Monday, July 31

A Bare Naked Over-the-Knee Public Spanking

Are there any words in the English language that can get a spankos heart racing more than the phrase "A Bare Naked Over-the-Knee Public Spanking?"

But that is exactly what I received during my last adventure, Punished by Mistress Violet. If you have not read it yet, you simply must.

There was a lot of playfulness, a lot of sexiness, a lot of role-playing, a lot of communications, and a lot of mutual consent. But bubbling underneath the surface, powering all of that, was a legitimate punishment spanking.

I never really fully understood this dynamic before. Oh, I could have explained it to you before, and used it effectively, but I didn't really understand it before. Now I think I do more so.

In my blog, I have written about many people over the years, dozens in fact, with my husband and my sister included among that number, who are unaware that I am doing so. I do feel guilt over this. Practically speaking, I cannot retain my anonymity and have that many people running around with my secret, and I would mostly never have gotten permission had I asked, so it's not that I won't keep doing it, or would do anything different, but I still feel guilty.

Why guilt? Well, it is a from of lying by omission. More than that, I am putting these others at risk of discovery. If I am ever identified to somebody who knows me, then the identities of all these others are automatically unmasked as well, a risk they are blithely unaware of and did not sign up for. And finally, it is a form of plagiarism. These others contribute to the scene in wonderful ways, and I am taking all of their energy and throwing it into my blog without any permission or acknowledgement.

So, I was called on this the other day by Mistress Violet. To quote her, "I find myself surprised, delighted, irritated, amused, taken aback - a mix of emotions that will work themselves out over time into something more clear. In order to sort through some of my feelings about appearing on the blog without any kind of recognition, I am requesting another meeting. I have an idea of what I would like to do - this time to "Julie" as well as david..."

I think Violet was writing those words very honestly, not playing a game (ok, she was also playing a game, clearly, but still meant what she wrote). Yes, she was "delighted and amused", and those were true emotions; but she was also "surprised, irritated, taken aback [...] about appearing on the blog without any kind of recognition". This is a woman who makes her living doing these sorts of things. She is a professional who takes it seriously. If she's going to have herself put out there, there should be some return, even if only promotional (something I have since addressed).

So on the one hand we have Violet, an "irritated" woman experienced in punishing, and on the other we have me, a "guilty" woman who feels she deserves to be punished.

Now we just don't go out and do that only. There are the other emotions as well, fun and kinky ones, and so we jointly engineered a scene that kept it professional for Violet, and made it sexy and fun for all three of us, and that (I hope) enhanced Violet's professional appeal to potential clients, and corrected the lack of recognition and promotional aspects (that latter was by my insistence, by the way).

But at the core of this entire scene, providing it energy like a hot iron fist inside a velvet glove, lay a fully justified irritated woman and a guilty penitent woman. No amount of "sexy" on top of that changes this core energy.

When we discussed the scene beforehand, we did not discuss any details of my spanking. Violet confirmed with me that it was part of the scene, but that was really it as to details. We spent much more time discussing how david was to be involved, the sequencing of events, and my comfort level with the more sexual aspects of the scene.

If you'll recall, after the spanking competition there was the shower scene. In the shower scene I was shackled to the ceiling and deliciously soaped up and washed all over by Violet and david. That was a sensuous delight, but did also serve to get me out of a dommy mode and into a submissive one. After the cleaning I was mostly dried by Violet, and then, very suddenly, she grabbed my lower arm in her hand and dragged me out of the bathroom, saying "Come with me, I want you a bit damp..."

So that was a surprise. It was all of a sudden, "oh, I guess I'm getting spanked now". I knew it was coming and when it was coming, but I was basking in sensual delights and then all of a sudden, it got real.

As she pulled me I sort of stumbled behind her. She was focused and determined and strong. Plus, it's one thing being naked and damp inside a bathroom, it's another to be dragged out of the bathroom into the living room, bare naked, pulled effortlessly by a fully clothed person.

I wonder how many boys and girls of lore have experienced something like this from an angry parent? The misbehaving child pulled buck naked from the bathroom by a justifiably irritated parent, brought to the living room to be tossed across the knee and spanked while the onlookers "tsk tsk" at the child's misbehaviour and what it has earned them? Can you imagine the embarrassment of the young adolescent at such treatment? A boy's bare backside, flopping penis and lightly haired pubis all on display. Or a young lady's newly curvaceous bare bottom, developing bare breasts, and downy private parts all on show? Siblings, aunts and uncles looking on. Perhaps the local fire chief or policeman as well. I can imagine it. I was feeling it!

I know it's silly. We were only the three of us in a very private setting. david was naked. I was already naked from the showering. We were there for a sexy time. Why should I feel at all embarrassed by my nudity in this situation? But I was embarrassed.

I was embarrassed to be wet and naked and pulled abruptly out of the bathroom towards the living room. I was embarrassed that I was being so completely controlled seemingly without a will of my own. I was embarrassed that Violet felt so much stronger than I, and that I felt I could not physically resist even had I wanted to. I was embarrassed to be pulled towards the spanking chair like a naughty child. I was embarrassed that I was about to be spanked however Violet pleased and that the time for discussion and negotiation was long past.

Yes, I had a safeword. We had discussed it. But I could not use my safeword, it was not an option. If I felt I was in danger of injury I would have, but I wasn't in any such danger at all. I was in danger of a very soundly spanked backside! I knew I had earned whatever punishment Violet chose to dole out. I knew I deserved it. There would be no safewording for me.

