Monday, March 30

Spanked across his Trainer's Knee

david was given his first spanking across his trainer's knee the other day.

It was a weekend training session and I was there in the house. We went down to the gym in the basement together. I stood and watched as Mags started with the usual questions regarding if he had done his pushups and situps each day. English is not Mag's first language, and she has a delightful little accent. He had to admit that he had not.

As I have mentioned previously, she still does not fully understand this "mock punishment" thing, and just looked disappointed in him. I thought I would encourage things along.

"Before you start," I said, "I think you should take him across your knee and give him a good long hard spanking for missing those exercises. How else will he learn?"

Mags said "Oh, like for a child?"

Wow. She really still doesn't know even the first thing about spanking.

I placed a folding chair down for her and told her to sit on it. I then had david stand beside her, drop his pants, and then bend over her knee. As he dropped his pants he revealed a pair of black and pink sheer panties. His cock was fully visible under them, and the tip of his cock was even poking out the top of his panties, erect as he was. He went right across her knee, hard cock and everything. She had on black stretch pants. I hoped he would not leave a stain. I handed Mags the paddle, and told her to start using that on top of his panties.

She started in with her usual gusto. I asked her to slow down a bit to make it last longer. She moderated her pace and said "Oh. This is ok, lighter like this? I thought he liked it harder? So I never wanted to do it for too long because I was afraid..."

After about 50 spanks I asked her to take his panties down, and to finish off his spanking with another 50 on his bare bottom harder than the last, and to make the last 20 as hard as she could.

She smiled and pulled his panties down. She pulled them down a couple of times to get them lower so that his thighs were bare. She did not neglect his thighs during his paddling in the least.

I could tell when she reached the last 20. She paused, firmed up her grasp around his waist, and really laid it on. david started screeching like a little baby across her knee. His butt and thighs were already a deep red. These last twenty, all to his low spank spots, brought out white at the centers.

"Look at that," I said as I pointed to his scorched buns. "That's a very well spanked bottom. Now keep him across your knee, and lecture him on what he should be doing on the days you're not here. Use the paddle to make sure he's listening."

She started in on the lecturing.

"You EXERCISE when I'm not here! SWAT SWAT SWAT. Do you understand??? SWAT SWAT"

"Yes Miss!"

"Twenty pushups and thirty sit-ups. EVERY DAY! SWAT! How many days I am not here? SWAT"

"Six days, Miss!"

"ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX!" (all six to his tender thighs).

"Yes Miss! I promise Miss!"

"What will happen if he doesn't?" I prompted Mags.

She thought for a moment.

"If you don't, we'll start the next time this same way. This time I give you 100 spankings. Next time I give you 200 spankings, and the last 100 spankings will all be hard. And I will be exercising my arm all week long just in case! Do you want this?"

"No Miss!"

"Then you will exercise each day?"

"Yes Miss! I promise Miss!"

"Good. Get up and we will start."

david stood painfully to his feet. I went behind him, pinning his arms at his sides as I reached around for his penis and said "This is how you know your spankings are effective." I told Mags, holding his flaccid penis between my thumb and middle finger.

"Yes. I can see that!" She said.

I released david and he bent to pull his panties and shorts back up his legs.

"No!" Said Mags. "Nude today. I want to see that spanked bum while you do your exercises. And don't think I'm letting you off your spanks between sets."

I helped david off with his shorts, panties, and shirt, and took them upstairs with me as the exercising got under way.

I think that's some good progress!

Sunday, March 22

Husband Spit-Roasted

[Continued from part 1]

david's asshole had by now been thoroughly stretched and it was time to move on the main event: the spit-roasting.

When we left david, he had been sitting in the bedroom on a high wooden stool with his feet off the ground and his hands on his head. My largest dildo, Adam, was lodged deeply up into him, and strapped in using a yoga strap that went high underneath his balls, around to his back, down and back up between his legs, and then tied right under his balls again. david was sweating profusely, squirming, and there were tears in his eyes as he tried to cope with Adam lodged in so deeply.

