into a scissor. I'm glad David "ordered us" to do this as I would have been too embarrassed to suggest it myself!

We rubbed and ground up against one another. My pussy was likely sloppier than hers because of my cum injection, but it was hard to tell. We were both squishy against one another. It was fun and sexy, and a bit blushy because a man was making us do it.

I extricated myself and we arranged ourselves into a 69. I wanted to go side-by-side, but Paula hopped up on top and we went at it.

"I'm going to make you cum first and get you spanked!" She declared. Oh no!

I could taste Davids second-hand cum in her pussy. I licked and licked as she ground against me. There was a lot of pressure against my face! Meanwhile she was licking me furiously as well. Fortunately (for my ass) she shuddered to a climax first. We rolled over and she got under, and me over, and then I came soon after that. There's something about grinding into her face that made it better.

"Phew!" We both said.

"Did you like your spanking?" I asked her.

"I did! I'll have to see if Mike has any interest."

"I'll bet he does," I said.

We showered together and then we got dressed. We went downstairs and rejoined David.

"I made her cum first!" I declared proudly.

"It's true," Paula confirmed.

"Good girl," David told me.

That was more or less the end of our sexy adventures with Paula. We each had early afternoon'ish dinners to go to. We both got home fairly early and we gathered for a movie. We rented the new James Bond one. It was pretty good. We had an evening drink and chat and we went to bed separately. Next morning we had breakfast and Paula had to leave to go back home.

All I all, what an amazing visit and what an amazing Christmas.

Happy New Years, all!

Wednesday, December 29

Threesome with Friend - part 5

David has a very joyous Christmas... but gets ass fucked like a tramp [continued from part 4].


My friend Paula and I were double-domming david for losing his erection during our earlier threesome. He got femmed up and then hairbrush spanked and strapped. All along he knew that the final part of his punishment-fitting-the-crime was a good, long, hard ass fucking from Paula who would be popping her strap-on cherry in his ass, so that would be fun. Where we left off is that he had just stood up after a nasty strapping from me.

I told him to get going upstairs to the bedroom for his fucking. He started to head up. I stopped him and raised the back of his skirt and tucked it into itself as Paula watched. His ass was deep crimson red from his hairbrush spanking and sizzled like a steak off the griddle from the strap. As well, he still had the tampon we stuck into him before his spanking, and the little white string dangled humiliatingly from his ass. His shirt was still pulled up as well, exposing his pink bra filled out to a C-cup with his silicone falsies. "Don't forget your panties, you little slut," I told him, picking up the panties I had made fly off his legs during his hairbrushing and handing them to him. "Carry them upstairs," I said.

I gathered up the remaining stuff from the living room and david proceeded in front of us, up the stairs and into the bedroom, with Paula and I walking behind him and making comments about his cute bare ass and how it was about to be fucked soooooo good. I kept him walking slowly and told him to swing those hips seductively. I gave Paula the strap and encouraged her to use an underhanded flick to his low ass to keep him moving like that.

When we got to the bedroom I pulled his shirt off him, but decided to leave him in his bra and short skirt for his fucking. I lowered his skirt back down for a bit of modesty. First I made him lie face down in the middle of the bed over a mound of three pillows so that I could remove his tampon from his butt. Paula assisted, kneeling to his one side on the bed, flipping his skirt up (that bit of modesty did not last long!) and spreading his cheeks, as I knelt on his other side and dribbled the lube I had carried from downstairs into his bumhole. Tampons can get a little stuck to the sides of his anal canal after a while so extra lube during removal is good. I pulled gently on the string as Paula held his ass cheeks open and the tampon popped out to an audible groan from him. The tampon had opened up a bit from when it had gone in. It was a little brown coming out, I must say, which was a bit inevitable regardless of his anal canal hygiene. I dangled it in front of his face. "Is this what you call clean? I should make you suck on it." For health reasons I did not carry out my threat and went to the bathroom to dispose of it instead.