In the scene, david was to believe that I was being spanked for dissing Mistress Violet during the spanking competition. He didn't believe that at all, of course, but went along with the role play. He thought I was just out for "an experience" such as I had had with Tracy. With Tracy there was much less the element of me "deserving" a spanking, and she was so much more tentative than Violet. So it was more just the physical experience of me absorbing a hard spanking.

Little did he know there was an undertone this time of real discipline. I know I felt it myself. I can't speak for Violet, but at times I sensed it strongly from her as well, or maybe that was me projecting? If so, her actions were certainly completely indistinguishable from "the real thing".

I remember thinking, as I was being dragged towards the chair, "this is ridiculous, I'm a grown woman and I'm about to get a spanking!"

There's this awkwardness as she sits and I am pulled across her knee. Not from her! From me. I resisted her pull a bit worried that I might fall down, or crush her as I land on her lap, or not fit on her lap. That was all me. She just sat gracefully and pulled me relentlessly over her knee with her strong arm despite any resistance. I did not fall off, crush her, or not fit over her lap. I fit and dangled there as would a child across her mother's lap! Violet steadied me with her hand on my ass. I got my toes and hands planted down on the carpet. I was conscious of not wanting to look like a dork. I wanted to appear sexy to Violet even as this was going on. So I got on my tiptoes, arched my back, and stuck out my bottom, like a good little submissive should (why????? that's not me!)

Violet told david to get his phone and take pictures. That is why this scene is captured above. A blog commenter, my very loyal fan mike, suggested photos and that I be "made to" post them. I responded with a teasing note that did not object to it, even encouraged it, and then Violet responded with "I'm taking notes :)"

Violet had indeed "taken notes", and david was told to take pictures. So I knew at that point that not only would david witness my spanking, but that all my blog readers would be witnessing it as well. I am happy that you guys get to see it, but embarrassed by it as well, if that makes any sense at all? I'm especially embarrassed that mike gets to see it, given that it was his suggestion! :-)

So that's the sense that it was "public". My husband saw me being spanked, so that was public to a degree. But I was also acutely aware of the photo taking and how I would need to post them up here afterwards for you all to see. So that is the other sense it was "public". I look now at the photo above. At my tightly clenched legs and my bare bottom uppermost. Draped across Violet's knees. Her hand getting ready to spank me. You all seeing that! OMG! BLUSH!!! A naughty misbehaving completely naked little girl about to receive her spanking. BLUSH!

Violet started with some stingy hand spanks. Nothing too bad. She alternated that with some kneading, stroking, and groping. She quickly had my cheeks and my pussy spread open and was inspecting both closely as my husband looked on (with no doubt a silly grin on his face!). Thank GAWD he didn't take pictures of that or I would have had to post them!!!! Maybe because she had noticed my husband's unshaven bumhole she was looking for the same on my pussy? Or maybe she expects all her female submissives to present themselves across her knee thoroughly waxed, as if I was one of them??? As it was, my bottom hole and every last fold of my pussy passed her close inspection, even eliciting an embarrassing comment out of her regarding how well I had done, as if she was praising a child for wiping herself properly!

She then made david get between my knees and hold my legs up. She again spread my asshole, but this time so widely that it hurt. She told david to get in there and start licking it. I remember jumping as his cold wet tongue first came into contact with my widely spread bumhole. She made him be extremely thorough, and had an absolute close up view of every last lick and tongue fuck!!! She held my asshole spread painfully wide apart the whole time. She even dug her fingers into the skin right around my anus to pull the hole wide open for him to better penetrate it. This was pretty humiliating for me. It's kind of a private bedroom thing, and for it to be so open and out there like that? Crazy. It is not something I would want friends and colleagues in real life to know about me. Imagine the guys at work sniggering at me if they knew I make my husband rim me with regularity???

Ok, so that was all pretty embarrassing "fun and games", but then the paddle came out.

This is where my spanking, all of a sudden, "got real".

Violet is super nice, playful, sensuous, sensitive, and all that. So you don't expect it when it happens. But when she spanks, she spanks!

It was at this point where I sensed that she let herself go a little. Perhaps channeling some of that emotion around the blog? Certainly not giving in to it. She was exquisitely controlled at all times. But perhaps "channeling" is a fair word. I grudgingly admire how unrelenting she was. She knew what she wanted to dish out, and knew what I would be taking, and delivered it. It was not a short token paddling. It was a punishment paddling delivered by a strong, confident woman. She knew exactly how to build it up. It was never more than I could take, but by the same token it built up and felt like a real punishment paddling. It had me squirming on her lap and kicking my feet and crying out for sure.

Beyond the fact of "a spanking", we had not discussed any of this at all. Not the position, not the implement, not the number of strokes, not the intensity, not how long I would be across her lap, and not how rosy red she would be making my bottom.

Her she is showing off my bottom to the camera immediately after my paddling. She seems proud of the degree of redness she inflicted on me! Notice also how she gets to remain modestly clothed, while I am naked as a jaybird? Her breasts are allowed to stay covered, mine are dangling for everybody to see! Do you see also the strength in her arms and hands? I felt it in spades! Even at this point she was not done spanking me yet. I thought it was over. She did not. She started back in with very hard slaps from her hand on my already tenderized butt.

And here is where I ponder, what's the difference between what I got, and a "real punishment spanking"?

