Tuesday, November 10

Witnessed (Real) Spanking

Got to give David a real-life witnessed spanking on the weekend. It started off innocently enough, and then just one thing lead to another...

My sister Sue popped over on Sunday for a mid-afternoon drink. No kink was planned. David had been binge-watching some superhero show all day. I had been upstairs working of all things :-(

Sue rings the front doorbell and I go down to get it, expecting her. We greet and we walk into the kitchen together. OMG. There are dirty dishes in the sink, on the counter, and an empty bag of McDonalds with various wrappers not thrown out on the kitchen peninsula.

It's not normally his job to keep the kitchen spic and span, or anything like that, but this was too much. We had a brunch before I started working. After brunch I had put my dishes into the sink and rinsed them. He was still finishing up. There were clean dishes still in the dishwasher, but I had to get some work things done and asked David if he would empty the dishwasher and put the dirty dishes into it. "Sure," he had said.

So, what had he done? Nothing. Worse than nothing. He had not even rinsed off his brunch dishes and he had left them on the counter. He had not emptied the dishwasher. He had not put dirty dishes into the dishwasher. He had ordered McDonalds from Uber Eats ($$$!) for lunch. He had left his garbage strewn around the kitchen. The plate and glass he used was in the TV room on the floor. And he had his feet up binge watching a superhero show! And he leaves the kitchen in that state for me to discover when my sister arrives??? We like to make tea, or open a bottle, and sit at the kitchen peninsula to talk. But what a mess! Oh, he was 'gonna get it!

"David!" I yelled angrily from the kitchen. He paused his show and came into the kitchen carrying his dirty dishes.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, I meant to clean up in here..." he said as he put his dishes into the sink and started unloading the dishwasher.

"You can do that after your spanking," I told him. Sue giggled. David looked back at me like a little puppy. I continued, "go upstairs and put your punishment panties on Suzy Homemaker, then back here for your spanking."

"Ahhhh, honey?" he whined, but then saw me looking sternly at him. "Yes ma'am," he said and he went upstairs.

"Ooh Goody! A spanking," said Sue. "Did you plan it?" she asked.

"I didn't. Maybe he did. But he'll be sorry if he did."

I started to make tea amidst the filth. I'll be damned if I would clean it up. Before too long David  reappeared, blushing in his pink cotton panties and nothing but.

"Adorable," said Sue.

"When he messes up on the housework, I like 'womanizing' him. Deep down in that thick male skull he thinks doing housekeeping chores is woman's work, don't you David?"

"no ma'am."

"I think you do."

"Here, let me help," said Sue. "Kneel down," she told David, who knelt where he was. Sue got her pink lipstick

She made David purse his lips and applied the lipstick. Then she had him smack his lips several times in an exaggerated way, saying "go MWWWA!"

Ha ha! So there he was in pink panties and pink lipstick and nothing else.

I pulled out a straight-backed wooden chair and put it in the middle of the kitchen. Then I sat and beckoned him across my knee. He draped himself. I pulled down his panties and began spanking him with my hand as I scolded him.

"Why are you getting this spanking, young lady?"

Spank Spank Spank

"Because I didn't clean the kitchen when I said I would."


Spank Spank Spank

"And, and, because I made more of a mess?"


Spank Spank Spank

"The McDonalds?" he asked.

"The McDonalds," I confirmed. "You Uber Eated it, didn't you?"

Spank Spank Spank

"Yes Ma'am,"

"Couldn't even get your ass in gear to walk and pick it up yourself. Until further notice, McDonalds is dead to you. Understood?"

Spank Spank Spank

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Sue, would you please pass me the wooden salad spoon. Top drawer next to the sink."

"My favourite," she said as she handed me the spoon.

I hiked David a little more up and over my lap, and grabbed him more securely around his waist. Then I used the spoon to give him a real punishment. Immediately the complaining started.


"Nowo! Ahhh! Ouch! Please! Yowwww! Owww! Please! Please!"


I was unrelenting. I guess I wanted to impress Sue.


"Please! I'll be good! please! No more McDonalds! I'll clean up everytime! Please! I'm Sorry! Waaaaah!"

I paused and rub the wood across his ass. It was already bright red with those tell-tale white spots in the centers.

"No more McDonald's?"


"No Ma'am!"

"You will not leave a dirty kitchen for me to find?"


"No Ma'am!"

"Ten more to the insides of your thighs. Kick your panties off."

"No please! Not there!" he begged.

"Twenty more it is, care to go for thirty?"

David fluttered his legs and kicked off the panties that had descended down to his ankles already. Then he spread his legs widely for me.

"Twenty to each side, or twenty altogether?" I asked him.

"Altogether please! Altogether!"

Well you better not fuss while you're getting them, ok?"

"Oh!" he wailed. I was pretty sure he doubted his ability to hold position for what was to come.

"Do you need Sue to hold your legs apart for you?" I asked him.

"no..." he answered meekly.

"I.m pretty sure you do. Sue? Would you?

"Sure!" she said and knelt down directly behind David and held his ankles, spread widely, in her two hands. I looked around the corner to what she could see. His balls were sort of squishing out the back between his two legs.

I tapped his balls with the wooden spoon. "Let's hide these, shall we," I said as I grabbed his balls in my hand and tucked them up underneath him and between my two legs as he lifted for me. My sister watched all of that action from her intimate vantage.

I pulled his near butt cheek towards me, which incidentally exposed his bottom hole clearly for my sister to see, and I tap, tap, tapped the wooden spoon against his high left inner thigh and then let loose with my first strike.

"AWWWW!" David yelled.

"Take it!" I warned him. I pulled his cheeks apart more and made the next strike a little higher still. I went up and down from his anal ring to a couple of inches down the inside of his leg. I did ten in total on that side.

I then moved the spoon into my other hand, pulled his outer cheek further out, and tried to smack him on his right side, but it was awkward.

"May I?" Sue asked.

"Sure." I handed her the spoon. I hooked the inside of David's left leg with my right, keeping him spread. Sue stood and used her left foot on the ground to spread David's right leg wide. I then put a hand on each lower butt cheek and spread them wide apart. From her standing position, Sue smacked down directly onto David's right inner thigh, provoking a very high-pitched screech and some involuntary movement, but we had him well-controlled. Sue repeated the spanking I gave him, spanking from two inches down his inner leg to just at the brown skin ringing his butthole.

"Alright, get up," I told him when we were done. "Pull your panties up. Start cleaning the kitchen."

"Yes Ma'am," he responded sheepishly and began emptying the dishwasher.

As I mentioned, it started as a simple little spanking, but why waste a good opportunity to take it a little farther? I had an idea...

"Keep going," I said as I left the room. I went upstairs and brought down his prostate massager, some lube, and his little cock cage we had not used in a while. Sue had not yet seen him wearing it, and I thought that would be fun.

He had just finished unloading as I returned, gear in hand.

"Oh, what's this?" Sue said as I laid out the toys on the kitchen peninsula. She picked up the cage and examined it from various angles.

I had also brought his big pink prostate massager.

David could see what I had brought, the cock cage specifically, and came over and started begging. "Please! Not that! Please!"

"What? Your cage?" I asked all innocently.

"Please no..." he begged pitifully.

"Please no don't lock your penis in your cock cage as punishment? Please no don't do it while Sue watches? Which is it?"


"Come over here, Leave the dishes. I lowered his panties, and began fitting his cock cage. "You're going to be punished with a good caging until I let you out. And you're going to be caged right in front of your sister-in-law so she can see how it fits."

I guess the humiliation had an effect on him, because his penis erected to the point where it was  impossible to lock him. I put his cage down and went into the freezer to crack some ice cubes into a small bowl.

I picked up two ice cubes in my hand and started rubbing them up and down his cock shaft. He started wiggling in distress as the chilly ice rubbed against his hot cock. I took another two cubes in my other hand and began rubbing them against his testicles which instantly tightened.