"Let's get you stretched out a bit for Paula," I said as I returned. Given this was to be Paula's first time, I wanted her to use my biggest cock, Adam, on david's hole. "I'm going to give Paula Adam to use on you."

"noooooo! pleassssse!" He begged. Adam is... hard to take.

"Shush!" I told him strictly. I picked up the strap and tossed it on the bed right beside him. "This is your only warning, young lady. Any lack of enthusiasm from you and you'll be given the strap again. We need a cock at least as big as yours, but that stays hard and doesn't cum in 30 seconds, to teach you a lesson, so it's Adam and no complaints from you, or else."

Adam is just a tad bigger than a fully-erect david. Here's a gif from a little "home movie" david and I once did that has the same "mood" as this scene and shows his cock size in profile.

david was fatter and hairier than now, but cock is the same.

As you can see, there's nothing wrong with its size or shape or erection quality. Sometimes even a little too much cock, depending on the activity. It's a pretty cock, nicely cut, and inviting for any female. If only it stayed hard for Paula and didn't shoot so fast when coaxed back to life. But to compete with his cock, to really put him in his place, we needed a member larger and stiffer than even his, so that's where Adam comes in.

The trouble with Adam, especially for a newbie pegger, is the relative tightness of david's hole.

If you're going to use Adam on him unstretched, you need a certain skill and sensitivity, and even so there will still be a lot of pain for him. But after a good stretching, even Adam will go in relatively easily, even for a newb.

My ultimate go-to "get 'er done quick" toy for stretching his asshole is my electric plug-in Hitachi with the ass accessory.

Yeah the dildo is fairly narrow for easy insertion, but turning on the powerful vibe in its two stages makes it effectively twice as wide; and the stretching, coming from the inside as it were, seems to be just super effective and relatively pain free as opposed to stretching from the outside in.

With david still lying skirt raised and ass up across the pillows, I got out the Hitachi. She again held him open as I lubed and inserted the vibe. I then turned it on in the "low" setting. david, predictably, moaned like the little ass slut he is. After a bit, I turned it to high. As we let it do it's work, I explained to Paula essentially everything I just explained above. I passed off the handle of the Hitachi to her and she had fun moving it around, Roto-rootering his loosening asshole. If you apply a circular motion putting pressure on his inner sphincter wall it makes him stretch even wider. I reached under and pulled his junk out between his legs so Paula could see how the ass play affected him, making him fully erect. I lubed his penis a bit and we took turns rubbing his cock as we used the Hitachi to loosen him up.

I'd say we gave it a good five minutes (though I was not timing). I shut down the vibe and had Paula again hold him open as I pulled it out. We could see that his hole was visibly distended relative to his previous shape, a little gaping open in fact, but gradually shrinking back. I took the butt attachment off the Hitachi and gave it all a wipe and then set the plugged in Hitachi on the side of the bed, thinking I might want that to be handy before we were done.  I then went to get his largest butt plug, and relatively easily (with only a few yelps) pushed it home.

Paula was fascinated watching his asshole distend around the widest part of his big plug, and then swallow it up whole. She had never done ass play like this before (and had never taken it up the ass, as we learned just then as well!).

"We'll keep that in him for a few minutes while we get you set up," I told Paula as I flipped david's skirt back down to cover his plugged butt.

I used to have two strap-on harnesses, a soft fabric purple one, and a leather one. But I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea where the leather one has gotten to. I know, how careless of me. I mean, how does someone lose something like that?!? It must be around the house somewhere, or in a suitcase or something. But I would have set Paula up with the purple velvety fabric one anyways, as it's a more comfortable ride. So I got it out and stuck Adam into it.

Paula was still in her jeans and top. I told her she probably wants to be in her panties for this, so she stripped off down to only her panties! I could see david's head turned towards us, watching us as I knelt beside an almost naked Paula and put the strap-on harness onto her, adjusting the straps so it fit firmly and perfectly on her.