Most a those old-fashioned apocryphal 1950's naughty teenage girls who are spanked by their Mommas or Daddies probably got less than what I got. Unlike them, they were probably not spanked fully nude in the living room in public! Pussy and breasts on display while her bottom was thoroughly warmed. Kicking, crying, and apologizing as I was doing. And having to post photos on the internet afterwards of her embarrassing spanking! And then to be taunted and teased about "what a good little girl" I was, and how I "took my spanking so well". Plus comments about my "hard nipples" (hey, I was still a bit damp and that part of me was cold!)

So I think we can all agree that I got more of a spanking than a typical 1950's spanked teenage girl would have received for most offenses. So in what way is my spanking different than hers? None!

I was guilty and I new I deserved every lick. I knew Violet was justified in dishing it out. I fully accepted her authority over me as a 1950's teenage girl would her parents'. And I got just as bad a licking as she would, plus more, plus more embarrassment (embarrassment was no doubt a part of her experience as well).

But here's my point. Spanking is fun and games and sexy and all that. But what makes it tummy-churning is the underlying energy of a real, well-deserved punishment. Role play tries to emulate that, but being spanked for real regretted misdeeds takes it a step further.

I have communicated with several bloggers, such as mr. lion from Male Chastity Journal, who are most interested in the activity if the spanking is delivered as punishment for real misdeeds. I get it now more than I did. There is such a heady mixture of real shame and repentance mixed in, that it makes role play paler by comparison.

I am going to be looking for more opportunities to punish my husband for real misdeeds. Maybe set out a few more rules for him to follow, with consequences if he does not. And then make the punishments more realistic, more maternal in nature, without any sexy play afterwards. I want to see how that goes.

After the spanking came sex. During the sex, I was not in charge. Not at all. I needed to lick and suck on what I was told to, I needed to give head like I was told to, I needed to orgasm as I was told to, I needed to present my pussy, both doggy style and missionary style, for a really long hard intense rogering by Mistress that left my pussy sore and feeling very well used afterwards. I think there was a point there as well that she made. "I am the Pro here, we can co-top your david, but if there's any question about who's top girl, the question is now answered." yup.

Friday, July 28

Punished by Mistress Violet!

Well, it happened! A very wonderful three-way scene with my david and Mistress Violet Mays. My bottom got toasted and she popped my girl-cherry as well!!!! (david had fun also)

As I described in Outed to Mistress Violet!, this Toronto-based Pro Domme, Mistress Violet Mays  with whom david and I have played a couple of times under our real names, contacted me out of the blue through my Julie account, playfully "scolding" me for having described our scenes without asking her permission. Long and short of it, we set up a session where we would co-top david, but then where the tables would be turned on me as "punishment".

We needed a pretext for the table-turning (as david does not know about the blog), so I thought about it and sent Violet the following email.
Hello Mistress Violet!
Just to let you know, I posted a blog article regarding our email exchange and upcoming encounter! It's at I've asked my readers for suggestions for what to do during the scene to leave in the comments. You can feel free to post comments there as well, of course!
Was also thinking, how do I pay my penance to you without david knowing what it is for? Here is something that is a bit in-character that might fit.

We can have a "spanking competition" to see who can make david yelp the loudest. You can let me "win" this competition, and then I can pretend to make fun of you, the Big Bad Professional Mistress, not being able to spank my husband as hard as I can. I can try to be really obnoxious.
All the excuse you would need to teach an uppity young wife her place in front of her husband? As you scold me for being too big for my britches, I will know what I am really being scolded for, and submit to it...
Have you seen all the comments on the last blog entry? My readers always seem to take particular delight in "Strict Julie" having the tables turned on her!

She wrote back.
Dear Julie,

Tweeted the link to your blog post - I'm intrigued to see the comments (and what comes after...)!

I do like the idea of turning the tables, and david of course must not find out about the blog or about your connivances with me, so let's go with your idea of a spanking competition!

~ Mistress Violet ~
And here was the tweet she was referring to.

I'm a "kinky mofo????" Ha ha! My response.

And as predicted, my blog fans are salivating over the prospect of "Strict Julie" getting her comeuppance.  You mustn't take their suggestions too seriously or I won't be sitting for a week! Also, they ALL want to see me fucked in the ass!!!
And hers.
I was on this morning and I don't think things had escalated to that extent! Red rosy bottom cheeks was about it. Hungry subbies!

~ Mistress Violet ~
Ha ha! Hungry subbies indeed!

Over the next little bit we had some additional exchanges where we both got comfortable with what we would be doing. I don't want to detail those here, as you will find out in due course what we discussed. I know there's this fantasy of me being dominated for real, but things don't work that way in practice. We discussed and agreed beforehand in quite some explicit detail (not with david, of course, I know his boundaries and what turns him on intimately, so I keep him in suspense and surprise him, but we do debrief, he and I, after a scene always).

Mistress Violet was such a pleasure to discuss these things with. She asked me at one point "of everything we've discussed, now tell me, what do you want more of, and what do you want less of?" A real professional! All this negotiating is NOT to say that what I was agreeing to wasn't pushing my own boundaries, because it definitely was!!!! I think I'm my own worst disciplinarian!

Coming up to our session, I noticed another tweet...

Poor david, "oblivious". But that's how he likes it. When there's a couple of sexy gals involved, he doesn't seem to complain about it at all.

