Thursday, July 31

Feminine Males

The other day I was trying to open a jar, and then david came and opened it no problem. Got me thinking...

What if women had this genetic thing that made their muscles somehow more efficient than mens'? Dating back to cave times. Women would still be smaller and sleeker, and men more bulky, but we would be way stronger.

I imagine women would have had their way with the men. If we saw something we liked, we would have stalked it down to the stream, and then pounced! Put the men on their backs, stripped off their clothes, teased their little clitties until they were hard, and then ridden them! When the inevitable babies came, we would have tossed them to the males to take care of. Don't want to? Do you want this stick across your ass? I thought not. It would have been a survival skill for men to lactate and feed the babies. yummy

As society developed, "men" would have likely been called women, and put into subservient roles. I don't doubt that fashion would have been 100% opposite of what it is in our world. "Men" would be in skirts and dresses to allow easy access to their genitalia for sex, or asses for punishment. Large breasts in "men" would be sexy, and so they would put on bras and falsies to lure us women.

But if they pissed us off? Oh yes, the belt would come off and we'd give them something to cry about!

Hmmmm... A girl can dream!

Friday, July 11

At the Cottage with Sister and slaveboy

My family has a cottage on a lake about three hours drive north of the city. My sister and I decided to go up a day early and make my husband into our little slaveboy.

This is how it happened. We were trying to coordinate a weekend together: my Mom and Dad, david and I, my older sister Sue (whom you know), and my younger sister and her family. We decided on the weekend we would do it and we were all set.

As nobody else was going up early (including my Mom and Dad, who normally would, but had a commitment in the city), I had the thought that perhaps david and I could take the Friday off, go up a day early, and I could scene him at the cottage for a change of pace. I phoned Sue to tell her my idea and ask if she cared to join in.

Sue is great. She is very secure and open minded about this sort of fun, considers it kinky playtime is all, and is up for watching and participating in lots of things, and with a smile, and in the spirit of  scening my boy. And she has no hangups or issues about nudity or touching. And she genuinely enjoys spanking a boy's or girl's bum! She likes girls best, but definitely enjoys my husband as an exception as he is a very good and safe submissive.

Sue thought it would be fun. She checked her schedule and found that she was able to take the Friday off as well. So it was a date. We decided to kill two birds with one stone. The cottage really needed a thorough "spring cleaning" so we decided we would have david do that as we lounged by the lake, weather permitting. david's carrot would be our sticks! We decided that between the two of us we would keep him well-spanked while he cleaned. That would be our contribution to the cottage cleaning.

As a "grand finale" I asked Sue if it would be ok, as a reward for good cleaning, if I were to bend my little housewife face down across the table and fuck his ass while she watched. She laughed and said she would enjoy seeing that. I asked if she would like to do the honors? She declined on that one. I knew she would but thought I would offer. She considers that sort of thing too sexual to participate in, though she says, and I quote, that it makes her happy to watch a loving wife such as me do that to her naughty husband.

I did not fill david in on the details of what we had planned, but did tell him that Sue would be joining us on Friday and that we three would have the cottage to ourselves, and he knew what that meant!

On the fateful day last week, david and I arrived in our car just after 11am on Friday. It was a hot and beautiful day. I did the packing in the morning before we left, and packed the hardwood paddle, the hairbrush, the strap, the strap-on harness, and two sizes of dildo. While david did not know exactly what I packed,  I teased him on the way up that between Sue and I and what I had packed, he would have such a red bum and sore bumhole by the time the others arrived that he would not be able to sit all weekend!

We arrived before Sue and opened the place up and did a few chores. Sue got a bit of a later start and arrived around noon. The lake was still quiet (it would liven up come the weekend) and the others were not due until around 6pm or so. We told david that he was ours until 4pm, after which we would revert to vanilla well in time for the others' arrival. That left 4 hours of slaveboy and spanking time!

We informed david that "us girls" were intending to get us some brownie points from Mom for doing the spring cleaning before she arrived, and that david would be making sure the cottage was cleaned to within an inch of its life as a result. We informed david that he would be doing all of the cleaning while Sue and I relaxed on the dock. And he would serve us while he was at it.

Sue and I both changed into our bikinis (Yay! Bikinis!).

We conferred briefly, and decided david was to strip bare naked and remain that way as long as he was our acting slaveboy.

I find it really fun playing with david together with Sue. It's so nice to play with somebody you trust completely and who is just as "into it" as yourself. It also brings us a lot closer, to share this "little secret" as we do! And I also love that david gets so excited when "the sisters" domme him.