Kimberley and I then left the bedroom, leaving him to cope as best he could with his situation. When we were outside the room Kimberley did a quick check in with me asking if everything was ok. I told her it was fantastic! Both of us then stripped down to our lingerie. I was wearing a pink bra and cream panties, and Kimberley had on fishnet stocking, purple panties, and a light corset. She belted on her leather-harness the big black strap-on dildo in it, and placed a condom over it. She looked sexy and gorgeous, and oh my goodness her strap-on dildo was massive!

We went back into the room dressed like that.

Kimberley was the one who released david from his stool, and allowed him to stand facing it. She put a pillow on the stool while I undid his Yoga strap. She then made him bend over the stool. Despite the lack of the Yoga strap, the large dildo stayed deep inside of david.

He was in this position over the stool

Kimberley went to his face and tried to stick her dildo into his mouth, but she was too low. She said she needed some more height, and put her three inch stiletto heels back on. With the high heels, she was just at the right height.

She then started smacking the side of his cheek with her big dildo. She made him lick the tip. She made him lick the shaft, and she smacked his cheek again.

As this was going on, I was at the other end of him extracting my big dildo from his ass. It came out a bit messy (as I feared) but I let that go, quickly wrapping it with a paper towel. I took it to the bathroom and cleaned it up. Then I put it into my strap-on harness, put a condom on it, and joined Kimberley at his head.

By this time she had proceeded to get the big black dildo into his mouth. As I came back I heard her say "No Teeth!" and then turning to me said "I can feel it when they use their teeth". david was being required to open his throat to her huge dildo.

With both of us there, we both started smacking his cheeks with our dildos. Kimberley grabbed his hair and made him take my dildo into his mouth. Then she pulled him out by the hair and made him put his mouth around her dildo and told him to slide in and out. Despite my dildo being slightly smaller, I was the crueller of the two of us, making him gag and slobber profusely whenever his mouth was around my dildo.

Now it was time for his fucking. We decided we wanted to fuck him on the bed, as the stool seemed to be a bit precarious and a difficult angle. We moved the pillows to the side of the bed and put them there. Then we had him bend over the pillows at the side of the bed with his feet spread and on the ground. Kimberley hopped up on the bed and knelt low, making him take her dildo back into his mouth. I was at his backside, and quite easily slid Adam right in, balls deep. The stretching had been very effective! I mean, Adam is no joke either.

I started pumping in and out of him and was so pleased that he could really take it without the usual complaints. Meanwhile his mouth was hugely distended around Kimberley's large back dildo as she fucked his face. Sometimes it went so deep that his forehead bumped up against her low abdomen. That must have been nice and sexy for him.

"I think this is a high five moment!" said Kimberley, and we high-fived one another. Ha Ha! I really enjoyed fucking david, and enjoyed the sexy visual of him giving head to Kimberley. I hope she enjoyed the view from her end as well.

 "Switch off?" we asked each other at almost the same time. Yup. We both pulled out. I took the condom off Adam and replaced it with another one. We changed places. First I had him take my cock into his mouth. I wanted it in there as he underwent the penetration from Kimberley's big black dildo.

Kimberley took a slightly different position. She put one foot up on the bed and one between his legs. She then gently pushed her big dildo up against david. She bumped the bulbous head a couple of times against his asshole, and then put it in a little, and pulled it out, repeating that a few times. Then she gently pressed up against him, and, unbelievably, that dildo slid in!!! I heard david moan around my cock as that happened. Then she started in on his real fucking.

She was relentless! She started literally pounding his ass. Grabbing his hips with her hands and thrusting vigorously and quickly with her own hips. david cried out as this was going on. It was hard to hear what he was saying, as Adam was in his mouth and he kept gagging on it. The hard fucking in the rear made him fuck his own face into my dildo. All I had to do was hold it there.

I'm pretty sure david wanted it to stop at this point, but while no doubt hard for him to take, it still looked safe to me so I allowed it to continue at Kimberley's discretion. She's the pro after all.