So, we got to Mistress Violet's place. It's a nondescript townhouse on the outside that she uses for sessions only. It's very neat and tidy, and outfitted with everything a kinkster could possibly want. On the ground floor there's a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living room packed with gear. Upstairs there's a giant king-sized bed and a quite discrete man-sized cage! All over the place there are eyelets and hooks to attach people to.

Violet was dressed very sexy, in black stiletto heels, skimpy black panties under fishnet tights, and a black and red lace bustier on top. david blushed and got a silly little grin on his face he could barely wipe off! Men!

We greeted and made pleasantries and small talk. Violet offered us a glass of water. Of course, Violet made no mention of my blog when we were there, and she called me by my real name, not Julie. I'll translate it as "Julie" here, because that's how you guys know me.

First thing was that I needed to use the loo. While there, I saw the ceiling-mounted eyelets in the shower. Violet and I had discussed using these... I took a photo.

When I came out of the bathroom I could see david looking a bit flustered. He was seated on a bench, and Violet was seated above him on the kitchen island, her stiletto heel in his crotch. His shirt was half-unbuttoned and he looked nervous. Ha ha! I do believe Violet was being a bit sexually aggressive with my man, and he did not know how to react without me there to guide him.

Next we sent david into the bathroom so Violet and I could talk. We talked with low voices so that david couldn't hear. We talked a bit about the blog in whispered tones. She loved it! We also re-confirmed how the evening would proceed. Violet gave me a chance to back out. No way! I gave her my own personal dildo, newly acquired with this session in mind.

It's top of the line. So-called "dual density" silicone so it feels soft on the outside and hard on the inside. Violet sequestered it away for future use... Honestly, this was the part of the scene that I was most nervous, flustered, excited, and turned on about!

We brought david out of the bathroom. Violet suggested "out of the blue" that she and I engage in a spanking contest. See who could spank my man the hardest with our hands only. We agreed on OTK over a straight-backed chair, three rounds each, alternating. david would be the judge at the end.

We started right in with some competitive bickering. I said there's no way she could spank him harder than I. She said that she was a professional, and could out-spank any amateur anytime. She said that I spanked one man a lot, but that she's spanked hundreds of men and women and that there was no comparison between us. I said through gritted teeth that we'd just have to see about that. david was precious. He really did not want to see the two of us fighting. He looked so worried. He thought our three-way was going South fast! Men are so gullible.

Violet took command and ordered david to strip. He started removing his clothes. Of course I had him dressed in panties for the occasion, and Violet had a good laugh over that. These are them.

Can you just imagine my poor husband, stripped down to these panties in front of an attractive other woman? He was blushing at the fact that Violet saw him being panty trained like this by his wife.

We decided he'd get to keep his panties on for round one. Violet went first. She sat on the chair regally and pulled david by the arm over her lap. She played with and adjusted his panties. He was naked otherwise. Then she started in. Each spank was a huge CRACK sound, as if her hand was a paddle! OMG! I needed to "beat her" at this game but she was setting the bar high! david visibly reacted to her spank. She continued as she had started. Midway through she paused and fondled the seat of his panties. She pulled the panties away from his crack, spread his cheek, and looked at his bumhole. "Your sub has a hairy bumhole," she said to me. Blush! He did. He clearly had not shaved it in a while. I was very humiliated for real! Then she said to david, "so I guess this has to be a real punishment for you, in addition to being a contest." Not sure if it would make a practical difference! She restored his panties back and finished up her round one with much grunting and squealing from my little man.

I took her place, and started in on my own round one. I "cheated" by spanking him low on his cheeks and upper thighs where his panties would not get in the way. I also pulled his panties up his bum crack, giving him a good stiff wedgy, and spanked his bare cheeks good and hard. david has fantasies about being publicly "wedgied" in front of the girls. I gave him a very tight one in front of Violet. Crushing his balls and bisecting his crack so much the area around his asshole was cut in two, with his dark anal area visible on either side of his wedgied panty. The tight, painful wedgying had his bum high and him moaning and kicking his legs in distress. What a spectacle he made for Violet!

My hand is pretty good also. And with all this added pressure I went above and beyond, stinging my hand in the process. david seemed to "appreciate it," though, based on the extra added vocalizations and leg kicking.

I liberated his panty from his ass crack and we switched again. I felt I had gotten the better of round one and told her so. We continued our back and forth banter.

Violet started by lowering his panties down the backs of his legs, baring his bum. She did this slowly and ritualistically, making a "big deal" of the panty lowering.

Then she started back in, very hard. Slap after loud slap right to his ass. He was squirming, kicking, and vocalizing for her as well. The traitor! We compared notes on making our hands sore, but his ass more so.

Then it was my round two. I kept his panties at his knees, but reached between his legs and pulled out his penis and testicles. I made him clamp his legs together. All his "junk" was right out there for Violet and I to see. I fondled him a bit, getting him terribly excited across my knee. I like rubbing him like this until he is close to cumming. When he was hard and drippy, then I started spanking very hard very close to his penis and testicles. Immediately, david started yelling "No! Please! Be careful! Be careful, please!" I even lightly grazed his testicles with my fingertips a few times to give him added cause for concern. Violet seemed very amused by all this. At one point she came over, grabbed his cock to pull it further out the back and center it, and adjusted his testicles as well to be symmetrically aligned. Very tidy of her! david's penis twitched pathetically as she did this.

Round two was over, and I thought I had definitely won that round, but there was still round three to come.

