Thursday, June 23

Strict Julie Swallows!

Yuck. I did it. The whole load. Blechhhh!

As you may have read on my last post, Husband Hosed and Switched, I got a little over zealous with my husband and injured the tip of his penis while switching him. His bare penis got abraded by the tree I had him tied to. Some say it was his fault for moving around so much, but I blame myself.

In situations like this, to remind me to be a good Domme, I feel it only right that I assign myself a penance and then carry it out. My husband does not know I am doing this. That would be doing subby hubby no favours. I do it quietly with him none the wiser.

My readers helped by suggesting a few possible punishments in the comments. Several suggested I need to give his cock some TLC with my mouth as penance, and I was thinking along those same lines myself.

It's not that I hate giving head. I've had a lot of experience, with several different first boys then men over the years. I've got my bag of tricks, and I don't dislike it. However, it has always struck me as a bit of a subby thing to do, especially if you let him cum, and even more especially if you let him cum into your mouth.

Which brings us to the age old question of spit or swallow. When a male is sufficiently fortunate to have me give him head, I am firmly, firmly, in the "spit" camp.

I know it's not nice for a boy to watch us girls run to the sink and spit out their precious ejaculate as if we were vomiting, but I personally find it really nasty tasting. Right from that first taste of pre-cum to the goey load that follows, it's just not pleasant. In earlier days  I would do just that, right into the sink. Later on, my more usual go to is to spit it into his mouth for him to swallow. I mean, if he honestly thinks I should do that, then what's good for the goose is good for the gander!

So, for my penance, I decided I needed to swallow. I knew it would be difficult, but it needed getting done.

That's me alright

I had him stand in front of me. I got down on my knees, dropped his pants, and put his cock in my mouth. I started sucking on it. I let it go a bit deep which gets my saliva flowing, and then I use it to the max. I am always super careful with teeth, of course. If he feels teeth it's because I want him to.

I guided his hands to the back of my head and encouraged him to pull me onto him. He must have thought I'd gone mad. Here's a quote from Cosmo (A Blow Job Beginner's Guide to Spitting or Swallowing) that's just too good to not reproduce here.
Speaking of which, let's talk about face-fucking real quick, because you can't ask your mom about it and the hypersexual 12-year-olds on Yahoo Answers know nothing. At the risk of being indelicate, face-fucking is where a guy grabs your head and fucks your face like it is your vagina. Or, if you would rather I be more delicate, it's when a gentleman makes love to your mouth while leaving your petticoats down and your hands free to needlepoint.
There are some things that a lot of men like during blow jays that you might not be so into, because porn. Gagging on a penis, choking on come, watering eyes, general discomfort. Not something most women spend all day looking forward to, but guys like it.
I did receive some of the above mentioned "face fucking" and other general unpleasantness.

Not very long after I could taste (yuck) it coming, and then very soon after several hot warm spurts down my throat and onto the roof of my mouth.

Ewwww. I could barely swallow it. I seriously considered backtracking.

But no, penance is penance, so I sucked it all in and swallowed every last drop like a proper little slut.

So cute. I would fuck her in a second!

When david asked me what had gotten into me, I told him that I just felt like doing that today, and he better not get used to it!

Saturday, June 4

The Humiliating Consequences of Carelessness

A very sexy scene the other night that started out with a potentially missing wallet...

david was at work, it was midday, and he had gone out by himself to grab a quick standup lunch. That's when he noticed that his wallet was missing. I'm sure most of you are familiar with that sinking feeling. He thought back to where it could possibly be. He and I had gone out the night before and he remembered getting some cash out of his wallet to pay for parking. Sometimes he is careless with his wallet in that situation, and just throws it into the door pocket. He thought it might be there but he was not at all confident in that.

So he hurried back to where he parks the car, about a ten minute walk. All along the way he was imagining everything he would have to do if the wallet was lost, such as cancel credit cards, get new driver's license and health card, and so on. Then he imagined how amazing he would feel if he opened the car door and there it was. And the opposite, imagining opening the door with great anticipation, and then after a frantic search it not being there, and that sinking feeling.

Not being a religious man, he did however start "making deals" with The Universe.