To help better motivate him, we decided he should go about his cleaning with a sore red ass. Also, both of us would make periodic visits into the cottage to check up on him and refresh his bum. I also let david know that at the end, as a reward for the no doubt great job he would be doing on the house chores, that he would be rewarded like a good housewife by bending over and receiving sex from me as Sue cheered us on. I knew that would keep his anticipation level high!

We started him off with a pair of good hard spankings. I let Sue do the honors first, as she had not spanked him for quite some time. She elected to use the light hardwood paddle. She sat on an armless wooden chair in the center of the main room in her bikini, and took him across her knee. I could tell david liked that part! In a very sweet voice she informed him that she would beat that naughty erection right out of him and proceeded to do exactly that with a blistering application of paddle to backside (though she warmed him up first with her hand, which did not help that erection at all judging by the amount of squirming going on across her lap!). I was surprised that his erection went down at all, what with all that wriggling his private parts all over Sue's bare thighs and his side all up against Sue's bare tummy. And Sue is very good looking and dommy! I guess she did a good job with that paddle...

When Sue was done with him I led him over to the overstuffed arm of the sofa and bent him over it. I then used the strap to add to his blistering. As I strapped him I asked him if he would be doing a great job on the housework? He insisted, over and over again, that he would!

With him now in a nice submissive frame of mind, we showed him where the cleaning supplies were kept, and set him to vacuuming,  scrubbing floors, cleaning the kitchen sinks and appliances, and cleaning the bathrooms. All in the buff.

With that, Sue and I went to the dock to chat and sun ourselves. We told david to come along in a half hour when the rosé had chilled to serve us the wine.

We could hear the vacuum going as we settled ourselves on the dock and gave each other a "high-five". Having a submissive husband had its perks!

After a while, david came up to us with a tray bearing two glasses and a glistening bottle of rosé wine. Only one problem: he had put his bathing suit on!!

We interrogated him about this. He assumed that the dock was sort of public, and that others on the lake might see him, so assumed he should put on a bathing suit. We informed him of how wrong he was. We could see the other docks from where we were, and they were quite deserted. I told Sue I would take care of this.

I had him put down the wine beside Sue and then strip of his bathing suit, right there in the "great outdoors!". He looked bashful! I then ear-walked him all the way back to the cottage. There I got a pair of pruning scissors and a knife and gave them to him. I pointed him towards the woods and told him to cut and prepare for me and Sue a whippy switch, and when he was done to present it to us at the dock for inspection, and he better be bare this time!

I watched him as he wiggled his bare red bum towards the woods. There were a lot of mosquitoes in the woods, and I could see him swatting at them. I hoped they wouldn't attack his "delicate parts". I left him to his task.

I went back to the dock and told Sue what I had been up to. She approved and was looking forward to seeing the effects of his switch on his backside.

david returned with switch in hand. This time in the buff. I made him stand there holding the "instrument of his correction" while Sue and I ignored him for a while and finished our glasses of wine.

He looked to be very nervous, standing there in the all together right out there by the lake, sporting a hard on. I was keeping a sharp eye out for potential observers, though, and so far the coast was clear.

Sue and I stood up and we took david back a little bit back from the dock to an old tree stump. I put a towel down on the stump and told david to bend over it for his switching. I reminded him why he was being switched, and then proceeded to whip his ass cheeks. It was exciting to be doing this outside! I was getting hot and wet under my bikini. I would need a swim afterwards. He was draped in such a way over that stump that his cock and balls were on display between his legs. I loved how they dangled and danced as I whipped him!

I whipped in some hard ones and was rewarded with some nice lines. Sue took up position to continue his switching. I told her to be careful not the switch the backs of his thighs, as I would be making him wear his bathing suit that weekend regardless and then everybody would know he got a switchin'! Of course, Sue played with the switch over the backs of his thighs, and even whipped it down lightly a bit. But she did confine her more serious switching to his buns as I did.

The switching seemed to be a little hard for him to take judging by the muffled noises he was making and the "breaststroke" leg action in mid air. Nonetheless, Sue enjoyed whipping him with the switch as well, and added some extra stripes over his already red-striped backside.

We sent him back to the cottage to re-chill our wine and to continue his house chores.

Over the next couple of hours, we each took turns going in and checking up on his progress. Each time we went in we freshened up his bottom with another spanking. It was fun! Sue would head up towards the cottage while I stayed by the dock. I could then hear the sounds of a spanking (wood on flesh plus little male howls of pain). And then Sue would bounce back and let me know he was again "hard" at work.

Once when I went up I went in to find him on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floors, his bum a dusky rose colour. After I hairbrush-spanked him back to shiny red, I stood him up, got some soapy lather on my hands, and teased his cock until it was twitching and straining and his knees were week. I then set him back to his scrubbing with a raging hard on. Ha Ha!

