Monday, March 26

A little spanking for david

Yesterday night I gave david a little treat.

He was watching TV around 9:30pm or so. I went to him, took him by his wrist and made him come along. He always gets this very sheepish look in his face and blushes when I do this to him. He knows what's coming!

I took him like that, slowly, all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

"Take off your clothes," I told him. He stripped to bare for me as I admired him.

I sat on the side of the bed and beckoned him over my lap. He scrunched over me, with both legs and chest resting on the bed.

I started spanking him with just my hand. Just a nice light spanking.

This session would be more "massage" than punishment. I started pulling his cheeks apart and spanking all around his anus. He gets particularly excited when I do this, he is such a bad boy! I puled hard on his cheeks and smacked my palm right across the center, which sent a jolt right into his bumhole.

I reached over to the bedside table and got the little bottle of lube and one of his prostate massagers. I dribbled the lube onto and around his anus, and also onto the toy. I pressed the toy into his bum until it went in deep.

He moaned loudly as it sunk home.

I continued spanking his low cheeks with the butt plug in.

I told him to get up off my lap and to lie face down in the middle of the bed with one pillow beneath his hips.

I got the massage oil and I rubbed it into his shoulders, back, neck, buttocks, and legs. I then gave him a massage. As I massaged his upper legs, my hands glanced past his testicles and his penis, which excited him. I also massaged deeply into his bum crack, all around the plug. I reached between his legs and pulled out his cock and balls fully, and had him push his legs back together again.

I continued massaging everywhere except his cock and balls. He was anticipating my touch there, but I withheld it for a time.

He likes when I mix some submissive fantasy into his sexing. As I rubbed him I asked him gently if he was thinking of those massage parlours he used to go to, with the young ladies massaging him naked like this. He just sort of moans in response.

I told him that I bet they didn't spank him rosy first, and keep a plug in his ass during his massage.

Now I moved to his cock and balls.

I suggested that I take him to the massage parlour. Pay a young lady to watch me fuck him. Tell her that you have been a bad boy, that you have been seeing whores, and that as punishment you agreed to be treated like a whore in front of a pretty young lady. That is why you are blushing so much, dressed in your bra and panties in front of her. First you go for a trip across my knee, where your panties are lowered and you are given a spanking. Then its up on your hands and knees on the massage table. I get behind you with my strap-on dildo, and give you a fucking while she watches. That would be worth $100 to have a young lady witness that, no?

I'll tell her to go see who else is free to come and watch. Tell her there's $20 for anybody who pops their head in to watch. Hand her a pile of $20's to go round up anybody she can. Meanwhile I still have my cock up your ass.

She goes out excitedly - this is fun for her! She comes back with several other young ladies, and the receptionist also. They all crowd in and watch as you get treated like my little whore. Our girl explains to the others that it's a husband being punished by his wife with a spanking, a dressing up, and a long hard anal fucking, for seeing whores.

They all roundly condemn your actions, and say that you're getting exactly what you deserve!

I have been rubbing his cock all this time, and this mental image is too much for him. He convulses and spurts his seed down the backs of his legs.

I tell him to clean himself up and to get into bed as he has an early day tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24

Tim Punished

Some of you were wondering what happened to Tim's cartoon that appeared briefly on my last post and was then removed. I will share with you the whole story and its aftermath here. It makes for an interesting case study in online boorish behaviour, something I am subjected to with some regularity.

Tim, a.k.a. "Hattrick" was the person I was bantering back and forth with in my post Are Women Just Wired to be Submissive. He lit the flame that got me started on my family swatting and the several weeks of submissiveness that ensued. Towards the end of that, as I was considering swapping roles, Tim sent me a gift in an email.
Hi julie,
I just thought these might be a couple of fun cartoons for you! 😉

I interpreted these as a gift to do with as I pleased (was I wrong on that count?) and used the second one in my blog post Tables Turned! to illustrate what was going on in my mind as I was preparing for the turn. I added a cheeky caption to it attributing it to "tim" and thanking him for sending it. I deliberately lower-cased his name as we had been going back and forth on the lower-case / upper-case thing, and in my mind this was a continuation of a fun flirtation.

Well, Tim behaved poorly. We exchanged comments on that blog post (since removed), but I have them all in my email still.

His first comment was
So julie I Think you made a Typo in The carToon capTion use missed a CAPITAL “T” as in TIM. Perhaps you just forgot “one of my readers named Tim (there is more than one tim, but this one I have to capitalize from now on,” …TIM ;-)
The comment struck me as not being so playful in tone as I would have expected, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and responded cheekily.
I'm sorry, timmy, you must be referring to my subby identical twin sister, julie. ;-)
Soon after I wrote this, I received a lengthy email from Tim.
Well julie....

I must say I'm very disappointed in you.

I know that you will not respond well to this 'verbal spanking', I also know, from previous experience, that you will spin it to look like you are "definitely in the right", but unfortunately, however you spin it, what ever good will that may have been established has been torn down, and for what? An unnecessary display of wannabe dommyness for your blog!!

Not only did you use my recent cartoon in your latest blog post (Tables Turned), without my explicit permission, but you've reverted back to referring to me in lowercase; the same as all the rest of the masturbating, submissive, cum guzzling sycophants. Something I thought you'd have realized by now that I'm not! This email should be proof of that! While some other reader would be choking back his cum right now all you've done is made me angry and disappointed, (not that you care).

I am less angry about the use of the cartoon than I am about the lowercase name. I would have, in all likely hood, agreed to it's use anyway, but it would have been nice to have been asked rather than it be assumed! At first I thought it must be just a typo and was willing to give the benefit of the doubt (re my nudge, nudge comment on the blog). After reading the post again carefully, that is clearly not the case, it was no typo. There is no misinterpretation of the words "but this one I have to capitalize from now on" those words are quite clear and indisputable no matter how you try to spin Doctor them. You may very well point out that I have still being addressing you in lowercase. That is very true, but I never made a claim to do otherwise, and as events have now shown I was justified in continuing to do so! I would have eventually changed my form address had the respect toward me continued as professed, clearly it has not. They were your words, not mine, you published them for all your blog fiefdom to read. That is what is so disappointing!

I thought we had moved past that, I earned that respect.

I thought you would have had more integrity than that!

Very, very disappointed!!!
That was a very long, petty, and annoying email. I am VERY protective of my "cum guzzling" fans!!! You are the greatest guys on Earth, and what nerve with this guy? And so petty! And trying to act all "above" and Dommy? Give me a fucking break. All he's displaying here is his very thin skin. TOTAL turn off to display so much insecurity while pretending to be a Dom. yuck.

Soon after that email he must have seen my return comment, and his comment back got even angrier.
TIMMY IS NOT THE LEAST BIT AMUSED!!!! THIS REFERS TO BOTH subby julie AND her wannabe domme twin!!
Also kindly remove the cartoon as you do not have explicit permission to use it!!
I did not publish this one, and I was starting to get a little freaked out by the vehemence. As if he was so invested in Domming me that he was incapable of bantering. I deleted the comment, ignored the above email diatribe, and wrote him a polite email.

In regards to your comment that I deleted, please remember that you're a guest on my blog. This is a Dommy post, intended for my subie readers. I will not be breaking character on this post.

Best Regards,

He wrote me an email back

That's fine I shall refrain from making in further comments on this post!

However, please note that you were still not given explicit permission to use this cartoon, therefore I must insist that you remove it. I will also ask that you refrain from using any other materials that I may have sent you, that you have not received explicit permission to use

Best Regards.

Well I was now getting more than a little annoyed at Tim. Isn't it annoying how he copied my letter format? I had constructed the blog post using the cartoon and I would have to edit it in order to work around it. But I had zero desire to lift a single finger for somebody displaying this sort of boorish attitude. I wrote back.
I find that to be very petty of you tim, and a transparent attempt to dominate me.

You sent it to me unsolicited for my own use without limitation and so I shall use it as I see fit.

I will remove the caption crediting you, however.

Then he responded with more of the same.
The fact that you find this to be petty, julie, is of little consequence to me. In so far as an attempt to dominate don't flatter yourself I really couldn't care less.

Yes the material, as with other material, was sent unsolicited, as was other material that permission to use was requested in advance . However without lilmitation for use as you deem, I don't think so. However please feel free to point me in the direction of the statement on your blog that so specifies that "unsolicited material sent to the blog owner becomes the sole proprietary property of the blog owner for use at their descreation and the author and or producer of said material waives any and all rights to such material". Show me where that statement, or similar, is on your blog and I will stand down!

Otherwise save yourself the grief and take it and the accompanying caption down.

Ok, at this point I read this as some sort of pseudo-legal threat to me, and it scared me. He might contact Google, claim it was his work, and make more vindictive claims regarding my blog and have it taken down. I am feeling vulnerable with all the sexual content I post. Or he might be threatening to dox me somehow? I don't know. Last thing I wanted to do was to deal with a lunatic. I responded with one line:
Fine. Good riddance.
I removed the cartoon and all comments referencing him from that blog entry and hoped he would just stop harassing me.

Well, a few days later Tim comes crawling back to me, half-repentant.

I have been reading the comments so I am going to assume that you have not as yet flagged my emails as trash?

I understand that you are peeved with me, as I am with you.

I would like to point out that you are not the only agreived party here and therefore not completely blameless in this! You did renege on captilizing my name, something you publibly vowed to do, then tried to fluff it off and then hide behind your dommy persona. You did use something without express permission. You had not done that in the past, you always asked first that set a presedent.

I on the other hand realise that I behaved very very badly and boorish to the situation.

I believe there is room for restitution on both sides. I would like to propose that we check or Dom/sub personas and discuss this as adults to reach an amicable resolution satifactory to both of us.