"Oh my God, I have a dick!" Paula said with surprise. She had never worn one before, and I can attest that it's a powerful feeling when you strap-one-on for the first time. "I know what guys feel like now. I want to fuck everything!"

She faced david and said, "you're going to feel what a real dicking down is like now, baby. I'm going to rail that ass!" As she said this, she stroked her dick, imitating what guys so often do to make sure they're hard for us. I'm sure the words she used was learned from her boyfriend telling her that.

Imaging that coming at your ass!

"david, get on your knees in front of Paula. You know what to do."

david got off the bed, the butt plug still deep in, got on his hands and knees and crawled to Paula. Paula was bemused. He knelt up a bit, took ahold of Paula's hips to steady himself, pursed his lips and put her cock into his mouth.

"Ohhh! Yes! He sucks too," said Paula, now understanding.

"Let's see some enthusiasm, young lady, and you better keep those luscious lips covering your teeth while you do it."

david started bobbing on her cock, spitting and slurping noisily and using his hand like I taught him to encircle and jerk off her cock.

"Everything that annoys you from a guy when you're giving head, feel free to do to him. He has collective responsibility."

Paula smiled, grabbed his hair, and forced him deeper onto her dick. In his bra and short schoolgirl skirt he could have been a chick.

It is a universal truth that all women who give head have had unpleasant things done to them in the process. I think guys like to "assert themselves" in a rapey sort of way when in this position. So when a woman finally gets a dick strapped on, and a handy man with an accessible mouth, any one of them will do, there will be payback.

"Open your throat, baby," she said. "That's it." Then to me, "This is amazing!" Then back to him, "Oh, are you gagging? Yeah, that's what it feels like." She let him take a breath and then told him to get up on the bed, lie on his back, and let his head tilt backwards off the bed. "This is how I learned," she said. "Open your mouth wide and really concentrate on relaxing your throat." And then she began slowly pumping in and out going deeper as she kept instructing him to relax his throat. I was fascinated. Especially that she had learned this way! I could only imagine...

There were a few gags from david, but way less than before, and once or twice she had it all the way in for a second or so.

"Keep doing this with him and eventually he'll be able to deep throat no problem."

"Time for her fucking?" I asked Paula.

"Oh yes!" She replied, pulling her cock out of his gasping-for-air mouth.

david was already looking a little rung out from his deep throat training, but I didn't care. Today would be one of those "ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet" sort of days. I had him kneel low on the bed, at the side of the bed, his ass sticking out over the side of it. I first flipped his skirt up his back to expose him and then adjusted his kneel until it looked to be at just the right angle for Paula to comfortably penetrate him. I put a towel both under him and down on the carpet just under his ass in case there was any mess or lube spilling. I placed a condom on Adam for quick cleanup and poured some lube on it and rubbed it in. Then I poured some on the plug and worked it into his anal ring a bit, and then extracted the big butt plug. "Ow, ow!" he complained as its largest diameter exited his hole.

With david, it comes out a bit like this:

Obviously not quite so big, but his asshole stays really wide open right after removal, like hers.

I quickly got the lube and used my fingers in and around his open asshole.

"Ok, stick it in," I told Paula. She came up to him and inserted the tip, using her hand to guide her cock. "Adjust your angle, sweetheart, so it goes in easy," I told david. He moved around a bit, lowering, raising, pushing back a bit until the head popped in more fully.

"Ok..." he said.

"Nice and slow and easy and not too deep at first," I told Paula. Paula pushed in a little, slowly up to about a third of Adam's length at which point david winced and cried out a little. "It'll loosen up. Pull it all the way out and then back to there again."

Paula slowly pulled the dildo right out. David's asshole stayed nice and open, and then she pushed it straight in again to the one third mark and held it there.

"Circle your hips a bit," I suggested. Paula did that. It was soooo sexy! Paula sort of took it from there. She did another full pull out and re-entry. She went a bit deeper. She pumped it a few times going a bit deeper and deeper. "Is that ok, baby?" she asked david.