At around 3:00 I went up to the cottage. david looked like he had done a good job and was getting near the end. I told him to finish up in the next fifteen minutes and then to make sure he was properly prepared to take Adam (his big dildo) up his bum in front of Sue. I gave him a few more detailed instructions regarding my expectations of him. I got a "Yes Ma'am" and a deep flush from his cheeks.

Around 3:30 Sue and I went for a dip and then we dried off and went back to the cottage. It was beautifully clean for my parents' and little sister's arrival. All the cleaning supplies were neatly put away. david was standing bare naked with his nose in the corner holding the smaller dildo in his bum with his hand. As per my instructions, he had been working that smaller dildo in and and out of his bum to try to prepare himself for his fucking from Adam. But he went to just holding it there in his bum when we entered. I guess he was bashful.

We'll have none of that! "Show Sue what you've been doing with that dildo to get yourself ready for me." I told him.

While still facing the corner he bent his knees a bit, jutting out his bum, and started fucking his rear with the dildo in his hand. Pushing it in and out and twizzling it around up there. Quel slut! But I know he loves being shamed like this by me in front of another woman.

Susan said something along the lines of that ought to make his little hole ready for me.

I picked up my strap and let it dangle from my hand. "Turn around, take it out, and show it to us." I told him. Let the shaming continue.

He looked pained but started doing as he was told. He knew that if there was any mess on that dildo, after he had been warned and given ample time to prepare himself for me, he would not only have to show us both a dirty dildo, but also be strapped on his ass until the tears flowed.

It was clean.

"Put in the bathroom sink, and bring me my strap-on harness and Adam."

david scurried to do as he was told. Sue was amused. She had seen david get an ass-fucking from me before, last time I believe was very memorably in front of her girlfriend at the time as well, but not for a long while.

When david returned I had him kneel at my feet and fasten my strap-on harness onto me, with Adam in it. Since he was down there anyways, I guided Adam into his mouth and had him give me head.

Sue's a bit of a cheerleader  type, and egged him on with cries of "suck it, baby!" and the like.

I pulled out of his mouth and then keeping his head there I gently slapped at his cheeks with Adam and said "you know what's next..."

I took him by the arm and led him over to the rough wooden dining table. I lay down a towel and bent him over the end of the table.

I told him to spread his cheeks, and to look up and look Sue in the eye. Sue was standing there in her bikini with her arms crossed over her breasts and a little grin on her face.

"You're 'gonna get a fucking now!" she said to him.

"Where's the lube?" I asked him. He told me it was in the bathroom. I went to get it. You think he would have thought of that when I asked for the dildo?? He'd be getting it just a little bit harder and a little bit longer for making me do that.

He stayed in position, looking up at Sue and holding his cheeks spread. I lubed his hole and then lubed Adam. Then I put the tip up against his rosebud and started gently pressuring it in. Adam is always hard for him to take. Good thing he had prepared himself, though!

"Take it. Take it" said Sue by way of encouragement.

I had to reach over and grab him by the hair to make him keep his head up and locking eyes with Sue.

"no no no no no please!!!" he said as I started gently pushing it in. Yes yes yes yes yes! And in it went. david took a big gasp. I then started gently fucking him, starting with only an inch at a time but building up to deeper and deeper thrusts. He still can't take Adam all the way up his bum ("kind of "balls deep" you know?) but within an inch is still bearable for him. So I gave him some nice long in and out thrusts. I made him keep his head raised the whole time. As I fucked him, we both praised him on what a good little homemaker he was, and what a good "wife" he made.

I pulled out (much to his relief) and wiped the slightly dirty lube off of him with some paper towels Sue handed to me.

I asked him if he wanted to cum? He said he did. I asked Sue if we should let him look at us in our bikinis as he jerked off? She thought that was acceptable. I went over to him and dribbled lube onto his cock. He had to dive to catch it in his hands and keep it from messing up his clean floors. So Sue and I stood there with our arms around one another while we watched david stand there and squeeze one out. (TOTAL SLUT!) He came quickly and caught it all in his hand.

"You know what to do with that," I told him. He again looked bashful but took his hand to his mouth, licked it all up, blushed, and then swallowed it all down like the little tramp he is.

His cock was soft and glistened with a mixture of cum and lube. And his asshole was no doubt still luby as well. I pointed him towards the lake and he ran down for a skinny dip.

The family arrived later on, and my mom especially commented on how great a job "us girls" did with the cleaning. We took ALL the praise and confirmed her sex role stereotyping by telling her that we made david sit by the dock and relax the whole time. I am happy building up his male ego in public, while Sue and I obliterate it in private. Ha ha!