Tuesday, December 31

Forced Feminization for Hubby

I recently read an article at Male Feminitity and Gender Role Reversal that quotes Elise Sutton from a Q&A page on forced feminization (Elise Sutton's Guide To Loving Female Authority, Q&A Forum, Forced Feminization). I reproduce the Q&A below, adding in my own kinky commentary featuring the thoughts I had as I read it.

I also had some fun and searched the web for images that go with my thoughts. Unfortunately, there are more images of women being degraded in sexy feminine under-things than men (so wrong and so misguided, I know), so I had to compromise on occasion, and it may be a woman's butt you are seeing, but just imagine it is david's (or your own if you will). I also had some fun with Photoshop, and coloured in some buns I did not feel were sufficiently well beaten. Rest assured, if it were david's bum and me doing the whipping, there would be no need for additional colouring in!

Q. Elise, you have discussed the topic of Forced Feminization from the submissive male point of view as far as why he has these desires. However, why do women like to force feminize a man? I find that I love to force feminize my husband and have my way with him. I have read forums on the Net from other women who like to FF their men as well. Could you give us some insight on why Dominant women like FF?
I love to force david into feminine attire as well, especially bras, panties, stockings, and garter belts. david does not enjoy me dressing him up like this, but he does crave the humiliation of being made to dress like this.
I do like to "have my way with him" afterwards. I will almost always spank his cute little bottom.
But I especially enjoy belt whipping him when he is dressed like this. I'll lay him face down and pull his panties down to where I can still see them banded around his thighs. The garter belt and stockings frame the target perfectly.
He will get anywhere up to 50 whippings with the belt, hard across both cheeks until his bum is very well whipped indeed!
The very masculine act of belt whipping him adds to his feminization. 
I insist on a genuine reaction from david (not stoicism) and so I am rewarded with what I can only call "girlish" gyrations of his whipped cheeks, "girlish" little kicks of his legs, and "girlish" cries and pleas for mercy.
He is not a "man" anymore. He has been reduced to the state of that poor pathetic female in the image above. Boo hoo. I almost get mad at him when he is forced femme and kicks and cries and carries on like a girl. Fine, I guess he's asking for what comes next:
A long hard ass raping from me. I'll give you something to cry about, little girl, when I shove this thick dildo up your ass and fuck you like my two-dollar whore.
Perhaps I am just weird, but it really enhances my feelings if I do this to him in front of another woman, or even several if it can be arranged. They should all see who wears the pants in the family, and who has to dress pretty, who has to bend over for the belt or stick, and who has to bend over for their fucking.
Is the above image not pathetic exemplified? A big strong husband forced into ladies' clothes, and then bent over, bared, and beaten by his wife as her sister or friend looks on. Now what woman would not find such a scene humorous and entertaining? What woman would not be dying to lend a hand in reddening the "little ladie's" bare bum?
A. I think it is because deep inside women love seeing the feminine conqueror the masculine. Feminizing a man is the ultimate symbol of the feminine defeating the masculine. That is a rare feat in our society. We are so used to seeing the masculine having his way with the feminine. That is why it can be such a rush for a woman to feminize a man. It causes a woman's dominant energy to really flow out of her as she does this. She loves to humiliate and degrade her man and she loves the social statement it makes at the same time. 

This is so true! How humiliating for a husband to be dressed in his feminine finerie by his wife. "Now pull up your dress and show me your little clitty! What? You don't like your lingerie?" Perhaps an attitude adjustment is in order...
Followed by a nice uncomfortable timeout with a wig and big dangling breast forms to teach you your place. My sister WILL be coming over later to see you like this!

Forced feminization allows a woman to be more aggressive. FF causes a man to become very weak and submissive. His ability to resist and object go by the wayside and he is very vulnerable. Women love this because now they can do whatever they want with their helpless victim. Now the woman can be the aggressor and she can have her way with the man. The man is not threatening to her and she no longer fears his strength or masculinity.
Absolutely. I mean, what is there to fear? A pathetic little "man" on his hands and knees, butt plug firmly in place, doing his housework in lingerie? (and yes, david has very much been in this exact situation - you all know how much I approve of the "balls behind" position!)
"Better keep those little man bits hidden away behind your legs like that. If I catch them dangling in front, you'll be be doing the rest of the housework nude and well-humbled, young man,
and due for a balls out, bare bum whipping right after, and no, I won't be especially careful where the belt lands!"
I'm sure there is a very significant percentage of women who would love to see the men in their lives put in their place in bra, panties, and hose, as for the couple below.
You can just imagine what's going to happen to him next, can't you? I would venture to say that a spanking and a pegging are in his future, not to mention lots and lots of housework looking at the state of that room they are in! Now get cleaning, little missy, because my girlfriends are due over in an hour, and I still have to spank you across my knee and rape your ass silly with my strap-on after the tidying is done, and then you have to change back into your "man clothes." It would be a real pity for you if we were not finished all that before my girlfriends get here because its damned well going to happen whether they are here to see it or not.
Women have told me that they have a very strong desire to take a man very forcefully with a strap-on dildo when he is feminized. The desire to rape the feminized man becomes very real to the aggressive female and the actual act becomes very satisfying to her. Again, it sends such a message to the man and society. It says that the woman is the aggressor and the giver and the man is the weaker sex and the receiver.