"Oh! Ah! Eee!" he said as he danced in place.

Surprisingly, his penis was staying hard. The ice was melting quickly and creating a little puddle between his legs and wetting his panties which were down around his knees. I was about to change the cubes when I noticed how smooth and bullet-like the ice in my hand has become. I went behind him and said, "bend over." He did so and I pushed first one, then two, then three of the smooth ice cubes up his butt. He stood and started shimmying around even more.

I stood back to watch him with my sister. Poor boy was feeling the effects of the cold ice up his rectum.

"I'll bet that's cold!" said Sue.

I replenished the ice cubes in my hands and continued applying them to his testicles and to his hot, but rapidly cooling, cock.

It still was not going down and my ice cubes were melting away, so I flicked the tip of his cock with my fingertip and then it started deflating. Once it was down it was very down, and I quickly took the opportunity to slip the cage on, put the ring around the base of his cock, push it together and lock it up with the tiny padlock. There we go. Locked in front of Sue!

He looked very embarrassed standing there, and Sue had a big smirk on her face that she could not hide even if she wanted to, which she didn't. I ceremoniously placed the key on its chain around my neck.

"There we go, none of those nasty boy erections. A little time in your cage may teach you to mind the housework, no?"

"yes ma'am" he said, still looking downcast, panties now down to his ankles.

"Bend over the peninsula," I told David, and he shuffled towards it and bent over it. I lubed his prostate massager and stuck it in. I then turned it on, turned it up to max, and set it to his favourite pattern: the "DAH DAH DAHHHHHHHHH" pattern that he tells me feels most like a fucking. I told him to stand up and lose the panties.

We could hear the buzz, buzz, buzzing in his backside as he stood there and squirmed in place. His cock was straining the confines of his cage, and he looked to be in some considerable pain.

"Does it hurt?" I asked him.

"yes ma'am," he said, practically in tears, squeezing his legs together and squirming. I was starting to notice something, and so was Sue.

"He's leaking!" Sue said. It was true, There was a drop of pre-cum starting to slide out of his penis tip.

"My balls! Please!!!!" complained David. The cage was very tight against his poor testicles.

"Do you need to yellow?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am, Yellow. Please."

'Yellow' is our slow down safeword. His cage really is too small for him. I need a larger one.

I'm such a soft touch. I took the key off from around my neck and unlocked him. He sighed in relief as the tight ring opened.

"What will we do about this?" I asked softly as I rubbed his penis in my hand, using his pre-cum as lube as he rapidly gained back his erection. I grabbed his scrotum in my hand as I turned around and said, "come here," and dragged him towards the couch in the living room by his balls.

"Sue, would you pass me one of those larger dish towels?" I asked my sister. She handed me a fresh 2'x2' dish towel. I put it down on the seat of the couch and told David to lie down on his back. He sat on the dish towel and then lay back as I knelt down beside him. Sue took a seat opposite us to observe. The vibe was still buzz buzz buzzing deep in his backside as he lay on it.

"Are you going to make a little cummy for me?" I asked as I gently rubbed his cock, "right in front of Sue Sue?" David moaned as I rubbed.

"Were you a bad boy and got a spanking? Did you have to change into your panties? Did Sue see you in your panties? Did she see me pull down your panties for your spanking?"

David seemed on the very verge of cumming so I let go and watched his cock twitching in the air.

"Oh please! Oh please!" David begged.

"Please what, sweetheart? Beg me for it."

"Please may I cum, Ma'am? Please?"

"What, like this?" I asked as I rubbed him some more. "Right in front of Sue, you naughty boy?" I looked over at Sue and smiled. She seemed entranced.

"Yes! Yes!" he cried desperately.

"If you cum, I'm putting it in your mouth and you're swallowing it, on your knees."

"no..." he begged softly.

I put on my angry voice. "You will do as you are told! You will put it in your mouth and you will swallow it in front of my sister."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said desperately, right on the verge of cumming.

As I started to feel the inevitability of it I let go and said, "Go on. Disgrace yourself."

"Ahhhh! Ahhh!" he moaned, his hard wet cock waving in the air.

I knew he was super close, and wanted to put him over the edge with just my voice. I reached out and gave him just a couple more rubs then took my hand away. I looked him right in the eye and said, "remember, you're swallowing every last drop, on your knees, right in front of my sister."

"no! no! no!" he said and then, without me even touching it, the cum just start dribbling out of the tip and down his shaft. I had ruined his orgasm. Ha ha!

I went right in and scooped up his cum and fed it to him. "Hold it," I told him, as I fed him all of it. Even squeezing his limp cock to get the last drops out. When he had a mouthful I got up to get a washcloth and cleaned his cock, balls, and abdomen where the cum had landed.

"Get up. Kneel on the carpet. Face Sue."

Sue stood up and I went to join her. We both were looking down on my kneeling husband with a mouthful of ejaculate.

"Swallow it," I told him.

He screwed up his face, and we could see his throat move as he swallowed it all down.

"Show me all gone," I said.

He opened his mouth wide and showed us that had indeed swallowed it all down.

"Good Boy!" I congratulated him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Go get dressed and you can go back to your TV." My boy works hard all week, so he should get to binge watch his superheroes on the weekend.

Friday, November 6

Sexy Massage

For many years, my husband had been a customer of those "naughty massage" places. You males know what I'm talking about!

I put a stop to that after I realized that he continued even after we were married (very tense moment!). After he'd been good for a long while, and we'd gotten into spanking, I even rewarded him with a trip or two to the massage parlor, with my supervision of course. You can read about our first time here:

Very Public Massage Parlor Spanking!

Well, what with lockdown and all, there are now limited opportunities to play like that for now, so I thought I would become his sexy massage girl a couple of evenings ago.

I set up the massage table in the spare room. I had the regulation little sheets and everything. I got the oil all ready. I dressed "normal", like a legit massage professional would. I then went to him after dinner and said,

"Hello, David, is it? I'm Julie, your massage therapist for today. We're ready for you right over here."

I shook his hand and showed him the way to where I had setup the table. David had not known I was going to be doing this and was surprised, but he played along as if he was a customer. Smart boy!

"You can disrobe here, Sir, and then just slip under the top cover, face down. I'll knock in a couple of minutes. I you'd like to use the bathroom first, there's one just across the hall." He got the message and went to clean himself out. When I play "massage therapist" with him, usually some anal play happens.

He went to the bathroom and then went back into the massage room. I gave him a bit of time and then I came back in. I dimmed the lights and put on a soft "spa" playlist from Spotify on my iPad.

I started by lowering the sheet to his low back and massaging his back, neck, and shoulders. I went to the head of the table and leaned over him to rub his low back. I let my hair dangle onto his back and butt, I pushed my pelvis and tummy up against the top of his head, and as I bent over I allowed my clothed breasts to touch his back. I pushed my fingers just under the drape, massaging his low back to the tops of his butt cheeks.

"Hmmmmm..." he moaned every time my fingers slipped deeper under the drape towards his butt, and he pushed up his butt subtly up into my hands.

"You have a lot of tension here, David. Do you mind if my hands go a little deeper onto your glutes?"

"No Ma'am, not at all."

"Oh, what a polite boy," I commented at him "ma'am'ing" me.

I pushed the drape down a little lower to expose the top of his ass crack and also shot my hands down lower onto his butt. I went around to his side and focussed on low back and butt. I moved the drape a little lower, and then a little lower still. I was greeted by much moaning encouragement!

"You seem to like it when I massage your glutes," I said, a bit unprofessionally I thought.

"Yeah, it's really nice..."

"I'll focus a bit more there as I do your legs."