If you are not in the least bit interested then that's fine. We can just both travel the good riddance highway!
I know I should have just ghosted him, but I believe in peace and reconciliation, not war, so I hoped there was a chance at saving the situation, but it would only be on my terms.
Hi Tim,

At least we can agree that you did behave very poorly.

You frightened me with your aggressive email. I am very concerned about being doxed, and also concerned that the blog may be taken down at any moment by Google if people complain, and thousands would lose this forum. As you know, I make no money from this at all, and frankly losing the blog might be a relief as it is a big time commitment, but I would feel genuinely bad for the fans. Based on the tone of your message, which was out of all proportion to the good-natured teasing regarding the capitalization of your name, I was quite concerned that you are not stable.

You will have to earn my trust back.
I tried to take a balanced and even tone, and refrained from referring to places where he felt I did him wrong (which I disagreed with, but thought it not worth discussing).

Rome was not built in a day, and Tim wrote back again,
Hi Julie,

You replied back so I'm hoping this is a sign that we can perhaps move forward with this.

First, I would like to reassure you that you were never at risk of losing this blog at any time. At the very least not from me! As pissed as I was at the time I never had any intention of going to Google or who ever the watch dog for blogs may be. I would not and could not do that to you or your loyal readers, and whether or not I am banned for life, believe me I would miss it too! (What is doxed by the way?)

I understand that there are now trust issues. They exsist for both of us.

Right now I am not seeing any acceptance for some of the blame here. When someone tells me something I have a tendency to take them at their word and believe they will follow through with what they say! I trust that they are not lying to me or playing me! When they don't, follow through, they lose my trust and my loyalty. I believe the good natured teasing regarding the capitalization of my name was nothing more than a way to try to skirt the issue, after I had already raised it. I still to this point do not understand your reasing for it (the lowercase lettering) both it and the explantions for it made no sense given your previous declaration.

If you truly feel that you are blameless here then I don't believe there is a chance for us to move forward. Please do not view this as some veiled transparent attempt to dominate you, it is not.

It is an attempt to establish that neither of us are blameless here, that we both have a certain amount of responsilbilty to shoulder and we both have trust to rebuild.

If you are willing to admit to, and accept, some of the liabilty here, then I have a proposal I would like to pitch. However it is contingient on that admission.

If not then I guess we are truly done.


As I said, Rome was not built in a day, but I was getting some movement here. And I felt that if only Tim would understand the differences in our situation, he might be made into a better, nicer person and think more of others in general. So I gave it another try, still on my terms (I DO NOT give up where there's hope).
Here's the difference, Tim.

In one case it's you being obsessed by the difference between "tim" and "Tim" and ascribing a ridiculous importance to something that is absolutely silly. What I did was referring to you as "tim" in a playful and cheeky and in fact flirty way on my own blog, in a polite caption crediting you for your cartoon which you made and sent to me as a lovely gift.

In the other case it's you making things extremely awkward for me, genuinely worrying me, and forcing me to physically change my blog entry after it has already been posted, which people noticed. Your coercive overreaction frankly made me very concerned. I did not think I overreacted at all to your frightening threats. "Doxing" is exposing an anonymous Internet person's true identity. My career and relationships are at risk from it. It's no insignificant thing for me. And protecting the blog is no insignificant thing for me either. What else other than these things could you have meant by your threats? In all my years corresponding with hundreds of men, nobody has ever been as bullying and impolite and threatening towards me as you have been. I urge you to re-read your email to me and try to put yourself in my shoes.

If you think there is any sort of parity here as to who did the most harm to whom, you are very mistaken.
Well, after this message, something must have happened and he finally saw the light. Yay!
Hello Julie,

I apologize....I apologize for my bad behaviour, my ill manners, my temper tantrums and in general poor attitude.... I apologize for the problems, the aggravation, the stress, and the fear I have caused you. There is no excuse for it.

I want you to know that this is not some attempt to try to appease you, I do not expect any forgiveness, that I have overstayed my welcome here is a foregone conclusion.

This is a heart felt, no strings attached, apology for everything.

I am truly sorry!!

Ahhh! That felt good. So rare that a person actually comes around like this. I responded back.
Hi Tim,

Your apology is accepted and you are forgiven. I do not hold grudges and am relieved that you are not a threat.

You do get quite angry at perceived slights. Is that a "thing" you are trying to deal with?

Would it make you feel better if I assigned you a mild punishment of my choosing?
Actually, I really, really wanted to punish Tim, which is why I added the last, but I wanted to suggest it in a way that would not restart the wars and would see the greatest likelihood of him actually accepting my punishment. Initially I was a bit disappointed at his response.
Hi Julie,

Thank you for your graciousness and your forgiveness. You are a far better person than I.

No this is not something I'm working on. Believe it or not I am normally a very calm and collected person. Now that the dust has settled even I am having hard time understanding my outburst and subsequent rampage. It is hugely embarassing.

Thank you for the offer of a mild punishment but it won't be needed. I am already in the process of arranging for my own well spanked ass as punishment. It won't be happening right away, but it will be happening!

In the meantime I will be staying away, from the blog, until such time as I have been appropriately punished for my actions. If that is alright with you?

A day later, before I had a chance to respond, he sent me another email.
Hi Julie,

Further to my previous email, I have been thinking about your offer of a mild punishment! I don't know if it will make me feel better, but I do feel it is now the right thing for me to do, to help make amends, especially knowing that it is coming from you as the wronged party.

This will not be replacing the hard spanking I have already mentioned. That I will be getting regardless!


Ms. Julie, may I please be assigned a mild punishment, of your choosing, as restitution for my actions?

Thank You,

Ahhh! A contrite little boy. Finally. I responded.
Good decision. I can respect that. Get a pad of paper and a pen, and write out 100 times by hand,

    "I must not behave badly, be ill mannered, or have temper tantrums online."

Take a photo of the results and send it to me. I won't publish it unless you ask me to in order to make full online penance (which would also include a photo of your spanked bum).
Quite mild, and I would not publish it unless I had him asking me to. I DO NOT believe in publishing anything of a personal or private nature without the full buy-in of the involved parties.
Ms Julie,

Thank you for assigning the punishment to me.

Attached are the photos of my 100 hand written lines as requested. I hope they meet your expectations.

I would like you to know that I also received my spanking! My bottom is quite red, sore and welted even though it may not look that way in the photos. I have attached two photos of my spanked bottom. I am holding a note which says "timmy's spanked bum" so that you'll know it is actually my bottom.

Please, Ms Julie may I ask you to publish them so that I can make my full online penance complete.

Thank you Ms Julie,

Well is not that just a delight! I wrote back, still in my stern mode.
Ok Tim,

But in addition I will have to re-publish the cartoon and excerpts from our correspondence to provide context. It will be deeply shaming for you. Please acknowledge your acceptance of this.
He did.
Yes Ma'am, I fully understand that I will be shamed and embarassed beyond belief!

I acknowledge and accept!

Thank you Ma'am
I was now curious about his spanking. I could tell that it was not self-administered from the evenness of the damage. I asked Tim to give me the full lowdown on that. This is how he responded.
Hi Julie,

This is pretty much what I can remember.

Have a lady friend; I have known her more than 20 years, we are not romantically involved just good friends. A few years back we were trash talking each other and after something I said she replied to the effect “I should spank you for that” and then she did, nothing to serious and not on the bare. Since then we developed a one way spanking relationship. Whenever I feel the need for a spanking I give her a call and she is usually happy to accommodate me. I contacted her on Saturday shortly after I sent my apology email and told her about what had transpired. She agreed to do it but said she was busy and wouldn’t be available until the following weekend. Sunday afternoon she called to say her plans had fallen through and that she could do the spanking that evening. I was to be at her home around 6:00pm. When I arrived we went to the kitchen where she poured us some coffee. She wanted to know more details about the situation, so I showed her our email conversations. When she was done reading she quite literally said “What kind of fucking asshole does that? No wonder you’re asking for a spanking”. She told me that she would give me the spanking under the condition that she is not to be involved in any way, with any of this afterwards, and would certainly not be in any photos.

At this point she told me to strip, and while I was doing that she spread a heavy blanket over her island work station, while she continued to chastise me. For the life of me I cannot remember very much of what else she said, I was only thinking of how disappointed in me she must have been and how small I felt, but D- bag and asshole were mentioned a few times. She then told me to bend over and grab a hold of the far edge of the island. When I was in position she stood beside me and started in with a hand spanking, noticeably harder than usually. She is not much for using implements and when she does it’s usually something nearby. I don’t know for certain how long the hand spanking lasted but I would guess around 10 minutes or so! She started complaining that this wasn’t working and left my side momentarily. A few seconds later I could hear a whoosh noise from behind me and a very excited “Yes”.

I have been stung by wasps on several occasions and the first swat by this implement was like getting stung by 100 at one time. It made me jump! Each swat seemed to sting more than the one before. She would do several swats in row then stop for a few minutes. Then it would be another volley of swats. Then she would stop again. She also moved from one side of me to the other. Sometimes the swat would land directly across the middle of my bum cheeks and other times it would land on that area where the cheeks curve down to meet your legs. I have no idea how many of those swats I got. Counting them was the last thing on my mind. I guess she was too busy swinging to count them either. The punishment stopped after the third time she broke skin and drew blood.  The only thing I thought of during the spanking, aside from the pain, was “you brought this on yourself”, “you asked for it”, “it’ll be over soon!” I just kept repeating that over and over. When she finally let me up she pointed a finger at me and said “I don’t want to ever hear of you doing anything like that ever again or you will get more of this!” She then showed what she had been using on my now very sore ass. It was a long thin semi rigid clear plastic tube maybe ¼ inch diameter, one end was straight and the other was hooked, essentially like a cane I guess. It stung like a mother f****r. She then gave me a quick little hug. All in all I was across the island for about 35 to 45 minutes judging from the time on the clock.