"Yes Ma'am" he responded.

"Yes Sir when you're receiving cock, you know that, girl," I said.

"Sorry! Yes... Sir, I mean."

"Now a little more enthusiasm, david. Ask for the cock. Beg for it," I said.

"Please fuck my ass with your cock, Sir."

"Yeah baby, that's just what you're getting," said Paula. "Do you want it deeper?"

"Yes Sir, deeper please. And harder. Really fuck me good. I want it so bad!"

"Ok," Paula said with a laugh in her voice and she started upping the tempo and the depth, progressing all the way to "balls deep".

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! ...." david said as he received his railing.

"Hold still a moment," I told Paula. She paused with her dick half buried in him. "david, show Paula what a good fuck you are."

david knew what was expected of him. He backed into the cock and started swizzling his ass around it like a $2 whore.

Paula gave him an ass slap and encouraged his gyrations. "Yeah baby!" she said.

How embarrassing for him to have to perform this way for her! In a bra with his little skirt flipped up. A relative stranger fucking him with her big dick, making him her little bitch as his wife watched.

"You sure made her your bitch," I confirmed with Paula.

"Not yet. Not fully." She replied.

She then grabbed his hips and put a stop to his gyrations and began just pounding the shit out of his ass! Hard, fast, and deep!

"Ahhhhhhh! Arghhhhh!" david said as he received his pounding.

"You see, that's how you use a cock properly, sweetheart," I told him as Paula continued energetically teaching him that lesson.

She just kept at it. Eventually david collapsed on the bed but Paula just kept riding him with her cock, laying on top of him and fucking him. She even grabbed his hair at one point and said, "take it, take it."

After a good, intense fucking, Paula finally stopped and pulled out. There was a bit of mess on the condom and some around his asshole after the so-deep fucking, but pretty good. No cause for a caning. I carefully slipped the condom off and put it in some paper towels. I used some more paper towels to wipe his ass.

"That was amazing!" Paula said.

"You fucked him good!" I said.

"That's how I like it," she said, meaning when she is getting fucked! New insight into how disappointed, for real, she must have been with david's performance last night. Added a little extra notch up of embarrassment for him, don't you think?

"Would you like to try another position?" I asked her.

"Sure!" She said.

"Nooooo!" david begged.

"What did I say about being enthusiastic, young lady?" I asked him.

"That I need to be..."

"And what happens if you're not?"

"the strap..."

"That's right, and now you've earned yourself a few strokes of the strap."

I went and slipped a new condom on Paula's dick and lubed it anew. I took david's skirt and bra off him and had him lie naked face up in the middle of the bed with just one pillow under his hips to elevate his ass a bit. Until now I had been dressed, and I stripped off completely and went to sit on his face. He needed to get his hands around quickly under my ass to support my weight if he expected to breathe.

"Spread my cheeks and get that tongue up my asshole, deep as you can. That's it. Now lick all around, up and down, side to side, and stick it in and wriggle it. That's a good girl! Now keep at it."

Paula looked surprised and lustful at this exhibition.  "He's licking your ass?" She asked by way of unnecessary confirmation.

"He sure is."

"Give me your legs," I told him, and he lifted them until I could grab his ankles and pull them back towards me.

"Paula, give him just a bit of the strap, please."

Paula picked up the strap from the bed where it lay and knelt on the bed, her big obscene erection showing. I pulled david's legs back a bit more to give her a good target. She measured the belt across his ass, in just the right spot I thought, hauled back and gave him a whack. It elicited a little grunt from david.

"Wait, wait," she said, "I can do better than that."

She lined up again, hauled back, and this time really sizzled his backside!

"Mrrrooooo!" david yelled out from beneath me as I felt his mouth and tongue strain against my asshole.

"One more like that!" I told her.


Paula smiled, I pulled back harder, and she did another just like the last one that elicited another gurgling cry from david.

