Fiction with Julie

Over the years I have written a bit of fiction and/or collaborated with others to do so, including collaborations with the ChatGPT AI. This page collects and lists the works of fiction with a brief summary for each.

ChatGPT Stories
I've written a number of stores in collaboration with the ChatGPT AI (at It's a bit prudsh, so the trick is to prompt it to create increasingly naughty stories and spice the bits together. I've gotten pretty good at it!

  • A.I. Is here, and a bit kinky... (link)
    I introduce the concept of using ChatGPT and feature my first few stories, showing the process as much as the end result.
  • Spanking Stories by ChatGPT and me (link)
    A collection of a large and growing list of indexed ChatGPT stories. I keep adding things onto here, so check back every now and then for more.
  • A Man-Spanking for David (link)
    A scene I created for my husband's first man-spanking.

Lion Story Exchanges
Lion from Male Chastity Journal and I exchanged stories for our personal sexy pleasure and we decided to publish them on our blogs for your pleasure as well!

  • BBQ at Mom's House (link)
    This is a story Lion wrote for me, designed to press all my "hot buttons". It sure did!
  • Visiting Julie At Her Cottage (link)
    This is a story I wrote for Lion, published at his blog.

Consent Ring (link)
A piece written in the style of a newspaper article interviewing people who have "Taken the Ring" and consent to sometimes very public corporal punishment from their Ring Bearers

The Marriage Counsellor (link)
David and Julie visit a marriage counsellor who has a unique treatment program to get their marriage back on track.

billie's hard day (link)
billie has been fooling around on his wife with a dominant young lady. When wifey finds out, billie is put through his paces, including forced bi and cleanup duty. And what's worse, his daughter sees it all and even participates!

Husband Punished by Dad and Wife (link)
Julie's husband has been naughty and visited a massage parlour. Julie enlists her husband's Father to settle the score, which he gladly does.

Sexcationing (link)
Julie and her "husband" go on a vacation where they can switch into different sex bodies!

CE2047 (link)
A story about a future society where women have taken charge and makes need a female guardian and are kept in line by means of "Registered Disciplinarians".

The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo (link)
A story inspired by the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" where I go badass on a rapey professor and dole out my own brand of justice.

Fantasy Story Two Ways (link)
A story created with a pen-pal where a teen girls spanks her boy friend - we each did our own version and compared them!

Julie, daddy, and the Maid (link)
An online roleplay between a reader and I where I get the maid to punish daddy for being naughty.

Comuppance Series (intro link)

Julie's Comeuppance (link)
A fan and I worked on a roleplay together, exchanging emails back and forth, where a young wife finally got her comeuppance from her exasperated man.
Jimmie's Comeuppance (link)
Essentially the same premise, but it is the husband who gets his comeuppance from his lady.
Ranch House Justice (link)
Fiction written for a reader based on his fantasy of being a male slave to a bunch of women ranch hands.

G's Short Fun Flash (link)
A story mainly provided by a female correspondent where we imagined what we might do if we ever got together. I wind up on the bottom, punished and tormented by her in front of her husband.

The Bargain
A story written by a pen-pal darryl and I recounting the experiences of a University-aged boy who is still spanked by his mother, and is taken in hand by his younger sister and her two friends.

Julie Delmar Spanks! (link)
Julie's Spankings (link)
And don't forget to read my books on Kindle as described in the links above. If you buy it I will take all the proceeds, convert them to gold coins, put them in a big pit, and roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck!


  1. How common do you think men seriously spanked by wives or girlfriends is, especially the kind of a disciplinary nature?

    1. I think it's always consensual, with varying degrees of play versus real life desired. There are several I know of, but not too many I venture.

  2. First of all, let me say how much I enjoy your blog. As an older man who has had spanking fantasies since puberty, I enjoy your stories very much. My fantasies have never become reality, so I have several story ideas which I would like nothing better than to pass along to you.

  3. Is there a form to fill out if I'm potentially interested in collaborating with you? I can send a sample of my writing if that helps!

  4. I just finished reading both of your books. Both books are excellent and very exciting. I enjoyed your presentation as a story teller talking to your readers about your life. This certainly adds to fantasy for the reader knowing your kinks are theirs or at least the same as mine.

  5. I can certainly attest to the friendliness and willingness of Julie to reach out to budding writers. She's been quite kind in her correspondence with me. She has inspired a character in one of my stories and I recently dedicated a story to her.