One thing he had been thinking about recently (unbeknownst to me) was asking me to take him out on a humiliating shopping experience looking for a babydoll nightie. We had just done the pants shopping thing, and that got him thinking about it. However, he had decided against asking me to do it. It was just too humiliating. Did he really need that in his life? What if he was recognized? So he had talked himself out of it.

As he was walking back to the car to look for his wallet, he decided on the deal he would make with The Universe. If only his wallet was there in the car, he would ask me to take him shopping for his babydoll nightie. As he says it, his INCREDIBLY STUPID promise.

Well, sure enough, the wallet was there. Not in the door pocket, but rather on the driver's seat car floor, just ready to spill out onto the pavement. Very careless! And now to make it right he would have to subject himself to that incredibly humiliating shopping experience.

He told me this whole story when we both got home. No time like the present, I said. Wouldn't want The Universe getting mad at my dumb bunny hubby by putting it off.

But first... across my knee for a bit of a comeuppance with the hairbrush. I gave him a good scolding for his carelessness as I spanked his bare bottom rosy. Across my knee we developed a new method for what he would do each and every time he got his wallet out to pay for parking. It involved putting it away in the right place. And then checking one more time it was put away in the right place before driving off. I made him repeat the steps of his new method to me as I reinforced the lesson into his naughty bare backside with my hairbrush. Some males can just be so dense and they need the fanny pain to help them to remember ;-)

After his well-earned spanking I told him to put on a pair of panties. This pair in fact.

He had promised The Universe a humiliating shopping experience, and I was determined to make sure that happened. I knew he would be trying on nighties, so he needed something that would look cute with them: therefore these panties. I decided that we would go to Addition Elle, a store for the larger woman with a great collection of lingerie. We had gone to one previously to buy him panties and we were treated very well. I let him know where we were going and that I would certainly let the salesgirls know he was in panties, and he would be trying on that babydoll with pants off and panties on.  david looked very pained at that announcement, starting to realize what he was in store for.

There was an outlet nearby that we drove to quickly.

I took him by the hand and we went right on in towards the lingerie area.

How embarrassing must this be for my husband? Going into an "inner sanctum" like this and knowing we were there for him and would be making no bones about it. I myself was feeling a bit nervous as well. I always am nervous, fearing that we would not get a good reception, or that I would offend the sales help.

It was one of their smaller stores and was quite empty. The only people there were two employees so far as I could tell. One of them approached us. A young plus sized shorter gal with pale skin and red hair. She asked if she could help us with anything. Another employee was right nearby as well, hanging out behind the counter.

I launched right into it.

"Hi! I hope this is ok. That it doesn't offend you or anything, but we're looking for something for my husband to wear in the bedroom. Something sexy."

She looked a little taken aback by that, but was not mean or anything. Just a bit surprised. She tentatively asked us "what kind of thing are you looking for..." But she did not look comfortable.

"More like sleepwear, or lingerie, but sexy?  Not panties, he has panties. He's wearing a pair right now in fact," I ventured.

This first girl was still looking a bit uncomfortable, and that's when, fortunately, the lady who was behind the counter stepped up and took charge. The first seemed eager enough to yield the floor. This other lady was absolutely gorgeous. He name was Leasa and she looked a lot like this photo.

First she put us right at our ease. She told us not to be worried in the least. They have more guys than we would think coming in and they are always happy to serve them. She was friendly and warm and open. david looked incredibly embarrassed, nonetheless. She saw him blushing and looking down at his feet and she teased, "don't be like that, it's fine, no need to be embarrassed."

"But it's so embarrassing," said david.

"I know it is," she answered with a grin, "but we'll get you through it."

The she went to a rack and pulled down a corset of all things and said "how about this?"

It was a gorgeous Ashley Graham Glamour Corset with matching Dessee thong panty. All glorious white satin and lace. How amazing that she went right for the most humiliating garment possible!

"What do you think, david?" I asked. I could see he wanted it despite the embarrassment of now needing to say so out loud.

"That... that... looks good," he stammered. My little shame slut could not resist agreeing to anything our pretty sales lady suggested!

I also asked about a nightie, and Leasa showed us a few, including things I would characterize more as sexy slips that looked like the below.

