Sunday, April 27

A Public Fondle

A while ago I saw something that put a big smile on my face.

I was taking a walk by myself and I saw a young heterosexual couple meandering slowly ahead of me. Maybe early twenties or late teens? Without particulary knowing I was behind them, the girl reaches down and grabs the boy's ass and gives it a long lingering squeeze. As I passed them I glanced back quickly and smiled at the couple. The boy was very nicely turned out: nicely built, clean cut, and hair coiffed. He looked a bit sheepish as I glanced back. The girl had the look of the cat who had caught the canary.

What do you think? Was she just trying femdom on for size or was her boyfriend already bending over for spankings and peggings and expected to service his dommy gf in every way imaginable?

Have any of you seen similar scenes on the street?

Friday, April 25

A Public Spank

I had to give david a very embarrassing (for him) spank in public the other day followed by a much longer disciplinary spanking after I got him home.

We were out shopping for new outfits for me. At first, david was very good natured about it, sitting patiently and politely in the "husband chair" as I tried on one thing after another with the help of a pretty young female sales associate. Unfortunately, he started fidgeting and getting bored, and we were only about an hour into it!

I didn't realize this at the time, but apparently there has been extensive research done on the subject:

Men get bored shopping after just 26 MINUTES... women after 2 hours
  • Eight in ten men hate shopping with their partner, 45% avoid at all costs
  • Being hungry, thirsty and wishing they were outside cited as reasons
  • One in four men simply go home without their partner when they get bored
  • Half of all couples end up arguing when they go shopping together
  • Men are less likely to 'act out' if promised a treat at the end of shopping trip
Read more:

I should also add that in my limited experience men are less likely to 'act out' if subject to an embarrassing swat to the seat of their pants in front of the sales associate if they do. Oh yes I did!

It was mainly just the look on his face. I asked, "getting bored?" sarcastically because he was acting out with that "I'm so bored" look. He replied in kind, very sarcastically, putting his head back and mock yawning as he said "not at all."

"Stand up" I said.

All of a sudden he looked very sheepish. The sales associate was right there. All sorts of emotions played over his face, along with a little pleading from his eyes. But I was adamant and held my ground. He stood.

"Turn around" I said. Same story. But he obeyed me.

I grabbed his arm with my left hand and gave him one very solid swat on the seat of his pants with my right. I looked over at the sales lady and grinned at her and she grinned back!

"You'll sit there until we're done," I told him, shaking my finger at him.

"Sorry!" he said quickly, and with a big blush on his face sat down again. My sales associate said "Oooh! You have him well trained!" with a laugh. "I certainly do." I said back. There was kind of an all around "a bit of a joke" vibe going on that made it all upbeat and comfortable.

And that was actually the end of the public part of it. This was all entirely spur of the moment based on his bored look sitting in that chair. Thinking about it afterwards oh how I wished I had been better prepared! Given the grinning reaction from the sales associate, I could easily have taken it further.

Here are some candidates I have thought of since:
  • We'll have a lengthier "discussion" about your attitude once I get you home, mister!
  • Would you like more? I can take you to the changing rooms right now if you'd like more!
  • Do I need to take you across my knee? I will.
  • And you can count on a good long spanking after I get you home, and don't think for one minute that your pants will be staying up for that!
I could go on. Oh the possibilities. I could have even invited our sales associate home to witness his spanking! That would have been fun. 20-20 hindsight. That's why I like planning these outings in advance.

But you'll be happy to know that once I did get him home, he did get put across my knee, his pants did come down, and he did get such a hair-brushing to his rear end that he was feeling it for the rest of the evening!

He was one very well-disciplined brat after I was done with him!

Next time: In the back room in front of the sales girl!

Thursday, April 10

david's reward

Thank you again for your votes! Accordingly, david received his reward the other day.

It was a actually several days ago now, but I had to wait until my lazy ass sketch bitch finally got around to delivering the images I asked for: over 3 full days after I told her to do them!! Believe me, we will have one very well-plugged and sore-bottomed sketch bitch once I get around to punishing her for keeping me waiting like this. A good thing the sketches are so great, or "she'd" be in real trouble.

Anyhow, this is how it went down.

We used a regular training session time after work, but I let him off his training and instead we took the full hour to reward him for his good results. david had not been let in on the reward, and so it was a nice surprise for him.

I made a point of being home for Michelle's arrival and already changed into my tight black yoga pants and pink top. When she arrived I told david that she had suggested that because he had done such a great job lately on his weight loss and exercise, that instead of a workout, Michelle had graciously offered to provide him with an exciting reward instead.