Who? Me?
FF may become very attractive to a woman who has been abused by a man before. Some women fear men due to being mistreated and abused and feminizing a man causes the man not to be intimidating to her. Now she can have her way with him because he is just a little sissy boy.

What woman has not been mistreated by a man at some point in her life? Many criminally so. Emotionally, there is no threat after you have put your big strong man into lacy red lingerie.
Like so many things about this lifestyle, it is hard to pinpoint for sure why we love to feminize a man but this we do know. There is something inside of a woman that is excited by the thought and activity of making the masculine submit to the feminine through forced feminization.
I agree 100%!

Friday, December 27

Christmas Overeating

david overate at Christmas and paid the price across both my and his trainer's knees with a dusky red and blistered bottom.

I have been trying to make sure that he continues reducing even through the Holiday season (which between you and I, I know can be a challenge!). So at Christmas dinner, on the way there, we had a discussion about just that. He knew there would be those little jelly bellies in the living room that his Mom always puts out. We agreed he would get to have ten of them and no more. One small glass of wine before dinner. A healthy dinner of turkey and veg, one more glass of wine with dinner, and to eat just one cookie for desert.

I tried keeping my eye on him, but was frequently distracted by the conversation, and besides, that's not really my job, now is it? I did get a chance to embarrass him at dinner. He had already had his cookie and was reaching for a chocolate covered strawberry. I actually slapped his hand (!), wagged my finger at him and said "we agreed: one cookie only for desert". He said "sorry ma'am", and everybody in our proximity laughed at the "little joke".

That evening after we returned home, I quizzed him. How many jelly bellies. He had to admit to 20!!!! That's 10 over. How many glasses of wine? Four!!! That's 2 over. How many deserts? Two!!!! Even after I slapped his hand! When we were all in the living room he saw a half-eaten cookie on the table and scarfed it! First of all... gross! Second of all... WTF??? Even after he got his hand slapped for it in front of his family? Really?

So, that's 50 calories for the excess jelly bellies, 200 calories for the excess wine, and 100 calories for the excess desert. 350 extra calories beyond what we agreed. 350 calories: 350 with the paddle. Simple math. Michelle was coming over the next morning to train him, so I told him we would give him his very well-earned spanking together.

When he woke up next morning, maybe david was thinking about the severe fully-witnessed spanking to come, or that humiliating little slap on his wrist? I don't know, but whatever he was thinking of, he was rubbing his penis in the bed next to me. This shakes the bed and disturbs me, and he knows it. "That's another 50 for playing with yourself," I told him to bring it to a nice round 400.

When Michelle came I wasted no time in explaining the situation to her. She was appropriately upset with him (I mean, it's her bonus on the line, you know?). I went down the list of over-eating and my calories estimates. I then told Michelle that he had also earned another 50 for playing with himself in the bed that morning while I was still half asleep. She acted shocked with his behaviour and we decided that it should not only be 400 spanks with the paddle, but 400 HARD spanks with the paddle.

We sent david upstairs to strip nude and to fetch down the paddle. When he returned, I seated myself in his spanking chair and made him stand beside me with his hands at his sides, and then I went over the list of things we agreed he could eat and the list of things he actually ate one more time. Michelle stood there shaking her head at him and "tsk tsk'ing" the whole time. "And 50 more for playing with that thing while I was trying to sleep!" I said, pointing at his by now throbbing erection tipped by its engorged penis head.

I made him turn and face Michelle directly and apologize for his over eating. david delivered a nice, humbling, bare penis apology to his long-suffering trainer.

I then took him across my knee and gave him his first 200 with the light hardwood paddle. Hard and fast, every last one. From mid-bottom down to mid-thigh. Before too long into that he was already kicking and crying and apologizing.