I restored the drape up to his neck and then uncovered his right leg. I directed the drape into his butt crack, tucked the drape under his left tummy and under his testicles, thereby uncovering his full right leg and butt cheek right to the waist. I massaged up and down his legs and to his butt. I spent a lot of time focusing on his butt and got yet more pleasurable moans. I went daringly close to the ass crack, massaging near there. I also massaged the inside of his leg and went deep right up into his crotch area. I commented on the tension in there and focused there. I was conscious of bumping the back of my hand into his draped testicles as I did so. He was squirming in pleasure now and I commented how much he seems to enjoy massage. I repeated on the other leg.

I then had him turn over onto his back. I lifted the drape, turned my head, and closed my eyes as he turned over. I then put the drape back down again over him.

I immediately saw a big erection tenting the drape. Naughty boy. I thought I should comment. I looked him right in the eye and said, "David? I just want you to know that's a perfectly natural reaction and nothing to be embarrassed about, ok? Would you like me to keep going or would you like me to step out for a moment so you can calm yourself. I'm easy either way."

"S... s... sorry, Ma'am. It's ok, it'll go down by itself. Sorry."

"It's perfectly fine. It's very normal. We'll just work around it, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am."

I go to uncover his right leg, and again arrange the drape right up against his testicles in the middle. I then massage all up and down his leg. I'm more vigorous around his top inner thigh, and as I rub I notice the drape falling away a bit to expose a bit of testicle. I just "professionally" move the drape back (but don't really secure it any better, and continue with what I was doing. The back of my hand brushes past his draped and sometimes slightly undraped balls. His erection is not subsiding. Ha ha! I repeat on the other leg.

Next I cover his legs back up and uncover his chest and tummy. I push the drape down his abdomen as far as it will go, right up against the base of his cock.

"It's not really going down, is it?" I comment.

I begin rubbing his tummy and his abdomen.

"You keep it smooth here," I comment at the hairlessness of his pubic region as I rub it.

He moans and groans as I rub there.

"You have an unusually high degree of sexual tension. Are you married?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Do you have sex regularly?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Hmmmm. Unusual. But I hate to leave you in this state. It's undoing all the good work we've just done."

I slip my hand under the drape and I gently grab the shaft of his penis and stroke it.

"Is this ok?"

"Yes Ma'am!" says David.

"It has to be our little secret, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"We wouldn't want your wife to find out, would we?" I said. Ha ha.

"No Ma'am," he said with a grin.

I put some more massage oil on my hand and I put my hand back under the drape to his cock and start handjobbing him.

"You seem like a very submissive man. You kind of do anything a  pretty woman tells you to, don't you?"

"Ohhh... yes ma'am."

"Are you this submissive to your wife also?"


"So, what are some of the dominant things she does to you?"

"She... ahhh. spanks me..."

"I figured that much. You pretend you're the girl?"


"Ha ha! Does she dress you like a girl? Put your into a pair of panties and a skirt. Maybe stockings and a bra for your spankings?"

"yes ma'am," David says timidly.

"Ha ha ha ha!" I laugh. "Does she fuck you with a strap-on?"

"yes," he says breathlessly, actually blushing.

"What does she use for your spankings?"

"Usually a hairbrush."

"I have a big wooden hairbrush upstairs. Would you like me to give you a spanking with it? I've never done that before."

David gulped and said, "sure, that would be ok, I guess."

"Ok, I'll go get it from upstairs and be right back. You turn back over onto your tummy. Put all those pillows over there underneath you. All three of them in a stack under your hips."

I left the room and waited a few moments, then came back in carrying the hairbrush, the purple dildo, and some lube. David had turned back over onto his tummy with the stack of pillows under him, pushing his butt up. He had kept himself draped.

"Look what else I got!" I said excitedly, waving the dildo at him. "Here you go," I said, pushing it into his mouth. "you hold on like that. Purse your lips like a good girl. Make a big round 'O'. That's a girl. Now what's this with the drape? Do you expect me to spank you over the drape? I don't think, young lady. Off. It. Goes." I took the drape off him, leaving him naked with his butt sticking up in the air.

I stroked his ass all over with my hand. Then I gave him a smack. And another. And another. He moaned into his dildo and pushed his ass up to me.

"Oh, I see you like that. Naughty, naughty little girl," I said. I went up to his mouth and dildo fucked his face a few times. "Take it. Nice and deep, like a good girl."

"Now let's try the hairbrush," I said. I picked up the hairbrush, rubbed the wood on his ass, and then started spanking him with it. I varied the intensity. His bum chased my hairbrush. When he got over eager I spanked harder until he started running away a bit from the blows, and then lightened up again. By the end of his spanking he was moaning into his dildo and humping the pillows, and had received a very well-reddened backside.

"There, that's what naughty girls get," I told him as I put the hairbrush aside.

I went back to him, reached between his legs, pulled his cock out behind, and told him to clamp his legs tight, keeping his cock and balls there, on display and for easy access.

I lubed his boy hole, and I worked my fingers into him. As I did this, I spanked him some more with my hand, and massaged his penis and balls. I then went to get the dildo out from his mouth and worked it up into his ass. When it was good and in I started hand-fucking him with the dildo and simultaneously hand-jobbing his cock from behind.

"Are you going to come for me, you little slut?" I asked him teasingly. "Here's some inspiration," I told him as I took off my top, baring my breasts. I stood where he could just see me by turning his head and continued his dildo-fucking and hand-jobbing.

"Oh Yes Ma'am! Oh thank you Ma'am!" he yelled out as he disgraced himself down the backs of his legs.

"Oh dear," I said, giggling, "you are submissive! I'll be back with a nice warm washcloth. You stay like that." I quickly put my shirt back on and left him there, ass up, dildo planted into his bumhole like a flagpole on a hill, and ejaculate on the backs of his legs.

I came back in with a warm wet washcloth and dry towel and cleaned and dried him. I had him go back onto his back, his hips still elevated by the pillow, the dildo still lodged in him. I made him put his legs up and back towards his ears. I held his ankles in my hand as I pulled out the dildo and used the washcloth on his anus and genitals.

"Like a little baby!" I told him as I held his legs up high, cleaning him. Then I put down the washcloth and spanked him with my hand saying, "bad little baby, making such a mess for Mommy to clean up." He squirmed in embarrassment as I did this.

"Better be on your best behaviour with your wife," I told him as I patted his tushy. "It's pretty red and she'll see you've been spanked by another woman if she has to take you across her knee herself."

"Yes ma'am, she'll never know," he told me with a wink.

We ended the scene and we kissed. He LOVED it and I got an oral sex reward later that night (times three, my favourite number!)

Friday, October 30

So, You Want to be an Author?

I thought it would be useful to do a sobering post analyzing the four year sales history of my first book for all you aspiring erotic authors out there.

When I embarked on the Kindle Author thing with my first book, I did it for love not money, but was hoping to raise enough money to at least pay for a fancy vacation or something (and somewhere in the back of my mind was "what if it goes huge?!"). Fact is, we don't need money from writing. David and I both have good jobs, mercifully unaffected by COVID. Thank goodness I was not counting on book revenues!

The topic today is entirely my first book.

Get it at your local Amazon

It went on sale September 20, 2016 and I have data up to the end of August 2020. It has a rating of 4.6/5.0 from 14 reviews which were quite complimentary, 2/3 of them 5-star. It's 213 pages, so a good sized paperback-length book.

Julie Delmar (of "Strict Julie Spanks!" blog fame) and her husband david engage in a kinky scening-oriented female led relationship. This book of entirely original material not before seen on her blog is part instructional, part fact, part fiction, and all fun! At over 75,000 words and 18 chapters it's great value for your kinky dollar.

Total lifetime revenue from the book is $3,425 Canadian dollars (current conversion rate is $1.32 CAD to $1.00 USD - so $2600 USD). These are the royalties over time.

Excluding the partial 2020 year, it appears I am pulling in about $600 CAD ($450 USD) per year in steady-state royalties ($38 USD/month), and those seem to be holding up.

So, yes, disappointing revenues. But read on.