She then had me kneel in front of the island and said “let’s get this picture stuff done so you can get going”. That’s when I thought about the sign and she got me a marker and paper. She took a couple of shots with my phone.  Then I got dressed and left.

When I got home I spent the rest of the evening sitting, with a sore ass, on a hard kitchen chair writing out 100 lines of “I must not behave badly, be ill mannered, or have temper tantrums online”

35-45 minutes of a good hard ass beating from a pissed off woman who understood fully what he had done to me. My surrogate! My hero! Even drew blood and kept going. Then having to sit on his hard kitchen chair afterwards writing out my lines. Be still my fluttery heart!

I am fully satisfied with Tim's apology, with his chastisement, and with his contrition. Following this blog post, I am happy to welcome him back with open arms as an equal and valuable contributor on my blog. I expect all of you to do likewise as well, and forgive him his trespasses as I have done.

That is after this blog entry. For this blog entry you may all pile on a bit, express any displeasure with him you may feel, and tease and embarrass him over his chastisement. Fair game this one post only.

And timmy, NOT A WORD from you in response on this blog post. NOT ONE WORD. You sit there, you read it, and you take it.

Friday, March 16

Tables Turned! (part 2)

...continued from Tables Turned!

We waited for david to shower off the pee, clean his bottom hole out, get dressed, and come down to the living room where Sue and I were waiting for him, having a bottle of wine and chatting. The Big Paddle lay ominously on the coffee table.

He looked positively darling in his white corset and pink panties, smelling scrubbed clean. I immediately got to my feet, picked up the Big Paddle, and dragged him by his arm to in front of the fireplace. Sue got to enjoy the show. I put my foot up on a piano bench I had previously put there and pulled david across my knee clamping him down with my arm across his back, my hand on his tummy.

image courtesy lill jo

Keeping his panties up for the time being, I rubbed the Big Paddle on his pantied cheeks and spoke. "So, this is my big macho husband is it? Isn't this just where it all started?" I asked him facetiously. Then, "six strokes," I said, pronouncing sentence, "just like I got."

I pulled the paddle up high and whacked it down low across both pantied butt cheeks.

"YOWWWW!" he screeched. That Big Paddle can do a number on a hubby that's a little too big for his britches.

I rubbed the paddle on his near cheek while whispering to him, "do you feel how hard I am for you, baby?" Adam, my big dildo, was strapped on and tucked away inside my jeans, hard and ready to go. It was a reminder to my little wife of what the evening still had in store for her. Clearly her "man" was excited putting her on show like this and spanking his woman's little ass in public.

I pulled the Big Paddle back and smacked it squarely on that near cheek.

"OWWWWW!" he yelled.

I repeated, angling the paddle so that it impacted more on his far cheek, with the same predictable results.


It was only three so far, but the Big Paddle works wonders even in small numbers when swung with intention.

"Sue, would you please pull her panties down for the next three?" I asked sweetly of my sister. Sue came over as I held him there and lowered his panties down to just beneath his cheeks. They were already blushing quite red!

"Hey," he complained, "I never bared your butt!"

"Well you were thinking of it. Imagine that, thinking of baring my butt in front of my whole family. You should be ashamed of yourself. For those thoughts you're getting the last three right on the bare, right in front of Sue. Be grateful it's only in front of Sue."

Sue stepped back, giving me room to swing. I raised the paddle up high.

"no, no, no, please!" begged david, fearing the impact of the solid wood paddle on his bare naked cheeks. Oh Yes!

SWAT! I solidly swatted his near cheek only.

"YAAAAAA!" he yelled out as Sue giggled.

I pulled back the paddle again and angled the paddle to catch more far cheek than near.

"AHHHHHH!" he yelled.

I rubbed the paddle around his low ass cheeks. "Hardest one yet," I promised.

"noooooo...." he pleaded, but to no avail.

I raised the paddle high and put all my force into an epic spank low across both his cheeks.

"ARGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" he yelled out, in real pain.

After only six spanks his ass was already bright red with pale white circles in the center of each cheek and purpled bruising already starting out around the edges.

I rubbed the paddle on his tortured cheeks and asked him "who's the man of the house, david?"

"You are Ma'am! You are!" he answered.

"And who's the little woman?" I continued.

"I am Ma'am!" he said.

"What are you?"

"I'm the woman Ma'am! I'm the little woman!" he said, desperate to avoid even one more spank from that paddle. That didn't take too long!

"And what happens to women in this household?" I asked him.

"They get spanked, Ma'am."

"What else?"

"They do the housework, Ma'am, All the housework!"

"What else?" I asked, sounding more impatient.

He hesitated and then said, "they get fucked, Ma'am!"


"In the mouth..."

"Where Else?" I asked, annoyed.

"in the ass..." he said, sounding defeated.

"Very good," I said, "and do they get fucked like that in the privacy of the bedroom, or out in the living room where their sister-in-law can watch?"

"in the privacy of their bedroom, please, ma'am..." I think he was saying this to be provocative. But if it wasn't this, I would have found some other excuse.

I pushed him off my knee, sat on the bench, and dragged him across my lap. I pulled his panties right down to his knees. I picked up the hairbrush that I had earlier placed just there on the floor.

"That was the wrong answer, young lady! And it was insulting to my sister! No! You keep quiet. I'm going to give you a very strict spanking now, the kind of spanking which is the only thing women like you seem to understand, and then I will ask that same question again and I had better get a better answer. Am I understood?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he yelled out.

I pulled him closer onto me, making sure he could feel the hard bulge of my cock against him. Our swords were definitely crossing. I started spanking his already sore cheeks with the hairbrush. I confined my spanks to his lower spank spots that were already severely marked from the Big Paddle. Despite his earlier paddling, I did not spare him the wood in the least, and quickly had him kicking and howling across my knee.

It felt very good! I carried on his spanking for a good hundred whacks.

I let him up off my knee and then had him kneel up on the ground facing me, panties at half mast, penis apparently also.

"One more time. Tonight are you going to receive your oral and anal intercourse in the privacy of our bedroom, just the two of us, or down here in the living room where your sister-in-law can see what a little sissy slut you are?"

"Here in the living room, Ma'am!" he answered desperately, and correctly this time. The power of a wife's well-wielded hairbrush on full display.

I unfastened my belt, unclasped my jeans, unzipped them, and pulled them down a little in front. I fished into my pants and pulled out Adam. "Suck it." I told him. He started in, sucking it less than enthusiastically I thought.

I kept him at it.

"Good little cocksucker," said Sue encouragingly. He picked up the pace a little.

I grabbed the back of his head and began taking over, pushing Adam deeper and deeper down his throat. "Take it!" I warned him when he seemed to be balking at it. These bitches get out of training so fast if you don't feed them a steady diet of hard cock. I kept him at it for a good long time to teach him his place. His eyes were half closed, he was salivating freely, making funny gurgling noises down his throat, and gagging regularly. He had difficulty getting a breath in edgewise. I would let him up every now and then for a deep breath and then pull him back down on the cock while he was still inhaling, keeping him in a little state of desperation the whole time. "Take it you little cocksucking bitch!" I told him as I skull fucked him. Finally, after a very long and thoroughly demeaning display of his womanly cocksucking skills, I decided to let him loose.

Now it was time to stretch his anus. I walked over to the side table and got the butt plug and the lube. "Bend over, ass up," I told him. "Spread your cheeks." He knelt on the floor with his head down and his two arms reaching back so that his hands could prise his wrecked ass cheeks apart. "What do you think, Sue?" I asked my sister for her input.

"I think her tight little hole needs to be stretched," says Sue. Right on!

I lube his ass and the plug and push it gently home. I love how initially his asshole is so tight, and then as I bump, bump, bump the plug against him it relaxes and starts opening up. Then some pressure and it stretches to accommodate the narrower part, but so tightly.

Then as I keep the pressure up it slowly, slowly opens up and then all of a sudden gapes open and sucks the plug right in to the hilt! His sister-in-law had a lovely "bird's eye view" of the entire humiliating procedure and clapped in glee as it got fully sucked in as david gave a sharp gasp.

I left him on his knees still holding his cheeks apart but now with his big black butt plug well-lodged, and stepped back to where Sue was to admire the view.

"What do you think now?" I asked her.

She answered, quite nonchalantly, "I think you're going to destroy that ass with your strap-on, and that I'll be watching every last thrust!"

"oooh..." groaned david in humiliation.

When you are lucky enough to have another woman present for your husband's humbling, it's important to reach out to her frequently to get her interacting rather than silently watching. It much increases the fun and humiliation for him to be made so aware that another woman is watching and judging his "manliness", or in this case the lack of it.

I had him stand and pull his panties back up.

I took him over to the kitchen island and had him sit up on the high stool. This of course drove the large butt plug deeper still into his rectum. He groaned as he settled his weight. I put a pad of paper and a pen in front of him and told him, "write out 100 times,
Julie is the man of the house. I am the woman and will be treated accordingly.
Julie is the man of the house. I am the woman and will be treated accordingly.
Julie is the man of the house. I am the woman and will be treated accordingly.
Julie is the man of the house. I am the woman and will be treated accordingly.
Julie is the man of the house. I am the woman and will be treated accordingly.

He likes playing the "man of the house" and spanking and fucking "his woman" as he pleases. Let's see how he likes it. That was my plan for the whole evening. Not to say "women are superior", but rather to acknowledge the traditional status quo, that the man of the house is in charge, only make sure he understands that he "blew it" as a man (not really) and from now on the roles are reversed. I think it's more humiliating for him that way, having to fully contemplate his lost manhood.