I counted the 200 to myself and when I was done I stood him up and changed places with Michelle. He was only half-way done though his bottom looked like it was already very well-done! His big erection, however, had scurried away and was nowhere to be seen. The coward!

Then Michelle took him over her knee. She slipped her right leg out from under him and across the backs of both of his legs. She also took his far arm and twisted that behind his back. After the blistering he had just received from me, the experienced Michelle knew that he would be hard pressed to maintain position for the even-more severe blistering she intended to deliver to his by now throbbing rear end, so she made sure he would maintain position!

Poor david's nose was in the carpet and his cherry red bum was jacknifed high over his small but strong trainer's left knee. His genitals had somehow wound up in an awkward position such that his ball sac was poking out between his legs. Also, jack-knifed over her knee like that, his bumhole was on prominent display as well. How embarrassing for a man to be put into that position! Well, had he behaved himself and done the right thing he wouldn't be in that exposed position in front of us two ladies about to feel the wrath of Michelle's paddle across his already well-smacked bottom, now would he?

Michelle then proceeded to take him to task with another 200 hard and fast whacks from that paddle. She concentrated them all on the two spots right around where bum meets thigh. She deepened the red to a nice dusky red, and then proceeded to whiten the middles of the spank spots with those fierce paddle kisses.

david was beside himself with his yelling and carrying on. The begging and pleading happened very soon into Michelle's paddling, and continued all the way through to the end. I don't know why he was begging. He knew that he would get the full prescribed dose of 200 from her, and get them hard. Did he think his pathetic little begging would get him any less than his full measure of punishment?

I must confess to dampening my panties with the proceedings. First spanking him myself got me excited, but then watching Michelle deal with him so strictly really got me going. I could tell my poor husband was in some real pain from Michelle's paddling of his rear end on top of my own, but his pleading and crying was like music to my ears. For some weird perverted reason it really excites me to see him treated like this!

Michelle was a good paddler, and I don't think his exposed little ball sac got smacked even once, despite the paddle's proximity to it. His ass was on fire though, and he wound up with lovely concentric rings of colour, with an angry white shade in the very centre where Michelle had focused her discipline.

We both very much admired our handiwork on david's bum!

As added punishment for playing with himself, Michelle sentenced him to perform his entire training completely in the nude where we could both keep an eye on his little penis. Michelle told him that if he played with himself during his training he would be taken face up across her knee for a spanking to his cock and balls!

It was very funny watching him run up and down stairs ("bouncing around") with his blistered bum on parade! Although I especially enjoyed watching him do Yoga with those beaten buns and naughty genitals and anus well-displayed in postures such as downwards facing dog!

Ha Ha! That'll teach him to disregard me and overeat! That and a good long hard pegging up his pathetic little bumhole that is yet to come.

Tuesday, December 24

Sunday, December 22

Update on Trainer

I got some interesting news from Michelle, david's trainer, that I thought you all might enjoy.

First, just on update on david's training at her hands. He continues to enjoy weekly sessions with her. I'm only there about half the time now, owing to our relative work schedules (they go at it at around 5:30, and I am not always home by then). The sessions have fallen into a sort of routine. They all start with the ritual "weighing in" ceremony:

david is always completely nude for these weighing ins (shoes in drawing not withstanding). The funny thing is that david religiously records his weight every morning and gives Michelle a written report, but nonetheless the weighing in is required. I guess she does not fully trust him. Ha Ha! Despite the routine nature of the event, his erection has still not subsided, and he is always fully erect (and scolded for it!) during his weigh-ins. I know it makes no sense, but I always imagine that erection must add some weight!

He remains standing in the nude "at attention" as Michelle reviews his food and exercise diary. Additional scolding ensues, and he is often giving a spanking at this point as well. The spankings vary. Sometimes she will kneel on one knee in the bathroom, and pull him across her other knee for a hand or hairbrush spanking. Sometimes he will go across her lap for a paddling. Other times he will be put face down on the bed for a taste of the strap. She has full access to all my collection of spanking weapons.

I was told about a recent strapping. Michelle was upset at him for gaining a couple of pounds in a week. david was very close to a "bonus threshold" (Michelle gets a cash bonus when david falls beneath a target weight every day for a week) and this made her quite angry at him. She decided to teach him a lesson.