The original sale price of the book was $4.95 USD, and I had enabled KU (Kindle Unlimited) and KOLL (Kindle Owner's Lending Library). KU & KOLL are plans where the book is free to read so long as it was lent to you by an owner (KOLL) or the person subscribed to Kindle Unlimited (KU), which is an "all you can read" for a flat monthly fee. Authors get paid based on new KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages) read. There is a global pool of money which varies month by month based on subscription revenue, and authors get a share of it based on your proportion of the KENP, which is exclusive based on pages, not book price at all.

I changed it up mid-March 2019, where I increased the price of the book to $7.95 USD, and then turned off KENP (which took effect in June 2019), to see if that changed anything. So higher price kicked in for 19Q2, and KENP kicked out in 19Q3.

The blue is royalties from units sold, the orange is royalties from KENP.

Below is the number of units sold (for KENP I divided the KENP by the 213 pages in the book to get a somewhat comparable "KENP Unit").

What are my conclusions from that experiment?

I'd say that the number of units sold did not change much based on the price of the book. Anyone willing to buy it at $4.95 was also willing to buy it at $7.95. On the other hand, my overall volume is quite low, and a certain Kindle analysis report is recommending a lower price point ($2.70 USD). I'm trying it out to go lower with the new book at $3.50 USD, and I matched the price change of the first book to that as well, and added KENP back on, so we'll see.

KENP I think is a good thing for my kind of book. The number of KENP Units sold outpaced the standard units sold, especially as the book aged (around 2.5x more units). Mind you, the effective royalty per KENP Unit worked out to only $0.90 USD as opposed to the $3.25 USD royalty I was pulling in for the $4.50 USD priced book. However, I think the KENP market is a totally different market than the standard book buyers. KENP on or off does not seem to impact standard book sales. i.e. a person who would read the book under KENP is unlikely to buy a copy when it's not available on KENP. So KENP is pure gravy and does not seem to cannibalize unit sales to the extent one might imagine (at least not for my kind of book - which is a universal caveat).

My mistake which I was warned about in advance from some blog readers who are also Kindle erotic authors, was that I made the book too long to maximize revenues. Rather than charging $4.50 for a 210 page book, I should have charged more like $2.99 for eight 25-page books (e.g., Bedtime Spankings: PJ's Down! by Rosie Hynds - 26 pages, $2.99; or Two Spanking Diaper Discipline Humiliation Stories by Rebecca Lawson - 14 pages, $2.99). Some also gather collections of previously published stories into larger bundles, and sell them in an alternative format, such as The Complete Strict Wife Reader: 17 Domestic Discipline Tales, also by Rebecca Lawson - 181 pages, $3.99. This is likely the way to maximize unit royalties, and probably the only way to survive if you intend to do this full-time. For my part, I want to publish more "works of art" and am not so concerned about the money.

Of course, for the KENP part of the royalties, that strategy is somewhat nullified, in that it is only the total number of new pages read that make a difference, which is independent of book size. But as I mention above, the KENP and the standard royalties seem to be two completely different markets, and the KENP royalties make up only 1/3 of the total even for my sub-optimal standard book strategy, so keeping the books short is the best way by far to maximize total royalties. And if you keep enrolled in KEMP, as many do, you have happy campers there who are not bothered by the shortness of the books.

If I'd taken the small book approach, I estimate I would have doubled revenues, so $5000 USD to-date (4 years) and $1000 USD per year run-rate. If you churn out a new book like mine every three months (i.e., 8 small ones every 3 months), and have been at it for 5 years, you're still only making about $25K/year. So hard to see how such a thing could ever be very lucrative in this genre... sorry. :-(

Maybe with better advertising and more social outreach you can get bigger revenues than I, so don't give up all hope. I wonder if any other authors might compare their experiences in the comments?

Oh, and while thinking about it, please go out and buy my NEW e-book. I switched it all up and went full female submissive, trad wife kind of thing, in keeping with my more recent interests!

Available at your local Amazon

Tuesday, October 27

Reflections on the Book

I thought in today's post I'd take a step back and reflect on the contents of my new book. Many of you have had a chance to read it, and the rest of you will get to it soon, I'm sure.

Available at Amazon

On my last blog post, vic commented that it's really a love story during the first 20 short chapters. Why, yes it is. A sexy/spanky love story, but a love story with boy meets girl, a relationship, falling in love, marriage, and honeymoon. I wanted to establish the relationship between Julie and David, and make it mirror the depth of our real-life relationship. I needed that basic love and trust to permeate the rest of the book, even as it gets kinkier and kinkier!

The stuff about my backstory is pretty accurate. When I was a bartender, I did have a run-in with a guy. I voluntarily took him back to my apartment and it did not go well. I wished there was someone there to rescue me :-(

I did meet my husband at the bar, but we did not marry right away, and I in fact did go back to school, did well, including graduate work, and made a career for myself.

I was freaked out about doing anything vaguely female submissive for quite a while, which I attribute to my incident, but really got into being female dominant with my husband when he asked. I found it to be deeply cathartic. Over many years, really all of it documented here on my blog, I became more and more comfortable with female submission, and have now come to crave it.

In the book I took an alternate reality "fork" in my life. One where I get physically rescued by my husband-to-be in a spectacular and manly fashion. My husband is into MMA, and can kick butt, so that part is not a reach. So the question became, if that pivotal moment had happened, what would the rest of my life had been, given my obviously natural submissive tendencies that have emerged only lately? With the right man, would I have become a trad spanked wife? I like to think so! It actually sounds nice.

In the book David goes very slow with me, and refuses me intercourse completely until marriage. Thinking I can seduce him, I strip and demand it from him. He picks me up, puts me across his lap, and gives me a spanking instead! Oh! He turns it into a sexy spanking and even gives me my first orgasm from him from humping his knee as he spanks cheek-to-cheek.

How about that for setting the tone of the sexual relationship?!? I find that act, and that position, and the mere fact that I can actually come like that to be so embarrassing. I must look a lot like the girl in the picture up there. He determines when I come, how I come, how many times I come, and how much fanny pain I will be enduring as I come. All my most private parts are there for him to see, touch, smell, and even spank. Oh Blush!

In the book I make David a Christian. In life, David's paternal grandparents were Christian, but his Mom and Dad much less so, and he not at all. One of my grandmothers was Christian, and I interacted with her Pastor quite a bit before she passed on. My younger brother also married a Baptist girl, and they have Baptist nieces. So I had a model for that community in my head. I always liked the Christian community and the people and the philosophy of loving your neighbor, but could not believe in God and Jesus in the literal sense. In the book I make David a full-on modern Christian man, and I make myself Christian-curious, while maintaining a bit of reluctance to fully embrace the mythology. But I convert for him, and because I like it.

Why bring Christianity into it at all? Like I said, I really do like it and can get into God and Jesus as metaphor. But Christians are also a little notorious for their spanking ways, so that was convenient. It gave David a grounding in insisting that he will spank his wife.

I think the abstract ideal of the Christian Domestic Discipline is beautiful, though I am sure it is not realized in life so often in that way, reality intruding as it does. No such constraints in the book.

I also made both David and Julie enjoy spanking for play as well as practicing spanking for discipline. I do not find those things to be at all contradictory and wanted to explore that seemingly contradictory theme.

I make the discipline extra confusing, as I make it so that Julie's sexuality is only truly unleashed via spanking her. Only a warm bottom makes her a tiger in bed. David also enjoys spanking his woman before sex, with full use of slowdown and stop safewords.

Before spanking came into Julie's life, she was reluctant to give oral sex, was poor at it, and spat every time. After she gets a warm bottom, she becomes amazing at it and even swallows for her man. Amazing!