My ulterior motive was making sure that his asshole was very well stretched before his fucking. He would be receiving Adam, and he needs to be properly prepared for that anal intrusion so that he can be fucked to the max. I fully intended on wringing him out to the greatest possible extent in front of my sister. I wanted him moaning like a little bitch and begging for his fucking to be over.

Oh Yes!

david finished his lines and called out to me. I told him he may get off his stool and come show Sue his lines. He came into the living room, still all dolled up in his panties and white corset with his D-cups on display, and handed his lines to Sue for inspection. She counted them and declared them adequate, if not a bit sloppy on the penmanship.

I told him that his initial refusal to allow Sue to watch him receive sex was very rude to her, and that Sue would spank him across her knee. But first he needed some corner time to think about it. I took him to the wall. I had his blue dildo ready nearby and inserted it into his mouth. I then made him hold the base of the dildo against the wall with only his lips (no teeth!).

I stood behind him and placed his hands on top of his head and lowered his panties to just beneath his beaten bum cheeks so that his butt plug was visible and left him there like that, in full view of us, as we served ourselves some more wine and continued chatting.

Holding a dildo like this against the wall with only the big-O of his lips is a difficult timeout to get through. He makes it easier on his mouth and lips by pushing the dildo further down his throat, but then it's very hard to recover from that without hands, so he winds up making deep oral love to his dildo all by himself. In fact, we could hear strained breathing and little gurgles from him as the time went on.

When we polished off the bottle it was time for his spanking from his sister-in-law (!). Sue picked up the hairbrush and took her place on the low bench. I collected david from the wall, removed the dildo from his mouth and conducted him over to Sue where he draped himself across her lap. Sue wasted no time in pulling his already lowered panties right down to his ankles. She started rubbing the wood on his cheeks while she manipulated the butt plug with her free hand. She started giving him a little fucking with his plug (who can resist in that situation?). She scolded him for trying to get away with her not seeing him fucked in the ass by me. She pushed the plug upwards a bit and started in on spanking his lower spank spots, alternating sides. I noticed she did not go too terribly hard on him, as his ass was already quite a mess, but she counted out his full measure of one hundred that we had agreed upon and did have him squirming hard, kicking his legs, and vocalizing his distress over the hairbrushing.

Sue put the brush down and made him spread his legs. She reached under and pulled out his cock and balls, making him clamp them between his legs. She started stroking them and asked if he pleasured me at all during my spankings (!!!).

"A bit Ma'am..." he said.

"Only a bit?" she sounded disappointed.

Sue spat on his cock and balls and began massaging her spit into them with her spanking hand while manipulating the plug with her other hand. david moaned in pleasure. This was not the first hand job my sister has given my husband, but it was the first spit-based one! And it was not something we had agreed upon in advance. Oh well. good for him!

"Your wife can cum while across my knee. Can you?" she asked him innocently.

Oh how blushy that she referred back to that!

"Yes Ma'am," said david.

"Would you like to cum?" she asked.

"Oh Yes Ma'am, yes please!" he pleaded.

"Do you deserve to cum?" she asked

"Yes Ma'am?" he said, sounding a little more uncertain.

She smacked his cocktip with her fingertips.

"You do not," she said. "I want you hot and horny for the man of the house during your sex show. If you're a good little girl, and participate enthusiastically during sex with your man, and I mean really over the top enthusiastically, then you will get a very special one-time-only treat from me."

I did not know what she was talking about. Neither did david. This HAD NOT been planned in advance.  But both of our imaginations ran wild. I didn't know how much of a "treat" I even wanted my sister to give my man!

Sue let him up. His cock was hard, wet, gleaming, and twitchy from her handy attention. I dropped my jeans, lowered my panties to the extent I could with the harness on, and bent over.

"Ooh la la," said Sue, referring to my ass. "Allow me," she said as she came over and held my cheeks apart. "Go on, lick it," said Sue (we had discussed this part in advance). david's tongue got busy licking, sucking, and fucking my rosebud. I felt a delightful hot flash or two as david licked me there while I felt Sue's hands on my ass, pulling me apart for him. As agreed in advance, Sue really egged him on, giving detailed instructions on how he should lick my rosebud. As in up and down, or side to side, or around and around, or to to push it in deep as he could and wiggle it around up there. It was a bit of a submissive thing for me, having Sue order my husband to lick my asshole as she scrutinized his every move. I knew it would be when we arranged it, and Sue must have as well. In fact, I had let her in on every demeaning sexual act david made me perform on him that Sunday evening. She knew that I had been in his position only a few weeks earlier, thoroughly eating out his asshole! Very... exposing for a girl!

I finally and reluctantly called a stop to it. He still needed an epic ass fucking, and I needed to get back into my Dominant mode for that!

I pulled my panties back up into place, removed my jeans and made david bend over, bracing himself with his elbows on the low stool. I placed a bathroom towel down on the floor under his ass and had the paper towels nearby. I removed his butt plug which came out clean. I wrapped the plug in the paper towels and set it aside for him to clean later. His hole gaped for me.

"Not so tight anymore, is it?" I asked my sister.

"Not tight at all anymore," she agreed, and walked over and prised his cheeks wide open for his penetration.

I lubed his stretched open asshole and my dildo then walked up to him and touched the tip to his anus. At this point Sue was still holding his cheeks apart for me. It made it easier for me to steer. I sort of slowly but relentlessly pushed the dildo in.

It was relatively easy, even with Adam, given how much his asshole was already stretched. He still complained a little as it went in, but I did not listen. Adam is thick and long, and the inner parts of his ass had not been as well stretched as the opening. They would be soon.

I grabbed onto his hips and started fucking him in the ass. I fucked him progressively harder and harder. Payback is a bitch! I suggested to Sue that she grab the other dildo and face fuck him with it. She did not need to be told twice!

"Like a pornstar, david..." reminded Sue.

To our surprise and delight, he made a show of moaning and of pushing back and twizzling his ass on my cock as he bobbed his head on Sue's dildo and sucked it passionately.

Sue pulled out the dildo from his mouth and said, "tell your man how much you want it!"

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Please fuck me Sir. Please fuck me harder Sir! Please!"

He was positively begging for the cock! Such a shameless slut. I obliged him in spades. Ask and ye shall receive. I really started slamming into his ass. Jack-hammering his little bitch slut ass. I think Sue's mystery promise egged him on considerably, though I started to see the logic in the promise now. How much he was demeaning himself for his unknown "treat" from her!

I like ending his fucking with a simulated symbolic sperming up his ass. I grabbed his hips and spasmed hard and deep three or four times "faking" my male orgasm deeply in his ass.

I pulled out and to everybody's relief he was quite clean. The diapers were at the ready, but not needed (he had done a quick self-administered enema I later learnt). I cleaned up the lube with a paper towel and declared the tables properly turned.

david agreed and thanked me for restoring the proper balance (his words!). He looked totally wrung out and spent. "Ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet" is my motto when it comes to man-fucking!

"So, was she a good girl," I asked Sue, tussling david's hair, "and if so, what exactly is her treat?" I was curious.

"She was a very good girl," Sue answered. As she said this she flipped her long hair behind her head and tied it back into a pony tail with a scrunchy she had produced as if by magic. "Sit down on the couch," she told him nonchalantly.

Oh hells no!

david looked at me guiltily, then picked up the towel from his fucking station and spread it clean side down on the couch. At least he was looking after my furniture! He sat down on the couch. His penis was by now only half-limp (he always completely limpens during a severe ass fucking). Sue told him to spread his legs.

No... she wouldn't... she doesn't "like men" that way...

She then got down on her knees in front of david as if it was nothing, and said self-consciously "I'm a bit out of practise..."

Was I going to stop her? Who told her she could do that?!? She should have at least checked with me in advance! I might have said no, I don't even know. But I guess I'd been guilty in the past of pushing boundaries without her advance permission... She clearly intended to take my man's penis into her mouth and suck him off. Without any permission!

Then... she just did it...

She sucked and slurped, and when he was hard enough she started bobbing up and down on his cock. She definitely seemed to be knowing what she was about.

"Is this ok?" he asked me, pathetically.

"I don't know," I answered, deliberately misunderstanding him, "is she any good?"

"Mmm oosed to beee gud," said Sue, meaning "I used to be good" referring to the last time she did this to a man. In fact, she used to be more than good, legend has it. In high school she told me that most of her dates ended with a handjob if she didn't like the guy, and a blowjob if she did! I once asked her if she knew she was lesbian even then. She said she suspected she was. I asked her how handjobs and blowjobs with guys made her feel. She said she enjoyed giving them, as it was a sort of skill and the boys left happy, but it never turned her on tremendously, and nothing the boys did to her turned her on, so it was better to just get it over with in a nice way for them. That was kind of the mitigating factor here. She was just stretching a muscle she had not stretched in a while?

"M...m...may I?" asked david as he tentatively reached out a hand to put on the top of her head.

"Umm Umm" said Sue, that we both interpreted as a "yes" from her.

"Why not. Go ahead," I added. "What do I have to say about anything," sounding maybe just a touch peeved.

david nonetheless reached both hands out and touched her hair. He said afterwards he felt guilty doing that, as it is much more intimate (according to him) and much sexier as a result. As Sue's head bobbed up and down, together with my husband's hands on my sister's head, it was hard to see who was leading and who was following. Perhaps neither.

I was dumbfounded this entire time. Still processing it. I did not have much time, though, because it did not take much time.

"Please Sue," said david, "I'm close. If you don't stop, I'll cum in your mouth!" What a gentleman.