I asked Leasa how we could know it would fit. Should he just slip it on on here in the store over his clothes?  Leasa said "He can try it on, of course. Let me get you a change room." We followed her into the change room area.

She said she would put us in the larger room so we could go in together and have some fun (!). We went in, david and I, with the corset and the nightie. Leasa closed the door on us. The walls were high, but there was space above so that everything we said could definitely be heard.

"Ok, david, take off your clothes," I said in a strong voice. "Leave your panties on". This was definitely overheard by Leasa.

"Let's try your nightie first." I helped david to slip it on over his head. He was dressed in nothing underneath except his polka dot and lace panties and had become erect, pushing out the front of his panties, his cock and balls clearly outlined.

"How's everything? Does it fit?" asked Leasa from outside the door.

david opined that it did not fit that well. The 1x was bit tight around his middle. I opened the door and invited Leasa in for her opinion. david practically died and cowered in the corner as Leasa walked in. I made him step out and pulled at the material at his midsection to show her.

"A bit tight," she agreed. She approached david, "may I just double check?" and she reached for the back of the neck to confirm the size. "It's a 1x. I think he needs a 2x." She left to go fetch some, closing the door behind her as she left.

david was in shock. Ha ha! There he was in nothing but a humiliating pair of panties and a very short and sexy slip in front of a complete stranger. The bright pink of the panties poked out every time he moved in stark contrast to the black satin of the sexy slip. The Universe was starting to exact its payment, for sure.

I told david he should try on the corset. I took the slip off him and we stuffed him into his corset. It had a dozen or so metal clasps at the front. Between the two of us we were able to get it on, though it was a tight squeeze. Surprisingly, once we saw it was on, we realized that the fit was just perfect and gave his body a nice curvy appearance which was quite womanly, including large breasts. The breast cups were sufficiently stiff and supportive that they held their shape without any help. Oh my gosh but he was adorable in it! He put on the white thong panty as well, on top of his pink panty.

Leasa came back with a whole bunch of nighties, and draped them all across the top of the doorway.

"The corset is perfect," I called out to her. "We're definitely taking that!" I couldn't wait to show Leasa david in the corset she had picked out, but decided to leave that for the end. We still had nighties to try on. We tried on several of the nighties / slips, but a black satin and lace slip in 2x looked sexiest by far. I opened the door and invited Leasa back in to have a look. david had the nightie now over his corset.

"That looks like a good fit," said Leasa.

"The corset too," said david. It was clear he had it on under his nightie because of the white bra cups just poking out the top, and his shapely shape. I thought we should give Leasa a preview.

"Lift up the bottom of your slip," I told david, "let Leasa see."

david lifted the front up to his waist to show the bottom of his corset and his dual panties, white satin over pink polka dot. He was erect and the panties held his cock up against his abdomen. But the outline of his cock and balls were clearly visible through the shear material of the panty.

"Very Nice!" said Leasa, in reference to his corset or to his package, I'm not quite sure. Not a gal to be intimidated in the least. david, of course, was very humiliated to be forced to display his current state of sexual arousal at being dressed en femme to this strange lady.

Leasa left again with some of our discards to put away. I took the nightie off from david's head but left him in the corset for now.

"Leasa, you have to come see the full effect!" I called out to her.

She popped back in and now got to see david in his full glory wearing only his corset and panties. He looked so exposed like that in his panty and with a corset that slimmed his waist, broadened his hips, and made him look like he had large feminine breasts.

I made him turn to show it to Leasa from the back. The evidence of his earlier hairbrush spanking was still quite clear to see exposed beneath his cheeky pink panty. Leasa didn't comment on it, but it was clear as day that he had been spanked, and spanked soundly, before coming here. I made him turn back around to face us. "Your cheeks are blushing," I told him. The comment applied equally to his face and to his butt!

"He's really rocking that," she said, referring to his corset. "I'm envious. He wears it better than me."

"She is rocking it," I agreed, emphasizing my use of the feminine pronoun. As I said this I stepped behind him and gave him a big open-handed whack to the seat of his panties. That made david jump and blush furiously in front of Leasa, and become ever more erect under his panty. She had a big smile on her face. It's lovely to "turn the tables like this" and sexually objectify a male with pretty lingerie and a smack to his shapely seat.