Violet sat down for round three and spanked david's bare ass. She pulled on his skin and spanked him in various places the sun does not shine otherwise! She had him yelping and kicking very well. Violet was probably holding back, to make sure "I won", but if it were a "for real" competition, I doubt I would have carried the day! As it was, david was sweating like crazy by the time she was finished, and there might have been little tears in his eyes? She sent him to the bathroom to bring back a face cloth to wipe his teary, sweaty face.

I sat down for my round three. I lowered his panties to his ankles. Then I grabbed his panties in my hands and bent his legs up towards me, ensuring his feet would not be on the ground. I then started in with my hardest slaps yet, spanking the heck out of my poor hubby's ass and legs, hard. I was absolutely unrelenting. My hand was hurting like hell! His ass was cherry red! I got a very satisfactory reaction out of david, including some begging for me to stop and what I thought were some actual real tears. Yay me!

I get impossibly turned on when he is yelling out and crying and kicking his legs while I am spanking his bare bum in front of another woman. I'm thinking, "what a baby, what a girl..." and there is Violet sitting there, smirking at my poor husband's painful distress at the hands of his very strict wife! Now and then throughout his spankings, he would turn his head and look up at the other woman watching him. He then buried his head in the carpet again in a deep blush. But he did this over and over again, increasing his own shame exponentially.

We stood him up and he clenched at his poor punished cheeks. "Well david," said Violet in an imperious tone, "be honest now. Who won the competition? Julie or I?"

david looked sheepish, but truthfully answered in a very small voice that he supposed that I had won.

"Ha!" I said obnoxiously. "Looks like I'm a harder spanker than Miss Experienced Pro! Maybe you need some lessons from me?"

"Or maybe you need a lesson from me," Violet said ominously, face darkening.

But then she brightened up again and said, "but why don't we go into the bathroom, there's something there you can help me with."

We all went into the bathroom, david naked by now, panties left discarded on the floor.

"Kneel in the corner!" ordered Violet to david, pointing to the corner of the shower enclosure. david scurried in and knelt in the corner. "On the floor!" clarified Violet, "head down!" david crouched down on his knees and elbows, head lowered, cowering in the corner of the shower stall. Violet can go from "0 to 60" in terms of dominance quotient in 0 seconds flat. She seems very used to ordering subbies about and clearly brooks no disobedience!

Then to me, "I have a female sub coming in later this week who's about your height," said Violet. "I've never attached someone your size in here and just want to check if the chains are the right length."

"Sure," I agreed (knowing what was coming!). She put some soft rubber cuffs around my wrists. Then she clipped a chain to each cuff, and the other end of each chain to the ceiling-mounted eyelets. I was still dressed at this point.

"There we go," said Violet, playing her role, "now I have you where I want you. Where I can teach you a little lesson in respect for a real Professional."

It was pretty comfy up there. My feet were fully on the ground, but I couldn't move very far. If my arms got tired I just relaxed them and they hung up there, held up by the comfy wrist restraints. If I got tired standing there, I could just sort of hang. I tried rattling at the chains a bit and said, "Hey! Let me out of here!"

david was cowering on the ground, but looked up at me in my compromised position with a big smile.

"Who said you could look up?!" said Violet to david, noticing this behaviour, and smacking him. He quickly put his head back down again. But very soon lifted it up again to peek behind Mistress Violet's back.

Violet started undoing my loose blouse, pulling it up and over my head to behind my neck, exposing my bare tits. david was grinning down there like a fool! She reached for one restraint, unfastened it and pulled the sleeve of my blouse off my arm. I tried a bit of a token resistance while unchained, but Violet was strong and re-fastened me in place easily. Once my blouse was off that arm. She told david to stand up and unfasten my other arm and take my blouse off completely. He stood up, his great big erection poking me in the tummy and did as he was told. Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! david was strong also and did not let me move an inch as he did his dirty deed.

"How can you?" I asked him. "I'm being held here against my will and here you are helping her," I said.

"Somehow," he said, "I suspect that nothing that's happening here hasn't been arranged by you..."

Hmpfff! Smart boy. I smiled and winked at him, letting him know he was dead on.

"Strip her," said Violet to david, unfazed.

david got down on his knees and started unfastening my jeans. "Hey!" I said, back to playing my role, "who gave you permission to do that?" But he kept going relentlessly.

"I have to do what she says," said david, "or she'll hit me."

"Wait until I get at you!" I said.

Undeterred, he unfastened my jeans and slid them down my legs, pulling them off my ankles. Then, without even being told, he took my panties right down and off as well. I was chained and naked!

Violet touched me and I melted into her. I was so excited!

Violet ordered david to turn on the water to the correct temperature. He turned on the tap and water started coming out the spout. He put his hand in the stream until he judged it was the right temperature. Violet grabbed the shower wand and switched it on. She pointed it at david who was back to cowering in the corner and said she'd test the temperature on him. Of course, it splattered out ice cold at first which made him yelp, and then started coming out too hot which made him yelp again. david quickly adjusted the temperature to the right level for the shower wand.

Next Violet sprayed me with a beautiful, sensuous flow of warm water all over my body. I've never had a shower feeling so silky before! She lingered on my pussy, spraying it thoroughly, heating it up nicely.