I think it must have been around five solid minutes of hard ass pounding my poor hubby received. Kimberley and I both pulled out of him at the same time and david just collapsed there on the bed.

"Did you like that?" Kimberley asked david, sweetly.

"Yes Ma'am" Said david. I think he actually did. What a terrible little ass slut I have.

I told david to have a quick shower to clean himself up and to meet us downstairs.

When he got downstairs, still nude interestingly, Kimberley asked him "Are you feeling a little vulnerable now?

"yes, I suppose so" he answered

"Why don't you two cuddle then while I put away my stuff and tidy up around here.

I sat on the couch and david sat on my lap and we nuzzled. david then wiggled around and lay across my lap, all of his own accord. I started giving him light little spanks and caresses.

Kimberley saw this and laughed a little. When she was all packed and dressed and ready to go I sent david over to her. He gave her a hug and she said "we'll have to do this again sometime." I also gave her a hug and thanked her and off she went.

For the next little while the conversation was all about what an experience that was. How cool a chick she was. And wasn't I at all worried that she was a former student? It was clear he had no idea that Kimberley was a hired professional. I think I'll keep him in the dark on that. It's more fun that way for him!

Wednesday, March 11

tom's fucking

As you'll recall from a previous blog entry, tom's sex shop humiliation, I gave tom and his wife a suggestion for some nice humiliation for tom to start the New Year off well. The first part was to go to a sex shop and buy a big strap-on dildo and a schoolgirl skirt for tom to wear while his wife takes him. Here is the second half of poor tom's tale...

It was an evening that started out not that much differently from many others. J and I had a lovely dinner and afterwards I spent a blissful hour massaging her feet, after (of course) kneeling before her on the couch, begging her for the pleasure and lavishing her feet with kisses. J was smiling, contented and relaxed. Her smile then got that evil little twist in it, and she stared right into my eyes and pointed to the floor beside her. This is her signal that I am to kneel before her with my head lowered, and I quickly obeyed, my cock starting to grow as I felt her control wash over me.

J stroked my hair and lifted my chin, staring right into my eyes at close range. "Now slave...isn't there something we've been meaning to do?"

She smiled as she saw me start to tremble. "Yes, my Lady," I whispered.

"Oh slave...are you shaking?" J asked tauntingly. "Well...I'll be giving you something to shake about soon! Now...pour me a glass of wine and then go and prepare yourself exactly as Julie instructed. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lady," I responded. I crawled to the kitchen and poured her a glass of Merlot, then brought it back and presented it on my knees. J smiled and said, "Go now. Though what do we say first?"

"Thank you my Lady. And thank you Miss Julie," I responded quickly. I crawled out of the room and headed upstairs to prepare myself.

I went to the bedroom, removed all of my clothes, slid on my collar and waited for J to come upstairs. She had decided not to observe or participate, but wanted to be close in case I needed any help from her. She arrived in our bedroom, slid one hand across my cheek as I knelt and whispered in my ear, "are you ready, slave?"

"Yes, my Lady," I whispered. J smiled and simply said "Go."

I went to the bathroom and lubed my slave hole, sliding a finger in and out and moaning softly as I fucked my ass. It felt sooooooo good, and like a small preparation of what was to come. I generously coated my ass and hole, trembling all the while at how like a complete slave it made me feel. I then took out the enema kit and stared at it, my heart racing.

I had never given myself one before and was really shaking as I filled the bottle and slid the hook in place. I took out a towel and stood on it as you had instructed and got everything ready. It felt like it took forever for me to get my nerve up, but then I felt my submissive nature take over as I slid the tube into my ass. It felt like forever again before I let the warm soapy water inside me, but once again I knew I belonged to J and was under her and your instructions and had no choice.