The corset has stocking stays, so of course we needed some stockings. "We need stockings with these," I told Leasa. I followed her out to the stocking area. "You stay there," I told david, leaving the change room door wide open. david again found his corner away from the door and cowered in it, not thinking he was allowed to shut the door if I hadn't. Smart boy. Saved himself a licking!

Leasa and I selected a black stay-up stocking with lace at the tops. We would both have preferred white but they were all out.

We went back into the change rooms and I finally allowed david to re-dress in his boy's clothes (except for his panties, of course). I then handed david all his selections and told him that he needed to go and pay for them now.

As Leasa took her time ringing up his purchases we exchanged a bit of banter between the three of us. david turned to me and hugged me and said "thank you so much for doing this for me!"

Leasa volunteered that she thought david looked really sexy in these things.

"Well I'm going to take him right home, dress him up, and ravish him," I said.

"Will you give me a spanking too in my girl's clothes?" asked david, softly, hopefully, blushing. The shame slut!

"Another one? Of course I will, sweetie, right across my knee. I won't even need to pull down that sexy thong, though I might anyways," I responded devilishly. "You're going to have such a red little bottom, even redder than it is now," I added.

"You guys sound like you're going to have a fun evening!" Said Leasa. "My evening is going home and watching Netflix."

I was of course tempted to invite her over after work, given that remark. But something about the way she was interacting with us made me think she was fine with a married couple getting it on, but that suggesting she be a part of it would not necessarily be welcomed. I certainly didn't want to spoil the experience at this stage.

"Thank you so much for being so much fun and being so accommodating," I said instead to Leasa.

"No problem at all," she said. "We're really open and inclusive of everything here," she added. "Were you ok with it?" she asked my david.

"Yeah, but it was embarrassing," replied david.

"But you wouldn't do it if you didn't like it, right?" She asked.

"Yes Ma'am" said david to her.

"Next time we'll have to get you into a bra," she said. Oh my gosh, I think she knew all about what cross-dressers want!

Leasa had a fun smirk on her face as I again took david by the hand and led him out of the store to be dressed up, spanked again, and thoroughly ravished.

Here is the full ensemble we bought for david.

david allowed me to take some "private" photos of him to share with Sue. Aren't those legs pretty!

Someone's gettin' paddled!

And here is my husband after I further reddened his cheeks across my knee as promised.
The spots are what happens when you give a paddling on top of another, apparently.
My but how he kicked those pretty stockinged legs and hollered.
Doesn't the lingerie frame the target area perfectly?

Thursday, June 2

Sadistic Julie

For some reason, recently I have gotten into comment exchanges regarding my being "overly sadistic" with my david, and risk harming him psychologically. Other choice comments are "If I find out my wife was capable of doing that to me, or that she was turned on by seeing me in that state, I would get rid of her in a hot second." and "In other words, even if I said I wanted that, I would not feel good knowing that she enjoyed it."

While my first thought was that point of view is narrow minded and intolerant for an ostensibly kinky person, I decided to cover my bases by checking in with david on the severity level of his spankings.

So quite outside of any scene I sat down with him and we discussed it. He told me that I am not going too hard on him, that the severity is just right for his taste. He enjoys the variety of severities that I dole out, and he feels most submissive when he is being spanked the hardest. He really appreciates that he feels completely safe when I am spanking him.

I asked him if he was turned off knowing that I enjoy going really, really hard. He thought I was crazy for asking that. He said of course not! He said he loved knowing that the harder he gets beaten the more turned on I get, and he said it eggs him on to take harder and harder spankings. He said I was surely one in a million and that it was a great gift to him that things turned out this way. So sweet!

He did say that he likes to vocalize during his spankings, and say things like "no, please no, please stop" when the spanking started getting really intense. He says it helps him feel even more submissive. But recently he is feeling he has to hold back on those vocalizations because he has noticed that I lower the intensity or soon end the spanking after he says things like that, and that is not at all his intent. Now what's funny is that of course I know this about him, even insist on the vocalizations to express himself, and am not conscious of reacting that way to his vocalizations. In fact, I assumed I was doing the opposite!