He was put face down across a couple of pillows on the bed. Michelle got the strap, and told him he would be strapped 5 times, once for every pound he needed to lose to get her her bonus. Now, a 5-stroke strapping doesn't sound that bad, does it? Well apparently it is when each stroke of the heavy twin-tailed tawse is delivered to the same spot on his lower rear-end with all the force a powerful and angry physical trainer / pro domme can muster. He was incapable of holding position as a result of the strokes, and had to struggle to get back across the pillows 3 times out of 5. There was a long pause of about 30 seconds between each stroke which allowed the strapping to "soak in". david told me it was the most painful strapping he had ever received.

Now I whip that strap pretty hard myself, but it looks like I might need some training from Michelle! I did notice david's eating markedly improve after that strapping. As much as he enjoys being spanked and humiliated by me and his trainer, he absolutely does not want a repeat performance of that strapping, which is what he was promised if he gains weight again!

After the spankings, Michelle then goes into his bedroom drawers and selects an outfit for him to wear. Mostly it's gym clothes, and she dresses him from nude herself, as if he was a child. Sometimes he is allowed underwear, sometimes he is bare under his light shorts. Sometimes she goes into his panty drawer, and selects a pair of panties for him to wear under his gym shorts.

His exercise sessions consist of a mixture of physical training and Yoga. He is touched inappropriately during this training, and often is made to lower his pants for a taste of the crop if he screws up. Sometimes he just gets the crop across his legs for encouragement. Planking is usually part of the session, and the "pants-down plank" is a perennial favourite.

Michelle keeps him distracted to test his concentration and help kill the time. And if he loosens his core and sags at all during the plank, a quick whipping to his bare bottom or cock-tip reminds him not to.

So, the training has fallen into a routine. david loves it and looks forward to each and every training session (minus that strapping, of course). And we are seeing his weight go down and a sleek Yoga-like muscle definition go up, so I am delighted with the results as well.


On a different subject concerning Michelle, as you read in a previous blog entry, Trainer Trained!, she is a switch, and wants her live-in partner, Brian, to spank her as a part of a real-life domestic discipline arrangement. I lent a hand by discussing it with Brian a bit and demonstrating how she wants to be spanked.

Well, I am pleased to say that Brian has taken it to heart. Michelle reports that she got a spanking for leaving clothes on the bed. She was asked to clean them off, and she tried to put if off. Instead of arguing, Brian spanked her hard and then made her put away her clothes.

She also tells me that she is in the middle of a week of daily spankings. She is supposed to go to the gym every day herself. He works hard every day at a regular job. Brian says that when Michelle has no clients, her "job" is to get her ass to the gym and keep herself in top shape. For the sake of being a Yoga instructor, a personal trainer, and a pro switch, her livelihood depends on her body. She must think of herself as a model or an actress in that regard, and work hard at her body. In her words in a series of txt messages to me:

I refused to go the gym... he grabbed me, put me over his leg and spanked me until I agreed
he said I'm going to get spanked every day for a week before I go to the gym so as to improve my will to go freely
he spanks hard and no warm up :-( he just goes in full tilt and goes for as long as he wants 
You've created a monster!
Ha Ha!

Wednesday, December 11

The Importance of the Strap-On Dildo to a Marriage

I consider the strap-on dildo to be an essential tool (pardon the pun) amongst any dominant wife's belongings.

We have all been genetically shaped and then nurtured to the traditional sex role models where the male is dominant and the female is considered submissive. Not even david and I can completely escape it, because those images and ideas are so culturally pervasive. So instead of escaping it, I use it. If the female is supposed to be submissive, rather than fighting that I make david assume the female role, and I the male role.

It starts with feminine lingerie such as panties, bras, stockings, and garters. I force david into those sorts of garments.

He is made to look ridiculous, but inescapably "the female" despite himself.

I myself tend to dress in a fairly conservative, business-like manner (it's what a woman needs to do to be taken seriously in business).

The mixture of me in my work clothes and david in his frillies uses those traditional sex role stereotypes to my advantage when dominating him.

It continues with his spankings. He must come across my knee, and I make sure he is hoisted into a very sexually submissive posture.

Also, I insist on vocalisations from him when it starts hurting. He is not allowed the dignity of the "male" stoicism when being spanked.

When he is in his frillies, and when he is being spanked, I refer to him in female terms. I remind him that he is carrying on like a little girl, for instance. Or if I see an erection, I tell him what a little slut he is.

This has the effect of using all those millenia of evolution and a lifetime of cultural programming as an aid in dominating him, whereas one might have thought it would be a disadvantage.