As the water entered me I was shocked at how loudly I gasped! It was unlike anything I have ever felt before, and I squirmed and moaned and would have laughed your head off watching me! :) I immediately had to put both hands on my ass to keep myself clamped shut, and then stared at the clock on the bathroom wall, willing myself not to fail. As the wretched second hand made its final circuit on the fifth minute I felt a twinge of subby pride that I had survived the first round. Only two to go...

Knowing what was coming made the next two both easier and more difficult. I definitely got each one going a lot more quickly, as I spent a lot less time standing there afraid of the unknown, but I felt more and more...owned I guess is the right word, knowing my wife was lying on our bed on the other side of the door and that I was preparing myself to be taken by her new, enormous strap-on. This was thrilling and humiliating, and while my mind was reeling and heart racing, my stiffening little cock told me I was where I belonged, where I truly yearned to be.

My slave hole was so sore after the third one! I had been clamping down so hard to keep all the water in as you had ordered (J had promised severe punishment for spilling), and my ass was sore in a way I've never really felt before. I've felt the sting and pain from a good belt whipping (especially after my typo disaster!) but never this kind of soreness. It was thrilling and made me feel incredibly submissive, but in the back of my mind I wondered how I was going to survive the rest of the night...

I took a long hot shower and cleaned my slave hole one more time thoroughly with soap and water. Along with being so sore I also felt really clean back there, which was kind of a good feeling. Especially as I knew I had cleaned myself for the pleasure of J. I then crawled out of the bathroom and laid a towel down on the floor next to the bed, where J was stretched out luxuriously, looking incredibly sexy in satin pajama pants and a tight t shirt. I spread out the towel and laid down on it, again as you had instructed. J smiled, browsing the internet and glancing down at my trembling form beneath her.

Turns out she had a surprise for me though...after about 30 minutes J ordered me to close my eyes and I heard her open our toy box. I felt out black leather blindfold slide over my eyes, and then felt her straddle me, her satin-clad thighs feeling like heaven as they closed around my legs.

"Are you all clean, slave?" she said mockingly. "And did we make sure not to spill anything?"

"Yes, my Lady," I whispered. I so longed to see her sitting on is one of my favorite views in all the world, which is why J sometimes delights in denying it to me.

"Very good, dear," J said, the mocking tone still in her voice. "Now...we've got a big night much longer do you think you need on this towel before I can take you?"

"I...I'm not sure...maybe ten more minutes, my Lady?"

"I see...well...if that's what you feel you need, slave. But nothing comes for free, my love. So...." I suddenly felt the sharp sting of a wooden clothespin on my left nipple. Then another one on my right nipple. I gasped and writhed, but was trapped under J's thighs. She laughed and flicked each pin cruelly. Then I felt her slide another one along my naked, defenseless torso.

"Let's see...a clothespin for every minute is fair I think." I could almost see her wonderful wicked smile. "But your poor nipples seem taken now...oh dear, where shall we put the others?"

I whimpered and J immediately stuffed a small black ball gas in my mouth. "Now hold that in dear," she said firmly. "I won't have any whimpering. You decided you needed ten more minutes, I'm only trying to pass the time and amuse myself before the real fun starts!"

She clapped her hands and giggled, and I felt myself turn to jelly underneath her. I held the gag fast and tried my best to keep silent and she secured a clothespin on each of my upper arms. Then she slid one slooooooowly down my chest and clipped it to my stomach, laughing as she flicked it with delight.

Five down, five to go...I felt J slide down my legs and trembled as I knew what was coming. I moaned against the gag as she clipped my now throbbing cock once...then again. Then on on each ball.

 Then she turned around and placed one between the second and third toe on my left foot. Laughing as she said, "and one to grow on!" she clipped my toes on the other foot as well.

I felt her climb off of my and wriggled and writhed. My ass was so sore and now my tender flesh was screaming as the cruel clothespins did their work. I felt J standing over me, sliding her foot across my body, over my face, along my cock...flicking and pushing the wicked clothespins with obvious glee. I writhed and moaned against the gag, willing the time to move forward.