Well, as it happens with us spankos, talking about this put us both in the mood for a spanking! david asked me for a really, really intense paddling to his lower butt cheeks. I promised I would do that for him, and promised it would get harder when he started begging for it to stop. But then I wondered how would I know when I had passed his high limit if I am giving up my usual methods of assessment. So I decided I should start back as a beginner, and gave him the "Yellow" safe word to use when he had passed his limit.

I went and got my little hardwood paddle. I made david strip to bare. I took him across my knee and told him this was going to be a no-holds-barred grade-A punishment paddling. Just what he asked for. He squirmed across my lap and I could feel his hard cock digging into my skirted thigh. He was clearly excited for his punishment paddling.

I started in and immediately went hard at his twin spank spots.  Before too long I was getting the reaction I expect from him. It felt nice knowing I had the yellow safe word. It was liberating. It was liberating me to spank him harder and harder.

Now this is where the sadist in me starts coming out. Usually I keep her caged up, but for these intense spankings I let her out to play!

When I start seeing the legs shaking, the feet kicking, the fists clenching and hitting the floor. The sweat. The eyes watering. When I hear his crying out at the strikes. When I see his butt start to go past red to something nastier. Well that's when I start getting turned on. I simultaneously start getting angry at him for not taking it better. "You little wimp!" I think to myself as I see him struggling under the paddle. "You will fucking take more and I don't give a shit, you pansy-assed excuse for a man."

Oh fuck. That guy's right. I am a terrible woman!

I was spanking him harder and harder and then the begging and pleading for it to stop started in.

"Julie! Please! No more! I've had enough! Please no more! PLEASE!!!"

It's funny because I caught myself at that moment in exactly what david was telling me. I really felt the urge to back it off and potentially end it at this point. I mean, it is really hard to get past the pleading. It was like a psychological impediment to my continuing.

I guess there's some small modicum of redeeming decency left in me.

But I was on a mission, at my husband's very specific request, to erase even that from my soul, so I totally ignored his cries and pleading and just kept at it, hard and fast as I could by now.

I was really exerting myself, and with a pretty heavy paddle, and still I did not get my Yellow! I reminded him "I still haven't heard that magic word from you. You remember what it is don't you?"

"I know what it is," he said, "but I swear I won't use it. I swear!" And then he even raised his ass up high submissively across my lap, his ass begging me for more. I obliged.

I judged we were done, and david had submissively taken all I could dole out. But I still wanted my Yellow. I told him, "If you don't say your magic word, you won't get to get on your knees right here and now and lick my pussy!"

"Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!" he cried out.

He slipped off my lap onto his knees in front of where I was seated. He lifted my skirt, pulled my panties to the side of my cunt, and started licking me. Did I ever cum hard and fast I was so turned on!

It was so amazing.

"What do you want?" I asked him. "You can have anything you want right now," I offered him. He would have been allowed to fuck me in the ass if that's what he asked for.

"May I lick your asshole while I jerk myself off?" he asked. He was still feeling a mite submissive.

I smiled at him and took him upstairs to our bedroom. I put him face up on the bed. Right on his sore ass. I fetched my Magic Wand, plugged it in, stripped, and sat on his face looking down his body. I told him to get in there properly and lick!

He did so after licking his right hand and jerking his hard cock. I love the visual of him jerking his cock. I used the vibrator on my clit. I saw he was getting ahead of me so I told him to drop his cock. I loved that it was rock hard, sticking straight up, glistening, and quivering with the anticipation of an ejaculation.

I got myself closer and told him to start rubbing himself again, but to ask me for my permission before cumming. He asked me for permission and I told him no, and made him put his hand by his side again. Remember, he still has his tongue licking my asshole this whole time. The I let him go again. I am right on the edge, and then he asks for permission and I grant it this time.

He sticks his tongue into my ass as deep as it will go and frantically rubs his penis. Then he spurts a giant load onto his tummy and that's too much for me, because I cum hard again watching his semen spurt as he bucks and writhes beneath me.


So, yes. Guilty as charged. An inveterate unapologetic sadist and proud of it.