She gave the shower wand to david and told him to keep it pointed at me. He did so, and also couldn't seem to keep his hands off me. I guess I was very sexy to him in this compromised position. It made me feel good being the center of my husband's attention like this. He had massive lust in his eye and a gigantic erection, all for me. Violet is exceptionally attractive herself, and dressed so provocatively, but she had engineered this part of the scene so that my david had eyes only for me! So sensitive. Thank you, Violet!

She got some liquid soap and began soaping me up all over. The soap smelled heavenly of Eucalyptus. She had a shower poof and began scrubbing me with it. She told david to clean my backside thoroughly as he would be spending some time back there later (!). david rubbed his hands all over my ass and into my asshole, his other hand either soaping my pussy or my tits. Such a naughty boy!

Violet exchanged the poof for a long-handled wooden spongy-bathbrush and she started scrubbing my back. It felt heavenly as well. She then went down to my bottom and scrubbed it. She used the soft-spongy side of it to smack me lightly all over, on my ass and up and down my legs, fronts and backs.

"Hey! You're spanking me!" I said.

"No," she said reassuringly, "this isn't spanking, this is just to get your circulation going."

Then she turned the brush around to the hard wooden part, and smacked my ass with it. "This is spanking," she said as she gave me several stinging smacks to my wet backside with her hard bathbrush.

"Go on, rinse her off," commanded Violet to david, who did as he was told (traitor!) and got all the soap off me, even off all my most intimate of places.

Violet unhooked me and let me put my head into her towel to dry my face off. Then she dried me sort of halfways, and said "now come with me, I want you a bit damp." And with that she grabbed me by my arm and took me into the living room, bare naked as a baby. She went right to the spanking chair, sat down on it, and pulled me across her lap.

"So, I need a lesson in spanking, do I?" she asked me, rhetorically, her hand on my ass. She told david to get his phone and to take a picture as a souvenir (I had asked for this in advance). Here was his first photo of me over Violet's knee. I was sooo excited!!!!! I tried to be pretty for her, arching my back nicely and sticking up my bum for her.

She ran her hand all over me. She spread my cheeks and looked at my bottom hole and my pussy. She pulled me apart. She complimented me on what a fantastic job I had done on my hair removal, saying it looked like I had just gotten back from a waxing. I blushed a bit at that but was secretly pleased with the compliment!

She then started smacking my ass. "Yes, you need to be taught your place, little one," she said gently as she smacked me. david grabbed the camera again and started taking more photos, though I didn't know this at the time, head down as I was. Afterwards I made him download all the photos off his phone to the computer and then delete them from his phone. I didn't feel like him sharing this view of me with his buddies at work! It also gave me a chance to grab the photos and prepare them for the blog.

I got a nice little spanking from Violet's hand to warm me up.

The she made me spread my legs and she made david kneel between them and hold my legs up at the knees. She spanked me a bit more while david held me in place.

Then she pulled my ass cheeks wide apart and displayed my tight little rosebud to my husband.

"Get down there and lick it!" she ordered him. david moved his head forward and started licking my bottom hole. Golly this was sooo embarrassing for me!!!!  She gave him very detailed instructions on licking up and down my hole, side to side, and around and around. She pulled my ass open strongly with her hands. Then she made him point his tongue and show her it was pointed. She then told him to stick his pointed tongue as deeply up my ass as he could. I could very much feel it. A hot, wet, anal intrusion! He got it in deep. And Violet had a birds' eye view of the WHOLE proceeding!

The she told david to go get a specific paddle off the wall and to hand it to her. He did it with glee (traitor!!!!). She rubbed the paddle all over on my ass first. david took another photo.

Then she raised the paddle and started spanking me with it.

I received a good hard paddling. More than I had bargained for! But it was nice also. And stingy. And painful. But nice! She handed the paddle back to david and resumed spanking me with her hand.

You can see in this photo that the paddle had done a number on me! Mistress Violet turned my bum to face the camera to show off my spanked backside.

And then went bright back in spanking me again!

I took every last spank like a trooper. I was getting my penance for using our scenes on my blog without her permission, and I paid the price with a very red and sore bum. It was a genuine spanking delivered by a true expert. The worst part of it was that my humiliating, totally nude, over-the-knee, leg kicking, red-bummed spanking was witnessed by my grinning husband who did nothing whatsoever to stop it! Can you believe it? Violet, for her part, is extremely skilled at spanking, and while my backside was hot, my, ahem, front side was even hotter, and much, much needier!

With the spanking over, Violet decreed that it was time to head upstairs to the bedroom. I needed to use the bathroom one more time so Violet and david went up ahead of me. When I followed a few moments later, I first heard Violet saying "is this what your wife does to you, huh? Is it? Huh?" When I got up the stairs there was david, face down on the bed, with Violet on top of him aggressively humping his ass with her pelvis! She just looked at me and sort of smirked. david again looked just... sheepish, as in, "Help! I don't know what this strange sexy lady is doing on top of me, honey bunch..."

Violet dismounted my husband and made him stand at the foot of the bed. She directed me to lie with my back down on the bed, and to slide back until my head was hanging off the back, tilted back slightly.  She made david crouch behind me and lower his balls on my face. Then Violet ordered me to suck and lick his balls!!!

My husband does have large balls, and Violet commented on it. I had to agree with her. So strange doing this under the direction of a woman. But so exciting!

Next she made him stick his big cock in my mouth and bend over me. "Is this ok?" Violet asked with a smile, checking in. "Mmph ummm" I said, my mouth filled with cock! I did my level best to please Mistress Violet, and took his cock in deep, right to the hilt, without her even telling me to.