Well, I can tell you, he looked very happy. I still don't know what images were dancing in his head regarding what a reward from Michelle might entail. He has been coy on the subject. I sure hope he wasn't imagining he would get to fuck her, spank her, or receive oral from her. I guess a boy can dream, but he would also very much like what we had in store for him, I was sure.

We took him upstairs to the bedroom where all the action was going to take place.  I told him his reward would consist of "bedroom activities" so we needed the bedroom. Bedroom meant sex, and david was clearly excited that "sex" and "Michelle" were being referred to together!

I went to his "naughty drawer" and got out his pink bra and inserts and his white garter belt and stockings. I handed them to him and told him to go get changed in the ensuite and come back out when he was properly attired.

While he was changing we got out two strap-ons and placed them on the bed along with his hairbrush and a tube of lube. We used david's less challenging dildo in Michelle's strap-on. I put his more challenging dildo, Adam, into mine. When david was ready we stood him in front of the bed and then I explained exactly what his reward would consist of. He looked so cute standing there, blushing like a bride, all excited and "at attention" for us ladies!

I started by telling david that he may be wondering why he was being dressed as a girl, normally associated with punishment, if this was to be a reward session. I solved his riddle for him by telling him that Michelle had graciously offered to reward him by bending him over and performing anal intercourse on him with her strap-on dildo while I watched.  david knows that he must be dressed as a girl for strap-on play. There is a big Period on that. No questions asked. House rules. You want to get fucked like a girl? Well you're going to be made to look like one in my household, like it or not.

Men are so pathetic! As soon as I told him he was getting fucked by Michelle he unconsciously started rubbing his knees together, blushing more, and his hard cock started twitching. Ha Ha! A man's thought are so transparent when his penis is exposed like that (actually, most of the time, exposed or not, come to think of it!)

As I didn't want him embarrassing himself or me in front of Michelle, I told him that I wanted him to go to the bathroom and give himself a nice cleansing enema first. I told him that he had better be thorough, because if there was any mess when Michelle pulled out we would not get to "Part Two" of his reward (he didn't know what that was going to be, but now he knew there was a Part Two!), and instead he would be baby wiped in diaper position and then I'd let Michelle take the strap to him while I held his legs up. I added that I'd be sure to insist that Michelle aimed that strap so the end would wrap around right between his cheeks! I got a very nervous "Yes Ma'am" from him, and off he went back to the ensuite to give himself a no doubt very thorough enema while Michelle and I retired downstairs for a glass of water. A diaper position strapping is no joke, and david has felt the ends of my tawse "accidentally" whip around between his cheeks, and that is certainly no joke.

My initial thought was that it would be just too embarrassing for david if Michelle were to actually see him taking an enema. We had already done this in front of my sister and her ex-girlfriend, and david had reported extreme embarrassment. I thought that him self-administering an enema in the privacy of his own bathroom to prepare for his fucking was already quite embarrassing, so that was what I told him to do. I had had him self-administer enemas prior to anal play before, so he is a bit practised at it.

Trouble is, I wanted to embarrass him! When I figured he was about right in the middle of his enema, I asked Michelle if she would like for us to walk in on him? She was all for it. Game is that girl. I like that!

"david, are you done yet?" I yelled out as Michelle and I walked up the stairs, into the bedroom, and then into the bathroom. "No no! Not quite yet!" said david as we barged into the bathroom. There was my little husband, on his hands and knees on a large bathroom towel with a a long white enema tube sticking out of his bum and a big red hot water bottle hanging from the top of the shower by a bent wire coat hook. Michelle walked over, felt the enema bag, and declared it was almost empty.

david blushed like crazy kneeling there on all fours in his sexy lingerie with his little tail injecting him with water! Poor baby!

When Michelle told me it was fully empty I clamped off the enema hose, and gently pulled it our of his bum. I then had david stand facing the toilet and told him to hold it in for five minutes before expelling. david clenched his cheeks tightly, wiggled and squirmed, and even used his hands to help hold his cheeks together. "please???" he begged after only thirty seconds. "Ok," I relented. It wasn't a punishment enema, after all, where I would make him hold it for the full five. He didn't move immediately to the toilet, but just sort of squirmed there and pleaded at me with his eyes. I let him off the hook and told Michelle we'll give him some privacy while he expelled. "Wait until we're back downstairs," I told him. I didn't particular want Michelle grossed out by hearing, or smelling (!), that.