"Ah ha," said Sue, continuing his blowjob and inviting it!

david clamped down harder on her head and started bucking his hips and then came into her mouth!!!

Sue swallowed it and then licked off his cock and swallowed that as well! She stood up and asked me, "have you got a napkin, or something?" as if nothing had happened!

Still in a bit of a daze, I went to get her a paper napkin from the kitchen. She used it to wipe off her mouth and lips.

"Thanks, that was fun," she said. "Oh my gosh, look at the time, I have to be going."

"Ah excuse me," I said, "but what just happened???"

"I think it's called a blowjob," she answered. "Any complaints, little sister?" she asked, staring me straight in the eye.

I looked at her, gulped, and thought about it. The way she said "little sister". It made my butt (and pussy!) tingle. Thoughts of the wooden spoon, her tweed slacks, and a humiliated little sister danced in my head.

"no..." I said in a small voice.

"And?" she prompted.

"and thank you for taking care of that..."

"You're very welcome."

She went over to david, bent down and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said, "I haven't done that for a long time."

"Thank you," he said. "Unexpected treat..."

She then gave me a hug and whispered in my ear "you have a cute ass and a very nice husband. We'll talk later."

And then she got her coat and left...

Sunday, March 11

Tables Turned!

Have no fears fans of STRICT Julie. Balance has been restored in a very powerful way. Poor david was forced to endure a pissing on while my sister watched!

From my previous blog entry A Detailed Analysis of my Spanking you know that I have been allowing my husband to "have his way" with me for the past several weeks. This has involved all manner of impact play (my poor bum and tits!), demeaning sex (my poor mouth, pussy, and especially asshole!!), and, worst of all, HOUSEWORK (with spanking punishments for any perceived shortcomings)!!! Time to put a stop to that!

It all started with a jokey sort of public spanking in front of my family (Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For Real!!!) which put me into a heavily submissive mindset that lasted several weeks. My big sister Sue was there to see my humiliating comeuppance in front of the family. A number of readers were concerned that she would punish me for such a wanton display. As it turns out she laughed her head off and loved the enlivening of our usual staid Sunday family dinner. She especially enjoyed the thought that I would get the bare-bottomed spanking of my life (she guessed it) as soon as hubby got me home.

Sue has recently had the experience of spanking my bare breasts and bottom as well and witnessing the humiliating spectacle of me getting off during it by humping her slacks (Spanked by my Sister). After that spanking she very naughtily sentenced me to receive anal intercourse from my husband until completion under threat of another hard spanking (what kind of a thing is that for a girl to sentence another girl to, sisters no less???). Mercifully, she did not stay to observe, but took my word for it that I got my asshole properly stretched, repeatedly penetrated, and then thoroughly spermed by my ever-so-eager husband.

The family dinner spanking came as a surprise to Sue, and as she says, a delightful one. She enjoyed witnessing it and everybody's reactions to it. She was most surprised by my Dad egging david on and afterwards Dad teasing me about my sore cheeks. Mom was uncharacteristically demure during it all. Sue and I are speculating that Mom and Dad are secret spankos and that Mom might have suffered a trip over Dad's knee herself in reaction to the sexy events involving his (dare I say it) cute'ish daughter!

I told Sue about how I have been enjoying my extended trip to the bottom by my very masterful husband, but we both agreed that the tables needed to be turned. I asked her to help, and we together plotted his demise. She was in on every detail in advance. I thought that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and so I put up with a couple of extra weeks of bottoming until we could get together for the epic table turning.

This has got to stop!

I arranged so that Sue arrived on Saturday when david was out at the gym. When he got back, us ladies were sitting there waiting for him. He waits to shower until he gets home, so he was a bit sweaty, but we did not let him go get his shower quite yet.

Sue started in on him: "So david, I hear you've been abusing my little sister terribly for several weeks now. Is that so?"

He responded along the lines that it was so, and that he found it to be highly unusual and quite exciting.

Sue asked me, "and what do you think of that Julie?"

I answered, "I was scratching an itch, but I think it's time to turn the tables back now. Any objections, sweety?" I asked my husband.

"No Ma'am," he replied enthusiastically. I think my boy enjoys being bottomed by two good looking sisters!

"I'm going to have to make a statement, david," I went on, "to really get things turned around. Will you obey me, no matter what?"

"Yes ma'am," he said, a bit breathlessly.

"We'll see. Come on then," I said. Sue, david, and I all went upstairs to the master bedroom and from there the ensuite bathroom.

I told him to undress while we watched. I never get over the little twinge from having my man naked, under my orders, while my fully dressed sister looks on. I told him to get into the tub and to lie down on his back for his shower. He was still clueless. This is not something we do.

"Aren't you going to turn the water on?" asked Sue, innocently (she was in on it so it was a facetious question).

"It's not that kind of shower," I told her. I took off my shoes, socks, jeans, and panties. I kept my blouse on. I was feeling a little self-conscious with Sue standing there, smiling, but nothing she has not seen before on her adult sister! I stepped into the tub near his head, facing him, and squatted down so that my pussy was on his face. "Start licking," I told him.

"what, with Sue here?" he asked, surprised.

Sue has never observed us having sexual relations like this before. But I knew she was open to it (I think she is open to anything fun!). I had discussed it with her in advance. In fact, when I suggested a golden shower for him, she was the one who suggested it should happen while he was licking me!

"Obey!" is all I said (hee hee).

He dutifully begins licking and lapping at my pussy.

"Stick you tongue up my cunt and keep your mouth open," I told him.

"I heard a little groan from him. He might have been beginning to suspect what was about to happen to him!

It's feeling very nice, but I needed to concentrate. I had prepared in advance with a lot of water, and I already had a quite uncomfortably full bladder. I simply allowed myself to relax and let loose a gushing torrent into his mouth and onto his face.

"no!" he said, spluttering beneath me.

"Keep it open! Keep licking!" I told him.

"no... no... please..." he said as the gushing urine went all over his mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, into his hair, pooled under his head and flowed down the tub towards the drain, coating the entire backside of his body as it went.

"Open!" I told him, and he opened his mouth widely. I directed the stream right into his mouth, and it filled up instantly. "Swallow it!" I commanded him. He actually swallowed it down as the pee kept gushing onto his face! Ewwwww!

The stream started dribbling to an end and was then finished. It was a healthy pee!

"Clean me off," I said, "with your tongue," I added unnecessarily.

"That's it piss boy," added Sue, "clean her off. Nice and gently now..."

He licked my pussy clean, inside and out.

"Swallow it, don't spit," I told him when he looked like he was wondering what to do with the urine in his mouth. He had already swallowed a boatload, I don't know what his problem was now.

I gingerly stood up. I had been squatting on my toes with me feet to the farthest possible sides of the tub. I spun and sat on the side of the tub with my feet up on the other hand. I asked Sue to hand me the spritzer wand and turn on the water. I pointed it away myself as she got the temperate right (poor david got to experience ice cold followed by burning hot, followed by just right. Ha ha!). I used the wand on my feet and toes, cleaning off any stray piss that might have gotten on me. Then I pointed it at david and spritzed him and the tub down. I stood on either side of his head and spritzed off my legs and pussy, allowing the water to drain onto him. I left him in the tub and told him to clean off with soap, as he smelled like piss.

I dried myself off and gathered my clothes, and Sue and I left the bathroom together.

Golden Showers. I can see the attraction!  Such a power trip for me. And the combination of pussy play with peeing is powerfully sexual. I cannot imagine a more humiliating thing for a "man" to be subjected to then being pissed on by his woman. Wait, yes I can, that happening while his sister-in-law watches!

I was a little embarrassed at first to be doing that in front of my sister. Getting naked from the waist down, squatting on his face, having him lick my pussy, and then peeing in front of her. But as it went on I lost all sense of shame, and just enjoyed that she was watching and deepening david's submissive experience exponentially.

Sue and I discussed what had just transpired as I laid out david's outfit for him. She clearly had fun watching that! Long and short, we both agreed that we were already dealing with a very well humbled hubby.

The next stage of his humbling was to be a repeat performance of family dinner, with him as the hapless victim. In the living room, with him en femme and me in my manly jeans with a bog cock in my pants. I would pull him towards the fireplace, put a knee up, and bend him over my leg. He would feel my erection as I felt his. I would then give him six solid whacks. The first three across the seat of his panties, the last three after Sue lowers his panties for him. Except I would be using an implement, not just my bare hand.

After that we would emulate what happened after we got home. He would receive two very stern spankings, one from me and one from Sue, with corner time in between.

The evening would end with him being on the receiving end of the same types of degrading sexual acts that I was forced to perform on him, except Sue would stay and would be allowed to witness his shaming. While a pussy fucking would not be possible due to his male inadequacies, he could certainly give deep oral sex, could thoroughly lick out my asshole, and be very well fucked up his behind.

This was his outfit for the remainder of the evening.

A nice tight corset with his D-cups filled out with silicone breast forms, and his pink lacy polka-dotty panties. Instead of bending him over in the living room and using my bare hand on him, I would bend him over and equalize using Paddle Daddy's big paddle. I happen to know that this paddle can do a heck of a lot of damage with very few light swings!

from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 4)

Imagine if delivered full force by an "angry" wife to her husband's scantily pantied and then bared behind?

I put my panties back on and then got my strap-on harness with my larger "Adam" dildo. Sue helped me to get it on over my panties. OMG! I then pulled on my jeans and actually managed to do them up. Quite a noticeable bulge, though. I gathered up some lube and a towel and a butt plug for him (I don't like going in "cold" with Adam).

On the way out I yelled to david, who had done showering but was still in the bathroom.