Then she had me kneel up on the bed, and set me to sucking his cock like that as he stood. She encouraged david to fuck my mouth!

Now, as you all know, I am NOT the sort of girl who enjoys having her mouth fucked like this!!! But it was all part of Mistress Violet's punishment of me, and so who was I to complain? By the way, in case you were wondering, I know how to use my mouth to get him close to cumming and know how to back him off a bit as needed as well. Hee hee. He was NOT cumming down my throat (unless Mistress Violet would have commanded it, of course).

Next, Violet made david go and lie down on his back on the bed. She made me straddle his body and made him lick my asshole. She got out her Hitachi vibrator and pushed it up against me as she fondled me and kissed me.

I came... I admit it! So quickly. I was soooo ready! But that was not the end. She intended to play me like a fiddle and she was by no means satisfied with only one orgasm for me.

She made me bend forward over him, facing down towards his cock. She made me suck his cock. She told him to reach up and continue licking my asshole.

When we were going at it like this, Mistress Violet started putting her strap-on harness and my dildo over her fishnet tights. She came up behind me, made david stop licking my ass, moved me around a little bit to a slight angle, and then inserted my dildo right deeply into my pussy. Yes! Look at the above picture. I was like that as Mistress Violet came up behind me and fucked my needy cunt! What a view for david.

It was a bit tight going in, and david very helpfully spread my pussy wide to make it easier.

then Violet fucked me...

It was my very first time with a woman... It was FUCKING amazing!!!!! She started in slow and easy, but then started going harder and faster and deeper. Meanwhile, david had this up-close and personal view of my pussy getting fucked liked crazy, a treat he is only rarely allowed himself. My mouth was on his cock, but I wasn't concentrating anymore. I was getting a fucking!

david helpfully played with my clitty as Violet fucked me. I came again!

She pulled out and fed her cock to david, making him suck it off and asking him how he liked the taste of his wife's pussy on her cock?

Then Violet turned me around onto my back, still lying on david. She slid in between my legs and again started fucking me, this time missionary style, with me literally lying on top of my david. He again spread my lips for me to allow Violet to bury her cock deeply into me on the first go. This time she really fucked me sooo good!

david took one of his fingers and slid it into my ass. He slid it in deeper and deeper as I was being fucked. I wasn't complaining. It was sort of a DP! david finger-fucked my ass as Violet fucked my pussy with my much larger dildo.

Then Violet got the Hitachi and put it on top of my pussy as she continued with my fucking, and he with my fingering.

"Oh my!" said Violet, "we're having an actual three-way, aren't we?"

I came again... My pussy was well-used and sore. But felt so good. She again fed her cock to david and made him suck my juices off of it.

She pulled out and I got up off david. Violet and I kissed nicely. I was feeling very warm and hot and deliciously vulnerable. I had just been fucked by this girl!!! If I didn't before, I had a definite girl-crush on her now. Violet is very alluring. I think she has this effect on people...

Violet and I had agreed beforehand that david would not be fucking anybody tonight, and that we were not leaving without turning the tables on my boy one more time. I got up and put on a strap-on dildo of my own. We condomed up and each took one end. Violet started at his ass and me at his face. We then switched it around, and we finished with me fucking my subby husband up his tight little ass while Violet curled up at the head of the bed allowing david to bury his face against her tight little (clothed) bottom as he took it in his rear end from me.

And that was it! Our adventure with Violet!!!! And no, he didn't get to cum. Ha ha!

After we left, she tweeted,

It sure was!
I sent her a photo to tweet out also...

In honour of our session, and with my deepest apologies for posting our previous sessions without her permission, I am adding a permalink dedicated to Mistress Violet Mays at the top of my sidebar. If you want a real Strict Julie Experience, I highly recommend you contacting her when in Toronto and arranging a session!

Mistress Violet Mays

Monday, July 17

Outed to Mistress Violet!

It's true! First time ever. Outed!!!! Though person doing the "outing" is very responsible and will be discrete, I am positive.  This is how it happened and what the fallout will be.

I received the following email the other day to my strictjulie account:
Dear Julie,
A while back (about two weeks now) I was turned onto your blog by a regular client of mine. He's been a fan of yours for quite some time, but I had never before come across the blog myself.
I admit that I was sucked in by the kinky adventures as well as the writing style, and found myself glued to the pages as I scrolled along. After reading I did locate a couple of entries that seemed uncannily similar to experiences that I myself have had, with a married couple named ████ and ████. I have read and re-read these entries and I am absolutely assured with the fullest of my being that these scenes are scenes that I myself helped craft and execute. The photos of yourself also speak to the encounters with the couple that I recall.
I find myself surprised, delighted, irritated, amused, taken aback - a mix of emotions that will work themselves out over time into something more clear. In order to sort through some of my feelings about appearing on the blog without any kind of recognition, I am requesting another meeting. I have an idea of what I would like to do - this time to "Julie" as well as ████ - but welcome your input as well.
~ Mistress Violet ~
Sensual Sessions with a Dominant Woman, Toronto 

Notes on pleasing this Mistress:
*refrain from back-and-forth type emails 
*do not request a phone number; all communications are via email 
*read my website, including information on rates

Mistress Violet is a Toronto-based Pro Domme that david and I have played with twice in the past. Here are some photos from her web site.