In my fantasy I make David more "built" than my actual man and with more sexual stamina and skill in the fucking department (sorry, Baby! - a girl can dream :-) In fact, part of my fantasy is that I can actually come just from a pussy fucking (I can't, boo hoo). I doubt there is any man, no matter how skillful or full of stamina, can make me come from a pure pussy fucking, but if you'd like to try you have my email above :-)

But I did not at all exaggerate my real husband's tonguing skills, which are over the top amazing. None of you can challenge him there (though see above if you want to give it a go).

Part of my mixing of sexual and disciplinary spanking involved David's fictional little sister Beatrice. He fictionally became her guardian when she was 14 and started spanking her. It involves sexual excitement for her, mixed in with the discipline, but David is utterly oblivious to it, and does it because the Church recommended it. I loved making David, that big lug, so naive that he cannot see it. I made his sister a devout Christian on the surface, and an utter horn dog beneath!

I explore with the grown-up Beatrice the whole idea of women getting turned on by being spanked for real by their men. Again, I don't find it contradictory. I also know full well the dynamic exists when the sexes are reversed, but I think we are all built with a mix of Yin and Yang, Male and Female, and we are expressing our Female parts when we get turned on by our spankings and our Male parts when we derive pleasure from doing the spanking, even if motivated by disciplinary reasons. When I spank my husband I take on a very Male aspect, even insofar as wanting to fuck that little bitch in the ass afterwards. When he receives a spanking, he is all girl. I even dress him accordingly in panties and a bra to emphasize the point, and make him guzzle his own cum, which I deposit directly into his mouth, like the little whore he is.

The trip to Moorea in Tahiti wasn't on our actual honeymoon, what newlyweds can afford that? But we did go later in life, so everything I described there is pretty accurate.

During our honeymoon, David requires me to submit to anal intercourse from him for the first time. I have them go on an embarrassing shopping trip to the the sex store (been there done that!). We buy graduated butt plugs to loosen me up. In fact, in terms of graduated butt plugs, I was actually describing what I do to loosen David up for my dildo. I can take it without the prep.

When we got back from honeymoon, I went into a "Converting to Christianity" arc. I made my chief sin the Sin of Pride, influenced by C.S.Lewis's thought on the subject.

Get it on amazon.com
6,326 5-star ratings can't be wrong!

After I dropped out of University on my first attempt, I felt like I had a chip on my shoulder and that people were talking down to me. Now I realize that's just how I perceived it (people talk to me the same way now, graduate degree notwithstanding. Ha ha!).

My sin manifested as being rude and foul-mouthed to the matronly Sunday School teacher in front of a roomful of children when I thought they intended for me to attend Sunday School with the kids (I did not give her a chance to explain it was to be as her teacher's aide). So, the natural punishment for me was to actually have to attend Sunday School, dressed young and subject to their rules. This gave me a chance to explore some age regression themes, which really turn me on. And also to throw in some diapering for you guys out there, you know who you are!

I like to pretend I'm Daddy's little girl with my husband. I can't speak for all women, but it's definitely why I keep my pussy completely hairless.

Sometimes I do baby talk with Daddy, and Daddy has to spank me. I know it's likely controversial, but I think men like treating us as little girls they can fuck. I certainly enjoy it from the receiving end, and don't at all mind playing "Mommy" for my little boy when the occasion arises. (If you're a man and you're really into actual little girls, please go cut your dick off now.)

At a certain point I feel the need to tell my parents about my lifestyle choice. I pretty much followed the same arc that I did in real-life on that front, so had plenty of real-life material to draw upon.

Where I diverged was something that David in real-life talked me out of. I wanted to "accidentally" break some dishes at Sunday dinner and be spanked for it in front of them. In real-life I never did that, but in my book I took that fork. Pride of course being what drove me, I wound up breaking one of Mom's antique china plates that cannot be replaced. I was taken upstairs to be spanked, and then Mom walked in and demanded extras to cure her of some resentment she had over me never listening to her advice when I was a young woman (very true!).

My younger sister Nancy is in the book as well, and her journey took a fork for the better when at 18 my parents decided that spanking for older girls was a thing, and started spanking some of the unpleasantness out of her. They also put her on a diet. Ha ha! Nancy wound up super pleasant and very good looking as a result. Having Nancy spanked meant that at the cottage the two of us could get spanked together which enlarged the kinky space considerably and was a very natural way of getting my parents to accept my own spankings in the house, seeing as they were spanking Nancy all over the place. So that was a fun excursion into "could have, should have, been".

We got one big spanking together for jointly wrecking Dad's motorboat. (You guys out there with boats can relate!). We got another spanking when Nancy came home super late from curfew and she asked me to cover for her, which I did. We both had to lie to Mom and Dad's faces, but we were found out and they were very mad at us. Daddy gave us both the paddle, and then Mommy had us cut switches (while the elderly neighbors watched) and then we got birched, with many of the strokes falling on some very private places!

Throughout the book there is a theme regarding my small bladder and my poor bladder control. It's all true. Ha ha!

I've been known to pee a little when exercising or even laughing, and always make David stop when we're on the road, which drives him NUTS. I've heard about people peeing their pants when really nervous, which is also a kid thing, so made Julie do that a couple of times before spankings. I must admit that for "research" purposes I got into the shower stall wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, and peed them completely. I observed where and how the pee dribbled, and what the fronts of my panties looked like afterwards. Talk about camel-toe! I needed that research in order to describe it accurately in the book.

This, of course, necessitates embarrassing legs-in-the-air cleanups and diaperings for big girls.

Whether or not you're into the diaper fetish, is there anything more embarrassing than being diapered like that in front of others?

For lying to David one too many times about peeing before leaving, and then for disobeying him when he required me to wear a diaper for the drive home, he decided my punishment would be to be diapered in front of the whole family. He sentenced me to wearing the diaper in the car for the cottage trips until I could go a certain number of times without wetting them. The worst part was the diaper checks, where upon arriving at the cottage David would put me face up on the dining room table, hold my legs up as he removed my diaper, and then pass the diaper around for my sisters and Mom and Dad to gleefully do the "pee check" as I was held there squirming in embarrassment.

Of course, leave it to Sue to point out how my diaper was wet, but not from pee. Everybody had a good hard look at my glistening pussy and enlarged clit, and Daddy suggested that my husband take me to our bedroom to "take care of that." I had to rejoin everybody in the living room afterwards where I was teased about how loud I was in the sack. Mom hoped I was not too sore, as she wanted more of that sort of thing tomorrow so as to make her some grandchildren. Mom! "Here here!" said Dad. Dad!

I enjoyed writing the book and exploring these themes. I hope you have fun reading it. Please go get a copy and write me a nice review on amazon, please! As you are filling out the review you can choose to remain anonymous if you choose, so nobody will know.

Here's the link again:

Julies Spankings at your local Amazon

Thank you!

I've been saving up some real-life blog posts so will get on that soonest!

Friday, October 23

Second e-Book Published!

I'm very excited again!!!! My second e-Book has just been published to Kindle!

Available at Amazon

For this one I went full-on female submissive. There are lots and lots and lots of spankings and embarrassing situations. It's 244 "normalized" pages (80K words) according to Kindle. It's divided into 68 short punchy chapters that will have you turning the pages. I priced it quite inexpensively at $3.50 USD and it's also on Kindle Unlimited where you can read it for free if you have Amazon Prime. Please go buy the book and write a great review over on Amazon (if you like it - if you don't, just tell me here :-). Those Amazon reviews are really helpful for sales to people who don't know us over here. Also please leave a comment here letting me know what you think, regardless.

Here is the book's blurb:

Julie is a pretty 23-year-old girl working as a bartender when she meets her 34-year-old husband-to-be, David. This is their story, as recounted in this novel-length book. It is told as a story arc, has elements of romanticism, hot dominant lovemaking, trad wife and strong husband, Christianity, age regression, diapering, and of course spankings, and lots of them. Some of them distressingly public. While the story is fictional, the author (whose photo graces the cover) is no stranger to spanking and being spanked. There is no act described that she has not been subjected to. She draws on her real-life experiences to bring the story to life.