"We laid out your outfit on the bed. Get into it and then come down to the living room. Make sure your asshole is nice and cleaned out for what you have coming, missy! It'll be hard and deep, and Sue will be witnessing. But if there's any mess, I'll clean you up in front of Sue and put you in a diaper for the weekend. And if I have to do that, it's the strap at bedtime during your diaper changing. Then you can expect to be crying yourself to sleep in your fresh tight diaper. Understood?"

Oh My Gosh that felt sooo good! Back in the saddle, Strict Julie!

"yes ma'am," he said sheepishly from inside the bathroom.

"Take your time," I said, "enema bag's in the high right cabinet if you feel you need it."

"yes ma'am, thank you ma'am," said david.

On the way out Sue yelled out, "see you downstairs, piss boy. Better have a clean ass."

Oh gosh. Did she really have to?

Poor david was in for an ordeal! be continued in Tables Turned! (part 2)

Sunday, March 4

A Detailed Analysis of my Spanking

It's been a couple of weeks now since my experience that I detailed in Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For real!!! I have been receiving some wonderful correspondence by email. A nice long and detailed analysis from my friend Brett that I will share here, and another from a new pen pal (a woman!) who scolds me wonderfully. I am awaiting her next installment and then her permission to publish.

For these last two weeks I have been more submissive than usual, and David more dominant. He has been routinely "having his way with me" in bed. For instance, this morning he turned me onto my side away from him, bent me over with one hand on my hip and his other at the back of my neck, lubed me with his spit, stuck his hard cock into my pussy, and fucked me to (his) completion! Just like that. Wham Bam, not even a thank you, Ma'am! When he was done he pulled out, gave me a hard smack on my ass, and told me to fix him bacon and eggs! Moreover, in the past two weeks I've been spanked three times with his bare hand, once with the hairbrush, and once I had to bend over for his belt (it made my heart flutter as he slowly pulled it out of his belt loops). When I asked him why I was being punished he just said because I'm a woman and I needed it. I've been made to give head (and swallow when he chooses to cum in my mouth), and fucked in the ass again. I'm 'kinda enjoying it.

lill jo roused himself and drew me an apropros image.

It's an image of me trying to decide if I want to be dominant or submissive. He has me looking over to the subby side, I see. I am feeling the dominess grow in me, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, Brett contributed to keeping me in my subby headspace with his letters to me analyzing my scene two weeks ago, that I here reproduce with my comments added in red.

Hi Julie,

I've been thinking about your family spectacle, but with little time to write.

First, I like the dress you wore. Very classy and mature... and sexy without trying too hard to be. It really emphasized that you are a woman, not a little girl. You are a woman who is punished like a little girl, and that makes a significant difference in the meaning of all this. You love the humiliation inherent in a big boy being treated like a little girl. Big girls can suffer a similar downfall. And your "big bottom." I know you want more of a teenage bottom, or more athletic. I like that look probably as much as you do, but you have an attractive figure I like for a woman. Not everyone is an athlete. Teenagers are as cute as they can be, but I love that they grow up to be women. I wish you were completely satisfied with your lovely bottom, but you like what you like.

As usual, Brett hits the nail on the head. That was a work dress I wore. A Big Girl dress. But then I behaved like a naughty child, and was treated like one.

You were totally bare under that dress...! ? ! ? That was, to say the least, unexpected. Bare breasts. Bare bottom. Bare legs. Bare pussy! To visit your family for Sunday dinner. Your parents. Siblings. In-laws. NEPHEWS. I don't think I'm a prude but, if I was your husband, soon as we were home you would have gotten the spanking of your life just for that. If you were attempting to be a bad girl, Miss Julie, mission accomplished. :)

Yes, that felt extremely naughty throughout the evening. Honestly, in retrospect, I wanted that dress flipped up to create a scandal...

What you described as the setting struck me as so nicely middle-class white-collar, traditional yet urbane suburbia---whether that's accurate or not. In other words, your family comes across as modern, educated and refined, but also a wide range of personalities. This IS about your real family, so as a reader, to me they're not mere props for the story. These are real vanilla people, mostly, and no one but you and David had any expectation of what was going to happen. And there you are bare as a baby under your conservative blue dress. So ironic, so erotic, and the suspense was palpable. You express the opinion that your nephews' lack of manners at the dinner table are the result of a lack of parental discipline. Your family too progressive? What will they think of wife-spanking?

Yup. I come for a very good, decent, middle class progressive family. What went wrong with me???

It was interesting how you contrived the after-meal scene. You make David's butt the topic of conversation, fondling him in front of your Mom. Had you ever done anything like that before in that situation? I don't know the context here, but I'll assume this isn't typical behavior at a family gathering. So you're being impetuous? Just Julie being Julie, but going too far this time? The BRAT inside takes over. Instead of backing down, you swat his butt as hard as you can and take off running. Giggle. Isn't she adorable? Such a naughty girl. I'd think you were asking to be punished but, your family, except Sue, maybe doesn't recognize the game. David asks if a discussion is needed. Ominous. Does anyone recognize this as code for SPANKING?

Not typical, but I can be sometimes a bit of a "naughty brat" of the family. Definitely too far this time. I think the way David said it, everyone knew I would be at least in for a retaliatory swat!

"Boys!" said David. "Will you please bring your Aunt Julie to me."

I can't help but think about me as one of the boys. At that age. I've just watched this all unfolding at the family dinner. Starring Aunt Julie... I never had an aunt like this. I have little doubt that Aunt Julie would have played a role in my fevered adolescent mind. Nuclear family... I really didn't cross that line. Even my brother's girlfriends were off limits as objects of sexual desire. That was just how my mind worked. My mother's or father's 30-something sister would have been different somehow. Even as a young child, I was "attracted" to adult women, and that attraction became more unambiguously sexual after I hit puberty. Aunt Julie would have filled two erotic roles for me, as a female with all the mysterious sexual charms of a woman just beyond my comprehension, and so much older and more mature, a possible authority figure. Would I have masturbated to visions of her in her skimpy bathing suit? My aunt? Only a very bad boy would do that, right?

Yes, the fact that they may indeed be "very bad boys" thinking of me turns me on in an extremely guilt-inducing manner. Mind you, I think those boys should get to have a little sexy fun at my expense. Create memories for life I imagine.

So you just smacked David on the butt. Really hard! My teenage mind is now in overdrive. The idea of Aunt Julie spanking anyone is boner-inducing enough. That's just fantasy... or at least it was til now! Then I sense the tension between my aunt and uncle. Is Uncle David threatening sexy Aunt Julie with a.... no, a discussion can't mean THAT! Not Aunt Julie. She is MUCH too old, and husbands don't do THAT to their wives. It's just something you'd see when movies were black and white and people were crazy, but don't think I haven't imagined Aunt Julie having her woman's fanny tanned for showing off her body. I've been asked to help bring her to Uncle David, like it's the movies again and she's been bought at a slave auction, but I sit utterly frozen, a captive audience to what is too fast becoming the unthinkable.

Yes, the "slave auction" has an undeniable appeal to me. Stripped bare and presented, going to the highest bidder, I am pretty enough to be a house sex slave, after my new master "tames" me of course.

Your heart was beating hard. So bare under your dress. I'm still on the couch, my heart and mind racing in time with yours. You don't have to warn me not to dare, all I see is that you are in trouble. Dragged to the fireplace. You look helpless in your feeble attempt to prevent it. I'm already embarrassed for you, but my eyes are riveted to the action. Uncle is stronger than Auntie. He's bending your body and also your will. I drink it all in as you are literally being raised over his knee, a grown woman dangling like a child. As a young nephew, would I have appreciated how his palm cradled your tummy so close to your sex? I definitely would have seen the significance in how your big bottom was presented to the room.

Highly embarrassing in the moment, to be lifted up and feel my toes dragging on the ground, feeling my bottom being presented, worried that my dress is too shear when stretched out over my bare bottom, or tears under the strain, or is raised for my spank! An of course it is not at all lost on me that the "time-honoured" spanking position has massive sexual undertones for a woman thus prepared for a smacking. It is the same position as for a rear-entry fucking...

I'm still a nephew here. Uncle David could have just given you a nice juicy smack on your raised behind, and it would have been a night for the ages to me. I would have forever wanted to imagine what might have been ...and what must happen when you're home and Uncle can deal with you fully. However, you and David were not merely creating a moment, you were putting on an entire show. "What do you think is the proper punishment for a girl who..." he asked as you struggled and kicked. The proper punishment for a girl! Those words tingle in my ear. The idea is a boner maker. You certainly didn't want to answer the question. "A firm talking to?" you suggested, which anyone should be able to translate as, "Please don't let it be a spanking!"

My husband did use the word "punishment" which is so demeaning. Surely only children merit such punishment! I do believe everybody made the translation Brett suggests.

I was curious how you would react to the situation of being bent for a spank in front of your entire family. Once actually in that position, it would not have surprised me if you had simply taken it without fuss, and then played it off as a joke or as no big deal. But no. As David rubbed your rounded bottom in everyone's view, you were not stepping out of character. "Daddy! Help!" It's getting more and more like a 40's Hollywood production when women were both under their husbands rule and still Daddy's girl. Only Daddy can save you now. Not what you wanted, but wouldn't that be sweet. Aunt Julie was going to get a spanking, but Grandpa gave her a reprieve.

Honestly, I had not expected to ask my Dad for help, it just came out spur of the moment. I think I wanted to involve him more. To invite him in. He should have some fun with his middle daughter in this sexy, compromising position.

"Sir, may I? Just one good smack?" So chivalrous. A genteel respect for your elders that your father should decide. You dangle there helpless under the arm of traditional domestic justice as Daddy passes sentence. What could he be thinking? Is this inappropriate in his mind? His adult daughter. Does he even care? Does he feel you DESERVE a spanking? Or... and your heart beats a little faster... would he enjoy seeing his beautiful adult daughter spanked on her upturned sexy ass?