Isn't she gorge?!? She's the best david and I have ever played with. So intelligent, such a great actress for our scenes, so incredibly kinky, enjoys a wide variety of activities, and genuinely enjoys her job! She works out of her own clean, discrete, very well-equipped studio, suitable for dungeon-type scenes, medical fetish play, domestic scenes, and whatever else your kinky mind desires! If you're looking for a fun time, reach out to her and tell her Julie sent you. You will definitely not be disappointed.

For our scenes we went by our real names which is how she knows us (hence my blocking out of our names above). We did that, of course, so as not to make the connection with my Julie persona. But yes, she had absolutely found us out. Guilty as charged. And she had clearly read all my innermost thoughts about our scenes together from my blog (where I admitted to having a bit of a girl-crush on her - blush blush blush!).

The scenes she referred to are as follows.
  • The first one was Anal training in front of wife and friend, published March, 2015. I was frisky and went looking for a Pro Domme to roleplay a young woman assisting me in david's anal training regime (so he could take my big dildo). It was a favourite scene and became the basis of Chapter 9 of my book.
  • We played with her a second time as well, a year later, as described in Playtime Happened. In this one david played her daddy, and I played david's young second wife. In the scene, I encouraged his daughter to "come out" to him that she was a Pro Domme. Much kinkyness ensued. Before the scene, I fibbed, telling her it was my birthday, and got some birthday spanks from both david and she. At the end of the scene, ice having been broken, she and I got it on a bit as well while david jerked off beneath us.
Despite a slight change of venue for the first, these scenes went down pretty much exactly as I described (to the very best of my recollection). They were both incredibly wild. In fact, I was hankering for another encounter with her when the email came through.

And of course, she is likely reading every word I write here, which serves to keep me very honest! I wrote back to her as follows:
Hi Violet,
Yes, you are right of course, I am she and those were the scenes we did together. I am sooo sooo sorry that I blogged about them without your permission. I guess I did not think I would get caught! Every bad girls' excuse? I think I need a good spanking! ;-)
I feel very "naked", you having read all my innermost thoughts and fantasies. NOBODY else has done that who knows me in real life! I think you have me at a disadvantage!
If you wouldn't mind please not connecting my real name and other email to "Julie", I am trying to stay anonymous for obvious reasons I am sure you well understand. As well, crazy as it seems, David does not know about my blog (to the best of my knowledge). If it was naughty hiding it from you, imagine how much more so from David!
That having been said, would love to book another three-way session with you. I am scared and eager all at once when you say you have an idea of what you want to do to "Julie" as well as David!!! Same rate as last time is ok?
I will tell my husband that I contacted you to line up another session. He will like that! I'll let him know that we discussed you Domming the both of us... he will like that even more!
If you absolutely have to (she says hopefully) you can tell David that a little turnabout is good for a Domme's soul. I will understand it to be my penance for taking such liberties as publishing our scene without your consent!
This is all very true. While david and I have played with many different women, none of them (not my sister, not Tracy, not his trainers, not even david himself!) know about my blog. And, of course, I have tens of thousands of blog readers, none of whom have ever met me in real life (or at least, connected me to Julie!). This lovely lady is the first person who has and will see me in person, and also has read my blog, and knows that me is she, and she is me! Oh my.

She wrote back,
Dearest Julie,

Of course, your identity is safe with me - I respect and fully understand the need for anonymity. I am completely taken aback that David does not know about your blog. So much of your real (and imagined?) sex life is so very public, I can only imagine the shame and humiliation, not to mention the titillation he would feel if he were to find out. 

You mentioned a couple of times that you "deserve a spanking" and doing penance for writing about our sessions. I don't think I'm reading too much into things when I say that it will be my delight to co-top David when you come to visit next, but then I also intend to fully turn the tables on you... 

The rate is the same. Let me know when you would like to book an appointment.
~ Mistress Violet ~
Oh gosh. Oh golly. be-still-my-fluttering-heart!!!! But what's with the "and imagined?" part? You just can't win in this game. Here is a lady that actually took part in what are two of the craziest ever scenes (and you can even go ask her now), and even she is a doubting Tomasina! Oh well.  Here is how I replied:
Hi Violet,
I wouldn't mind that... the table-turning I mean... (blush!)
I'll check with David on dates and get back ASAP!
May I please blog? And is it ok to include a link to you and photos?
And her response,
You have my permission to blog about our interaction, and to link to and use pictures of your choosing from my website.
~ Mistress Violet ~
So I was able to link to her and include photos! Please don't bug her with emails unless you wish to book a session. You can "tweet" her I suppose, and leaving a comment here is something I am sure she will see as well.

Here she is again to jog your memory (so pretty!).

Our emails went on and we arranged a date for week after this. I am not 100% sure what I am getting myself into! Certainly we will co-top david together. Get his bottom nice and rosy red between the two of us. It is more the turning of the tables that I am nervous about. I am pretty sure I will get a spanking while david watches. She has my husband there and can play Ken-and-Barbie dolls with us, certainly. Bend me over and have him use his cock on me! And... I know she has a big red strap-on dildo herself. She would certainly use that on david, right? Surely not on me!?! She couldn't! She wouldn't! Not while my husband watches!!! I've never had to be fucked like that... not by a woman... not with a strap-on...

As a courtesy, I will let Mistress Violet know I've posted this. I am sure she will be reading comments, so if any of you have any suggestions for her, now is your chance...

Excited and nervous!!!!
(Continued in Punished by Mistress Violet)