Before meeting her husband-to-be, Julie's life is going nowhere. David is at the right place at the right time to rescue Julie from a dangerous situation, and this begins their relationship.

As they become more serious, Julie learns that David is a believer in traditional loving Christian marriage where the husband leads and the wife obeys. Julie realizes that she lacks structure in her life, and marries David knowing what she is signing up for. This includes naked spankings, corner time, and mouth soaping when she is naughty. David usually puts Julie across his knee and uses his hand; but when she is very bad, the antique ebony hairbrush, the strap, the paddle, or the belt teaches a sterner lesson. Julie is also expected to be obedient in the bedroom and comes to realize that only a bedtime spanking fully unleashes her raw sexuality.

Julie converts to Christianity but has a lot of trouble with the Sin of Pride. She only narrowly avoids being kicked out of the Church by agreeing to be punished by attending Sunday School with the children, dressed the part and abiding by their rules. Julie misbehaves and much to her distress winds up being cornered, spanked and even diapered at church when her nervous bladder fails her.

David's 28-year-old sister Beatrice comes to visit. David was made legal guardian of Bea when she was fourteen. He was counseled by his Church to use spanking discipline as a means of controlling his teenage charge. Bea recounts her experiences with her brother's discipline, and Julie is surprised to learn that spankings continue to the present day at Bea's request. Bea brings her naughty-list with her, and is punished by both David and Julie. Julie also misbehaves, and is given a sexy switching from Bea in front of David, after which the newlyweds are sent off to their bedroom for some vigorous, overheard lovemaking.

Against David's judgment, Julie wishes to inform her parents that she is a spanked wife, and does so with her husband's permission. It is not long before Julie misbehaves in a way the impacts her Mother. Given her admission, they decide Julie should be spanked in the upstairs guest bedroom while her Mom attends. Julie is later also spanked by her big sister for sins of the past. Realizing the efficacy of spankings for grown children, Julie's parents apply the regime to Julie's 18-year-old sister who has been doing poorly at school. Julie and her little sister both wind up being spanked multiple times at the summer cottage by the lake, sometimes both together.

The girls are belt whipped, paddled, and switched. They are made to cut their switches bare naked, much to the amusement of the elderly couple next door who enjoy the show. For having lied blatantly to their mother, the girls receive a birching in a highly exposed position in front of their Daddy, big sister, and David. The girls' private areas are not spared stinging strokes of the bundled switches from their angry Mom. When Julie makes the mistake of taking something she has no right to from the local butchers, she is driven over and given a sound spanking at the shop.

Finally, to cure Julie once and for all of her bad habit of forgetting to pee before long car trips (and lying about it), David institutes diapering, with embarrassing "wet checks" upon arriving at their destination.

I hope you love it!


P.S. Many and heartfelt thanks to Caged Lion over at https://www.malechastityjournal.com who painstakingly went through the book and corrected my grammar. Any remaining mistakes are entirely my own.

Tuesday, October 13

Birthday Gift

 What do you get for a husband who has everything? A bit of wifely submission is what!

It was David's birthday not so long ago. I decided to give him "me" as his present. I know he enjoys ass fucking me, but he does not do it very often as it does hurt me. I told him that for his birthday I wanted him to ass fuck me and come deep inside of me.

I had written an episode in my new book when fictional David introduces fictional Julie to sodomy on their honeymoon. Julie took her "obey" vows and felt she had to let him. She requested a very severe beating from David to get her into the right head space for it. Real Julie decided to do the same.

I told David that I wanted him to "make me" take it. That I would be reluctant, and that he should beat me until I "gave in" (that would be my "safeword" sort of). Then he should do it, and do it hard.

Of course that all went down towards the end of his birthday day. In the morning I gave him his paddy-whacks first!

He's passed 40 now, so paddy-whacks are much more interesting. When you're experienced spankos like us, it's not just normal paddy-whacks. It's paddy-whacks that make an impression. I decided to use the big holed wooden paddle made for me as a gift.

It's one of the fiercest implements in my collection.

I put him on the bed, bare, draped over three pillows. I gave him his age plus one to grow on. It took a little while to get through them all as he refused to stay in position and kept rolling over and clutching his ass in extreme pain. What a sissy :-)  I did not go any easier on him as a result. It was his birthday. Birthday paddy-whacks! I already knew what my gift to him was going to be, and I knew I was potentially setting myself up for some major revenge, but live dangerously, right?

Poor baby was sore all day long. Awwww!

Towards the end of the day was when I gave him my gift. I had already taken care of cleaning myself out back there and was ready to go with lube and towels and everything when I called him over and offered myself to him. He liked his gift!

"So bend over and get your ass up for your fucking," he told me, playing along already.

"No!" I told him, adamantly.

"We'll see about that!" he said as he grabbed me and "forcibly" stripped me bare naked. He pulled me across his knee and started spanking me with his hand. His hand is already very punishing. "You're going to take it up the ass, woman!" he told me as he spanked me.

"No. No. I refuse!" I told him. I didn't want to get off easy. I wanted my rough ass fucking to be the lesser of two evils.

David stopped spanking me and put me face down on the bed. Then he took his leather belt off from around his waist and snapped it. David likes leathering me more than anything.

He started giving me the strap, and it was hard! I held out for as long as I could, but the whippings got harder and harder, and eventually that was it. It was my time to "yellow out". 

"Ok! Ok! You can do it!" I begged him.

"Do what?" he asked me as he continued whipping.

"Ass fuck me! Fuck me in the ass! Please Sir! Please fuck my ass! Please!" I had to beg to finally get him to stop my belt whipping.

He bent down to me, grabbed my hair in his hand, and turned my head to look at him. Then he said, "Alright. But if I get even one squeak of complaint as I'm doing it, we'll be right back here and I swear I'll whip the skin right off your backside, woman. Do you understand me?"

I don't know if you've ever been talked to like this. But it's scary. Scary and exciting at the same time. As a woman, you want to do nothing except submit totally. He had legitimately beaten me into sexual submission, and I loved it. I also was NOT going to test him! I would take my ass fucking meekly and submissively.

He made me kneel up on the bed. He got the lube and applied it to my asshole and his fingers. Then he pumped first one alone, and then two together into my ass. I did not dare make even a squeak of protest!

He then put the tip of his cock against my asshole. He started pushing it in. He was slow but firm. I tried my hardest to accommodate him, but I flinched unconsciously at the intrusion.

"Do not test me, you fucking little slut." (David uses dirty words like this with me, he knows it excites me).

"Yes SIR!" I said, and relaxed back into it.

He drove his cock home as my asshole exploded in momentary pain.

"Do you like, slut? Do you like my cock up your ass?"

"Yes SIR! I love your cock up my ass Sir."

"Beg for it, slut. Beg for a hard, fast, deep, fucking."

"Please SIR! Please fuck my ass hard. Hard and deep and fast, Sir."

He started driving his cock in and out, getting deeper and faster as he went.

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah," I said as he fucked me. "FUCK me harder! FUCK me harder!" I said.

"You little whore. You actually like it like this, don't you?"

"Yes SIR. I LOVE it like this, SIR."

As David ages, unfortunately (in this case) his stamina increases. I was subject to a good minute or two of very rough anal before he plunged into me a final time and came into my asshole.

He pulled out with a little "plop" that gave a little shock to my stretched out asshole.

"Owwww! My butt!" I said as I rolled onto my side.

"Thanks for my gift, sweetheart," he said and gave me a nice little kiss.

Tuesday, September 29

Third Book Update

Once again, apologies for my relative silence on the blog. Most of my kinky energies remain dedicated to the book, even my kinky personal life is suffering!