Of course he would enjoy it! As I mentioned before in relation to my brother, what red-blooded male would not? But I was worried that for the sake of decorum he would gently, politely, but firmly put a stop to the shenanigans, which I would have thought to be in character for him.

I only have a vague impression of your dad from your writings so, for what it's worth, I did NOT expect his answer. In so many words, his message was clear. One smack not enough. Give her a proper spanking. You certainly were not expecting it. Turned over your husband's knee, now your whole world was turned upside down! One smack is not a spanking, and that was critical to this stunt you were pulling. This was supposed to be a hint. Let your family come to their own conclusions. As I'm reading, I'm thinking of the indignation and embarrassment exploding in your mind as you are faced with what you actually deserve. A bad girl naked under her dress, in the middle of her plot to shock the family at Sunday dinner, and she is about to get much more than she bargained for...

Yes... I got a spanking...

So, what a scene! When I have some more time, I'd like to continue musing.

Hi Julie. I found time today for some more blathering. I hope you are doing well.

So where were we? Ah, yes, Miss Julie got a spanking in view of her family.

The entire family at proper Sunday dinner. Mom was there. She should have turned you over her knee when you were sixteen. Sue was there, but she already has a catalog of images in her mind regarding a little sister's disgrace and humiliation. Your younger sister did not want any part of your perverse comeuppance but, like any innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, is left with visions she must endure. The creepy brother-in-law enjoyed your erotic ordeal a bit too much for your tummy to take. Teen nephews all innocence and hormones, and then there was Daddy. You got a spanking in front of your Daddy ... and he liked it.

"That constitutes a SPANKING! My husband actually *spanked me* in front of my entire family!"

That is the truth. There are spankings, and then there are SPANKINGS! Of course we can imagine a more lurid scene. Was your bottom bare, your naughtiest bits exposed to the air? Your inflamed nether regions a shining red beacon for all who were there? Was it what you got from Sue, a protracted punishment to overwhelm you, to transform you? Imagine the family as witness to a sorry kitten on the scratching post of her big sister's knee?

OMG!!! Imagine Sue, "You call that a spanking? Mom, fetch me out the wooden spoon. David, take that dress off her and lay her here, over my knee. Let me demonstrate exactly what happens to my little sister when spanked hard straddling a knee. I've done it to her before. I know exactly how she'll react. She's such a slut!"

None of that. Yet it was a SPANKING! It could have been so much less. I liked that, from David's first spank, he targeted your sexy place. If there is one thing I'll find totally disappointing about a spanking, it is a spanker who doesn't know where to spank. Or they intentionally avoid going low because it's too close to the sex. Get a clue. Spanking is sex, or it's just punishment. That might sound odd from someone with a fetish for authentic discipline, but if it was just about inflicting and enduring pain, any form of physical torture would suffice. Spanking is about punishing the genitals without actually striking the genitals. When I got punished as a adolescent, you know where I got it. I wasn't spanked there for any sexual intent, but I made the connection and, OH, the shame! Is it even more sexual for a female? There is a special humiliation in punishment that targets your sex, that arouses you sexually, and you now know that as well as anyone.

I do. It draws me in. The idea that after a proper spanking the entire area surrounding the genitals, low butt, back of the thighs, inner thighs, flanks, is reddened. And with that reddening and the increased blood flow it entails, a woman's prominently displayed sex is engorged and reddened as well... Puffy pussy lips, glistening labia, and engorged clit for all the world to see how much of a slut she truly is!

Did your family appreciate the erotic nature of your spanking? I think anyone half aware could see that David was applying the hard palm of his hand to an area reserved exclusively for a husband's touch. And the sound made on impact... was there at least the suggestion that you were bare under there? That first one, perfect... direct center of your low bottom cheeks. Hard! It has to penetrate so that what lies below will throb to the message. I think I can hear that SMACK. It is just a little higher in pitch when there is less to absorb the spank. One might call it juicier. Did your nephews hear the difference? Could it have given them a sense that Aunt Julie just might be bare as a baby under her pretty blue dress, that there is almost nothing to protect her delicate femininity? Then solid swats rang out in that room announcing to everyone present that a bottom has two rounded cheeks that need tending. Four is a good number; six belabors the point; two isn't enough to establish the pattern. The four alternating had you kicking and squirming, and I hope the sharp sound of brisk hard spanks on your thinly covered flesh had everyone's butt cheeks clenching. Finish center low. That's how it's done. Any girl I spank is going to get it where it does her the most good.

Oh Gush! Where is my David? I need another spanking, like, now!

After your precarious balancing act over David's knee, when you were finally allowed on solid ground again, you had a burning bottom to deal with. You promised a reader you would rub and pout like a meek little girl. That was after the expected single swat to your fanny, but it turned out you had good reason to show you'd been tamed. One hand rubbing is only half-assed, so I'm glad you know that both hands must be working back there to fully express your discomfort. That was when Nancy protested and stormed out of the living room. I think she was genuinely embarrassed by the entire lewd show you and David had put on, and that you fondling your hot sexy spank spots in front of everyone was the last straw. And it seems you've found a way to shut your nephews up, or were they just all talked out after dinner? Was your Mom a little embarrassed too? She didn't do much but shake her head and try to laugh it off. In any case, you had not quite learned your lesson. The family watched a young lady taken home early for another discussion, and one that was not going to be so limited as the first. Sue made sure of that. You can just consider yourself very lucky David didn't raise your dress in front of everyone. You won't forget what easily could have been.

Imagine me held tightly against David's chest as he reached behind me to raise my dress so that all present could "assess the damage". Isn't that what everybody wants to see after a spanking? He would slowly, slowly raise it as I squirmed against him in abject embarrassment. And yes, being taken home early for a further discussion "on my bare butt" was every bit as embarrassing (if not more so!) than my spanks!!!

The most embarrassing aspect of all this is your hots for Daddy. It's so thoroughly taboo, and every time you talk about it you should feel like the naughtiest girl. He saw it all. You blush. You tingle. Now he knows you get spankings from David. How does that change the dynamic between you and your father? I mean, what do Daddies think? What SHOULD they think? What visions do they have of their pretty adult daughters? Would a Dad picture her naked when she's getting that old-fashioned spanking? If he does, then he's in for the ride. There is no uninvolved position for him to take when he imagines you raw nude and squirming yet obedient over your husband's knee. He cannot at the same time be detached while, in his mind's eye, he sees your legs kick to open your sex, and the blood rise blazing on your cheeks to announce you are ready to be taken. That is what a really good sound spanking is. You are being taken howling and kicking, nether regions raised, heat-primed for penetration. It is only natural for a man's penis to harden in anticipation of what you will do for him and what he will do to you... even if he is your Daddy.

I cannot imagine it being any other way. It will not change the way I behave towards him, but I feel that it binds me more tightly to my Daddy.

As a former teen boy, and from a more innocent era, I'm not too worried about your nephews. Even at a young age, I somehow knew the difference between domestic abuse and women who got their bottoms spanked like children. It was awhile before the sexuality of it became a conscious consideration for me but, in the meantime, I could sense the loving and romantic nature of it. That was how it was portrayed. Spanking brought man and woman together; it didn't drive them apart. Your nephews saw a loving couple, and they know you well enough. At some point many people must learn about consensual adult play that is made to look like non-consent, and where lines are drawn between fantasy and reality. I grew up aroused and confused, but at some point the light bulb came on.

I think there was no other way to interpret it. I wonder if it was discussed at all with the boys by their Mother and Father? I'll bet they were told how inappropriate it was...

The scene on the way home was exciting. I must admit, I would not have figured you out as easily as I anticipated. You were good, and you would have at least temporarily planted the seed of doubt in my head if I was in the position your husband was in. I would have felt thoroughly irritated that you got me involved in this stunt of yours, and now acting like it was all my fault that it didn't go as planned. You were the one who asked Daddy for help and got sentenced to a spanking. You really couldn't figure a way out of it? In the end, though, I would expect that if my partner really wanted to go "out of scene," she would simply go out of scene. Fighting me without explicitly telling me it's over is probably equivalent to not using a safe word. Your safe word was the final arbiter that allowed David to forge ahead, and presumably he shouldn't have had to remind you of it.

Bottom line, whether you were acting a part or not, you were a total brat, angered your husband, and it set up your comeuppance beautifully. The fact that your anger was entirely a pretense makes the offense even more egregious. Miss Julie, our favorite little manipulator. It is really all about genuine intent and justifiable consequences. No longer just a game, David was punishing you. I was eager to see a bad girl get the bare-bottomed spanking of her life...

I wanted to egg him on in the most egregious manner possible. While he would intellectually know it was part of the scene, I wanted him to emotionally experience me at my absolute worst, and him violently emasculated by me. I wanted to trigger that emotional response that only controlled violence could fully subdue, and that is only allowed against us "annoying females" when permission is granted...

Again, I'll have to continue later. I'll try to get to it soon.


A few more thoughts today as I picture you naked in bed with your hand on your kitty...

A great spanking has a great set up. When you're being punished there must be a compelling cause and effect, a crime and a consequence. Drama is conflict and tension. A conclusion needs a premise. I mentioned it before that, as a kid, I was mesmerized by Maureen O'Hara getting spanked by John Wayne in the movie McLintock!, where she had been an insufferable brat until she was chased through town and, no matter that she fought tooth and nail, was taken over the knee to be tamed. She earned her paddled fanny. The next scene suggested they were in bed and in marital bliss, but to my young mind, she was spanked for being a bad girl, not to be seduced. Nevertheless, she was... apparently, the way to a woman's heart is through her bottom.