"Time's up, slave!" J slowly and wickedly removed the clothespins, flicking each one as she unclipped it. She left my cock for last and then removed the gag and blindfold. She pointed to the floor and I assumed my kneeling position.

"There...just wanted to keep you guessing, slave," J said evilly. "I know you know a lot of what's coming, but I don't want you for a second to think you know everything."

"Yes, my Lady," I whispered. My whole body was shaking as I felt her hands on my face. She kissed my deeply, passionately and said, "go and get dressed now, dear."

I stood and opened the dresser drawer where the skirt we had bought was folded neatly. I took it out and slid it up my legs, my cheeks burning red as I heard J laugh softly.

"Ahhhh...that brings me back. Remember Stef my dear? Once we're done tonight perhaps we'll make a return visit to that store and fill her in on our evening...what do you think?"

As I heard Stef's name my mind turned back to the sex store and my utter public humiliation. The thought of returning to give Stef the details made my cheeks burn red hot, but also made my cock throb like the slave I am. I answered "whatever you desire, my Lady," in a quavering voice, and J laughed even harder.

"Give me a twirl, dear." I obeyed, twirling and making the skirt flip up, my hands above my head. I was so utterly J's plaything now.

"Very nice. Now come over here." I approached and J grabbed me roughly by the hair and pulled me over her knee. "Who do you belong to?" she asked.

"You, my Lady. I am yours."

J lifted my skirt up and CRACK! Down came the wooden hairbrush on my tender ass. Since we had been apart for a while I had obviously not been spanked all that much recently, and my tender flesh immediately burned. I yelped and squirmed but J held me fast, wrapping a leg around mine and holding my neck down firmly.


J delivered ten HARD blows in quick succession and I was screaming by the last one. She cooed and slid her hand across my now burning cheeks, caressing the red marks I could already feel forming. "Ah that Julie," J said..."She does know her stuff. I will enjoy this so much more with your ass nice and red!"

J mercilessly spanked me with the hairbrush, varying between hard and soft smacks, moving from my cheeks to upper thighs and back again. Her hand sometimes caressing my now burning flesh, inspecting her handiwork before she returned to her work. I lost count of how many spanks there were as my mind dropped deep into a submissive space, my whole body shaking and pinned down my J's hand and leg, my will completely subjugated.

Finally, mercifully, I felt J's hand again...and then I felt her leg slide off of mine and her hand release. I slid down to the floor, shaking and knelt once again. When J permitted me to look up I saw she was holding our old butt plug and some lube.

"Stand, slave," she ordered. I stood and she led me to the corner of the bedroom. "Now...I want this inside of you, and then I want you to press your nose into the corner and hold your skirt up so I can enjoy the view."

She handed me the lube and plug and returned to the bed. I lubed up my slave hole again, sliding a finger in and out. Then I took the plug, the only one I had ever known, and began teasing my hole with the tip. The enemas had left my anus already incredibly sore, and I felt it stretch against the plug, making the soreness even worse. J laughed as she saw my knees buckling while I fucked myself for her, sliding the plug a little deeper. It has two widths on it and she laughed again as I moaned and pushed the wider part inside my slave hole, pressing it as deep as it would go. I then pressed my nose into the corner and lifted my skirt, all while J laughed and applauded.

"Very good, slave! Such a little slut for Mistress!"

I stood there, grinding my nose into the corner as J approached. She slid her hands down my back, my whole body an exposed nerve to her simple touch. She then playfully spanked my screaming ass a few times, delighting at how I jumped at each SMACK of her hand. Then she took the base of the plug and began sliding it in...and knees buckled, hips rocked and soft moan escaped my lips as J teased my sore anus.

"Who do you belong to?" J whispered in my ear. She began fucking my slave hole faster and faster.

I could barely speak. "Y...You, my Lady."

" are my little slut, aren't you?"

"Y...yes, my Lady." My cheeks reddened as I agreed.

"Good." J then abruptly removed the plug, grabbed me by the ear and brought me to a kneeling position. I crawled behind her to the bed, where her strap-on was waiting.