The effects are even more profound when there is a second woman there, such as my sister, to witness him and laugh at him in all his "femaleness".

While this "panty training" or "petticoating" is very effective, nothing beats the strap-on dildo to mess with those sex-role stereotypes and turn a hulking man into a very afraid little girl!

There is little better for reversing roles than making your husband  kneel at your feet, take a large lifelike dildo into his mouth, and perform oral sex on it, the deeper the better, with a hand on the back of his head for encouragement.

The only thing better is to flip him over, put his submissive pantied ass high in the air, rip off his panties, and force him to receive anal sex from the strap-on dildo.

As with other women, I will refer to his asshole as his pussy, and his penis as his clit, as in "reach behind and spread your pussy lips for me you little slut". Or, "do you like your little clitty rubbed as I fuck you, huh?" Or, "I'm going to pound this naughty little pussy so hard you won't be walking right for a week, bitch!"

I say things like that to reinforce that he is "the female" and I "the male" according to the traditional sex role stereotypes. That way I have all the evolution and all that cultural conditioning on my side, where it belongs.

Friday, December 6

Julie and Deirdre (almost!) meet!

Deirdre and I first came into contact in August of 2012. She sent me an email saying her husband Evan found my blog and showed it to her, and she enjoyed it as well and that I should "keep up the good work!". She also sent me a link to her blog, Spanking My Husband, and I loved it. [All the photos below are from her blog, if you want more, you know where to go!]

Here is lovely Deirdre,

We have been keeping in touch ever since. Deirdre occasionally goes AWOL from her blog for periods of time, and she is in one of those periods now, but we still write to one another from time to time.

Well, just recently it so happened that we would all be in the same city at the same time, and so Deirdre and I decided we just had to get the four of us together! Yay!

We were both very coy. We thought it would be a good idea to just meet for dinner and that's it for the first time. I'm not sure about Deirdre, but secretly I was hoping we would wind up back in the hotel room swapping off husbands to spank, and fucking their asses side by side. There, Deirdre, now you know what I was really thinking!

I had to remind Deirdre that she and Evan must by no means mention our blogs at all as david is still in the dark. We would just say we met online and have learned a lot about each other exchanging messages.

The time and date was all set, but unfortunately real life intervened and we could not get together after all. Boooo!!!!  We think there will be another opportunity in the New Year, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for that.

I of course prepared david for our meeting, and I described a little bit about Deirdre and Evan to him. So when it fell through he was a bit disappointed also. He really wanted to meet Deirdre, but was a little unsure about meeting Evan!

I had to break the news to david, but I said I would try to make it up to him by role playing that I was "Deirdre" based on what I knew about her from our email exchanges (in fact, I had re-read her blog practically cover-to-cover for our meeting, so I knew quite a lot about Deirdre's and Evan's kinks!).

We pretended that david was alone on business in the city where Deirdre lives, and that I sent him over (with Deirdre's permission, of course) to "visit" with her. It so happened Evan was away as well.

Deirdre was warm and welcoming to david, and she was dressed like this:

Deirdre is pretty no-nonsense, though, and not one for small talk, so she quickly got down to business. She made david strip to his T-shirt while holding her little paddle (called "Pursey" 'cause she carries it in her purse) in her hands. Deirdre told david that she had been speaking with Julie, and Julie wanted him well-punished before he left!

Naughty david, of course, could not contain his excitement...

Oh me oh my! And me, not even his wife!!! Get over here, mister... That goes right between my thighs and will be clamped hard to keep you in place!

We'll see if a good hard spanking with pursey doesn't cure your problem!

I channelled Deirdre during the paddling. She is a touch OCD (in the cute way!), as she will admit herself, and uses a stopwatch to time her spankings.

That is exactly what I did in my role playing, giving david a full FIVE minutes with the hard little paddle. The spanking had the desired effect...

What a cute 'lil thing!

Next I channelled another Deirdre thing and lay him down on the bed for more of the paddle with his private parts all exposed!

Is it not embarrassing for a man to be displayed and spanked like this by a woman who is not even his own wife!!

Next I made him straddle pillows on the bed to simulate Deirdre's spanking bench, and took the larger paddle to him.

I followed that up with a good dose of strap oil!

I ended this phase of the Deirdre role play with pursey.

Poor david was so flustered to be handled in this manner by his wife's e-pen-pal! In fact, Julie told Deirdre she had carte blanche to handle david's penis as if it were her own husband's. Deirdre enjoyed confusing the poor boy with a combination of the soft hand and the hard paddle!

david was then subjected by Deirdre to one of her favourite tricks...