You brought that quaint, old but oh-so-powerful scene back to life. It would have been so easy to go through the motions of an evening with David and lowercase julie. After a pleasant ride home from Sunday dinner with the family, you would smile, hold up your plate and let David dish out each course from the kinky dessert menu planned for your humiliation. You might even wring some emotion out of it before tea and bedtime. But that just wasn't gonna cut it. Even after the tension-filled ride home, you were not about to give an inch. If you were to be punished, David was going to have to mean it. I said that friction is the spark that lights the flame. You brought a pack of matches and a can of gasoline.

Yes! A big can!

Let's review: "Fuck your stupid safeword! If you touch me I'll call the cops and charge you with assault!"... "Don't you DARE TOUCH ME!" I screamed... "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!"... "LET ME UP! YOU FUCKING LOSER!"

It felt exhilarating screaming at him like this. I so rarely get to have a good emotional outburst. No matter he has not earned it. Others have and he'll just have to be their whipping boy.

I was a little shocked, to be honest. I never imagined you like this. Granted, you were acting, but to David it had to be an assault. Is this how a respectable woman and respectful wife talks to her husband? Certainly not if we apply any traditional value of manners and decorum. It was verbally an act of violence. David was left with no choice... not if he was wearing the pants in your house that night. He had to do what a man has to do when his woman has so clearly crossed the line. Shame on you! It was time for an old-fashioned intervention, young lady.

Yes it was!

You were not about to be crawling over his lap like some listless little lamb. You needed to be "taken in hand" is what we call it. Another scene entirely, like new age is to speed metal. It's a precise moment in time where a line is crossed, where you are no longer in the secure grip of Earth's gravity. Separated from the ground you were standing on, you were carried weightless to the spanking chair. How did it feel to have your independence taken physically and forcefully away from you, to be floating captive over your husband's firm knee?

First I was pinned roughly against the wall and my dress was stripped off me. I did not fight as hard as I wanted to, mindful of not ripping my dress. Once I was naked I was able to unleash my fists against him, and I did not hold back! But I was no match for him. Oh to have that power!

You were still fighting, your body helpless, but your defiance untamed. This is why girls need to be spanked. Hard and fast. No nonsense in dealing with your nonsense. David had to limit your options to behaving or else and make else unbearable for your bottom. He helped you with the decision to favor your delicate flesh. Do you find it humbling that defiance was stripped from you so thoroughly and so easily? One minute you were throwing a fierce temper tantrum, and the next you are singing the three-part hymn of a proper devout girl. As he conducted, you begged, the lead-in to a chorus of promises, the finale a cry to the heavens to convince him you were sorry. All it took was one good, sound spanking.

I was shocked! It was less than ten smacks of his hard hand to my naked cheeks before I decided that the defiance had run its course and now I needed for the spanking to begin to end! I had genuinely angered him, I supposed. I was not angry at him, though, for giving me what I had so richly asked for.

With effective discipline, the spanking doesn't stop with apologies. I assume David took note of your radical transformation of attitude, but the punishment isn't dictated by your reaction. It's a straightforward matter, really ...a young wife learning the lesson that her husband is head of the household. He set your backside on fire and then put you in the corner. That's a sight I would have enjoyed. A wife standing in time-out, wet-faced and sniffling, her bottom blazing. Thirty minutes. I bet you thought very seriously about your behavior.

It certainly did not stop when I wanted it to stop. I wanted it to stop after the first dozen. He wanted it to stop after more like a hundred. I was in real tears, and he did not seem to even give a shit. It seemed forever while across his knee, but afterwards it seemed over so quickly. Like a tornado ripping through Kansas and before I knew it I was on my feet, facing the wall, with my hands on my head.

What was it like knowing you had to force yourself to continue bratting? The drama should have been over. You were ready to be a good girl, right? David could have had you on your knees to worship his cock with your highly motivated mouth before bending you over for a stiff hard fucking in any way that pleased him. Isn't that the tried-and-true old-world formula? Your bottom was already on fire. Another hard no-nonsense spanking on that agonizingly tender behind would be cruel and unusual. Poor little subby. Maybe you should have saved your bratting for corner time between spankings, but then that would have just been a following of the script. Now you had to obey Tim, your ordeal far from over.

A few more details I skipped over when I told it (as I thought it was getting long enough as it was!). So here I am, "sentenced" to a half an hour of timeout. The next move, according to the script, was up to me to act out again while in the corner. I did not see any way to avoid it, except perhaps doing the full 30 minutes of corner time and not bratting at all. David would likely have slyly figured out that this girl had had her buns sufficiently well abused for one evening! But I did think of Tim, and the cartoon. I gave myself a bit of a break. I stayed there maybe ten minutes. Then I muttered theatrically under my breath "It was supposed to be one swat. How hard is that to get right?" Well that set things into motion again. Another tornado coming my way!

So you were now submitting to Tim? Really? The things you were about to do for a man on the Internet. Shame on you, but then that's the point, isn't it? Shame on Strict Julie. How far she has fallen. Forced to beg her husband for the next phase of her punishment. Good for you we don't have a recording of your pitiful performance as you received your second spanking. What does a wife sound like when she promises to do anything. Seriously ANYTHING?

We had agreed in advance that the second spanking needed to be equal to the first. And David absolutely made sure that it was. So it was another ridiculous spanking! Only difference this time was indeed my pleading that I would do ANYTHING. When that statement comes from a conveniently naked wife draped across her husband's knee, where you can feel his hard penis as you flop like a mad woman over his lap, it carries with it an unmistakable meaning. ANYTHING does indeed mean ANYTHING!

So you got a mouth fucking. Blow jobs are not your favorite activity to begin with. As HOH, Strict Julie didn't go there. David, under your control, wasn't getting it. His job was to tend to your little girl boner. What is needed desperately for you to come. Sunday night was another story. As you were describing every detail of the experience for your blog, living it again, was it a turn-on or off? You know your husband enjoyed your warm obedient, wet submissive mouth. How did it feel to be the good little wife? Are you looking forward to pleasing him like that again?

Yes. Oh yes!


When it comes to spanking and domestic discipline, I'm annoyingly verbose. When they say sex is between the ears, this must be what they mean. There's a universe of meaning to be explored. A vital component is submission, so the sexual subbing that follows can be an exclamation point to the scene. For me the cerebral part has mostly been expressed. Now it's more gratifying to do than to talk about.

I enjoyed your wifely submissions after your spankings to a much higher degree because of who you are. To see a female Domme---and for years here you've been so strong and enthusiastic in that role---and how you set your downfall up with such fierce aggression directed at your husband---to see you transformed so thoroughly, was exciting. You were reshaped before our eyes into a model of docility and obedience. Even in your replies to me, I appreciate your altered demeanor. Such a well-mannered young lady. This is a major appeal of spanking discipline -- how it tames the brat, puts one at peace with their demons until another dose is needed. I don't know how closely that resembles you, but today YOU resemble IT.

I was tamed, I admit it. I'm not even sure... I might need it more????

After he made himself rock hard with your mouth, which is the direction it takes when you've become his submissive object, he bent you over the spanking chair for a pussy pounding. This was no Strict Julie scene. More like rag doll julie. I like that you were wet and ready, and that it hurt so good. You described it nicely.

I am not one for vaginal sex so much, as I cannot orgasm from it alone. Though in the context of this scene, I enjoyed giving up every part of me to my husband however he wanted me.

In the context of your subjugation, the ass-licking scene was special for you. I know some just enjoy the kink. Ask my wife, who can be a bit anal-obsessed. It's not something that inspires me to wax poetic. Let's just say that it put you firmly in your place. You had to prove your commitment to obedience to Tim and your acceptance of your husband's rule that night. You might have resisted the worst of it, but your slavish tongue had to save your too sore bottom from any more spankings. Is your face warming as you read this? It should be at least bright pink remembering what you did, and that it now is a matter of public record.

There is much shame in describing it. All you readers of my blog feel like my family, and now you know I did that. Ewwww! I confess to being a bit half-hearted about it, but, quite literally, when my husband hinted at another spanking for me for my lack of enthousiasm, I absolutely knew that he was serious, and I absolutely did not want another spanking! I changed my tune instantly, and it was just that much more humiliating to be doing it with such immense enthousiasm now. Rather than poking gingerly with my tongue, I made full-tongue swipes at his anus from all angles, and inserted the tip of my tongue as deeply into his bottom hole as anatomically possible, while spreading his cheeks to the max with my hands. I made sure to keep my tongue wet, and to keep it moving.

It was a nice touch to have you run to fetch the lube for your next punishment. I can just imagine your legs churning up those stairs, heart beating, breath catching. The full exposure of your submission here is stunning. You fear what is in store for your little bum while running to make it happen. Then having to prepare your own bottom hole with lube, spread your own cheeks and ask for your impaling like a servant girl in heat. David should have been pleased to see his woman so firmly under his thumb.

I can only imagine the sight I offered him! Him grinning at me as I run up the stairs, my hot red bottom wiggling and my bare breasts bouncing, to fetch my all-important anal lubrication! He started with a pretty long and intense finger fucking in my ass. He also slapped my ass as he was doing it. Then came the hard long and wide penis!

You got your ass fucked by your Daddy just like you have wanted. Well, kinda... David made a good Daddy that night. He punished you for disrespecting your husband as he helped his little girl take Daddy's huge cock to the hilt. You were a good girl, and Daddy was proud of you. Good girls get spoiled, and you had earned the best night of your life.

I did, I must shamefacedly admit, flash to my father giving me anal... so blushy! I also imagined you all doing me as well...


Thank you Brett! Always love your extra insights!