It looked HUGE. I felt my ass clench involuntarily as I gazed at it, knowing J was going to take me with it...use me...wring me out to dry with that huge cock. She didn't say a word, simply handed me the strap-on and stood before me.

I slowly slid the strap-on up her beautiful legs, shaking as I brought it up over her lovely hips. I was shaking so much that I struggled with all the little doodads for tightening everything (J even had to slap me once and tell me to focus) but eventually I got it secured and comfortable and to J's liking.

I knelt there, in a position I have never been in before. J loomed over me, her cock enormous as it hung there before my face.

"Kiss it, slave," she commanded, all amusement out of her voice now. I have always been amazed and completely enthralled when she becomes fully commanding, and she was definitely in command now.

I placed a kiss on the head of the cock. J took it and slapped my face with it. "Again," she ordered. I kissed it again, and J smacked me with it again.

" know what you are going to do now, right? Julie's instructions were clear, and I expect a good performance."

"Y..yes, my Lady."

I took her cock in my hand and opened my mouth. J stopped me.

"Not yet...beg me," she said, her voice icy and stare even icier.

" Lady. Please may I suck your cock?"

J slapped me again with the cock. "You can do better slave...BEG."

"Please my Lady! Please let your slave worship your cock!" I practically yelled.

"Better. You may begin."

I took the cock and slid my lips over the head. I had never done anything remotely like this, and was tentative at first. J quickly grabbed a handful of hair and stuffed her cock into my mouth. I gagged and tried to move back, but J was firm. She took my mouth, sliding the cock deep inside and then removing it to allow me to thank her and beg again. The begging added to the humiliation, but I found also made me more eager. After a short while I was sucking her cock with vigor, my submissive side fully engaged and her smile all the pleasure I required.

J then grabbed my hair again and began fucking my mouth with gusto. I gagged a few times and she always pulled back, but never let me take it out of my mouth. She moaned softly as she used me, gagging me again and again, pulling my hair, faster and faster, taking me completely.

She finally allowed me to remove my the drool dribbled off my lips I knelt before her in awe, taken, used, HERS. She had a glint in her eye and stared at me with such intensity that it made me tremble even harder. Without a word she grabbed my head and pushed me down, raising my ass into the air. She spanked my cheeks a few times, her passion roaring out of her and into each SMACK. I yelped and moaned and wriggled, but there was no escape.

J pushed me down, nose to the floor and slid behind me. I felt the tip of the cock press against my ass cheeks and felt terrified, thrilled, helpless, taken, and overjoyed to be J's slave. J slowly slid the tip inside, my sore, wrung out anus squealed in protest as I felt it strettttttttch me open. "I'm going to have you now, slave," J said, a hard edge to her voice that made my cock even harder and whole body succumb.

She slowly slid the dildo farther in...I felt like I was going to split in two but my sore slave hole was up to the challenge. J was slow and careful, opening me to her gently at first...but I knew what was to come. As the dildo went deeper and deeper I heard J moan softly, clearly enjoying herself. She teased and slid the dildo in with skill (especially since this was a first for her!), gently but firmly stretching me wider than I thought possible.

As the dildo got deeper she began slowly taking my slave hole. coming all the way out, just using it to open me up. Then faster...and firmer...I moaned and screamed and writhed and whimpered and it just spurred her on. I was fully being taken now, J's hips thrusting against me as she fucked my hole, her moans showing how much she was enjoying herself and watching me struggle.

Faster and faster...deeper...harder...I screamed for it, begged for it, needed it. J responded, moaning and gasping herself as she took me. Then she slid deep inside and paused. I then heard the unmistakable sound of her small vibe...with her slave fully stretched and plugged she began sliding her vibe to her pussy through the straps...moaning and throwing her head back, pausing to push her cock deeply inside me and watch me struggle while she pleasured herself.

I heard her screams as she came, felt her fingernails scratch my back as she bucked, her cock sliding in and out. After she paused to recover herself she then said "Now I'm going to really take you...beg for it, slave!"