That's right... a good old fashioned figging! It didn't hurt david at first, but after the first minute and some good hard spanks that had his cheeks clenching and unclenching the ginger started working its bumhole magic and poor david was begging Deirdre for the burning root to be taken out!

Oh please take it out, oh please!

No way! It stays put until his full three minutes of spanking is up! Julie would not want Deirdre taking it any easier on david than she would on Evan.

After the full prescribed dose of spanking had been administered, Deirdre pulled the root out. This, however, did not stop the burning! Not at all! It got worse and worse! Oh no, Oh no, what should he do???

Well, if he was going to act like such a baby she would treat him like one. Deirdre made david lie down on the bed on his back and raise his legs high. Deirdre then went to get soap and a washcloth, and cleaned his little bumhole and anal ring area of all that nasty ginger juice.

When it was a bit better, Deirdre flipped david over onto his belly and put several pillows under his hips. She pulled his cock out, and inserted a dildo in!

Deirdre pumped that dildo in and out of his sore asshole while fondling his semi-erect penis. david was suddenly very distressed! He reported to Deirdre that she should stop, that he felt like he needed to urgently pee! Deirdre continued with the humiliating dildo-pumping and commanded david to let it out as if he was going to pee. david strained and what do you know but that a clear line of pre-cum started oozing right out of his cocktip! Deirdre caught it all in a little cup, and then made david swallow it all down the hatch, just like she makes Evan do.

Now it was time to fulfil Julie's special request of Deirdre. Julie had asked Deirdre to make david into her complete little bitch by fucking his tight ass with her large strap-on in the strictest manner possible. david would be taught that his ass belongs to Julie, and if Julie wanted to loan it out to her friend for an evening, that was her prerogative. Deirdre was only too delighted to do this favour for her very best blog friend, and really teach this man his place in the pecking order!

After a very long, very hard, and very painful pegging, Deirdre pulled out and admired her handiwork: a well-spanked ass, a well-milked penis, and a well-used bumhole. What are friends for if not for this?

By now Deirdre was feeling a little horny herself. Doing this to a man, even a man not her husband, made her a bit excited. Deirdre remembers what Julie had said. She had said this might happen, and if it did, well, that david had a talented tongue that she was most welcome to put to work.

Deirdre stripped off skirt and her panties, flipped david onto his back, and mounted his face, facing down his body. david was so unsure what to do! Here was a beautiful pussy, inches from his mouth, but it wasn't his wife's pussy, this was not allowed!!!

Deirdre said only one word, but she said it in such a way that david felt he had no choice but to obey. the word Deirdre said was simply
david stuck out his tongue and starting lapping at the gorgeous pussy in front of his mouth! It was wrong! It was so very wrong! But he couldn't stop himself. Deirdre had told him to lick, and it was as if he had no resistance at all, but must simply do as he was told.

Deirdre reached over to her bedside table and pulled out her Hitachi. She changed the angle of her hips on david's head, and told him to lick out her asshole now, and to do it thoroughly. No! thought david. Not this! Not this too! But david moved his tounge to Deirdre's asshole and started licking it. The abject humiliation of being made to lick this strange woman's asshole was killing david. He was nothing but an ass-licking little whore now! Deirdre flipped on the massive vibrator and pushed it up against her clit, rubbing it against herself until she came hard, insisting all the while that david "Stick it in. Stick it in deeper you slut!"

A spent Deirdre looked down on david. Poor boy. He was still massively erect. Deirdre knew that while Julie practically insisted the she use david like this, that david would nonetheless be very severely punished by his wife for partaking of another woman's pussy and asshole, to leave no doubt in his mind to whom he belonged.

Deirdre actually felt sorry for him. She crawled up between he legs, and put her mouth over david's hard cock. Deirdre enjoyed sucking cock, and it was "interesting" having someone's cock in her mouth other than Evan's. Deirdre made short work of david, taking his full load of semen into her mouth. With a little closed mouth smirk she crawled up to david and french-kissed the semen into his mouth to swallow. He would be punished mercilessly for the pussy and asshole licking, how much worse could it be when she threw in the blow job? Deirdre hoped a lot worse!


So ended our role play. I feel I really violated my friend Deirdre in so many ways while playing out this scene. I'm sure the real Deirdre is too prim and proper and would have none of those types of shenanigans!

And you want to know what? After all that ordeal david is still quite eager to meet Deirdre... go figure!