"Now I want to see some enthusiasm in that little ass of yours as Paula fucks you."

I released David's legs and he held them back himself, wide and bent. I bent over with the lube and re-lubed his asshole. I told Paula to kneel between his legs and stick it in. This she did, and it went in pretty easily. She eventually settled into a rhythmic fucking motion.

You can't go too hard or too deep in this position, but it was perfect for what I intended. I leaned forward taking my ass away from his mouth and dribbled lube on his cock and started giving him a handjob.

"Look up at Paula. Do you see her beautiful eyes, her beautiful sexy breasts, her tight little tummy?"


"It's a woman fucking your ass, david. A beautiful woman. What's this cock good for, david? Answer me."

"nothing ma'am. It's useless. Totally useless."

"It was totally useless yesterday, when you had a chance to be a real man and fuck this beautiful woman properly, nice and hard, the way she likes to be fucked. But you couldn't even do that, so here you are, being fucked like a woman, by a woman. So pathetic."

"yes ma'am"

Paula sunk the cock deep and we leaned into each other and kissed.

"You can jerk it," I told him. David's hand dashed for his penis. It was semi-soft, it's usual state when getting ass fucked by Adam.

I leaned back and grabbed my Hitachi where I had conveniently left it, anticipating this moment. I sat back on david, keeping a bit of my weight off him and let him tongue my asshole as I used the Hitachi on my clit. It felt very exhibitionist doing this in front of Paula, but she seemed to appreciate the show, playing with her breasts as I got myself off.

I dismounted david and Paula pulled out. I helped Paula off with the strap-on and told her to go sit on david's face and have him eat out her asshole. She smiled and did just that, mounting him and directing his tongue to her little brown button. She used her fingers in herself.

"I'll clean the Hitachi up if you want that," I suggested.

"Don't need it," she said as she screwed up her face in concentration.

I went to where Paula was before, between david's legs, and gently put a finger into his asshole, found his prostate, and began massaging it.

david's left hand was under Paula's bum, pulling her cheek a bit apart to better get deeper into her asshole, and his right was on his dick, jerking it. Without Adam inside him any more it was getting super hard again. My gentle prostate massage and Paula sitting on his face, getting herself off, was also a great assist.

"Cum," Paula said to him, "cum all over yourself," she said in a husky voice, sounding very close to cumming herself.

"Yes, do it, cum all over yourself," I told him.

He intensified his jerking. I could see Paula looking at him doing that lustfully. She was seemingly very turned on by watching him jerk it.

And then with a muffled cry, his tongue buried deeply up Paula's ass, his legs, and whole body in fact, spasmed, and he let loose a massive arcing cum all over his chest and belly, with another smaller arc, and then huge blobs gushing out afterwards like an erupting volcano.

Pretty damned good for a man his age: I had not seen that much cum, or such a strong arc, for years!

Paula was waiting for that moment and put herself over the edge just as he came. Diddling herself madly, she cried out loudly as well with her orgasm as I watched the show.

She dismounted breathlessly and said "Holy Shit!" She then added, "I have such a cum fetish." That's interesting! The things you learn...

"One more thing to do," I said, as I scooped up david's cum and fed it to him sloppily, leaving a lot on his face along the way.

"Did you swallow it all?" I asked him.

"yes ma'am," he answered, barely able to speak.

With my hand I smushed the remaining cum all over his face, giving him a nice facial.

"Go get cleaned up," I told him. He went to our bathroom and I took Paula to hers where we both got into her shower and helped clean one another up.

She just kept saying how amazing it was and what an awesome kinky couple we were. I returned the compliment of course, and told her that while we had other threesomes, none were as sexy as with her. I was being honest there. She is great.

We reluctantly had to all dress, as this was Christmas Eve and we both had family obligations, but Paula would still be staying with us Christmas Day and only leaving the day after that, so we might get to play at least one more time in there, and indeed we did, but with a twist!

[continued in part 6]