My whole body was sore and shaking, heart racing as I yelled "Take me my Lady!"

It's hard to describe the rest...I was wrung out (as you had wished I believe...), sore, on fire, shaking, blissful and completely her slave at that moment. J took me vigorously, sliding in and out, deeper and harder. I was amazed later thinking back as to how much I could take.

J then eventually slowed down, keeping her cock inside me however. "Does slave wish to cum tonight?"

"OH GOD YES," I practically screamed.

" have been a good little slave, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. So you may cum...while I fuck you."

I practically exploded just at the words. J began sliding her cock in and out again...she permitted me to begin stroking my throbbing cock and my hips bucked and rocked against her cock violently as I stroked myself.

"May I cum, my Lady?"

J waited cruelly, fucking me harder...knowing I was dying for permission. She finally laughed and said "YES slave...cum for me..."

I exploded all over the towel and J cooed "gooooooood boy," as she watched me buck and heard my screams. I almost collapsed then but stayed in position, just barely. J slowed down and the sloooooooowly slid her cock out of my slave hole. She had me turn and kiss each foot.

"What do you say?"

"Thank you my Lady! And thank you Miss Julie!"

"Very good," she stroked my cheek tenderly, her eyes shining and smile wide.

J then had me slide the strap-on off of her and clean everything up. I returned and crawled into bed with her, utterly wrung out and exhausted. My ass was sore for days afterwards, a constant and wonderful reminder of an incredible night. J has promised we will be doing more of that.

Sunday, March 1

Training Session: Bare from the waist down as punishment

If you've been following along you know that Mags, david's trainer, has been quite a bit of fun. She does not initiate much, but she seems very keen to take suggestions and carry them out.

Mags has been wanting david to perform 30 push-ups, 30 crunches, and to stretch every day. She even wrote it out for each day on the white board we have hanging in the basement gym with room for check marks. david has been on a bit of a stretching binge, so he was able to mark that off almost every day, but he really neglected the other ones, and could not honestly mark off even a single day.

Knowing that Mags needed a little guidance, I wrote to her ratting out david, and suggested that she should scold him for this, and that a good punishment might be to have him remove both his gym shorts and his panties for the entire session, so that he would have to do every exercise bare from the waist down.

Mags wrote back from her iPhone:
All this sounds interesting! I will do it with pleasure!!
Well isn't she just game!

I came home at the tail end of his exercise session. Sure enough, he had no pants on! When I walked in, he had on his red gym shirt and that was it. He was holding a weight in each hand and doing lunges his bare penis and testicles dangling there in full view of Mags and I. The second exercise of that set was to get on his hands and knees and kick one leg back and up behind him. Also very funny when he is nude. The final exercise in the set was a forearm plank. His semi-erect penis dangled there beneath him, and it turned out that the right height for his plank was where the tip of his prick just grazed the carpet.

Furthermore, his bum was bare and you could see that Mags had used the cane across it - many times!

Between sets I saw her make my husband crawl over to her and hoist himself up across one of her knees as she was sitting at the weight machine. She then used the strap on him a good half dozen times as she held his hips into her with her free hand. This had him clutching at his ass as soon as she released him and added to the lovely collection of marks and bruises she had going.

david told me afterwards that the session had started with her looking at the white board, asking him what excuses he had to offer for not doing her exercises, and then scolding him. She told him that as punishment he would have to take off his pants and panties for the entire session. david did not know this was coming, and he says that he got quite embarrassed. 

On the first exercise, squats, where he had to face her dead on and where his hands were both holding weights, he says he looked at her with a kind of embarrassed pleading expression on his face. She just nodded her head and said "uh huh", as in "that's what you get". As he did his squats that first time, he says he developed a full blown erection. After the first set of 12 she had him standing there and facing him. She pointed at his erection with the riding crop and said "I'm you're trainer, not your girlfriend", and then made him do a "downwards facing dog" as she ferociously whipped his ass and thighs with her crop.

What a sight that must have been!