Michelle and I went back downstairs to chat while david finished off his business with the enema. After a while, we heard david call out from the top of the stairs that he was ready.

Up we went again. I immediately told david to bend over and hold his cheeks apart for inspection. Thanks to his Yoga practise, he was much better at bending over than before. I inspected his bumhole and found it to be squeaky clean. I asked Michelle her opinion, and she agreed he had done a very thorough job on the outside at least, and as far in as we could see...

But how about inside, where it mattered just as much? I kept david bent over and spreading as I put on a latex glove, lubed it up, and then stuck my finger inside. david moaned as I finger fucked him so deeply, and twirled around inside of him. He has a very nice prostate, and I was sure to make several passes right over that, nice and deep as he continued moaning. Now for the moment of truth!

"You had better be clean in there!" I warned as I started pulling my finger out. I pulled it fully out and had a look. It was clean as a whistle. I showed it to Michelle, and then I bent over and showed it to david as well. "Good boy!" I said as I peeled off the glove and discarded it.

"I guess it's time for your spanking then!" I said. david did not exactly look surprised. I have never fucked him without spanking his cheeks to a bright red first, and he knew it in spades.

I thought Michelle should do the honours while I watched. We had him lie across Michelle's knees. She started him with a hand spank and then moved to the hairbrush that I passed her. As she paddled his bum I stroked his head and told him what a brave boy he was, and how excited I was to get to see him fucked by Michelle!

I had Michelle do a thorough job of his spanking. I wanted him bright red and feeling her hips against his sore ass during intercourse. And while I forgot to ask Michelle, I know it always pleases me to penetrate a freshly spanked bottom, and makes me want to give it to my little submissive boy just that much better.

I had Michelle finish him off with a hard flurry while I enjoyed his reaction.

Isn't it a wonderful paradox that he gets spanked both as punishment, and as reward?

With his spanking over, I asked him if he was ready for his fucking now? He responded submissively that he was ready. We had him kneel on all fours on the bed. Then Michelle and I both put on our strap-ons over our yoga pants. We were both well-practised at it and didn't even need one another's help. Michelle also put on a pair of latex gloves.

She positioned herself at his rear, and I went to his head. "Suck it, baby!" I commanded him as I dangled the large cock in his face. He, seemingly reluctantly, put his lips around my cock and started sucking and bucking. I grabbed his head and hair for encouragement, and pulled him onto me more deeply.

He has to struggle to get his lips around Adam, and struggle to take it as deeply as I wanted him to.

Meanwhile, behind him, Michelle was lubing him up and sticking fingers into his bottom hole. She was stretching him out nicely prior to his penetration. She is so thoughtful. With my encouragement, david was bobbing up and down on my cock, but when Michelle's finger went in, he stopped dead for a second. I gently encouraged him and he started bobbing again. When the second finger went in, he again froze, and only started bobbing again after more encouragement.

When Michelle's finger came out the second time, he again stopped bobbing, and this time I let him. Michelle carefully placed the bulbous head of her dildo against david's bumhole. "ready to get fucked, baby?" I asked him. He only said "Mmmmpppph!"

Michelle then started gently pushing in. david's hands went a little frantically around my thighs as he steeled himself for his cute personal trainer's reward penetration. She grabbed his hips tightly and pushed into him, going deeply in one slow, firm, gentle thrust, penetrating him to his submissive core.

david sucked his dildo and held onto my thighs as this was going on. When Michelle was fully in, we looked up at one another and smiled again. "Ready?" we seemed to ask one another with our eyes, and then we started in.

Michelle started increasing the intensity of her thrusting, and I became more insistent on david's slurping and bobbing action on my cock. All the while, Michelle and I were smiling at each other. This was fun, double teaming my little slut! Sometimes the timing was just so, and just as david went a little deeper on my cock, just then Michelle would sometimes ram him from behind, propelling him even deeper onto me and eliciting a frantic gagging. It seems to be a little rough on him getting double-teamed like this. Ha Ha!

But that was not the point. We eased off when stuff like that happened, and returned to a slower, gentler rhythm. I wanted him fucked sensually, and I wanted him to enjoy the action of submissively sucking on my big dick. Once Michelle got going, david sort of moved with it and moaned around the mouth cock each time the bum cock went in.

What was really fun for me was was that Michelle would bang him from behind, which caused his body to move and his head to move on my cock. To keep from getting deep-throated every time, david's mouth would clamp down on my cock. However, his motion against the clamped penis pushed the cock into me so that I was actually feeling Michelle's thrusts in my pussy. Yum!