I've been reading and revising and revising and revising.  I decided to shorten up the chapters as it made the book flow a lot better. I also removed all sorts of useless words, and any thoughts that really don't advance the plot. So the whole thing is a lot tighter now, and flows well from chapter to chapter. The current chapter count is 69, and the page count is 350, so it's averaging about 5 pages per chapter, which I find to be a nice tight chapter that propels you onto the next. I am currently happy with the flow.

Word count remains at around 80,000. I lost a lot of words in all the editing and cutting process, but then added back in some more scenes to get me back up there again.

In the following I'll refer to the main character as "me". There's so much of me and my life in there, while still being a work of fiction, that I identify as my character.

First 12 chapters are my early life, moving out, meeting David, dating David, us making sure we are compatible lifemates, me getting a marriage proposal and then us preparing for the marriage. There's romance, religion, sexy spankings, sex scenes, my first punishment spanking, some aftercare where David fingers me anally for the first time, and we also meet my Mom and Dad, and David and Daddy exchange joking innuendos about the need to keep me in line.


Next 8 chapters are the marriage and the honeymoon. At the marriage I include my "obey" vows and David's younger sister reads a blushy Bible passage, Ephesians 5:22-23:

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

There is the tossing of the garter and David has to go real high up my leg to retrieve it, to the hooting and hollering of the crowd. We drive off to a nearby inn for the wedding night. I asked him to give me a spanking before anything else, during which I completed my vows to him:

I pledge to thee, David Delmar, that I agree to be punished when naughty however and whenever you see fit. Thereto I give thee my troth.

After that, David gives me intercourse for the first time in our relationship. I cum hard from his cock in my pussy, experiencing my first ever vaginal orgasm (or at least what I imagine this mythical beast to be, as I have never had one 😢)

The morning after, a young bell boy delivers up our breakfast and I give him a little tease while David is still in the bathroom. David catches me and after the kid leaves he chases me around the room and spanks me amidst much giggling. On the way out of the hotel, David makes me apologize to the bell boy and tell him how I was punished.

We then fly off to our honeymoon in Tahiti. I get waxed so I look more like Daddy's little girl down there, which makes David a little uncomfortable. He takes me to a sex shop on the island and buys me plugs, lubes, and an enema in the drugstore to get me ready. Being a good Christian wannabe wife, I submit to my husband, but beg him to "make me" by whipping me hard first.

Next 10 chapters are after returning from the honeymoon and focus on my conversion to Christianity. I am sent to Sunday School where their plan for me was that I was supposed to assist the lady there as her teaching assistant prior to adult conversion classes beginning in a few months. But because I am a bit insecure and have a chip on my shoulder, there is a misunderstanding when I first get to the room and I storm out imagining I am being sent to Sunday School with the little kids. I swear at the lady on the way out, not giving her a chance to explain at all, and the kids hear my bad word. I send a text to David telling him I WILL NOT be FUCKING humiliated like this, and he can FUCK his FUCKING Church!

David looks into the situation and learns the truth. He comes home and explains it to me. Oh no! What have I done??? David washes my mouth out with soap and punishes me with the hairbrush. I am then forgiven, but will the Church? David goes and makes an arrangement. They say I have the sin of Pride, and I need to be more humble. They are right. They make me read C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, the chapter on Pride.

According to Christian teachers, the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride. Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere fleabites in comparison: it was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.

They also say my punishment will be to attend Sunday School, as a pupil, not a teaching assistant, dressed like a child, and obeying all the rules for the children. It is a hard pill to swallow, but I throw myself into making amends. I thought this a clever way (if I do say so myself!) to work in some age regression, which is a genre I enjoy.

I do really, really good at Sunday School and I even start taking on some teacher assistant type duties. But then I screw up and am caught sneaking a peak at social media, hiding my phone behind a picture book. The Sunday School teacher catches me and I have to go visit her after class with my husband. They agree I should be spanked at home. David wondered what happened to the tradition of punishing children at school as well? That has been against the rules for many years now, he is told. He asks if an exception can be made in my case, has me sign a permission note, and they get the approval of the Church for the exception. My palms are punished with the strap, and my bottom is paddled across the seat of my panties. I am then spanked at home as well.

Everything goes well again until an evil little six-year-old boy stabs me in the butt with a sharpened pencil. I lose my temper and give him a big SLAP across his face which sends him reeling. I instantly knew I had fucked up.  I am put in the corner in the classroom. The parents are called out of service and they want to press charges. The Sunday School teacher talks them out of it, but tells them about the special permission and promises them I will be given a very severe leathering across my bare bottom as punishment. As the wife taunts me about my punishment I lose bladder control and pee my panties while standing in the corner!

The teacher is called over and she makes me remove my shoes, socks, and skirt, while making me hold my blouse up high. She cleans up the mess with absorbent pads. I am not the first child to pee themselves in Sunday school and there is a rule for it: back into diapers. I am immediately taken to the changing station by the teacher with the husband and wife in tow. My panties are removed and I am wiped, powdered, and diapered in full view of the couple, then sent back into the classroom to continue my corner time until after class, in diapers, where all the Moms and Dads picking their kids can see.

After class, David arrives accompanied by the Pastor, and I am given a severe strapping across the Sunday School teacher's knee while the couple, the Pastor, and my husband look on.

For the next several weeks, according to the rule, I must attend class in a diaper. David puts me into it when we get ready. The Sunday School teacher changes me into a fresh one after class, checking if they are dry. The aggrieved husband and wife are there to watch the diaper inspection each week, which includes a diaper-position application of the paddle to my bare bottom.

I make it through all of that, but gaining the reputation of the 'spanked young wife' among all the parishioners who treat me like a teenage girl. I am eventually baptized, full immersion, but screw up by wearing a white shift that becomes transparent and clingy when wet. Everybody laughs as I desperately cover!


The next 11 chapters consist of a visit from David's younger sister Beatrice. We hear about David's rough family history, and how he wound up the legal guardian of Bea when she was 14 and he was 20. Some of Bea's childhood spankings are explored. It also comes out that even into adulthood, Bea wishes to be held accountable by her big brother until she gets married off to a loving husband willing to practice Christian Domestic Discipline. Bea accumulates a list of wrongdoings and presents it to David. As he is now married to me, my permission was requested and granted for the arrangement to continue. Bea is sentenced to three spankings over the next week. David delivers her first spanking that day. The next spanking is to be given by me, so I can practice for when I eventually have children. I am extremely earnest in wanting to do the best possible job on Bea's spanking and do go a little over the top.

While Bea is visiting I misbehave by surreptitiously snapping a photo of her spanked bottom. This is discovered and Bea, as the aggrieved party, is given leave to punish me. She decides to give me a switching next day. We go off to a woooded public park together and she makes me cut switches in the bushes with my pants off. Afterwards she switches me in a way deliberately designed to inflame the passions of her big brother. Afterwards she says she will retire to her room, put her headphones on, and play loud music while we do whatever comes naturally to a husband and wife in this situation.

Bea's third spanking is for a very big thing, and she gets the belt. It comes out that Bea is a bit bipolar, and beats herself up incessantly over her wrongdoings. the only thing that knocks her out of it is a very severe belt whipping from her brother. After doing this, David is a bit shook up and leaves to collect himself. I stay and comfort Bea, who is now feeling much better, and apply cold cream to her bottom. She scandalously and sluttishly gets herself off as I rub the cream into her bottom. She expounds on her theory that links sexual excitement to spanking. Here's an excerpt from the book.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your husband," Bea said. "I was afraid you wouldn't let me."

"Not a problem. But what's this afterwards things all about? Do you get turned on having your brother spank you?" I asked her.

"Oh yes. He doesn't know, of course. Big dummy," she said. "I mean, that's not why I do it. I do it for everything we talked about. To be held accountable and all that. And sometimes I just go off the deep end. I'm a little bipolar in case you haven't figured it out. Manic depressive. Mostly I'm up, but then sometimes I just crash into a depression, usually at the state of my life, especially after I do something epically stupid. I can't get it out of my head, and I keep cycling back to it OCD style. Only a whipping like this gets me out of it. I know, weird. And nobody has the strength to give me the kind of whipping I need except my brother," she said. "Although you weren't too shabby with the hairbrush the other night," she said.

"Nor you with the switches yesterday," I said.

"Yeah, that was fun whipping another girl for once. And was it worth it? Did I get his engines revving for you in the bedroom after?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, actually blushing.

"I always masturbate after he spanks me. Ever since the very first time when I was fourteen. He thinks I just need time to collect myself."

"My you are a naughty, naughty, little girl" I said, and reached over and spanked her sore butt once.

"Ouch!" she cried out and giggled. "Come on. Don't you find it sexy when he spanks you, even if it is for punishment?"

Interesting question. Like her I was not doing it because of any sexual excitement, but I had to admit that the sexual excitement of being justly punished by my man was an aspect.

"Ok, yes. It's not why I do it, though," I was quick to point out.

"It's never why we do it," Bea said, "but there is that side effect. I think God built us that way. It's like how He made sex fun so you want to make babies? Like that, but only with spanking."

"Go on," I said, intrigued by Bea's "interesting" theology.

"God wants men to lead and women to follow, right? So, he invented spanking to enforce that. I mean, think about it. The butt is about the only spot you can really hit a woman without any lasting harm, right? It's custom made for it. All that muscle and fat and thick skin so there's no damage. But then He put all those nerve endings right there near the surface, so you feel it. And He even made it so that it changes colour depending on how hard your man spanks you, like a gauge sort of thing. Tell me that's all accidental.

"But there's more. Then He also put your pussy and butthole right there, with all those sexy nerve endings, and He made it so good when all the blood flows down there. You literally get horny from getting a spanking."

Bea was on a roll. I was nodding and agreeing with her at all the right places. She kept going, encouraged.

"And He also invented shame, and even made shame a bit sexy for women. In the Garden of Eden, there's Eve running all around naked without a care in the world, and then she made the original sin, and suddenly she's all, 'oooh, don’t look at my tits and pussy, I need a leaf to cover them,' right? But then to have sex, she needs to get naked in front of her man and she's all 'no don’t,' but really wants it?

"For a spanking, you have to bend way over to get at the butt the best and show the man all that you should be covering up, right? And after you've waved all your private parts in the air in front of a man, and you just want to DO IT, you know? Get royally fucked. Please him anyway you can?

"Sure, the spanking hurts, and we dread it at one level, but afterwards there's a warm fuzzy feeling of being loved and forgiven, and a warm sexy feeling after all that blood flows down there. And if you're his wife, let's face it you're getting fucked afterwards and you like that, and you get babies out of it, so bonus. So, despite how much it hurts, you accept your next spanking easier as a result."

"That makes weird sense," I told her. She kept going.

"And it works the other way also. When a wife gets so excited, the husband gets that positive feedback later in the bedroom. Hubby also gets turned on seeing his wife waving that red ass at him and squirming for all she's worth, and basically making her pussy beg for a fucking. And so, your husband doesn’t mind spanking you again to correct your bad behaviour instead of throwing you out of the house and letting you starve.

"It's all God's design, I'm sure of it. Except in my case, because I haven’t found my man yet, I have to settle for diddling myself with my fingers and getting a little sexy massage from my new lesbo sister-in-law."

"Hey!" I said, "I'm not a lesbo!"

"Oh, of course not, my apologies," said Bea giggling, "I'm sure it was just a total accident that you brushed by my pussy lips."


"Don't tell anyone!" I told her.

"We pinky swore," she said, "it covers it."


The next 11 chapters focus on me telling my family that I am now a spanked wife. After the cat is out of the bag, I do a very thoughtless thing at my Mom and Dad's house, and David gives me a spanking there in my old bedroom. Midway through my spanking, My Mom walks in on me and hands David the big wooden spoon. She has a lot of buried resentment over how I disregarded her advice after I moved out, and the incident today just brought that all to the surface. David used the wooden spoon until Mom was satisfied with the result. Afterwards, both Sue and Daddy came upstairs to look at how red my bum was during corner time.

Sue calls me up later and tells me that Nancy, my younger sister, screwed up in school just like I had in first year. As a result of my example, they decided that they should never have stopped spanking me, so they decide to enforce spanking discipline on 18-year-old Nancy. We hear all about Nancy's spanking.

Sue tells me that Mom had a lot of resentment towards me as a result of my reckless behaviour, and while that spanking seems to have cleansed Mom of it, that same resentment remains in her. She therefore asks permission to spank me herself, which is granted.


The next 15 chapters cover cottage life with me and David, Mom and Dad, and Nancy and Sue. Nancy and I accidentally wreck Daddy's boat and we are spanked together for it. Due to some initial defiance, Daddy sentences us both to naked corner time on the deck facing the wall. Our spanked bare bums can be seen by all the boaters who pass by. Daddy's fun comes to an end when a policeboat turns up, and while sympathizing with Dad's disciplinary methods, does let him know that it's technically not legal to have two naked girls standing on his deck.

Nancy and I both get a few individual spankings along the way that I describe. It seems to be open-season on us two youngest ones, with all our spanking being distressingly public after that first one. For one of my spankings (for not having a life-jacket with me when I went out in the canoe alone) David paddles me with a crudely fashioned wood panel. It was such a success that Dad and David decide to fashion lovingly varnished and engraved hardwood paddles for Nancy and myself and hang them on the cottage wall.

Those paddles get used when Nancy embroils me in a conspiracy to break curfew. After she gets home very late, she asks me to tell Mom and Dad that we had been sitting and talking on my side of the cottage ever since she got in, right on time. What could I do? I had to help her out.

Well, our shenanigans are discovered when the neighbour's security cam shows Nancy being dropped off well past her curfew. Mom and Dad are incensed that we lied to their faces. Mommy tells us to strip. The paddles come down off the wall and we are severely paddled by Daddy. Then Mommy makes us cut switches (while the neighbours watch!) and we are given a birching on the deck by Mommy who does not spare our most sensitive parts, and then a double switching while Nancy and I are made to hug one another, naked, as Sue and Mom wear out all the switches on our backsides.

One of my misdeeds is to sneak some tarragon from the pots outside the specialty butcher when I didn't  buy anything there. I needed the tarragon. When David discovers it he holds a family vote on how I should be punished. They unanimously agree to a naked spanking across David's standing knee. Next day, David takes me back there to apologize. One thing leads to another, and I get a panties down spanking in front of the butcher and his grown kids, much to their delight.

At the end of the book, the problem of my small bladder comes to a head. I lied to David about going potty before leaving the house and need him to stop. As punishment, David applies the Sunday School rule and will make me wear diapers for the trips to and from the cottage. If I keep it dry for 6 trips I will be free of them. David does not remind me about putting on my diaper before driving home, and I hoped he just forgets. But before we leave he does a check. Finding me in my panties, he takes me across his knee in front of the family and then diapers me in front of them. Mom wants to lend a hand, and takes over from David as he holds my legs up. Everyone is very amused.

The worst were the diaper checks at the cottage which the family always gleefully attended and congratulated me on my dry diaper. The very worst was when Sue did the check and noticed it was wet. But it wasn't pee... They all laughed when Sue held me open and showed everyone how well lubricated I was. Daddy told them not to tease me, and suggested David take me to the bedroom, for which I was again well-teased afterwards.

The book ends about a year later where I recap all the characters and tell how David decided it was time to give me a baby. We had baby-making sex and I got knocked up quick and live happily ever after.

I think it's a fun book and there are many, many exciting scenes in it. I obviously get to pretty extreme scenarios, but the way I build it up and flow it together makes each new level seem plausible, allowing you to suspend your disbelief and enjoy it as a real "what if" book.

What do you think? Sounds fun?