I thought it was a particularly good choice that he was in bra, stockings and garter belt, with a freshly spanked bottom for this spit-roasting. He did look all the world like a little whore slut taking it from two guys in two holes at once, and we certainly told him so.

I gave Michelle a signal, and she slowly pulled out of his ass while I did the same from his mouth. As we dismounted him, david collapsed face down on the bed, sighing with pleasure.

We took off our strap-ons and put them aside. I told david that Michelle's cock was clean as a whistle (which it was), and so we could forgo the diaper-position strapping, and we could go on to Part Two of his reward instead.

I told him to turn over and to lie face up, and scooch down the bed a bit. As I mentioned earlier, I wore my tightest black yoga pants. They are of a slightly thicker fabric, a bit wet-suit like if you know what I mean? But they also hug my contours quite closely. I don't wear them out much in public, as they really hug too closely to, ahem, my finer detail shall we say, down there! With these tight pants on I then mounted him, facing down his body, and sat on his face.

david immediately could not breathe, and he struggled to get his hands and arms out from where they were pinned to his sides and to use them to lift some of the weight off of himself by pushing up on my bum. Once I felt his hands on my bum, I could immediately hear him breathing again. That's good!

Michelle meanwhile had positioned herself to the side of him and started in on his handy. As david felt the lube going on and her gentle hand on his cock he started moaning again. david told me after that he was not expecting this, in fact any of it, and certainly not a handjob from his cute young trainer at all. But he was in boy heaven, no doubt about that, about to be stroked and allowed a release from a woman not even his wife.

Michelle muttered to herself, "this won't work", and re-positioned so that she straddled his legs facing up his body, towards me. "That's better!" she said, as she adjusted her weight on david so that they were both comfortable. She then reached down and began stroking his penis in earnest.

So there we were, me on his face, and Michelle on his legs. He was held completely and totally immobile by us, with not even his arms free as he needed those desperately to relieve the weight on his face and allow himself to breathe.

We could both feel him bucking beneath us as Michelle skilfully manipulated his cock. She started off slowly with long strokes, twisting her hand around the tip and shaft as she traveled up. Michelle had actually done this kind of work professionally, and so she knew what she was doing!

Meanwhile, I started noticing david's tongue actually getting busy!! The little slut was using her tongue to lick me on my yoga pants where they covered my pussy and asshole . While Michelle could not see this, it must have nonetheless been a submissive thrill for david to be doing this in her presence. I couldn't feel the usual wetness of his tongue that I so enjoy, but nonetheless appreciated the pressure and his efforts! I guess he thought it was fitting, as did I, that he should only cum at the hand of another girl with his tongue straining to get into his wife's asshole.

Michelle started getting more serious about making him cum. She took a lighter grip and started a very fast and loose up and down motion. There was a rapid slapping sound each time the lower edge of her hand slapped down on his abdomen. Sixteenth notes on a 4/4 time signature with a metronome marking of 60, I would say. This was accompanied by a fast, wet, lubey, splooshy sound on the up stroke. I could see the tip of his penis the whole time, so her fist never went up above there, but rather seemed to rapidly rub the side of his tip on the up stroke, and of course the whole shaft very rapidly.

Whatever she was doing, it seemed to be extremely effective because david started tonguing me more frantically, wiggling around like crazy (though not moving at all!), and moaning out loud.

"There you go! There you go!" said Michelle as david exploded cum out the tip of his cock. She slowed down and milked the rest out of him onto his tummy.

I dismounted his head and Michelle his legs. david had a massive smile on his face and was breathing hard. "Thank you so much!" is the first thing he said, to the both of us.

I had prepared Michelle previously regarding my "you spurt it, you eat it" rule as it applies to males under my roof (i.e., david!). Michelle sort of bounced off him and bounced to his side on the bed, scooped up some cum on her fingers and brought it to his mouth saying "I hear you have to eat this now..."

david looked very bashful but said "yes ma'am" as Michelle started finger-feeding him his own cum. Michelle was very careful and scooped up all his cum (along with a lot of lube) and smeared it onto his lips and face and towards his mouth. She seemed to really enjoy this part as she had a big grin on her face as she did it!

david took it all into his mouth and all down the hatch with an exaggerated swallowing action.

"Did you like your reward?" I asked him?

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, enthusiastically.

"Keep going like you have been and maybe we can do that again." said Michelle.

"Yes Ma'am, Thank you Ma'am!" he said again.

Michelle and I both laughed and left him to clean himself up.


Wednesday, April 2